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Stop Your

Mind Ruts

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Article by Bella


Some believe they are no-body, others struggle to become some-body... Ever considered
being your-body?
Your body can assist you in being and becoming who you really are if you give it a chance,
i.e. attention. Most of the time we are (pre)occupied in the head. We allow the mind to be
programmed with automatic thoughts and emotions and to tell us who we are and how
we’re supposed to express ourselves. Throughout our life we learned to react in a similar way
to certain situations. Repetition then creates patterns of movement, thought and emotion/
mood that alienate us from our bodies, causing pain and discomfort. If we’ve experienced
such automatisms as „who we are“, letting go of them presents a real challenge.


Most of us tend to blame other people or situations for not being able to fully express
ourselves. Yet – if you observe what it is you react to within your world and then take an
honest look within yourself, you will find that very thing in one way or another. Do you allow
your reactions to determine who you are or do you take self-responsibility and honestly
look inside you to see what you have allowed yourself to participate in and who you’ve
accepted yourself to be and become? How is it to be one with and equal to who you really
are? And will you accept anything less than that? Will you state „‘till here no further!“ upon
facing the points where you haven’t been self-honest? In STOPPING every accepted and
allowed automatism within and as your mind and your world, you are able to dis-cover
who you really are as self-expression. Self-honesty and the will to stand up and take self-
responsibility is all you need to start with.


The body knows exactly how to balance itself - yet we have been suppressing its signals.
We have given away our self-responsibility and self-power and lost trust in ourselves. We
have „experts“ to tell us what we should do or we search for our own trust and power
through knowledge of the mind. We hardly realize that we cannot trust the mind. We have
separated our body from the mind, as we beLIEve the repetitions the mind. Beliefs, thoughts
and emotions crystallize within the body when suppressed. Thus, dis-ease is here to show
you where it is that you haven’t been self-honest and to assist you in your process of self-

Through your body you can learn to recognize the accumulation of past experience and
how it is expressed in who you are today. Your past is literally saved within and as your body
- just like system programs on a hard drive. You can decide for yourself whether you wish
to run like a system, allowing fear and past conclusions to define who you are. By learning
to pay attention to your body you become more your-body and in this you gain back self-
confidence and the power to will yourself to STOP whatever is limiting you.

You „risk “facing” fear. The world is full of fear as it is based on fear. We have actually allowed
ourselves to become fear. How? We have allowed fear to direct us, to direct life. Most people
postpone facing themselves as fear, which is why pain and other symptoms manifest in
the body and suppress who you really are. Fear is a construct of the mind you can’t avoid
looking at, if you decide to move towards self-realization. All process is of self-realization
– you cannot escape who you are; you can only prolong process. The only real choice in
each moment is: self-honesty or self-dishonesty. Getting to know your body, you will learn
to experience yourself as a whole and to direct yourself in self-honesty. You will learn to
deal with fear and to let it flow in the body instead of allowing it to paralyze you. You will
realize that you are not your reactions. So you may give yourself a chance to give up reactive
behavior for directive self-expression; the known for the unknown; an automated existence
for living YOU.



Born in 1974, I walked the path of self-suppression we call life. In my twenties I used psycho-
analysis (C.G. Jung) and energetic healing as a path to understanding self. I later understood
that this road was of the mind and that the mind moves in never-ending circles, not allowing
me to actually be here. Further more I understood that only self can ‘heal’ self through self-
awareness and so I focused on Body Work. This is where I realized that we have become the
mind in separation from the body and that it’s not about healing – rather: self can ‘heal’ only
through removing the layers of the fear-based self-dishonesty, like peeling an onion, until
only the
core of self remains. Thus self can ‘heal’ only through being self – as self-expression in self-
honesty. The core of self has always been here. ...Where have I been...?
My application since: I am here, as my body, STOPPING everything that is not of life: beliefs,
automatic thoughts, and reactions – until only I remain as who I really am. To walk every
moment in self-honesty – here, as the breath of life.

From Ivan

I am writing my life story as part of a project aimed at freeing myself from the past and its
‘timeloops’, that are caused by the ‘mistakes’ of not being and acting from Who We Really
Are – instead, acting from the perspective of the Consciousness Systems with which one is
programmed as a child by parents, teachers and authority figures of one’s childhood years.
A timeloop ensures that if one does not correct a thought, feeling or action that is not
in accord with Who One Really Is when it happens, that the experience is ‘caught in the
past’ and will come up again later, to be given another try to ‘get it right’ (a bit like the old
concept of Karma). If you do not free yourself from this, the “same-old, same-old” things
tend to happen in your life, which keeps you more or less imprisoned in the past.
The technique for releasing these things and becoming free to be one’s Essential Self in action,
unlimited by the past in this way, is given by the Desteni-Universe Group (“Desteni”),

One has to understand that all humans are connected together at the level of the
unconscious mind, which creates a ‘Unified Field’ containing all the ideas, thoughts, feelings
and emotions which humans generate, and which determines our collective reality. Which,
if you are at all observant, you will agree is not a pretty sight from the point of view of all the
abuse, injustices, deceptions etc., etc., that both people and the Nature Kingdoms have to
put up with. Well – I have news – the Nature Kingdoms who have willingly served humanity
and supported us with food, clothing, material for housing and all the other things we like
have woken up, and are sick and fed up of the abuse we heap upon them, and have decided
that they will take up their sovereignty and not put up with this abuse any longer!

If you have any common sense, you will realize that this decision will have a major impact
on human life in the very near future, necessitating a complete change of our lifestyles and
attitudes towards life and each other… and if we don’t pull our socks up and get our act
together in an appropriate manner, there’s troublous times ahead! Better to start on it now,
than wait until the pinch comes!

