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Booklet 2
Contents Leylines
1) Leylines – Pathways of Pathways of
2) Pathways of Collective
Consciousness. Consciousness
3) Some further
observation on Ley-line
analysis and recent
changes in the system
before and after
Harmonic Convergence.
4) Beyond the Five Senses.
5) Some Thoughts on
European Ley-Lines
Some years ago, you were kind enough
and Oriental Dragon to give me the opportunity to address
Lines. you on the subject of “Dowsing Ley
Line Energies and the Search for the
From the Archives Grail.” May I now be permitted to give
you an update on what has happened
Copyright of in the last five years, and to what
Fountain extent one has learned more and put
into practice what one thought one had
International learned.
All the articles have Those involved are still, to all intents
been written by Colin and purposes, relatively sane, or at any
rate no one has publicly to account for
Bloy. that reason, although that may of
course be due to not having anything
important to say. But if I may
summarise briefly what was said five
years ago, it was as follows:

Due to a series of coincidences,
contrived or otherwise, a group of
dowsers seeking the truth about the
existence of ley energies stumbled
across a display of geometric forms
around the Templar Preceptory at
Shipley, Sussex, and subsequently at
other Templar Preceptories. They
found what was believed to be the ABC
of how the, so called ley system works
and subsequently the discovery of the
stone in the caves in the Pyrenees
produced what might be called the
We were faced with certain compelling
syntax and grammar.
conclusions, the first was self-delusion,
We tried to show how these the second was that the material world
geometrical numerical forms related to as defined by science or “scientism,”
the Cabalistic and Gnostic tradition, to the rational positivistic study of reality,
the sacred architecture, and through
the work of Bligh Bond, to the basic
esoteric nature of true Christianity or
what might be equally well called, just
truth, whatever name it may take in
any culture.

What appeared to be the case was that

the material world is not the be all and
end all, some sort of Newtonian
Billiard table on which not even that subtle energies may be shown to
Hurricane Higgins could make a exist by dowsing raises many
mistake. Of course Newton would be questions, and the self -confidence and
the first to say that he had been mis- clarity of the observer may be the first
represented. He had only sought to to be questioned.
show how the grossest form of the
material world works, not to say there On the other hand, it is equally self-
was nothing else. Coming back to evident that if you elevate, as the only
Hurricane Higgins, he would know, as means of perception, the five senses
we must also know, that whereas the and a series of apparatuses,
billiard balls may perform in a functioning solely on input from gross
perfectly predictable way, whether or energy fields, they are incapable of
not it performs in the desired way, discovering anything else. As my dear
depends on whether the mind and friend Michael Bentine said, “If you
body behind the cue has delivered its apply the meters of the gas man to an
input correctly of not. electrical cable he will tell you that
there is nothing.

doubt that it is virtually a banal
phenomenon: it can be reproduced by
a significant percentage of the
population. There is more than
enough evidence to justify Uri Geller’s
statement. Here lies the greatest
Not long ago, in a radio discussion, a
problem of the positivist approach to
leading physicist was asked whether he
science, once isn’t enough, not ten
thought that consciousness was an
times, you really have to pocket the
objective reality. Now he had the
billiard ball every single time to
honesty to say, hesitantly, that he did
not know, and of course the nub of the
paranormal, I believe resides there,
should it be objective.

Uri Geller once said, “I’ve done it once

why do I have to do it again?” I recall a
story told to me by Andrea Puharich
about Uri Geller and Werner Von
Braun. Von Braun had said that if
what Uri Geller purported to do was
true he would have to change his gain credence. That really is throwing
model of the Cosmos. Andrea brought the baby out with the bath water,
Geller to Von Braun’s laboratory and because the one that behaves
in Von Braun’s hand his own door key differently is totally ignored, even if it
bent out of true. Apparently Von is observed correctly.
Braun walked around his laboratory in
an agitated manner for some 30 Many laboratory investigations have
minutes, returned to his desk, put the been carried out, under supposedly
key down, said “I don’t believe it”, and identical conditions, and sometimes
walked out. they work and sometimes they don’t.
But just what are these identical
conditions? Apparently conditions
that have to conform to a positivist
criteria. The Faraday cage is often put
forward as important, but so far as I
am aware, the Faraday cage only
screens out influences from the so
called electric-magnetic spectrum. Are
we to suppose, therefore, that there are
Now spoons have been bent under my no other influences that bear on
own eyes by friends in my own home, reality?
and many of us will be familiar with
John Halstead’s work at Birkbeck Often subjects of paranormal
College, where he has shown without investigation protest that the
environment is hostile, that

