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Centre for Foundation Studies

Name : Mohammed Jahid Hasan Zim

Matric No. : 111100081
Group : 1/1
Personal Reflection
Date Personal Reflection(one entry per week)
On this week, we had a summery test. It was just after the mid-trimester break.
We also sat for the mid-term exam for English. It was quite well and was
Week 6 expecting good marks in topic sentences. During this week, I got fever for four
days and missed classes. I couldn’t practice English well although I was eager to
read the text materials.

On this week, we learned how to write an essay using information in non-linear

sources, like line graph, bar chart, pie chart, table and flow chart, etc. Next
Week 7 week we are going to have a test on cause and effect essay. So our lecturer
explained us details about cause and effect essay.

On this week, I had a class test about cause and effect essay. The topic of the
essay was “The Effects of advertisement”. Finally I was able to get some points
Week 8 to write down. It enhanced my thinking power and the ability to apply
effectively on a topic I know.

We had a reading comprehension test. I tried my best to get all the answers
correctly. I also spent my time in reading English novels. I wrote a book
Week 9 “Twilight.” The book says about a story of vampires and werewolves. It’s a
fantasy novel which encouraged me more to read about fiction book. So I
planned to read another one next week.

This week we were supposed to present on a journal article. I personally chose

to present on “Internet Addiction.” It was approved by my lecturer. We did not
Week 10 present it in the class and was postponed for next week. Instead of it we were
told to do an impromptu speech. My topic was “The best job.” I had a good
speech on it and tried my lecturers and fellows to give a basic idea on the topic.

*Total number of words: ± 250 words. Hardcopy to be submitted on Friday, 2 Dec 2011 by 5.00 p.m.