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Cabuyao City, Laguna

A Research Proposal On


Submitted by:

Ric Florian A. Bihis

Lawrence L. Cezar

Karl G. Elazegui

Kevin Josh B. Atienza

Jonathan Y. Villarico


Grade 11 B15

Submitted to:
August 17, 2017

Title Page





Our life is composed of different events that we face as time passes and as we move on

each and every other day. There are the times that we encounter problems that may come from

these events. Problems that we can’t even handle or even take control of may increase the weight

of the problems that they contain. This can be the source of depression. According to Mental

Health Organization (2017), depression is a common mental disorder that causes people to

experience depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth,

disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.

Common or daily routines of people commonly contribute on problem formation.

Student’s encounter problems regarding different factors like academics and family. These

students were under the adolescence stage of development that makes them prone on difficulties

in adjusting and complying to different requirements to different requirements that were

expected on them by different institutions or organizations that they belong. Academic

requirements were their primary source of stress that forces them to comply to different school

works in-able to pass their courses. As listed by Meghan (2013), academic stress is the leading

contributing factor of depression among those that belongs on the adolescence stage of

development because of their schooling.

Academic pressure at Malayan Colleges Laguna was felt by every Senior High School

students, especially those on the stem strand. Depression applies negative effects on academics.

In fact, low grades might be the first noticeable sign of depression on students, based on:

https://paradigmmalibu.com/teen-depression-school-performance/. Student patients suffer on low

concentration that leads to poor completion and performance on exams and assignments. Failure

of planning and organizing tasks causes them to miss deadlines and leaving school works

unattended. Students with depression will surely have a hard time to balance their problems and

these responsibilities at the same time. Staffs of Malayan Colleges Laguna can surely help those

students by assisting them and guiding them towards the right distraction.


Problems had become part of our daily lives. They were often seen as challenges that

approach every one of us. The weight of each problem depends on the way different people take

it. Others may take problems as opportunity to be better, while others see it as hindrances to

success. As time passes by, the weight of the problem also increases. It causes random negative

impacts on the people that contain them. According to Parekh (2017) depression causes feelings

of sadness and loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of

emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person's ability to function at work and at


Students, the primary subject of this study, commonly faces different problems. The

leading source of student’s problems was, of course, academic works on which they undergo

pressure to meet certain standards to pass their different subjects. It includes different

requirements that they have to meet or submit on time. These students were under the

adolescence stage of psychological development. On that stage, romance is present and

unpredictable that makes it one of the factors that may cause depression to students. Also, the

students past experiences can affect their way of perceiving things. Happenings in the past are

what they possess and carry till the end of their lives. Family problems are also a factor since a

large amount of time was spent by the students on their own homes. Depression can appear
because of the person’s incapability to perform different tasks. It causes the self-confidence and

trust of the person to decrease thinking that they were weak than others. From: 10 Things that

may cause teenage depression by Meghan (2013).

Just like other illnesses or diseases, depression has its own symptoms too. Depression can

be traced thru negative display of emotions or feelings like sadness, hopelessness, and anger.

Depressed people commonly have low self-esteem and they feel that they were worthless.

Depressed patients can also change in their physical image by losing or gaining weight. They get

rid of the activities that they once enjoyed. Depression's worse symptom is the patient's attempts

of suicide.

Depression can have a lot of effects both mentally, and physically. According to

webMD.com, depression’s physical effects can include fatigue, decreased interest in sex,

decreased appetite, insomnia, lack of sleep, and many other factors. Teo (2016) said “I think

most students neglect to care for their mental health because they may think that they don’t need

it, and they won’t benefit from it”. This shows that students have a high risk in being affected by

depression. The American College Health Association stated depression can lead to students

getting low marks on their grades. In contradictory to this, it was stated by Family Guidance

Center in 2012 that depression, in itself, is not the only reason for a student’s poor academic

performance. They stated that behavioral issues can also be a factor to a student’s poor academic

performance. They also stated that students with depression, without behavioral issues, attained

higher GPA than the ones who had behavioral issues.

Depression affects students’ academic performance critically and therefore it should be

diminished through different ways. According to Pessin (2016), schools should communicate

with parents and involve them to reduce depression of students. Methods such as orienting

people especially those with young ages to be open to their friends and family members about

what they are going through, teach children to ask for help if they are struggling or stressed out

of something. Different institutions should also encourage people to do physical activities and

promote healthy lifestyles that can help minimize this illness.



A descriptive method will be used in the study to determine the effects of depression on a

student’s academic performance, specifically the senior high school students. There will be a

questionnaire that will be given out to some senior high school students of Malayan Colleges

Laguna. After we have given the questionnaire to some students, they will answer specific

questions that will help us get the information that we need. The questionnaire will contain

questions like, “have you personally experienced feeling depressed”, and the answers will be

used to gather data for our research. These results will be gathered to prove that depression can

affect the academic performance of a student.


A questionnaire will be handed out to some senior high school students in Malayan

Colleges Laguna. The questionnaire will contain questions that will ask the student if he or she is

feeling stressed because of school works. This is not the only question, as there are a lot of

question that are related to this certain topic. These questions will come at a point in where they

will be asked if they have ever felt being depressed, because of multiple loads of school works

that are being handed out to senior high school students. The questionnaire will also ask about

their grades, and the information that we will get can reflect if depression can affect a student’s

academic performance.

The participants in this research are the senior high school students of Malayan Colleges

Laguna School Year 2017 – 2018. The total number of the participants are twenty(20). Selected

students are male and female that has an age around 15-18 years old. This means that either

grade 11 or grade 12 can participate in this research. These participants have met the other

requirements needed and willing to help in this research.

Data Analysis

This research is about the Effects of Depression to the Students’ Academic Performance

of senior high school students of Malayan Colleges Laguna School Year 2017 – 2018. The

statistical tool that will be used to analyze the data in this research is the Pearson Correlation.

The researchers will identify the variables that will be used to compute the correlation and to

finalize the formula.