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Interview Guide Framework : BCG Vaccination

What are the main reseach What are the primary domains of What types of data are needed to
questions the interview is content that should be covered in provide the answers?
designed to answer the interview?
1. How can vaccination  Point of view of the (Opinions, experiences,
programs affect the physicians towards the knowledge, etc.)
decision of the parents vaccine.  Seminars about BCG
towards the immunization  Perception of physician Vaccine given by the
of their child? with prior knowledge on physicians with proper
the effectiveness of knowledge and from the
vaccine. advice of doctors to
patients. (Opinion)
2. What are the factors  Benefits of having the
relating to complete vaccine.  Information from
immunization of infants?  Efficiency of vaccine. physicians with proper
 Chemicals composing the knowledge. (Knowledge)
BCG Vaccination that
helps immunized the
3. Aside from Tuberculosis,  Other ailments that can  Past health records of
what other diseases can be prevented by the patients from pediatrician
an infant get if not vaccine. and doctors of those who
immunized?  Side effects of taking the had diseases because of
vaccine. not taking the BCG
 Effects of not taking it. Vaccine. (Knowledge)
Open-ended Interview (Semi-Structured)


a. In your instituition what is the approximate number of BCG vaccinations you give
to children?
 What are the ages who get this types of vaccination?
 Are there any patients who take this vaccine who are beyond the limit of
the appropriate age?
b. Do you conduct seminars regarding to this immunizatiin to parents?
c. Do you think these seminars greatly affect the decision of the parents towards
the immunization of their child? Why do you say so?
d. What are the possible diseases that an infant can gets if not immunized?
e. Do you agree to the decision of the other parents not to get their child be
If yes: Why?
If no: What are the possible side effects that an infant can get?
f. What are the specific chemicals that could contains the BCG vaccine which could
help the infants to be immunized?
 How can you say that the infant already reach the complete
g. What is the measurement of the effectiveness of BCG vaccine as an anti-
Tuberculosis immunization?
h. Do you consider the BCG vaccine still effective to the people vaccinated beyond
the limit of appropriate age?
i. Does the BCG vaccine affect the growth of the child? Expound.
To our dear respondents,


We, the researchers from Saint Louis University-Laboratory Senior High School,
humbly ask to take a precious moment of your time to conduct an interview in accord to
our research entitled, “An Inquiry on the Effectiveness of the BCG (Bacillus-Calmette
Guerin) Vaccination.” We would also like to inform you that by these data that we are
about to gather from you will serve as a thoroughfare for is to discern the effectiveness
of BCG Vaccination.

Our heartfelt gratitude!

Respectfully Yours,

Adversalo, Allura Fernandez, Clint Joules

Ayeo, Seagal Legaspi, Marie Faith
Bartolome, Samantha Paciteng, Remson
Callanta, Kristine Nicole De Castro, Lady Charlene
Fanged, Hannah Laica Sayson, Jasmine Kyla