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May the Lord Watch Over You (itn dal text for benediction or general use) optional cello, accgsaranied * Words and Must by /e ua RUTH ELAINE SCHRAM Teor “ode wth YouTi Webieet haa CELLO Accom. 4 SOPRANO/ ALTO ‘mp unis Deus fe quar- de a-1e vos en- n_ v ay théLord watch” 0 - ver you un = May the Lord watch 9 - ver you in TENOR / BASS amp unis. * Part foe Cello ison pages 11-12 Tune: GOD BE WITH YOU, Willians G. Tomer, 1833-1895 (© 2012 Weed Masie, LLC (ASCAP) {All Rigs Reserved. Used by Permssion. VEN TF YOUPOSSESS ACCLILICERSE, YOU MAY NOT COPY THIS MUSIC ‘yo hte quotes out CELI, plesseal 00262446, wf, Frar nis ou = é Dos. saa gran. dee Go- 60-%o til wemect a - May dat Great and\flo - ri - ous o-ring you Maj our grat ° ahd glo = roca af wings. hide you in the shad - ow of His wings. he 20s ir verde des The. Za ia May the Lont pro - vide for you and meet your ev = ‘ry__ May the Lord pro - vide for you and meet your ev ~ ‘ry —s dad = t = _ ———a es = = 2 = ten, pep raglinn kia mito, pre-e need,__ May He hold you in the palm of His hand, inthe —==_¥, = ——— —s f—S--f-f $s ss .—— 4+ i = — es Aas log ef £ = E = » @ unis. ~ der He mas en-cacrterids is ae) God. ve: withyou ll we bet God is with us ev'ry Gedy Geib palm of His al-might meet 2 = gain. might - y hand. ou-tre vez, Te eat aS. p 1 ‘meet a gain, THs counsel puidertp hold — Tyo, night and day. Hs fov-ing army He olds ‘* Words: Ieromiah E, Rankin, 1828-1904 h =z : — ui- ar- ee con. ae wir — te, with His shop Se% cure = Ty fold you With His mer ~ cy He en ~ folds is. apt = ——— e | —— oe rey to on. 52 foe e Nos on. con frermos peg treme he 2 God is with “us ev = ‘ry night and loon — tHtar-yhos fou- Flra with you till we mesa with us ev'ry ight and np Sif Gump to m. 51 or opt. shorter ending) pooc ral. -dea-teen- Con the Lord watch “Yo ~ ver you un ~ ite Land wach 9 ver you in dear nos ote ex Pos. s20 grandee do-no$a Nei a Mey Wot She Sa o> pan pe hares ee, aye = eas Rg lea som bra de Sua Fa = Bas, id&you in theshad - ow of His wings hide you in the shad - ow of His wings. 9. Sa Lous pro- vér-to-das nd ees. g1-da— ldes_ May the Lord jpro - vide for you and meet your ev - ‘ry Mey tha Lond pro - vide for You and met Jour ev > —— mp turns Rousse na pl-ma de Qua wiko. A - need May He hold you jo the palm of His hand, ch need,__ May He hold you in the palm of His hand. - _ i ee men and a — men, wo i = Se 1 nen Dias ee ee tig ee — roo meee a Bath men. God is witlh us evry nightand day — > oe ———;, gain, day. 51 [ape tharer ending vit 1 —— ?