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SS40a (Applied Psychology) Reflection Paper

Last April 25, 2019 at the Dr. Ricardo E. Rotorias Memorial Hall the search for the new
USTP president included a Public Forum attended by members of the USTP community,
faculty, students, non-teaching personnel, alumni, as well as other guests, were invited
to solicit the views, plans and platforms of the three candidates. To officially start the
forum, Mr. Clint Django G. Pacana presented the mechanics and criteria for evaluation.
Each candidate was then given twenty minutes to present his/her mission and vision for
the University.

During the open forum, sectorial representatives each asked the candidates one
question. The Search Committee for Presidency was composed of the following
members: Dr. Montano F. Salvador, former president of MPSC, Mr. Nicole John P.
Cagadas, alumni director, Mr. Tyrone S. Battung, University Student Government (USG)
president, Engr. Camilo S. Salvaña, USTP faculty association vice president, Ms. Eileen
E. San Juan, Local Economic and Investment Promotions Officer, Ms. Vanessa Mae B.
Martinez, Lapasan National High School Assistant to the President, and Dr. Irene Floro,
RN, Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. President.

The first to present his vision and plans was Atty. Dionel O. Albina, PEng’g. During his
speech he said “The true purpose of the existence of a university is to harness the
potential of every student and every faculty in the academic community” with the vision
to produce products and technology as one of the leading innovators in the field of science
and technology. He aims to provide a field of good student-faculty relationship that
nurtures these students through realistic programs and implementable plans. I personally
liked his vision that really highlights the need to establish a good environment for students
and faculty. Next was Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura Il, who quoted “My vision is a dynamic
university committed to lead in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in higher
education”. I was amazed on how well he thought of his missions giving meaning to each
letter of the word “DYNAMIC” as he explains his plans and platforms for the university.
Last to present was Dr. Ruth G. Cabahug, DTE. As she explains her plans and platforms,
one phrase that struck me the most was “Pursue the same vision with the same context
of a discovery and innovation university that trains today the knowledge workers,
innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow”. Unlike the previous candidates I appreciated
her audacity to preserve the existing mission, in my own opinion these visions and mission
brought us to where we are today if we are to have a new president he/she should focus
more on continuing the legacy of our previous president moreover providing new vision
is also necessary but should only add to the existing one.

All three candidates have are very much capable of handling our school as the next
president, they all exceed and past the requirements need. But I think it all boils down to
character, that willingness to serve the students and faculty and I hope that the Search
Committee for Presidency keeps that in mind because character and how one works with
others as a community is the most effective way to provide efficient service to the