We have to be prepared to work diligently and with absolute self-honesty upon ourselves, and
learn to take the responsibility that is ours, for bringing ‘Heaven to Earth’and disallowing each
and every thing that is not of our inner truth, that the mental and emotional programming
has created in this world. And to be aware that through our collective humanity we are
each responsible for all the mis-creations, deceptions and abuse of this world, and must
turn it around ourselves – there is no ‘Saviour’ to do it for us – we are IT – We Are The God
We Are Looking For!!! Prime Creator is within our own hearts – as one, as all, as equal. There
is no separate God outside of ourselves upon whom we can place this responsibility.

To change the world, we have first to get ourselves in order; then that state will naturally
reflect into the physical world, as the physical world is a mirror for what we are doing and
being inside ourselves.

If I sound enthusiastic, I am; for I have been looking for this kind of process much of my

life, and tried several methods – as I will recount – and at long last, this method seems to
be the one that will work. It is not an easy one to apply, and the application must be most
rigorous and diligent; but we are assured that it has reached the stage that it HAS to be
done, whether or not we are able to complete it during our present lives. If not completed
now, and we pass from the scene into the afterlife dimensions, it has to be faced there, and
since it can only really be completed on the physical Earth plane, that implies that we’ll be
back to prove that we can apply and live it on the physical in another life. So let’s get to it
while we may!

For those who might think to judge any part of this account of my doings: Be aware that
when you judge or criticize a person, you are judging / condemning an aspect of your own
nature that you so far have not acknowledged, but that is being reflected to you by the
actions that you criticise. If you did not have that “failing”, hidden away in you, you would
not have a reaction to it in my own story…
Thus, when you become aware of that, you have opportunity to apply self-forgiveness
about it and clear it!

From FAQ on Desteni Website

What are emotions?

Emotions - together with thoughts, feelings, pictures, ideas – the mind in general was placed
within each being so that we are able to be controlled and directed and never stand clear as
free individuals – free from consciousness. Imagine yourself not experiencing any emotions
within your participation in this world amongst others? Imagine what would happen when
you state I desire, need or want nothing? Would anybody or anything be able to control
or direct you? When the White Light was placed within each being’s basic neurological
system as mind consciousness systems (your neurology that directs you), at the same time
as a generator (to move you) was placed all emotions. That way you are always feeding
consciousness which then in turn feeds the constructs linked to our enslavement (systems,
the White Light and global consciousness).

What I am stating here specifically is that if you allow yourself to delve into the mind and
participate within emotions – you are constantly feeding the mind consciousness system
within you, giving this all your power to remain enslaved and controlled by consciousness
systems as what you become. When our enslavement occurred the mind consciousness
was placed within each being, the construct of emotion as power generator of the mind
consciousness was placed to ensure that we are always able to be controlled. Imagine a
world without emotions?

Imagine for one moment you could stand infinitely without anything moving you and
directing you within and as who you are. That is where the human looses each and every
time, because they have a dependency on something outside themselves because we
are encouraged by emotions, we move through emotions, we direct ourselves through
emotions. We are taught by our parents through following their example of how to
experience ourselves within this world – how to survive, defend and protect ourselves
through reactive behaviors such as emotions. All taught, followed and learned mechanisms
as our personality and behavior of who we are which is based within the experience of
ourselves as emotions.

If I experience the emotional expression of anger then I want to either feed my anger even
more, meaning I will then do whatever it takes to attach more emotions to my anger by
instigating it even more – turning the experience of emotion into an addiction of sorts
by finding ways to justify the reactive behavior. Or I strive to alleviate anger by thinking
thoughts of peace – initiating in this way the suppression of emotions instead of finding
the true cause and reason for the reactive behavior by example anger to not again allow
myself to return to such reactive behavior patterns. Either way it tends to create a new
set of emotions around either anger or peace, generating more and more for our own

Because the more suppression is allowed – inevitably the expression of anger will be quite
an explosive event. Are you a being experience reactive expressions as emotional behaviour

patterns such as anger for instance or are you just constant, here, therefore nothing moves
you as who you are, neither polarity as outside events drawing you toward experiencing
further emotions through reactive expressions as emotions? You see as long as we have
these emotions we are slaves to those that ‘play’ our emotions. War will exist within this
world due to the compound emotional reactive behaviours within all human beings in this
world – attached to the global consciousness system.

That which we are within – manifest without – the image and likeness of who we are is that
which we are busy creating within this world. And if I honestly have to have a look – it’s not
saying much about who we are and what’s going on within ourselves. Isn’t is possible that
those who specifically experience war, murder, violence etc. are merely outer manifestations
of examples of that which we allow and accept within ourselves within this world. Instead
of understanding their reasons or assisting them – we design protection establishments
against such actions and through this justifying and denying that which exist within us
portrayed within the outside world. In turn assist us in remaining within our emotional
reactive behaviors feeding consciousness systems instead of doing something about
it to once and for all stop such emotional behavior expressions and stop the feeding of
consciousness systems. Because we have defined ourselves as emotional reactive behaviors
– we wish to remain within it and use justification to do so.

Therefore when the president declares war for instance we either agree or disagree based
on our attachment to a particular emotion as a self defined belief of what is right and what
is wrong based on our upbringing as a child. Same within everything that exists in this
world, we base on our emotional attachment; therefore you are able to be controlled and
directed by something outside of yourself through emotional reactive behavior. The minute
someone or something has the ability to move or direct you according to your emotion you
have to become aware of the fact that they have just trapped you. Are you directing yourself
or are you being directed? Emotions are but energetic experiences as the generator and
power source of mind consciousness systems – the more you feed consciousness through
your participation and allowance in reactive behaviours the more you become it and ingrain
yourself within it.

What are feelings?

