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Soul And Man

Copyright 2006
Christopher C. Cain
All Rights Reserved

Published By:
Soulful Stories Publishing
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia,


ISBN 0-9780005-7-9
Table Of Contents



General Definition 5.
Consciousness 10.
The Source 14.
Souls Have Boundaries 15.
The Hierarchy Of Souls 16.
Souls Are Multi-Dimensional 20.
Souls Are Control Mechanisms 21.
Souls Are Balancing Mechanisms 23.
Balance From The Mind 23.
Balance From The Soul 24.


Duality 27.
Change 28.
Dark Energy 31.
Dimensions, Realities, Realms and Planes 34.
The Multi-Dimensional Soul 38.
The Predictable Yet Unpredictable Event Matrix 42.
The Changing Nature Of Time 45.


Experience: One or Many? 49.
Soul Progression In A Single Lifetime 51.
Soul Progression Over Many Lifetimes 55.


CHART: Developed/Undeveloped Soul 63.
The “Soul Body” 65.
The Characteristics of the “Soul Body” 66.
The Characteristics of Response 67.
Soul In Male And Female Form 69.
CHART: Attributes Of Gender 70.
Table Of Contents cont’d.


Outer Aspects 74.
Physically Measurable Personality Traits 76.
Body Constitution 76.
Additional Personality Traits 78.

CHART: Personality Traits 79.

A World View Of Personal Reality 80.
The Quantity and Quality of Life 82.


An Essential Frame Of Reference 87.
The Nature Of The Six Bodies Of Man 88.


The Mental Body As An Information Source 93.
Mind As Information Processor 94.
Imagination 95.
“Grounding” The Imagination 95.
Maintaining The Imagination 97.
Practical Differences 98.
The Dangers Of Imagination 100.
Fulfillment: Mind Or Soul 100.


The School And The Student 104.
Emotions And The Heart 105.


Recognizing The Developed Soul 110.
Integrity And Respect 110.
Honesty 110.
Agreements 111.
Control 111.
Balance 112.
Table Of Contents cont’d.


Considerateness 112.
Restraint 113.
Expansion 113.
The Powers Of Soul 114.


Tools To Work With 118.
Crisis Diagnosis 119.
Crisis Management 124.
Dreams 127.
The Journey To Freedom 128.


Story: The Traveler 132.
Stillness As Motion 135.
Further To Beyond 140.
Questions 142.
The Question Of Power 143.
The Synergy Of Duality 143.
Imagination 145.
Freedom 149.
Choice 150.
What Is Love 152.
Love Changes 153.
Of Human Bondage 156.
Chariot Of Fire 157.
The Return To Stillness 158.


The Blind Musician (excerpt) 4.

The Duel With The Dual 26.

What Mystical Ropes (excerpt) 48.

Now I ask You (excerpt) 60.

Jack O’ Diamonds (excerpt) 72.

The Eyes Of The Seer 86.

The Chasm Crossed 91.

The Chessmaster 102.

Of Power And Of Might (excerpt) 108.

Time Men Learned To Cry (excerpt) 115.

Image Of The Dreamer (excerpt) 130.

Pegasus 160.

The Voice In The Wind 162.

To The Contents And The Author

To me it is absolutely essential that as leaders and more developed souls, we come to

a general consensus as to what life on Planet Earth is all about, what it is attempting to
accomplish, and how life is set up to naturally produce its results.

It is incumbent upon us to do this for no other reason than that there is today a new level
of awareness and intelligence capable of seeing beyond selfish interests, and there is
time and freedom for those so inclined to contemplate both the seen and the unseen, the
known and the unknown, to promote those lofty ideals and perspectives known previously
to only a few.

It remains for at least one of us to have the audacity to say—after a long life of
contemplation, observation, and considerable life experience—that set forth herein is a
group of principles and ideas harmonious with the lessons which life itself teaches us.
Any consensus can only lie in the recognition of the practical value of those universal
truths as set forth in this writing. It's broad perspective and open architecture is designed
to accommodate and encompass all the various belief systems already established and
functioning. Contained herein is an overview which can bring all schools of thought and
discipline together ... otherwise they remain fragmented to the final exclusion of unity.

This overview contains some very controversial principles essential to a full understanding
of how life works and where things like ideas originate. Scientists and researchers today are
so absorbed in the complexity of the physically observable and mathematically provable
that the unseen and misunderstood sources of cause and effect go “underlooked”.

It is my understanding that though there is a vast amount of information equatable with

physical cause and effect, the physical is not the true “heart” of the “matter”. By far the
more valid information flows from matrices of energy unseen and unmeasurable, but
still comprehensible……and none-the-less practically applicable. It remains for us to
put words to these concepts that are “cross-discipline acceptable” for a certain synergy
of understanding to evolve. I consider the word “Soul” to be a primary candidate for
cross-discipline acceptability, if for no other reason than the fact that it has for thousands
of years already had cross-discipline acceptability ……albeit poorly defined……but the
“soul” of man has scientifically provable existence when someone is looking for it! We
don’t find what we aren’t looking for, and hopefully this dissertation will prompt some
action in that direction.

To me, the physical body is simply a “projector” much like a film projector. It takes a
series of still images woven together as a “story” of feelings, thoughts, and actions, and
“projects” them into physically experienceable “reality”. But if all it projected were white
light and pink noise, certainly no-one would be attracted to it……and the soul of man is
attracted to the performance of life like a moth to a candle flame, and more often than
not with similar fatal results. A study of the projector is a valid study if for no other reason
than the fact that it is “there” to study, but the audience doesn’t come to the show to look
at or experience the projector, nor do they care much about the film. The medium is not
the message. The message is not the medium……and there are so many messages in
the medium that it is virtually impossible to single one out and portray it as more valid
than another.

The experience is all that matters……and that includes broken projectors and stories
without happy endings. The experience in light and sound is all there is. And the Storyteller
is the Wind that comes from a far-off place not a millimeter away. We “feel” that story as
an “experience”, and thus the Storyteller feels His own story that He writes and projects
from moment to moment on the winds of matter, energy, space, and time. Mankind may
be at the top of the “food chain”, but we are not at the top of the “consciousness” chain.

Perspective is not a gift accorded to committees, institutions, or even institutionalized

leaders ... a fact to which the present and past lend their sad testimony. This is a job for
one who can look down on the beauty of life on Planet Earth from some perch higher than
most, whilst simultaneously looking upwards from within the mass feelings of humanity's
pain, hardship, limitation, frustration, and the thousand challenges and temptations of
life to see the vast intelligence of a masterful Creator. This is what Poet's do ... and this
is what true Poets are for.

A Poet is not necessarily a follower of other men ... nor is he necessarily a leader.
He steps to the rhythm of his own verse first, and thence to the rhythms which form
creation. He writes his own symphony, but he is not necessarily the performer of his
own music for he himself is subject to all the limitations of mankind lest he would not
himself comprehend them fully. He gives his music ... his rhymes, rhythms, harmonies
embellished with silence and discord, to the conductor after writing melody for each
instrument that optimizes that instrument's performance. The symphony of synergistic

sound comes from the successful implementation by the many, the few, and the one, all
working together within the framework of individual talent ... and limitation.

As a species we are in fact already doing this through our systems of government,
law, and education, but there appears to be an overview lacking that Science, Religion,
and Philosophy are not able to fill for their inability to transcend their individual limited
perspectives and selfish interests. Each has too much to lose by reaching beyond the
status quo of their comfort level.

The poet has nothing to lose ... and nothing to gain but affirmation and rejection, neither
of which matter to him anyway for he is seated solidly astride his winged horse Pegasus
who has lifted him up even beyond the Eagle's nest to the point of full knowledge. The
poet has no authority except through the recognition of the truths he speaks. It is to be
expected--as presented in this writing--that the recognition of the truths contained herein
will be limited to the few capable of recognizing them as such.

As for myself, I am not a poet by design. The role and "Response-ability" of poet was
something that happened to me along the journey's way. I am not an intellectual poet
... I have a simple mind that does not bother with complex forms of rhythm or rhyme. I
speak, as best I’m able, to the heart and soul from the Heart of Hearts and the Soul of

Christopher Cain
February 28, 2004

Excerpted from The Poem:
The Blind Musician

And when the song he sang was through,

he leaned back in his chair.

Though the magic was gone, he still looked on

through eyes that seemed only to stare.

Who’s blind? ….and who can truly “see”?

Who’s lost ?……and who is found?

What is it that this man projects?

From whence come his words profound?

“Gold’s hidden in the silence

between the silver sounds.”

Thus spake the Blind Musician,

in whose darkness Light abounds.

By: C. Cain



Over the past 30 years of seeking greater understanding about who I am and what
life is all about, I have constantly heard reference to this unknown part of ourselves
called the “soul”. It seemed to always be referred to as something that was no longer
present on the Planet, or something that was only involved with the death experience.
Seldom was it referred to as an integral part of daily life, and only defined somewhat in
my esoterical and spiritual studies as a very subtle outer part of the vibrational energy
field that surrounds the physical body at all times. That didn’t seem to me to be enough
information about what was becoming, in my estimation, an increasingly important part
of my being. As a result, I started looking around for more detailed information about the
soul in encyclopedias, religious publications, ancient philosophers’ dissertations, and
a number of religious “scriptures” and books written by “Holy Men” as well as ordinary
seekers like myself. The information available was, at best, vague. When I finally did find
some information with what I considered to be a broad enough perspective, it took me
about 15 years of study and contemplation before I had a clear enough picture to be able
to make that picture, limited though it was, a bit clearer than it was made to me.

A lot has happened in the past fifteen to twenty years, and I don’t expect that it will stop
happening. I’m speaking of the tremendous leaps in communication, learning, knowledge
about the microcosm and macrocosm, and the time a large portion of humanity has
to pursue their own personal search for understanding and the expression of creative
potential. The TV, telephone, internet, news communication, and air travel have literally
shrunk the globe. Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism and 1100 different sects
of Christianity are no longer at some far-off corner of the world, their adherents are our
next door neighbors; their teachings are available in every bookstore, and there is a new
openness to spiritual and religious seeking as well as acceptance.

These quantum leaps in communication, transportation and learning have not been
accompanied by a comparable expansion in the understanding of life’s purpose and
function. I put forth these words in an effort to fill a portion of that gap—to bridge the
chasm between the worlds of the known, the seen, and the felt, and the world of the
unknown from which all known things originate. It is my experience that these unknown
things can yet be “seen” and felt and known through the vital imagination, the intuitive
mind, the sounds of life, and the fires of the living heart.
For all things begin with imagination, become convoluted by the inexperienced mind,
emotions and physical body, and are only reconciled once again by the Soul of Man and
its knowledge of The Source: the Heart of Hearts and the Soul Of Souls.

Try as I might, I cannot give a true picture of my understanding of what “Soul” is all about
without dragging in some frames of reference which the sciences, philosophies, religions,
and many spiritual journeys themselves do not yet incorporate into their own teachings,
but which I consider to be essential to the broader perspective of what life appears to be
about for all of us……not just to some specially-chosen group which claims to have all
the truth. In the first place, I don’t see any one group that has been especially blessed
for this additional knowledge and truth they supposedly carry. Most importantly, however,
that concept just doesn’t fit with the overview as presented here.

Some of these frames of reference will, at first reading, require quite an extensive bit of
mind stretching. Unless, like me, you’ve been on your own spiritual journey for a good
many years like a hound on the trail of an extremely clever and evasive fox, you won’t
have heard them before in any school of existing thinking. I ask you to bear with me to the
very end because it takes a lot of words and concepts……plus the time to contemplate
them with a totally open mind ……to raise human consciousness even the tiniest bit.
Greater minds than mine have thought the thoughts and contemplations contained
herein long before me; very little of what I write is unique to my own understanding. The
difference lies primarily in the perspective, organization, emphasis, and uniqueness of

To begin in a very broad sense: it is my understanding that a soul is a matrix of energy

with a carefully-designed mandate. By mandate, I mean an unalterable purpose and
function given by some higher authority which, by the very nature and history of the
word, implies a power greater than human.

It is further my understanding that all phenomenae in manifest creation are, first and
foremost, souls. By the very nature of the above description, the word should not be
limited to a human application at all, but rather applies, in my own mind, to any and all
phenomenae in creation. Any definable quantity which manifests in a realm such as
Planet Earth through the expression of vibrational “waves”, ie., gravity waves, magnetic
waves, electrical waves, light waves, or any other phenomena, actually originates from a
mandate which defines its form and function, and, for lack of any ascribed word to define
this very highest matrix of energy— the matrix which actually forms the wave itself—I
suggest that the term “Soul” has already been coined to match the phenomenon. The

use of the term to a strictly human frame of reference is to give the word too severe
a limitation, though to further define a soul as a human soul, or an animal soul, or a
plagioclase feldspar soul, an atmospheric soul, or an H2O soul—to name just a few
possibilities—is to further identify its very highest form of manifestation in existence

Strange though this may sound to our modern frame of reference for the definition of a
soul, it is simply a way of saying that all of creation has a common denominator and a
common source. The common denominator of a “soul”, however, is where the similarity
stops, for no two souls are precisely and exactly alike despite their convenient (though still
necessary) classification for purposes of order within the scientific and human framework.
One should properly say that an electron, for example, has a "Soul" composed of other
sub-atomic particle "Souls". The atom has a "Soul" composed of electron "Souls", proton
"Souls", and neutron "Souls". A molecule has its own unique "Soul" which organizes and
holds in existence an entirely new substance different from the atoms and other particles
essential for its formation.

Though it may not be in the interests of science in our present day and age to classify
things by a “spiritual” term, the perspective that comes from the level of the soul of
man as intuitive/imaginative “knowledge” based upon observation and deduction is as
important as the ratiocinations and theoretical venturing by the mind into the unknown,
invisible microcosm and macrocosm. The spiritual perspective is especially important if
in fact the causal influence of the Observer’s belief and perspective has any effect at all
in forming or altering his universe. In my opinion, it does, but it also doesn’t. Such is the
confusing nature of real truth ……at first!

This hierarchy of souls is more than a small miracle when examined closely, and
demonstrates the capacity for Nature to produce in a highly organized fashion a synergy
greater than the sum of the parts alone. A molecule of water, for example, is composed
of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The resulting "Soul" we call water, and
the soul of water is an entirely different phenomenon than the separated and distinct
souls of hydrogen and oxygen. What is different is the energy matrix ... the mandate. It is
so radically different that we had to form a new word to define this new “soul”: water.

This soul which we have named “water”, is actually an “Oversoul” of the multitudinous
souls which are required within its mandated format, i.e., two hydrogen atoms and one
oxygen atom plus all associated sub-atomic particles. By removing this molecular “soul”
of water through various techniques peculiar to science and mechanics, we can observe
that what remain are only the souls of hydrogen and oxygen. The mandate of the soul of

water to produce water does not exist unless brought into existence and held there……
and I want to say “by something”, but I would be remiss in doing so because what brings
things into existence and holds them there is not a “thing”. It is my understanding that
though creation appears to be very mechanical in nature, and to follow very exacting
laws, there is in fact nothing mechanical about nature, and the only exacting thing
about natural law that is consistent is its ordered but damnable inconsistency……and

And yet is it not this very inconsistency and unpredictability that makes life spontaneous,
fresh, and requires mercurial human adaptability?

The purely mechanical view of the universe would assume that the combining of two
atoms of hydrogen with one atom of oxygen would inevitably “create” what we know
as “water”. If one really contemplates the miraculous nature of the event, it becomes
a synergistic or quantum leap in the expression of consciousness. The fact that this
can be done consistently is certainly favorable to mankind’s existence and it may well
therefore be within the mandate of both hydrogen and oxygen “souls” to synergize in
this fashion, but from my perspective it is the “magical” appearance of the soul of water
out of “nowhere” that brings about the quantum leap. And please don’t run away just
yet, not until I have the chance to establish some frames of reference for “magical” and

I wonder if we were able to fashion a human body from all the different organs and parts,
what kind of soul and personality would result from the genetic merger……if such a
thing were at all possible. From my own intuitive/imaginative perspective, and thinking
backward from the position of the Creator of souls, I must hold to the observation and
belief, as will be better illustrated as we go along, that the combining of soul elements
merely attracts an “Oversoul” such as would be a human soul or a “water” soul, or
whatever type of soul fits the mandate. And furthermore, “attract” is not really the proper
word here as it implies that the mechanics of the situation is the creator of the effect. It
appears to be consistent and repeatable, but it is only a small portion of the “truth” or
whole picture. Only certain things are permissible within the mandates of individual souls
in the interests of order, but as Mark Twain admonished, “ You can’t make a pig sing. It’s
a waste of time……and furthermore it irritates the pig!”

To me the above issue is resolved only by a change of perspective. From my personal

perspective, the “Oversoul” comes into being at the same point in time and space as
the combining of souls under its mandate ……and only if all the terms of the mandate

are met. If the experiment doesn’t work, it simply means that not all the terms of the
oversoul’s mandate were met.

The oversoul emerges from the state we call "Nothing"—or "No-thing". “Nothing” is not a
word that means “absolutely nothing”; it’s a word that simply means “No-Thing”. Words
change their meaning relative to the consciousness of the user. Also inherent in the word
“no-thing” is the potential for the expression of “some-thing”. Anything in manifest creation
must not only emerge, but also be held in existence, by something which humans have
various names for, but which takes the form of its creations …… like a gas pump, for
example. And we’ll just leave that one where it lies for the moment.

To argue that the chicken or the egg came first is to assume that things originate within
matter/energy/space and time. To rest with that limited assumption and perspective is to
play the role of the heartless and soulless mechanic. Creation is simply not that way at
all! Where do all our feelings come from……and go?

The great illusion is that mankind thinks the idea or desire to produce water using
hydrogen and oxygen is his because, when he implements the proper procedures, water
appears. He says to himself:

"Voila!! ... look what "I" did!"

Heh, Heh, Heh!....Naive Man! From whence came the idea? Did you really have a choice?
Does it matter?

From my perspective, I have never originated anything! No idea in creation is actually

"mine". I had no choice…… despite the fact that it appeared that my choices were limitless;
or at least that my choices were confined to a consistently repeatable performance
of producing water. More on this later, but my overview is not entirely “Stoicism” or
“deterministic” philosophically. If it can be termed anything, I would call it “spontaneous”.
It’s only “deterministic” to someone who’s afraid for their ego. If that’s the case, Reader,
you’d better stop reading while you’re content with your “self”!

Along the same lines ……upon closer examination than is presently possible by the
human mind and it's mechanical extensions, no two phenomenon in creation are ever
precisely and exactly the same. Yet the approximate consistency of certain major events,
such as the weather, make the “Event Field Matrix” appear orderly despite localized
conditions of chaos. This fact alone tells me there is an intelligence behind all things that

is so vast and so clever that IT conceals itself in plain sight. The evidence of intelligence
is order; the evidence of super intelligence is order with orderly change.

This being so—that Creation is organized and continued by a hand almost unimaginable to
the human mind—neither then is the fun and challenge of discovery, or the idea of choice,
jeopardized in the least. The mathematical formula or physicist’s theory that appears so
precise and all-encompassing is, in fact, only applicable to one small dimension within
any reality. The dimensions are endless. Discovery is spread out so that many can share
the fame ……the limelight of human narcissism so essential to the journey through life.

The fact that I did not originate anything is only "Disappointing" and "Disillusioning" during
the time it takes me to realize my own self-unimportance. This is the “time” it takes for
my ego to be transmuted from that of the tin-soldier marching to his own self-important
drumbeat, powered by a wind-up spring 70 years or so long, to that of the dancing puppet
moved eternally by the invisible strings and hand of the Master Puppeteer……the one
who breathes us, thinks us, and imagines us from out of the very Heart of Hearts. It is,
again, a matter of perspective: Am I the master of illusion or the victim of it? In what way
the master?


It is interesting to me that as humans we have as limited a conception of our origin and

purpose as we do. It's even more interesting that the harder we try to discover these
things, the more unfathomable they become. Our written and oral histories rely on
mythologies which end up being taken literally when it was never intended that they be
so. Our studies of other cultures describe the deification of the sun, numerous beings of
human, partly-human, and super-human form ... to say nothing of the worship of other
deities and entities who appear to govern our immediate needs such as the weather or
the earth’s characteristics.

It seems as though the only real need we have for a God or a Lord is to get us something
different than what we have, get us out of trouble ... or get us out of here! It also seems
that we have a habit of “fragmenting” our image of what a God is. God is good, but
Satan is bad…… so who “in hell” created Satan? It is by careful design that I seldom
refer to the source of all existence as “God”; there are too many Gods…… and too many

I guess if I were a God and felt the need to experience some unpleasant but exciting
situations like, you know, what we watch on TV or in the movies, it would be essential for
me to create a game arena where none of my creations knew exactly what was really
going on! I'd have to make it pleasant enough at times so that the difficulties and pain
would eventually be overlooked ... and I'd probably do this through the implementation of
a thousand other distractions. No doubt I would keep my game players lost in the game
until they figured out how to get out of the game and out of the arena completely.

Put another way, if I were a father who had countless children, the only ones I would
want to have around me would be those who had reached a certain state of awareness—
a state of consciousness—which made them rewarding, pleasant, fun, interesting,
respectful, and a thousand similar words expressing my willingness to have them around
and interacting with me. Count the number of your family, friends, and associates who fill
these specifications…… and then look deeply into the mirror!

Were I a really capable Father, I could even make the game arena a school of learning
that would keep the players there for even a thousand games until they had learned the
lessons I felt they ought to learn!

Would that these simple explanations would suffice! True analogies though they at times
may seem, they barely begin to touch on the possibilities hidden between the lines of the
vast Book Of Life.

Having made my own way over the years through a long maze of terminologies and
concepts, and kept myself open always to further growth and understanding, it wasn't
until my 60th or more year, after 30 years of growth and change, that I felt comfortable
enough with what I think, feel, and know to even attempt to put it into words. Having
written books before, I realize that what I know tomorrow makes what I wrote yesterday
seemed like embarrassing child's play. Nevertheless, I am constrained by my love of
words and concepts to write them despite the embarrassment they bring.

That having been said, I don't pay much attention to Gods! Gods and Lords I have
known along the way, but the explanations of their powers and purposes have always
proved too limiting in their perspective. What I do know to lie beneath the structure of
existence is a benevolent awareness of immense and unfathomable proportion. When
IT expresses as intelligence and power, the best word I can think of to describe Its all-
pervading presence is to describe It as The Source, and to refer to that portion of Its
intelligence with which we as humans are familiar as "Consciousness".

Consciousness, intelligence, power, and all the words normally applied to Gods, become
"Things" when viewed from the perspective of their source, which is also The Source.
Consciousness itself has its origin in stillness and "No-thingness". Out of this stillness
and no-thingness emerge images, thoughts, energy, form, mass, time, space, and all
the aspects of consciousness including that which we ourselves are and what minimal
awareness we have……even gas pumps!

Every-"thing" and every-"where" is formed from consciousness as are the multitudes of

Gods, Lords, Angels, and Spirits which enliven and give what appears to be "motion" to
lesser creations which appear to be "Matter". All of these "things" can be seen as souls
since they have form, no matter how ethereal or vast, and they have a mandated function
which comes with an illusionary sense of freedom and choice thus giving them a sense
of power and value which registers as self-importance. It is precisely this feeling of self-
importance which separates those who feel it and live in it from their original source.
Separation is, however, an absolutely essential state of consciousness. Only by means
of this process of “differentiation” can there be the experience and resultant feeling of
aloneness …… a feeling which results in the desire for "Home" and the search for, and
the ultimate appreciation for, our Original Source.

It is, then, consciousness—for want of a better word—that holds all "things" in existence,
and it is the flow of "events" issuing forth from consciousness which is measured by an
arbitrary and relative reference scale we call "Time". Consciousness, as an expressed
energy, always has a beginning and ending of some sort. But the potential for the
expression of consciousness is even beyond "Eternal". It is always just "there" whether it
expresses as an idea or form or not. “Gods” there be too numerous to count, but they are
no more eternal than the consciousness of which they are composed, by which they are
formed, and by which they are held in existence. When the source of all consciousness
ceases to express them as creations, they vanish just as does everything else in Creation
when consciousness no longer holds it in “beingness”. But they vanish only as “forms”.
Since what all of creation expresses is consciousness, it can only return from whence it
came just as a drop of water which originally came from the ocean returns once again
to its source.

The most distressing aspect of consciousness to us as humans is its apparently

impartial, disinterested participation in us as its creations. A cursory reaction—or even a
contemplated response—to the horrors of life throughout the vastness of life's expression
on earth for most humans makes us feel as though the whole show is up to us and we
are simply wind-up tin soldiers on the way to the slaughterhouse, or, at minimum, death

by pain, loneliness, and disease. And what kind of benevolent God would possibly have
come up with the concept and the fact of the "Food Chain"? ... Heh, heh, heh! That’s a
tough one to dance to!—and even tougher to see as “perfection”—but dance to it we can
... and perfection it is when seen with perspective.

Consciousness is but a single thought away. And we are no more lost than a train can be
lost on its tracks! But then ... neither are we any more free than a train on its tracks, and
this is the very best of good things! We have a destination and many similar stops and
landmarks along the way, but as to the time schedule and the experiences of the journey:
no two are the same. Home…… the destination of the tracks…… is inevitable.

I am not a man of devotion or worship in the conventional sense of the words. How
can I worship or be devoted to what I am? To do so would require my seeing myself
as separated from my source ... from which it is not possible to be separated anyway!
There was a time in my earlier soul development when I felt separated, and devotion and
worship were by-products of that feeling of separation. As I come to realize who I am, I
also realize that I can best express what I am by loving what I am and making my best
efforts to choose those things which I can express love for.

There is a subtle difference here and it lies in this perspective: that devotion and worship
are usually expressed outwardly where the love of what I am is strictly an inward feeling
for which no special day or hour is set aside. Once developed in the soul it remains
there always as a kind of inner feeling tone which grows... like a song whose melody
and words are felt rather than heard. In truth, it is love which mankind expresses in his
every action, be it love of self, love of fame, love of pleasure, love of power, love of being
in love ... the list is long.

It is as a by-product of this journey on rails that soul expands and grows. Earth is the
school, experience the teacher, and soul the student. No matter what the indulgence, it
soon grows old; curiosity wanes, and soon, in one lifetime or another, the price no longer
justifies the reward. But then... who would want to stay here forever, with galaxies and
worlds to explore as numerous as the grains of sand on all the shores of the earth?

And ... by the way ... there is "Outside Help"! We are not alone. Help has always been
here, just a simple inner request away ... and always will be here. It follows certain
rules. Help does not always arrive in the form requested or envisioned as a possibility.
Most often it is so subtle and so well masked by other events that it goes un-noticed. It
can be instantaneous or take years to materialize. It cannot be "seen" until believed in

as a possibility or, better yet, as a probability. For as long as there is positive effort and
growth, life just gets better and better... one millimeter at a time. The "Seer's" sight is the
only sight that improves with time!


This Consciousness of which I speak, I often refer to as the "Source" because the mere
fact, experience, or even thought of existence implies a source. This Source is also
the Totality of all Awareness ... the Creator of all ideas, concepts, dreams, galaxies,
universes, worlds, souls, as well as the "Gods", "Lords", "Angels", etc. who oversee
them. I am certain that anything that can be imagined exists somewhere in creation, or
the “I” of me could not have imagined it in the first place. This Source, however, is an
intelligence and consciousness so vast and incomprehensible that the pitiful human mind
can barely begin to imagine it …… exactly as intended! But once sought after diligently,
It continues to reveal itself and Its mysterious ways one small bit at a time.

If I know anything at all, it is this one thing: there is only The Source. Everything that
exists is this Source expressing. You may call It what you may…… whatever you feel
encompasses the concept of everything and the consciousness beneath every-thing.
Souls are this Source experiencing Itself in every way imaginable: as the game of Life, and
the arena in which the game is played. We, as human souls, are individualized portions
of the Source playing in a game whose score is already known…… but unexperienced.
The Source loves its game and every aspect of the souls which form the arena and its
events. Life is simply Love experienced.

We know this much about the Soul in Human Form: when it departs from its physical
vehicle, that vehicle has lost its organizing, animating force. The glue of coherence has
departed. The various "Souls" which formed the physical vehicle return over time to their
lowest state of existence—the elements from which they were formed.

What happens to the soul that animated the physical form? To the best of my knowledge
and understanding, it either returns for more experiences in human form, or continues
on its journey into less and less dense, and less boundaried forms until it finally sheds all
semblance of separation and individuality, seeking only the love and mercy of “no-thing-
ness” and rest……and it remains there until once again it desires experiences.

What is most important herein is the nature of the interaction we as humans have with
what we call our soul. Particularly important is our ability to be able to discern the elements
and characteristics of an experienced, developed soul so that they can light the way to
our own development.


Assuming that soul is at least for the present perspective a “matrix of energy with a
mandate”, the assumption presumes some form of consciousness to be an integral part
of the matrix/program. Since this universe we live in is dual in nature—polarized—and
our sensing mechanisms designed primarily to differentiate between opposites, some
portion of the soul has to be delineated as to form. It has to have boundaries within
matter/energy/space/and time.

It will also have the capacity to be the effect of some outside cause, and, so as not to
overwhelm that particular matrix of energy, that cause will be quite specific and limited
in nature. Let me quote a section from Itzhak Bentov's wonderful little book: Stalking
The Wild Pendulum, in which he discusses the quality and quantity of consciousness in
a very oversimplified way for purposes of conceptualization.

"Let us first try to define "Consciousness" in the simplest possible terms. We

can say that it is the capacity of the system to respond to stimuli. This system
may also be a nervous system, no matter how simple. Suppose we stimulate
an atom by applying ultraviolet light or other electromagnetic radiation to it.
One or more of the electrons may get excited and respond by jumping into a
higher orbit farther away from the nucleus. When we remove this stimulus,
these electrons may drop back into their previous orbits and emit photons of
a certain energy or frequency in the process. By applying different stimuli, we
shall elicit different responses from this system.

Next let us take a virus and stimulate it. It will react with a number of different
responses. If we take a bacterium and tickle it, it will react with an even larger
number of responses than the virus: it may giggle or wiggle its flagellae, etc.. The
higher and more complex the organism, the more varied and more numerous
responses per stimulus. When we come to mammals and eventually humans,
the number of possible responses grows rapidly. So let us define this number
as the quantity of consciousness. This admittedly sounds quite arbitrary,

but let us proceed first on the assumption that the number of responses of a
system can be equated with "Consciousness". We may at first have trouble
trying to visualize a rock or an atom as a living thing because we associate
consciousness with life. But this notion is just a human limitation; a rock may
also have difficulty in understanding human consciousness. At present we
restrict the term "live beings" to beings that can reproduce. This, I believe,
is quite arbitrary. We seem to project our own behavior onto other systems
by saying that, starting from the atom and going to larger aggregates, there
is no "life". And then suddenly, when the aggregates of atoms have reached
a certain stage of organization, "Life" appears because we can recognize our
own behavior in it. My basic premise is that consciousness resides in matter;
put another way, all mass (matter) contains consciousness (or life) to a greater
or lesser extent."

Focusing our attention on the soul in human form, which is what we are primarily examining
here, the physical vehicle which houses (more like imprisons!) soul is composed of
countless billions of souls all organized into coherent function as long as they stick to
their mandated purpose.

The human liver, for example, has very definite, well-defined physical boundaries. You
may never have heard of your liver having a soul, but by my definition of a soul, there
must be a soul with a mandate which holds all the atoms, molecules, and cells of the liver
in a boundaried, coherent function and existence.

The interesting thing here is that, given proper nourishment, the physical body organs
and their respective souls can be kept alive—capable of normal function—without the
benefit of a human soul to animate them. Were that not so, there would be no chance
for the possibility of organ transplants. The key to this "suspended animation" is the
understanding of what nutritional, hormonal, electrical, and other stimuli are essential for
life support because every organ in the body has different requirements.


As mentioned earlier, one of the most basic assumptions I can make is that anything that
exists in Creation has—or is—a soul consisting of the matrix of energy and a mandate.
This is to say that all atomic and subatomic particles which go to make up the various
boundaried forms to which we as humans have attached names have a soul as a common

thread of existence. By adopting this concept, we are further enabled to understand the
unity in all things.

Each soul and grouping of souls then falls under the control of an "Over-Soul" in a sort
of hierarchy of power wherein the more powerful soul uses all souls under its control and
influence to help it achieve its own mandated purpose. Each soul has its own boundaried
sphere of action and influence ... which is to say its power and ability to cause and be the
effect of change. And it is their natural working together which synergizes the capacities
of the individual Soul and those Souls further up in the hierarchy of order and power.

At the lowest order of kingdoms or realms in the Planet Earth Dimension, we have the
mineral kingdom. Each of the manifestations of form in the mineral kingdom will be
composed of molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles. Each of these in turn will have
a boundaried description with a limited purpose…… a matrix of energy and a mandate
which hold it in existence. If you please, each will have its own “soul”…… regardless of
how dense or how low a quantity or quality of consciousness it expresses, and regardless
of how difficult it might be for each of us to imagine being a rock or a quartz crystal.

Without the mineral kingdom, we would not have an Earth. Without the mineral kingdom
we would not have plants, animals—or human beings either—because of the intricate
interdependence of all souls within this realm.

There is a quantum leap in quality and quantity of consciousness from the mineral realm
to the plant realm. Plants have greater freedom of movement; live in an entirely different
time dimension; and require more interaction with the planet than do minerals. Plants
require water and sunlight. They require warmth and air. Plants are the first manifestation
of life to utilize all the elements of the Earth Dimension: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In
more than a figurative sense, the souls of the plant kingdom are nourished by the souls
of the mineral kingdom. I’m sure there is a certain amount of backward synergy wherein
the plant souls synergize the mineral souls, but it seems to me that the primary thrust
of consciousness is service to the next higher manifestation of soul…… an evolution
toward growth and expansion of consciousness. I don’t want to say here that mineral
souls evolve into plant souls for reasons which will become evident later on. But I will say
that it is not only possible and probable that such an event could happen. However, it is
more likely that such an event would only “appear” to happen.

The quantum leap in consciousness from the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom is a
greater leap again in quality and quantity of consciousness; in freedom of movement; in

chemical complexity; in time dimension; species interaction and interdependence; and a
multitude of other ways. Animals could not exist without their mineral and plant kingdom
counterparts. I dare say that some animal souls are more kind, loving, considerate, and
selfless than some human souls. It would not be a far-fetched idea for me to accept that
animals who interact with mankind where there is a mutual capacity for interactive depth
of feeling might not develop the desire to experience life as a human. In the Planet Earth
Realm there are many more things possible than have to be accounted for within the
constraints of natural law.

The final quantum leap within this dimension is the jump from animal to human soul. It
is the human soul with all its different physical/emotional/mental “body” attachments that
make it the most complex expression of consciousness within this dimension……at least
here on Planet Earth. Though the plant kingdom can respond to emotional/mental stimuli
in a very limited way, the animal kingdom responds to their own emotional and mental
patterns very dramatically, indicating that they may also have a less complex version of
the six human bodies or matrices of energy for their own development.

The human soul, however, appears to have the greatest capacity for the expression of
intelligence, wisdom, power, freedom, and depth of feeling. It is here on Planet Earth that
soul remains until it has accumulated a quality and quantity of consciousness that qualify
it to graduate into the next realm.

