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GENERAL DESCRIPTION OPTIPERSE P7075 is a wetting & dispersing agent mainly based on ethoxilated
fatty alcohol for different types of pigments and fillers in water-borne systems.

Appearance clear to hazy liquid
Active Content, % 75 ± 5
Viscosity, cPs 1000 max (Brookfield DVII+Pro, spindle 2/20 rpm/25°C)
pH 8 - 11

APPLICATION OPTIPERSE P7075 allows loading high quantity of pigments and fillers.

OPTIPERSE P7075 is a suitable dispersant for most of inorganic pigments,

organic pigments, and carbon black in emulsion paints and pigment pastes with
excellent wetting & dispersing properties.

OPTIPERSE P7075 provides good flow, levelling, and substrate wetting.

OPTIPERSE P7075 enhances compatibility in most water-borne systems.

DOSAGE Recommended dosage for different applications depends on pigment properties.

0.5 - 2% on total pigments and fillers for paints.
5 - 10% on total inorganic pigments for pigment pastes.
20 - 50% on total organic pigments for pigment pastes.
60 - 100% on carbon black for pigment pastes.

STORAGE Store at temperatures below 35°C; Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Ensure
previously opened containers must be tightly sealed after use.

SHELF LIFE 1 year in tightly sealed original container.

Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection

Not a hazardous substance or preparation within the meaning of the current Hazardous Materials Regulations.
For further information on Handling and Safety, refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

The information contained in this leaflet is intended to be of assistance to users, but is without guarantee. OPTICHEM assumes no liability for
product failure other than to supply replacement material for products shown to be defective when delivered or to refund the purchase price.
OPTICHEM shall not be liable for special, incidental and consequential damages. No statement contained herein shall be construed as an
inducement to infringe existing patents.