investigators present give off “negative One of Einstein’s close collaborators,
vibrations” so they cannot function. Eugene Wigner, once said he could not
Certainly the De La Warr radionics conceive of a coherent system of
camera did not work for everybody, physical laws without taking
and never consistently, but that is no consciousness into account, and that
reason to say that it was a fraud when the evidence that material objects had
sometimes it worked brilliantly. We, I spiritual essences, have a very similar
believe, are obliged to say that when it form of reality, and had greatly
did work, something happens outside contributed to inner peace. In any
the conventional positivist criteria, and event he could conceive of no other
instead of turning our backs on the way satisfied the requirements of
problem, we have to account for it. quantum mechanics. Not to mention
all the problems presented to
Human society being what it is the contemporary physics by the difference
most immediate source of Brownie between particles, waves and fluids,
points is to echo the conventional the ether, the Michelson Morley
wisdom. You don’t ready get marks for experiment, and so on.
telling society and its institutions that
it is wrong. If you are out of step with Now an even greater problem has
the regiment, it’s the guardhouse for apparently presented itself. Closer
you or maybe a source of income cut observation of the behaviour of
off. Here lies the sociological problem electrons, which may only have mass
of the discovery of true knowledge. I when they are observed, reveals certain
am not knocking the scientific characteristics of communication
approach to life completely. It is a which indicates that there is something
safeguard against total fantasy and which actually works faster than light.
delirium. Nonetheless we really do Thought, in an instant can transport us
have to look more closely at the one to any location, (this is from the
that gets away. International Herald Tribune, I might
say.) The one insuperable barrier and
Heisenberg started to upset everybody limiting factor of positivist science,
when he stated that not every particle nothing can go faster than light.
behaves in the Newtonian billiard ball Indeed says one commentator, if this is
way, and further, the act of observation so then certain events can have their
influences the event, which really did cause in the future rather than the
make everything relative. It is all very past.
well to make nuclear bombs, and to
send spacecraft on a calculated course, Well, all that’s a long way from the
to wherever, in a Newtonian Universe, billiard table physics, which certainly
but the theory of probability places a gave man many technological goodies,
large question mark on the whole and for that matter, baddies. We
positivist approach, because you really appear, therefore, to be left with a
do have to account for the one that problem: Newtonian physics only
doesn’t work according to convention. works at the grossest material level.
When it does, it is entirely predictable

and yields totally to statistical analysis. state, pure love and energy, as being
What happens when Hurricane those concepts we find help us most to
Higgins does not pot the black? explain the phenomena we have been
What’s gone wrong? Why do some studying. It’s a way of explaining the
particles not obey the rules? Why bits that don’t fit the billiard table
apparently is communication between physics.
electrons faster than light? What
bends spoons and distorts Geiger Returning to an earlier question. Is
counters? What is the factor that consciousness an objective reality? My
affects paranormal success or failure? answer, in the light of the dowsing
experience is an unequivocal “Yes.”
Coming back now to Bligh Bond. There is no doubt, at the moment , in
Some of you will be aware that in his my mind that there is a relationship
book, “The Company of Avalon,” he between form, number and
makes specific reference to, “The Great consciousness and subtle energies
Return.” That is to say, when man which exist beyond the gross worlds of
from the peak of ego consciousness, the Faraday cage: and that is the true
and through the medium of love, message of the Holy Grail. It also
returns voluntarily to the group became clear to me of late, although I
consciousness. would be the first to resent the
tardiness of such a realisation, that
consciousness, as manifested by the
individual, is in fact holistic.

The brain is not the seat of

consciousness, any more than it is the
seat of the emotions. Dowsing shows,
at least to me, that the brain maybe a
form of telephone exchange in respect
of orders to the to the body, but in
respect of our being, it thinks and
cerebrates, which is but one small
aspect of consciousness.

That may seem a big jump out of all

that technical, scientific stuff, into that
statement by Bligh Bond. But I want
to try to bring out the relationship
between consciousness, in its’ highest

The Greeks maintained that the heart and we approach one palm to the
was seen as the seat of the emotions other, we may be aware, due to the
and modern material science has marginally heightened sensitivity, of a
rebutted that, but dowsing shows the form of resistance at about 6 inches
Greeks to have been right, just as it distance: it depends on the individual.
shows that the contemporary slang It is liked by some to the repulsion of
“gut feeling,” is also right. Many similar poles of a magnet, or holding
feelings have to do with the abdomen an invisible air balloon between our
and not the brain. hands, or by others as a tingling. But
what we are feeling, if we concentrate
Now human consciousness, as it in a relaxed way and let our higher
relates to the body, has fields which consciousness do the interpreting, is
may be determined by dowsing – not the energy field around each hand
that perplexing version of dowsing coming together.
represented by the pendulum, which
requires use to take views about the
subtleties of the relationship between
mind and body, but based on a very
slight extension of the tactile sense,
received through the hand.