This “hierarchy” of souls from mineral to human does not have to have the concept of
“evolution” attached to the growth and expansion of soul in order to have validity. The
interaction is obvious without metaphysical complications! However, the illusion of the
“Progression Of Soul” is better perpetrated and perpetuated by the fact—or myth—that
soul expands and grows and grows and expands until its final expression in human
Another question of imponderable import here is the question of how life began on a barren
sphere hanging in space. Did it in fact evolve from a single cell? Where did that cell come
from? It is certainly easier for me to imagine a soul emerging from non-existence into
existence than it is for me to imagine a plant or animal or human emerging from nothing
into existence because I have to imagine the existence of soul in the first place. Since
I’ve never seen a soul, I have to first believe in its existence. My reality then hardens
about my beliefs ……until my old beliefs are replaced with newer, broader ones. There
is no end to this process. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to matter where one begins the
questions of life, the beginning is always first an imagined one. No scientist ever saw an

atom with physical eyes and later described it; its existence had to first be hypothecated,
and its descriptions changed numerous times before arriving at a consistent one…… for
this dimension!

Since I'm not a scientist, and if I'm anything worthy of note, I consider myself to be a
Poet—not because my poetry is worthy of note, but because I like my own poetry better
than I like other Poet's poetry and better than anything else I write. Also, Poets seem
to have accumulated the powers of humility, perspective, and fearlessness that enables
them to walk where Angels fear to tread. There’s a thin line between a Hero and a Fool,
but no line at all between a Fool and a Wise Man. Whether or not the Poet is a Wise Man
is a matter of personal judgement.

Believe it or not, creation is in far better hands than human hands, and though it may
take some perspective to see it as so, human hands are none other than the hands of
the Source Itself. Where else could they come from? As you can tell by now, I am not a
subscriber to the mechanistic, evolutional theory of creation. I am, however, a subscriber
to the “appearance” of a mechanical creation.

The wonder of it all is the precision of interaction and order which is only allowed a
certain range of imbalance and change before balance is once again restored. In fact,
one of the key characteristics of souls trapped in the realm of duality is that they find
themselves continually passing through the state of balance much as a pendulum or any
other oscillator expresses when left to its apparently mechanical nature of swinging from
positive to negative and back. As the pendulum swings from pole to pole—from positive
to negative—zthe point of balance it passes through is always slightly different than
the previous point of balance. To graphically represent the process, one would draw a
wave or sine curve passing through a straight line where the straight line is the balance
point. The straight line represents time as the flow of events, itself moving into positive
expansion or contraction as the amplitude and frequency waves simultaneously express
their experiences in positive and negative ways.

This precise interaction of souls within a single realm is but one expression of the multi-
dimensional nature of soul. The fact is that Planet Earth is not the only realm in creation.
As a simple example, were I to take a television set from our present age and move
backwards with it through time to a point one hundred years before the present, no one
could possibly believe me if I told them that with a flip of a single switch they could be
experiencing any one of 200 or 300 different realities that were contained "within" the
black box before me. They would at first have no frame of reference for my statement.

The medium of television is designed to resonate with our sensory capacities of sight
and sound, and each of the performances on its many channels constitutes a personal
world of physical, emotional, and mental action and response. What are the possibilities
of the existence of countless other realities that are beyond the range of our own human
sensing mechanisms?


Only recently in the recorded history of our present civilization have we been able to
perceive objects in our microcosm such as molecules and atoms. Though atoms were
actually named as such back in the times of Plato and Aristotle, they were conceived
as mental concepts whose existence was mathematically deduced and theoretically
"proven". Not until we had developed the capacity to experiment and use these unseen
concepts did they actually prove their existence in our physically-perceived reality. They
had always existed, but beyond our capacities to measure and employ them.

I feel certain that one day we will be able to quantify/qualify/ perceive and thus better
comprehend the qualities and boundaries of this matrix of energy we know as the soul.
After all, there actually is a very small number of persons who can "sense" this matrix of
energy in the human realm. These individuals have unique abilities such as the capacity
to "see" with the "eyes" of their "Astral Body", as many describe that gift. There is very
valid research indicating that, at the moment of human death, there is a measurable loss
of mass—of weight—that is consistent in all human death experiences. The departure of a
soul and its various associated other matrices of energy is adequate enough explanation
for me. Parapsychologists, through their research, have long-established histories of
"extra-sensory" perception and para-normal experiences with phenomenae beyond the
experiential capacity of most humans, and there is a consistency to it which affirms
the need for a greater perspective than the present state of human consciousness and
awareness. Further elaboration on the subject goes beyond the scope of this book, but
the material is there for those curious minds who wish to push the envelope of their own
knowledge of human boundaries.

It is my understanding that the soul of human form is actually a great deal more than just
the animator and a mandate for function of the physical body. In fact, there are other
matrices of energy which fall under the organizing mandate of the human soul and, for
our purposes here, they are six in number:

1. The Physical Body
2. The Astral/Emotional Body
3. The Causal Body
4. The Mental Body
5. The Etheric Body
6. The Soul Body

Though these matrices or bodies of energy are all inter-related just as the organs are
in the physical body, they have separate mandates, boundaries, and purposes which
enhance, amplify ... and thoroughly complicate ... the process of life within this Planet
Earth reality.

The only one of these six bodies that is not "Other-dimensional" is the physical body. It
is formed from the Earth's elements, designed to function within the Earth, Air, Fire, and
Water mediums of this planet. It is a biological miracle of interactive causes and effects
far beyond the capabilities of its accompanying mind to comprehend or mimic. That may
change somewhat in the course of time, but for it to change too much would be to deny
or diminish the exquisite Powers of the Soul which come out of this apparently traumatic,
chaotic, and frustrating dichotomy of apparent cross-purpose which constitute soul’s
journeys through the Earth.

Suffice it to say for this section that when the human soul withdraws from its physical
vehicle, it withdraws all its other-dimensional matrices or bodies as well. The emotions,
the mind, portions of the memory patterns, all withdraw to another realm where they are
not so imprisoned, not so torn apart by fear and anguish, and have far more insight into
their unity with all things.


The mandate of consciousness accorded to each soul not only determines its physical
"Boundaries", but also determines the extent of control—or lack thereof—which it can
exercise over its environment. The more complex a "world" the soul through its mandate
organizes, animates, and controls, the more consciousness, awareness, and intelligence
it has available to it for development. The soul of the liver, for example, exercises a
degree of control over the mandates of the souls of the liver's various cells…… and so
on down the power/intelligence hierarchy of molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles.
It does not seem, however, that the control of one soul is absolute or overpowering
over the lesser souls under its control, but the influence can be hindering—or helping

—the lesser souls’ harmony and normal function. Similarly, a disharmony of lesser souls
can totally disrupt normal function of the “over-soul”, as happens in the case of serious
degenerative “dis-ease” which we call disease.

As an aside here, it also does not seem that mass is an indicator of soul power and
influence, but rather that complexity is the key concept; either that or some as yet
unrecognized quantity or quality of consciousness within the mandate of the soul itself.
Otherwise, Elephants, Whales, and Dinosaurs might be vying for the position at the top
of the ladder of consciousness.

Soul, then, not only has physical boundaries, but boundaries and limits as to what and
how much it controls within the realm in which it finds itself. Being other-dimensional
than the physical Earth realm, it functions with greater control in those realms whose
"substance" is not so gross, so confining, or so limiting as the substances of Planet
Earth. The next realm of finer substance than that of Planet Earth is often referred to as
being "above" it. It is my understanding that this terminology is incorrect as to location;
only correct as far as the definition of higher and finer vibrations.

In actual fact, all realms occupy the same "space" as our present one, but their more
subtle energies make little or no impact on our sensing mechanisms. Those realms
closest in nature to our own do, however, impact and interact mentally and emotionally
(which is to say, psychically) with our own to a greater degree than we may realize in
daily life.

To have worked with individuals who have had the door between these worlds opened
for short or long periods of time through drugs, sickness, inherited capabilities, or
extreme sensitivities, can be quite disturbing for both the "realm-traveler" as well as the
"Healer"—be they Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Shaman, or Parapsychologist—if there is
not a thorough understanding of the nature of both realms on at least one side of the

In fact, there is not a living human soul who does not enter into regions of the next
realm during certain levels of sleep. The dream reality functions according to an entirely
different and separate set of laws than those of the physical Earth, and though the
concepts and ideas seemed to transfer across the boundary membrane with ease, for
the soul in human physical form to attempt to fly without benefit of parachute or airplane
produces dramatically different results than the aerial acrobatics and dance of the soul
in astral body form!


The important thing to know and remember about the Soul is that it is a very subtle
and delicate energy easily reduced to the status of minimal influence over the grosser
physical, emotional, and mental energies. The proper analogy would be like having four
television sets tuned to four different stations, all four having different volumes of sound
and visual intensity at the same time and in the same room.

The TV program which demands—or commands—he maximum focus of attention, is

the program which automatically produces maximum sound volume and visual intensity,
thus drowning out the others. In most cases, the physical and emotional energies
prevail in the less-experienced/less-developed souls, with the mental energies being
hardly controllable. The sounds and visions of soul are, in this case, almost completely
blocked out, as occurs, for example, when physical sex and emotional entanglement
demand the primary focus of attention. The soul can do nothing but stand by, drumming
its fingers on the bar!

In the case of the more-developed and experienced soul, the focus of attention will
invariably be on mental concepts and images, more-harmonious sounds such as classical
music rather than a rock or rap, and the much more subtle energies of the soul such as
occur when idealizing personal worlds in the imagination or contemplating the unobvious
and unknown/unseen patterns of life in its complexity.

This is not to say that, in the developed soul, there is any the less intense response
to the physical and emotional. The difference lies in the capacity for control, and the
simultaneous ability to see the effect of too great an involvement while still enjoying a
somewhat less intense experience ... or no experience at all!

In the above case, the developed soul is the balancing mechanism because it has become
the primary vehicle of perspective ... the added dimension!


Control can be implemented from the mental level of development and consciousness,
but this is a sort of "programmed" response to moral or disciplinary training. It is a definite
step of progress on the journey to the soul, but produces a kind of balance through
mental will-power or deprivation, especially where there is the guilt of overindulgence
which needs balancing.

However, this quashing of the desire/pleasure/escape mechanisms by removing the
outside influences or teaching control by exercise of will power—essential and effective
though they maybe—do not in themselves constitute control from the soul. They
constitute control from the level of mind. They do add a small amount of perspective
in that they produce a balancing memory pattern wherein the pain, rejection, physical
deterioration, or guilt are relieved and replaced by a more stable sense of balance as the
better alternative. To the soul deriving maximum enjoyment from its indulgences, pain
and death are the alternatives and, quite surprisingly, often the conscious choice over

But this is where the soul is given its opportunity to be heard ... when all the other sound
volumes and picture intensities have been reduced—regardless of technique—to a dull

"Realization" and "Introspection" are only possible when the soul has had enough
experience through multitudes of lifetimes …… has literally “worn out” the experiencing
of its indulgences, and arrived at the point where it is wondering what else in creation can
occupy its mind. By this time soul has developed numerous or highly specialized patterns
we know as "Talents" …… the tendencies toward which are cumulative and residual in
the matrix of soul. The "Child Prodigy" is an extreme example of this cumulative talent

The reasonably well-developed soul can then redirect its focus of attention to actions
more acceptable to its sustenance and well-being and the sustenance and well-being of
others in its family or society. This can fall under the label of "productive work". In the
more developed soul, there exists the potential for expression of creative abilities through
inner-motivated desire mechanisms and the further development of talents implemented
in other lifetimes.

For the undeveloped soul, control must be exerted from the outside ... from control
mechanisms of "correctional guidance" and the squashing of rebellion at sometimes
very serious cost to the rebellious!


As soul experiences multitudinous lifetimes and varied experiences in human form, it

gains perspective, discernment, and the ability to discriminate. It gains in the instinctive
knowledge peculiar to soul of the possible and probable effect, or the end result of any

cause, before entering into the cause or experience. In doing so, one of the effects it
engenders is that of respect ... both self-respect, and the respect of those with whom it

Perspective is one of the cumulative effects of life experience within the soul. It is one
of what I call the POWERS OF SOUL, those characteristics which make soul an ever-
increasingly more effective balancer. The subtle impulses of Soul such as intuitive
hunches and "Promptings of the Spirit" become increasingly recognized and important,
and the individual slowly learns to communicate and control from the level of soul.

Soul can then influence mind, emotions and physical response to temper action--to limit
the swings, for example, of emotional reaction, physical exhaustion, or the endlessly
wagging tongue of a mind that can't (or won't!) be still! No longer the victim of its biological
impulses and psychic and physical desires; no longer controlled by its frivolous imaginings
and daydreams; it slowly begins to be the master--the God--of its own small world.

The subtle promptings of soul temper indulgence with restraint rather than deprivation,
thus allowing the experiences of life to be the teacher, the "full-filler", the indescribable
synergy that the soul's journey in human form really is.

I can tell by the feel

what I see isn’t real.

There are two

where should only be one.

And before what’s ideal

Can match what is real

The duel with the Dual

Must be won.

C. Cain, 2004



To me, the most important characteristic crucial to understanding the soul and the reality
in which it must function most of the time here on Planet Earth is the characteristic of
“DUALITY”. In duality there appear to be at least two aspects of every thought, feeling,
and physical expression. The primary purpose of duality is to provide a “game arena” in
which soul can actually experience, through its various sensing mechanisms, extreme
variations in any concept or event. Through the experiencing of the variations in quality,
quantity, and intensity peculiar to Duality, soul develops an ever-increasing capacity to
establish values and make choices from this storehouse of accumulated values. These
are the capacities of an experienced soul…… capacities which we label as discernment,
discrimination, and wisdom ... to name just a few.

In soul’s initial confrontations with Duality, it comes face to face with Duality’s
characteristically "Enigmatic" nature. An Enigmatic situation is one which is perplexing,
baffling, and has the characteristics of a riddle.

“Paradoxical” is a second word characteristic of Duality, and only slightly removed from
enigmatic. Webster defines a Paradox as a “statement contrary to common belief”; or
“a statement that seems contradictory, unbelievable, or absurd, but that may actually be
true in fact”.

Thirdly, and none the less important, is the word "Dichotomy", which, according to Webster's
dictionary, means "division into two parts, classes, or groups ... more particularly into two
groups mutually exclusive or opposed by contradiction".

These terms form an essential part of the basic nature of the Planet Earth Realm. It is a
primary function of the soul to perceive the paradoxical enigma of Duality and reconcile
its apparent “tension of opposites”—its apparent impossibility—into a juxtaposed unity.
This is not so difficult as it might sound, yet impossible to accomplish without knowing
the secrets involved!

Soul’s entire existence within the Planet Earth Realm is based upon the necessity for
there to be a North Pole and a South Pole; a right and a wrong; a good and a bad; a
hot relative to a cold; and so on. The theory of "Relativity" is a theory of differentiation
between opposites or dissimilar quantities and qualities.

So, how can a value be both right and wrong; correct and incorrect; too much and at the
same time too little; a success and a folly; a pleasure and a pain; require both action and
rest; be ruthless yet loving; and a very long list of enigmatic dichotomies, often within the
same set of circumstances such as those which issue forth constantly from the “Event
Matrix” of life? They cannot be reconciled by the lack of vision and perspective of those
souls lost within them. The view from inside the forest is not at all like the view from the
eyes of the Phoenix whose winged flight enables a viewpoint from above. It is soul that
is the Phoenix, rising up from the ashes of its own consuming fires. Earth is the school
…… the learning academy. The headmaster is not chosen from within the student body,
but rather from one who has graduated. How then do we know who has graduated?

Herein lies the value of the study of the soul, a study which must form the new basis for
understanding and directing human behavior, as well as establishing profound universal
values for all government, social, cultural, family, and personal interaction. Our religions,
philosophies, sciences, and spiritual thinking have taken us this far. The study of soul
and its Source is the reach which so far has exceeded our grasp. Let us reach into the
unknown for knowledge of the soul.


In addition to being “DUAL” in nature, the reality that soul must learn to function within
is constantly CHANGING. No two events are ever precisely and exactly the same ……
much as we try to make them so. And we always wondered why life was so confusing!

When life is monotonously the same, it is approaching the state we know as death.
There is no fresh new challenge, no change which enlivens the human body, emotions,
mind, and soul. Recreation, for example, is change that "re-creates" us. So it is most
important to understand the meaning of these words and incorporate them into one's
capacity to equate with life. These two major concepts are: DUALITY and CHANGE.

The essential frame of reference for the terms Duality and Change must include their
constant characteristics: PARADOX, ENIGMA, and DICHOTOMY.

My Father, and his Father before him, were master educators who focused on the
development of children and young people with the belief that the young were more

flexible, malleable, and teachable than adults. At an early age I clearly recall my father's
admonition to always establish a "Frame of Reference" for the words and concepts I
used so that everyone—if not in agreement—and least understood what I meant by the
words that came out of my mouth.

It seems to me that we as a people have reached a level of education and development

of the mind throughout a major portion of the world today where we're all groping for
greater understanding. We're having to rely on words and frames of reference from our
past ... sometimes of our history from thousands of years past, such as are our Biblical
texts, ancient Vedic texts, and numerous other writings which contain enough wisdom to
classify them as "Scripture".

In a world that is smaller and changing dramatically more and more every day, we find
ourselves with every religion in the world literally in our backyard, with the onus upon each
of us to at least be tolerant of each other if not accepting of the variations in terminology
used to describe what turns out in the end to be minor differences in the overall frames
of reference of who we are, where we come from, and how we get where we're going.

The unbridgeable chasm seems to lie in the comfort and security each group has found
in the "Box" or frame of reference they have adopted, and their unwillingness to graduate
from one school of understanding into another that appears to be different. Without
exploring new ideas and being willing to expand into broader and broader concepts and
understanding we do not grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Fear, uncertainty, and the basic inability and unwillingness to reach out into the unknown
are human characteristics which I personally feel can only be dispelled by numerous
lifetimes of varied experiences and subsequent development of the soul.

Duality and Change are not easy to understand or live with. The journey into the unknown
world of beliefs as a primary requisite for knowledge is at times extremely troubling. The
capacity to function comfortably with both concepts is a luxury available only to the
developed soul who has solved the problem of survival and is confident enough with his
or her own capacities to move cautiously through duality and change into the unknown,
step by step, whilst still keeping a firm hand on the ship of daily survival. Like the "Wing
Walker's Rule" says: "Never let go with one hand until you have a good firm grip with the

We are not created equal, but we do have equal potential when measured over the
invisible span of many lifetimes.

Statements of an enigmatic, dichotomous, and paradoxical nature would be similar to


• I create my own reality, but at the same time I don't.

• I have free choice, but I don't have free choice.
• I am God, but I'm not God.
• I am male, but I'm also female.

Each of these statements is a truth, but the rather unsettling thing about truth is that it
changes. Truth is a function of Relativity just as matter is. As one's perspective expands,
the truths one previously held as profoundly true are then seen only as portions of an
ever-increasing truth. The knowledge of basic arithmetic is essential to the understanding
of higher mathematics; and though both are true, the knowledge of higher mathematics
is a much more expanded perspective.

Truth can also be 10% true, 50% true, or 100% true. It can even be 150% true as it is
in the case where a statement holds much deeper meanings than the simple story the
words tell, in cases where the reward is greater than the promise, or in cases where the
terms of an agreement are synergistic.

The paradoxical statements made above are relative to the perspective of the
contemplator ... and perspective is not always an integral part of intelligence. There is
a vast multitude of humanity with great intelligence—some of it of genius level—but few
there be with a perspective that accords them the label of "Wise". Few there be that
have sound "judgment" that sees the effect of a cause before the cause is implemented.
Perspective is a characteristic of the developed, evolved, and experienced soul! Without
some understanding of the soul we remain lost in our physical, reactive mechanism...
which ultimately we discover to be a lot more than physical, a lot more than reactive, and
definitely more than a mechanical evolution of matter.

As an aside, I ask you to please forgive all the italicizing and parenthetical enclosures
of certain words as contained herein. Like my father and grandfather before me, it is an
unchangeable part of my basic as well as inherited Nature to be the dramatic educator
first, and the poet and storyteller second. Each word italicized or in parenthesis is a
vastly important word or series of words essential to understanding my overall frames of

reference—my perspective—of the overall nature of soul, and of the soul of human form.
A subject such as is the human soul cannot be read for entertainment or without the
accompanying time for deep thought and contemplation. Each word written herein has
been carefully contemplated and chosen for its impact and semantic appropriateness.

The imagery that words evoke, the manner in which they are written or spoken, and the
sounds and rhythms which they project to other souls are the tools of the poet's trade...
and nonetheless also for the true educator. One does not really set out to be a great
poet or educator, it just seems to "happen" somewhere along the way and towards the
end of the journey through Planet Earth.

The most enigmatic characteristic of "Duality" is that it exists only as a limited perspective
of the mind, but the realm that the mind is forced to function within—and at least initially to
draw its conclusions from—is locked into its own "Dual" nature and held there regardless
of the perspective of those souls who inhabit Planet Earth's environs. This is to say that
the Planet Earth reality appears to exist whether we, as humans, observe it or not. It
exists to express the energy and mandates of the countless Souls of all sentient beings
as well as objects animate and inanimate that constitute the realm. It is absurdly egoistic
to assume that human observation is the ultimate determination of the value of creation.
It is also, however, correct to say that if something is not in some way “sensed” there
may well be no reason for it to exist, but who would be so foolish as to attempt to decide
what is sensed and what is not?

It is also a rather obvious fact that we as souls, participators, and observers appear to be
able to influence this fixed, but not-so-fixed reality to at least a certain degree. Indeed a
major precept in the progression and development of soul is the assumption that we not
only have the right, but the obligation, to create our own world within the world at large. It
is an essential precept in our apparent accumulation of personal power. But the journey
is long, and as we add wisdom to our power, we are taken to places we had hitherto
never before expected!


In addition to Duality and constant change, a major characteristic of Planet Earth Reality
is it's predominantly negative nature. Life is filled with challenges which we are never
quite equal to, but have to spend years learning about or growing into. Life is full of
"Obstructions" such as: other people, their power, and their selfish interests; natural
laws like the food chain in which we are required to kill to live (plants as well as animals);

temptations and indulgences beyond our capacity to resist or control; and the inevitable
process of birth, full bloom, deterioration, degeneration, disease, and death, which
seemingly turn all our efforts into dust in the wind.

And now science is discovering something the mystics and esotericists have known
since human awareness began: Creation is abundant with Dark Energy and Dark Matter
... and not just a little either. Recent findings in physics known as the Concordance
Model of the universe indicate that 70 percent of the universe is Dark Energy, 25 percent
is Dark Matter, and only 5% observable matter. From a philosophical point of view, I
would personally say this ratio describes life on Planet Earth very accurately. It would
have to be in order to accomplish what it does ... which is to produce for the soul of
man an arena with a vast capacity for the experiencing of “differentiation”—a capacity
which vastly synergizes the knowledge and feeling of concepts like wisdom, power, and

How well does soul appreciate and discover the true meaning of Love without being
deprived of it or confronted by the thousand perversions of it? How else does soul
discover or develop power without being trampled underfoot for lifetimes until at least
learning what it looks like and learning how to get out of the way? How else does soul
learn wisdom in the face of having too great an abundance of intelligence--or too little in
the form of ignorance?

Michael Turner, of the University of Chicago's Enrico Fermi Institute, says of the New
Standard Cosmology:
"A key element to the New Standard Cosmology is Dark Energy, the causative agent
for accelerated expansion. Dark Energy is just possibly the most important problem in
all physics. The only laboratory up to the task of studying dark energy is the Universe

I would add to his statement that there's another laboratory up to the task of studying
Dark Energy, and that is the human laboratory. To me, the universe only has value in so
far as it affects us as humans personally, since we seem to be the only ones here who
are looking into it. The rest of Creation appears to be of lesser importance ... perhaps
even only of entertainment value!

Mr. Turner’s words pack a huge wallop, "... Dark Energy, the causative agent for
accelerated expansion". Since humans are an inseparable part of the universe, and all
observable phenomenae are souls, and since the universe is constantly expanding, Dark

Energy is the motivating force behind all expanding awareness as well as all expanding
particulate matter. “No pain, No gain” ... but, thanks, I'll take some very long stretches
with no pain and no gain! The Worlds Of Duality—which exist further than the eye or it's
mechanical extensions can see and are more numerous than the grains of sand in the
entire earth— are still not even the beginnings of all there is. Duality is only one of the
Creator's ways of experiencing Itself.

There’s an additional take on Mr. Turner’s words as well. Dark Energy is a form of
“contraction”……of increasing density. This means that the Universe is contracting at the
same time as it is expanding……a logical conclusion for Duality, since it has to remain
in balance.

Albert Einstein imagined the concept of an All-Pervading Energy which later became
labeled as a "Cosmological Constant" and I wonder if he fully realized how big a bear
he had by the tail. Einstein had to intuitively imagine there was also a repulsive force
to balance his relativity equations, but at that time in 1917, there was no theoretical or
physical evidence of this repulsive force which we know today as Dark Energy.

When astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was actually expanding,
it meant the universe did not need a Cosmological Constant, so Einstein felt humiliated
and called his Cosmological Constant one of his greatest blunders. In truth, his blunder
was in listening to is rational mind instead of his Intuitive mind. He was well on his way
to comprehending the one and only cosmological constant there is: The Source. And
that realization is as close to a Cosmological Constant as it is possible to come. Had
Mr. Hubble surmised that the Universe was also expanding as it contracted, he would
still have been no further ahead……not unless he realized that the only constant is the
Source and the change it constantly emanates for the sake of experiencing its creations.
As troubling as those words may be to the “scientific” mind, they detract in no way from
the search for how things work. To understand the nature of the Source is a never-ending
task, but to understand the concept fully is to make the treasure hunt fun rather than

The Universe is very much in balance. If, in fact, it’s balanced 70% in a very negative
direction, it may be so only at this turn of its present, long-range cycle. It is precisely
this Dark Energy coupled with the Dark Matter which is our teacher. It is the physical
body composed of countless souls that each have a mandate of their own but all slightly
different; the mechanical world which rusts, decomposes, wears out, or just plain doesn't
fit; and the human mind that is eternally unequal to the tasks and Event Field Matrix

placed before it. It is truly a miracle that anything works at all, let alone smoothly. The
smooth-running engine in the aircraft at 30,000 feet is subject to Murphy's Law and the
figures of Actuarial Statistics despite man's best efforts to minimize their effect, but works
smoothly enough and with yet enough consistency to allay the fears of all fliers so as to
make a business out of flying.

The miracle is life itself. The view from soul takes years to adapt to. When one looks
at another object or person in the Planet Earth dimension, does one see 95%-100%
of the supposedly "solid" objects composed of empty space? If I understand all things
to be the Source expressing, what kind of God is this that pillages, rapes, murders,
and burns? Is such action truly justified? This kind of knowledge is the knowledge of
soul and unavailable to mind alone for the mind cannot observe itself. The Mind is the
servant of the soul just as the emotions and physical body are servants of the mind. And
furthermore, perspective is not a quality of the mind.

One of the most unique characteristics of the soul in human form is the enigmatic fact
that despite the fact that soul is locked into the Dark Energy “basement” or dungeon of
creation’s castle, it still appears to have the capacity to transcend its prison walls. That,
in fact, is a basic and essential part of the mandate for soul: TRANSCEND! What is there
to transcend?...dimensions, realities, realms, and planes.


In the "Realm" of science, great effort has been made to differentiate and separate
phenomenae in an effort to define function, and the seemingly-endless inter-relationships
of function, so as to better understand how to interact with our reality. One of the great
problems with this none-the-less essential procedure is more obvious today than it was
fifty or a hundred years ago. Today, in order to be an expert in any field of endeavor
within the realm of science, one has to spend years of specialized study in that field and
risks being lost in the intellectual microcosm ……a microcosm that is every bit as vast as
the microcosms and macrocosms of creation.

It seems to be the domain of the more developed souls to seek answers to the bigger
questions of life ... to put the pieces of information together so that a picture of wholeness
emerges as does any puzzle when its pieces fit together properly.

Another problem emerges as the size and magnitude of the puzzle becomes so vast
that it overflows or expands into areas which we are not equipped by our senses—or the

mechanical extension of our senses(i.e. the electron microscope)—to define more than
in general terms... if at all. The sub-atomic world is one of those worlds, but we do know
more about it today than fifty years ago despite the level of unpredictability and those
mercurial phenomenae which seem to translate themselves inexplicably from matter into
energy and back again.

Without really realizing what's happening, those scientists who work on the fringes of
understanding are actually walking in areas where others have already trod. Though
precious few in number, I'm speaking here of those specially-gifted individuals who
are placed in our midst—and have been off and on since time began—who are able
to experience and describe phenomenae beyond our present reality and outside our
present framework of awareness and time. I have personally chosen to be a student of
any and all such first-person accounts as I could meet in person or read about, in the
hopes I could better understand who I am and know more about what life is all about by
using this additional perspective. In my 30 years of study, I find that all these individuals
are defining similar phenomenae with minor variations in frames of reference due largely
to variations in beliefs and language translations.

One of the more difficult problems I’ve had lies in the attempt to understand what is meant
by the terms these individuals used to describe their hugely expanded perspective, for
they were no longer limited to the perspective that life only exists on Planet Earth—or
that consciousness is limited to human form. As if that weren't enough, these individuals
were aware of varying levels of awareness within all living and non-living phenomenae,
and similar variations within humans themselves. Not being a scientist by training, and
realizing that the vast majority of humanity has at best a minimum of scientific training,
I have tried to replace the words of my esoteric training with common and colloquial
terminology, as well as words of science, so as to create a more modern frame of reference
for concepts which have either been with us for thousands of years or which we’re
growing into as we have more information available to us and more time to contemplate

In general terms, I would define a "Reality" as a portion of a "Dimension" that is maximally

resonant with our sensing mechanisms. To us as participants, interpreters, and observers,
this means what the soul in human form experiences in daily life. Rocks, plants, animals,
humans, air, water…… and the insects…… are some of the main interactive ingredients
of our experiences within Planet Earth reality. Soul's primary attention is focused by virtue
of its unseverable connection with a physical vehicle designed specifically to interact with
maximum cause and affect capacities with these main ingredients.

Within any dimension of our outer space—and even of inner space—there are countless
"Realms" which are predominant realities to different observers. Animals exist in a
realm where their interaction is primarily within the animal “realm”; and some animals’
primary interaction is within the human “realm”. In scientific terms, and I'm sure this
was originally in an effort to separate science from any association with the esoteric,
spiritual, or religious, a realm is somewhat synonymous with a "Kingdom" as it occurs
in the scientific classifications as: Kingdom, Phylum, Plant, Order, Family, Genus, and

Humans interact within several realms of the Planet Earth reality and one or more other
realities on a regular basis. During sleep, soul interacts with another realm which we
know as the dream state. This is often referred to as a portion of the astral realm, and is
often classified as another dimension since the rules which apply in the Earth dimension
are obviously quite different in the Astral dimension.

In addition, soul’s experiences in male and female form could be classified as experiences
in different "Realms" within the Earth reality because, at least for the major part of soul's
journeys through the Earth, male and female experiences are "Realms" apart! ... just ask
any woman!

Soul's experiences in different cultures and societies constitute different “realms” of

experience, as well as do experiences at different points in time. The dark ages produced
experiences dramatically different than those of our present age of technology.

When we come to "planes", we're dealing with variations in “awareness”—with "levels

of consciousness"—and these are primarily experiences of the inner person. They are
sources of experiential information evidenced by soul's primary focus of attention as well
as secondary focus of attention. They apply to animals as well, and perhaps to all forms
of consciousness. A highly experienced or broadly expanded soul would function from a
higher “plane” of perspective or awareness—one not necessarily observable to the eye,
but rather comprehended by those words and concepts spoken or written, or actions
taken or not taken.

A "Plane" of consciousness of the soul would, for an additional example, be demonstrated

as a “primary focus of attention”. If the mind, emotional responses, and physical-body
actions were focused primarily on the activities as expressed as a laborer, athlete,
soldier, construction worker, or those who earn their living in the trades, the primary daily
confrontations would be with the more obstructed, permanent, grosser energies of life.

The “Plane” of consciousness would then be called the “Physical” plane, and interaction
at this level would produce powers and experiential data quite different than that acquired
by a primary focus of attention on mental ideas, ratiocinations, and creativity.

A plane of consciousness quite different from the physical or mental mentioned above
would perhaps be best experienced in female form as a primarily "Emotional" focus
of attention. This might manifest as a primary focus of attention on creating children,
raising them, organizing and making felt the spirit and warm emotion of family interaction
…… the “Mother Of Us All” whose outpouring of love is felt as well as seen. The male
emotional plane of consciousness is not so pleasant to describe or look at for it is the
portion of the developing soul that does combat with life as the provider, protector, and
external power symbol. At least it has been expressed this way down through history,
and will probably continue to be so at least amongst the lesser developed souls. In the
developed soul these expressions are less outwardly expressed than a matter of inward
choices. The choice of a secure geographical location, life situation, profession, etc.
which result from wise decisions made throughout a single lifetime—and many lifetimes
—appear to me to be inner powers of the developed soul.

A third plane of consciousness is expressed by a philosopher, educator, scientist, writer

and those whose primary focus of attention is on mental processes and theory.

There are then also planes of consciousness within these broad categories which
change as soul becomes more experienced and developed through its many journeys
in the earth. For example, a high level of a single individual soul’s interest in physical
expression over many lifetimes might evolve from an expression as a manual laborer, to
that of an athlete, to that of dancer, to that of surgeon or sculptor. This is not to place any
strict order of importance or development on any outward expression, but rather to show
in a general way how the outward expression of activity often reflects the progression
and development of soul internally.

A highly developed soul could just as easily choose to express outwardly as a laborer or
an athlete for the sheer love of feeling his or her body move gracefully, quickly, and with
great coordination in whatever game soul chose to play. By the same token, the developed
soul who loves mechanical things—both creating and repairing them—might choose to
be a maintenance man rather than a physician due to the lower level of responsibility
and the subsequently greater freedom accorded. In any case, the advanced/developed/
experienced soul will inevitably have numerous talents of outward expression available
when one field of interest becomes too boring, too problematic, or no longer challenging
... and this is one of the signs of a developed soul.

Another sort of natural progression of soul awareness and focus of attention is the
transition which occurs as soul journeys from its beginning to its "Graduation" within
the Earth realm. In the beginning, soul is inexperienced and often overwhelmed by the
challenge of learning to operate a physical body; how to handle emotional entanglements,
frustrations and anger; and how to use the mind. The initial focus of attention is naturally
going to be primarily on the physical plane and social plane as soul learns to "imitate" in
order to survive. As it develops knowledge and power, it learns how to "manipulate" as
a means to survival, and finally how to "create" as a means to survival.

In soul’s initial state of learning how to deal with its physical, emotional and mental
counterparts, it is dealing primarily with "known" quantities. The further it advances, the
greater grows soul's interest in, and its capacity to handle, "unknown" quantities and
challenges ... particularly in other-dimensional data such as is religious, spiritual, and
mystical information. As soul reaches further into the more subtle planes of consciousness,
it tends to shelter itself more and more from the grosser physical/emotional vibrations
and takes refuge in fields of study, creativity, observation, and contemplation which have
lower levels of participation with the trauma, frantic activity, and blind striving which so
entangles the masses of humanity. These are very general categorizations for purposes
of illustration only. The actual stage of life is far more complex and full of surprises.