Feelings are the exact projections of any given emotion. Feelings such as love, peace, and
harmony etc. – all the beautiful expression within human beings are but polarity expressions
of emotions – designed derivatives from emotions to establish the experience of polarity
within each human being on earth. Feelings as emotions are the same energetic expression
as generator for the mind consciousness system. Designed within the mind consciousness
system of human beings so each human being may always exist within the polarities of
feelings and emotions, good and bad, right and wrong etc. to in this way remain enslaved
and controlled within and as consciousness by the White Light. Never allowing them to
remain here, constant in every moment where nothing moves within you, as who you are
here in every moment. All emotion and feeling expressions are of mind consciousness

system – energetic expressions which influence you through control and direction – this
is what moves and direct human beings at the moment – feelings and emotions designed
within mind consciousness system as what human beings have become. If you become
emotional (angry, sad, fearful, anxious etc.) or experience feelings (love, desire, happiness
etc.) – know that you are allowing yourself to be directed and controlled by consciousness
as your mind as what you have defined yourself as.

How do you stop the Mind and release the

crystal structures with in the body of the Mind
Consciousness System?

Veno will tell us.

Veno 10 Matrix 8 on Secret of Self Support

Hi this is Veno,
As I told you I will assist you guys with some practical application to assist you in this
Okay so what is the most common situation in this world? Money, survival and relation-
ships. So the first start would be your thoughts and for instance when you experience emo-
tions and feelings. So your thoughts, clearly your thoughts are not who you are. Clearly
obviously, your thoughts are derived from a mind consciousness system inside you. Now
many questions as been asked, like “why can’t the systems just be taken out?” Because liter-
ally if we take them out your entire physical human body at this moment would collapse
entirely because you have infused yourself as that system to such an extent that if we just
take it out you’d be out, in other words you would die. And also because it is your process
and all human beings are in this process together and not only you but the dimensional
beings as well, in other words what I am speaking here as in terms of the practical applica-
tion that is required, we are applying it as you as well. We are not just standing back saying
“okay do this, do that” you know, I am in you. And so, realized that we are to give ourselves
up completely and become you as you and walk this thing with you completely. So it is very
interesting and fun.

So getting back to thoughts, let’s start with thoughts. You are aware of what you
think, really, if you sit in the evening and look at your day from the morning you will notice
moments in the experience of the day that you had thoughts and what exactly you did ex-
perience inside your self. So my suggestion would be to go through your day and be aware
of your thoughts and your emotions, and feelings and in the evening sit in your bed and
write. So when you write, go through your day and pick out specific moments that stand

out. Moments that you specifically remember where you had a thought that brought up
emotions and or feelings. I guarantee you will remember them because in essence you are
actually aware the entire day it is just that beings do not admit that to them selves and they
actually don’t want to. So you will remember specific moments. That would be my first sug-
What you do is you look at the thoughts you had in that moment, look at what you ex-
perienced in that moment and then you apply forgiveness. But this forgiveness has to be
applied extremely specifically!…It is like you capture a moment like you are taking a pho-
tograph of it, of the experience you had during the day. So you take that moment and you
actually capture it and as you sit in your bed as you sit in your bed in the evenings because
you actually remember it, you will remember I guarantee it. And then you have to apply
forgiveness at every point. You apply forgiveness to the thought you had, you have to apply
forgiveness to what ever you experience according the emotions and feeling you had inside
of you. You have to forgive the person or the event that occurred in that moment and then
you also have to forgive yourself as you did not stand up in that moment and actually apply
forgiveness in that moment. And so you continue. And I am writing about this to become
more specific… exactly ...exactly... how specific you have to do forgiveness because if you
even miss one point on that moment that you have experienced it will remain because that
point still exists inside you as a memory that you are holding on too that you are using to
define yourself by. Then you also will be able to become more aware during your day. What
is awareness? I am making you aware at this moment by saying to you what are thoughts
what emotions are and what are feelings now you are aware of it. Now in that awareness
you have to apply that awareness in terms of when you see a thought that is coming up
forgive it because it doesn’t’ matter what that thought is about it doesn’t matter whether it
is good or bad, both you have to forgive because it is a thought, a thought is a thought and
a thought is not who you are it is a mid consciousness system development. And then you
will also get to the stage where you kind of see thoughts coming but you won’t have any
reactions to the thoughts. And oh…you also have to remember if you do have a reaction to
the thought which will also be a process because it kind of happens you know you will have
a thought and you go to guilt and then you go into fear and then, don’t worry just forgive
that guilt, just forgive that fear of that you had that thought and then forgive the thought
as well. But soon you will realize that you see these thoughts floating around and you will
have no reaction. You see like these little picture things going around. All you do is delete
it stop it, just stop. Participation is thoughts is a very interesting thing because thoughts
bring fourth a curiosity you know, you kind of see a thought coming up and you just kind
of want to follow it because it seems so interesting and you start to go oh there you go and
you tend to let it take you away with it. So be careful of those moments because it kind of
lifts you out (up?) like a complete dimensional shift, you kind of shift out for a moment and
then you are out there in you mind somewhere and something brings you back and you oh
my god I am here. Now do that for yourself, when you see a thought coming stop it imme-
diately. It is like an addiction. It is like an addiction, you will experience it like an addiction,
you will want to follow that thought I have to follow that thought, I have to find out what
that thought is about it must be important. Well it is not important. If you are not present
not breathing and all that exists is you in this space where you in this world in the moment,
problem. Then you are in your mind, you are somewhere there and you’re again feeding
this whole mind consciousness system inside you. So stop all thoughts please, they are not
important. And as an experiment for your self what I suggest you do if you want to, follow
your thoughts, and do it in the evening when you are in your bed. Follow your thoughts
and you will notice an interesting thing, your thoughts always take you to the exact same
place. It is one thought going from one place to another. So try that, and also the experi-
ence you have when watching your thoughts observe your thoughts. So for a moment try
that, just for your self so you can see that thoughts take you to the exact same point always
and it is very limited and you always have the same exact thoughts. You will also come to
know that.. all thoughts are exactly the same.
Okay this is Veno.
Thank you.