Now I’m not special – not especially

sane, or especially sensitive, and
anybody can do what I do, if they want
Once we have recognised this
to, so I claim no special gift or
sensation, and it’s easier than learning
revelation: however, it has been made
to ride a bike, then we may feel not
plain to me that, at least within the
only our own aura, but those of others.
electro-magnetic spectrum, in which
our five senses may be held to work, What is important here is the study of
their window of reality in relation to chakras, or energy centres, which
the whole of the spectrum is appear to be a link between the spirit,
infinitesimally small. through the etheric to the physical
body. They have multitudinous effects,
However, if we raise the sensitivity of
such as their relationship to the
our hands by a small degree, by
endocrine and glandular systems to the
rubbing them together or by clapping
subtle workings of the body, but what
is relevant to this submission is their

Interesting to note that there are 8

chakras in the general theory, although
there is a very arcane argument as to
how many sub-chakras there are. A
straight forward manual analysis of
any individual’s chakras may indicate

his state of consciousness. For Cabbalistic tree of life. An indication
instance, someone in a state of anger of of the extent to which our heads maybe
a visceral nature, or sexually obsessed, in the clouds, or our feet on the
momentarily or permanently, will ground.
exhibit a large field around the lower
abdomen. Someone whose A healer may be observed, from
consciousness is involved in loving behind, to have none of his chakras
attitudes will exhibit a uniform field working except his crown chakra, and
around the heart region to a radius of from the front a common field of
up to three yards. Someone who is uninterrupted consciousness with the
cerebrating, studying or worrying out a person being healed. EEG’s reveal that
problem will have an extended field the healers brain pattern shifts, so does
around the forehead. Someone who is that of the subject: implying that a
a practising saint will have a large certain level of consciousness during
flaring field around and above the top the act of healing, they are one being.
of the head. There are infinite That is to say that they enjoy a moment
variations and conclusions based on of collective consciousness at that
experience, which may be drawn from time. Maxwell Cade with his mind
distinctive profiles thus revealed. They mirror shows that not only did this
are not necessarily moral conditions. function when healer and receiver
were facing each other, but also when
The conclusion for me, however, is that they were separated by considerable
consciousness, in some degree, is distances as well.
measurable and quantifiable, and
therefore objective. It is not solely A series of photographs taken of
dependant on the electrical activity of healing in progress, shows that there is
the brain, although it is true that brain something important happening. A
rhythm and states of consciousness are column as many contemplatives
related. perceive it, has totally descended on
both healer and healed. It conforms in
every way to descriptions of the Holy
spirit, in Christians terms, but it is also
a well-known phenomenon in Eastern
religions and many be called prana and
various other names. Cosmic energy.
Divine energy the stuff of life, because
it’s the force that heals once it is in
combination with four other energy
fields coming from the nearest point in
the ley system.

Now the last time I was kindly invited

A study of the chakras reveals
to address this Society. I was hopefully
ascending degrees of consciousness, as
able to define in energy terms, what we
if on a ladder, from the base to the
felt we had discovered or been
crown, a replica if you like, of the

permitted to observe about the ley Now putting two and two together, and
system. We have concluded that all of possibly making five, and taking into
it worked by number and form, ie the account the Templar phenomenon we
number of parallels in the lines and the described in some detail in the last
geometric forms that the energy takes lecture, we came to the conclusion that
when it goes into function. We had what it all had to do with, was no more
observed that these change and or less that the collective
augment when some form of spiritual consciousness of the Western World.
input takes place by those present, in The ley lines, the alignments and the
any particular place of function; energy come together in that concept
indeed we concluded that the system of collective consciousness. There is
moved to accommodate ephemeral also a collective consciousness in the
situations just as a healer might Eastern World, and of course there it is
function in the middle of an open field. in the stories of dragons, Feng Shui the
The cross of ley energies comes upon dragon current and Lung Mei the
him during that spiritual act and he dragon paths.
draws in from the nearest terminal
point in the ley Having observed how a healer works
within the ley system, and also having
We also observed that the mis-named heard from the protagonists of
ley system is not merely horizontal, but Transcendental Meditation that
as Sig Lonegren has also commented communities tend to go better when a
in “The American Dowser,” there are certain, very nominal percentage
vertical energies or what he called
“uppers.” And indeed the
phenomenon of the column of light of
the healer may be found in other
circumstances such as the altar of a
properly dedicated church, and other
places of organised spiritual activity.
Those blessed with hyper vision see
this phenomenon as a column of light
with different colours. Much work has
been done in Australia to show that the
parallels in the ley lines have different
colours, not colours in the physical
sense but using a Mager colour rosette.
There appears to be some form of
qualitative distinction that, that
particular colour rosette interprets as a practice TM, something like 2%, it
different colour, may be different occurred to one or two of us one May
vibrations but he signs are that there is evening in Brighton, that if a healer
more work to be done there. worked unknowingly but in real terms,
with the ley system, and if the ley

