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yoga for pregnant women

Dosen Pembimbing : Anggia Astuti,S.Kp.,M.Kep

Arranged by:
Wahyu Ari Sandi

Study Program nursing D3

University of Jember
school year

problem : Psychological readiness of pregnant women in the

face of childbirth

subject : yoga exercies

Sub Pokok Bahasan : Tata cara senam yoga

Target : pregnant mother trimester II

Time : 09 00 WIB

Date : Januari 13 mei 2000

In place : Vilage Hall Tanah Permai

Extension Agent : Student

A. General Intravenous Goals

I know the importance of yoga exercises for mothers who are pregnant

B. Specific Instruction Objectives

things expected after counseling :

1. Mother knows the meaning of yoga exercises

2. Mother knows the purpose of yoga exercises

3. Mother knows about the benefits of yoga exercises

4. Mothers are expected to know the requirements of yoga exercises
5. Mother knows the procedures for yoga exercises

C. Media

1. Leaflet Senam Yoga

D. Method

1. Diskussion

2. Demonstrasion

1. Preparation

a. Create counseling units with yoga gymnastics material with

existing references
b. b. Making material in the form of laeflet
c. c. Contract and time
d. d. Equip yourself with sufficient knowledge and prepare
mentally to deliver counseling to the target

2. Implementation

No. Event Time activities Evaluasi

1. Opening 5 1. Say greetings and thank Answering

minutes you for the mother's greetings, listen
presence carefully
2. Introducing yourself

Core 15 1. Delivering material Listen and pay

2. minutes about yoga exercises attention
2. Explain the purpose of
yoga exercises
Explain the benefits of
yoga exercises
3. Demonstrasion 15 Give examples of yoga Pay attention and
minutes exercises follow the example
of yoga exercises

Ask one participant to ask a Participants ask

4. Discussion 10 question if it is not clear questions

5. Closing 5 1. Summing up the results of Participants

minutes counseling understand the
2. Give suggestions purpose and
3. Greetings answer greetings
4. Thank you

F. Material
G. Evaluation
give a question :
1. Explain the meaning of yoga exercises?
2. What is the purpose of yoga exercises?
3. What are the benefits of yoga exercises?

A. Definition of Yoga

yoga is a fitness program that is intended for pregnant women,

therefore, yoga exercises have a principle of special movement
principles that are adapted to the conditions of pregnant women

B. Purpose of Yoga
Preparing pregnant women to achieve physical and mental calm
childbirth can take place quickly, calmly, safely and spontaneously.

C. Benefit of Yoga

1. Strengthen muscle elasticity

2. Establish body posture

3. Get perfect relaxation

4. Maintain health and improve cardiorespiratory function

5. Improve mental attitude and status so that labor becomes smooth

D. Yoga Gymnastics Requirements
Indications :
 Pregnancy goes normally with recommendations /
permission from doctors and midwives
 Pregnancy with a minimum age of 23 weeks

 Exercise is carried out regularly and discipline, within

the limits of physical abilities mother
 Exercise must be carried out regularly in an atmosphere
calm Dress quite loose

 Using a mattress or mattress / not on the floor

Contra indications :

• poor obstetric history such as bleeding

• LBW( low birth weight )
• Hypertension, Pre and eclampsia

E. Why start at 23 weeks gestation?

In the first trimester of 1-3 months, usually pregnant women feel dizzy,
nauseous and often accompanied by vomiting, to avoid this situation in the
gym, yoga is recommended starting in the second trimester of pregnancy
F. When is the good time to do yoga exercises? and how
many times a day
In the morning after waking up and done 3 times a week

G. Movements Yoga

a. for feet

1. Sit with your legs straightened forward with your body resting
2. Pull the finger towards the body slowly then fold forward
3. Do it 10 times, counting according to the movement
4. Pull both feet towards the body slowly
5. and push forward do 10 counts according to the movement
b. sitting gymnastics

Exercise of pregnant women can be done by sitting as follows:

1. Sit your hands above your knees

2. Place both palms on your knees
3. Press your knees into your body slowly
4. Do as much as 10 times, do gymnastics sitting cross-legged for 10
minutes 3 times a day
c. Exercise to facilitate breast milk
1. Fold your arms forward with your palms held and in front of your chest,
move your elbows up and down.
2. Fold the arm up until the tip of the middle finger touches the shoulder, in
the folded position the arm is rotated from back to front, so that the
elbows touch and lift the breast and breathe with relief.
3. Do it twice.

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