Veno 11 Matrix 9 on Secret of SelfDirection

This is Veno,
And I continue where I communicated about thoughts, so don’t be trapped or captured by
the curiosity of your thoughts that’s what enslaves you. Now let’s go to for instance to emo-
tions and feelings. When you become emotional about something or you feel something
for someone, apply forgiveness. The reason I say do it in the evenings when you’re at home
because you are required to do forgiveness out loud by your self, or if your not to afraid or
embarrassed in your process of self realization with your partner, other wise do it alone.

You are going to have to get over the embarrassing situation of applying self forgive-
ness in public out loud. So for now I am just trying to swish you into the application slowly
but surly. Do it alone in the evenings in your bed but do it out loud. Do forgiveness out
loud. Why do it out loud, because thoughts are like loudly spoken words. You hear your
thoughts right? So of course they are spoken words and it’s like you have two beings inside
you, there is you and a being as a manifested mind consciousness system and both speak,
okay. You speak here (Veno points to mouth) and here (Veno points to head) So that’s why
in terms of forgiving thoughts loudly you release the sound residence retainment of that
thought inside your human physical body and also the crystallization there of, because you
apply forgiveness.

As I explained how thoughts manifest as crystals inside your human physical body
when you do it out loud and you do it through and you do it specifically, those crystals be-
cause of the sounds of the words you are speaking resonate with in you, they will explode
if you want to call it that and will release themselves inside your human physical body.

But the point you must remember and consider is that its not going to help you to just
apply forgiveness, its not, because if you are just going to apply forgiveness and your not
doing anything about it in terms of acting differently and correcting though application
that the whole system is just going to remain inside there and the thought may come up
continually all the time.

Oh yea that is also a point, thoughts may reoccur even though you have forgiven
them. The reason being is there are multiple different layers of that thought which you have
manifested within you.

So continuously forgive your thoughts because where you do understand your

thoughts that you are not reacting in anyway and that you realize you see there is a thought
floating and it is just floating and you just go stop and it doesn’t influence you or redirect
you or direct you in anyway what so ever and that is where you want to stand. So going
back to the necessity to actually apply, now lets have a look, what happens when you have
a thought and it actually manifests as crystals inside your human physical body it becomes
you completely, in other words if you actually don’t do the correction through application
that becoming of you as a thought will still remain. Why, because you acted on it, how do
you act on that thought? You believed it to be you, that is acting on it, belief is acting. So now
you have to do the following you have to completely remove that act of you as the thought
with in your human physical body, the only way you do that is through application. So what
I suggest you do is write down your thoughts of the moments you experienced them during
the day and apply forgiveness out loud but write them down… why am I saying write them
down? Because when you write them down and you apply forgiveness and now you are
going to application the next day you’ll notice the same scenario coming fourth whether it
is the next day or a week after that and then you will either do the exact same thing you did
previously or you will create the application in that moment by either applying forgiveness
in that moment by not reacting emotionally by not reacting according to feelings. And
then you can go back into that little book and say hmm but I applied forgiveness, why
did I act again in the exact same way? And that is how you can kind of correspond with
yourself in terms of seeing where is my application, did I apply myself affectively did I apply
forgiveness effectively ect.
So literally all human beings at the moment have to deal within themselves there
thoughts, emotions and feelings because at the moment that is what human beings
believe themselves to be. And it is not going to be a simple process, remember how long
have you been in this world? Many years, so through out those many years, imagine those
thoughts. Imagine all those words spoken and the experiences you have had and you have
to transcend each and every single one but it’s not about going back to the past many years
ago looking for the problem, all you do is remain here. What is necessary to be realized is
and what is transcended in the moment what steps fourth and that is why we are here. Just
remain here, in terms of your day, in terms of looking back, I would say bring your day back,
bring you day here, right here as in now at this moment. And then you look through your
day, your entire day for moments that stand out which require forgiveness application. What
is great is to have children brought to the forgiveness application. Just start when there
sad or there troubled or something, you know they get emotional very quickly. Have them
apply forgiveness, apply forgiveness with your children, that is a fantastic experience, if you
do have children. But at the moment I would like you to focus on yourself, the relationship
stuff comes later, that is an interesting thing.
So that is all I have to say at the moment in terms of practical application with your
emotions, feelings and thoughts.
Thank you very much,
This is Veno
Desteni Tools

Writing Yourself To Freedom

Self Honesty
Self Forgiveness

The ‘principle’ is: Writing yourself to freedom – because in writing, you see yourself before
you in words, and as you write, you’re able to apply self forgiveness if any thoughts/feelings
and emotions come up to so purify your nature, ‘who you are’ – to no more be of the mind,
and also to live differently. To live here in every moment of breath – no more to live as the
mind of the mind which enslaves and controls you to not allow you to actually experience
who you really are. So, here is another video interview within which the principle of ‘writing
yourself to freedom’ is explained, which I suggest you take a look at and apply for you:


(For Giving To Your Self)

Below are some examples of writing your self to freedom and Self forgiveness

These are some examples from Veno and various people who are applying these tools to
assist and support them selves to stop the mind and take responsibly for what they create
thus releasing the bondage that we have accepted and allowed within ourselves.

(These Self Forgiveness examples have not been edited and thus spelling and wording has
not been altered)

Veno quote:

“ I would suggest to apply the self forgiveness as: I forgive myself

that I have accepted and allowed myself… because in placing
the words ‘accepted and allowed’ within the self forgiveness
statement sentence – you also ‘realize’ your self responsibility
towards you when applying self forgiveness, this is me applying
self forgiveness for what I have accepted and allowed and
thus in doing so, in speaking this statement I am taking self
responsibility for me.

Because have a look: In only using the words: I forgive myself…

this is not actually you taking self responsibility for you – but
applying self forgiveness out of fear – instead of the application
of self forgiveness being a statement of you in expression of
you taking self responsibility for you as you.