Having laid a little groundwork toward understanding the terms "Dimensions", "Realities",
"Realms" and "Planes", I can now cast soul in a drama that involves all four concepts ...
and not just one at a time, but all at once. Soul exists in more than one dimension, more
than one reality, and interacts with other souls in many realms and on many planes of

It is here that I again have to reiterate my own ignorance. Albert Schweitzer made the
statement that "No one can give a definition of the soul". No doubt he is correct, but that's
no reason to not try. If only a fool would attempt the task, I am definitely a candidate for
the job, for few men know how little they know better than I. I thus label myself the fool
before others do who know not their own ignorance. Fool that I am, I am a wise fool

What I write here are contemplations of my own, plus other contemplations based on the
so-called "experiences" of others into dimensions and realms beyond our present ones,

but I also would admit to the possibility that all may be just vivid imaginings and "real"
phenomena of an abnormal nature.

Be that as it may, what is the value of having any beliefs at all unless they have some
practical value to a life on Planet Earth which is too short for some things and too long
for others? After all, the value of any education whether it be from parents, teachers,
or books is totally dependent at first on beliefs. The books we were taught from and
the teachers we were taught by had to be taken on faith and with the belief that they
knew more about what we were to learn than we ourselves did. Only after the mind
has developed some capacity for discernment and has had no small amount of life
experience with these “programmed” beliefs do they prove themselves true, partly true,
or false in so far as their practical value.

When it comes to dealing with the unknown, one does not (or should not) simply buy
into a set of beliefs and accept them as true without proving them so. The initial steps
into a new belief system are often misguided and prove inadequate after extensively
experiencing them, but nothing is ever lost in the venture. We grow into things ... and
we grow out of things in the natural progression of learning. Even with adequate proof
there are multitudinous possibilities which can explain so-called “proven” phenomena.
Many years ago in my Christian era I hearkened unto the admonition of the biblical Paul
who said, "Prove all things …… and hold fast to that which is good". That is certainly
good advice, but what’s “good” changes. Every handhold in the ascent seems to made
of tenuous material which disappears after we’ve used it. The spiritual journey is a cliff
hanger’s challenge!

I decided that if I were to have any beliefs at all, they would be the most beautiful and
expanded beliefs I could possibly imagine and accept. To this day that process has
not ended, nor do I ever expect it to end. I have always opted for the most beautiful,
vividly-imaginable possibilities, and seen the option of "nothingness" as an alternative
not worth settling for. That was long before I had a proper understanding of just exactly
what "Nothingness" really meant!

Once having learned how to survive with an adequate level of comfort, I could look with
a jaundiced and objective eye at the realities of wealth, fame, indulgences too numerous
to count, and the ever-increasing responsibilities of those about me. They all appeared
to have rewards not worthy of the price that had to be paid to achieve them. Having
lived joyfully and happily out of my imagination as a child, and then discovered that the
imagination did not serve me very well as a means of survival during adolescence and

youthful maturity, I had to learn to live successfully with practicality while raising two
families without destroying my imagination or shirking my responsibilities. There are
varying opinions as to how well I accomplished that cliff-hanger’s ascent!

What you are hearing explained is in actuality a description of the multi-dimensional nature
of soul as it applies to Christopher Cain. It is my understanding that the imagination is a
most basic ingredient of the soul, closest in nature to the consciousness of the Creator
and all formative forces of creation. The soul in human form is required by necessity to
control and channel the imagination at first into the task of creating its own small world
within the world at large.

It appears to me after watching and living with animals for many years that they also
have an imagination as an integral part of their own souls. Those persons who have
the ability to enter the astral realm at will and recall the experience, and I include in this
category those who recall their dreams, remark that there are animals similar in form
to those we know on Planet Earth. Having had many close friendships with animals
who were far more patient and kind than many humans, I would not hesitate to make
the broad assumption that it is a natural evolution for the animal soul to eventually take
human form as it moves onward and upward in its journey home. It is my understanding
and belief that this happens quite frequently, but it's also my understanding and belief
that just about anything I can imagine exists in some realm, dimension or reality. The
fact alone that the animal soul appears in animal form in the astral reality just as the
human soul appears in its human form in the lower levels of the astral makes both multi-

What is written in these pages is not a philosophy, a religion, or a spiritual path for others
to follow. If it is anything, it is a "Contemplator’s Framework" upon which each soul
so compelled or inclined can take what is appealing and add it to their own framework
of understanding the soul. Nothing is ever lost in contemplation and the subsequent
communication of those contemplations to others.

The rather unusual result is that as the soul develops and contemplates itself and its
reality, there are fewer and fewer conclusions to be drawn about some things, and an
explosion of conclusions to be drawn about others. What I'm saying is that the arrival at
the conclusion that there is only one source of everything becomes the only conclusion
worth hanging onto and rationalizing/transcending into knowledge. All other quests
for conclusive evidence only result in the discovery of an endless flow of possibilities,
probabilities, and the ever-changing fact of the moment here and now. History bears

little influence on the present, except as a curiosity. The past is gone and will not ever
be repeated. The future is about as predictable as the weather!

Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty brings classical physics closer to a truth no physicist

wants to acknowledge or accept. Even Albert Einstein was guilty of a limited perspective
when he assumed that there had to be a formula for predictability, as he felt certain that
the universe was not formed from chaos. He did not realize that there is order in chaos.
In this case, he was guilty of what I call "Either/Or Thinking". The result of unpredictability
does not have to be chaos! In my opinion, he was incorrect in his first assumption, but
correct in his second assumption.

From the intuitive perspective of the Poet, I would say that Heisenberg is absolutely
correct in his assumption that since one cannot know the precise position and momentum
of a particle at a given instant, so its future cannot be accurately determined. He did not
say, however, that everything is unpredictable. Fortunately, the sun rises in a reasonably
predictable pattern, but only reasonable enough to not produce what would appear to
the very limited human mind as “chaos”.

Because Einstein was thinking from a perspective that had not reached to the final single
Source Of All Things—as is evidenced by the words and concepts he used—he could not
see, for example, that absolute predictability was not within the mandate of the Planet
Earth portion of Creation. Predictability beyond a certain point, however, keeps things
from becoming too chaotic. Nor could he see that the word "Chaos" is a word coined
by the human mind to describe a phenomenon beyond human comprehension and
explanation, but certainly not beyond the full comprehension—and creative capabilities—
of the Source of all phenomenae.

Still, Albert Einstein was a man of deep Faith. I quote from his Essay:
The World As I See It:
“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the
fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.
Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel,
is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. It was the experience of
mystery—even if mixed with fear—that engendered religion. A knowledge of
the existence of something that we cannot penetrate, our perceptions of the
profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty, which only in their most
primitive forms are accessible to our minds: it is this knowledge and this
emotion that constitute true religiosity. In this sense, and only in this sense, I

am a deeply religious man…… I am satisfied with the mystery of life’s eternity
and with a knowledge, a sense, of the marvelous structure of existence—as
well as the humble attempt to understand even a tiny portion of the Reason
that manifests itself in nature.” Signed: Albert Einstein.

I think that if Einstein had been audacious enough, he might have climbed into the
Architect’s shoes—the “Shoes Of The Source”—to attempt to experience the drawing of
the plans himself. Though a dangerous and often-times overwhelming position, it is this
very position that soul must seize and occupy if it is to even begin to feel and understand
the vast presence and intelligence of the Source. Once seized and held, the vision only
then begins to unfold. The muddy mountain waters clear when viewed by the Eagle from
the mountain top.


If I might be so bold and presumptuous, my own full realization of life beyond quantum
physics states very simply that no two events in creation are ever precisely and exactly
the same, and until any consciousness is completely aligned with (not necessarily equal
to) the consciousness of the Source, predictability will never approach that of an exact

Despite the fact that the Source is "constrained" in its creation of dimensions, realms and
realities and must limit itself to the appearance and fact of "order" so that its creations of
lesser intelligence will be expanded by change and not destroyed by chaos, nevertheless,
even in those hard and fast Laws of the Universe there will inevitably be at least a slight
unpredictability which is not hard and fast and which is always the Creator's “window of
challenge, freshness, and change”. For it is the Creator's prerogative and mandate to
produce an entirely new and different universe out of "Nothing" billions of times each

What does all this have to do with the multi-dimensional soul? All the above perspective
and realizations have come from souls that have expanded into other dimensions of
thought, realization, and perspective which enable them to see the topography of life
much as a pilot’s perspective looking down on the Earth from above. The view is quite
totally different from above than from below. Once Soul has moved into areas beyond
the familiar and accepted, and has taken the time and made the effort to contemplate
from this ever-increasingly higher perspective, there is no going back to the old limited

perspective again. When one begins to realize that there may be just one single source
for all Creation, the next step is to place one's self in the shoes of that Source as best one
can, and then look down on all the pieces of the puzzle to see how they fit together.

One of the major perspectives of soul is the capacity to see the end from the beginning
... and the beginning from the end!

At this point, and well before this point, soul has emerged from the tight, comfortable
little box of human limited thinking and moved into higher planes of awareness and
consciousness which actually are the imagined, but none-the-less real, substance of
other dimensions and realms. A problem with the contemplation of other realms and
dimensions is that it is extremely frustrating to still be confined to a physical form... and
even more frustrating to have to return from one's often-blissful contemplations to the
reality of a plugged toilet, a burned-out water heater, or a leaky roof!

This "movement" between realms is actually not a movement at all, though it has been
described as Out-Of-The Body travel and "Soul Travel". It is more a focus of attention
on a choice of which world one wishes—or is required—to spend time in.

Many religious definitions of soul describe Soul as being eternal. From my viewpoint,
any word implying a time frame of reference must also have a beginning and an ending
because time, by its very nature, always has a beginning and an ending. Anything
that is created will have to be "held in existence" by its Source because by now we are
beginning to realize that though the universe appears to be a mechanical contrivance, in
actuality it is mechanical in appearance only. There is "Something", which in fact is not
a "Thing" at all, which produces the wave, which produces the particle, which produces
the atom, and so on.

The fact that we are held in existence by some unimaginably vast intelligence is not a
bad thing at all, but it definitely requires more than a little contemplation and some very
heavy adjustments as the ego and self-importance gradually diminish in importance and
are replaced by the view from soul.

I can attest to years of unrest, doubts, and being lost and without motivation as a result of
what always initially appeared to me as a damnable journey to be compelled to pursue.
Only very gradually did this compulsion for truth and knowledge reveal itself as the
pathway to wisdom, power, and freedom, and it is definitely not a path for the meek, the
weak, or the proud! Furthermore…… no one gets there quickly!
I do not at present have the capacity and experience to describe the other dimensions
which soul journeys to and through on its way back to its source, but then that information
is not necessarily pertinent to the here and now of life. I can only say that today I live
in the dimensions, realities, realms, and planes which I describe as we go along in this
writing. The things that I believe, know, and choose to incorporate into my own personal
world are written here in an effort to put some frame of reference to a word I personally
feel we need to adopt as a new frame of reference for all aspects of life on Planet Earth.
That includes our religious beliefs, our governments, our judiciary, and our cultural/social
interaction as well as the multitude of other souls we share experiences with in daily life.
That word is "Soul". Those of us who are capable of thinking from the perspective of
soul should be doing so and those so motivated should make the fact known. Those of
us capable of recognizing a developed, expanded soul should elect and appoint them to
positions of leadership.

One final point here: In this present day of limited thinking, a soul seems to be simply
something that we "have", and God is somewhere else leaving us to find our own way
out of the dark dungeons of life. In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.
The problem is that we are so close to our Source and so consumed by its incredibly
complex creations that we “cannot see the forest for the trees”.

There appears to be some “vehicle” which goes on beyond the Earth realm carrying
the net effect of the Earth’s experiences with it; either that or there is no such thing as
evolution, growth and expansion, and no practical sense to the learning processes of
Earthly life. That vehicle appears to me to be the soul.

If the nature of Earthly life is experiential—and I can describe it in no other way—the soul
is the beneficiary of those experiences and it is the Phoenix which arises from the ashes
of its “self” destruction to fly upward into ever-increasing heights of wisdom, power, and
freedom. If there is some school of contemplation and knowledge higher than this, I
certainly want to know about it because the journey to knowledge never ends.


Time is simply an arbitrary and mutually agreed upon measurement of the flow of events.
The essential frame of reference of all time measurements is a general agreement
among all forms of consciousness experiencing or observing the same event that the
event has a basic similarity of description or feeling. Since all Souls are at varying
levels of consciousness within the unfolding of the event they experience, the ultimate

descriptions will vary from slight to very wide. For example, one observer might make
the following observation:
"The saw cut the board in two."

A different observer might describe the same event as follows:

"I watched the carpenter cut the piece of five-inch white pine board into two 20-inch-long
pieces using an 8-inch, 40-tooth carbide blade on his Hitachi compound-mitre sliding
chop-saw. "

The two individuals observed the same event in the same period of time, but the actual
experience was an entirely different affair to each person. One individual saw far more
relative to the other. The person who observed the most detail was functioning at a
higher level of consciousness ... if only because the event interested him so much that
it focused his attention more intently or because his familiarity with the event enabled
him to describe it in more detail. One would say that the quality and quantity of his
consciousness was higher for that particular event.

Just as quality and quantity of consciousness varies from plane to plane within a single
realm due to the limitations of the sensing mechanism or focus of attention, so does the
quality and quantity of consciousness vary from one realm to another, and according
to the sensing mechanism's "sensitivity" to vibrational stimuli. The lower the number of
experienceable events, the lower the quantity and quality of consciousness.

For example, in the mineral realm where the vibrations are of extremely low frequency
and high amplitude, the time and speed of most events is measured in millennia. The
rate of "Soul transition"— the movement from one plane of consciousness to another—is
at its slowest in the Earth realm. For a human to attempt to think like a stone, time would
appear to drag on interminably due to the apparent dearth of events in “stone-time”.

In the plant kingdom or realm, the time/event matrix is subject to a higher rate of vibration
which also expands the capacity for "Soul transition" and increases the quality and quantity
of consciousness. The life and death of a mineral are not really observable phenomenae
to humans, except perhaps within a volcanic eruption, but the life and death of plants
falls within our conscious, observable, and interactable capacity to experience. Some
plants live for a thousand years, some only live for a few months.

In the animal kingdom, the vibratory rate of living things has increased considerably as
has the quality and quantity of consciousness. The range of time, of "Soul transition",

has speeded up relative to all lower forms of existence. Life spans vary from a few days
in the insect world to over a hundred years in the animal world. There is a much more
keen awareness of "events" in the animal world which makes conscious awareness of
time important.

The next quantum leap in consciousness is to the Human realm. Here the quality and
quantity of consciousness has increased considerably as has the potential response to
"event" formation. The rate of "Soul transition" has taken another leap and is equatable
to "cellular transition" wherein cells are forming anew and dying off daily. The cells in the
human body are exchanged within a time frame which varies from once a week to a total
exchange of all cellular material every seven years.

Time takes on new dimensions in the Human realm depending upon the soul's level of
development. Time passes very slowly during youth, and during early stages of soul
development and experience when awareness and consciousness are focused on the
external world and forced to function within the basically gross, mechanical, obstructed,
dense materials of physical life. The same holds true for the “beginning” or “youthful” soul
when it is starting its journey through the Earth. Time drags interminably and frustration
leads to anger, and anger to more frustration……signs of the youthful soul.

On the other hand, when one is having fun with these grosser things of life, time passes
far too quickly. It seems to me that pleasure is commensurate with higher levels of
consciousness. Things that are fun are usually things that come naturally to the more
developed souls; they have inborn power, stronger body constitution, improved possibilities
for opportunity, and greater imperviousness to pain and discomfort so that "playing at"
the physical things of life is quite a different consciousness level than "Having to do them
out of necessity".

Still further along, when human consciousness is submerged in creative, contemplative,

and non-stressful mental focuses of attention, time seems to fly by and require a
conscious effort to stay "Grounded". Indeed it should be so because at this point human
consciousness is beginning to learn how to function in the next higher quantum leap of
consciousness. This is the realm of higher vibrational patterns not fully realizable in our
present physical realm.

The basic requirement for movement into this realm "in toto" is the shedding of our physical
body and learning to use a more changeable, less-dense body called, esoterically, the
"Astral" or "Emotional" Body. The sensing mechanisms of this astral body are attuned

to the higher frequencies of the astral realm. They are slightly different at lower levels of
astral reality, dramatically different at higher levels. Instead of the physical body being
the major sensing mechanism, here the emotional body is the major sensing mechanism:
emotional response to sound; emotional response to sight; and emotional response to
"contact through vibrational proximity" which is the equivalent to physical body "touch",
nerve stimulation, or nerve pain. Repulsion or attraction in the astral body will be more a
function of vibrational energy than appearance because the level of beauty and intensity
of color is far greater here than in the lower physical realms.

Within the lower levels of vibrational matter of the Earth realm, one would conclude that
the denser the matter any soul (such as that of a mineral) finds itself encased in, the less
the quantity and lower the quality of consciousness it will be capable of experiencing
or expressing. In vibrational terms, these lower levels of vibrational matter would be
illustrated as having a very low frequency, high amplitude, and long wavelength. Time
would pass so slowly that Soul would not even be aware of time or change. The passage
of events would be virtually unregistered as a growth or learning process. The state of
consciousness would be merely supportive of soul advancement at higher levels.

As Soul advances, however, into higher and higher forms, the quality and quantity of
consciousness increases as well. Vibrational frequency increases, while amplitude
decreases. This is to say that the swings of the physical, emotional, and mental pendulum
grow shorter and shorter ... less and less extreme. Mind transitions from an outward
focus on dense, low-vibrational matter, to emotional events, to mentally-creative events,
and finally into a totally imaginative, but none-the-less-real world in the higher dimensions
of creation. Here, time appears to have no end. Heh, heh, heh!... but Consciousness is
full of surprises.

What mystical ropes

tie the heart of man

to all his distant past?

What memories lie lurking

that affect the future’s cast?

From whence comes the knowledge

that all men have

that one place alone is Home?

And how many lives

before Soul sees

that all roads lead to Rome.

C. Cain, 2004



In any discussion about the soul of man, the issue of metempsychosis, transmigration,
or reincarnation inevitably arises. Most Christian churches will attempt to deny the
possibility of soul having numerous life experiences because it seems to water down
the concept of redemption and original sin. Valid though this Christian concept may be
in one's initial venturings into the unknown and unseen worlds of belief and faith, it is
a concept which inevitably requires a graduation into broader fields of possibility and
probability. The major religions of the world accept reincarnation as a fact, and anyone
who has extended their personal studies of the religious scriptures into studies of mystical
or unexplainable phenomenon of life would not question the probability at all.

The first-person experiences of individuals such as Paramhansa Yogananda, Robert

Munroe, Edgar Cayce, and Sylvia Brown, plus books such as the Search For Bridey
Murphy, Life After Life, and now Dr. Ian Stevenson's years of carefully documented
research into childhood past lives should leave no question at all as to the fact that
reincarnation is a very real probability.

When you consider the fact that you, as a soul, would definitely learn more and be a
thousand times wiser after 50 lifetimes on Planet Earth than you would after one single
lifetime, your doubts should be dispelled even further.

In my own search for understanding the soul of man, the probability of soul having
multitudinous experiences in physical bodies is a nearly indispensable frame of reference
for further understanding. Whether or not the Soul arrives at Earth's doors in human
form as a transmutation from the animal level, or arrives from some other realm or reality
in the far corners of creation, is of little consequence to what happens to soul here and
beyond. It is my overall intent in this section to show that soul needs far more than a
single lifetime to become wise, powerful, and free, and like everything else in life, it starts
its new experiences in the Earth at the bottom and gradually progresses to its point of
graduation. Even at graduation soul is far from the "perfection" some religions claim is
the goal for being human, for perfection is not, in my mind, the correct term to describe
the process or the goal.

We are—with a bit of stretch of perspective—perfect for the role we each play. We
are each doing the best we can with what we have to work with—and that within the
parameters of soul’s development during any particular lifetime. Perfection is not really a
realizable goal because each of us is only one aspect of our source and that journey is
so long and through so many realms and dimensions that the most we can even hope for
from our Earth experiences is a sort of "alignment" that makes us increasingly more of
what we are created to be. Perfection would be really kind of boring anyway; “Learning”
is the part which, though painful at first, later becomes the challenge and the endless
source of fun.

Without going into the further confusing "illusionary" nature of everything, suffice it to
say for now that there is a very obvious "appearance" of progression which can be
demonstrated by a person's mental concepts and the subsequent words they use—as
well as by their actions—for both are integrally tied together. The highly developed soul,
for example, will ordinarily focus more attention (spend more time) in the realms of the
imagination and contemplative thought than in the physical and emotional activities,
distractions, and the mundane challenges of daily life.

There are two basic frames of reference of major interest to us as humans with regards to
the growth and expansion of soul: the first is the soul's capacity to derive some increase
in wisdom, power, and freedom from the experiences of a single lifetime. Secondly is
soul's capacity to accumulate an increase in these characteristics from numerous other
lifetimes in human form.

From my own personal experiences I know how difficult it is to come to know my own
capacities and limitations ... to say nothing of my own faults and personality traits that
need altering. Seeing them is one thing ... and changing them even more difficult again.
In my observations of humanity in general, only the tiniest portion focus any attention
on conscious self-discovery or self-improvement. Despite that fact, the very process
of experiencing life produces self-discovery and requires a certain amount of self-
improvement. It seems, however, that an increasing awareness of the self also increases
the quality and quantity of growth and change.

To assume that the learning potential of the Planet Earth School is exhausted in a single
lifetime seems to me as narrow a perspective as the assumption that the end of formal
schooling in one lifetime is the end of the learning process. If one stands back far enough
and views the process of life from above—from the viewpoint of soul—the following
observations form a small glimpse of that perspective.


In examining the development of the soul from infancy through youth, adolescence,
maturity, and old age, one must first make a certain distinction between the development
of mind and the development of soul. This will be covered in detail in a later chapter, but
for now we can define the distinction in very general terms as a differentiation between
intelligence and wisdom. This is largely a distinction involving judgment, discernment,
discrimination, and perspective.

Though some minds can be programmed with a certain amount of wisdom, intelligence
does not always go hand in hand with true wisdom. Wisdom, however, is always
accompanied by a better-than-average level of intelligence, and the developed soul, by
its vibratory nature alone, will not normally be attracted by a physical vehicle that doesn't
allow it to express its full potential. The fully-developed soul will probably not martyr
itself knowingly in any cause, for it has come to the knowledge of its Source as being the
author of all cause. Life is more valuable than death. Life is worth living for; no cause
is worth dying for ……unless there appears to be no other alternative! One only suffers
because a lesson has not been learned.


In infancy, the soul is at the mercy of its environment and dependent upon its parents
entirely for sustenance. If the physical vehicle is sensitive, (as is likely to occur in the
case of a developed soul so it will respond to the more subtle vibrations of soul more
readily), and the environment is harsh, infancy will not be without its trials in terms of
sickness as the immune system builds strength through the trials of disease.


By age seven or eight the child's demeanor and basic personality will have been formed
as a result of parental, family, and social interaction. Certain characteristics of the soul
will already be apparent as instinctive, intuitive responses. "Unusual" characteristics in
particular will have begun to show themselves in the developed soul. In the undeveloped
soul, the response mechanism will be, at best, normal. It's important to realize here
that, as a child, a developed soul can be as much or more of a challenge to handle
as an undeveloped one. It is quite unnecessary to attempt to analyze the quality of
soul at infancy and childhood as there are too many variations to be able to draw valid
conclusions. In any case, the parents will inevitably be doing the best their station in

life—and soul development—makes them capable of being. It is wise to remember that
the most developed of souls have emerged from the most improbable combinations of
parent, environment, and social conditions.

However, the more ideal the experiential environment, the more development and growth
can occur. I don't mean here that "giving a child everything" is necessarily conducive to
growth. Adversity is essential to development in this realm if for no other reason than to
produce compassion for those lost in adversity. Pain and adversity are the very best of
instructors …… though most people do not choose them as teachers consciously.

So who is it, or what is it, that produces these formative life events that are daily placed
before us? Their value seems to be apparent only in retrospect. The most amazing thing
to me is that the painful situations we find ourselves in are invariably "unavoidable". They
seem to be set up in such a way that our mental warning mechanisms are overwhelmed
by circumstances we can't help but choose, gravitate toward, or feel rationally attracted
to because of the very nature of our being.

I can name a hundred situations that I can look back on and know that I was "set-
up" to experience them as a learning experience. A thousand times I have wondered
what it is that knows my every weakness so well that just the right amount and kind of
temptation or motivation throws my whole life situation into a turmoil of action based upon
mistaken assumptions, imagined expectations, and hidden agendas either planned or
well-intended, but false.

As Vincent van Gogh said in his letters to his brother:

"To suffer without complaining is the one lesson that has to be learned in this life".

Though Van Gogh was unquestionably a highly “gifted” soul, I don't know whether I would
attribute his statement to a highly “developed” soul or not because I would consider
suicide a sort of ultimate complaint! I have to say that when things are bad, I complain—
for pity’s sake, or compassion, or just to give vent to frustration. But then, when things
are better, I laugh!


By adolescence, soul is well nigh overwhelmed by inside and outside influences. In

the male, the influences are largely internal as hormones begin to influence bodily

development and bring on all kinds of emotional conflicts, compulsions, and guilt along
with the attendant mental exercises required to deal with these powerful and sometimes
consuming desires, attractions ... and rejections.

In the female, the influences of adolescence deal primarily with emotional and mental
confusion, the physical influences being less hormonal than with the physical expression
of vanity; the effort being to fill the void of parental love, protection, and security with a
suitable substitute.

Each situation is unique to the individual personality and soul. We are left to sort things
out for ourselves amidst all the false advertising, half-truths from the less-than-wise, and
just plain bad advice from parents, peers, and professionals at all levels. Life can be hell
during adolescence, particularly for the sensitive and intelligent soul. For the insensitive
and undeveloped soul brought up under conditions of marginal survival, it's just another
kind of hell on top of the previous 12 years of deprivation.

Young Adulthood

In young adulthood there is a furtherance of the desire to escape from parental control
coupled with the challenge to be the primary provider in order to obtain some semblance
of freedom of choice. Beneath this desire for freedom lies the enchantment with pleasures
of the flesh, emotional immersion and infatuation, the over-balancing or under-balancing
of self-esteem, and the battle with rejection.

The freedom to move with equanimity and equal acceptance within all levels of society
is a level of freedom open only to a few developed souls. Being brought up in the
upper levels of society with money to spend, material comforts, status symbols, and
programmed values almost automatically rules out the freedoms which come of being a
servant or trade person. Wealth is not an indicator of the developed soul; I would rather
refer to it as a positive imbalance wherein the lessons are simply of a different nature
than those of poverty. The "middle path" leaves the soul with the least programming to
overcome in order to maximize its expression of freedom.

I make this statement from personal experience because the ability to put on a pair of
work overalls, carry a lunch bag, and go to work from 8 to 5 where at 5:00 you put down
your tools and your work stays "at work", is a real freedom compared to the endless paper
world, travel world, struggle to rise a notch, and internal competitions of the "busyness"
executive. It's also a freedom from the responsibilities of the self-employed.

But the most important point is this: the capacity to provide for one's self and family without
the hidden agendas of pride, self importance, high expectations, and false standards
of success give a "life confidence" independent of money and its accumulation called

Wealth is without question a means to power, but it is inevitably accompanied by the fear
of losing it, the responsibilities of maintaining or multiplying it, and the need to insulate
oneself from the rest of humanity for personal and monetary protection. This is to say
nothing of the essentially selfish attitude required to accumulate it ... an attitude not
possible to the highly developed soul. The personal power and freedom which come
from anonymity, the lifelong pursuit of rising to new challenges, developing old and new
talents, being fearless in the face of an unknown future, never venturing far from the
personal attitude of servant to mankind, and believing in a benevolent power behind
the universe, all produce experiences which grow and expand the soul and continue on
beyond the realm of Planet Earth where wealth must inevitably remain. As a friend of
mine once put it: “You never see a U-Haul trailer behind a hearse!”


During the middle or mature years, both developed and undeveloped souls take on
increased responsibilities according to their capacities and station in life. Some souls
advance more readily than others into areas of entrepreneurship and leadership; others
are content to plod along in the same secure position for years, advancing more by
seniority than capability or design. The middle years are the "Years of Power" where
soul's accumulated training and experience during one lifetime are primary evidence
of its growth. Here it prepares for the uncertain future by the accumulation of wealth or
reliance on retirement funding from whatever source is available. It attempts to better
its family members’ positions through education, and, in the case of the less-developed
nations and levels of society, provide some form of old-age insurance by producing lots
of offspring carefully trained in the value of "Family" and family "Responsibilities".

As old age creeps up and becomes more and more apparent through physical, emotional,
and mental changes and limitations, the focus of attention narrows and turns more inward
toward memories, present pleasures, or imagined future. It is all a natural flow which
moves almost imperceptibly along ……except for those souls heavily locked into images
of themselves that they’re unable to change.

Women seem much better able to move through the various transitions of life than men
... probably because the very nature of male and female roles and physical makeup
make them more flexible and adaptable. The male consciousness is primarily action
oriented, load-carrying, family protective, and ego-expressive. The female is the more
passive energy manipulating with reason and emotion, nurturing and sustaining, and
organizing and directing energy more efficiently than most males.

These are very broad categorizations because there is no soul in Creation that is strictly
male or female. The human soul experiences life in male and female bodies so that it
will graduate with a synergistic energy that is both male and female.

To sum up this section then, the soul starts out life in a single lifetime as a totally dependent
infant, gradually grows more independent, reaches its peak of power in middle age, and
then gradually retires—willingly or unwillingly (but inevitably)—into deterioration and the
final transition we call death.

Now let's see how this parallels and thus illustrates the process soul follows through its
many lifetimes of growth.


At this point in my own growth and understanding, let me say again that it is difficult for
me to understand how anyone who has searched for the deeper meanings of life could
fail to acknowledge the probability that soul has had numerous experiences in male
and female bodies at different points in time and space within the Earth realm. It is an
accepted fact among the major religions of the world, and there are more and more
"facts" coming to light at the present time that explain the phenomenon in a more logical,
common sense manner.

I'm speaking here in particular of the mountain of evidence accumulated by medical

doctor Ian Stevenson over 40 years of careful documentation of children who, without
hypnosis, recall details of a past life. Dr. Stevenson has over 3000 cases in his files,
and anyone with an inquiring mind who studies them could not fail to be convinced
that the continuous re-birth of soul is more than just a whimsical idea, and well worth
incorporating into an understanding of how life works in human form. In fact, to fail to do
so would be the sign of a relatively undeveloped soul unfamiliar with the vast and intricate
ways creation is organized—unless, of course, there’s a better explanation! For further
information, look up the web site <http://www.childpastlives.org/Stevenson.htm>.

It is not my place here to try to convince anyone of the "fact" of reincarnation, but rather
to bring together all my own personal understandings of the most probable explanations
of how life works. Anything I might say could never be enough, or be more than the very
tip of the iceberg of the seemingly endless flow of "information" and ways to describe
that information.

Assuming that the soul of man has numerous journeys through life in human form on
Planet Earth ... and furthermore that these experiences are possibly not the beginning
point of soul's existence …… and probably not the end of them either …… the soul will
have its first journey as a very lost soul somewhere in the lesser regions of Planet Earth

Just as the infant in a single lifetime is totally dependent upon its parents for sustenance
and learning, so will soul be repeating the same pattern as long as it re-enters the arena
of human life. The only variation in the process is that some children are obviously faster
learners and have talents far beyond those of other children. And what is it that decides
whether a soul will be borne in the jungles of Borneo or a wealthy home in Europe or
North America? It is very logical for me to assume that as soul grows in experience and
capability, it re-enters life in different geographical locations, cultures, societies, religions,
etc. so that life is always very slightly improving all the time. Soul is always operating in
an arena that forces maximum participation……its grasp always seeming to be just out
of reach, but there being enough pleasure for soul to be able to always dredge up some
kind of expression of gratitude for what it does have.

To say that all souls are born equal is only a partial truth, but obviously not true with those
who are physically deformed. If such is true with physical inequality, such must also be
true of emotional and mental inequality, though it may take years for the inequality to
become obvious.

On the other hand, and to make matters even more confusing, Maria Montessori, an Italian
woman with several Ph.D. degrees and a medical doctor's degree as well, developed
a teaching method for children from age 2 to adolescence that brought slow learners
and retarded children to the approximate level of their peer age group within the first
seven years of their lives. This would make it even more difficult to differentiate between
an undeveloped and a developed soul. The difference is not in intelligence anyway.
The difference lies in the capacity to express different characteristics of the soul as
more specifically outlined in the section entitled CHARACTERISTICS OF SOUL. These
would be largely differences in personal power, the capacity to make wise judgments

and decisions, and a sense of inner freedom unrestrained by soul’s physical body
imprisonment and Earth’s never-ending system of perpetual responsibility.

Because there are so many variations on the theme of life, each expression being unique
and different in its own way, one can only look down at life from a perspective well above
the variations in an attempt to see a central theme that makes common sense and
implies greater meaning and order than simple randomnity and apparent chaos.

What I see is an incredible display of interwoven, interdependent patterns in the emotional/

mental experiences of life just as there are in the physical expressions of matter and
physical body form. The only way I can logically explain what happens at death with any
continuity that carries on beyond death is that the soul departs its physical vehicle and
takes with it the lesser vibrational matrices of emotional and mental energy which are
part of its mandate, but perhaps not yet completely under soul control. What departs
the physical vehicle at death is, then, a soul "body", a mental "body", and an emotional
"body", leaving the physical body to revert to its lowest common denominator of soul
energy which is mineral.

Though this may seem like a somewhat new variation on what happens at the time
of death, this understanding has been the actual experience of a limited number of
specially-gifted individuls over the past thousands of years. Assuming that their personal
descriptions are consistent, which they are, then it is highly probable that we can make
a few assumptions that seem to hold true for a large number of souls. What appears to
happen is this:

1. Memories of the immediately past lifetime appear to be unavailable for the

most part in future lifetimes, though vividly available occasionally in childhood
before the pressure of new sensations and information push them into the
distant background.
2. There is a "Net effect" of all previous life experiences imprinted in this soul-
body/mind-body/emotional-body matrix that affects in varying ways all future
events and experiences. Esoterically, this is explained by the description of
additional bodies called a "causal body" and an "etheric body" in addition to
the astral and mental bodies or matrices of energy.
3. This net effect is a sort of wisdom that comes of experience—thousands more
experiences than could ever be had in a single lifetime—and that wisdom
shows up as a resource we call the "intuitive" mind.

The "View from Soul" is the important perspective here …… not necessarily the details
of how or why this happens. By working backward from these "overview" assumptions,
science will eventually work out words and frames of reference to describe the myriad
ways in which the creative energies of The Source choose to express. The danger
of being a scientist is the danger of being lost in the vastness of the microcosm or
macrocosm. After all, the true poet must have some value in life other than merely
putting rhyme and rhythm to words.
"The Poet's role
Is the view from soul".

My personal observation, then, is that there is a kind of magical, subtle, wisdom and
knowledge independent of intelligence and learning that distills in the soul or the
upper reaches of mind (perhaps the Etheric body) that I can only describe as a sort of
"progressed" or "developed" part of the soul. It is upon this intuitive feeling, knowledge,
and assumption that I hang a large portion of my understanding of the function of the
human soul.

Though at the point of death or departure from the physical body, what departs is the
mental "thinking" body, emotional "feeling" body, and the organizing matrix called "soul",
there must still be a way that the very subtle form of the soul body—probably on the
order of gravity wave vibrations or higher—can access any and all information pertaining
to soul's unique and particular realms of experience throughout its history. Soul, for
example, would have no way to communicate or comprehend a realm in which it had not
had any prior experience at all. The omniscience and omnipotence of soul will therefore
never match that of the Source because soul is only an individuated portion of the Source.
But ... nevertheless ... the wisdom, power, and freedom of soul increases as it expands
experientially until well beyond human imaginings in its final stages of development.