system had to do with collective
consciousness, bearing in mind the
subtle nature of the other bodies of the
individual: particularly how a healer
combines his consciousness with that
of his subject, and if individual
diseases may be analysed in terms
relating to degrees of consciousness,
then collective beings in villages,
towns, and cities might also exist
which have collective diseases the
same way. Violence, traffic accidents,
largely produced through stress, high
incidence of stress induced disease and
so on. Physical manifestations which
Which Brighton revolves, just in front
have their origins, we feel, within its
of the old Palace Pier. It is called the
collective consciousness.
Old Steine because there used to be a
Consequently it occurred to us that if stone circle there, and some of the
the TM people were right and if our stones have been left in the base of the
observations were correct, a group fountain. A very propitious place from
input into a group situation might have all points of view. Thus the idea of the
some beneficial effect. Particularly Fountain Group, (Fountain
what is instructed in TM is more of a International,) came into existence.
passive, self- indulgent to some extent,
Although it may seem out of sequence,
type of meditation. What we are
I would now like to deal with the
proposing was to use an altered state
China, Hong Kong experience as it
of consciousness but put in an active
relates to the pathways of collective
visualisation of the desired change.
Just as when a healer, working on the
rational approach uses visualisation, a
switching of the brain rhythm to
permit a higher state of consciousness
in which total visualisation can take

We used the analogy of the individual

one to one healer as well in relating the
collective body of the community. The
individual healer puts vital energy into
the person receiving through the hara, It has long seemed to me that the
or solar plexus. In Brighton the hara Chinese system of Feng Shui, wind and
just had to be the Great Fountain in water and Lung Mei, ought to be
the centre of the Old Steine. That related to what we have been looking
circus around at in the ley lines. However, in the

sparse literature that has so far been went and looked at sites together. We
available, although the use of the struck a deal to share our knowledge.
geomancers’s compass is shown, and
the complex schematic of factors, The first surprise was that when I went
relating to physical phenomena, to his office he produced a very heavy
combine and to produce and enable dowsers rod which was carefully
the geomancer to calculate, propitious machined. “You see,” he said. “We do
chi or noxious cha. I have never found the same thing but we never write it
any reference to the use of dowsing as down. But I don’t understand your
a Feng Shui Method. method of numbers of lines and
geometrical forms. We identify good
It was with a long anticipated pleasure and bad lines by whether the rod dips
that last week, for the first time, I went or keeps it’s head up, and the intensity
to Hong Kong and Peking. Now Mao by feel and intuition.”
banned all the “mancies” in
Communist China, but in Singapore, We went out together and I hope to
Taiwan and Hong Kong the dragon recount the details of that exercise
man or Feng Shui practitioner is a later in an article for the British
prominent functionary, and no one, Society of Dowsers, if they will accept
not even the British Government of it. We finished the day entirely
Hong Kong takes them lightly. I am satisfied, we were talking the same
also concerned with a new factory in language and looking at the same
Hong Kong, and its orientation, date of things. Indeed, the following day we
ground breaking and ceremonial had lunch together with more
opening were all established by the members of his Feng Shui group which
dragon man, and the director included a Chinese Catholic Priest, a
concerned is a European who Jesuit, and Eastern master and a lady
consulted them. acupuncturist. I am happy to tell you
that at that luncheon the Hong Kong
It was to this director I therefore Fountain Group was formed.
addressed myself on arrival and asked
him to arrange for me to meet a dragon The Eastern master later revealed he
man. He immediately put me in touch had founded a group called Ling Su
with a Hong Kong Chinese named Y.K. International, (Ling Su means spiritual
Yeung who had studied under a dragon truth,) which had over 5,000 members
man. Yeung explained that he was the in Australia, Japan and the Philippines
architect to the whole group, a large and Hong Kong. He had been a
construction company. He approached member of the British Society of
me with some diffidence at first – Dowsers some 30 years ago, was also a
presumably Europeans were not spiritual healer. He said he would be
supposed to know these things – but pleased to organise Asian Fountain
when I explained what we had been International through Ling Su.
doing he brightened up and started to It seemed to me that the whole
look me in the eye, proposed that we Chinese attitude towards Feng Shui is
one of a passive role in the matter.

You can divert it, send it out of your If she were typical of today’s China,
house to someone else’s and in, then things were going well. I told her
England we also agree with this. But it about Fountain Groups and chatted to
is possible (and this is what “dragon her superiors, quite naturally, who
killing” is about in Western European were just as interested. So it was a
mythology) to transmute that negative very important hurdle for me to go
energy into positive energy through the through to find that there was
application of certain spiritual acts. I absolutely no barrier in talking about
think that is the one point where I had these things, even though they had
something useful to say to them, and been banned by in Mao’s time.
they took the point because we went to
a place with bad cha, we both agreed Xu was a delightful guide companion
by dowsing where it was, and I was and interpreter. “Did I know Roger
able to show that one can transmute Moore personally?” she asked. I
that into positive. didn’t, but the question led me to
believe that all was well in Peking.
On my arrival in Hong Kong I had
picked up that the Hong Kong Line
system worked on a five factor, that is
5-10-20-25-50. Whereas Europe and
North America works on an eight
factor. I wondered whether this was
unique to Hong Kong or if I would find
this also in mainland China. When I
arrived in Peking I checked and it was
the same.

