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C 301 E/216 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 5.12.


aspects of decision-making and governance in the field of radioactive waste management. These officials
also figure among the chairmen and rapporteurs of the first two workshops, the reports of which can be
accessed through the NEA Web site. The information provided to the FSC is based on other publicly
available documentation, also accessible through the Europa Web site.

(2002/C 301 E/228) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1712/02

by Joan Colom i Naval (PSE) to the Commission

(13 June 2002)

Subject: Europe Day Celebrations in schools in the EU

The government of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands has declared 9 May (Europe Day)
a holiday for schools, institutes and universities in its territory, and obliges them to devote the day to
EU-related activities.

Can the Commission provide information on similar initiatives in the other EU countries and regions?
Would the Commission be willing to put forward a proposal for schools throughout the Union to devote
9 May, in coming years, to activities relating to European integration?

Answer given by Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission

(24 July 2002)

The Commission does not have at its disposal any study giving an overview of the Member States or
regions which might have declared 9 May a lesson-free day which must be devoted to activities relating to
the European Union.

The Commission nevertheless congratulates the authorities of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic
Islands on having taken such an initiative. However, the Commission does not at present have any plans to
submit a proposal for making this a general practice.

It is quite probable that some schools choose 9 May as a symbolic date, but other dates are also suitable
for the theme of European construction. In 2001, for example, thousands of schools took part in a
European Comenius Week from 24 to 27 November 2001; these dates had been chosen in consultation
with the national agencies in the 30 countries participating in the Socrates programme. For 2003, a
number of representatives of Parliament within the Convention have proposed that 21 March be devoted
to a debate on the future of the EU in all secondary-level schools throughout Europe.

The Commission also supports, to the full extent of its means and powers, other initiatives in schools
(‘Europe at school’, European Young People’s Parliaments etc.). It is for each Member State to assume full
responsibility for the organisation of its education system and the content of its programmes.

(2002/C 301 E/229) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1729/02

by Jens-Peter Bonde (EDD) to the Commission

(17 June 2002)

Subject: Marketing rules in the EU

Is there any prospect of pharmaceutical companies being allowed to advertise their products even if those
products are medicines available on prescription only?