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In Re: Petition for Change of Name of Julian Lin ISSUE: May a person be allowed to drop his middle

Carulasan Wang (2005) name?

Facts: Julian Lin Carulasan Wang, a minor, RULING
represented by his mother Anna Lisa Wang, filed a
petition for change of name and/or Middle names serve to identify the maternal lineage
correction/cancellation of entry in the Civil Registry. or affiliation of a person and further distinguish him
etitioner sought to drop his middle name and have his from others who may have the same given name and
registered name changed from Julian surname as he has. When an illegitimate child is
Lin Carulasan Wang to Julian Lin Wang. legitimated by subsequent marriage of his parents or
acknowledged by the father in a public instrument or
Julian Lin Carulasan Wang was born in February 1998 a private handwritten instrument, he then bears both
to parents Anna Lisa Wang and Sing-Foe Wang who his mother’s surname as his middle name and his
were then not yet married to each other. When his father’s surname as his surname, reflecting his status
parents subsequently married in September 1998, as a legitimated child or an acknowledged natural
they executed a deed of legitimation of their son so child. The registered name of a legitimate, legitimated
that the child's name was changed from Julian Lin and recognized illegitimate child thus contains a given
Carulasan to Julian Lin Carulasan Wang. name, a middle name and a surname.
The parents of petitioner plan to stay in Singapore for Before the registered name of a person may be
a long time because they will let him study there changed he must show proper or reasonable cause,
together with his sister, Wang Mei Jasmine. Since in or any compelling reason that may justify such
Singapore middle names or the maiden surname of change. Among the grounds are: (a) when the name
the mother are not carried in a person's name, they is ridiculous, dishonorable or extremely difficult to
anticipate that Julian Lin Carulasan Wang will be write or pronounce; (b) when the change results as a
discriminated against. Julian and his sister might also legal consequence as in legitimation; (c) when the
be asking whether they are brother and sister since change will avoid confusion; (d) when one has
they have different surnames. Carulasan sounds continuously used and been known since childhood
funny in Singapore's Mandarin language since they do by a Filipino name and is unaware of alien parentage;
not have the letter "R" but if there is, they pronounce (e) a sincere desire to adopt a Filipino name to erase
it as "L." It is for these reasons that the name of signs of former alien parentage, all in good faith and
petitioner is requested to be changed to Julian Lin without prejudicing anybody; and (f) when the
Wang. surname causes embarrassment and there is no
showing that the desired change of name is for a
The RTC denied the petition. It ruled that the change fraudulent purpose or that the change of name would
sought is merely for the convenience of the child and prejudice public interest.
does not fall under the grounds provided in the law.
Under Article 174 of the Family Code, legitimate In the case at bar, the only reason advanced by Julian
children have the right to bear the surnames of the for dropping his middle name is convenience. How
father and the mother, and there is no reason why such change of name would make his integration into
this right should now be taken from petitioner Julian, Singaporean society easier and convenient is not
considering that he is still a minor. The trial court clearly established. That the continued use of his
added that when petitioner reaches the age of middle name would cause confusion and difficulty
majority, he could then decide whether he will does not constitute proper and reasonable cause to
change his name by dropping his middle name. drop it from his registered complete name.
Motion for reconsideration was denied.

Petitioner then filed a Petition for Review on

Certiorari (Under Rule 45) to the Supreme Court. The
issue is whether or not dropping the middle name of
a minor child is contrary to Article 174of the Family