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Metro Safety Offers Comprehensive Work Place Safety Courses, Helping

Organizations Across British Columbia Prepare for Emergencies and Reduce

Medical Expenditures

The leading first aid training provider aims to uphold safety standards and reduce the number of
workplace injuries in offices across British Columbia.

Coquitlam, Canada, November 15, 2019 --(PR.com)-- By offering a comprehensive framework for first
aid, as well as workplace safety courses across British Columbia, Metro Safety has become a
game-changer in the field. The company aims to minimize rates of workplace injuries, which are very
common in high-risk professions such as construction, firefighting, and mining, among others.

Emergency situations—of any kind—are unpredictable. With a nuanced understanding of

first aid training and how to respond to emergency situations, employers and employees alike will be able
to manage injuries, medical conditions, or a major evacuation situation.

By certifying employees to deal with minor injuries, wounds, fractures, and the administering of CPR,
Metro Safety has proven that the employees can form an emergency team that can handle any situation
till help arrives.

The learning outcome of the first aid training provided by Metro Safety is making sure that employees
feel safe while working in any kind of environment. A representative from the company said, “We've had
participants approach us and report that after the first aid training, they felt more comfortable and
confident with the thought of having to respond to an emergency situation. Despite the stressful situations
that they may be met with, they were more likely to willingly volunteer to be a part of the emergency
team, if needed.”

A trainer from Metro Safety said, “Emergencies in the workplace range from a heart attack to a fire
incident. Employees need to have the skills and information to deal with all of that in a calm and
composed manner. This knowledge will only come from hands-on-learning which we make sure that all
candidates are provided with.”

Metro Safety believes in the integrity of their first aid training, and hence, has made sure that all their
course material is developed under the supervision of Canadian Red Cross and WorkSafeBC. This
partnership ensures that all their course material and learning outcomes are authentic and meets the needs
of employees and employers in today's market.

Metro Safety is dedicated to minimizing workplace injuries and absenteeism in offices due to workplace
hazards and unhygienic conditions. Their stellar services have proven to be beneficial for many
companies across British Columbia.

About Metro Safety

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Metro Safety offers first aid training in major areas of British Columbia including Coquitlam, Vancouver,
Richmond and Surrey. Their nuanced and detailed workplace safety courses have helped companies to
maintain a safe working environment.

Contact Information

Address: 914 Sherwood Ave., Coquitlam, BC V3K 1A6, Canada

Telephone: 604-521-4227

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Metro Safety Training
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metrosafetytraining/
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