Because at the moment – you’re doing self forgiveness in fear,

seen within your words of only ‘I forgive myself…’ – speaking the
self forgiveness statement: I forgive myself that I have accepted
and allowed myself…’ this is ‘real’, this is you absolutely taking
self responsibility for you and facing what you have accepted

and allowed within you and standing up within you.

Forgiveness on wanting Recognition

I saw today a need in my self to be recognized for things that I do. I gave self forgiveness for
this. I laid down and did the breathing and looked for resistance and found this need that I
have always had and has made my life miserable.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have the need to be recognized
(Note: At the time I wrote this I did not know about the complete phrase...that I have accepted and
allowed myself ...so the rest does not have it in there but should to be more effective)

I forgive myself for the need to be noticed

I forgive myself for wanting others to praise me
I forgive myself for wanting others to praise me for the “good” things I think I do.
I forgive myself for feeling embarrassment for having wanted this.
I forgive myself that I thought the recognition of others would make me who I am.
I forgive myself that I would get frustrated when I am not recognized
I forgive myself that this is one of my biggest MO’s in life
I forgive myself that I did not see this and gave my power away to what others thought.
I forgive myself that I have not ever lived in the Here as my actions were for others and not
I forgive myself for now being angry about this
I forgive myself that i did not know any different.


I forgive myself that I believe I am separated from another

I forgive myself that I believe that I am separate from nature

I forgive myself that I think there is a me and a them

I forgive myself that I believe that there is an inside and an outside

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe there is a border of

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the
things I see as separated from me
I forgive myself that when I talk to another I don’t see it as me talking to me
I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to believe in separation

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that what existence is can only
be seen from my eyes which are a programmed system

I forgive myself that I have never allowed myself to see with out the system eyes but I can “feel”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see beyond what the eyes can

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not even know there was something
beyond what the eyes came see.

I forgive myself that I have accepted myself to think nature was not a part of me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that nature was there for me
not as me

I forgive myself that I have and accepted myself to believe that the world was separated from

I forgive myself that I have and accepted myself to define things by doing that I was saying that
is that, and I am not.

I forgive myself that I dont even know how to see with out the eyes and never did.

I forgive myself that I allowed and accepted myself to define things by what I saw with the system

If I did not have a body that was programmed with systems. what would I see
If I did not have a body did I still see, or understand with systems

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that who I was is a system of
definitions that separated me from Self as One and equal to all

I forgive myself that I have identified life with suffering

I forgive myself that the very fact that I or anyone does not want to suffer creates that very

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have fear of suffering thus creating
that suffering

Believing in separation causes the very act of suffering, the fear of suffering creates it.
What you resist persists. The fear of suffering creates dishonest self serving actions.

Suffering only exists in Separation

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I can suffer

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that suffering exists because
I believe I am separate

I for give myself that I have accepted and believed that fear of suffering is life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have the fear that I will suffer

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make all decisions in life from a
starting as so I will not suffer.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I am separate from anything or

I now want to let go of all self serving fears

I now want to be free from the illusion of separation
I now am One and Equal to all as Self as Life
There is nothing separate from me, all is me

What I allowed Design of being Special to do to me:

This sneaky system I found was the hidden ruling mode of operation for me.
Now see.....I did not see this one running.....But It was the cause of a lot of my misery.
I am seeing now that it was my feeling that I was special that I Blamed God for giving me
this life. How could I be here? ME! Doesn’t he or life or my parents or all humans know who
I am!
How Dare I be put into such a life as this!
(The feeling of being not good enough is the polarity of thinking your special so either one is really the
same thing as all polarities keep each the opposite polarity going)

Because I thought I was special, well I did not think I was special but I wanted others to
treat me like I was... I ended up hating my parents. I ended up hating that I had to take
care of myself that I should not have to take care of myself .I ended up wanting people to
see I was special hence the problem with wanting to be recognized the fear that I wont be
recognized so I do not try to make a better life for me...what is the use of a better life if I am
not recognized. The indulgence with “Poor Me”. See my parents were not bad people, they
treaded me the best they could...But they could not recognize me for who I am. And that put
me on a self destructive Mission!.. This is a tricky one because people will say but it is good
you feel special.......Thing is my feeling “special” turned into a search to be recognized for
this. And in that search anyone I felt who did not see it I would be miserable about it, I would
get depressed, I would stop wanting to take care of me and become self indulgent with self
pity. And I would become Angry! I would not do anything Good for me.....Then I turned that
into being a people pleaser….If could get people to like me, to see how wonderful I was....
Maybe they could see I was special...see being special is a polarity....I could not give that
to myself.....because then I am saying that there is being “Special” and there is being “Un-
special!.”....Total mind fuck!

This Design for me has been the cause of

Wanting recognition
Self indulgent behaviors
Self destructive behaviors
Self loathing
Unableness to give to myself
Looking out side myself
Feeling inferior
Self sabotage

Process to I am special

I did this forgiveness before I wrote the Post design Of Being Special.

This was a cool one for me because I started out with one thing and ended up with the
end realization.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be frustrated with I idea that I have
to take care of my self.

I for give myself that I have accept and allowed myself to divert the process off of myself and
onto others.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to worry about others process instead
of taking care of my ownself.

I forgive myself that I do this so I will not have to look at myself

I forgive myself that I have accept and allowed myself to not stand up to me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I am wasting my energy and
exhausting my self by spending most of my time worrying about others process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to to be frustrated because I have to
take car of myself..example work make food take care of stuff.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I should not have to do
these things.. that I should not have to take care of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to too:

Be angry that we have to work
That I am lazy
That I think it is hard and a waste of time to take care of ones self

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to waste all this energy thinking of
ways and reason why not to do something than to just do it.

I forgive myself that I started with not worrying about being public with this SF and now I don’t
want to be

I forgive myself that ahhhh. ic that it is the mind wanting me to hide giving its stupid excuses.

