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Final Reflection Essay 

As I look back on the three essays that I wrote throughout the semester: the intro letter, 

the memoir and the profile paper there are definitely some modifications that I would make to 

revise the essay. I plan to add a bit more dialogue to each of the essays and then also fix some 

grammatical errors and run on sentences.  

My website is basically a guide throughout my time in English 101. The first page is an 

intro and background of me, why I went to The University of Alabama, my intro-letter and a 

short summary of the class and what we did in the class. The second page is the profile page so it 

starts off with my memoir paper, which is about how I broke my ankle while playing basketball 

and it ruined my dream of being able to play college baseball, which is my favorite sport, but I 

learned a lot from this accident happening to me and that it was not going to be the end of the 

world. I also added sections about how baseball was my favorite sport, a section about my 

recovery and then a section about how my surgeon inspired me to go to school to become a 

surgeon as well. The next page was the memoir page, which was about an international student, 

named Ali, in the ELI program that the university offers on campus. I put in the profile paper and 

added some pictures and some information about Ali and Kuwait. The final page is this 

reflection essay, my final thoughts on the class, and wrapping my page up. 

I tied all of my essays together by showing how my writing has improved throughout the 

course of the semester. My writing has improved from the first intro letter to the profile and it 

has improved even more when looking at the memoir paper. All of these papers started from just 

a lousy rough draft but I believe that while taking this course it has not just taught me the basic 

grammar stuff that we learned all throughout grade school and high school. My professor for this 
course has really showed me that when I put the effort in and when I am able to write about 

things that I am interested in that my work can really evolve into a great paper. I also tied 

together my papers by adding into each of them that a good thing can come from a bad or 

unexpected accident. In my profile paper was about how I broke my ankle and could never play 

baseball again, through this experience I learned that my true passion was to have a career in the 

medical field, I would have never learned this if I did not break my ankle and met my surgeon, 

Norman Waldrip. This taught me that baseball isn't everything and that's what I thought before I 

broke my ankle, I was able to learn new passions that I never knew before. In the memoir paper, 

I wrote about an interview that I had with an international student from Kuwait. Kuwait has a 

great business in oil engineering and the student that I talked to told me about how the schools 

were not good there and even though he was scared to move across the country to go to school 

he did it so that he could get a great education in the engineering program so that he was able to 

get a great job doing engineering in one of those oil facilities.  

The multimodal and stylistic decisions that I used to appeal the readers was that I put in 

each paper and then I added pictures in different sections and a brief summary of parts of the 

paper next to the pictures to show the reader visuals. The goals that I had set up in my intro letter 

I think that I really achieved those goals throughout the semester. I took more time than I ever 

have before by putting my studies first and finishing an assignment before I went out with 

friends even though I didn’t want to. I realized that I came to college to do good in school and 

get a great education and also have a good time but I need to keep in mind that school comes first 

and that is my first and foremost priority even though it may not be what I want to do all the 
time, but it is the best thing to do so that I do not fall behind and get stressed out when my work 

piles up.  

To conclude, I will continue to use everything and all of the skills that I learned from this 

English 101 class when moving forward into English 102, any other class while I am in college 

and also throughout my career. You will always need to know how to write effectively and have 

good habits in life. Some of the habits that I am going to continue to use and keep in mind as I 

am moving forward is that I will be determined when I am doing my work and always put forth 

my best effort in everything that I do because I do not want to procrastinate and do assignments 

half way.