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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Cavite
Ternate, Cavite


S.Y. 2017 – 2018
programs Objectives Strategies Time – frame People involved Expected output
I. Student Acquire the know-how in Fair number of students
Development article writing (basic June 2017 with slow reading
School-based language, unity of ideas, capacity and
campus journalism coherence and the values Conduct a campus-based understanding.
February 2017 Principal, Department
training and discipline, fairness, journalism workshop 0% slow readers and
Head, Teacher, Students
accuracy, honesty and 90% capable of
the like) just like the understanding what they
regular subjects they take read.
in school

Show improvement in
Schedule Reading
Attend to the needs of the reading and
Remedial class through Principal, Department
Remedial Reading students based from the comprehension.
the collaboration with August 2017 – February 2017 Head, Teacher, Parents,
Class result of Pre – Reading Students They able to
Remedial Reading
Test communicate their ideas
in the group.
II. Curriculum
Development Integrate people, events
All year – round English teachers; Student Increased learning
Utilize local materials and places from the
Localization / and context in teaching – locality to the lessons.
Contextualization learning.

Students able to
Provide stimulating
Increase students’ pronounce, spell and
vocabulary activities All year – round English teachers; Student
English Made Easy vocabulary / spelling / apply different
regularly relative to
speaking skills unfamiliar words when
lessons at hand.
writing and speaking.
Encourage / require Students able to express
students to express their ideas fluently
through writing what using English language
they’ve learned from a through writing.
Practice and develop June 2017 – February 2017 English teacher; Students
Project ReWrite week of learning Students create or make
students’ writing skills
experience or about a short stories of their
given topic relative to the own with minimum
Grammar, Literature and supervision.
Writing lessons.

Utilize educational
reading materials at
home, community or
Ask students to bring
Develop students’ Increased learning
Project BEAR (Bring with them these materials
reading skills and June 2017– February 2017 outcomes and reading
Everything and Read) (if available)
comprehension comprehension
Activity must be done at
least 30 minutes from
Independent /
Cooperative Learning
III. Learning Diagnose students’ pre – Identified students’
Outcome requisite skills and Administer Pre – Test / Principal, Department strengths and
Assessment A day before every
knowledge in every Diagnostic Test Head, Teacher, Students weaknesses in quarterly
quarter starts
quarter’s lessons and quarterly. lessons.
Diagnostic Test topics at hand.

90% - 100% of students

Evaluate students’ Principal, Department
Administer Periodical / Every end of each acquire requisite
Periodical Test requisite learnings Head, Teacher, Students
Quarter Examination quarter knowledge and skills.
Inform the parents of the Submit Tracking /
Teachers, advisers and Students to have shown
Tracking Students students’ progress and Monitoring Record to Every grading period parents progress in learning
their standing in the class Adviser

II. Teacher Development Teacher finds a more

Attend seminars /
May 2017 / as appropriate teaching
trainings that discuss and
`Acquire and develop scheduled styles and be an
promote effective
new techniques and skills NO, RO, DO, Principal, effective source of
teaching strategies.
in effective teaching and Monthly Department Head, Teacher, learning.
facilitating of the class. Undergo observation
Class Students learn on their
Seminars and Trainings during the class to be
Observation / level of capacity and
guided properly.
as scheduled understanding.
Class Observation
Practice all possible 90%– 95% of students
Facilitate a conducive Principal, Department
techniques and strategies receive a conducive and
and sound teaching – All Year – Round
in teaching which suit the Head, Teacher, sound teaching –
learning experiences.
needs of the students learning experiences.
III. Other Programs Students develop self –
English Club dependence, discipline,
leadership and
Encourage cooperation.
students to June 2017 85% - 90% of students
Develop participate Principal, Department observe self –
students’ holistic Academic and Head, Advisers, Teacher, realization based from
capacity to face Non- Academic Students
Book Week November what they experience
the challenges of activities (e.g. 2017 outside the classroom /
the society. Book Week school premise.
Celebration) Mold their values as
well as moral and social

Prepared by:
English – 7 Teacher


HT III – English

Approved by: LORENA V. MIRANDA

Principal III