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Self-Audit Against the Standards: This tool will begin your engagement with the Australian Professional Standards

for Teachers. It will help affirm

your strengths and identify areas for development. The focus areas in each Standard give your more details about each statement. Provisionally registered teachers need to be
working towards the proficient standards.

Need Strength
1 Know students and how they learn
Professional Knowledge

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
After spending a bit more time with my students it was really evident To improve this going forward I would try to recognise the 1 2 3 4
that everyone has a different pace of learning. I think I was able to preferred learning methods for the students earlier. Identifying
effectively differentiate the program so that all students were able to these preferred methods would enable me to better develop
meet their individual deadlines and reach a high standard of work. programs and lesson delivery to meet their needs.

2 Know the content and how to teach it

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
Having a sound understanding of the Stage 2 Health program and a Further develop my Business skills and ability to find my own 1 2 3 5
developing understanding in Business. My proactive attitude to being resources. Engaging in professional development in this subject
confident in what I was teaching really motivated me to do better. area would have been highly beneficial.

3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
My time management improved significantly throughout the year. I Ensuring that there is additional work for gifted students to 1 2 3 5
was able to relax more and flow with the class progressions as opposed complete without disadvantaging the students who worked at
Professional Practice

to planning minute by minute steps. a slower rate.

Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
I think this is one of my biggest strengths as I believe I create an Continue working hard to use safe and inclusive terminology 1 2 3 5
environment where students feel supported and safe. I am open and and activities where students don’t have to conform to
transparent with students and they all know they are welcome to speak particular genders if group activities. When referencing to
to me whenever they need. The interaction between both year groups students support networks don’t always assume their family
also improved over time. structure.

5 Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
I think this was my biggest area of improvement over the year. I learnt My reporting was at quite a high standard however I think 1 2 3 5
to become more confident in my marking and provide feedback to the there is still room for improving my communication and
students that helped them to improve their work. I became more reporting of progress with the parents – making sure parents
effective and used my time better. were onboard if students were late with submissions.

6 Engage in professional learning

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
I have made use of all opportunities provided to me through school and I would have like to engage in some development opportunities 1 2 3 5
Professional Engagement

external organisations. I am always searching to developing my for Business and Psychology to ensure my lesson delivery was
teaching particularly around mental health and student wellbeing. I on par with expectations and other teachers in the profession.
began reading more throughout the second half of the semester which
helped immensely with my knowledge development particularly in

7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

Areas of Strength Areas for Development
Building strong relationships with colleagues has provided me with Reaching out for parental support when students owe work 1 2 3 5
confidence to ask for assistance where needed. I also try to maintain and have missed deadlines. This shouldn’t be a form of
open and ongoing communication with student support networks. punishment or negative reporting but just to ensure that
parents are aware that the students is behind.