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(31 susta bought same toys wth 20% dscouton te orignal pc. The argh rio each toy SR. 0. she makes atta saving of 20, hew many tys ise bay? Ops: O12 Bom co” 08 (0.32 Inowwmany ways boy and2ginscenbe selecte rem aces 220 bors and10 gis Ope: 4 080 0450 © 990 h 0, 9 1200 932 Atanceversa dsiance beeen stations Aand Bin 4S minutes. the speed isreduced by igh, til cover the same dance in 48 rinutes, Whats the distance been the two saions A and 87 oéin 65 kn Gomer 2, 0 S0kn (934 In afar tock (toa cake and eb 3 tne as muchas hers (ach adhe ake equal ad How nan menbes are there inthe family? Ops: Ag 10 £3 to? } bon (135 A fower vase atch scleral in shape hs to be covered wit blue cobured roge fly wound around. the dameter ofthe ropes im and tected surface the epics 100 en, ihe ng he oe, Ops: A 9 Lm & 2m © gin 0, 50m ‘Tre pi-chart alven below ilustrates the spending of Ann durin a particule month. Study the plecart carefully and answer the questions that House Rent, a2 36 ithe total amount sped inthe manth = Rs. 18,000 then the anount spent an Transportation exceeds tat en shopping by Ops: A. © Rs. 75 B. ORs as Oe $00 D. Re. s00 (9.37 How much percent mere sspert on Foudthan tat on Stopping? Ops: A 0 375% (138 A cats drawn fom 3 pack of £2 cards what isthe probably thatitis king oz quaan? Ops: A © 713 8 oma © @sna 2. OM 39 Tiree ppascan il the tank in 18 hours One ote piges can ilitn 9 hours and another ppe can empty in 9heus. At whatrte does the hi pie war? Ops: A. @ Filing the tankin 18 hous 8. _G Waste pipe emptying the tank in 13 hours CG Waste pe emptying the tank in hours DQ Filing he tanking hours Q.40 For llintegral valves of , the expression (72"-3™) isa multiple of Ops: 8. O31 8 Ow Coz bo Q41 What isthe simple interest on Rs, 1500 at arate of 5% per annum for 4 years? Ops: A. © Rs. 225 8 ORs 288 C. © As 200 & D. ORs 300 (042 The incomes of A and 8 are inthe ratio 3: 2 and ther expenditures are inthe ratio S 3. I each saves Rs. 1,000, ther incomes are: Ops: A. © Rs. 6000 and Rs. 4,000, B. As. 12000 and Bs. 8,000, C. Rs 15,000and Rs. 10,000 D. @ None ofthe mentioned options Q43 Lett = { 1,2, 3,4. } be the set of natura numbers and Qin} be a mathematica statement involving the natural number *n* belonging to M such that |.Q(2) is tue, Le, Qn) is tue for n= 2 11 Qin + 1} is tue whenever Qin) s rue ‘Wich ofthe flowing statements is true with regard tothe given information? Ops: A. Qin) is true implies that Qin + 1) is tue. 8. @ Both the mentoned statements are true. C.@ O)n)is true forall natural numbers 1, @ Cannot be determined from the cata given, Q.44 Study the following data carefully and answer the question that follows. AWB = (A+B)? A#B = (A?-B2) AB = (AB)? ‘Question: Find the value of 4#(679). Ops: A @ 65 8 0135 © @-135 Dd. 65 Q45 What will be the volume of a cone of height 7 cm and base radius 2.2 cm? (Take = 22/7) b Ops: A. © 35.5cm* B 45cm? C @ 2485 cm? D. © 1065 cm?