I was met at the airport by my

Great Wall of China
designated interpreter, a diminutive
20yr old graduate in English from We went to the wall the following day
Peking University. Although I did not and along the length I was able to
know the form in Peoples Republic of dowse a 25 bar line. Now that would
China, I intended to have a dowse be a pretty strong energy line. I
wherever I went and thought it best to subsequently found a postcard which
come clean. So on the journey to showed the fort to the Eastern end of
Peking I told her my interests, to test the wall which was called the head of
her reaction. She smiled and said, the dragon. I believe that the whole of
“That’s lovely and exciting. Tomorrow the wall was considered, at the time, as
(Sunday) I’m taking you to the Great putting a dragon down on the earth.
Wall of China, you can do it there and
in the Forbidden City. That will be I’m quite certain that, just as in
interesting. And my friends will be Western mythology, the Eastern
fascinated.” I breathed out a sigh of dragon, to the initiate, is the energy,
relief and checked her chakras. Her the spiral energy. The way that you
crown and heart chakras were superb.

use it, through Feng Shui, geomancy or already dowsed nuclear arsenals in
whatever, is very important. Spain and found this split line with a 1
single either side to be synonymous.
In the Forbidden City, the huge It was fortunate that that had
imperial complex of the Ming happened while we were dowsing
emperors, was a 10 x 5 line that went together as he was able to confirm a)
on through the Hall of Chairman Mao, negativity and b) the same numbers as
the only place where his picture it to be myself, (once he got the idea of
seen and where his mausoleum was parallels.)
constructed, and through to a great
obelisk in People’s Square. Coming back to the unidentified
building with the negative energy.

I found the only negative line in

Peking, and I dowsed 30 or 40, to be
coming out of a Ming style pagoda type
building, in front of which was the only
armed soldier I saw in the whole of
Peking. Nothing is marked on the map
to show me what this place is. There
are ways, through the healing process
mentioned earlier, of altering negative Before leaving Hong Kong I went to
lines and this I was able to do. When see a business contact, a very senior
dowsing I consider a line to be negative man in the People’s Republic, and a
if it is split once: this is confirmed by close friend of Deng Xao Ping. I had
Fountain Group members in Australia, previously talked to him in London
and also by my new friend Y K Yeung about Feng Shui dragon lines: he knew
in Hong Kong. a little about it and was prepared to
discuss it. He told me that the
Strangely enough when Y.K. and I were unidentified building was where Deng
looking at the hara in Hong Kong, Xao Ping traditionally lives. I told him
which is a clock tower of the old bus that all the dragon lines in Peking were
station, a U.S. aircraft carrier, almost working well. “Oh good,” he laughed,
certainly nuclear, came in and latched “that means that China will continue
itself on to the clock tower by a 1-10- her open door policy.”
10-1. Now nuclear arsenals, plants and
bombs do get into the system. I have

This brings me up to date in terms of said that a Pan-like figure was dancing
the last time you were kind enough to in the middle.
invite me. I implied then that
something very significant was to be I also mentioned the theory of
found in these studies, and it was nomadic man putting down roots, the
about then that the whole idea of connection with water, the creation of
applying this experience in practice a focal point which can become the
with the Brighton experiment, was religious focus as well. Interestingly
burgeoning. The idea that ley lines enough the Chinese Feng Shui people I
were pathways of consciousness had talked to, are clear that good chi is
formulated. associated with good quality water. I
won’t go into the work of Guy
As I said earlier, experiments with Underwood and his analysis of
charged stones had revealed that an underground water, but there is some
energy line is created between two of evidence to show that sites are not
them when they are knowingly set necessarily chosen because there is
down on the floor. In studying the good underground water, but that the
Watkins alignments we had noticed creation of good energy attracts good
that not all of them have energy in underground water. There is a very
them today. I mentioned William strange relationship between
Beckford and Fonthill Abbey. Itsak underground water and subtle
Bentov in his book, “Stalking the Wild energies. When Reich was doing his
Pendulum,” theorises that the experiments with his cloud buster, he
attribution of godlike qualities to a would always take a cable from the
stone outcrop actually starts to create tube and put it in the ground where he
them: they become a focus of knew there was a spring or
consciousness and start to function. underground stream.
That accounts for the fact, in my
opinion, that certain places become
functional in the ley system simply
because consciousness focuses upon
them. Not necessarily in anticipation
of godlike qualities emerging.