I forgive that I have accepted and allowed the lazy program system to influence me so strongly.

i forgive myself that I have accept and allow myself to believe I have to “wait” to be inspired to
take action.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to think: inspiration “is God given and I must wait for
it to get things done
I forgive my self that I have accepted and allowed myself to live by the mind program

I forgive myself that I wait for something to feel like “fun” before I do it.

I forgive myself that I believed work to be the only “have to do” there for thinking I do not
want to anything else for myself unless Its fun.

I forgive myself believing that I am so special that I should not have to take care of myself...even
thought I do take care of myself I really hate it.

I forgive myself that I think that I am so special that God fucked up and gave me the wrong life!
LOL hahahaha Shit that is funny!

hahah Oh shit! God gave me the wrong life!! Haha what a crock of shit that mind fuck
was!! And
where did I come up with the idea I was so special????


It was strange watching my first video. It was strange doing it as well. I was nervous at first,
but then, once the camera was rolling it was ok. It felt the way I experience myself on stage,
the moment just before you go on, you’re totally nervous, then you breathe in and GO. Like
when you dive.
So it felt kind of like a performance, no not kind of, it felt like a performance, and it was.
Gabriël said it was as if I was acting, the way I moved my head and the way I talked. He said
“it reminded me of the way you are with your friends”. So then I asked myself the questions
‘am I myself when I’m around friends?’ and then a voice inside my head going ‘yes, I am, of
course I am’. But I’m not, I know I’m not. It’s as if I put on a suit and then act, speak and move
differently. I should probably read Heath Ledger’s article.
The question I should ask myself is ‘if I would talk to myself, would I be talking in the same
way I talk when I’m around friends?’ Answer’s no. And the way I talked in the video isn’t the
way I’d talk to myself either.
So I felt a bit sad about that, but I’m grateful that i did it this way, it literally showed me what
I do. Now it’s undeniable :).

I forgive myself for allowing myself to behave, act, speak and move differently in the presence of
other beings.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to especially around ‘friends’ behave, act, speak and move
differently and present myself in a way I believe they will support.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to want other beings to support the way I behave, act, speak
and move and present myself.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to fear that if I do not do my best to present myself the
way I believe others find enjoyable, I will not be accepted and appreciated.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to behave, act, speak and move differently in the
introduction-video I made.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to fear that if I do not present myself in a specific way other
beings on the forym won’t appreciate and accept and approve of me.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to have the habit of trying to be who others might want me
to be.

I forgive myself for allowing this habit to exist within me.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realise to which extent I
compromise myself in my behavior, acting, speaking and moving when around other beings, until

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to behave, act, speak and move the way I would do if I
were to speak to myself, when I’m around others.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel sad and disappointed in realizing this dishonesty of
me that i have accepted and allowed to exist within me.

I do no longer accept and allow myself to compromise myself in my way of

behaving, acting, speaking and moving when in the presence of another
When I speak, I speak to myself.

Veno - Self Forgiveness - Relationship

As transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensional portal

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I require and need another separate
from me to fulfill and complete me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to accept my self and incomplete and unfulfilled.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to separate me from myself as another.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to seek and search for love in another from who and
which I have separated me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to separate myself from the word ‘love’.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to separate myself from the word ‘relationship’.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I need and require another to be
completed and fulfilled.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I need and require another separate
from me to be loved and to experience love.
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to consider the words ‘falling in love’ – only
noticing and considering the word love in the equation and not the word ‘fall’.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to dream and wish and hope and desire to be
‘whisked’ and wiped off my feet by an eligible attractive man or attractive beautiful woman of
which I pictured in my mind as being: The One.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to condition and conform to society by desiring
wanting and needing a must-have relationship.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to influence and change myself to attract a hopeful
possible partner.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that ‘knees going weak’ and ‘butterflies in
the stomach’ are actually experiences of me instead of realising they are manifestations of the

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to actually literally ‘buy into’ the ludicrousness of the
fact that love actually exists.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realise that love and relationship is the trap of
this world to remain pre-occupied in ‘my own world’ instead of opening my eyes and ears to
see and hear what’s really going on in this world.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to ‘fall’ into the trap of the mind as love and

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to define love and sex under the category of the
manifestation of a relationship.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to become blind and deaf by the overwhelming
experiences of feelings and emotions within a relationship and closed myself off and separated
myself from the rest of the world.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to use a relationship as an escape from the world to
not have to face the world I exist in and experience myself within.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I will ‘find’ and ‘discover’ myself within
a relationship with another.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that emotions and feelings for another
separate from me are actually experiences of me as who I am.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to desire, want and need a relationship.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to merely accept and allow emotions and feelings for
another separate from me – believing such emotional and feeling experiences to be ‘normal’ and
‘okay’ because everyone else is also experiencing them.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to enjoy ‘being loved’ by another – instead of me
accepting joy as me as the expression of me as self love.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to love myself and because of this – I went on a
journey to find, search and seek love elsewhere.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realise that by me wanting, desiring, wishing and
needing a relationship – I was actually asking for a relationship with me.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to ever in my life, not once in my life – consider

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to start a relationship and go on a relationship quest
– because that’s what the rest of the world is doing – so most obviously: I must do it as well.

I forgive myself that I have allowed sex, relationship and love to become my obsession,
oppression and suppression.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to resist myself.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to take me for granted.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to define holding, cuddling, kissing and sex and

I forgive myself that I have allowed my eyes to deceive me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to deceive myself into believing that love and
relationship actually exist.
I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe, perceive and think that others who are
in relationship are happy and content – not really knowing or understanding that what they are
projecting is the lie to the world and the deception of themselves.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to trust my thoughts feelings and emotions instead of
me trusting myself as who I am of life within and as oneness and equality.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to judge myself and I this judgment requiring
and needing another separate from me to love me, appreciate me and adore me because I
apparently couldn’t and cant for myself.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to think that self forgiveness is ridiculous.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to think that self forgiveness is too simple and fallible
to actually assist and support me in what I am experiencing within me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to judge and condemn my own words.