As an aside here: when I started out on the journey to understanding who and what I am,
I didn't realize for a number of years that what I was really looking for was power ... with
wisdom and freedom running a close second. In my imagination I desired to manipulate
my reality to meet my hopes, expectations, personal desires and desires for mankind.

What I didn't realize for many years was how devastating the acquisition of that power
would be to those about me, and how seriously it could upset a balance already in place
and functioning perfectly without my help. The tragedies, traumas, accidents, losses,
addictions, pain, sorrows, rejections, and so on and on can only be explained as being
in perfect balance in one way: as being ruthlessly instructional.

It’s very obvious to me now how completely one-sided human selfishness and self-
orientation really are, and how disastrous the problems would be if, say, one person had
the power to simply “disappear”…… or give someone else a heart-attack by the mere
direction of thought. Power, then, as a manipulative energy for selfish ends, is only a
small part of what the learning process on Planet Earth is all about. It seems to be more
about discovering where the real Single Source of power lies, and learning to be content
with being a small or large piece in the puzzle.

The concept of “Karma” can appear to be reactive punishment or vengeance, but I

prefer to not see it in this negative light. As a learning tool however, what better way
to demonstrate the pain and trauma of rape or murder than by means of a personal
demonstration which puts the soul in a reversed role. What goes around, comes around
... despite the continuity of cause and effect being broken by the memory gap between

The constant challenges of life are often training exercises of a magnitude no-one in
their right mind would try if given the choice, but the bottom line is just that death doesn't
matter ... and the fact that souls cannot be destroyed by other souls. What really matters
is the soul. By all sorts of devious and unpredictable routes through realms both positive
and negative, soul grows and expands while winding its way as though on rails to finally
govern and create realms, worlds, and universes unique to its own created mandate.
Only very gradually does the self-important self die to the realization of its greater self-

Excerpted From The Poem:
Now I Ask You…

So you say that it’s all too much;

you enslave yourself for your freedom

and when it’s finally within reach

you’re too old or too infirm to enjoy it.

Your beautiful body that moved so freely,

rising to each challenge,

tasting with sensual thirst,

has become ugly.

It moves with difficulty and with pain

and cannot resist the earthward pull.

Now, I ask you…..

….. can you dance to it?

C. Cain, 2004


The first challenge I found myself burdened with in this section was to separate as best I
could the characteristics of soul from the characteristics of personality. Doing so provides
further evidence for the probability of soul experiencing multi-lifetimes, and furthers the
concept of the progression of soul as well.

Personality is the unique balance and juxtaposed imbalances which challenge and
instruct the soul through its attached lesser bodies each time it enters a male or female
human physical body for the period of a single lifetime. It is covered in detail in the next

The characteristics of Soul are the cumulative expressions of experiential learning and
programming over the history of its existence. Those individualized and unique powers
which soul has learned are designed to produce maximized function and interaction within
the realm where attention is focused. Attention is focused where design is maximized.

In the physical realm which we call Planet Earth, soul gradually learns where physical,
emotional, and mental power comes from after having been inundated, overwhelmed, and
controlled by them for lifetimes. The first lessons in power lie in choosing geographical
location; genetic/cultural/social conditions; parental consciousness; childhood and youth
training; individual freedom of choice, movement, and vocation; and numerous other
factors we don't normally ever think of. This is because these "choices" are not made
consciously--at least initially. They are made rather by the vibratory nature of the soul
and its attraction to vibratory fields similar to its own, or attractive to its curiosity.

Once Soul finishes with its physical body in a single lifetime, and even when it is finished
with the physical realm and physical bodies entirely, it is still accompanied by, and
interacting with, its Astral/Emotional Body, Causal Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body, and
Soul Body. Of these remaining energy fields, the astral/emotional is the most coarse,
dense, low-frequency energy field; and soul is the most subtle, refined, high-frequency
energy field with the greatest potential for variations in intensity. Soul is the first and
highest vibrational manifestation of its Source ... the Source which holds it in existence
as a unique single facet of Itself.

Those characteristics of soul which worked so well in the physical realm are not entirely
left behind in higher realms such as in the next realm: the astral/emotional realm. The
transition into formlessness (which includes the capacity to take any form desired)is

gradual within any given dimension, but more of a quantum leap between dimensions.
The astral realm has much finer astral “bodies”, but they are more easily formed, changed,
and animated due to their more subtle vibrational nature.

Time also changes dramatically as one moves upward into the next dimension. There
seems to be more time ... and the event matrix is more flexible. It is stable for as long as
the emotions, mind and soul require for the maximizing of experience.

I mention all these things for the sake of perspective because in examining the
characteristics of soul from the human viewpoint, soul will appear to have a great
many characteristics which would be more particularly defined as mental or emotional
characteristics. This is correct, but it is because soul still has these matrices attached.
These characteristics of soul originated as a direct result of the totally different capacities
which have been derived from the emotional body matrix and the yet different dimension
called the mental body matrix.

But just because these characteristics originate in their respective energy fields from
related "Event Field Matrices" doesn't mean they remain there. Arithmetic learned in
the third and fourth grade does not stay in the place it was learned, but goes through life
as a learned characteristic of the trained mind. Though some of the memory patterns
may remain in the physical body as cellular or sub-conscious memory, and not continue
on, it is more probable that the most important in terms of wisdom, power, and freedom
are stored in the higher levels of mind and simply blocked from confusing any newly-
formed personality in a new lifetime which may begin under totally different socio-cultural,
language, time era, etc. conditions.

Consequently, the examination and description of Soul for purely practical, human-
perspective, purposes must include the emotional and mental influences. Those influences
of the physical realm, as embodied in the “personality”, are more fully described in the
next section: The Nature Of Personal Reality. I at first tried to enumerate and described
the soul/mind/emotion characteristics individually, but soon lost myself in their number;
and I found myself describing each the same way: in positive and negative terms. As
a result, I put them into a list which makes the process of differentiation within Duality
dramatically obvious.

The list could be divided further into "Positive and negative aspects of the mind" or
"Positive and negative aspects of the emotional body", but all contribute to the overall
"Knowledge" base of soul and mind just as schooling and training contribute to the
knowledge base of the personality. Keep in mind that the list may be far from complete
or correct; it is primarily for purposes of perspective.

Concepts Applying to the Concepts Applying To The
Developed Soul Undeveloped Soul
Expanded perspectives Dogmatic/Fundamentalist
Disciplined Aimless/Indulgent
Persevering Procrastinating
Courageous Fearful
Desire to live Sub-conscious death wish
Non-attached/Indifferent Jealous/Grasping
Thinks before acting Acts before thinking
Discerning Poor judgment
Meticulous/Impeccable Sloppy
Considers others first Considers self first
Controlled mind Eternally active mind
Not easily intimidated Easily angered/threatened
Kind/Compassionate Cold/Hard
Firm/ Ruthless Unable to confront
Appreciates Silence Chooses constant noise
Laughs at self Easily insulted
Listens more than talks Talks/Gossips constantly
Encourages others Puts others down
Predominating Positive attitude Predominating negative attitude
Altruistic Selfish/Greedy
Loves solitude Needs people/likes Crowds
Accepting Rebellious
Responsive Reactive
Dynamic Escapist (drugs/alcohol)
Completeness Loneliness
Aware Pre-occupied/Oblivious
Quality over quantity Quantity over quality
Imaginative/ Creative Frivolous/Habitual
Seeks unknown things Fears unknown things
Health Conscious Unaware of Physical Body
Law-abiding Lawless
Aesthetic appreciation Lacks aesthetic judgment
Worthy of respect Not worthy of respect
Internally motivated Externally motivated
Patient Frustrated, resentful, complaining
Controlled “Loose Cannon”
Modesty Vanity

At first glance, everyone would naturally identify with the concepts applying to the
developed soul ... or at least see them as an ideal worth striving for. But upon further
contemplation, the division of concepts is not so dramatic at all. It seems as though one
must have both concepts. A very objective Planet Earth Reality Check constantly pulls
on even the most developed soul and makes everyone subject to this damnable "Event
Field Matrix" of unknown and unseen origin …… making liars out of those who consider
that they “bathe daily in bleach”, and occasionally—if not constantly—stoking the boilers
of frustration, anger and discontent. The only explanation I can find for this phenomenon
is that its purpose is to constantly remind the self-appointed "Master Of The Universe"
that he or she is not, in fact, master of anything!

The cycles of life's Event Field Matrix seem to constantly pit pole against pole just to put
the finishing touches on power—an inevitable and essential characteristic of love—and
to hide power behind the mask of humbleness. By dint of the reality always falling short
of our imagined ideal, we are always at some point in time and space sent looking for
the ticket agent for the way "out of here" and on to the next dimension of experiential

I once had a vision of a bottle of carbonated pop kicked around the universe incessantly
and mercilessly until the pressure grew so great it finally exploded. When it did so, there
was not a single atom of the pop bottle, its contents, or its memory remaining anywhere
in creation. The image stayed with me off and on over the years. Then I began to
realize that perhaps I was the pop bottle! ……or maybe I was just having a bad day. It
was not until a few years later that I could reconcile the image with the journey of soul
development. When I finally did, I could hear laughter coming from somewhere deep
down inside me each time the image popped into view. Interestingly enough, it is partly
in this manner that much of what you are reading here has distilled in my mind.

Look closely at the images which come to mind in the above chart and contemplate them
from this additional perspective:
• too much of the developed capacities
• too little of the developed capacities
• too much of the undeveloped capacities
• too little of the undeveloped capacities

But be careful with this comparison. The developed soul gradually becomes a law
unto him/her-self, but only after learning and being able to abide by all laws both local
and Natural. The processing of Planet Earth’s meat grinder makes hamburger out of

Is it any wonder that there's no "Easy fix" to mental/emotional imbalances? Is the “Event
Field Matrix” not one of the finest instructors we humans have ever been confronted by? Can
balance be learned in a single lifetime? I don't think I need to answer those questions.


When soul has finally worked its way through and beyond the physical, emotional, and
mental dimensions, it comes to the dimension of pure soul. This is a matrix of energy of
extremely high vibration, extremely low amplitude, and almost still in intensity in its latent
state. Its powers of manifestation of this state would be beyond human belief and place
it in the category of a God.

The major difference between soul and its source is that soul is an individualized, unique
face of the Source with very vast powers, knowledge, and sense of freedom. It is still
held in existence by its source, but is cognizant of that fact and therefore sees itself as
an inseparable expression of its source. Soul's sense of unity and wholeness is almost
complete. There is, however, the final leap. This is where the drop of water falls into the
ocean and becomes the ocean. Who would then desire individuation? To the human
ego's perspective, however, the prospect can be terrifying and extremely troubling—not
so much in the mental concept or idea, but more in the physical/emotional diminishment
of self importance.

Because of soul's high vibrations it will appear to those observing from a lower level
of consciousness to be beyond the effects of duality, but since it is the nature of any
vibration to be dual, the effects of Duality will be quite different at the level of soul than at
the level of the human physical/emotional/mental matrix of intertwined energies. Were I
to apply my reasoning and the intuitive mind to a description of what that might be like, I
would say that the very large swings of physical/emotional/mental experience essential
for learning at that level would have dwindled to very minor swings from positive to
negative energy ... more on the lines of "Change" or shifting of attention to spontaneous
creative expressions of individual interest. I would describe this state of consciousness
as "Alignment". It has been variously described in other schools of thought as soul having
reached the level of "Co-Creator" with the Source, but from my point of perspective the
words are somewhat misleading.

The entire process of life seems to me to require the essential creation of a separate
identity such as a personality becomes in a single lifetime and a soul becomes over
multitudinous lifetimes. The purpose of Duality—if there is a purpose at all—seems

to be one of the ways by which the Source appreciates its own potential ... which is by
means of differentiation through separation.

A most-important perspective of the whole picture, however, is the fact that this separate
identity and self-importance are inevitably forced to disintegrate. In the single lifetime,
old age and its ever-increasing limitation of physical/emotional/mental function ruthlessly
force change in habit patterns and capacity to manipulate reality. Over multiple lifetimes,
as the soul grows in intelligence, wisdom, and perspective it simply cannot deny its
Source without denying itself, and so the union moves to completion.

The same applies to the movement of soul to higher dimensions. It seems that certain
levels of rebellion, self-centeredness, and selfish interest have to stay in the lower
game arenas allocated specifically to that level of growth and development before being
allowed to make the quantum leap into the next dimension. Graduation from elementary
school is an essential pre-requisite for entry into high school, and thus it is for the rest of
Creation as well.

Alignment with the Source speeds this process along, but alignment is not likely to be of
any interest to those struggling to survive ... or those who pillage, rape, and play to their
personal satisfaction. This being so lends even greater credibility to the concept of the
progression of soul by dint of experiential learning and growth.


The major characteristic of any soul, whether it be the matrix of energy and mandate that
forms a mineral, a plant, an animal, or a human, will be similar in that it will be “conceptual”
and “perceptual” as an integral part of its mandate. This is to say that the “idea” of being
a certain kind of mineral, plant, animal, or human is a “known”……a knowledge that
comes with the mandate. This is a kind of knowledge that I would describe more as a
dream which is unable to observe itself until the quantity and quality of consciousness
available to it through its sensing mechanisms are capable of giving it some conception
of form.

The ultimate development of soul, as a result of its experiences in whatever realms

it progresses through, finally brings it to an awareness of its true nature …… that of
a dream being dreamed, of form emerging from formlessness, and the overwhelming
sensation or feeling that its “separation” from its source has finally ended.

As an aside, I find it difficult to attempt to describe the multitudinous expressions of the

Source in a single picture or description because the view changes—and thus also do

the words and description—depending upon which rung of the ladder of perspective one
is observing from. I find myself constantly shifting perspectives and descriptions within
this writing so as to make it of broader appeal and value through identification to those
at various levels of consciousness on their own journey.

It has taken me over 30 years of study and contemplation to know what little I do about
“unknown” and “unseen” things, and I only attempt to write them down as a part of an
“Open Architecture” of ideas which can lead on from where we as human are. I can only
assume that I am not alone in the compelling curiosity for more than I have, and that my
own frames of reference are useful to others with a similar affinity.


Soul, by the time it has graduated from its physical/emotional/mental bodies will have
accumulated a considerable net effect of experiential differentiation and stored it as
"Knowledge" from all its experiences as a multi-dimensional being. If I consider that this
vast reservoir of information increases the knowledge base of the Source, I have to then
ask myself what it is that the Source might not have known in the first place! …………
And there’s that damned laughter again!

One of the primary response mechanisms of soul at this point will be its capacity to be
still as well as active creatively. This paradoxical condition requires an understanding of
the "Intermittent" nature of creation which is explained as best I can in a later section
entitled Beyond Soul. This "Intermittency" is an integral part of the way the Source
creates, but the discussion of this concept at this point would create more confusion
than enlightenment.

Another characteristic of soul's response mechanism is that of "Feeling". The nature of

human sensing mechanisms is their capacity to translate the vibratory information into
mental/emotional/physical concepts, most of which are so intricately interrelated as to be
impossible to categorize as affecting one body more than another. Sound, for example,
is the translation of sound wave vibrations into mental/emotional/physical feelings.
Classical music, for example, is very mental in its virtuosity and structure; Rock and
country tend to be more emotional; music heavy with rhythm and drums relates strongly
to physical response. Each soul will have its own characteristic affinity for certain types
and intensities of sound……not the least of which will be silence at the level of soul.

Sight is the translation of vibrations of the frequency of light into response data. Sight
at the level of soul is well above the vibrations of light, and therefore translates into the
capacity to dwell in the imagined image……a never-ending supply of which constantly
issues forth from the Source.

Smell, touch, and taste are similar capacities of differentiation, but all are functions of the
vibratory/oscillating nature of particle energy as it is reduced by beat frequencies and
interference patterns emanating from the Source to express mystically as the realms and
planes of physical/emotional/mental sensations and thoughts we experience in human

Soul has the capacity to experience all these vibrations at their source without benefit
of the lower vibrational bodies, but does so in a highly discriminatory fashion playing
quality against quantity to produce experiences beyond description from down here in
the physical world. We do get glimpses of this soul dimension, but even the dramatically
reduced intensity can be so overwhelming as to terminate normal function in the physical.
It happens periodically to me and I have to cut it off due to its overwhelming nature.

I have a close female friend who had an interesting experience when she was under
extreme stress in her 19th or 20th year. Quite unexpectedly and without any explanation,
she found herself at a very high level of consciousness, as though she were suspended
in outer space looking down upon the earth from that very high vantage point. I might
remark here that she is not one who ever had or would use any drugs or hallucinogens
of any kind. She attempted to describe the event, but was unable to give it adequate
words, calling it a feeling of elation or freedom from which she could view the most
severe tragedies of the Earth completely unmoved by them, for she saw them in their true
illusionary state. She also described that during this state of expanded consciousness,
her friends found her impossible to be around and felt that they did not know her at all ...
this despite the fact that she had mentioned nothing about her experience to them at all.

The point I'm making here is that soul has the capacity to "FEEL"…… perhaps to recall
a feeling as a sort of “knowingness” or “knowledge”. This capacity is expanded beyond
measure through its experiences with the physical/emotional/mental bodies, but at the
higher levels of consciousness the negative qualities which produced the differentiation
no longer remain. This is to say that feelings such as infatuation, attachment, possession,
anger, vanity, ego, and even the extreme positive swings of emotion such as joy,
ecstasy, and happiness, though available through the capacity of “knowingness”, have
been replaced by much more profound feelings of unity, wholeness, and peaceful bliss

which are the ultimate result of “experiential differentiation” within the realms of Duality.
Proximity to the divine qualities of love, then, have by this time done away with the
emptiness of being unloved, and the feelings of separation so essential to acquiring the
feeling and knowledge of unity.

The characteristics of response at this level of consciousness would mean that one
is very careful in the choice of what is allowed to enter the eyes, ears, heart…… and


At the turn of this 21st century, we are more and more confronted by the enigmatic
appearance of predominantly male expressions of consciousness in female bodies and
the predominant female expressions of consciousness in male bodies. It is interesting to
watch the geriatric population's horrified, non-accepting attitude to this open expression
of what they consider to be some horrible mistake or mutation in human behavior, and
then to watch the ensuing generations become more accepting until the state of affairs
just becomes a matter of personal preference and even a blessing in "disguise".

What's interesting is that the proliferation of mixed interrelationships is forcing an

expanded perspective—a concept in keeping with the expanding nature of the universe.
Taking a cue from nature rather than from the status quo, my personal conclusion must
be that since all things emanate from the Source, I must inevitably ask myself what the
Source is saying through the actions of its Event Field Matrix.

What it says to me is simply that the soul in human form can be male or female in its
expression ... but what it is ideally, in fact, is both. Upon careful examination, and having
a proper frame of reference for what constitutes "Male-ness" and "Female-ness", it
cannot be said that any soul in human form is 100% male or 100% female. It can be
said, however, that the more experienced, and thus developed, a soul becomes, the
more wisdom, power, and freedom it expresses through its ability to express in either a
masculine or feminine way according to the needs and circumstances of the moment,
regardless of its body type.

This being a realm of Duality where differentiation between opposites is the major
classroom lesson of every day, what are the characteristics of this "split" soul destined to
journey through lifetimes looking for the pieces of itself until it once again finds itself whole?
The chart below gives a rough idea of the variations in attributes expressed by the gender
format soul happens to be locked within during a lifetime. This energy matrix of gender

characteristics plays on top of the personality characteristics... and as though that were
not enough, there are other matrices that complicate the poor soul's ability to function even
more. For example, there are coinciding planetary energies as expressed in astrological
terms such as Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, plus all the many characteristics described
as astrological influence. There is also the matrix of physical body expression as defined
by the words ectomorph, endomorphic, and mesomorph.

This chart of attributes is for exemplary purposes only and is by no means an in-depth
study of male and female attributes.


Aggressive Passive
Polygamous Monogamous
Independent Dependant
Centrifugal Centripetal
Confident; Courageous Fearful; Protective
Insensitive; Unaware Sensitive; Aware
Vengeful Forgiving
External Values Predominate Internal Values Predominate
Harsh Gentle
Grasping Nurturing
Group Activities Intimate Personal Relationships
External Expressions of Power Internal Expressions of Power

Returning now to the query as to the message presented by the appearance of male
or female "Energy" in opposite body types, there appear to be several reasons or
explanations for this occurrence ... all of which may be applicable
After spending many lifetimes in one particular format and becoming adept at manipulating
people and events using the various energies of that format, it eventually becomes
necessary for soul to expand its powers to the full extent of those available in the Earth
realm. Soul will inevitably seek the format it most needs to make the effort to perfect.
Such a transition may be greeted with cheerful willingness ... or strong rebellion. The
resultant behavior will broadcast the circumstances to those with enough perspective to
recognize them for what they are.

The strong masculine soul in a female body is not always pleasant to observe or live
with……even for the soul itself……and constitutes an imbalance that may have a two-
fold purpose: to express the potential for female form to use masculine power when
situations demand it; or to instruct a strong masculine soul in the wiles and ways of
female passive power; or all the above. The passive and highly creative female soul can
take the equally difficult task of demonstrating female characteristics while occupying a
male physical body……and simultaneously learning more about how masculine energy
expresses itself.

The first time soul confronts Planet Earth's environs in either male or female form is
bound to be a trial by fire at best. Sometimes kindness is not as effective a molding force
as a very large hammer! …… and kindness is not the only face of love.

However, if the end can be seen from the beginning, a beautiful result ensues. The
developed soul with both male and female manipulative and creative capacities has
at least twice the power and freedom as the soul limited to one avenue of expression

Secondly, the option for soul to express using opposite physical attributes to its primary
soul inclination creates avenues of expression not socially, culturally—or legally!—
acceptable. It thus becomes an avenue of experiential differentiation for those souls so
inclined toward unusual expressions.

It goes without saying that the creator of this realm seems to leave no avenue of experiential
differentiation unexplored! Certainly the options are beyond human imagination ... or
capacity to implement.

The soul graduating from Planet Earth is mercurially adaptable, imperturbable, and
indifferent as to physical format because further up the ladder of expanded consciousness
Duality disappears—not into one expression or the other—but into a unity of expression
which includes both aspects of its gender training.

Excerpted From The Poem:
Jack O’ Diamonds

Oh, Jack O’ Diamonds, Ace of Spades,

their faces always change.

When the deck is moving with you,

you may find it rather strange:

for every winning hand you play,

there’s a loser in exchange;

and if gold can buy the Queen Of Hearts,

then Vanity’s her name.

And if gold can buy the Queen Of Hearts,

the Joker
….the game!

C. Cain, 2004


It is the nature—and requirement—of personal reality that each soul in a human body
form a world or personal dimension within the confines and limitations of the Planet
Earth world at large. This personal world has two aspects: an outer aspect, and an inner

The outer aspect is formed by mostly external factors such as: culture, society, geography,
genetic patterns, and the developed or undeveloped nature of the soul which is going to
inhabit the physical body. These external factors are also observable as characteristics
of the structure of the physical body ... namely race; genetic cultural factors (such as
adaptation to high-altitude); genetic factors resulting from the parental and social gene
pool; and the physically measurable characteristics of personality such as those listed
further on. These characteristics are largely fixed for the duration of a single lifetime and
though their outer characteristics do not change, their outward expressions are a function
of internal factors and control at such time as the personality is trained, or soul becomes
developed enough to alter its physical/emotional/mental behavioral patterns on its own.
Until this time rolls around, a person’s personal world is almost entirely reactive and pre-
programmed by circumstance.

Because, for example, a trained “Personologist” can read in the face of an individual
a characteristic indicating high critical perception means only that the individual has a
natural inclination for critical perception. Understanding that such a characteristic is
a part of the inherent personality is the first step in self awareness. The second step
is to know how to apply critical perception to one's own advantage (such as picking
flawed material from a production line)... and how to limit its expression, for example,
in a relationship where its improper use might prove detrimental or damaging to the
relationship or another person's psyche.

The second aspect of soul's personal world is the inner aspect, which is not measured
by physical means, but rather by discernment and examination of actual behavior--
particularly behavior as exhibited under duress. Self control as mentioned above with
the characteristic of critical perception is one example. A certain amount of internal
personality is also a product of parental influence and thinking...or a lack thereof.

There are those who would say that the inner aspects of personality are a function of Mind
over Physical Body/Emotional Body/Mental Body, and I would concur, but add another
dimension ... that of soul. Without benefit of a soul well-developed by numerous lifetimes
of experiential learning, mind is just a memory mechanism which reacts and responds
with little or no thought. It is controlled from without by its physical stimuli, emotional
reactions, mental distractions, and the behavior of those with whom it interacts.


There is today a very well-researched, well-proven, and little-known science of the

personality which exists under the name of "Personology". It is a study of the personality
as evidenced by measurable physical characteristics: i.e., thickness of hair; shape and
design of nose; thickness of lips; height of forehead; proportional measurements of
different portions of the skull; dimensions of the forehead; eyebrow characteristics, etc.,
for a total of 70 or so physical body measurements accurately indicative of the balanced,
over-balanced, or under-balanced nature of the corresponding personality traits.

I can personally attest to the accurate nature of such a personological analysis done for
me by a master personologist, Myrtle Glines, in 1987. It proved every bit as accurate
as the extensive battery of aptitude tests given to me as part of my preparatory school
training, but far more enlightening. The personological analysis proved to be more
accurate as to physical advantages and limitations, going more into the undiscovered
potential probabilities that I was not yet aware I had. Personology is also less limited
in its perspective ... less inclined to try to define the person's potential in terms of the
standard socio-cultural trade/profession mold. This was appropriate in my own case as
I have been variously labeled throughout different phases of my life as a "Renegade",
a "Fringe-Dweller", a "Cliff-Hanger", and a fly-by-night Gypsy with a foot in at least two
camps! I was nailed by my aptitude tests as having high potential for a career as a
Maintenance Man or a Janitor.

Personology and Astrology did a far more poetic, complete, and accurate job than the
Halls of Learningdom ... but that was only for me. I would not hesitate to use aptitude
tests for any of my own children, nor would I ignore Personology or Astrology.

Personology is not a new science. It has been with us since Duan, son of Khertu (Sallier
Papyrus) in 1800 B.C.; since Pythagoras in the sixth century BC; and Aristotle, who
wrote an entire volume entitled "Physiognomonica" about this subject, and who first
gave us a traceable, written and scientific approach to structure/function relationship.
Socrates and Plato used portions of Aristotle's work and added their own observations.
Hippocrates' stated that to diagnose a man, one must first know his character, and then

stated that his character is partially revealed by his physical features. Galen and Gaul
continued research into the study of physiognomy. The Moslem sages Avicenna and
Averroes both practiced and taught Aristotelian physiognomy. Maimonides, the Jewish
savant, practiced the art of physiognomy as is revealed in the Mysticism of the Zohar,
one of the books of the Cabala.

The basic assumptions of Personology are these:

1. Action is dramatically influenced by structure, i.e., a person with long legs will make
a better long distance runner or basketball player than a person with short legs, all
other characteristics of structure being the same. A person with short legs will be
far more maneuverable than the person with long legs. A person with more brain
cells, and therefore greater capacity, in specific areas of the brain related to certain
functions will give an indication of this capacity through measurable variations of
the dimensions of the skull in those specific areas.
2. Without conscious effort to the contrary, structure tends to function automatically
in direct proportion to the quantity of nerve/muscle/bone or other material as is
established by its inherent physical structure and personality characteristics.
3. Function inevitably reverts to its “formed-at-birth” state unless consciously formed
habits or consistent thinking redirect the function.

Keeping these basic assumptions in mind, it is easy to see how important it is for each
person to be fully informed of his or her personality characteristics before condemning
themselves to an early death or a lifetime of futility attempting to perform some task for
which they were adversely designed. For example: many aspiring young athletes die
of heart failure attempting to exceed performances recorded by those better equipped
physically, emotionally, and mentally for the sport. Some children (like myself) are just
not mentally equipped to memorize reams of information, yet they can watch some
mechanical activity performed once and never forget exactly how it was performed.

Modern-day versions of Physiognomy, known as Personology, were carefully researched

amongst thousands of personalities by Robert L. Whiteside, Elizabeth Whiteside, and
Dan Whiteside in California during of the 1960's, 70's and 80's. You can learn more
about Personology and find a certified Personologist by doing a simple Internet search.

I define the outer aspects of personality in terms of those matrices of energy I have
mentioned earlier: The Physical Body; the Emotional Body; the Mental Body; and the
Soul. This is very difficult to do in a few words; books could easily be written on each
area of description. Also, the synergistic result of the interplay of these four matrices of
energy makes it difficult, if not impossible, to attribute an overall result to a single cause.

To use a blatant and obvious example: From whence cometh the desire for sexual union?
The physical hormonal drive? The physical pleasure stimulation? The emotional need
for affirmation and the receiving of love? The mental concept of creating a beautiful
child with all the characteristics of the person desiring to produce the child? The soul
characteristic of the intuitive response to a "Package" of physical characteristics,
emotional vivaciousness, mental capacity and alacrity, which soul might recognize in a
very old friend of many lifetimes of close association, respect, trust, and self sacrifice ...
a "Soul Mate" in other words?

Such a desire and attraction defines love in more profound terms than can be described
as mere physical desire. The individual personality, though limited by the blocking of past
history, has yet some hidden input from soul. Soul "knows" and recognizes old friends
by many means, none easily definable except by understanding and having frames of
reference such as those set forth in these writings.

It is most important to realize here that all personality traits as mentioned below are
measurable and provable by physical means as characteristics of the physical body.
Were it not so, personology would long ago have been dropped as a valid indicator of



In the science of personology the trait of body constitution is referred to as "Current

body tone", but my experience as a health professional adds considerable meaning
to the personological term. I define body constitution as "The molecular integrity of the
individual cell".

This trait is vitally important to the perspective of the individual, the parent, the Physician/
Healer, the athletic coach, the employer of physical laborers, and anyone dealing with
stressful, strenuous life situations requiring long-term physical stamina. It should be a
school of instruction in itself for any of the disciplines mentioned above.

Were I to be faced with the prospect of creating a "Super Race" on Planet Earth—and I
would quickly decline the job—I would do so through an inter-racial melding of genetic
body constitutions designed specifically for the various climate and geographical regions
of the earth. This is, of course, what is already happening in far more detail than I could

quickly and easily explain. We refer to it as "Evolution" in an effort to limit spontaneous
creation to some process comprehensible by the unenlightened mind. To me there is
only the illusion of evolution ... an illusion which only appears to give rational continuity
to the vast, intricately-interactive, spontaneous and unpredictable origin of all things ……
particularly the appearance of cause and effect.

Proof of this presumptuous assumption on my part lies in the close examination of the
microcosm where no single cause or group of causes produces exactly and precisely the
same effect more than once. There is only enough consistency to produce a semblance
of order, predictability, and consistency to the affected "Souls".

The physical body of strong constitution has stamina that lesser constitutions have not.
It is a body that can withstand harsh abuse and long-term stress. It is this kind of
constitution that can live for years without sickness despite over-indulgent appetites in
one or many areas. This body usually has a high threshold of pain and heals quickly
from injury.

On the negative side, the strong-bodied personality trait has little patience with those who
cannot keep up, those who are sick, weaker, or who are disciplined non-indulgers. When
the strong constitution does finally break down under stress or through deterioration in
old age, it usually cannot recover at all as the abuses have gone too long unchecked.
It takes great wisdom and farsightedness of an instinctive nature such as is found in
well-developed souls to maintain a balance throughout a lifetime within this physical

Body constitution can be determined by an examination of the iris of the eye. It is most
evident in the characteristic "Blue" eye where there are white lines radiating from the
pupil outward like the spokes of a wagon wheel to the edge of the Sclera. The straighter
these lines, and the closer they're packed together, the stronger the body constitution.

One of the most interesting characteristics of Body Constitution is that it is not necessarily
always traceable as a genetically transferred quality. There is a reasonable degree of
predictability to the production of a particular type of body constitution through selective
breeding in genetics, but selective breeding is not one of mankind’s intelligent choices for
any but the well-developed souls. Considering the random nature of mankind’s breeding
practices, it’s a miracle that the human race has not annihilated itself through abuse, poor
diet, disease, laziness, and over-indulgence. The highly unobtrusive, “random” injection of
strong body constitutions into human breeding patterns helps maintain racial integrity.

The profound ignorance of the human species is obviously being corrected for at some
unobvious level close to its formative source. Olympic athletes seldom come from Olympic
athlete parents. In human parlance, it is not a truism that “only the strong survive”. It is
more of a truism in human action that the “strong shall carry the weak”, or that both strong
and weak are annihilated by circumstance. Given also that the less-developed souls
seem to multiply indiscriminately at a much greater rate than the developed souls —for
survival reasons alone—why then has the human race not bred itself out of existence
long ago? The explanation is just another one of those “mystical”, unpredictable factors I
can only ascribe to an intelligent Source …… a source which can be seen only if looked
for, and even then with great difficulty over a very long period of time.


Since the human personality is made up of physical, emotional, mental, and soul
characteristics, it is logical to assume that if more than just a few of these characteristics
show up as proven measurable quantities on the physical body, then probably all
characteristics of the personality could be measured as characteristics of the physical
body including those aspects of the personality which are potential and not being
expressed in the present moment. This is terribly important information to any caring
parent or teacher, and particularly important to the early discovery of the youthful self for
guidance purposes.

The following list of additional personality characteristics can be measured and determined
to fall into a specific range of quantitative or qualitative value defined as high, low, or
balanced. Hand dexterity, for example, would be found to be balanced, high, or low. Any
measurement not within a well-researched average considered to be “balanced” would
require counseling as to positive or negative implications of the trait. The names of the
traits in this list have been slightly modified by me for purposes of clarity for those not
trained in Personology terminology.

The characteristics of each of these personality traits have their own well-defined
meanings standardized amongst all students of personology, but they are given here
only as examples to show how intricately the human personality is woven together.
Each personality has different degrees of expression of each characteristic. It is small
wonder that no two of us are the same. It's also small wonder that a hundred or more
lifetimes would barely scratch the surface of experiential learning considering all possible
combinations of human personality.

Acquisitiveness Interest in People/Places/Things
Adventurousness Judgment Variation
Aesthetic Appreciation Mental/Physical Motivation
Analytical Nature Methodicalness
Authoritativeness Multiplicity of Ideas
Automatic Giving Need For Affirmation
Automatic Resistance Nerve Sensitivity
Concentration Objective/Subjective Thinker
Concise/Verbose Philosophical Trend
Construction/Conservation Inclination Physical Activity Inclination
Critical Perception Pioneering Inclination
Detail Concern Pride In Personal Appearance
Discrimination Rhetoric
Dramatic Appreciation Risk Taking Tendency
Dry Wit Self Reliance
Emotional Expression Self Reproach
Exactingness Self-Confidence
Foot Dexterity Serious Mindedness
Hand Dexterity Sharpness/Astuteness
Imaginativeness Sound/Music Appreciation
Impulsiveness Tenacity

Compare these personality traits with the characteristics of the developed and
undeveloped soul. There are certain characteristics of a similar nature in both charts but
we're not capable of saying whether the personality's physical evidence of the traits is
formed of inherited genetic patterns, patterns formed between conception and age 7, or
patterns impressed upon the physical body format by the developed powers of the soul
occupying the physical body.

Considerateness, for example, can well be a learned response. The true test is how any
particular human mechanism responds or reacts under duress.