In Spain once up in the mountains, I

had noticed that if you go into a stone
circle to dowse and start to relate to it,
it starts you off in a little dance and I should also include some of the new
lines are taken from stone to stone foci of consciousness that we observed
which pushes you through a series of to be in the system of new ley lines. TV
patterns. We started to do this in the masts, nuclear power stations, town
remains of a stone circle we found in halls, football stadia etc.
the mountains and when an
experienced clairvoyant, who was with We also noticed that the great pilgrim
us, was asked what she could see, she routes of Europe coincide with the

great energy lines. The maps of the
routes of Santiago, to take an example,
may be held to be the map of the
collective consciousness of Europe,
and it’s interesting to see how the
Templars took over the whole of these So we felt we had established that the
routes as if it were very important to so called ley lines, in their
them. contemporary form, represented the
meridians, veins and arteries of
I was able to go last August to Santiago groups, communities, nations, and
and by our standards, it wasn’t continents and thus their collective
working: there was this negative consciousness or collective being.
energy form in all the key places of the
Cathedral. That is the square, circle,
square, circle, downer rather than

We thought it might be valid to

consider that there were, therefore,
That was put right and seemed to be collective diseases such as gratuitous
working very much better when we violence, random vandalism, civic
left. Curiously, in the crypt, where the irresponsibility and so on. Stress, the
supposed remains of St James are, primary cause of traffic accidents and
there is a plaque commemorating the certain types of physical disease. One
Pope’s visit there some 18 months ago, might expect a general improvement in
where it says, he cried out, “Santiago public health with this type of
de Compostella find thyself and be community healing, as we call it,
thyself again.” through the transmutation of the
energies by the activities of groups
We have already mentioned Maxwell practising this type of meditation and
Cade and his mind mirror and the fact healing.
that different states of consciousness
exist. That of the dowser, according to Brighton, the town in which I live, was
the latest results from the British particularly prone to Bank Holiday and
Society of Dowsers, is very like that of weekend violence, and it seemed a
the state of Zen meditation. Dowsing good place to start an experiment in
too is related to altered states of community healing. In no time at all
consciousness. the word spread round and by June
1981 some 100 people pledged their
support. It was decided, for good
dragon killing reasons, that September

29th, St Michael’s Day, would be an it’s last legs if the activity of only 100
auspicious day to start – St Michael people or so could have augmented it
being that angelic being concerned to such an extent.
with changing the course of events.
James Holroyd, Vicar of St Another phenomena was observed.
Bartholomew’s Church, who was Apart from a general boost in the
associated with the activities and the activity of the other lines in Brighton,
objectives of the group, held a service between the gaps in the lines a grid
that day with a thundering sermon, full pattern was emerging. A series of
choir and orchestra. A group unattached blank squares – about 2
meditation was held in which the yards square. Later on, as more input
appropriate visualisations were made. occurred these joined up into a
continuous pattern and then in a
period of about three months became a
chequerboard. The so called black
squares were not really black, but more
detailed grid patterns – that is to say
that the black squares had 64 tiny
squares inside them. If you dowse one
of these quickly it looks like a
continuous field and you might say
that that’s a field in a square. It’s not
quite like that but at least it is distinct
from the vacant square and the
We had learned that visualisation in analogy of a chequerboard is, I think,
the altered state was the clue to shifts permissible.
in this type of energy. It cannot be
separated – it is related to certain Now I mentioned something about the
states of consciousness. The world is a chequerboard energy form in the last
Platonic world of idea and a change lecture. The single square with the
can be made by rebuilding the idea in grid inside it does relate with vital
the higher states of consciousness. energy. When a healer puts basic
That works in individual healing and I energy into a person the dowser can
believe it works in community healing. find that grid square around him.

Anyway there we were, naïve, I was very surprised later when I

unknowing, but at least honest in our reluctantly attended a bullfight in
intent. We went down to the Fountain Barcelona, and noticed that when they
afterwards and previously the main killed the bull this grid square
line had been a triple 64. Now it was appeared in and around the bullring. I
2400 X 64 bar lines. I was very couldn’t relate as to why this
astonished by this. I later realised that apparently cruel act should produce
if the ley system was in a very real the same energy form as the loving act
sense the corporate body of collective of healing. Later I worked out that
consciousness, it must have been on bullfighting is the continuation of a

long Mithraic religious tradition where and had started a lot of Islamic
the bulls were killed to re-vitalise the esoteric traditions.
community. The fact that I had
identified that energy form as a basic During the initial period in Brighton,
vital energy, took on a new logic in that whereas the grid pattern occupied the
context. conurbation of Brighton and Hove and
then stopped. On the London road it
More facts emerged. In Brighton from started to creep northwards at an
that day, with one exception, group exponential rate, until it reached
violence and associated phenomena Purley. We could not understand why.
stopped. The one exception was when From an aircraft leaving Gatwick
a crowd of Chelsea supporters came airport, I was able to dowse that it
over from Portsmouth. Strangely covered the motorway and railway.
enough we noticed that the field at the Finally the penny dropped, as the
time had decayed and the squares had prime protagonists of Brighton
separated again. The lesson was violence came from London, “the
learned that you never relax in this energy” had worked it out that in order
type of work and the field must be kept to achieve success in Brighton, it had
together and cultivated continually. to get to London, so that those coming
for a punch up were exposed to the
Oddly enough the chequerboard is, of field immediately they left London,
course, the flag of the Knights Templar and as the field shifted consciousness
marginally out of the base chakra, by
the time they got to Brighton, by road,
or rail, that adrenalin fed desire was no
longer active.

