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C 263/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 13.9.


— by Mr Martı́nez Martı́nez, on behalf of the PSE Group, could not enjoy the same opportunities as their counterparts
on Cuba’s application to sign the EU-ACP partnership in advanced countries as globalisation was partly responsible
agreement (ACP-EU 2935/00) for the widening of the gap between poor and rich.

— by the following members: Morgantini, Miranda and The following spoke: Wijkman, Howitt, the representative of
Vinci, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, on Cuba’s Benin, Lucas, the representative of Ethiopia, Dybkjaer, Deva,
application to sign the ACP-EU partnership agreement Junker, Sjöstedt, the representative of South Africa, Lülling,
(ACP-EU 2936/00) van den Berg, Wieland, the representative of Fiji, the representa-
tive of Haiti, and the representative of Ghana.
— by the following members: Lucas, Lannoye, Schörling,
Maes and Boumediene-Thiery, on behalf of the Verts/ALE
The General Rapporteur summed up.
Group, on the Millennium Round at Seattle (ACP-EU
6. Statement by Mr John Horne, Minister of Trade,
— by the representative of Angola on the situation in Angola Industry and Consumer Affairs (St.Vincent and the
(ACP-EU 2938/00) Grenadines), President-in-Office of the ACP Council
— by the ACP Group on the impact of health and plant
health measures on the export of ACP products to the Mr Horne made a statement in which he gave details of the
European Union (ACP-EU 2939/00) recently completed negotiations on the new Partnership
— by the ACP Group on WTO waiver (ACP-EU 2940/00)
IN THE CHAIR: Mrs JUNKER and the representative of Fiji

5. Introductory statement by the General Rapporteur, Vice-Presidents

Mr Abednego Seisa Nqojane (Lesotho), on ‘Globalisa-
tion and the ways and means by which the ACP
Group and the EU can jointly respond to its advan- 7. Question Time to the ACP Council
tages and disadvantages’(AP/2890)
One question was put to the Presidency-in-Office of the ACP
Mr Nqojane made an introductory statement referring in Council by Mr Howitt on development issues and the World
particular to the different political, ideological and complex Trade OrganisationMr Horne replied. Supplementary ques-
situations lying behind the concept of globalisation and the tions were put by the following: Howitt, Van Hecke, Kinnock,
fact that many citizens of countries in the developing world Maes, Lucas, Bowis, van den Berg and Maij-Weggen.

(The sitting adjourned at 6.45 p.m.)

Louis Serge CLAIR and John CORRIE Jean-Robert GOULONGANA and Dietmar NICKEL
Co-Presidents Co-Secretaries-General