Physical considerateness occurs when one realizes that he has to give work in order to
get money in order to eat ... or behave in order to avoid experiencing pain.

Emotional considerateness occurs in love/desire relationships wherein a depth of feeling

is desired to be maintained i.e., a mutual need; fear of being alone; emotional excitement;
elimination of jealousy; avoidance of rejection or attachment; and so on.

Mental considerateness occurs when mental Perspectives and Powers override emotional
and physical motivators.
Soul considerateness occurs only after the soul has a considerable amount of
development and is recognized as a source of higher motivation. The perspective of
soul is the capacity to see the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end
of both past, present, and possible future. Love expressed from this vantage point
can be either totally self-sacrificing or ruthlessly self-sustaining—each of equal value
depending upon the circumstances, the consciousness of the participants, and/or the
cosmic perspective.


It isn't really an objective analysis to describe the nature of personal reality as a whole
by examining life in the developed nations of the world alone. In fact, in order to speak
objectively about our personal world, it's imperative to keep constantly in mind the manner
in which man—and particularly women—live in places like Africa, the Near East, the Far
East, South America, major portions of Russia, and the islands of the world. There are
vast numbers of souls in these areas who live at the poverty level of bare subsistence
and under conditions of subservience that make the correctional institutions of North
America look like a private school.

We talk about freedom of choice, but choice is a limited option for most of us in this
realm. Even the rich live behind bars and walls. They move, live, and intermarry with
a very small segment of their own group. They are owned by their wealth and many
live with the sub-conscious fear of what would happen to them if it all disappeared. It is
definitely a kind of freedom, but it's also a kind of imprisonment.

A friend of mine, whom I will call Daniel, went to Jamaica for a short vacation. Being
something of a renegade and intensely curious about people, he wandered alone up into
the hills and noticed a shack in the trees just off the well-worn footpath he had arrived
on. It was a hut made of rusty pieces of cast-off corrugated steel roofing material. There
was a square hole in each of two walls of the corrugated steel for windows, and no door.
Just outside the hut, a fire burned under a charcoal black cooking pot. A well-worn old
bicycle leaned against a nearby tree. Two children sat on a log next to the fire; two more
children laughingly chased their dog around the hut, the dog yapping with delight. Their
mother slowly stirred the pot. A man helped prepare the meal ... 3 yams.

As Daniel came into sight, the man looked over at him, waved, and shouted a greeting.
Instead of continuing on his walk, Daniel walked over to the family and started talking
with them. Daniel asked the man questions about his life. Where did he get water? The

man replied that there was a small stream nearby. What did they use for toilet facilities?
The man pointed to an outhouse made of old boards partially hidden back in the trees.

Noticing that the man's arm was partially covered with caked blood and dirt, Daniel asked
what happened to his arm. He replied that he'd fallen off his bicycle, but that the wound
was healing very nicely. Daniel asked if he had any income. Yes, the man replied, he
was able to make a few dollars a week cleaning up garbage in the town several miles
"God is good to us," the man said. "We have everything, as you can see. My children
are happy. We have food to eat. What more can we want?"

Daniel nodded his head in agreement, bid the family farewell, and walked back into
town. This is what he later told me.
"That man's words are burned into my brain! I will never forget them. 'We have everything,
as you can see', he said to me. Never again will I complain about my little house, my
lack of money, or my standard of living. Compared to him I have everything! As long as
I know that ... it can only get better."

After contemplating Daniel's words for a few days, I realized that there is a very long
progression to the meaning of the words "We have everything ...". The Jamaican
Rastafarian had little choice available to him, yet he had made the most of what he had.
How much of a distance is it between this Rastafarian and a child born heir to 20 million
dollars who appears to have everything on the "outside", but who is empty, lonely, and
lost on the "inside"? Who indeed has the most freedom of choice?

One of my favorite songs years ago was written by Kris Kristofferson called Me and
Bobby McGee. To me, it speaks the words of the true poet:

"Freedom's just another word

For nothin' left to lose.
Nothin' ain't worth nothin'
But its free."

Those words have stuck in my mind for the 30 years since I first heard them. There’s
more than a small measure of truth in them, but of course the words have one meaning
to a developed soul……and quite another meaning to one who has no choices at all.

The nature of personal reality is that we as souls are trapped in these physical/emotional/
mental bodies in a realm where choices range from none at all to too many. We are born

in water and thrust out into the cold air of life without an Operations Manual into a realm
far more complex than the cockpit of any high-performance aircraft. Then we're required
to learn how to land that aircraft on a moving aircraft carrier deck at night, with no lights,
before we run out of fuel. We can do that in a single lifetime, but there's no way soul can,
in a single lifetime, learn how to manipulate its six bodies within a constantly changing
realm where the rules are different for every personality that soul finds itself "wearing".

An important distinction has to be made at this point. The personality itself is neither a
developed nor an undeveloped quantity. It does not “evolve”, though it can change its
outward expression. It is simply a vehicle for experiential learning. Like the Planet and
its natural laws, personality is part of the “schoolhouse”. The “Event Field Matrices” such
as are relationships, families, schools, careers, laws, wars, etc. are merely classrooms
in the schoolhouse. They change, but they themselves don’t seem to evolve into higher
expressions of consciousness except as a by-product of the nature of the souls interacting
with them. The soul is the “living” entity; events are the school, the classrooms, the
teachers, and the curriculum.

The evidence of soul development lies in what comes out of this vehicle called
personality……and also what does not come out of this vehicle. The personality is more
of an objective phenomenon, the soul more of a subjective phenomenon limited or
enhanced by the personality’s capacities.

The personality can and does change, but only when it is forced to change. At first
it is forced to change by external factors: laws, family, peers, schooling, etc. and this
continues for lifetimes. As soul develops, the powers of soul begin to mold the personality
more and more from conception through death in each single lifetime. The developed
soul can easily change the face of its personality, without changing the structure of it,
to suit the needs or desires of the moment…… and it does so from within itself. The
undeveloped soul can only be changed by outside forces, and not without considerable
rebelliousness, discomfort, pain, and struggle for all involved.


Quantity and quality of life are like the poles of the earth. They are two aspects of Duality
that seem never to be able to be reconciled except at the equator, and that seems
to be a little too hot, a little too stagnant, and a little to dull. As a result, we seem to
constantly exchange quality for quantity and quantity for quality as though the see-saw
effect produces some mystical effect synergized by the movement between the two ...

and for which we have no adequate word. The balance point is a point which we seem
always to be passing through. What kind of fun is a see-saw in perfect balance?

The key factor to quality versus quantity seems to me to be CONTROL.

Soul at first is a victim of control by others. Ultimately, it exercises its own control as to
how far out of balance it goes and for how long—all a function of its own parameters of
physical, emotional, and mental capacities.

As Soul exhausts its quantitative experiential possibilities, the swings seem to opt in favor
of quality. Quantity becomes adjustable in favor of the "quantity of quality". Surprisingly,
or maybe not so surprisingly, this leads to increasing amounts of stillness—at least in this
realm. What happens in the next realm is a matter of conjecture and is purposely hidden
from view from here.

It's almost as though the possibilities for the next realm are so countless—look up into
the heavens with a telescope—that where soul goes from here is a direct function of
the quality and quantity of imagined imagery. This is probably a direct function of how
developed or "Realized" the soul has become.

Since we don't come "down the chute" into Planet Earth holding a personal "Operations
Manual" because it would be too limiting, so also must we go out of this realm without
a firm mandate so as to minimize limitation. The possibilities may well be as limitless
as we can imagine, and it seems a natural sequence and function of the imagination
to produce this result—all other factors having reached levels of acceptability for the
intended, imagined realm.

This concept assumes that we are properly qualified for the realm we imagine. Otherwise
we are required to keep coming back here until the refinement for any realm beyond
this one is complete. Just for example: imagine the chaos that would be created by the
Kindergarten class roaring into College Physics class ... and there's no comparison here
with the "Kindergarten Class" from Planet Earth!


Quantity of life appears to me to be a function of personal power. It is expressed through

the various bodies of man as physical activity, emotional stimulation, or the capacity to
manipulate volumes of information. Quantity is a characteristic expression of the soul

50% to 75% of the way through its earthly journey. Soul, at this point in its development,
is mainly focused on the expression of power as a capacity to excel and manipulate
others to its own ends. It is the famous athlete, the famous musician, actor or actress, or
the manipulator of technical concepts, laws, or learned treatises on science, philosophy,
religion, etc.. As the quality of perspective gradually infuses the soul, the combination
of quantity and quality produce the great "Contributions" to humanity: the technological
inventions, the great operas and classical musics, advances in medicine, and the
expansion of worldly influence.

As the soul proves itself capable of rising up over the walls of its prison, and finds itself
continually faced with the often-gargantuan problems and proportions of fame, wealth,
and power, it looks for less volume, less quantity, and less of a swing between the
differentiations of life's teaching/learning processes. The salvation lies in replacing -- or
at least balancing -- quantity with quality, and this inevitably involves a shift from outward
expression to inward expression and appreciation.


It can be justifiably argued that quality of life is a function of choice. Having the choice
of how to spend one's wealth is a choice not accorded to the many, and it may in fact
produce great satisfaction, but my experience is that after a while it also creates a vast
amount of boredom. I don't believe that soul’s ideal is to sit beside the Private Club's
pool with a cocktail in hand during the day and an endless party all night. That may be
fine for a lifetime or two, but the Yellow Brick Road pales by comparison to the journey
into the Great Unknown ... the journey into the self, the endless arenas for soul's growth
and play, and the final discovery of the SOURCE of all things.

Therefore I have to modify my initial statement above, and say that quality of life is a
function of knowledge and perspective gained from the journey through life itself, and
that is a journey of the soul that never ends and that we seem to have no choice but to

With inward appreciation comes careful choice of the external world: peaceful, beautiful
settings; trustworthy friends; and activities not terribly challenging or consuming. The
focus now is on quality of physical experience, emotional feeling, and mental peace
and harmony within an otherwise tumultuous world. This is the natural progression of
the soul as a personality in one lifetime and thus the expression of soul's developed
vibrational but unconscious "choice" of personalities throughout its journeys in many
physical bodies through the Earth.


When, finally, quantity and quality of life have begun to wear thin and there seems to be
no experience whose reward justifies the price in patience, effort, focus of attention, or
time, the focus of attention turns ever-more inward and into the imagination as a means
to escape a reality which appears to have changed dramatically.

In fact, the reality has not changed much at all. What has changed is the soul and this
is a time when soul looks for answers beyond its immediately sensed reality. Soul is
compelled to seek the unknown, to move in its imagination into realms of possibility and
probability beyond those of the senses.

At this point the compelled seeker must realize that soul's imaginings, no matter how wild,
originate from the same Source as all created things ... and thoughts and ideas are things
just as the soup pot is a thing. Somewhere in the vast reaches of creation, anything and
everything that can be imagined already exists—if not in “fact”, then at least in a thought
which can be manifested as an experienceable reality. This is a consideration of great
promise ... and a consideration of considerable fear!

The major consideration for soul at any stage of development regarding quality and
quantity is the factor of CONTROL.

This means control over the imagined image first and foremost. It requires an objective
mental assessment of all possibilities imagined using the developed perspectives of soul
to be certain that all details and desired results of the imagined image are taken into

If other souls are involved in the imagined image, equal consideration must be given
to them as they are none-the-less important than the self. Their personal desires and
the factors that they would settle for quite often preclude the possibility of their sharing
a desired experience. As a result, any future desired situation must be imagined in its
entirety including the creation of the personalities and individuals involved ... not so
difficult as you might think and far more satisfying.

The wise soul, being incapable of considering such vast amounts of essential cause and
effect data will often just leave things up to the way they are and take what comes from
above with alacrity ... which is to say "cheerful willingness". Either way, what comes from
"Above" will inevitably be a direct correlation with—not necessarily a function of—the
quality and quantity of soul development.

The Eyes Of The Seer

All the solemn vows we make

dissolve in the warp of Time.

The rhythm of the song wears thin

and we tire of its rhyme.

The man who’s blessed with See-er’s eyes

is cursed as though t’were fame.

Changed is his life forever;

two days are ne’er the same.

The road to home is different

…than the way by which he came.

C. Cain, 2004



One of the most important aspects of my personal spiritual training was my introduction
to the six "Bodies" of man: The Physical body, the Astral/Emotional Body, the Causal
body, the Mental body, the Etheric body, and the Soul body. The primary message of
this frame of reference serves to define in a somewhat visual manner the true nature of
human form. By describing human form in terms of six bodies, suddenly the physical body
is "Seen" to have companion bodies which, though unseen to the physical eyes, can be
visualized as other-dimensional energy fields which function in the physical realm with
equal validity and as essential counterparts to the physical body. With this perspective
indelibly impressed on the mind, over time the inter-relationship between the physical,
emotional, mental, and soul bodies becomes increasingly obvious. In fact, whenever
making any reference to life in human form on this planet, one should always instantly
think of at least three of these bodies: the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, as
essential frames of reference.

We use the term "Body" in connection with heavenly "Bodies", such as is the Earth
and its associated Planets, and to describe the grosser aspect of human form which
is the Physical body. The more dense the material that forms the body, the lower the
vibrational nature of the matrix of energy. Our human physical sensing mechanisms are
designed to respond to a limited vibrational field, but the synergistic effect of our total
human beingness demands awareness and perception beyond the capacities of the
physical senses alone (i.e. sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing).

This kind of perception is accomplished through the interaction of the six bodies of man
and I personally don't feel that the totality of human form can be described in any better
way and still contribute to a fuller understanding of what we as humans are.

The physical body is a matrix of energy with a sort of "ideal" mandate tailor-made for
the Planet Earth environ. This is an image envisioned by the Source of all "ideals"
from which all physical bodies vary—to a greater or lesser degree—with the norm being
ordinarily considerably less than the ideal (judging from what we see every day in the
mirror!). This, again, seems to be an integral part of the Source’s plan to maximize
experiential differentiation. I feel certain that even cloning will turn out to have variations
which, though minor in nature, will still bear out the rule that no two manifestations of
phenomenae in the realm are ever precisely and exactly the same.

As a general rule, the more developed the soul becomes, the more it will strive to obtain
and achieve a physical expression close to the ideal physical form due to soul's inclination
to maximize its potential and reach continually for those things which it perceives as
being esthetically beautiful and pleasing. In my opinion—and as a general rule—the
developed soul will not normally settle for an ugly or malformed physical form, or any
extreme aberration from the ideal, except where in its wisdom and perspective it hopes
to balance out an unusually great talent or gift, create a superhuman challenge for itself,
or set an extreme example for some segment of humanity.

Vanity can produce an aberration from the ideal human physical form as occurs with
physical culturists who express extremes in muscle development as expressions of
power. This is fine for the soul fully resonating with Planet Earth's physical energies,
but that much mass is just as limiting as it is impressive and not really beautiful to those
to whom physical power is only a small expression of the total of human powers. The
ideal, though muscular and strong in its own right, is something considerably less than
massive, and considerably more than over-indulgently flabby.


If there is any consistent characteristic to these six bodies of man, it would be that
their mandate is to constrain the soul ... to challenge it, through limitation, to increase
soul's capacities to exercise various expressions of power and control. Each of these
bodies seems carefully designed to seize soul and hold it prisoner within complex energy
fields until soul develops the perspective and power to overcome—or steer clear of—
involvements beyond its own individual capacities.

In the physical body, the constant challenge from infancy on is to develop and maintain
the brain/nerve/muscle coordination to increase the physical feelings of freedom and
power. Stamina is a function of body constitution—the molecular integrity of the cell—
and can only be extended so far without causing a total system failure.

Then there is the addictive nature of powerful sensations such as those revolving around
sex, food, alcohol, and drugs which take soul by surprise and constrain it for lifetimes.
Protection from and avoidance of pain is another constraining factor which must be
learned by actual and vicarious experience and training. We are constrained to learn

certain lessons and realize certain limitations or be penalized by pain regardless of
whether we realize the events of life as lessons or limitations or not.

In the emotional body, rejection and fear are major constraints to the free-thinking soul.
If the physical body is not beautiful by prevailing standards, the resultant feelings of
rejection can be a life-limiting force. On the other hand, too much beauty inevitably
produces unbalanced feelings of vanity, self-importance, and selfish manipulation of

Within the emotional body lie all the major energy traps: the need for love; possession by
love; and the flame of desire which draws the fickle human moth to the destruction of its
wings or even its total self. The desire for the outer expressions of power over others is
an emotional state peculiar to a partially developed soul just as is the rebellion against all
forms of work and self-sustenance. Anger is a self-destructing by-product of the constant
frustrations of an obstructed universe.

In the mental body lurk all kinds of constraints and limitations such as learning disabilities,
attention deficit syndrome, dyslexia, mechanical incapacity, mathematical inabilities, and
a memory that seems incapable of remembering anything but where the refrigerator is

Couple these factors with a thousand initially unanswerable questions like who we are,
where we come from, why we're here, and what happens to us when we die, then add an
endless flow of interesting but trivial data as information from supposedly "authoritative"
sources, and it is small wonder the entire world is constantly confronted with confusion.
Only here on the Earth do the blind lead the blind, where the major difference between
the two lies in the powers of the mind to manipulate another through persuasion, fear,
false promises, naive assumptions, or unthinking socio-cultural programming.

Only in the soul body is there some salvation, but not until the ladder of inner power
and control has been ascended... one rung at a time. Only then can the subtle intuitive
energies of the soul implement control over the mental body, which in turn controls the
emotional body, which in turn controls the physical body.

The causal body deals primarily with the "Event Field Matrix" or those events considered
to be primary formative events in the formation of character. This is the level which deals
with lessons unlearned in other lifetimes or lessons avoided for frivolous, unthinking
reasons. The more developed the powers of the soul, the less the influences of the

causal body are felt. The well-developed soul creates its own Event Field Matrix by either
careful choice ... or, finally, by allowing itself to be molded and led by close attunement to
the daily lessons as taught by the powers and superior intelligence of its Source.

Knowledge of the Etheric body is largely intuitive on my part and I can only imagine it to
be that very high portion of mind which is the source of accumulated intuitive knowledge.
It must be the pool of accumulated learning which soul prizes as the treasure of its
thousand journeys through the earth. Herein must lie the resources for each soul's
wisdom and knowledge in any of its dealings with Earth-like realities.

The Etheric body might be compared with the medals a soldier wears on his chest
proclaiming his participation in countless battles, his heroism, and his areas of particular
expertise and talent. The memories of each lifetime's events, however, remain in the
lower regions of mind available for recall—if any soul wants to look back!

Remember ... the soul is you ... the real you ... the only part that counts.

But while here on Planet Earth the soul must be considered in its entirety as a synergistic
inter-relationship between six quite different matrices of energy, the most important of
which are the physical, the emotional, and the mental.

The Chasm Crossed

There was a time

when I was lost;
it seemed no pathway
could be found.

No sign…
no marking on the tree…
no safe or hallowed ground.

The trees obscured my vision;

I had left my world behind;
the old familiar patterns gone…
…that road so well defined.

The chasm crossed,

the bridge removed,
and on the other side...
…my mind!

C. Cain, 2004


As stipulated earlier, soul is a matrix of energy with a mandate—a purpose defined in

the minutest detail. It is a blueprint for experience. It is an inseparable expression of the
imaging capacity of the Source imagining itself as a human being. It has drawn from all
its prior experiences and imagined possibilities a new matrix which is an individualized
portion of itself never before experienced or imagined as quite the exact same soul,
personality, or physical form.

The Source outlines in the total energy field of the six bodies the journey—the
experiences—soul will have in each lifetime, and the choices it will inevitably make
because of the nature of the million and one constraints built into the six bodies which
direct choice. The soul/personality sees a thousand choices before it, but though the
choices appear random, they are not. Each choice carries with it a totally pre-planned
world of new effects and ping-pong-like reactions which return soul to the track originally
laid out for it. Those deviations from the original track are at first subtle and gentle, then
harder and more painful until soul learns how to "Track" ... to follow the inclinations and
impulses of its pre-planned structure to their powerful, wise, and free conclusion. This
cannot occur in one…… or even a hundred lifetimes.

Like the apparent chaos of the tornado or typhoon, not a single atom appears in existence
unless placed where it appears by the Source. This is the order in what appears to the
human mind as chaos. It is not possible for soul to make any other choices than the
ones required for it to achieve the experience created for it to achieve, though there are
a thousand routes by which it may arrive at its destination.

This can be called pre-destination, but the very concept of free choice assumes separation
from the Source and thus we come inevitably to the choice of choices in Duality:

There is a Source ... or there is not!

There is no half-way point any more than a woman can be half pregnant. If there is a
Source, everything must emanate from it: ideas, thoughts, experiences, and all sensed

It is not possible that there is no Source. There is no known/seen intelligence which can
duplicate the tiniest portion of creation. We can only pretended that we re-organize it.
It is only man's self-importance and the purposefully created illusion of separation from
the Source which makes us "Ignore-ant" ... the true meaning of the word ignorant. As
humans, we are IT expressing. What else could we be?

The question begs an answer provided by a humorous anecdote I once read that goes
something like this: “It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a
warning to others.” I must say that the thought is not foreign to me at all!

The effort of this writing to produce the tiniest explanation of the intelligence and order
of creation is worthless and futile without assuming first that there is a single source
and second that by attempting to view creation from the lofty perspective as close to
the Source as is humanly possible, one can then describe this order and feel more
comfortable with an outward appearance of chaos and a simultaneous inward harmony
of completion and confidence that no matter how things turn out, they are in better hands
than mere human hands.


Bearing these thoughts in mind, it is my understanding that the mental body is first of
all a matrix of energy expressing as information. This body of information has within it
only the amount and kind of information appropriate for the realm which it surrounds or
permeates. As the realm expands along with the universe, more information is placed
in this mind body which is better known in esoterical circles as the universal mind body.
It is the information source available to all mankind to draw from, as each is capable of
doing, according to their own individual expansion.

Man mistakenly imagines that he is the contributor to this universal mind reservoir, but
that is his ego and separation thinking. Man draws from this reservoir. The reservoir is
filled from "Above". Man is only a manifester (look at the word closely), not a creator.
We use improper words for lack of perspective—a limitation which is planned that way
and will always remain that way. The realizations of the developed soul are not the
knowledge or understanding of the undeveloped soul and patience and understanding
should be granted to each end of the spectrum accordingly.

Man feeds on the information in the gigantic database called Mind, taking from it the
information pertinent to his own unique individualistic design as blueprinted in soul and
uniquely constructed down the hierarchy of the other five bodies to create his individual
personality and being.

The question might be asked: "What about the rebellious and self-motivated soul?"
To me, it all comes from the same Source as expressed in a predominantly negative
universe within the many worlds of duality. The negative expression of anything is as
valid as the positive expression. Their relativity to each other makes one a requirement
for the other to exist.

To reiterate, everything originates from the Source ... or there is no source at all, and the
latter is possible only to those who have not looked for IT.


The second major function of the mental body appears to be the capacity to process
information in a manner that is a direct function of soul development.

The less developed soul will respond to information that is placed in memory through
association with teachers such as parents, peers, observations of behavior, and the
painful experiences of life. It is a reactive mechanism at first, not capable of applying
reasoning or profound meaning to behavior, but rather relying on habit patterns enforced
or observed. At this point, and for quite some time, any generally accepted authority
figure is accepted as a source of valid information because soul has not developed the
capacity to reason or think things through for itself.

The development of soul implies change, expansion, and growth. It implies expanding
frames of reference, flexibility to move into new areas of learning without attachment to
the past, and an increasing capacity for discernment in accordance with its own unique
talents and training.

The beginning soul processes memory and programmed input information because it
only reacts. It's thinking is a predictable kind of response based on a very narrow range
of physical and emotional reactions.

The developed soul draws information from multitudinous sources but more and more
from the intuitive resources of the higher levels of the universal mind energy field and the
accumulated wisdom of the Etheric body which is where knowledge and the capacity to
recognize "Truth" come from.

The capacity to separate out major issues from multitudinous amounts of unimportant
information is a function of soul development as evidenced through experiential knowledge

stored in the Etheric body. This kind of knowledge is also referred to as wisdom, intuition,
and spiritual perspective. As new ideas are injected by the Source into the ever-expanding
universal mind energy, developed souls will be the first to bring them into manifestation
for future sub-development by minds with appropriate highly specialized interests.

The developed imagination is capable of envisioning possible inventions and life situations
which exist in other realms and universes, but which may not be intended for expression
on Planet Earth at present ... or maybe not at all. In my idle hours, for example, I have
spent many hours playing in my imagination with a "Black Box" which provides some
sort of amplified magnetic or gravitational energy with enough power to operate an
automobile, power an entire household electrical panel, or operate an airborne vehicle
which does not require wings or air to be maneuvered. This is certainly fanciful, but I
also know that this is not the time or realm for its expression. This brings us to another
major characteristic differentiating Mind From Soul: Imagination.


Imagination is, to me, simply the capacity to image coupled with the capacity to "Feel"
without benefit of the physical senses. Soul is the image which forms from its mandate,
a very subtle matrix of energy in itself, which carries with it the ability to make its “own”
images in keeping with its mandated individuality. Whether the mandate defines soul's
purpose as that of an atom of air, a portion of a mineral molecule, a thought or idea, or
a capacity to synergize countless millions of other souls into a human form is of little
consequence. Everything in creation starts out as an imagined image called soul which
issues forth intermittently from the Source with a carefully and highly-defined purpose.

An accompanying part of this mandate is a feeling of fulfillment and harmony of purpose

peculiar to each expression of soul ... except man! The soul of man's mandate is a
journey which begins with a feeling of loss ... of rejection and unfulfillment, and ends with
the feeling of fulfillment, of completion, and of wholeness. Were it not so, there would
be no journey. The journey is the search for fulfillment and along the way we appear to
accumulate wisdom, power, and freedom.


When the Imagination begins to be focused in other realms too much, problems begin
to develop. This is usually the case with those who are mentally unbalanced, psychotic,
schizophrenic, and the myriad expressions of psychic disorder. There will always be a

percentage of such situations on the journey to full understanding and I'm sure everyone
in Creation has—or will—share in the burden of their type of expression at some point in
our development.

I don't want to appear to be too deterministic in my view that we have no choice but to
be what we are. Here again we are faced with the old enigma: we have a choice, but
we don't have a choice. We appear to be given a choice as to whether or not we want
to settle for—or go along with—that which is placed before us or within us. If we are born
with a mental or physical limitation, there is not much we can do to change it, but there are
inevitably options which enable us to turn any situation into a positive situation... which
is where the choice seems to lie. Usually, however, the choices are very limited and, in
most major life decisions, there usually appears to be no choice at all, our weaknesses,
desires, and abilities are so carefully held in the balance. Determinism is a matter of
perspective, and even under the best of developed-soul conditions, our perspective of
why things happens to us is extremely limited.

The process of indoctrination into the school of Planet Earth learning is a journey
downward into matter, energy, space, time, obstruction, feeling, thinking, etc. as well as
a journey upward out of it once we've learned how to gain some semblance of control of
the above factors, experience them fully, and then start looking for something newer or
something better.

Physical, emotional, and mental limitations are means whereby Soul is forced to focus
its attention on reality as pre-imagined by a much higher intelligence than its own. Soul's
previously free, fickle, uncontrolled, fanciful, imagination has to be "grounded" through
forced attention on its physical, emotional, and mental bodies and the realm they were
designed to be limited to and function within.

All the aberrations of mind are simply offshoots of this cause: enforced focus of attention
on being physical, emotional, or mental. Appreciation for having a certain kind of power
comes of having limited amounts of it to perform a task requiring more than we have.
This is the nature of power-building and is no different for the mental body than it is for
the physical body. The fact that we don't like what's happening to us is simply a function
of the Source’s ruthless face of love wherein the end justifies the means.

When I was 12 years old, my father spoke a few words to me that I've never forgotten.
I was having a terrible time with my studies in the sixth grade and the teacher at that
private elementary school just happened to be my own father. He was a great teacher.
His older son (me), however, was something considerably less than a scholastic giant!

Each day, on the way to and from school, Dad would load five children and myself into
our 1939 "Woody" Station Wagon, deliver us to school, and then deliver us back home
when school was over. One day, after dropping all the other kids at their homes, I was
complaining to Dad that I just didn't seem to have the intelligence other kids did. He said
something that was so meaningful to me that I never forgot it. He said: "Look, Kit, you
have a different kind of intelligence than all these other kids do. It takes a long time for
it to blossom, so just keep doing your best. Remember that the mind is just another
MUSCLE. If you want it to be strong, you have to use it, exercise it, build it. Furthermore,
you’ll learn over time how it wants to be used. In fact, you’ll be unable to use it any other
way ... so just be patient. Go your own way."

I never appreciated how great an educator my father really was until he was long gone,
just as I'm sure that my own children will never understand me until I’m long gone. Some
people are just very difficult to understand. As the old story goes: "You never know what
it's like to be the chief until you've walked a mile in his shoes.”

The humorous anecdote to this old “saw”, however, goes like this: “Never criticize the
Chief until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. That way, when you criticize him, you’re a
mile away ... and you have his shoes!”


The imagination, as intractable and as difficult to control as it may be in Earth’s reality,

proves absolutely essential all through life and is ultimately an essential part of the final
ticket to the way out of Earth's wheel of re-birth. The final ticket is the developed soul with
its imagination now under a totally different set of controls and balancing mechanisms
than when it first entered the earth's school.

Control does not necessarily mean the elimination of events from being experienced, it
rather means control of physical, emotional, or mental intensity and extent of indulgence
through the use of restraint to produce a balance tailored to the individual personality
characteristics. It means control of attachment……and this often includes indulgence to
the point of “wearing experiences out”!

In summary then, mind is a gigantic pool of information and a tool for processing that
information in certain ways. Soul is the operator of that processor and the chooser of
what information is processed. As soul develops in discernment, discrimination, and
perspective, it's focus changes from the processing of memorized, already-existing

information, to information that is intuitive and new to the pool of overall Mind information.
It is drawing closer to its own level of resonance and its Source; becoming more of a
Creator than an imitator ... at least it appears that way until soul fully discovers what it is.


There is one very simple way to differentiate between mental activity and activity which
originates with the soul. It is a simple point of perspective which is easy to describe if
you have it, but impossible to understand if you don't.

I think everyone can understand the concept of a "busy" mind. This is a mind that is
continually processing some kind of information and never rests except perhaps when
asleep. It is always either gossiping, watching television, listening to the radio, thinking
about what to do next or how to do it, reading magazines or newspapers, playing some
song or angry scenario over and over in the mind like an endless tape, or being totally
lost in its career or work. This is a state of “busyness” where the mind is in control and
there is no escape from the mind... and perhaps even no desire to.

As soul develops over its many lifetimes, it will gradually gain control over this busyness
of the mind…… but one needn't wait for that event to come to pass. The mind must
be viewed as a muscle just like any other muscle in the body. It can be trained to a
certain extent without being completely disconnected from the busy world of reality and
this is done through an exercise program just as physical body muscles are trained
through an exercise program. This “mind-muscle” training program goes by the name of
"Meditation". The secret for success of mind training lies in creating in the imagination a
control mechanism which is above and higher than the mind. That control mechanism,
naturally, is what I am referring to here in this writing as "Soul".

There are various meditation training techniques, but the most effective ones will teach
the trainee to focus attention on the Pineal gland, or the very subtle energy field of the
soul which surrounds the physical body. At the same time, the trainee “observes” the
mind much like an Eagle observes its prey on the ground below just before deciding
how it will make the kill. The effort is made to stop all thought for increasing periods
of time……up to five minutes at a time is a very good score. The effort is made to turn
all negative thought into positive thought……not so much to form a positive habit as
to become constantly aware of the quality and quantity of thoughts that emerge from
the dark, previously un-noticed, recesses of mind. This is a prelude to ever-increasing

awareness of how the mind functions; when the most inspirational or creative times
manifest themselves; or when to rest or exercise to rid the body of carbon-dioxide, the
waste products of mental activity. There is no workshop in Creation so well-equipped or
capable of turning out such masterful works of art as is the human soul as it gradually
learns to govern the five lower bodies of Man.

Meditation training transfers the control mechanism from mind to a higher source, the
soul, but it must be done in the imagination first! It will not be accomplished overnight, or
in a month or two, but major progress can be made over a six month to a year period.

This major leap of consciousness requires a belief in the fact that there is a soul, but
if one is not sure whether one has a soul or not, the creation of one in the imagination
will be functional enough to soon erase all doubt. The fabrication of an imaginary world
does not have to have the boundaries and solidity of the earth we live in on a daily basis
in order to have practical value. I have never been overly concerned about how "real"
the things in my life were, but rather more concerned with what "works". If a concept or
idea is too fanciful or whimsical it will naturally not work, and thus becomes relegated
to a less practical realm which one would label "entertainment" ... or some other more
indulgent fancy.

The most important point to be aware of here is that when control is implemented from
above—from the mind or, better yet, the soul—it is coming from a place of wisdom.

Ironically, and paradoxically, the formation of the concept of the soul appears to be made
from below in the mind, but one must keep constantly in mind that one of the Soul’s
major qualities is imagination. In essence, the soul is forming itself in the mind of the
personality ... a factor which then gives it far greater impact and practical value. At this
stage the soul becomes "Realized".

Emotions control the physical body; mind controls the emotional body and therefore
also the physical body; soul, when adequately developed, becomes the ultimate control
mechanism for the mind, the emotions and the physical body. This is the meaning of
perspective, and perspective can be expanded and developed with effort and proper

Differentiating between mind and soul is not possible until one has a concept for the soul,
and that concept should place soul above the mind in importance and function.


The danger of having a highly developed soul is that the imagination will also have
become well-developed and will become the primary source for producing quality of
life as well as internal happiness, well-being, and joy of living. This is a "dangerous"
situation because life on Planet Earth can never measure up to the imagined image of
the highly developed soul's creative capacities, powers, and expectations. Life on Planet
Earth was never intended to expand to include all imaginable possibilities, and that fact
must be constantly held in mind. Otherwise the "dis-illusionment" and "dis-appointment"
brought on constantly by life never fulfilling the highly-developed soul's high expectations
for life can lead to the heart failing to find anything beautiful enough, rewarding enough,
inspiring enough, intelligent/wise/powerful/free enough to be worthy of the outpouring of
love essential to keep the heart beating with the necessary fervor to sustain physical life in
the Planet Earth realm. This is what I call The Great Sadness, but, like all “good-byes”, it is
also only temporary……a prelude to a new and far more beautiful realm beyond this one.

It would not surprise me to learn that researchers had discovered that a heart "attack"
is naught but a heart "failure"—a failure to find or create within itself any long-lasting
satisfaction in a realm which has become increasingly more like the "Dempsey Dumpster"
of Creation ... and I mean this in no derogatory sense, but rather in a sense of perspective.
Life only takes on this ominous appearance at the beginning and the end of the Planet
Earth learning experience.

Planet Earth accomplishes what it is constantly being created to do—build wisdom,

power, and freedom in the face of almost overwhelming constraint and limitation. And
though soul at some point in its journey inevitably gains power over this imprisonment,
the realm is still designed to produce "dis-enchantment" at some point in time and space,
otherwise expansion of soul beyond the experiential training of the Planet Earth School
would not continue, as it does, into eternity. We would, in other words, be too inclined to
just want to stay here and play ... or stagnate.


Those souls who are the "Servants" of humanity are created to be so and their satisfaction
and fulfillment is demonstrated in their actions of being what they are created to be. But
this is in no sense an ultimate expression of the highly developed soul. If such an attitude
of servitude is implemented out of choice because it produces inner happiness and well-
being, it produces more "Life". But if the actions are done out of "Self-sacrifice", they are

more than likely a product of a negative motivation—prompted by mental programming
rather than the desires of soul. There is a very subtle point of balance here between
"Responsibility" and "Response-ability" which comes with the powers and perspectives
of the highly developed soul.

