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Lesson Plan X (135 menit)

Materi Job Expression Obligation in Present, Past and Future Tense.

Kegiatan Awal :

1. Salam
2. Menanyakan kabar
How are you today?
How was your holiday?
Did you enjoy your holiday?
3. Memeriksa kehadiran
Who is absent today?
4. Before start the lesson, let’s play a game. Do you like play a game?
The game is simple, I will play a music and then I’ll give one of students a
marker, the students who hold the marker has to passing the marker to his friend
in the right side until the music stopped, the students who is holding the marker
while the music stopped will be given a question from me.

5. Menanyampaikan tujuan pembelajaran

From the question that I gave to you before, Anyone can suggest what will
we learnt today?
- Today we are going to learn about Job obligation in present, past and
future tense. In the end of lesson I hope you able to ...
- Anyone one know what is obligation? In order to make us more know
what is obligation, I will show you a short video. After that, I will ask some
questions, make sure that you are pay attention to the video.

Kegiatan Inti :

1. Diberikan video
2. Diminta untuk menyimpulkan isi video
Anyone know what is the video tells about?
3. Diberikan penjelasan mengenai obligation
Obligation is an expression in English that is used to declare an obligation.
4. Berikan jenis – jenis expressionnya
● Should + V1 = You should come to the class earlier.
● Must + V1 = My wallet is lost, I must go to the cop. (s. Present)
● Have to + V1 = I have to finish my task before this evening. (S. Present)
● Has to + V1 = She has to buy a ticket in order to enter the Dupan. (S. Present)
● Had to + V1 = I had to work extra hours to pay my bills. (simple past)
● Will have to + V1 = I will have to sell my pet tommorow. (Simple Future)
● Ought to + V1 = If you want pass the examp, you ought to studyhard.
● Should + be + V3 (Passive Voice) = You should be written in a history book.
● Must + be + V3 (Passive Voice) = The problems must be solved as soon as
● Have to + be + V3 (Passive Voice) = I have to be done my home work.
● Has to + be + V3 (Passive Voice) = A book has to be done read by him.
● Had to + be + V3 (Passive Voice) = He had to be slept more tonight.
● Will have to + be + V3 (Passive Voice) he will have to be seen on tonight
● Ought to + be + V3 (Passive Voice) You ought to be the leader, if you study
5. Berikan penjelasan mengenai Present, Past and Future Tense.
Present : S+has/have+v1+o = + Mr. Umar has to go Japan.
Has/have + S + V1 + o = has Mr. Umar go the Japan?
S+Has/have+not+v1+o = - Mr. Umar has not go to the Japan.

Past : S+ had + v1 + o = + He had to meet Mrs. Ais.

Had + S +v1+ o = had he meet Mrs. Ais?
S+had+not+v1+o = -He had not to met Mrs. Ais.

Future : S+ Will have +v1 + o = + They will have go to the Hospital.

Will have + S + v1+ o = Will have they go the Hospital?
S+ Will have + not +v1 +o = - They will have not go to the Hospital.
Kegiatan Akhir
Diberikan penguatan materi atau menyimpulkan materi yang diberikan bisa
dengan sesi tanya jawab dan yang aktif dalam pembelajaran diberikan penilaian.