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As we have gathered here on this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech over
the friendship. First of all, I would like to say Good morning to the Excellences,
respected teachers, and my dear friends. A friend is the most precious gift to all of
us. We should always understand its importance and give value without having
any misunderstanding. Friendship is a relationship where no blood relation exists.
It is a limitless relation that goes forever without the rule of give and take. It is the
special and unique relation of love and affection to any other person in the world.
True friendship never sees the caste, creed, religion, and color of person; it only
sees the internal beauty, simplicity, and soul of the two or three-person going to
be involved in the friendship.

A friend of anyone is someone with whom one may feel comfortable and belief to
each other as well as share their thoughts, ideas, and personal feelings. A friend is
one with whom we can feel safe and secure and do not need to think twice for
any matter. True friends involved in the friendship love each other
unconditionally and understand each other needs without judging the matter.
They always ready to support each other and provide good knowledge and
advice. There is the most famous friendship of Krishna and Sudama in India which
has become a great example of true friendship from ancient times. There is a
common saying about the friendship by Elbert Hubbard “A friend is someone who
knows all about you and still loves you.”

A true friend always stands together and helps whenever another one needs help
and support. A true friend never cares about his/her important works and leaves
all works to help friends. He/she never leave a friend alone especially during the
difficult times of life. It is said that time takes hard exams of true friends in their
difficult times. A difficult time is the best time which realizes us about the value
and importance of true friends. The people having true friends in life are blessed
with the most precious gifts. Making the number of friends in life does not matter
with the quality of friendship. True friends (whether one, two or three) are
enough for whole life; instead of having many friends who never understand the
situation of the needy one. Friends are the real supporter in life who teaches us
how to face difficulties in life. They are the real well-wishers of us who change our
bad viewpoints about anything for good.
Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers, and my colleagues, at this
great occasion I would like to speech on the friendship. I have specially selected
this topic to keep my views in front of you about the value and importance of
friendship. Friendship is the purest form of relationships that exist between two,
three or more people. Getting a true, sincere and loving friend in this world is a
matter of luck. True friendship is a special gift from God to one of us who get it.
True friends make our meaningless life meaningful and show us a true path of
success in life. They are friends who make our journey of life easy, joyous and
vibrant. They never laugh at our mistakes instead they lead us on the right path
by continuous support.

True friends always become free for their friends and ready to help them in their
difficult times of life even after being involved in the busy schedule. Friendship is
a truly priceless relation in this world that can never be bought or sold to anyone.
It depends on the true love created in the heart of people involved in the
friendship. It never depends on the materialistic pleasure of the world. Genuine
friends are the real happiness of life who never forget each other and always
support. We as human beings always get problems in lifetime to time according to
the situation and get difficulty in living the social life which needs emotional and
moral support. In such conditions, our true friends play a great role and take us
out of the difficulties. A life without a true friend is considered an incomplete life.
It does not matter that you have a happy and luxurious life however it matters
when you do not have any true friends all through life.

A good friend is one whom we can share every small and big happiness, secrets,
and problems of life without any hesitation. Friendship is a relation which
prevents us from emotional problems as it promotes us to share our inner
thoughts and feelings. True friends never criticize their friends instead they help
them to come out of the shortcomings. They guide them like a tunnel of light
whenever one follows the wrong path. True friends always understand the full
rights of them on their friends and advise them truly to choose the right path.
They take us every mistake seriously and try to show us the right way in the right
direction. We can say that a true friend is more precious than any priceless gem in
the world.