This balance point is a point of serving self part of the time and serving others part of
the time—each with equanimity and according to the circumstances as placed before
us within the Event Field Matrix. It must be constantly reflected upon—not necessarily
"held in mind"—that we serve what creates us. We do this best by doing what we do
best and doing what we love the most. We serve the Source in any and all capacities
that it envisions in its fertile, vast, almost-incomprehensible imaging capacity. We are the
Source expressing. We are not "expressions of" the Source; we ARE the Source ... or
at least a portion of it !

"Thinking of" the end is an entirely different perspective than "thinking from" the end,
and this concept must be deeply contemplated to be understood. "thinking of" the end
is separation; "thinking from" the end is unity. "Responsibility" is "thinking of" the end;
"response-ability" is "thinking from" the end.

If I wish to be an electrician, I can "think of" being an electrician for a very long time
before anything happens ... if anything happens at all! However, if I begin "thinking from"
the end of being an electrician, I have to have information which enables me to attain
the position from which I am thinking . I gain this information from books, from courses
of study, from apprenticeship to an electrician, and by applying what I learn. By thinking
“from” the end, I soon magically (but nonetheless by effort) “become” the end from which
I have been thinking.

We cannot hope to envision how the Source expresses by "thinking of" or "thinking
about" how it functions. We become lost within the forest of constantly new and changing
phenomena and events. If we begin to "think from"—to actually "intuit" and try to
ratiocinate the way the Source Itself expresses—we place ourselves in the Source's
shoes and imagine how it is motivated and how it accomplishes what it does. We must
first assume that Its vast intelligence knows precisely and exactly what It is doing—and
why—and believe that we ourselves can catch a glimpse of the perfect order in apparent
chaos. This Flight of the Phoenix—this Poet's steed named Pegasus—is not mounted
and ridden to the heights of soul in a day or year... or even a lifetime. The journey is the
end ... and the end of the journey is Home.

The Chessmaster
I am your Chessmaster.
You are my Pawn.
You’re free of me only
from Dark until Dawn.
Creator of your present
and all of your past,
I am your first God,
but not your last!

Now you know where

all your troubles begin;
who forms most events
of the world that you’re in.
Good can’t exist unless
measured by sin,
so I drive you to drink
and you drown me in Gin.

I play for my pleasure

my own endless tape,
over and over ‘till there
seems no escape.
I fire your anger,
I titillate your whim.
I boil your desires
‘till they overflow the rim.

Now, where is the answer?

Where is the switch?
Where is the volume,
and how change the pitch?
Control from below
is the curse of mankind.
Only from Soul
can one master……
…..the mind!

C. Cain, 2004


The most logical approach I can take to the way the matrix of energy known as the
Emotional Body works places the nervous system at the center of emotional response.
The trigger causing emotional response does not appear to be at the physical level in what,
for example, would be called the "Fight or Flight" reaction to an emotional cause such as
fear, but rather appears to be some instinctive mechanism of a different character than
mind, but close to it in function. That would place it at the level of the Causal Body.

The second reason I would say emotional responses are instigated from the Causal level
is because the only other way they might be controlled would be by the next higher matrix
of organized energy: the mind. And the mind, to me, does not appear to be a re-active
mechanism, but rather a pro-active mechanism……once it is trained to be used at all.
Each of the six bodies of man seems only to be able to be controlled by the next higher
Body. The physical body, for example, is moved into physical action by the nerves of
the Emotional Body as an emotional desire to walk, run, rest, or perform. The emotional
is controlled by the Causal which is controlled by the mind which in turn falls under the
control of the Etheric Body of wisdom and judgment, providing that capacity is well-
enough developed. The Etheric Body is controlled only by the soul. Soul is controlled by
its Source ... and who knows what controls there may be from beyond that point!

In my own training, the Causal Body is understood to be the unconscious point of cause
of major crises, "accidents", crossroads, confrontations, and those conditions of life which
fall under the description of suppression or constraint. It is therefore logical to assume
that such instinctive response mechanisms as are rejection, jealousy, and the "fight or
flight" syndrome would emanate from this matrix of energy, at least until the capacities
of mind and soul are developed enough to over-ride instinctive/reactive responses with
the perspective of wise planning, careful avoidance, vigilance, or the option to trade
personal rewards or survival for the sake of another person.

Emotional involvement seems to ignore mental thoughts and promptings as the saying
"Love is blind" was coined to describe. The term “falling in love” implies an abandonment
of rational analysis or an incapacity to see the end from the beginning. Consequently,
those who “fall” get hurt—or worse yet, trapped. Those who walk carefully into love
situations are not ordinarily those who are “by love possessed”, but are rather capable of
walking back out if the relationship becomes untenable.Control over emotions requires
control from a well-trained mind and a well-developed soul.

The emotional trauma that the undeveloped soul goes through lifetime after lifetime
as a result of rejections, deaths, divorce, and other traumatic relationships, challenges
or losses, does not begin to be controlled until the developed soul can put its mind in
charge through the exercise of reason, feelings of confident power to overcome, and
those indescribable inner perspectives of the soul which make laughingstock of all the
tragedies of life including death itself.


Once again I have to rise above the battle and look down on it from the point at which
the pendulum of duality swings sometimes violently to and fro far below, but moves not
at all at the fulcrum which is the point of issuance, wholeness and balance.

Planet Earth is the school. It changes little except in its outer trappings. Despite the
fact that all levels may exist in a single realm, the Kindergarten does not "Evolve" into
the Elementary School or into the High School or College. We even call those divisions
within a single school "Classes" just as we refer to the various levels of society and
culture as "classes". There are cultures of lesser development and those of greater
development, and we have a terminology for those situations also. Because we do not
yet see them as having a “soul”, we refer to these cultures in terms of their outward signs
of development such as their “industrial” or “agricultural” nature.

The separation between developed and undeveloped souls within any cultural, social, or
class structure, however, is not so clearly definable. Families themselves are mixtures
of varying levels of soul development in the same way cultures, society, and classes
are. The strong help to carry the weak whether they want to or not, for that is part of the
overall plan.

The student is soul. It could be said that soul is the matrix of energy that "evolves", and
this assumption would seem correct. It is, in fact, correct for those whose perspective
is that we as humans are the sole cause of our present, past, and future. Though this is
"apparently" the case when examining reality through our outward-sensing capacities,
those who have an inward-reaching capacity willing to reach beyond the generally
accepted into the unknown's at-first confusing and seemingly endless possibilities can
soon narrow the field down to other probabilities. By contemplative comparison of these
probabilities with the consistencies and inconsistencies of "Reality", one can narrow
his understanding even more. In addition, there are the written records of those who
have journeyed in one way or another into the hidden dimensions of creation and come

back with descriptions that carry more than a few threads of consistency. Expanded
perspectives are available to the seeker, but only to one who seeks diligently and with
an open mind.


Inextricably connected with the emotional body and its electrical conductors, the nerves,
is the heart. The need for the heart to change its rate of speed and intensity of action
frequently on demand requires a more sensitive controlling mechanism than the physical
body mechanism is by nature. Though the physical body can move and react very quickly,
it cannot match the lightning speed of reaction of the emotional body. In fact, the reason
the physical body can react in the first place is because of the nature of emotional

The mind and soul enter into the act by determining what thoughts command the focus
of attention, and therein lies a major factor in human life and function. It is extremely
difficult for most humans to comprehend—to fully realize—how close this inter-relationship
between mind and emotions really is, especially concerning a vitally important part of life
which we call "disease". A large part of the story of disease is contained in the word
itself: "dis-ease"…… for dis-ease is not a direct function of nutrition or diet alone as the
word implies.

As the physical body begins to degenerate—an inevitable event beginning about age 18
or 20—its capacity to withstand all kinds of physical/ emotional/mental stress diminishes.
At what age and in what way degenerative disease begins to affect certain physical
organs is a function of several factors:

1. In the Physical Body, the Body Constitution—which means the molecular

integrity of the individual cells—plays the major role. Secondarily, genetically
inherited weaknesses of one or more organs determines where it will be
experienced first.

2. In the Emotional Body, sensitivity and depth or capacity of emotional

response are key factors to whether or not we succumb to the Earth’s negative

3. In the Mental Body, the focus of attention is of primary importance. It is here

that the mind rationally explains what the soul envisions. The mind's positive or
negative expression produces a characteristic response in the lower bodies.

4. In the Soul Body, what the soul has the capacity to see or envision is what
matters……and all that matters. There is no substitute for life and its varieties
of experiences.

To illustrate these inter-relationships, here are several examples:

If soul seeks self-indulgences and pleasures as its primary focus of attention …… that
is to say: loves to distraction its food, sex, emotional entanglements, and challenges of
its capacities to express self-importance and power …… this kind of love and desire is
a powerful driving force producing life—and more and more of it—until the capacities of
one or more genetically weak organs are exceeded. The soul, the mind, the emotions,
and the physical body are highly focused synergistically as a whole on the concept of
"MORE"! This, however, is but one expression of love. Though a positive one, it is not
a terribly enlightened expression. It is simply a regularly repeated act on the journey
through life.

If, when soul looks out of its physical eyes and within into its imagined possibilities it is for
one reason or another not "enamoured" of what it sees, it begins unconsciously as well
as consciously to self-destruct. The word “enamoured” is derived from the French words
"en amour" which means to be "in love". When there is no love, there is no life. This is a
major controlling factor amongst the depressing state confronting souls of undeveloped
power as evidenced in their various states of victimization, imprisonment, suppression,
and being manipulated. The poor souls of the Earth! Their susceptibility to disease and
early death is far greater than those who go through life loving what they are and what
they do.

Approaching old age and its incapacities to perform, the decline from beauty into ugliness,
and from self-importance into obscurity take a devastating toll on the soul. Old age is a
supreme challenge to the powers of the soul. Perspective, in particular, seems the only
saving grace.

The predominant perspective of women seems to be more inward, with a natural outward
expression of nurturing, servitude, and humbleness which seems to give them longer life.
Women seem to have a much more deep-seated reason for existence ... due perhaps to
their natural capacity as Creators and nurturers.

The predominant male expression, on the other hand, seems more focused toward the
outward expressions of effort, the need for outer affirmation, and reliance on outward

symbols of usefulness. Males are more easily disappointed and a lot less resilient than
women. Look, for example, at the reason many men die shortly after retiring. The word
"dis-appointing" is more appropriate here than at first recognized. The only remedy is
renewed “self-appointment”……if there is the motivation!

The historical male capacity of protector and provider is a lesser kind of energy than
creative energy. It is more "grounded"... more outward-confronting ... and this by
necessity. As a result, what it requires is a greater perspective ... a more mercurial
capacity to shift attention to creative, enlightening tasks which only the developed soul
is capable of implementing.

There are many reasons for early death. The "heart attack" is to me a condition of "dis-
appointment", of no longer being "enamoured" with life. The soul sees no future; the
mind no longer makes any efforts to expand, learn, and grow; the emotional body feels
empty, unloved and unloving, and becomes confused in its signals to the heart. The
heart is not "attacked" so much as it is "abandoned".

With the highly developed soul, a similar thing happens, but for slightly different reasons.
The developed soul loses interest in the things of the earth—becomes disappointed and
un-enamoured because it has fully experienced everything in soul's a mandated fields of
interest and focuses its attention on things not probable or even possible in this realm.
The "Heart" of the matter is that the heart is elsewhere in some self-created realm of
higher promise and hope.

Of Power And Of Might

What Demon made

this realm which says
that I must kill to live?
How quench the guilt
that troubles Soul
and though condemned

Constrained am I
by night and day
like a soup
poured through a sieve.

When will the weary night unfold

into a crystal light?
When will the grounded bird arise
and take to pristine flight,
as daily I gather more and more
of Power
of Might.

C. Cain, 2004


The Powers of Soul are naturally going to be reflected downward through the six bodies
of man, and will show up as outwardly manifested characteristics that are recognizable by
anyone with adequate enough soul development in themselves. The challenges of today's
population explosion and travel freedom make choosing those permitted to emigrate to
specific countries a problem. The effort is to keep the disparities in consciousness to a
minimum. Too great a disparity of consciousness becomes a control problem and works
to the greater unrest of those developed souls who govern themselves with respect and

The powers of the undeveloped soul will express largely in the Physical, Emotional, and
Causal Bodies. Physical strength and power over another by brute force are the physical
level of manifestation. Respect is accorded out of fear and according to physical size,
fame, or authority granted by military or government power. It is not so much respect as
deference, idealization, hero worship, or desire to imitate.

At the emotional level, the undeveloped soul will reflect outwardly the thousand
manifestations of lust, anger, greed, attachment, and vanity. Pride, ego, fame, power
to manipulate others, plus the constant infatuations of falling into and out of love are
expressions of those five Krodhas of Buddhism mentioned in the first sentence above.

The powers of the developed soul begin when the mental body comes into play. It is
at first a programmed response mechanism trained by parents, peers, teachers, and
the lessons of life. As mind and soul develop within a single lifetime, and over many
lifetimes, "Maturity" shows up as increasing control and the increase of individual thinking

Development also shows up as a capacity to express either male or female characteristics

with equal aplomb—even artistry—in the manipulation of others and the creation of a
beautiful personal world within the world at large. Male aggression as expressed by a
woman may seem incongruous and anything but beautiful, kind, loving, and nurturing,
but the ability and capacity to use it ruthlessly and uncompromisingly becomes essential
to the fulfilled life and the full development of soul. Kindness and gentleness in the male
is often required to be hidden behind an eagle-like "Firewall" so as to not appear as a
weakness to those lesser souls whose goal is simply "More" for themselves and to win
regardless of the cost to someone else.
The fully developed soul is a true master of the universe ... but only master of his or her
own personal universe! Anyone who steps over this line attempting to become a master
of someone else's universe will sooner or later, in one lifetime or another, receive this
similar experience in return as a required course and lesson from which there is no
avenue of escape. How else can soul learn?

So how do we recognize the developed souls? Are there such beings on the earth? My
personal opinion on the matter is this: They are here ... both as men and women. They
will not normally be found in places of fame, great wealth, or power. They are often
found in positions of great responsibility, discovery, and offering of the self for service to
others. They are just as often found in non-descriptive jobs as employees or in situations
where they have financial freedom without the burden of financial wealth. Invariably they
will have all or most of the following capacities which, though not always obvious, will
make themselves manifest under duress or over a long friendship.


Integrity and Respect

Acts that are worthy of integrity and respect are the first order and sign of the highly
developed soul. Such acts have invariably been made as a result of conscious effort
and design or as a result of a well-developed instinct showing great discernment,
discrimination, and perspective regarding human behavior and the true nature of life as
it manifests on Planet Earth.


Honesty is a characteristic worthy of respect and demonstrates personal integrity.

Honesty begins with the self and requires self-examination and the capacity to change
the self to rise to a newly realized ideal image of the self—a state of consciousness
and awareness well beyond the capacities of the undeveloped or the very externally
powerful soul. Honesty with others, even to the point of self incrimination, demands
humbleness in order to be able to first recognize personal weakness and secondly to
make the subsequent decision and effort required to change. Lying, misrepresentation,
and representation of a partial truth for selfish aggrandizement or compensation are one
and the same. They are habits ... habits not worthy of respect and demonstrating only
human weakness.

If a statement is made upon which another person must depend in order to properly
evaluate any situation, and that statement is not totally without bias, then it is a statement
of partial truth only. It may be 20%, 50%, 90% true ... or not true in any way at all. The
only statement worthy of respect is the one that is 100% without bias ... and ignorance is
not a justifiable reason or excuse. A lack of knowledge or ignorance should be realized
as such and stipulated clearly for what it is.

Should all the facts be revealed? Any fact that would affect any part of a relationship
or a transaction must be revealed in order to qualify as honesty worthy of the label of
integrity and respect. Far better to confront and resolve all issues in the initial stages,
thus earning respect, than risk losing everything later.


The making and keeping of mutually beneficial agreements is an integral part of

any successful life and a sign of the developed soul. The developed soul will make
agreements carefully and keep agreements in detail making certain that all details are
mutually understood.

Agreements will never be changed by a developed soul without making a new agreement
prior to the breaking of the old one……if such a change is ever necessary in the first
place. Agreements that may have to be changed are not something developed souls
engage in from the beginning.

Failure to confront or communicate is an error of "omission" which is of equal gravity to

an error of "commission" ... perhaps worse. Knowing the nature of human weakness,
the developed soul will make few agreements he or she is not willing to live with, or able
to change. The wise choice is to make agreements only with other developed souls of
proven or provable integrity.

In a highly competitive world, success is totally dependent upon agreements mutually

made, mutually maintained, and mutually terminated under friendly terms.


A developed soul will instinctively and intuitively exercise a high level of control over
his/her physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This person will not only be aware they
have a physical body, they will have learned how to care for it and maintain it as the most

important possession they have. Without it, life on Planet Earth is not possible. Without
good health, both quantity and quality of life go out the window. The developed soul will
have learned the lessons of good health at an early age and will have the discipline to
maintain those principles as self-created habits.

The developed soul will exercise control over his/her emotions. The expression of love
will arise from a new dimension of self control and detached objectivity rather than a
physical desire, emotional need, or infatuation of fleeting attraction such as is the almost
universal nemesis of "Falling in love" ... so aptly named for its state of imbalance.

Seldom or never will the developed soul express anger as he or she will have carefully
and intelligently carved their non-reactive world out of the more durable, beautiful, and
peaceful elements of the earth. Humor and its capacity to de-fuse crises will be second
nature just as will tact ... and silence!

The developed soul will not be controlled by the endless tape of the mind, controlling its
content instead from the soul and the quality and quantity of imagined imagery. Though
Mind will still manage to mutter incoherently in the background, it will eventually accustom
itself to being still and being controlled more than being eternally busy.


A developed soul will always see both sides of any issue clearly and often be torn
between any decision requiring one issue over another. The developed soul will always
use it skills developed over lifetimes to find a balance point between the always-present
polarizations of consciousness and variations in development of those who are students
in the school of life on earth. Those skills are seen and heard as capacities of persuasion
and mediation.

A highly developed soul will see the essential nature of negativity—never seeing it as
"Evil"—rather seeing it as the nature of all things to swing equally between the poles of
human expression has an essential prerequisite to the discovery and final realization of
true balance.


The developed soul will always see the needs and requirements of others as at least
equal in importance to those of himself and those such as his family whom he takes

responsibility for. More often than not, the most developed of souls will not have great
personal responsibilities limiting their freedom and will often place the needs and desires
of others before their own. But not always!

The developed soul is mindful of the purpose of hardship, pain, and ruthless power as
valid expressions of instruction. He or she will instinctively know and sense when it is
time to stand back and let nature take her course. He will know how, when, and what are
the proper ways and measures of implementing these instructional measures himself,
and he will invariably -- through no effort on his own part -- find himself in such a position
of power and control as to enable him to do so without abusing those powers.

"Sacrifice" will not be a word on the path of the developed soul. Sacrifice is a word of
lesser perspective, implying the giving up of some desired state in exchange for some
other purpose of greater import. The developed soul will, instead of making a "Sacrifice",
make a "Choice without regret". The word sacrifice, which has negative connotations,
then disappears and the action is taken as a matter of conscious "choice" wherein all
negative connotations disappear. The difference is subtle, but so also are the motivations,
words, and frames of reference of the developed soul.


The developed soul will have come to the realization that the indulgences in life are
not constrained and are easily available for the taking, but the rewards of life are tightly
constrained and difficult to obtain. He will have learned that human restraint is the
enlightened response to the freedom of indulgences, and that disciplined, thoughtful
effort is the enlightened requirement for the obtaining of life's rewards.

His physical body will not show the effects which overindulgence, lack of restraint, lack of
disciplined effort, and lack of intelligence inevitably show. His emotions will demonstrate
restraint. His mind will be restrained from too much activity, too little activity, or focus on
negative concepts.


The overall indications of character of the developed soul will demonstrate "Expansion"
as opposed to the character of the undeveloped soul which demonstrates "Contraction".
Look carefully again at the chart in the section on the CHARACTERISTICS OF SOUL.
The concepts applying to the developed soul are all "Expanded" concepts. The concepts
applying to the undeveloped soul are "Contracted" concepts.

Better to see the developed soul as "Expanded" rather than "Positive". The word
expanded is more in keeping with the nature of creation as it appears to human form at
this point in time and space. It is a word of higher perspective than the word positive.
In fact, the expanded perspective of soul is both positive and negative in content just
as the developed soul will have the capacity to express in masculine or feminine ways
regardless of what type of physical form it occupies.

For example: restraint and control are negative aspects of complete freedom, but they
are also positive aspects of freedom as well. Incorporating both perspectives together
produces the "Expanded" perspective.

The Powers Of Soul

The Powers Of Soul, then, are the powers of the expanded perspective. They have little
to do with what we see as power here on earth today. Power is known today as a capacity
to influence the physical factors of life for some selfish or idealistic end. It manifests as
a result of physical, emotional, or mental effort--or a combination of all three.

The Powers of Soul are the intangible residuals of lifetimes of effort and the inimitable
processing called experiential differentiation in a realm where the game arena is not just
one of fun. The "Goal" is not one of winning. It is the journey through the playing field
that is the game ... and it's the game where everyone wins.

Verse from the song:

Time Men Learned To Cry

What is this tear

that’s falling here…

this deeply furrowed brow;

the hole in the whole,

the rejected soul,

the easily broken vow.

They all must be

reconciled somehow.

Yes, I think it’s time,

long past the time,

time men learned to cry.

C. Cain, 2001


We are always living continually out of as much of the soul as each of us have available
to us. Those who are highly experienced, expanded-perspective souls will inevitably
prove to have hidden in some not-easily-seen part of their being, deep feelings and the
capacity to express themselves wisely, powerfully, and freely. They will also have the
capacity to be silent and still for long periods of time, waiting patiently for their experiential
journey through Planet Earth to be fulfilled.

Until that time arrives, how can we fill our days meaningfully? Should we strive to live out
of the soul more and more each day?

We are essentially doing just that. We are each doing the best we can with what we
have to work with. However, the discovery of what constitutes a developed soul gives
those who are ready for it a frame of reference by which to measure themselves, and a
series of ideals to reach for. It's extremely difficult to reach or climb upward if it isn't clear
that there's another rung on the ladder. The ladder of realization and life reaches upward
into a Cloud Of Unknowing.

Who can say that the lazy, unmotivated person is not going through a period of rest
and thoughtful re-direction? Who can say that the greedy merchant needs to change
his ways? ... that the thief can learn by words alone? ... that wars must come to an
end ... and that all levels of culture and society are ready for the self-rule of elected
officials? Certainly not I. The school is the school, the classroom lessons are what we
see all about us. The methods of war change, but they're still instruments of control
all the same. Perhaps one day we as humans will expand beyond the need for such
harsh controls to balance selfishness, rebellion, and population control, but I personally
think not for many thousands of years. There are those who are motivated to exercise
physical power; there are those who are motivated to seek peaceful alternatives. Each
has his or her own place with equal validity.

There is only one true modus operandi: When the time comes for each of us to strive
to understand who and what we are, we will have no other choice than to seek until we
understand. At that point, and only at that point, will we strive to the exclusion of all else
to express what we have discovered within ourselves. This is the true way of living out
of the soul. It is not a new concept ... nor will it ever be outdated.
Before graduating from Planet Earth, we, as souls, will have to have been able to take
certain tests—to sustain our knowledge and beliefs through events which tend to negate
them and make them appear as frivolous, whimsical, and unacceptable to all but the
one who formed them. Who can withstand the test of being a captain in the face of
uncertainty which all storms prove to be—of having to stand alone against the elements
of physical reality, emotional unrest, and the doubt-riddled mind? It is far easier to just be
pre-occupied with another titillating experience, or imagine a new version of an age-old

The most valid kind of instruction forces us to look down inside of ourselves and come
up with answers to questions that we ask ourselves. This is what happens when the
teacher, which is life, forces us to climb into the issues of authority and take the lead--to
walk into territory we have not traversed before, or having traversed before, find that we
see the situation with new perspectives.

Living out of the soul then, is a perspective. It is an expanded, enlightened point of view
arrived at by looking down on the other five bodies of man from the vantage point of the
sixth and highest body, the soul. The meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga as taught by
Paramhansa Yogananda's SELF REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP in Los Angeles were my
own personal introduction to that perspective, but it took me years to catch up with the
quantum leap in consciousness the avidly-pursued series of mental and Soul exercises
produced. The concept of the six bodies of man came years later and from an entirely
different source.

Through this capacity to look objectively at the essential "Parts" of human "Being-ness",
one can catch what are at first fleeting glimpses of what "Wholeness" means. Over
time and through varied experiences, wholeness and completeness begin to permeate,
coordinate, and harmonize the bodies of man so that they work together in balance and
under careful control with just enough swing between positive and negative experiences
to match Physical/Emotional/Mental sensitivity and capacity. Developed souls are
usually highly sensitive because their expanded awareness and capacity to exercise
control allows them to check imbalances before they become too destructive.

The relatively undeveloped soul, including the soul which revels in his or her indulgences,
usually arrives in this world with a strong body constitution which enables major imbalances
and long stressful situations without producing death. This level of consciousness--or
actually "un-consciousness"--is about as easy to live with as a Bulldozer, Steam Roller, or
a 2,000-pound prize bull. However, Steamrollers and Bulldozers seem to work together

to get construction work done, and bulls don't seem to be fenced in to China shops ... not
for most of their lives, anyway.


Considering that every event in life on Planet Earth is instructional--as is the lack of
events--living out of the soul requires some tools to work with to build power. Planet
Earth, by its predominantly negative nature, is more about Power of all kinds than it
is about "Love" as humans define and see the term. The view from soul, however, is
that the many faces of Power add dimensions to the many faces of Love that would
not occur in any other way and are not easily recognized as such. The concept is
dramatically illustrated by the hard and ruthless face of Love required in the prisons and
correctional facilities of the world, the essential dictatorial nature of many world and local
governments, and in the trying real-life situation where a child conceived of undeveloped
souls is adopted into the household of much more developed souls.

Physical Body tools manifest themselves as physical work, exercise, athletics, dance,
and those things which build physical power and coordination.

Emotional Body tools would fall into the category called "Events". The primary arena for
emotional events revolves around relationships ... and those events involving frustration,
anger, desire, fear, anxiety, excitement, enthusiasm, falling in and out of love (infatuation),
self-importance, and so on.

Mental Body tools are concepts which are exercises in control. The mechanism of memory
has to be trained--where there is a capacity for it to be so! The process of reasoning and
rationalization has to be trained. The role of intelligence and the brilliance of genius have
little correlation with the subtle, intuitive capacities of the well-developed soul.

Soul, with its Etheric Body, are together the accumulated reservoir of experiential
knowledge: common-sense, wisdom, discernment, discrimination, intuitive impulse, sound
judgment, patience, and other "Powers" of soul. All of these are guidance mechanisms
and controllers of the mind, and through mind, the rest of the bodies of man.

Living out of the soul will invariably produce perspectives such as those outlined below as
tools for the proper maintenance of the lesser bodies of man ... and woman. Interesting
that the name "Woman" is simply "Womb-man". She is, at the end of her development,
the Creator, nurturer, and carrier of all the powers of man as well as those of woman.


Crisis diagnosis assumes that the soul is not yet so well-developed that all problems
are resolved before they become a crisis in the first place. Even the highly-developed
soul who chooses to work with, or walk amongst, the intractable, will use these higher
awareness techniques (tools) to bring problems and issues into perspective where they
can be clearly seen (by those capable of "Seeing") and resolved or subjected to a lesser,
more painful expression of power.

The formula is very old and very simple. It goes like this:
1. Who is the problem?
2. What is the problem?
3. Why is this a problem?
4. When is it a problem?
5. Where is the problem?

The formula is simple. The ingredients of the formula are a little more complex as
indicated below.


There are always at least two persons creating any problem, or two or more obstacles to
be reckoned with. If it isn't two people, it's one person and a bottle, or one person and an
issue, but it's always a confrontation of one person—the person who has the problem—
with some apparently “outside” influence. The nature of the problem is that the solution
and the problem always appear to be somewhere other than within the self. This is one
good example of why the word "Ignorance" exists; it is "Ignore-ance" or lack of thought
about the true nature of an issue or a problem. There are two classic aphorisms that
sum up this universal problem of lack of self-awareness. They're not mine and they’ve
been around for awhile, but they should be memorized as a part of every person's self-
education program. They go like this:

1. "If you have a problem, you are the problem."

2. "If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the

No-one, of course, can initially understand why or how it is that any and all problems are
caused by themselves. In fact, that's not what aphorism #1 says. It simply says “you are
the problem”; it makes no reference to the cause.

What matters here is that the real underlying cause of any problem may be completely
hidden from view... may in fact be equally implemented by either of two points of view,
both of which may be inevitable in this world of duality and divided viewpoints. Both
points of view may be argued without resolve. What the aphorism implies is that if
you are the one having the problem, you aren't going to change the other person, and
perhaps not even the situation. To insist on doing so compounds the problem by adding
in the intractability of your own ego and self-righteousness. Since you can’t change the
other person, the only thing you can change is yourself. The most immediate solution is:

1. Drop the issue for now.

2. Change your attitude.
3. Change your location.
4. Or any combination including all of the above.

As to procedure #1, time and the nature of passive energy oftentimes resolve issues in their
own way. As to procedure #2, changing one's attitude cannot be done if there's too much
ego, selfishness, or self-importance to begin with. This step exercises self-examination
as a pre-requisite to finding a solution, and requires a sometimes-superhuman effort to
expand and grow beyond present limitations. Procedure #3 may be essential for peace
of mind, but it is only the solution to the problem if a similar problem doesn't crop up in one's
new location. If it does, the message and the lesson have gone un-noticed and unlearned.


Just exactly what is the crisis; secondly, what appears to be causing the crisis. Is the
nature of the crisis a broken agreement? ... an implied agreement never spelled out in
detail? Is it an expectation not confronted or replaced by mutual agreement? ... An issue
of ideals? ... An issue of ethics or morals?

More may be expected of you than you are capable—or willing—to give. You may expect
more than the situation is capable—or willing—to provide. What did you settle for? Here
is another aphorism well worthy of being memorized:

"We get what we settle for."

As to the query of what is causing any crisis, I often refer to Buddhism's five Khrodas,
which are well worth memorizing as well, since they categorize and bring quickly to
mind the mind's own negative principles. They are: Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment,

and Vanity. They speak for themselves ... except for Vanity. Vanity is first of all an overt
pre-occupation with personal desirability ... our focus of too much attention on physical
appearance without the realization that beauty also radiates through words and attitudes.
Physical beauty radiates through the eyes, the skin, and the overall appearance of
health……factors which make-up can neither hide nor enhance. Vanity is also the great
human nemesis, Narcissism, which is pride, self-importance, the craving for fame, and
the admiration of self.

Lastly, but most importantly, if I have a problem I must ask myself what is the true nature
of the beast. Is it jealousy? Is it fear? If it is anger, is the anger justified? Is the anger
constructive ... as in the expression of power to force change ... or is it destructive, as in

At what level has the crisis appeared? ... In my physical body?... in my Emotional Body?....
or in my Mental Body? If it has appeared in my Physical Body, it is most likely requiring a
physical alteration of habits. Even if the Physical Body crisis results from emotional and/
or mental stress, physical remedies are required: doctors, hospitals, health education,
exercise, rest, change, or diet just to name a few. Invariably, effort is required at a time
when not much motivation or effort is available. Such is the nature of power building in
crisis management.

Physical problems cannot be resolved at the physical level alone. Intelligent use of the
mental body and motivation by the proper use of the emotional body's desire mechanism
to implement change are even more important.

If the crisis appears to be an emotional one, it will never be resolved without rising above
the emotional merry-go-round. The mind must come into play in implementing control.

If a crisis occurs in the mind, one must struggle with it internally, seek outside help
wherever possible, and learn how to be still. Soul sooner or later in its development
process must implement the diligent practice of recognizing and re-directing thought.
Control of the mind starts by examination of every single thought that arises. This means
shutting off certain thoughts the minute they arise, turning any thought which has a hint of
negativity into a positive thought, or, as a last resort, ignoring the mind and it's prattlings
completely. This only works where there is a highly focused attention such as occurs
in certain types of meditation exercises. In fact, this can be a part of any meditation
technique or practice. I remember my own studies of Bishop J. Fulton Sheen's book,
The Power Of Positive Thinking, and my very lengthy and detailed efforts to recognize

and control thoughts until I became conscious of their content the instant they formed
themselves or began to churn without conscious control.

It is the Soul which speaks to the mind and says: “DON’T GO THERE!”

And then there is always the concept of "Outside Help". We are not ever alone on
Planet Earth even though it appears so to our sensory perception. Our cries for help are
heard at levels and in places we don't even know exist. We must remember, however,
that each challenge carries with it a lesson that cannot be sidestepped or ignored. The
Planet Earth School has a relentless, ruthless teacher, but the reward in terms of wisdom,
power, and freedom more than justifies the price. And we have all paid the same price
at different points in time and space.


Crisis diagnosis also demands an explanation as to why such an issue poses a problem or
has been allowed to proceed to the stage of becoming a crisis. Knowing who the problem
is and what the problem is sheds more than enough light on the problem to decide why
it is happening. Here are a few ideas helpful in coming to that understanding:

1. First and foremost, a crisis is always a lesson. It's a lesson in soul

development called experiential differentiation.
2. Is there a great disparity in consciousness between those in the
relationship, the business, or the institution?
3. Is there a need for change? Does the reward justify the price? ... how
about when measured over the period of years?

Close friends can be invaluable in resolving the "Why" of crisis issues. Professional
consultants can add perspective ... particularly if they have wisdom to begin with.

The "Why" of crisis diagnosis may also not be an important issue. Different personality
types require different types of informational input. A knowledge of the science of
Personology is helpful here. Those individuals who have high vertical foreheads have
lots of brain area in the subjective, rational/reasonable/logical, and imaginative portions
of the mind. They have to know why things happen before they can proceed to act on
them. As a result, they are slower to act, change, and move on, but when they do so, it
is with sound reasoning and understanding.

Those who have physical properties as evidenced by a forehead which slopes abruptly
back from the eyebrow will invariably be found to be, by nature and construction, "objective"
thinkers. They don't have to process information in the same way that subjective thinkers
do. Consequently, they are first and foremost "Doers". They respond more quickly and
don't have to have all the answers and explanations in place in order to act.


The "When" portion of crisis diagnosis deals with time:

1. How often does the problem or crisis arise or recur?

2. At what point in time should the issue be confronted?
3. At what point in time should the issue be finished?

Not all of us are in control of our lives as much as we'd like to be. We never seem to be
beautiful enough, loving enough, desirable enough, wealthy enough, powerful enough,
smart enough, free enough, ... in fact, there’s some question as to whether any of us are
really in control at all. Some people seem to have enough of everything. They appear
on the surface to be able to control their lives, but what about the inner person? At what
point in time do we find ourselves in control of all crisis situations both inside and outside
our being? There is an answer to this question, but it seems to be available only to the
developed soul who's refuge does not lie in the people, places, things, and situations of
the earth. We are in control when:
• We can instantly leave any situation we don't settle for.
• No person means more to us than our own peace of mind.
• The material possessions of life become more imprisoning than conducive
to freedom.
• We can walk our journey alone with Equanimity and not feel lonely.
• We are more comfortable with the unknown and uncertain than with the
known and predictable.