I forgive myself that I have even allowed to give the mind as thoughts feelings and emotions the
‘time of day’ and taking for granted the breath of life as life of me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that I will only find and discover love,
fulfillment, completeness, comfort, joy, well-being, bliss in a relationship with another.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to actually believe that God created male and female
as is to experience the apparent joys and wondrous ecstasy and euphoria of sex and to make
babies and start a family.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to live by the laws and regulations of society of the

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to actually believe that people who’ve been in
relationships actually knows anything of relationships and have allowed myself to follow the
example of other love sick puppies lost in the mind as I am.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to notice the word ‘sick’ in ‘love sick puppies’ and
only notice the word love.
I forgive myself that I have allowed the words ‘love’ and ‘relationship’ and ‘sex’ to control me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed the words ‘love’ and ‘relationship’ and ‘sex’ to have power
over me and power of me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to deceive and dishonour and lie to myself in the
name of love, relationship and sex.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to be intimate with me – self intimacy is the key of

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that my parents were actually ‘happily
married’ and that I’d also want to have an experience like that with another: Relationship,
marriage, home, car, children, successful business and money.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realise that I have ‘fallen head over heals’ for
the deception and manipulation and lies of the system when ‘falling head over heals’ for another
separate from me.

Some to get you started…


To see more examples of how people are using the Desteni Tools you can read the blogs
that we have posted at:


The Design of Resistance to Self Forgiveness
From FAQ

Please remember

Forgiveness is only difficult to systems and ego

What we allow we create

it is thus the honesty self test to establish if one is an ego preprogrammed being or if one
takes responsibility for one’s own self-awareness

Thus--it is real easy to establish the truth of self and if self honesty exist at all or whether
self justification is the veil placed over self to hang onto the noose that hold all enslaved to

Only you as who you really are is able to decide who and what you are to be, nothing limits
you except consciousness. Consciousness also keeps you practicing certain application as
I have mentioned to be able to feed all systems globally. Your participation in this world
without standing as awareness is enslavement. When you are caught up in words, feelings,
thoughts, believes, expectations and you will live according to these things –enslavement.
Not understanding within awareness your own creations and how you came to be, how
you direct your life and why – enslavement. Practically I understand that to be aware of
what is happening and acting on what it is you have come to understand is not always easy.

Some Q &A from people on the forum


“ What ive realised is that self forgivness and self honestly is really the same
thing. One allows you to first accept what you have created and then the
second to forces you to realign away from it, towards a more natural state.
I applyed both and within a week felt like i had done myself a huge favor.
Ive been able to handle all situation in a none jugemental way and of
course see it as part of a process. My mistake was to assume some project-
ed idea about myself which caused me to “react” or fail to react in certain
situaltions.Thanks for allowing me the tools to to be here and now again.
Also I am very much instresting in a possible interview request on open
or closed forum.

Self forgiveness is the ‘release’ of the system constructs within you, you have defined
you according to ‘who you are’ as the personality of the mind. In applying self forgive-
ness effectively - you become ‘aware’ of what you have accepted and allowed the nature
of you as ‘who you are’ to become according to which you have defined you as being.
Yet - self forgiveness is not enough and will be useless without practi-
cal application as you participate in this world, and the practical applica-
tion and self forgiveness must be done within and as brutal self honesty as you.

Practical application, when you actually live and apply the correction of that which you
have applied self forgiveness for - for instance: Let’s say you applied self forgiveness for
when you become anxious around a certain specific being - then, when you are in the
presence of the being once again and you experience the anxiety coming up, you are
now aware because of applying self forgiveness, that this anxiety exists because of what
you’ve accepted and allowed you to define ‘you’ as being and that this anxiety is not
who you are - then self honesty in application in the moment immediately is to live the
practical application of the self forgiveness you have done through stopping the anxi-
ety immediately in that moment within you - through saying: STOP - out loud, or out
loud within you. This STOP! is a self statement of who you are in the moment according
to what you will accept and allow and what you will not accept and allow - so, in stop-
ping the anxiety immediately - you make a self statement of ‘who you are’ in that mo-
ment - stating that you are not this anxiety and will thus not accept/allow it within you.
If the anxiety continue even after you say: STOP - you know your self for-
giveness application was not effective - because somewhere inside you,
you’re still accepting and allowing you to define ‘who you are’ as ‘anxiety’.
And the anxiety will come up - self forgiveness doesn’t take it away - you have to stop it in
every moment when you are aware of it coming up - immediately and not participate in it
- becasue this is how you test your application in every moment of breath in presence and
self honesy as you. Within this process of application - you become self aware, within this
process you establish and manifest who you are - as ‘who you are’ here within and as self
honesty as you as the manifested expression in practical living application in every mo-
ment of breath.

[Standing Up]

Standing up IS NOT A PHYSICAL ACT OF DOING SOMETHING or standing up towards

something or for something outside of you as this would be EGO - standing up is stand-
ing up within and as you - by not accepting or allowing the mind of thoughts/feelings and
emotions to control/influence who you are - in every moment you stand up within you by
stopping the mind.

In the previous discussion we have had with regards to the experience you’re having with
yourself - I presented you with some practical self forgiveness and self corrective applica-
tion examples - in applying this for you within and as self honesty = you take self respon-
sibility for you and so stand up within and as you. As this process is about who each one
has accepted and allowed themselves to be and become and to so accordingly purify the
nature of themselves - to stand up as oneness and equality as life.

Then - only then, you assist and support others as you to do the same - to stop the mind
and realise who they really are.

Be careful not to define your process according to something or someone outside of you
- it’s all about who you are within and as you that requires purification - done through
practical self application in and as self honesty.


