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Phototheca v2019 Utilizes Deep Neural Networks for Human and Pet Detection

Startup Lunarship Software announces version 2019.11 of its photo organizer Phototheca, which is
now equipped with deep neural networks to search for people and cats in photographs

Kyiv, Ukraine, November 19, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Phototheca app users who already benefitted from the
product's photo organization features, will now be able to organize and manage photos faster and more
accurately. The main feature in the new version of the Phototheca photo organizer is the implementation
of Deep Learning algorithms for face detection and recognition of humans and cats.

Having emerged in the late 2000s, Deep Learning is a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology that
allows training artificial neural networks on large volumes of data. Many of the most innovative and
advanced product features currently available, such as facial recognition on Facebook and Google, as well
as Apple's Siri's voice recognition, are all based on Deep Learning.

The face recognition technology in Phototheca provides 4-5 times more accurate recognition of human
faces in photos compared to traditional object recognition algorithms based on Viola-Jones cascades of
classifiers, HoG, or LBP methods. Deep convolutional neural networks are used as the core of the new
technology. Neural networks inside Phototheca were trained to recognize the same face in different poses,
light conditions, and environments. These networks can identify a person with more than 90% accuracy
and fast enough to process high-resolution photos on consumers' PC without powerful and expensive

Once installed on a user's computer, Phototheca can import photos and allows the user to organize them
via both automatic and semi-automatic modes for sorting and arranging photos. Currently, Phototheca is
equipped with facial recognition and pet detection algorithms, as well as the ability to connect to the
iPhone, search for duplicates, share photos to Web, and more.

Price and availability

Phototheca is available free of charge for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

Website: https://lunarship.com

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