As is rather obvious, those who are in control are rare—probably the ones who are here
on the Earth for the last time around. The rest of us have to deal with each crisis as it
grabs us:

1. How often does the crisis occur? It may be an acceptable choice to ignore it ... that
means put it out of mind. If it is not easily put out of mind, then lack of mind control
and the “petty” mind may be the problem. If the problem or crisis continues and
doesn't go away, step #2, confrontation, becomes essential.

2. Once the crisis demands confrontation, there are two equally valid options: confront
it head-on; or side-step the issue completely. If the situation is violent, explosive,
or overpowering, it is better to disappear completely without a word and then seek
protection legally or in any way help can be made available. In many cases the
inequalities of power make head-on confrontations futile and exhausting. The universe
is better equipped than most individuals to balance out these situations. Besides,
there is a very thin line between a hero and a fool.
3. Finishing with a crisis or problem is sometimes the most difficult part of crisis management.
Death and divorce are such great sources of stress because people haven't gained
control over their emotions and/or their mind. In addition, relationships tend to make
women in particular complacent and lazy-- too "secure" in their dependence. Men are
forced to work to earn a living. Planet Earth is all about power as a face of love. It is
very unforgiving in this regard. Independence, self-sufficiency, creative expression,
and self-assertion are essential principles in life as well as any relationship. Those
who have developed these powers don't have crises ... not because they don't have
problems, but because their problems never reach crisis proportions. Crisis situations
are power builders whether seen as such or not.


Where, exactly, is the problem? It always appears to be outside the self. Someone, or
something else, is invariably seen as being the problem. That may be, but the only place
there is immediate control of the problem or solution is within the self. Step number one
is to deal with the self. Step number two is to decide how far-reaching the crisis is and
whether or not you personally feel the effort required to balance the universe is your own
individual responsibility--or desire--or best left to the universe to resolve.

In step #1 above, the crisis will be centered in one of the grosser of the six bodies of
man... or perhaps three all at once as in: Physical Body pleasure or escape, Emotional
Body instability or attachment, and Mental Body lack of control.


As much as I hate to a acknowledge the fact, no self-respecting "Crisis Producer" (read

as Creator) would be worth His or Her salt if the crisis produced did not at least slightly
exceed the capacities of those experiencing the crisis: "No effort ... no expansion"; "No
work ... no power gain." The real "Art" of the Crisis Producer is to produce an event that
requires a stretch, but that doesn't result in too great a fall.

The events of life are worth living for, but few are worth dying for. It seems, however, that
the adventurous soul doesn't mind risking his life for the thrill of danger and adventure. As
a result, it becomes incumbent upon the Crisis Producer to prove that death is definitely
one way to produce and manage a crisis all in the same moment ... definitely the Fool's
way to learn a hard lesson, but it happens every day. It usually doesn't happen without
several warning events carefully designed to make it very clear that the type of crisis
situation being engaged in is beyond the capacities of the participant. Wisdom is the
capacity to recognize limitations, and to respond to the instinct of fear with measured

Some souls are designed to be able to engage in death-defying, adrenaline-pumping

experiences. They instinctively know who they are. I have known and worked alongside
a number of them in the military and flying businesses. I was not one of them! I have
always had too much to live for, and nothing worth dying for.

Invariably the person who has allowed a problem to go unconfronted is one who has
failed to avoid it in the first place. Such people often need help from "Outside" themselves.
There are various levels of outside help and though they are all obvious, they are not
always used effectively or "Brought to mind" when needed. These sources of outside
help are:
1. Someone to talk to.
2. Someone to listen to.
3. Someone to read about.
4. Help from beyond the physical realm.

Women are great crisis precipitators and managers. One might think I'm being facetious
here, but I'm not. Women tend to be more sensitive and discerning than men ... more
introspective. Men are busy coping with, and attempting to carve up, the world at
large into a smaller world for themselves first and their family second. A woman has to
command (manipulate!) a man's attention, and she has a formidable set of tools to do
that with: her Physical Body, her Emotional Body, and her mind or Mental Body. The
effectiveness with which she wields these bodies is a function of the developed—or
undeveloped—nature of her soul.

Women are more intimate than men; therefore they are capable of being more
communicative with other women than with most men. Women can talk to each other
and listen to each other's experiences and advice. Men tend to be too proud, aloof,
unaware of their inner being, self-important, egotistical, busy with outer activities, and

generally unable to communicate from the heart and soul. As the poem at the beginning
of this section suggests, it's “time men learn to cry” ... which is to say it's time men
learned to recognize their dual nature: their male nature as well as their equally important
female characteristics …… which they could easily find with a little introspection as few
souls have journeyed through the earth without numerous experiences in both male and
female physical bodies.

Control from Soul enables the instantaneous expression of male responsiveness or

female responsiveness in either physical body format without detraction from the power
of either one. The capacity to recognize which face of love—or power—is appropriate to
any given situation is a sign of mastery and a sign of the developed soul.

In crisis management, having someone to talk to and someone to listen to--particularly

the choice of talking and listening to someone wiser—is of major importance.

Reading and studying the words of wise teachers and those who have gone deeply into
the understanding of who they are and what they have personally found meaningful in
life are also important in bringing concepts to mind that are beyond the realm of personal
experience. Their importance, however, is only as great as one's ability to implement the
principles in one's own unique way into their own life.

Last, and most important of all, is contacting the origin of true "Outside Help" ... the
Source and its hidden helpers, at levels beyond the apparent. Call it prayer, call it what
you like, but one should use it until one feels so comfortable with it that one can stake
their very life on it. This kind of help has been an integral part of my own life since I
first felt at a total loss for direction in my 16th year. Perhaps it was as a result of my
Episcopalian church-school training, but more than likely it was because I found that,
though I was speaking into the great void just as though I were speaking to myself, I
always felt that something somewhere heard me and responded. I didn't always like
the way it responded, or failed to respond according to my expectations, but as I slowly
developed the view and perspective of looking down on my situations from what I would
later recognize as “the view from soul”, I could see my life taking its own unique direction.
It was a direction that often went astray, often was difficult to keep expanding into, and
often seem downright alien to me. Over time, however, events that at first appeared un-
natural later revealed themselves as experiences of instruction ... of forced introspection,
self-examination, and adaptability for the sake of soul development.

The nature of my personal relationship with the Source is much like that of a child
to its parents. The attitude and feelings change over time from total dependence, to

independence, to that of an inseparable friendship……albeit one with a great deal of
respect, at least from my end. The voice by which I speak to myself within seems to have
numerous levels of consciousness and awareness depending entirely upon where my
attention is focused. The focus of attention on the writing of this book, for example, has,
over the past three years, taken my attention off of all things physical and emotional to
the point that my health has suffered severely and I’ve had to re-adjust my priorities to
include physical exercises and additional health-oriented expenditures and disciplines
in order to regenerate my physical body……or lose it! Though I enjoy immensely the
reach of consciousness into the unknown and the not-easily-“seen”, I’ve had to realize
that only part of my own artistic expression of human experience is dancing on the stage
of life. The ultimate canvas that soul paints is immensely complex and requires subtle
mixes of bright and drab color, harmonious mingled with discordant sound, and detail
mingled with impressionism in order to make it at all worthy of display as exemplary and

When I ask myself a profound question now, the answer can be as frivolous as
profound……as though I constantly have to decide what “We” are going to decide is
frivolous or profound. Such is the ultimate state of consciousness of the “Frontrunner’s
Authority”—the view from whence the pendant swings where all things are possible, but
“alignment” the only way to intuit what is probable.


I have never felt that either the sub-conscious or the dream state were valid in crisis
management, but I have to qualify this statement lest it be misunderstood. The dream
state seems to lack control from this realm, and this realm is where attention is required to
be the most heavily focused. It is the period immediately following the dream state which
is to me the most valuable as it seems to originate at the highest levels of conscious and
intuitive mind before the ratiocinations of the day’s problems take over control and focus
of mental attention. Both the dream state and the sub-conscious have always seemed to
me to be formed from the imaginations of the countless “souls” or energy matrices which
go to make up the Physical Body and perhaps the lower levels of the Astral/Emotional
Body. I am perceiving here, again, from the frame of reference that all phenomenae
which have existence are first of all souls, and have an imaged awareness of themselves
as an integral part of their mandate and being.

I spent over a year recording my dreams and trying to make some practical application
of them possible, but there seemed no logical consistency to them except in one way.

Whenever some particular part of my physical/emotional/mental being needed re-
balancing, there seemed to be an appropriate energy production such as anxiety, fear,
exhilaration, or other form of unrest designed to automatically re-balance things during
sleep. If there was a message intended, it usually came through as an intuitive impulse
or thought at the time mentioned above as being immediately after leaving the dream
state and in the first portion of conscious mental activity. Perhaps those who have more
time and ability to focus energy on the dream state and sub-conscious will find them
worthy of the vested effort, but I have personally felt that my efforts were more effectively
utilized through the use of the analytical mind and its capacity for intuitive sourcing.


Crises, problems, and the obstructed nature of this predominantly negative realm are
but the teaching tools of an incredibly vast intelligence whose countless expressions
of Itself include the treatment of each of us in human form with a recognizable parity of
developed value ... and an occasional appearance of favoritism to keep us constantly
and slightly off-balance. By "recognizable parity of developed value", I mean that souls
are not created equal. I mean that we are progressed through life and lifetimes within
a grouping of souls of somewhat similar development and levels of consciousness so
that there is not too great a “dis-parity” in consciousness. We learn better and faster in
this manner. There is more stability, affirmation, and security in numbers and similarity
of consciousness, but it is still basically instability that produces the motivation and
requirement for expansion ... a very carefully controlled instability. The varieties and
extent of interactivity of souls varies with each lifetime in ways no computer could ever
come close to duplicating.

We start out on this journey as infants, spend lifetimes as the manipulated victim and the
“fodder” of greater power that the inept youth inevitably are in nature and social life.

Through the measure of events called Time, we expand into the adolescent, eventually
becoming the impeccable imitator and follower of the herd instinct seeking survival at
any cost.

At some unknown station on the main track we pick up the Warrior's two-edged sword
and begin to carve our way through the jungle of deceitful selfish interest... hopefully
without cutting off our own head or appendages in the process. We soon begin to revel
in our own power and manipulative capacities. In fact, we often lose ourselves completely
in them!

We carve out our own clearing from the jungle and from this vantage point we stave off
the creeping insects, crawling snakes, and raging and roaring beasts of the human and
animal challenge to survive and excel. If we can't stave off the outer travesties, we must
then deal with the onslaught of inner microbes, bacteria, viruses, and the many dragons
of the heart and mind.

And what is the Medal of Honor? ... love? ... hardly the kind of love humans know.
Perhaps it is power, the Powers Of Love known only to Gods ... the Gods which we are
becoming and will continue to become. This is the journey to freedom?

Somewhere ... off in the distance ... I hear laughter!

Excerpted From The Poem:

Image Of The Dreamer

Oh, tell me does the image

of the dreamer ever end,
or does it thread through countless worlds
too numerous to comprehend?

Is this the reach

that exceeds the grasp?
Is it really all we are?

Oh, dance upon the ocean wind

and think upon a star,
The image of the dreamer
compels me yet this far.

The image of the dreamer

……may be all we really are!

C. Cain, 1998


There are no earthly teachers as adept ... or as ruthless ... or as thorough ... as the inner
teacher, the "Event-Former"—the unseen but not unfelt source of all crisis situations
…… and all "Outside Help" as well. Here is a true paradox, an enigmatic truth that bears
careful scrutiny and contemplation. How can this be that the source of our problems is
also the source of our help? How can it be that God and Satan issue from the same
source? What could possibly be accomplished by this enigmatic viewpoint?

A broad segment of Christianity does not seem to want to confront this issue, let alone
resolve it. I suggest, however, that we’re ready for a broader and more expanded concept.
If “God” is seen as the positive force, and “Satan” is seen as the negative force, and
both issue forth from The Source as divided images of itself, then we have essentially
transcended the dual nature of reality, at the same time allowing both to exist. We have
taken “Duality”, which is the divided nature of our consciousness on Planet Earth today,
and added a transcending dimension……the unifying Source.

It is precisely because of this confusion and lack of acceptable definition that I don’t use
the word “God” very often. There are too many misconceptions surrounding the word.
As humans we tend to lump any consciousness greater than our own into the category
of a “God” or a “Lord”. My own frame of reference is that there be countless Gods
and Lords governing their respective realms of “response-ability” throughout Creation,
but they all issue forth from The Source just as does everything else within the realms
that they create and rule. The Source is actually all there is. “Realizing” this concept --
making it real – is, for the most part, beyond soul until soul is well enough developed to
comprehend the concept.

The understanding and realization of this paradox, and the awareness of this understanding
from moment to moment as an intuitive and habitual response, is the solution to the
enigma of Duality, and consequently the dissolving of the illusion of separation from the
Source. It is the end of all seeking; the last of all questions; and the beginning of getting
down to working with the tasks and situations placed before us…… and doing so with
cheerful willingness rather than a mouthful of complaints and the anger of frustration.
Within “cheerful willingness” lies the overview that even failure contains a kind of success,
and that what’s most important is to find the hidden lesson in each event. The Powers
Of Soul do not come without a price, and we are standing in the store. There’s no credit
extended here. We get out when we’ve paid the price—slayed the dragon of ignorance!
Along these lines of what lies beyond Duality and beyond soul, I took the essence of an
old story, re-wrote it in a new location, and gave it a new twist. It goes like this:


There was once a young man, who, for reasons unknown to himself, embarked on a
journey to some distant land to which he had only vaguely heard reference. In doing so,
he left behind himself all that was familiar, and safe, and known, and comfortable. At one
point in the journey, he ran out of food and wandered about for several days wondering
how he would keep himself alive.

Being in a strange land, he did not know whom to turn to for help, so he began to look
for “signs” of help along the way. In the villages, things were all very much the same;
there was nothing that appeared inviting. In the country, things were even poorer – but
at the entrance to one dirt driveway leading off the main thoroughfare there stood a sign
different from all the others. Painted on it, like on all the others, was the owner’s name…..
but this particular sign had been lovingly embellished with a few brightly painted flowers.
Beneath the owner’s name, in small print, one word jumped out to catch the Traveler’s
attention: WELCOME, said the word.

The Traveler turned down the driveway for a short distance to find a small log cottage
perched at the very edge of a calm lake. The smell of wood smoke drifted occasionally
into his nostrils as he walked up the steps leading to the veranda and front door. He smiled
at the sight of the door-knocker…… a hand-carved model of a Red-Headed Woodpecker
cleverly mounted so that when one pulled the dangling string, the Woodpecker’s bill
whacked solidly against a split piece of birch branch nailed to the wood-slab door. He
had hardly reached for the string when the door opened. An older man stood in the
doorway before him, nodded a greeting, and looked enquiringly at him in silence.

“I……uh……I was just traveling by, and noticed your welcome sign,” said the Traveler. “I
haven’t eaten for several days and I wonder if you could spare me something to eat?”
“Just a moment,” the old man said, disappearing into the cabin’s dark interior. He shortly
returned to the door holding a fish in his left hand and a fishing rod in his right hand.
“Take the fish and you eat for today. Take the fishing rod and you’ll never go hungry,” he said.
The Traveler thought for a moment.
“I would take the fishing rod, but I don’t know how to use it,” he said.
“It takes some work, and it takes some training. You do the work and I’ll do the training.
What is your choice?”

“I’ll take the rod, and do the work, if you’ll do the training” replied the Traveler.
“A wise choice,” the older man said. “In this realm, what is gained by effort is never lost.
Come with me.”
And so saying……and doing attentively as well…… the Traveler added the art of fishing
to his storehouse of knowledge, talents, and abilities.

Equipped now to continue his journey even farther afield, it was a number of years
before the Traveler found himself returning from his journeyings along the same road
he had taken years before. Things had changed. He hardly recognized anything as
being a familiar sight…… anything, that is, except the welcome sign with the painted
flowers. The underbrush around it had become overgrown, but the area around the
sign had been kept clear, and the sign itself still carried its freshly-renewed, brightly-
painted message……all obviously by careful design and continued periodic attention
despite the constant ravages of the realm that returns all living things to the mineral
state. The Traveler quickly remembered the sign and the way in which it spoke to him
as being an extension of a living personality. For no other reason than intuitive impulse,
he turned once again down the dirt driveway and soon found himself on the veranda of
the familiar log cottage. The door opened; the old man had changed little. He smiled,
instantly recognizing the Traveler.
“Welcome back”, he said. “Would you like something to eat?”
“No…” laughed the Traveler. “ Thanks to you, I’m well fed. I just wanted to come by to
thank you for what you did for me.
“T’was little enough,” the old man said. “You don’t know how many fish I’ve given, and how
many fishing rods I’ve kept!”……and they both laughed with mutual understanding.
“But now…” said the old man, scrutinizing the Traveler with eyes that saw more than
sights, “……now perhaps there’s something more than fishing rods that occupies your
“As a matter of fact, there is”, the Traveler said. “Now that I can feed myself with so little
effort, and have my freedom so well in hand, I no longer want to travel through this realm.
At the same time, I don’t want to die of boredom and inactivity. Any suggestions?”
“Oh!” replied the old man. “That can indeed be a real problem. Just a moment!”

And once again he disappeared into the cabin interior, to emerge shortly thereafter
bearing an object in each hand. He held out a box with his left hand.
“This is a puzzle”, he said. “As you put it together, it will become more and more beautiful
until all you want to do is sit and admire it.”
He paused; then held up his right hand.
“This,” he said, ”is a jig-saw for making your own puzzles……choose thou!”

The Traveler smiled, seeming puzzled. He thought hard for a moment, shifting first to
one foot; then to the other; then back again. Suddenly, he knew the answer.
“I’ll take them both!” he replied with great confidence, and the two of them burst into
gales of laughter.
“You choose wisely” said the old man. “If you take them both, you must also take one
more thing.”
“Yes?......and what might that be?”, enquired the Traveler.
“A mirror. You’ll find them everywhere: on walls; in your actions; and in other people’s
actions and words. Look carefully into them. The solution to most of life’s problems is
contained in the mirror’s image. But the deepest secret of all will be found on the other
side of the mirror!”
“But……but there’s nothing on the other side,” replied the Traveler.
“There is and there isn’t,” the old man replied, “ but you have to go through the mirror to
find out.”
He paused, and then added, “Come back when you find what’s on the other side”.
Puzzled, the Traveler continued on his journey to understanding.

In the above story, the Old Man continually took the Traveler mentally to a point beyond
the outer edge of his consciousness at each of their meetings. By asking the Traveler to
discover what lay on the back side of the mirror, he was replacing words with silence……
a silence that demanded quiet contemplation—the essential ingredient to realizing the
origin of all form and phenomenae. In essence, the Old Man had given the Traveler
several puzzles…… the final one being of ultimate magnitude.

How then can words be placed upon this giant leap into the unknown? Without imagination,
the effort would be entirely futile and useless. How they formed themselves in my head
as the concepts which follow I know not. Even had I heard them before, they would not
have made the impact they did had I not reached a point of acceptance, or realization,
or soul development, wherein they became an inseparable part of my inner “knowledge”.
Even at that, this “knowledge” is never more than an “acceptance in part” of a concept
not yet fully unfolded.

Here is some insight into what one is likely to find on the back side of the mirror.


The image which appears on the reflective side of any mirror when you look into it is a
"Thing" ... a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object: yourself. Both
object and image have form ... and boundaries. On the non-reflective side of the mirror,
there is no image. The poetic implication--and the analogy apparent to an enlightened
being whose mind doesn't block the leap--is that behind the image and the boundaried
form, there is “nothing”.

There is no description of the word "Nothing" stating or implying "No-Consciousness".

The word itself simply says "No thing". What lies on the other side of the mirror and the
illusion of its image and object, is stillness and formlessness ... the absence of matter,
energy, space, time, thought, idea, imagination, and any "thing" that can be conceived.
There are no words that can adequately describe this "potential" state. It is the "Source",
but it is also not the Source because even the word "Source" is a noun and nouns
describe a person, place, thing, quality, an action or an idea... and this state of potential
or stillness is even beyond an idea. It is not even a "Void" because the word "void" is
also an idea. It is an idea which applies only to the concept of duality: something versus

We could say that this source, being the origin of all Creation, has consciousness, but
the use of even that word or idea gives it limits. The Source simply has no limits, origin,
beginning, end, form, or existence. It is just every "where" and in every "thing". It takes no
small amount of contemplation to become familiar with this concept and to wrap the mind
around it, or perhaps I should say to wrap it around the mind. Still, the mind demands
that we have some frame of reference for the source of all things, so I've chosen to use
the simplest and most descriptive word I can think of: the Source.

And, if you can stretch this far, we are IT expressing. Every idea, concept, thing, or
phenomenon is a portion of its created "body" just as integral, interrelated, interactive
and essential as a hand, leg, emotion or mind is to human form. We, the humans, the
animals, the earth, the universe, are It's work of art as a "bodily" expression.

As if this isn't difficult enough to wrap the tiny soul and mind of man around, the next
statement is equally so. Creation didn't start with a big bang millions of years ago. The
Big bang event was simply one event in an endless chain of events without beginning
or end that constantly change ... and we describe them in terms of the mutually-agreed-
upon standard approaching consistency which we label as time.

In actual fact, everything that exists including ideas and objects is created anew... literally
emerges out of the consciousness of the Source... as a totally new still-image billions of
times each second. The imagined image of the Source is without motion. All Creation is
alive with stillness. Motion is a word humans have coined to describe a type of change
... and any aware human being cannot help but realize the underlying concept of change
as integral to all of human existence and experience.

It took me many years to realize this concept and it came to me one day as an idea
during my quiet contemplations looking out the window at an island partially obscured
by fog in a calm, still lake. I realized that the processes of creation are illustrated before
us in daily life for those who develop the capacity to see concepts and ideas behind the
forms and events of daily life. Artists do this as a part of their sensing mechanism; and
poets do it as well using words and the feelings and concepts expressed by words to
simplify incredible complexity into comprehensible, envisionable feelings/images.

The imagery that came to me in that moment tied together many things I had already
experienced in the field of film production. Having operated and maintained professional
motion picture cameras as a cameraman, film projectors as a film editor and theater
projectionist, and written screenplays and acted as an actor, the mechanics of the
projected image were thoroughly familiar to me.

I recalled reading about an incident relating to film projection that I had never realized
despite close association with all aspects of the industry. The question arose as to how
many minutes out of a 90-minute film the audience sat in total darkness with no light or
image projected onto the screen at all. I had thought at first perhaps a few minutes at most
because once the film begins being projected onto the screen, there is no awareness of
darkness for a single second! Such is the nature of illusion built around the limitations of
the human sensing mechanisms.

The writer claimed that 60 minutes out of each 90-minute film went fleeting by as total
darkness and the absence of any image at all on the screen. I was at first astonished, but
then began to contemplate. The shutter of a movie camera allows light to pass through
to the film at a rate of 24 or 30 times per second, each flash of light/image representing
roughly a 60th of a second. The projector, of course, imitates the film and camera as
precisely as possible, so 60 minutes of darkness suddenly became not only plausible,
but very real.

Further contemplation revealed to me that each frame of film image constituted a still-
photo ... the capturing of an idea in time and space. The illusion of "Motion" appeared

only when there was a certain type of consistency in the re-appearance of a similar object
in close proximity and according to expected or previously experienced behavior.

Operate a film camera or projection camera at half speed (12 or 15 frames per second)
and the illusion degrades to a series of still images flashed on the screen. The human
sensing mechanism is not "time adaptable"; it is fixed in its interpretation of what constitutes
motion. Speed the camera up to 100 frames (or still images on film) per second and the
image appears on the screen in slow motion when projected onto the screen at standard
speed. Run the camera at standard speed and speed the projector up above standard
speed, however, and what appears is a Charlie Chaplin-like film imagery which appears
to modify time in the opposite direction. Anything beyond the standard human perception
of time becomes an "Illusion" which is not natural to this reality.

In the section entitled The Nature Of Reality, I mention the Concordance Model Of The
Universe which stipulates that 70% of the Universe is Dark Energy, 25% is dark matter,
and only 5% observable matter. Does this analogy of the film projector not correlate very
well with the Concordance Model of the Universe?

The important realization at this point is how flexible reality becomes when manipulated
from an origin composed entirely of still images. It immediately becomes very obvious to
me that time is far more manipulatable than at first imagined ... at least from the viewpoint
of the Source. By simply increasing or decreasing the number of images projected, the
nature of time is altered radically. The most inflexible part of the equation is, in our
particular case, the human sensing mechanism. Only a certain very limited amount of
variation from an established norm would maintain consistency and order. In order to
experience a change in time dimension, there would have to be a change in the entire
nature of the reality as well as the sensing mechanisms designed around that particular
reality. Another dimension would thereby be automatically formed.

Like the frame of reference of the six bodies of man and the other frames of reference
set forth in this writing, I find this concept of the intermittent nature of creation--creation
in stillness without motion--of profound meaning and practical value in understanding the
nature of the Source. If nothing else, the concept resolves the issue of the stillness of the
Source as apparently contradictory to its production of the appearance of motion. The
illusion is now clarified and can be imagined as a basic assumption for further practical

In fact, it already is illustrated in a more profound and practical way than through the
medium of film. Look, for example, at the computer. The processing of computer

information is put in "motion" through differentiation between two states: 0 and 1, or off
and on. The computer's language to itself is a fluctuation between intermittent electrical
signals the consistency of which extends the capacities of the human mind ... which I am
given to believe operates in much the same way as the computer.

Still another way of looking at the intermittent nature of Creation is to contemplate

Heisenberg’s Principle Of Uncertainty, which stipulates that we can either know a
particle’s position or its momentum accurately. The more we can predict either position
or momentum, the less we know about the other.

The momentum (mass X velocity)of any oscillator is zero at the peak of each oscillation
(mass X zero velocity = zero) which is to say that it becomes non-existent for an instant
each time it “changes” its oscillation. It is precisely at this instant of non-existence, then,
that an entirely new image of the oscillator is projected which remains in existence only
for the duration of the most recent oscillation.

Tibetan Buddhism, at its most esoteric levels of understanding, describes the world in a
somewhat similar fashion. I quote from Alexandra David-Neel and Lama Yongden in The
Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects:
“The tangible world is movement, say the masters, not a collection of
moving objects, but movement itself. There are no objects “in movements,”
it is the movement which constitutes the objects which appear to us: they
are nothing but movement.
This movement is a continued and infinitely rapid succession of flashes
of energy (in Tibetan “tsal” or “shoug”). All objects perceptible to our senses,
all phenomena of whatever kind and whatever aspect they may assume,
are constituted by a rapid succession of instantaneous events.
There are two theories and both consider the world as movement.
One states that the course of this movement (which creates phenomena)
is continuous, as the flow of a quiet river seems to us. The other declares
that the movement is intermittent and advances by separate flashes of
energy which follow each other at such small intervals that these intervals
are almost non-existent.”

Having, then, "stopped the world", as it were, with these expanded frames of reference,
what do all these concepts do for the expansion of human thinking and corresponding
action? This information doesn't appear to pose any great threat to world function or it
would never have arrived in the first place, but I can't say so much for what it will do to

religious, philosophical, or even scientific thinking. The school is still the school. The
programs and classrooms are expanding constantly and souls seem to be demanding
increased awareness as well as exercising increased capacities for awareness constantly,
but this may only be a cycle—a cycle for a large graduating class, perhaps.

If the unwritten and as yet undiscovered histories of Atlantis and Lemuria which come to
us by vague, unorthodox and little-understood means are to be believed as more than
possibilities, the technical advancement of the human mechanism is not an entirely new
phenomenon. The cataclysms that followed their maximum expressions of technological
advancement seemed also to be brought on by an inability to handle the power these
technological advancements generated. Further study into what information we do have on
these civilizations which predate recorded history and which preclude further investigation
due to their nature of being submerged beneath the sea indicates that this expansion of
awareness and capacity for increased freedoms also produced major imbalances on the
negative side in the form of greed, overindulgence, and the misappropriation and misuse
of power. Their demise, and the future of our own technological age, can be viewed from
two entirely separate states of consciousness.

The view from below or within the game arena of cause and effect is that consciousness
did not expand universally throughout the realm in a “good” direction. In order for
Consciousness to expand in a positive direction, it must expand equally as far in a
negative direction in order to remain in balance and produce its net effect which is the
expansion of consciousness through differentiation. This being the case, cataclysms do
not result from deteriorating morals, negative ethical expressions, or even from human
behavior of any kind because human behavior must move as far in a positive direction
as it moves in the negative direction.

The view from above the game arena of cause and affect is probably far more complex
than a simple matter of moral or ethical degradation. It can be brought on by the
distribution of raw materials used primarily in any single civilization and their having been
consumed; or it could be brought on by the simple fact that expansion of consciousness
in that manner and direction had reached its maximum utilization. As humans, we tend
to place a very high value on our physical lives without realizing that it is soul which is of
primary import. The physical mechanism is easily and regularly destroyed as evidenced
by the inevitable seemingly arbitrary and unimportant death process. The physical
mechanism has about as much importance to the formative source as the automobile
does to us. Soul, however, cannot be destroyed at this level of reality, and therein lies a
primary lesson in value.

What I’m saying here, in essence, is that the game of life is designed in such a way that it
effectively serves its purpose far better than we are capable of comprehending and at the
same time serves the best interests of all involved. But control, and thus the explanation
of how it works, is always by default as well as by overview the sole prerogative of the

I don’t know how you feel about that, but to me that is a tremendous relief. I would, and
do, relax into the arms of the Source with far greater peace of mind and inner fill-fullment
than any reliance on human manipulation is capable of producing! This attitude, however,
does not release me from the requirement for vigilance, effort, participation in the cycles
of life with equanimity and alacrity, even though I cannot always find it in me to dance to
the tunes life plays for me.


Just as the view from the window of a space vehicle is totally different from the view out
of the same pair of eyes within the Amazon jungle, so is the view from soul different from
the view within the demands of daily life.

Through the concepts of the Source, the six bodies of man, and the other concepts
presented in this writing, we gain a perspective of life that is not accorded or possible
in any other way. This perspective enables us to govern ourselves, our family, and
our country with a new vision ... the vision within the framework of duality which at first
captures us and which we gradually emerge from lifetimes later as whole beings. This
vision sees man as equal and unequal, both in the same place at the same time ... in
one lifetime and in many.

It is incumbent upon the peaceful existence of the developed souls to control

and those less-developed than themselves in such a way that the result is synergistic
to all. One need only look around to see how that is being done: by encouragement, by
necessity, by control, by opportunity ... and even by pain, force, and death.
We pride ourselves in our intelligence and our "evolved" state ... and it strikes me as
amusing that the Source in its vast intelligence has concealed itself so well from its
creations. It's as though the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing ... and
furthermore is having so much fun and involvement doing what it is doing that it doesn't
really want to know any more. This is fine because control is exercised from well above
where human consciousness has any capacity to comprehend.

We appear to have choices, but only because we think we are the creators of ideas,
concepts, perceptions and thoughts. But I ask you one simple question: where do they
all come from? This question requires an answer. Too long has it settled for "ignore-

In this final section called Beyond Soul, I have tried to stretch myself as far out into the
unknown and unseen as I'm capable of doing while still maintaining some semblance of
rational, reasonable, logical human frame of reference. These words and concepts are
not intended for the beginning—or even the developed—soul, but rather for one who has
placed themselves on the very fringes of possibility and developed a somewhat similar
frame of reference. I have put myself in the Creator's shoes ... much like a fool where
angels fear to tread. It's like my father used to say to me:

"Only Fools know what they're doing"

My own personal view of imagination, instruction, constraint, purpose, choice and love
follows from as close as my little mind and soul enables me to reach to that pinion point
from which the pendant of duality “swings”.

The transition from unknowing to the knowledge of the soul or the Source does not occur
in a moment, in a day, or even over a year. It is inevitably a long and gradual process
which starts off considering the existence of a God or Source as a possibility first. Then
one decides to have faith in that possibility. After a considerable amount of time and
practice developing one's faith, a belief in the concept develops. Finally, at some point
well down the road, knowledge is distilled like dew on the grass and all doubt is removed.
Even then, the test of time sorely tries the seeker for the Source has concealed itself
with the utmost of dexterity and skill. One has to be compelled, as have I, to the point
that there is no rest until some logical answer is found that is derived directly from the
observation and experiencing of life processes.

The key element is that one does not find unknown/unfamiliar things unless one is looking
for them. Even if the act of looking for things is the event which creates their existence,
the search for God is certainly a worthwhile venture. It's also even more important to
decide what kind of God one is going to settle for. The jealous God of the Christian Bible
is certainly not one I settle for. I would most certainly expect my God to be well above
and beyond jealousy!

The final realization comes when there is no longer any doubt, and that only occurs
when one has stood long enough in the shoes of the Source to derive some consistent,

communicable idea of how the universe is formed and functions... to experience in the
imagination at least where everything starts, and where everything stops. The answers
as to purpose and why are probably as numerous as the sum total of consciousness can
fathom. Fortunate are they who ask no questions.


So why is it that such a vast intelligence as the source would permit such broad imbalances
to occur constantly? Why is it that everything created within the realm of Planet Earth
seems to be eternally passing through the point of balance? Why is this point of balance
so obscure? ... and so variable from one soul to another?

The logical answer, and the view from soul, is that the Source doesn't just "permit"
imbalances, it actually creates them. Imbalance appears to be a consistent mandate for
the Planet Earth realm ... if not for all realms conforming to a "Dual" or similar nature.

Differentiation through experiential events is a form of "Realization" …… and realization

is a way of making something real that is essential to the accumulation of the feeling/
knowledge of wisdom, power and freedom at the level of the Etheric Body and Soul.
It may, in fact, be the primary purpose of this realm, and those other countless realms
within Duality which have greater or lesser swings of imbalance.

If these contemplations are correct, it is small wonder Soul is equipped at first with
such limited perspective. Too much perspective would diminish the effort required to
“span”—to reconcile—the polarities and extremes of Duality. I use the word perspective
here rather than “Intelligence” because intelligence seems to me to be more a trait of the
mind’s capacity to memorize and manipulate information. (It’s easy to see here that we
as humans need to spend more time defining our terms and frames of reference at these
higher levels of perspective).

It is not what the realm is that is important, but rather what it produces in the soul—and
perhaps in the Creator of soul as well—that counts.

Why is it that a lifetime of effort produces only a partial truth at best, and so much is lost
in the vastness of the ever-increasing volume and flow of information? Why is it that life
begins so beautifully and ends so ugly?

The balanced viewpoint takes all aspects of life into account: the food chain; the scourges
of disease, famine, tragedy, and death. To see life as blissfully intoxicating is as far out
of balance as to see it as cynically negative.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the soul, we secretly know that all good stories have
a happy ending despite what the journey to the story’s end produces. Humans may be
at the top of the "food" chain, but we're not at the top of the "consciousness" chain!


It would be a simple matter for the Source to put one wise man or woman with unusual
powers in charge of the world. If this person had insight into other's thoughts, and could
make themselves disappear at will; if they could manifest events with the immediacy of
thought or imagination …… or instantly stop the heartbeat of anyone threatening to do
harm, they would have absolute control over the events which occurred in the realm.

This solution is obviously not subtle enough or multipurposed enough for the creator
of this realm. The appearance of choice would be drastically limited and fear would
become a major motivating factor in control rather than learning through experience. In
short, there would be considerably less accumulation of knowledge in the individual soul.
It could easily be that all our concepts of power are just more convoluted exercises in the
expression of the highly creative consciousness of the Source.