[Self Movement]

You will establish your self honesty in self movement in practical application in the mo-
ment - when for instance ensuring that in every moment before you participate in
something or with someone - your self expression is here in and as breath = no mind,
not speaking or ‘acting’ as a result according to a reaction of thought/feeling/emotion.

Thus - self movement is when you literally in practical application ‘move beyond a fear within
you when it comes up in a moment of conversation for instance’. You do not accept/allow you
to give into the fear, move through it and speak/express you, when for instance you go into
‘fear of speaking’ = move through the fear, speak within and as self honesty and express you.


Quotes: Bernard

“ All beings are yourself--and what you fear in

another you fear in yourself--be frank--and make
sure that who you are as the living word resonate
as the word as you live that you may not be mis-

understood--but seen as life as you live

“ Life is a moment--a breath--we take in--self for-

giveness--and blow out--self honesty

Thus--in the circle of life--we stop the circle with

self forgiveness and then start a new life every
moment in self honesty

In this way we purify ourselves and the environ-

ment we participate in and thus have a direct
influence on the future of the world

We are then equal to our own effectiveness in self

honesty and self forgiveness and in total control/

directive power of our lives

Self honesty points to consider

Imagine you suddenly have a portal open to heaven. In heaven you find many heavens
and angels and magnificently beautiful things. Would you be seduced by all the beauty
and magnificence and immediately try and find out where you belong in all this or would
you ask why this exists while humans on earth suffers?

this is an important question-- and one that will be pertinent in the process of each being

Are you influenced by glamour and the idea of beauty and love in the face of suffering of
others and obviously--how do you justify this denial of suffering?

this is the illness of the mind--it seeks beauty in pictures and deny the ugly--and then call
it good and bad and then justify why the way the specific human is seeing this beauty is
better and more beautiful than what another is seeing.

Then--if this is not acceptable

who will you have to be to remove all the heavens and all the gods and angels and
glamour that blinded all to the reality of the situation in one moment?

here no hypothesis will work--here is the test of self

and this will show in your process

another question--do you fear death or are you willing to give your physical life to restore
life for all?

this question is pertinent--because if a false statement is made here--the loops and

consequences from this is specific and is the foundation of self honesty as life

and there is nowhere to hide into infinity in this time of revelation where the picture
world in service of man will present the greatest nightmare imaginable-- for the porpuse
of purification

this will reveal to each the nature of self as man as in the story of Job--which I suggest
each read

Remember that judgment is to see another as less than life--as unequal to life and then to
allow them to continue in their lostness-- allowing them a “choice”

this is judgment personified and fear realised as manifest and self dishonesty--so-what
will you do to assist another to remember who they really are?

Transcribed by Andrew
From Video

This is the solution of self honesty.

Now we have done design interviews, revealing, showing, sharing.
The design of the mind and the unified consciousness field of the mind
that exists within, and as each and every single individual human being.
Now we have been communicating extensively about the “problems” that exist as what
has been accepted and allowed within this world as within each and every single human
being, “bringing” to awareness what has become of ourselves and what we have done to
ourselves as the world. Here I am as the solution, specifically, the solution of self honesty.
We have revealed in video interviews the deception, separation and enslavement, as
control, that exist within each and every single human being as the mind consciousness
system. Designing and manifesting an “equal mind system reality creation” of deception,
enslavement, separation and control, manifesting the reflection of what exist within each
as a mind consciousness system. Now its interesting, the question of what and how do
I live and apply self honesty if I do not even know what it really is? What is self honesty,
really in application? Because all that I have ever know is my mind consciousness system of
thoughts feelings and emotions as myself. Existing in past present and future of the unified
consciousness field. So how am I supposed to know, live, understand, apply self honesty?
Here human beings are where the breath of self is important. The mind cannot exist in and
as the breath. See the mind exist in past, present and future, constantly racing, continuing
thoughts within and of your mind. That’s why there’s no awareness of the breath within
human beings, as human beings. because your constantly, and continuously rushing in
your mind, in past, present and future, existing in the “now of the unified consciousness
field” instead of Here as the breath. So, where does self honesty “come” into this that I am
presenting to you in this moment? What has it got to do with the breath? Have a look. When
you breath, this moment of breath, your mind stops! It is fascinating, but, only when you
are as awareness as the breath the mind stops, for that moment, because you are here, as
the breath. That is where self honesty is human beings. That is where you live and apply self
honesty as the breath, here, (portal takes deep in breath), Look the mind stops, its silent.......
Then in that moment your actually able to see your mind move. Now this takes a process of
course. But in that moment you will see your mind move, that is where you apply yourself
and live yourself in self honesty. In other words in that moment when you see your mind
move you stop it! In any way what so ever you stop your mind. Have a look human beings
you are already here, as the breath (portal takes deep in breath) Here is where you live
and apply self honesty, here is where you are, as the breath, and here is where you stop
accepting and allowing yourself to participate in the mind. And that is where self honesty
is human beings, where you will self honest with you and realize as you breathe...Oh! there
goes my mind, that is my mind, I stop my mind. And so you continue with your process of
self honesty within you in every moment. Why? because in that application of self honesty
in every moment of every breath, you start standing up within you, and you start stopping
the continuous cycles of your mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions and get out of the
past, present, and future placement of your mind within the unified consciousness field of
this world. So self honesty in every moment of every breath. The breath is a moment (portal
takes in breath ) every moment, this is a moment here, of every breath. (portal exhales)...
another moment. As you remain here as the breath, that is where you live and you apply
self honesty as you. That is the solution, self honesty as you present, in your process of
stopping the mind. Thank you very much, this is the solution of self honesty. And realize,
that each and every single human being is able to apply this. Self honesty equals oneness
and equality as all as one as equal. The process of birthing life from the physical, stopping
the mind. Thank you very much.

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