In dwelling further over the reasons

why a chequerboard had emerged
another penny also slowly dropped. In
the last talk we made reference to this
But was that a coincidence? Maybe, energy form of the double E, that is an
but we had already a shrewd suspicion E with a reversed E facing it. We
that the Templars were not just the identified this as Elohimic energy.
guardians of the pilgrim’s routes, but Rudolph Steiner describes the Jehova
also the guardians of the European Elohim as that aspect of God which has
collective consciousness. It may be the programme of the evolution of
that one of their objectives has been to consciousness on planet earth. We
combine that collective consciousness also found the double E with a bar
with that of the Islamic world, in an separating the two as if some beneficial
attempt to bring greater harmony and influences were being held in check.
peace to the then known world. They The removal of that bar produced the
certainly had had contact with the double square as the squares come
Sufis and the Order of the Hashashim together.

Last June the Teutonic cross faded to
be replaced in its turn, by the Maltese
Cross, the triangle pierced to make an
eight pointed cross or the cross of the
In the chapel of Mary Magdalene, in
eight Beautitudes. That too was used
the church of the Holy Sepulchre, in
by the Knights Templar. Their fourth
Jerusalem, it is actually spelled out on
cross was the cross of Lorraine.
the floor, black stone on white showing
the two double square rectangles
coming together to form the equal
armed cross within the square. If we
multiply this up again we find the key
component of the grid pattern that
represents the vital healing energy. It
thus evolves into the chequerboard
form. It seems that the chequerboard
comes from basic Elohimic energy, and
that could be very important. It is also
the repeated form on the arms of
Parsival. I began to wonder whether the
Templar progression in the evolution
All Fountain Groups get this grid going of their emblem, from the equal armed
in their communities, when they first cross to the cross of Lorraine, was
go to work. However after three years perhaps a reference to this sort of
existence, Fountain International, as it esoteric knowledge. We have yet to
had become, decided to hold a festival find the cross of Lorraine as an energy
at the University of Sussex. This was a form and it will be interesting to see if
great success and attracted speakers this occurs.
from various countries. Shortly
afterwards the chequerboard squares I also wondered whether we were
in Brighton, became smaller and looking at a progression of fields which
smaller until it was about the size of a relate to levels of collective
fingernail, then it disappeared for 24 consciousness through the collective
hours to be replaced by what is called chakras as it were.
the Teutonic Cross: the four triangles,
However, after the second annual
which was used by the Teutonic
festival this year, and a particular
Knights – the German Templars. I
group meditation, the Maltese cross
subsequently learned that the Knights
was displaced, as a continuous energy
Templar had also used that cross.

was the people who know and
understand their own being who are
there on their own account. They are
not there because they have been
whipped in by their local organiser. It
has to be voluntary, self-starting, with
total comprehension and
understanding. That is the way it has
been kept from the beginning.
Form in Brighton, by the eight circle
phenomenon everywhere. The eight May I therefore, summarise my
circle phenomenon being that column conclusions:-
repeated and repeated. I don’t know
Consciousness is an objective field and,
what that means at all but I take it to
in its highest form, it is the essential
be good. I don’t know whether it
entry point to the spiritual sciences
supports the theory of eight chakras
which may be far more potent than
going up the ladder of consciousness
material sciences. They ley lines, not
or anything like that yet, it is too early
alignments, are the pathways of
to tell. But now there are Fountain
consciousness which affect our lower
groups in at least thirty different
states of consciousness, but may be
countries. It was specifically envisaged
affected by our higher states of
that it should never have any structure
consciousness in their turn. In their
and would simply be a basis for
manifestations to the dowser, these
communicating experience within this
pathways and fundamental points
context, and the whole idea of
appear as number and form.
community healing, so that every
community could have groups taking I am not sure where Fountain Groups
care of negative energies or creating will end up, but we are learning more
more positive energy. and the results are encouraging, but
not always in the way that we first
The reason why there should be no
thought. One lesson I have learned is
structure or organisation is because
that it does not necessarily affect
many institutions, with a spiritual
individual behaviour: it is not an
objective, form themselves then all
imposition on the individual. It tends
their energies get dissipated in
to affect group behaviour. It does not
hierarchies and committees and so on,
necessarily mean that individuals do
and they become more important than
not manifest violence, but group
the work. Quite a number of people
violence diminishes, and that may be
have joined Fountain Groups, in
important. Certainly in places around
Brighton, and then left because they
the world where violence has
were looking for some sort of authority
threatened, Fountain Groups have
which Fountain Groups were not there
nipped in and got the right energies
to give. Some people even-thought
flowing and none of the expected
there should be an annual dance! But
violence has taken place. It may be
after a general sorting out period, it