What if the gaining of power over all the temptations and indulgences in life may simply
be a matter of soul having satisfied its curiosity about them ... having experienced them
all to the point of boredom and thus easily manifest a disinterest in what appears to
others as a sort of "power" over temptation or desire. Is disinterest the ultimate in self
control? If we could access the many lifetimes of those about us in an instant, we might
be less impressed with their great virtues of non-attachment, absence of lust, of anger,
of greed and of vanity. Perhaps this is what the Powers Of Soul really are ... not powers
at all but rather the turning of curiosity and desire toward other realms of unexplored
interest. Though this may in fact be true, nothing in this realm is ever so simple. The
synergy of Duality adds additional dimensions to the question of power.


The synergy of duality is where one cause plus a second cause produces three or more
effects. In Duality without synergy, one sees cause and effect as being either one thing

or another, i.e., either good or bad; either ethical or unethical; either moral or immoral.
The synergy of Duality is an expanded vision wherein there is a third or greater option:
the "Good" path, the "Bad" path, and the "Middle" path, or the option of using all together
with appropriate force and modality. Or perhaps, for example, the aggressive path, the
passive path, and the capacity to use either or both paths to suit the situation.

By audaciously attempting to view the Cause and Effect of Duality from the viewpoint
of the Source, their synergy enables the viewer to see “Relativity” vanish. The “finished
product” of wisdom, power, and freedom emerge from constraint, negativity, boredom,
pain, and anguish as played against their opposites.

I must say, however, I still haven’t figured out why—or how—a mountain of whiplashes
and pain can be added to an orgasm to produce some sort of “synergy”, but obviously the
Source has figured that one out. It certainly doesn’t seem to belong in any of the categories
of wisdom, power, or freedom…… but who am I to pass judgement on synergy!

That soul which has passed through the Planet Earth experience will have available to
it a much broader definition of, for example, the meaning of power—or the knowledge
of power as a face of love—than a soul which has not had the experience. The lack of
desire and temptation can be seen as a power just as can the capacity to meet positive
or negative expressions of power with whatever means are appropriate to the situation.

The consciousness which soul carries as an integral part of its mandate only ends
when the Source ceases to imagine its (soul’s) existence. What ends gradually, lifetime
after lifetime, is the "separation" from unity. Our separation from unity is what we call
"Individuality", and personality is a partial expression of individuality. Ego and self-
importance are expressions of personality. The journey through lifetimes and realms
gradually releases us from the feeling of bondage to our mandate of individuality and
we “merge” back into the Source from which we “e-merged”, not ever conscious for a
moment of any loss of ego, personality, soul, or Physical/Emotional/Mental Bodies, for
those terms only apply to separate portions of our total being.

We appear to have free choice, but the view from the Source is that since It creates
everything we are, It also creates our apparent choices and the choice we will make as
well... and the result must be acceptable to us as our part in the experiential synergy of
conscious existence. Life and lifetimes, realms upon realms, get better and better as we
steam down the rails we are each carefully designed to ride. If life is a travesty, we can
handle it because we are created to. If we leave our physical body, as occurs in death,

it is of absolutely no consequence any more than leaving an old car in the junkyard or a
new car that finds itself wrecked. What is important is that the soul and consciousness
are indestructible, but even soul must one day willingly and joyfully relinquish its form
for that ocean of love and power and wholeness—and every other term of experiential
awareness—which we can only dimly perceive as the Totality of the Source.

For those who tell us we create our own reality, I say: "Do It!" Push on the walls of your
prison until they won't expand any more or until the reward no longer justifies the price,
but always be thankful that something far greater than the puny human mind and soul is
in charge of everything. We cannot be doing anything that we are not being created to
do…… and that thought takes some lengthy pondering!

Even the wisest, most powerful and intelligent are fodder for a barn full of desires,
temptations, pleasures, and indulgences ... all of them capable of overwhelming any
soul who thinks he is a master of the universe. Old age and death are always quite
purposefully the final reminder of human limitation, but also quite capable of producing
the dance of freedom. Can anyone of a contemplative frame of mind tell me that this
kind of order and detail issues forth from a human source? There are but two kinds of
humans in creation: Fools……and those who have not yet discovered themselves as


Imagination—the conceptualizing capacity of soul—is the capacity for soul to "trans-form"

an idea, concept or perception into a denser, more-solid, vibrational structure which the
mind can then attempt to apply to shapes, forms and methods appropriate for the realm
within which the mind is functioning. The idea or concept, of course, originates from the
Source and manifests in a way peculiar to the mandate of the individualized soul.

Beethoven, for example, could "hear" his symphonies and compositions as though
performed live in his imagination. Due to his auditory physical hearing impairment, he
would yell and hum at high volume, all the while stomping his foot to the rhythms in his
imagination. He would have to write furiously as though to capture the fleeting melodies
before they vanished. His imagination dealt with sound, rhythm, and melody as highly
individualized capabilities in the realms of emotion, mind, and soul.

All the great inventors: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, spent
large portions of their time highly focused on the conceptualizing and idea-formulating

portion of their being which, for want of a clear definition, has previously always been
referred to as "mind". In my opinion, this capacity to image, perceive, formulate concepts,
and manipulate ideas is a higher capacity than mind, which places it within the energy
matrix and mandate of the soul.

The application of terms of value to imagination helps to explain my definition of the

term. Quantity and quality of imagination are terms of value, as is the description of the
manner in which imagination permeates and influences the various bodies of man.

QUANTITY of imagination seems to be a function of inherited physiological traits or

trained capacity of the Mind more than the development of soul, though the developed
soul will inevitably activate whatever capacity of imagination is inherent in the physical
structure. The personological trait of Imaginativeness shows up as a “prominence of
the frontal eminences” of the forehead. It lies in the same portion of the brain where
subjective thinking occurs……just behind the forehead.

QUALITY of imagination, on the other hand, seems to be a product of soul development.

The undeveloped soul has limited experiential training in using the powers and capacities
of the imagination in constructive/creative ways, using it instead as a mechanism of
fantasy, day-dreams, and an escape mechanism from the drudgery and pain of life.
The developed soul has far greater capabilities, among which is the creative ability to
conceptualize ideas and visualize images which do not as yet exist in reality. Having a
developed soul with a large physical capacity for imaginative creation is both a blessing
and a curse. Disciplined focus of attention does not come easily as it is far more fun,
entertaining, aesthetically pleasing, and self-satisfying to live in the world of the imagination
than live in the starkness and boredom of reality. Sooner or later, however, the Dragon
From Hell called “Responsibility” rears its ugly head and has to be confronted and dealt
with in a way that produces a balance with reality and its seemingly endless requirement
for “response-abilities”……hopefully still allowing the imagination to live through the

Again, the game plan – or battle plan – for Planet Earth is more about Power than
any other single characteristic. “Control” is a power—as in “will-power”, and power is
necessary for physical/emotional/mental and soul control. Power is, to me, just another
face of Love.

Control of the Imagination is a power of supreme importance for the direction of human
energy at all levels of consciousness.

Using the major bodies of man again as a frame of reference for understanding imagination
and how it works, the imagination is used in the physical realm to construct, assemble, and
create from already-existing objects. The physical realm is the major focus of attention
for the undeveloped soul, and I speak in a very general way here because even highly
developed souls can derive great joy with physically expressed ideas and things.

The imagination focused on the emotional realm images all sorts of emotional reactions
and situations which stimulate desire or response. The infatuation of "falling in love"
is not the least of these imagined illusions, as are the desires of those seeking fame
or wealth through imagining themselves in the place of those whom they worship or

Imagination focused within the mental realm deals with concepts and theory. Images of
existing "things" become less and less important the higher into the abstract symbology
of mind the focus of attention reaches. The upper end of this spectrum is where many
original artists, theoreticians, philosophers, inventors, scientists, and poets, spend their

The key to the developed soul’s success in applying imagination lies in the capacity to
shift attention with equal facility and talent into more than one level of expression with
instinctive and mercurial speed. The capacity to use the imagination in the Physical/
Emotional/Mental and Soul realms with equal facility is a talent reserved for highly
developed souls.

The capacity to "Toll" the heights of intuitive/conceptual ideas and possibility is a function
of focus of attention at the level of soul, and taking whatever the Source wishes to have
known or expressed at that particular point in the Universe's cycle of expansion. What is
given is then envisioned as numerous physical images and possibilities until a practical
application is discovered.

This reach of the imagination into areas of phenomenae which do not already exist has
definite limitations. The plight of the inventor is that for every single invention capable
of imminent manifestation, there are a thousand ideas which would seem to be highly
practical and efficient, but prove to be ideas whose time has not yet arrived; ideas whose
means have yet to be discovered; ideas that are not recognized with mass appeal; and
ideas that look good and sound good, but for one reason or another just don’t work!
Inventors, artists, theoreticians, philosophers, scientists, writers and poets are not always
easy people to live with if one expects more than a minimum of communication and close
companionship. A major portion of their lives is spent isolated in their imagination.

The distortions of imagination are too numerous to mention here, but they normally
occur only with inexperienced souls unable to differentiate between realms of primary
and secondary foci of attention. Attempting to modify the "Psychologically unbalanced"
is more than a little like working with the child who refuses to grow up. Rebellion can
take aggressive or passive forms, but inevitably there just isn’t the informational or
experiential knowledge base in the Mind, Etheric Body, or Soul upon which to build
maturity, acceptance, cooperation, or creative satisfaction.

Prophecy is a division of Imagination yielding highly unpredictable results ... a condition of

uncertainty I can only "divine" as having several express purposes. Firstly, the condition
seems to indicate that the "here" and "now" is the primary point of focus, not what lies
in the future. Secondly, the future is obviously an area which the Source reserves as its
own ... its way of withholding some measure of creative freedom in an otherwise highly
constrained creative process.

The origin of all of imagination appears to me to be the Source. I imagine It imagining me

and every detail of creation. We as humans are the inseparable part of the Source that
is actually experiencing what It is imagining. Visualize, if you will, the analogy with the
way we operate as humans. We conceive an idea, mentally create a structure, physically
create the structure, and then we experience it. Inventing, designing, building, and driving
an automobile, for example, are all entirely different experiences. It appears to me that
we are the experiencing phenomenons of creation. If, as I have suggested earlier, all
of creation is made up of souls with consciousness and mandates, then the Source is
experiencing its creations in an unimaginably vast manner.

The process within matter/energy/space/time is that imagination comes first (in terms
of a tiny instant of time) and the experience instantly follows. Imagination is cause of
the first order; experience is effect of the first order. And every possible nuance of the
Source’s imagination is experienced.

Creation is energy flowing outward from the Source; experience is energy flowing back
to the Source.

The vastness of the imagination and experiences of the Source are not imaginable by
any single separated portion of itself any more than the single finger of one hand can
experience the total feeling of a Gypsy’s dance. All of human form and creation dance
together in a coordinated inter-relationship called "Action" and "Movement"…… both of
which are actually just an endless flow of still images.

I have to say here that my own imaginings may appear as flights of fancy to those more
grounded in practical reality ... but the "flight" of imagination is basic to my individualized
nature. It is more than just fun; it is the primary compulsion of my individuality.


Watch the news closely, read the back issues of National Geographic magazine, or just
stand back and look at the world objectively, and it becomes obvious that Planet Earth is
home to—and school for—a vast majority of not-very-well-developed souls climbing all
over each other in vast metropolitan congregations of busyness seeking fame, wealth,
power, selfish desires, needs, or just simple survival from hunger and disease. It is not a
“playground” for the majority—or even for a minority. The wealthy, the famous, and the
powerful all pay their price for the rewards they receive.

That price is "effort", and the effort is constant against a constrained and obstructed
reality. It is the finding of a need and filling it, but it inevitably requires effort and work. Even
those souls who appear to be "resting" for a lifetime—inheritors of wealth, those born into
positions of relative freedom, or even those on welfare, those continually inebriated, and
the homeless—will sooner or later have to pick up the shovel and work toward their own

Freedom on Planet Earth is an illusion ... and a dream which vanishes almost as quickly
as it arrives. We are not any more free here than we are equal ... but that only applies to
Planet Earth, and Planet Earth is not all there is. One glimpse at the heavens through a
telescope, and a few minutes with an Astronomer's perspectives, should leave no doubt
that Earth is only the tiniest part of Reality.

Freedom always seems to be just on the other side of the prison's wall, and there seems
no end to the walls of the prison until we can rise up high enough in perspective and in
power so as to look down on them and not feel or notice them. I used to liken my search
for knowledge and truth as a journey to the edges of the box or prison which limited and
contained my thinking. Like a caged animal, I would pace my cage until I discovered
that the only way out was up…… up the “Ladder of Learning”. It took more than a small
amount of time and experience to figure out that none of the ladders led directly to the
top, but rather to levels of “scaffolding” from which one either remained or looked for
another ladder leading further upward into the Cloud Of Unknowing. Climbing the ladder
was like a journey I could take at first only with the help of the writings of someone who
had climbed the ladder before me. In my case they were always first-person accounts of

individuals with very unusual experiences. In every case, all I had to do was ask inside
myself for information and without fail I was always led to it.

Inevitably I would find myself at the top of the ladder looking down on the box whose walls
I had now scaled. The view became clear, but only over the path I had taken. The view
outside the walls was a dark and foreboding unknown, without familiar landmarks, and
which inevitably led to a gangplank ... a gangplank that had to be walked, and a leap into
the unknown that had to be made, or else I had to forever huddle alone within the walls
of the known and familiar. Return to familiar territory was unthinkable boredom to me;
aloneness on top of the box worse. The compulsions of the nature of my being required
the leap, and leap I always did, only to find myself in another box of larger dimension with
a different kind of ladder.

Gradually the process became more and more familiar the more boxes I climbed in
and out of. The walls became less and less obstacles, the ladders more and more
obvious, and soon all the boxes and ladders disappeared ... as had much of my ego,
self-importance, fears, thoughts, and most of my ties to the Earth.

Certainly one of the major things life is all about is the attainment of, and the appreciation
of, freedom. It is certainly one of the more difficult things to attain, and the nature of
Duality makes it equally as difficult to sustain. It is as though this constraint coupled with
the nature of our own personal limitations produces a quantum leap in the appreciation
of what the meaning of freedom really is.


There appear to be two diametrically opposed points of view regarding choice in this
writing ... and this would be a natural observation since we're dealing with Duality and all
its characteristics.

The first point of view is that we have multitudinous choices at different junctures in our
life. The second point of view is that our lives are controlled totally by the Source of our
existence and the implication is that we have no choice. Both these points of view are
correct. The manner by which they co-exist at the same time and in the same space is
a function of perspective.

If soul’s purpose of experiential differentiation is to build wisdom, power and freedom—

which in turn enable the perspective to make wise, powerful, freeing choices—what is
the purpose of experiential differentiation if our choices are already made for us? I'll try
to illustrate:

A piano sits on the stage in an auditorium. There is no one about. The piano is still.
This piano has 88 potential choices built into its structure in the form of black and white
keys that constitute its keyboard, it's "control" mechanism. That means it has 88 chances
to make beautiful sounds—or awful sounds—come out of its interior. This constitutes a
tremendous range of possibility, and we're only dealing with a man-made structure so

A concert pianist comes onto the stage and sits down at the piano. From the time he
started playing the piano as a child until this moment, thousands of hours of effort and
time have gone into training his body and mind to produce sounds pleasing to the
hearts and minds of others as well as himself. Thousands of hours of effort have gone
into making the piano and keeping it in tune as well, but it still has only 88 "choices".
The pianist can play nursery rhymes to an audience of children, humor as did Victor
Borge, or any of the other types of music which appeal to human consciousness. The
piano has one level of consciousness, the pianist another, and there is yet a higher
level of consciousness wherein the music begins to fade into vibrations which resolve
themselves into air-pressure impulses, to electrical impulses (the wavicle), and finally to
energy emerging from the Source.

If the Source can produce a Mozart with little or no training, why then does It go through
the hours of effort to produce the instrument, the pianist's dexterity, and the sounds? In
order to answer that question, I can only assume that each level of constraint requiring
effort to overcome is an event of "Experience". Each experience produces different
feelings in the various response mechanisms associated with experience. The final result
is a “concept” cumulative and residual to the Etheric Body and the Soul which was not
there before soul entered its Earthly journey. It becomes part and parcel of what I refer
to as the Powers of Soul, which are actually powers to feel and express Love. In the
case illustrated here, the piano maker expresses his love of the art of piano making; the
performing artist expresses hi love of producing enjoyment for others and himself, and
so on.

What is the purpose of experiential differentiation if our choices are already made for
us? No human intelligence could come close to producing the varieties, quality, and
quantity of experience each ”Soul”—each phenomenon—in creation expresses. If left
to our own devices, we would “entrain” to other energies and all repeat the same habit
patterns……the same piece of music. The vast intelligence of the Source, however,
produces constant change so that no two events are ever precisely and exactly the
same. It does so in such a way that there is an appearance of order and a degree of

predictability. Experiential differentiation is thereby enhanced in the human mechanism
in multitudinous ways.

There is the feeling of accomplishment in the pianist; there is the feeling of awe or envy
within the audience; there is the feeling of harmony mingled with discord and rhythm
in the sound; there is the feeling of appreciation in the audience; and the feeling of
gratitude and affirmation in the pianist. These and a thousand more feelings are, to me,
all feelings of power which is an inseparable quality and quantity of love…… and these
are only feelings at the level of human consciousness.

A bit of a stretch is required to jump to the level of consciousness of the instrument, but
the instrument is composed of souls with consciousness just as humans are. It would
not surprise me to learn that the molecules of wood and steel take on the feelings of
harmony, appreciation, and power that the vibrations of the instrument have produced.
To the highly trained ear, a violin, a cello, or an acoustic guitar that have been played a
lot over the years take on a mellow tone reminiscent of the harmony they have produced.
I know this from personal experience over the years with my own guitars, but the actual
expression of the experience is so subtle as to go un-noticed by those who have not
experienced such vibrational nuances over time. The fact the instruments are played
close to the human body and the heart of man has a similarly mutually-synergistic result.
These subtle nuances of life go un-noticed to the grosser human energies, but not to the
Source. It is not only producing them, but experiencing them at the same time at levels
beyond our conscious comprehension.

The point is this: one of the main purposes of life is the production of EXPERIENCE.
Whether we have multitudinous choices or none at all is not really important because
it appears that we do have multitudinous choices. It is the experience itself which
matters…… the journey through matter, energy, space, and time.


Of all the feelings of human emotion, all the actions of enduring consequence, and all
the thoughts indicative of noble character, the concept of love seems to be universally
agreed upon as the ideal ... the concept most worthy of respect, or most worthy of
striving to achieve.

It is Love which most aids the undeveloped soul just as it aids the infant and young child.
It is the Love of self and life and power that propels us through mid-life and mid-journey

through the earth. It is the Love of other people and other living things …… the peaceful
rest and profound contemplations of realms more beautiful, wise and free which draw us
upward. It is Love which the process of life develops and constantly expands over the
many lifetimes of soul's journey through the earth

Life is a story of love ever unfulfilled.

Even though man may feel complete in and of himself, and be a fountain of love pouring
out from some unknown part of his being, there will always be the deep longing, the
great and subtle sadness, until he once again finds his consciousness returned to its
originating source. There is no other final motivation than this; no other place to go than
home once again into the Heart of Hearts, to the Singer Of The One Song, and to become
once again the sound which is the great chord of the symphony of inextinguishable


Love changes its meaning as the soul develops and changes its focus of attention. The
undeveloped soul will focus attention first on those portions of its human form which are
the most powerful and most immediately attention-attracting during its initial learning
experiences with the physical body.

In the female form, the physical stimulations of sexuality can become very preoccupying
if started at an early age. In the male form, hormonal stimulation at puberty can cause
an overwhelming focus on sexual stimulation for the soul, particularly to the undeveloped
soul in which this is a new phenomenon. One can "Love" these types of stimulations and
they become expressions of love at the physical level. They do, however, help to assure
the procreation of the human species, as figures show that more than 50 percent of
children are conceived by unplanned means. I often wonder what would happen to the
world's population if conception were a painful process.

At the emotional level, love is expressed in a number of ways ranging from a desire to
compensate for a lack of parental love, to compensation for rejection, to the soul's lack of
self-confidence and self-esteem, and finally to the desire to lose one's self in the discovery
of a seemingly more powerful or desirable other person. Emotional entanglement is also
a form of entertainment despite the anguish produced, and is a type of "titillation" (play
with that word for a minute!) which soul can easily lose itself in for lifetimes.

At the mental level, love begins to take on vestiges of choice and control. The reasonably
developed soul may decide, using its mind, that discriminative and discerning choices of
where and how love is allowed to interact is far superior to physical excess and emotional

Love at the level of soul is an outward expression more than an inward need. It is a
love of the physical body as an instrument of artistic expression or radiant health. It is
emotional control carefully balanced and controlled by restraint and wise judgment. It is
the love of philosophical, spiritual, creative, inventive mental concepts and ideas. And it
is the establishment through contemplation of ideals of behavior which match or elevate
the level of consciousness being confronted, communicated with, or lived among.

In the progression of soul's development then, love starts out as a total preoccupation with
self-serving desires and needs. It ends up having satisfied its own personal agendas, for
the most part, and finds its own "fill-fullment" and inner satisfaction helping other souls
to fulfill their own agendas or mandates. The shift is from love being required to flow
toward the self, to the expression of love as a balanced exchange of energy in the more
developed soul, and finally to what feels like a selfless, outward flow of love in the highly
developed soul. I say here that it "feels" like a selfless expression, but it is actually no
less self-serving than any other kind of love. The statement only implies that the self is
served best by serving others.

In the final analysis, there is no action or event performed in Creation which is not
motivated by some form of love. Lust, anger, greed, attachment, vanity are all forms of

• Lust is love of sensual feeling

• Anger is disappointed expectation from a loved one (including the self), or an
impairment of one's love of freedom or power.
• Greed is excessive love of money or material possessions.
• Attachment is love of dependence or security; and love of beauty, pleasure, or
• Vanity is love of self.

Desire is a kind of love which has started and propelled world wars; Power is a form of
love which has precipitated the deaths of untold thousands; Wealth is a form of love; and
Fame is a form of love.

Love is a word not to be used carelessly, without qualification, or limited to kind, gentle
expressions alone. It seems that a large portion of humanity "loves" to watch violent
movies, television, and any event that draws a crowd. What is it about the soul that
is naturally attracted to bungee-jumping, base-jumping, and other death-defying sports
and feats? It must be a love of excitement or challenge peculiar to the invincible young.
From the viewpoint of older age, it's almost a death wish!

Love can be very confusing at times, but it must always be held in mind that the source
of love is the Source itself in all its convoluted, grossly-entangling, explosive, powerful,
yet soft, gentle ways.

As for myself?... When I call upon my Imagination to envision love in its highest
earthly sense, the image that issues forth is not entirely a male image ... given my own
masculinity. It is the image of the Mother of all Mothers: the gentle-but-firm, protective-
but-not-confining, nourishing, encouraging, strong teacher of wisdom, trainer of power,
and the trainer of men. She is the Lion Tamer with the Tears of Power.

Her offspring are healthy, vivacious, very alive, precocious, curious, and masterful
manipulators like their mother. They are naive, trusting, quick to recover from
disappointment or travesty, believing in their own power, easily entertained by their
own imagination, and have an instinctive belief and knowledge of the benevolent and
protective nature of the Source itself.

The other side of the equation of what is beautiful is the male image—the strong, wise,
free, male who chooses this opposite polarity to create a bond of inseparable union. This
man must be as malleable as clay, and allow himself to be modified (if, and wherever
necessary) to the wise sculpting of his passive female partner. The essential goal is
for each to produce in the other a character worthy of respect. One is not worthy of the
higher forms of love until worthy of respect.

In highly developed souls, this polarized type of love disappears as the soul develops
equal capacities to express and feel as either female or male regardless of body type.
The attachment or deep bond born of opposite polarity disappears and is replaced with
expressions of love more akin to an inseparable and abiding friendship. What I am
describing here is a vision of love that can only come from highly developed souls—
parents as well as children—and even the animals that become part of that family. These
highly developed souls are nearing graduation from the Planet Earth School of Life ... the
life of love which is also the love of life.


It seems that a basic need built into the human mechanism is the desire for companionship
... a drive which is particularly strong at puberty and early maturity, but changes throughout

This same need appears to make itself felt in a mirror-image way throughout the
progressions of soul in many lifetimes, changing its nature as soul develops and gains
in its experiential "knowledge" data base. The developed soul becomes more and more
discerning and discriminating in its choice of mate as well as friends and other relationships.
The bondage with a "soul mate" becomes a yearned-for experience, though it seems to
manifest more in the imagination than in reality.

Regarding this concept of a soul mate, it is my understanding that the soul does not, as
some believe, "split" into two souls, one part male and the other part female, to bond
once again at the termination of experience in Duality. This concept, though plausible
and possible, seems not as potentially expanding as a single soul experiencing life in
female as well as male format. The mere definition of a “human” soul would preclude its
separation since maleness and femaleness are both human qualities—simply variations
on the same theme.

The closest thing I can imagine to a “soul mate” would be the bond of a relationship
between two souls who have experienced many lifetimes together due to similar
individual natures, interests, and soul development ... and whose astrological birth signs
are compatible or even synergistic. Even this phenomenon, however, is rare. It seems to
be the basic nature of the Earth Reality to produce instability and separation as learning,
power-building experiences rather than satisfying, fun-type relationships in which little
growth and experiential learning occur. To me, and as I have said before, life on Planet
Earth does not appear to me to be a fun game as much as it appears to be a power,
wisdom, freedom builder which expands the many faces of love.

The nature of bondage, if examined closely, is actually a constraint of freedom which in

earlier times before the freedoms of today—such as are birth control, disease control,
and financial freedom—were essential means of survival. The value of family as a
means of safety has been replaced by retirement provisions, better health and living
standards, and a dramatic change in social and sexual constraints. Individual impulses
of spontaneity—even radical variations in levels of consciousness and interests which
created psychological impasses—were previously not permitted to be expressed openly
without legal or dire personal consequences.

In today's world, there is a greater "range" of expression. Bondage still remains at any
number of levels of consciousness, but freedom of change and choice is greater at all
levels also. We have moved into a greater breadth of experiential learning, but the same
old problems of growth and personal change still have to be surmounted. Where there
was (and still is) "falling into love" and having to painfully climb out of the hole we’ve
fallen into, there is now a greater opportunity to banish infatuation, replacing it with
experience and choosing relationships with experienced judgment and discernment. I
see today more relationships based on friendship and mutual support as commitments
over time than the surprise arrival of children, or the disillusionment of falling out of love
as a consequence of falling into it.


Poetry, like any work of art, is such a highly individualistic expression that it is no wonder
it doesn't have a universal acclaim through all levels of society and consciousness.
Those lost in the weepings and wailings of personal tragedy or a lost love are not at
all interested in the intellectual observations of a sonnet writer or some petty iambic
pentameter verse created primarily for the sake of rhyme. There are words, however,
that carry great meaning across the barriers of consciousness and separation. One of
my favorite pieces of poetic verse is an excerpt from William Blake's Preface To Milton
better known as the hymn “Jerusalem” or Chariots Of Fire. I take the words out of context
because I think they apply to a much of vaster expression of life than just the building of
a Jerusalem in England. To me these words symbolize the earthly struggle of soul for
power, wisdom, and freedom from constraint; they proclaim the victory of the soul's new
dimension of power as a face of love.

Bring me my bow of burning gold!

Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of Fire!
I will not cease from mental fight,
nor shall my sword sleep in my hand ...

The symbolism here is that soul has acquired a profound new dimension and depth
of feeling. The Chariot of Fire is, to me, symbolic of the Cave Of Fire—the state of
consciousness soul comes to when the great river of love begins to flow unchecked from
some profound inner source within soul’s being, and soul is continually overwhelmed by
its power and magnitude. Through the process of experiential learning made possible by

the six bodies of man, soul now has a capacity—a new power—it did not have previously.
It is this energy that keeps the physical heart beating and the blood of life flowing.


The great addiction of soul in human form is to the illusion of motion. All "action",
change, sound, light, thought, and all the phenomena of Duality are "props" designed to
promulgate and sustain the illusion of motion.

Mankind is totally preoccupied with action. One look at television, sports, automobiles,
airplanes, or any other engrossing "activity" demonstrates human love for motion and
the love of that sensation as it registers on the six bodies of man. Just try to make the
mind and body completely still for 10 minutes, or an hour—even for one minute—and the
concept is quickly illustrated.

Yet consciousness itself emerges and expresses from stillness as illustrated earlier in
the concept of the "Motion Picture" as a way the Source reveals itself and its methods to
its creations.

The concept and practice of meditation is an advanced step in the return to stillness.
The creation of life in the realms of duality as cyclical in nature is a demonstration of the
essential nature and requirement for "rest" or "restraint" as a balancing force—or lack of
force—to the compulsion and impulsion toward motion. We "sleep" at night as a partial
rest for the bodies of man and as an introduction to stillness as a peaceful, blissful state
in contrast to the incessant demands of survival, existence, desire, and the endless tape
of the mind.

It's interesting to note here, though, that any state of stillness is a minor phenomenon in
the constant demands and naturally-implemented forces of society and nature. Stillness
in the human mechanism has to be a trained phenomenon such as occurs in fasting for
purification, meditation for mind control, restraint from control by desires, and the essential
requirement of the removal of the self from mainstream activities and responsibilities in
order to implement this training and its practice. "Control", which is a form of "restraint of
action", is a power not easily acquired except through the demanding and exercising of
it. The entire thrust of "aliveness" seems a function of motion and energy in action. The
lack of such appears to be death or sickness where motion and action are stilled. Heh,
heh, heh! Very effective method for the total immersion of soul in the arena of action, is
it not?

There is also no reason to withdraw from action and motion except as soul seeks rest from
it more and more. The "developed" Soul, then, may simply be more "experienced" than
developed. Perhaps the soul doesn't "develop" at all, but only expands in accordance
with the Source's expanding universe. The puppet only dances when danced by the
Puppeteer—a very disturbing concept to egoistic man!

One glance toward the heavens at night with a large enough telescope reveals galaxies,
universes, and worlds as countless as the grains of sand on Planet Earth. Since they are
perceivable by human senses, that fact alone implies they exist at least in part within the
concept we envision as "Duality". The speed at which events form and change (time),
and the ease or difficulty by which events, ideas and concepts take experienceable form
from the imagination will no doubt vary to the extremes of imaginative possibility. So ...
there is no danger of soul's running out of concepts, games, arenas, challenges, power
tests—and love affairs—within time as we know it. Then, after that, there are countless
creations being constantly brought into existence when our visible creation blinks off ...
mind boggling to be sure.

The Poet’s Wings

I climb upon my trusty steed

and on his back I ride,
my view now from The Source of things,
my seat so firm astride.
His wings of power raise us up,
each leap a chasm wide,
until we merge into the Sun
whose light doth banish pride.
His journey done…
….mine just begun,
All words now versified.

C. Cain, 2004


Who but a poet could write these words without fear of condemnation, loss of position,
rejection for speaking out against the established "Books of God", or being ridiculed for
attempting to put into words that which is so obvious as to be “underlooked”, that which
cannot be “scientifically” proven given the present very limited meaning of the term, or
that which is not part and parcel of the great philosophical norm.

The poet has nothing to lose ... and nothing to gain ... because his words are meaningful
mainly to him alone. Mysterious, mystical, and whimsical, this kind of poetic prose does
not have mass appeal ... nor is it intended to. It requires too much effort and patient
contemplation. It is written down only because the poet himself loves to read the words
he has spent so much time contemplating. They come from some unknown part of his
being, and speak to him as no other words do. They roll off the end of his pen, but
they are not "his", for he knows himself to be the Fool ... the puppet at the end of the
Puppeteer's strings.

Rejection and disappointment have long since lost their power, for he knows that he has
lost his self-importance somewhere in the forest of confusion through which his journey
has wended its way. The strangest thing is that the way is now clearer... yet he still
seems to himself to be the same as he was.

What was once a world full of the cacophony of endless small talk, petty gossip, sales
pitches, negative complaints, half-truths, boastful self-importance, and intellectual
masturbation has now become a symphony of silence broken only by his own small
voice within, a voice which easily rhymes the complex into the simple, and the simple
into the vast unfathomable sea of the impossible to know.

He knows—he has "knowledge"—that if something can be imagined, it must exist, and

so he fabricates a structure—a realm of his own—which blends with the world he finds
himself within at the moment. Though alone, he has become comfortable with being so,
for he no longer feels alone ... rather "al-one".

He knows that he is simply groping into the fringes of what is yet to come. He is the
"Fringe-Dweller" who lives at the "Edge Of Everything" and is comfortable with "Nothing"!
Inside of himself he hears his own voice which speaks to him, saying:
There is a voice in the wind…..
A song in the cry of the Loon;
A rhythm in the roar of the sea…
Which speaks to us all and says:
“I am simply the Totality of all Being
feeling Myself sing,
feeling Myself cry,
feeling Myself run with wings beneath the sun;
feeling Myself be the dance of life….
That’s Me!

Amounting to Nothing,
which is all there is,
all I can be,
all I can want,
all I can see.”

“I am the song singing Myself into being;

the canvas whose picture forms with time:
erased, painted over, slaved over,
put away in despair for another day.
I am the child who cries in the night from fear,
reaching up
….. ever up…..
for the touch so dear.”

“I am the Mother, and the Father too,

who spread wings over all who cry out
in weakness and frailty
before this dragon called Life.”

“It is I whose fearful eye

sees through the darkest night,

tearing flesh from bone,
ruthlessly revealing
the folly, the greed, the vanity,
with unleashed, unbridled POWER:
that unknown face of love
you feel in the chaotic order and power
of the mountain or ocean storm.”

“I am the wind from the Eagle’s wings

which protects the other face of Love:
the gentle one of mercy,
of passive forgiveness and nurturing.
And so….
Who am I?
Here today, gone tomorrow,
like wind and storm followed by the calm
and warmth of sun.”

“I am all things
and yet I am also Nothing.
Nothing great,
Nothing small.
I am everything the mind sees,
everything the eye beholds,
everything the ear hears.

You Breathe me, You smell me

You see me, You feel me.
Your thoughts are my thoughts.
Your dreams are my dreams
As I dream you into being.
You reach out and touch me every day.
And still …..
You ...know… Me… not!
“You hear Me speak to you in the wind,
in the roar of engines,
in the cry of your child,
in the voices of power,
and the voices of weakness.”

“When you hear laughter

and you wonder what it is,
you hear Me.
I am in the sounds…..
and in the silence between the sounds.”

“How great can I be

unless I am also the weakest
…..the ugliest
…..the most degraded,
and ignorant.”

“I am the Wind
I am the Sea
I am You….
….and You
…are ME”

The Voice In The Wind

C. Cain, 1998

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value of my years of spiritual training.

jOn Pegasus’ Wings: is a collection of personal poems and song lyrics begun in 1962
solely as a means of inner expression and never intended for the eyes of the world. Only
in later years have I realized that in their number and variety there might be at least a
single poem among the many for each person. The knowledge of such would give me
great satisfaction.

The Tears Of Power: is a fable for all ages from ten to eternity about a mouse named Victor
who lives in Edgeville—which is at the edge of everything: the river, the fields, the forest,
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soul so he ventures out into the world of the great unknown, learning to pilot tugboats, fly
helicopters, and meet some unusual friends like Oddie the Otter, Mo the musical Mole,
and Minkie, his flight instructor. It is Eagle, though, who finally tells him what the tears of
power really are. 24 great illustrations by illustrator Scott Peck.

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