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Q1_ The 2's complement representation of the decimal value 15 is Ops: A. © 10001 8 om c oun DB. 1001 Q2_ In nhich ofthe folloning relationship st, a separate schema is created corsstng ofthat attribute and the primary key of the entity set? 1. Amany-to-many relationship set 2, Amuitvalue attribute of an entity set 3, Aone-to-many relationship set Ops: A. © None ofthe mentioned options 8 Oomc © @Onya Dy 0. © One Q3 The minimum numer of queves needed to implement the priority queue is: Ops: A Od B03 col B02 4 hich ofthe fllowing methods wil be used to return the current involving object from its member function? Ops: A. 0 returniths); 4 8 0) retum(tis), CQ retun); . ( retum(uncton name); Q5_ What wil be the output ofthe flowing cove? 1 2, ineLudectostream 3, using nanespace std; 4, class Hyclass ( 5. public: 6 Hyclass() { cout e« "Called"; } Lo 8 4 int nain() 1 1. class tt, *t2; 12. retum 8; a) © Compile time err due to nel3 0 Gales 0 Repeer 0 Cale ales Q6 Copy constructor takes_agument(s) Ops: A. no 8. O two CO atitrary 2. Oone Q7 For normalrelationafpatabase design, the normal form which is considered adequate is. Ops! AQ 2NF 8. © BCNF C Q4NF D. O3NF QB Which of the following protocols is used to transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP network ? Ops: AO FTP 8 SMTP C OHTP D. @ oLTP Q9 In magnetic disks, is the time fom when a read or wrte Dts issued to when data transfer begins, Ops: A. () Accoss time B. (Average seek time C. @ Seektime D. © Rotational latency time Q.10 What will be the output of the following code ? 1 2. include costrean> 3. class A{ 4. private Sint: 6 public: % AO (x85; ) & frend class 8; 6 % 1 class B{ 12. private: Buty 14, public: 15, void myvoidshowa(ad i) ( ”. stdiseaut int main(void) { int a[t0); printf("d” tari-ta43); Q 12 Suppose a MOD-16 ripple counter is holding the count (1001), . After 31 clock pulses the count will be: Ops: A. © (2100)? b B. © (oo1j? c. @ ao10? D. @ (2000) @ 13 Which of the following computer requests resources or data from another computer? Ops: A. © host computer 8. © Client C. @ Server D. @ None of the mentioned options @ 14 In which of the following manner recursive functions are generally executed? Ops: A. © Parallel fashion B. © First in frst out order C. © None of the mentioned options D. © Lastin first out order Q.15 Which of the following shortcut key can be used to mave to the beginning of a line? Ops: A. © Ctritalt B. OFS C. © Ctritsnitt D. @ Home