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Anger, its malefic effects and its simple easy and practical home remedies:

First, one should know what is anger or symptoms of anger.

ययययययय यययययययययययययय यययययययययय यय यययययय

यययययययययययय यययययय ययययय यययययययययययय

ययययययययय यय यययय यय ययययय यय ययय यय ययययययययय य यययययययययय यययययय यययय यय

ययय यययय यय ययय ययययय ययय यययय ययय

An eruption of abrupt and unaware violent tribulation in heart / mind of a person towards others
is called anger.

1. There are a number of astrological Yoga which indicate anger in a native. In general, some of
the astrological Yoga indicating anger are combination cum relationship of Mars & Saturn, Mars
and Jupiter, affliction of Moon-Mercury, and affliction of Moon in various combinations. There
are many other combinations too which can be analyzed as per individual horoscope of a native.

2. Anger is one of the undesirable traits that lead to loss of wisdom, reasoning and discretionary
powers. The negative traits of anger are instrumental in spoiling inter-personal relations. Bouts
of anger at wrong situations lead to wrong decisions and undesirable actions. Excess of anger
may also lead to insanity. However, most of us get angry at one or the other time due to
individual liking or disliking or non-fulfillment of desires or frustration or lack of patience or due
to health reasons like hypertension or tachycardia or affliction of mind or heart problem or any
other reason etc.

3. If, anger crosses a limit; one becomes repulsive and abdicated to others. In longer run it may
sever working relations, develop mutual enmity and loss of desired respect. In married life,
excess of anger may lead to break up in relations and divorce too.

4. In view of the above; it is important to keep anger under check and within acceptable limits.
To keep a check over anger; one should first, try to find root cause of excessive and
uncontrollable anger. Medical help may also be taken to diagnose causes of anger and its
remedies. Following are some of the very simple, practical and result oriented domestic Astro-
remedies with least possible side effects if any or no side effects:-
(i). Pure Guggul (Indian bdellium): Guggul is a gum resin obtained from the guggul tree and
contains various plant essential oils and steroid compounds. Some of the alternate names of
Guggul are Guggulu, Deva-dhoop, Jataayu, Pawan-DviTu, Sarva-sah and BHOOT-
HAR / भभभभभ (remover of evil spirits / remover / cleaner of foul-bad air filled with
germs). Use only pure and new Guggul (by pouring it on light fire in a small iron pot / tray
as oblation) in home every day. It is also used as oblation in Yagya / Homam / Havan. Its
smoke spreads very pleasing redolence in environment. According to Vedic texts; a house
where Pure Guggul (smoke) is used; anger, diseases, sorrow, boredom leading to
dilapidation of health to its inmates will be the least. Guggul may also be used in Morning
and evening Prayer time and thus, one may combine this act with prayers. Since, it is not a
very cheap product; dishonest traders tend to adulterate it or sell some duplicate product
in the name Guggul to dishonestly maximize their profit. Therefore, one should buy such
things only from reliable outlets and if possible test before making purchase. Guggul is also
used as an Ayurvedic medicine for lowering blood cholesterol, obesity, osteoarthritis,
rheumatoid arthritis, joints pain and killing germs in stomach etc.

Note:- (a). Appearance of new and genuine Guggul: It will be glossy, oleaginous, will have
golden / topaz like tinge, it may also look like ripe black berry (ययय ययय यययय ययययय) and
be sticky (ययययययय). If a small quantity of pure new Guggul is poured in light fire; it will
spread light smoke filled with very pleasing fragrance / redolence in environment. New Guggul
endorses robustness (यययययय ययययय) and improves potency for sexual performance.
Therefore, only new and genuine Guggul should be used for oblation.

(b). Old Guggul will be dry, may have foul smell and will not have above mentioned properties
as enumerated in Note 1 above.

(c). Guggul is of five types namely; Mahipaksh & Mahaaneel (used for elephants).
Kumud & Padma (used for horses) and HiraNya (used for human beings).

(d). Guggul Dhoop Batti (knead-able scented stick wrapped in paper) sold in market is not

(ii). Cinnamon powder:-

(a). a little quantity of good quality of fine Cinnamon Powder may be used in tea preparation. It
may also be spread over prepared / served vegetable etc. This will improve taste and add up its
pleasing aroma.

(b). 2 to 3 grams of fine Cinnamon powder duly mixed with a spoon of pure honey should be
taken about one hour before breakfast and similarly one hour before supper / dinner. It must be
born in mind that this quantity of Cinnamon powder MUST NOT BE PLACED ON TONGUE
WITHOUT MIXING IT WITH HONEY otherwise; it will produce very high burning sensation
on tongue. If anyone is averse to honey due to any reasons; it may also be boiled in about 200-
250 ml of milk and taken.

(iii). Bacha or Ugra-Gandhaa / (यय यय ययययययययय) / sweet flag root / Acorus calamus (root)
fine powder: This simple Ayurvedic herb is very useful for brain. Its use will help in controlling
anger; bring peace of mind, improve memory power, helpful in relieving headache, epilepsy,
insomnia and mental abrasion / insanity etc.
Note:- Dose of Bacha / Ugra-Gandhaa (यय यय ययययययययय) / sweet flag / Acorus calamus
(root) fine powder is only 500 mg or ½ gm twice a day. It should be taken with little milk. If
someone is averse to milk; one may take it with water too however, milk is right vehicle for its

(iv). Reduce intake of salt. In addition it is better to switch over from Sea Salt to Sendhaa
Namak, Cut out habit of taking coffee, tobacco products and smoking.

(v). Recite following Vedic Mantra at prayer time and spare time (if possible even while doing
routine light manual work like bathing, washing & morning-evening walk and in available free
time etc):-

(a). Gayatri Mantra: भभभभ भभभभभभभभ भभभ:भ भभभभभभभभभभभभभभभभभ भभभभभ भभभभभभ भभभभभभ भभभभ भभ भभ
भभभभभभभभभभ भ

Om. Bhuurbhuvah Svah. Tatsviturvarenyam Bhargodevasya-Dheemahi. Dhiyi Yo Nah Prachodayaat.

(b). Maha-Mritunjaya Mantra: यययय यययययययययय यययययय यययययययय यययययययययययययय

ययययययययययय ययययययययययययययययययययययय यययययययययय
Om. Triyambakam Yajaamahay Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam. Urvaarukmiv Bandhnaan-
Mriturmuksheeya Maamritaat.

(c). A Blissful Vaidic Mantra: यययय ययययय ययययययययययययययय यययययय यययययय

ययययययययययययययय ययय
Om Shanno DeveeRabhishT-yayAapo Bhavantu Peetayae Shanyo-rabhi-Sravantunah.
(d). A Vaidic Saanti Mantra: यययय यययय: यययययययययययययययय ययययययय यययययय
यययययययययय यययययययययययय यययययययय यययययययय यययययययययययययय ययययय
ययययययययययययययय यययययययय ययययय ययययययय ययययययययय ययययययय यय यय ययययययययययय
Om. Dyauh Shaantirantarikshm Shaantih Prithavee Shaantiraapah Shaatiroshadhayah Shaantih.
Vanaspatayah Shaantirvishvae Devaah Shaantirbrahmaa Shaantih. Sarvam Shaantih
Shaantiraeva Shaanti Saa Maa Shaanti-redhi.

Note:- The above mentioned information has been collected and compiled from a number of
Vedic texts / sources which, with limited experience of the author has been tried & tested for
positive effects. It has been published here only in public interest. However, one may consult a
learned Ayurvedic doctor before taking above mentioned herbal medicines. Author of the post
takes no liability on their use and side effects if any.

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