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We deal in complete range of Tools & Measuring Instrume
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Window AC
Hi Wall

Our Tools & Measuring Instruments range includes : --

Air Cooled Chiller
Water Cooled Chiller Product Product Descri
Absorption Chiller These kits are used to test for ac
Airside Products Acid/Moisture Test Kits in air conditioning & refrigeration
These are charging lines / hoses
Controls refrigerant gases in air condition
Charging Lines systems. Available in different s
* Simultanesouly display of Air v
Freezers Temperature. * Recordining Min
ColdRoom Digital Anemometers Average * Measuring average a
points * Deg C & Deg F switcha
Digital Clamp-on meters
Bus Air Conditioning
Digital Multimeters
Truck Refrigeration Checks up the vaccum level in a
Digital Vacuum Gauges refrigeration systems.
Flaring Tools Does uniform flare. For soft tubin
Factory Authorized Parts
Installation Accessories Hand shut-off valves
Tools & Measuring Instruments
Hex Keys
Leak Detectors For all CFCs & HCFCs.

Manifold with gauges - Single &


Pinch off pliers

Psychrometer - Digital & Sling Determines % relative humidity,

types temperature.

Ratchet Wrenches Compressor Access Valve wren

Precision designed for refrigeran

recovery * Large LCD display fo
Refrigerant Charging Scale
Automatic & manual zeroing * S

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Recovers refrigerant gas from sy

Refrigrtant Recovery Units
refrigerants to be re-used.

Swaging Tools

Thermo-Hygrometer Reads temperature & humidity

Thermometers - Digital Pocket

thermometers / Infrared non Various models available for all a
contact thermometers

Tube Benders & Expanders Open size design slips over tube

Rollers have flare cut-off groove

Tube Cutters
and spare cutting wheel.

Rotary Vane Two Stage Pump -

to quickly pull a deep vacuum * G
Vacuum Pumps pumped water vapour to be exha
atmosphere * Wide range availa

Acid & MoistureToolKit Refrigerant Recovery Unit

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