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Reflections on the Distance Learning Program on the Rules of Conduct and Ethical Behavior in the Civil

Service (RA 6713)

Submitted by:

Myla Leonelle A. Rodrigo

Submitted on:

October 2015

Date Started:

September 24, 2015


How can you show your commitment to public interest?

With everything, one must first start with the mindset. I would remind myself that the resources
used in the government are paid for by the taxes of the citizens of the Philippines which would
include me. Therefore, by putting myself together in the shoes of others, I would be enraged of I
would know that what I’m paying for is being put into waste by people whom I have given my full
trust in making this nation better. Also, a nice thought to keep is that the taxpayers are paying for
my salary. Thus, they should be entitled to be given the best service.

By keeping this in mind, one’s action will then follow. One would think twice in wasting the meager
resources in running the government. Good housekeeping practices should be observed. A
specific example would be, reusing the blank back side of bondpapers. Transactions too, if
possible can be made digitally and paperless to make processes faster and conserve resources.
The office’s ventilation can be improved to lessen electricity consumption.

How can you become more professional? How can you improve the work you do in the office
to improve your service to the public?

To improve over-all output of the agency, results of the agency’s evaluation system such as the
SPMS can be analyzed to see if what improvements can be done. Benchmarking, too can be
helpful to see if there are good practices from another agency that can be imitated and initiated
in our own. The employees’ esprit d’ corps can be fostered through teambuilding activities.

To improve individual output, I could participate in training relevant to my position to equip

myself with updated knowledge, skills and practices in my line of work.

How can you put into practice political neutrality?

I would be wary of my actions that might show any inkling to anyone—especially when elections
are fast approaching. In the local/provincial government units, for example where political
influence is much stronger and direct, if I can help it, I would not do any requests that are in
favor of a politician. I will try to maintain the impartiality through the principle of merit at all

Can you recall an experience when your honesty was tested? Or when you became a victim of

Since I have not been employed ever, I can only share an experience during my college days.
Unknown to some in our class including me, some classmates were plotting a massive cheating
during one of our final exams. It was later discovered by the professor because someone told her
about it. The teacher then assumed that we were all in it and threatened to fail us all. In the end,
one of the principal brains behind the cheating managed to appease the teacher since the teacher
was gullible.

Even in the end, it was like it was nothing happened, I was deeply insulted since I felt my name
was tainted. I’m not washing my hands. I do lie but not to a large extent that involves seemingly
discrediting all the hard work I’ve done in the past. It was like telling me I got through where I am
because of some dirty tactics. I take pride in my work. And if I didn’t particularly prepare well for
something, I’d gladly accept the consequences of my actions even if it be unpleasurable.

1. What can you conclude from your story or experience?

What I learned about the experience is sooner or later, things like these will be discovered.
If not, karma will in some way work its way to serve justice. Further, people who engage in
these unethical practices will not hesitate achieve what they want to even if innocent
people may be dragged down.

Dishonesty from what I observed is a result of repetitive happenings of getting away in the
past. Because of the many times they successfully have gotten away with things, this idea os
dishonesty have become ingrained that it is just okay.

2. What can you say about honesty? About being just and sincere?
Honesty to me is not just a one-time thing. It is incorporated it to one’s life. There are many
temptations in the world. There are many instances wherein your honesty and integrity can
be tested.

Your actions show if you’re really honest and sincere in your work or just merely doing
things for compliance so you can get your salary.

With regard to justness and sincerity, it boils down to respecting one another regardless of
one’s standing in life. It is giving everybody equal opportunities to something.

3. How can you show justness and sincerity in the performance of your work?
I think it is in first recognizing that you owe your job to the public. This particular norm of
conduct is closely similar to Commitment to Public Interest. As the Constitution provides,
“Public office is a public trust.” Most of us complain how things run in the government. By
being employed now in the government, we should try and change that image.
Things such as properly declaring Even when sometimes the chance

Filipinos are known for its close family ties that sometimes extends even to matters of
government service. To show justness and sincerity, a public employee or


How can you show responsiveness? What realizations did you gain from this session? List
down below your answer.


My Feelings as a Filipino

1. How do you feel now for the country? Do you now feel a sense of pride for her knowing
how “powerful” Filipinos are as people? How would you show your love for her? How
much do you care about her?

Feel dismayed by how much potential I see in her but the Philippines is still struggling to reach
that potential. Because the primary needs of her people are not met due to poverty, people
have this attitude of self-interest. They tend to prioritize themselves and their families
sometimes without due regard to others.

Or on the flipside, the rich are comfortable with being rich. I think there is lack of awareness.
Not knowing how struggle and poverty feels like, most feel complacent with the status quo. That
is, a large discrepancy between the lives of the poor and the rich.


2. Enumerate eight (8) things you can be proud about Filipinos or about the Philippines.

Description Why Do You Say So?


Would you write in one paragraph your feelings or insights about the importance of democracy
in a free and just society?
Write your insights by completing the following sentences. You can come up with as many
sentences as you can.

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