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Lesson Plan Title: Mind Your Media – Media Influence

Created: 2014
Class/ Grade: TGJ20, Grade 10
Subject: Communications Technology, Open

Learning Targets: By the end of the lesson, students will know/be able to:

 Students understand the influence media has on their lives, their choices and what they
 Students understand the link between sexuality, using sex to sell a product or concept,
stereotypes and the media
 Students apply the knowledge learned into a group communication activity
 Students apply the knowledge learned to make good decisions on their purchases in the

Learning Skills
∆ Responsibility ∆ Collaboration
∆ Organization ∆ Initiative
∆ Self-regulation

Coded Expectations:

Learning/ Lesson Activities

-Use the PowerPoint presentation to educate and inform students about the various types
of media influence.
-Show the MLHU Mind Your Media Video on Media Influence

- Have students complete “Placemats” showcasing various types of media and how they
influence youth decisions.
-Class Presentation of Placemats
-Exit Card summary at end of class

-Divide the class into 6 groups, each taking a different form of media (Movies, books,
TV, Ads, Music, Video games etc.)
- Provide groups with large format paper 11x17” and colored markers.
- Have each group complete a placemat on their chosen media influence.
- Once finished, rotate the placemats between groups. Encourage the addition of written
comments to each other’s placemats. (This rotation can be done in 12 minutes – 2 min
per placemat)
- Each group will present their Placemat to the class

**Keep the placemats for future reference. Post on a “Word Wall” or area in the
classroom so students can view at a later date.

- Students are to complete and hand in the half-page Self Evaluation Exit Card for your
use during formative assessment.

Instructional Strategies:
∆ Brainstorming ∆ Debate/Discussion
∆ Placemat ∆ Co-operative Learning
∆ Video Presentation ∆ Numbered Heads
∆ Student Presentations ∆ Group Work/ Instructional Strategies

Differentiated Instruction and/or Accommodations

-Differentiate by interest, use of technology available (Photoshop Elements software)

-Presentation could be individual or in a group
-Small whiteboards could be used instead of paper for placemats

Success criteria:
-Students show an understanding of the various types of media that influence teens
-Students understand stereotypes, how sexuality is exploited and the role gender plays
when media influences what you purchase

End Product: What will you see?

-Six Placemats displaying various types of Media
-Exit Card assessment sheet