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Far Eastern University

Institute of Nursing

Monterubio, Eufrosina Joy G.

BSN 123 / GRP.92

Generic/ Dosage / Classificatio Indication Contraindicati Side Effects Nursing Indications

Trade Name Frequency n ons
Nootropil 800mg / TID Central Influences neuronal and anxiety, insomnia, irrit
/ Analeptics. vascular functions and ability,
Piracetam influences cognitive function headache, agitation,
without acting as a sedative nervousness,
or a stimulant. and tremor,
Improves the function of
the neurotransmitter acetylc
via muscarinic cholinergic (A
Ch) receptors which are
in memory processes.

clonidine Tablet 0.1 CNS: drowsiness, • Do not

hydrochloride mg/15 mg, Anti- Hypertension, used alone as With sedation, dizziness discontinue use
/ 0.2 mg/15 hypertensive part of combination therapy hypersensitivity CV: heart failure, abruptly, reduce the
CATAPRES mg to clonidine or orthostatic dose gradually
and 0.3 any adhesive hypotension, • Continue oral
mg/15 mg layer of the palpitations clonidine therapy to
BID transdermal Dermatologic: rash with 4hr of surgery
system G.I. : dry mouth, • Reevaluate
constipation therapy of clonidine
tolerance occurs
• Monitor BP
carefully when

Losartan Initial dose: Anti- Hypertension, used alone as Contraindicated CNS: headache, • Give in the
/ 50mg PO hypertensive part of combination therapy with allergy to blurred vision, evening
Cozaar daily lovastalin, dizziness, insomnia, • Arrange for
Dosage active liver fatigue, muscle regular check
range from disease, cramps, cataracts ups
25-100mg unexplained GI: flatulence, • Arrange for
daily PO persistent abdominal pain, periodic
given once serum cramps, constipation, ophthalmologic
or twice a transaminase, nausea, dyspepsia, examinations
day pregnancy heartburn • Administer
only when diet
restricted in

Etoricoxib 90 mg/ tab Cox-2 Acute and chronic treatment Asthenia/ fatigue. Special precautions:
/ selective of osteoarthritis and RA. Dizziness, lower Advanced renal
Arcoxia inhibitor Treatment of acute gouty extremity edema, HPN, disease, preexisting
arthritis and primary dyspepsia, heartburn, edema, hypertension
dysmenorrheal. Relief of nausea or heart failure, liver
acute and chronic pain dysfunction, previous,
acute asthmatic
attacks, urticaria or
rhinitis precipitated
by salicylates or non
selective COX
Cefuroxime 500mg/ antiviral • Urinary tract • Sensitivity to CNS: dizziness, • Assess patient
/ 1tab infections, otitis cephalosporin headache, fatigue, for signs and
CEFTIN BID media s paresthesua, fever, symptoms of
• Severe infections chills, confusion infection
GI: diarrhea, nausea, • Assess for
vomiting, anorexia, anaphylaxis:
glossitis, bleeding rash, uticaria,
chills, fever,
• Identify urine
• Assess bowel
pattern daily