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Victoria Rossi

Activity: Card Bingo

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Equipment Need: 2 decks of cards

1. The participants will be divided into 7 groups.
2. Each group of participants will be given 7 cards face up on a table.
3. The facilitator will use the second deck of cards and read out the cards as they are
4. The group with the card said by the facilitator will turn it upside down.
5. When any of the groups have all their cards turned over they yell “Bingo”

Primary Interaction Pattern:

The primary interaction pattern for this specific activity would be an intergroup
interaction, which is the action of a competitive nature between two or more intragroups.
An intragroup is the cooperative nature among two or more persons with the intent to
reach a mutual goal through positive verbal or nonverbal interaction.

A 79-year-old woman with Stage 3 diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration
experiences vision impairments. Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leasing cause
of severe, irreversible vision loss in individuals over the age of 60. AMD is the deterioration of
the macula, which is located in the middle of the retina. As the macula begins to weaken, it
causes the individual’s vision to become blurry or wavy. There are two types of age-related
macular degeneration known as dry form and wet from. The dry form is characterized by the
presence of yellow deposits in the macula, which do not cause changes in vision but can grow in
size and leas to distortion of vision. The wet form is characterized by the growth of abnormal
blood vessels underneath the macula which leak blood and fluid into the retina causing straight
lines to look wavy and loss of central vision. This activity helps challenge the participant to look
at the differences between each card and recognize if they have the card that was called out by
the facilitator. A modification made to this activity to help ensure the participant is able to
interact in the game is placing a lamp at every table to enhance the lighting. In fact, by having
bright, warm LED lights it helps emphasizes the reds and greens. Therefore another modification
that could be made is using a red deck of cards. If the participant is still struggling with reading,
they could use high-power reading glasses or hand-held magnifiers to increase the font. Lastly, If
the participant has wet age-related macular degeneration, the facilitator can place the cards
towards the sides of the individual. This would allow them to use their peripheral vision which
can provide the best vision.