more important at that level than at
the level of the individual.
Pathways of
What we are observing may be a way in Consciousness
which, those who wish, can participate
in the evolution of our planet and help The suggestion by Dr Arthur Bailey
it through some of its grosser follies. that the dowsing of ley lines as
pathways of consciousness, may in fact
The highest form of consciousness is be the result of dowsing one’s own
PURE LOVE, and that is the ultimate imagination, really opens up an area of
energy in the universe. Personal fundamental discussion as to the
discovery and self-knowledge are a ultimate nature of reality. I do not
prerequisite to effective participation. wish to comment further on the use of
It is a re-discovery of ancient “radionics” artefacts, save to say that in
knowledge and many clues lie in my experience they are extensions of
Frederick Bligh Bond’s work. It is not consciousness and do what is expected
for nothing that he spoke of the Holy of them. In the first instance, so far as
Grail, and the Knights Templar were my own observations are concerned,
great disseminators of the Grail and those of the group with whom I
legends and mythologies. Fountain worked, the initial approach to ley line
International, in a sense, is taking part dowsing was purely speculative, and
in neo Templar work, but in its the same attitudes were applied as to
understanding of this ancient say, the dowsing of water or pipes.
knowledge it is still in its infancy and
has very much more to learn. But what Once satisfied of their objective
we think we have learnt so far, I have existence as some form of energy line,
been very happy to share with you. it was later observed that they change,
in intensity, direction, and in what
they manifest in certain places.
Briefly, the number of parallels in the
lines appear to indicate intensity and
geometrical forms that arise at “node
points” appear to indicate function –
an interesting support for the esoteric
notion that all is form and number in
the cosmos. Changes that occur
appear to be caused in the main by
certain activities by human agencies,
which may be held to be produced by
altered states of consciousness and the
associated use of visualisation – they
may also be produced unknowingly –
but still associated with altered states.
Colin Bloy – Second Lecture for A very strong working hypothesis has
RILKO 25/10/1985 emerged from this study, and from
studying the human aura by like renaissance pictures show the
augmenting the sensitivity of the hand, aureola. This, one assumes, is the
namely that consciousness is an highest state of consciousness. All of
objective field: that is to say that it is these may be felt with the hand in the
palpable and measurable – not by hyper-sensitive state, (achieved by
conventional scientific instruments brisk rubbing together of the palms,)
other than certain clues that may be and may also be photographed.
deduced from the use of the EEG, but
by dowsing and hyper-sensory Now, not only do ley lines manifest in
perception – not ESP but HSP. Visual numbers of parallels but also in
observation is empirically valid: so different colours, or different
should tactile data be. vibrations that we may have care to
distinguish by colours. So do the
Now if consciousness is an objective chakras. Clive Beadon and Roger
field, and it is important to distinguish Wood of Adelaide have produced some
between this and the electro-chemical solid data on this point, and the
processes which go on in the organ of association between ley lines and
the brain, which is to do with thought, structured consciousness is striking.
which is different – then the whole
idea of the imagination and its It is axiomatic, I believe, that one may
potential takes on a different dowse anything that one may conceive.
dimension. For instance, country dowsers over the
millennia have never reported straight
It is apparent, by these tests at any energy lines – only water. They were
rate, that consciousness is not only only looking for water and the concept
objective but structured, and thus of ley lines did not exist. One does not
holistic, or all embracing. dowse what one is not looking for and
one cannot look for what one cannot
Its objective nature is apparent by conceive. On the other hand, if one
dowsing and so is its structural nature: conceives of something, to what extent
the word “chakra” is the best available is it thus called into being? And some
to describe the points around which dowsers call the water.
palpable fields appear in and outside
the human body according to the The extent to which ley lines may be
predominant states of consciousness: held to be pathways of consciousness is
for instance, a person in a violent, based on the observation that they
lustful or dark and greedy state, change in relationship to the states of
manifests his consciousness in a field consciousness of the people on them,
around the base of the abdomen. near them, or feeding into them – the
reverse is also apparently true.
There are intermediate states and
various profiles exist between the two Ley lines and pathways of
extremes: but a saint or someone in a consciousness spring up between focal
saintly state manifests their points of communities, be they sacred
consciousness in a great corona in the or profane centres, and change
crown chakra around the head, just

according to the criteria mentioned both healers and spoon benders plug
above. into the ley system.

However, what is more impressive is

following these pathways until they
reach back into the earth through the
primal spirals, at springs, tree circles,
or heads of valleys, the primal spiral
that appears to be the origin of the
myth of the dragon, raw earth energy –
true in the West and the East, and
which would appear to indicate that, if
the ley lines may be considered to be
the veins and arteries of the collective Such changes in the material world
consciousness of humanity, then that require visualisation in the altered
consciousness is inseparable from the states, when the will dominates the
so called physical earth, and that the consciousness to devote itself to the
contention that the globe, Gaia, is a visualisation of the necessary change.
being, an organism, of which each Most magical systems are based on
individual, as a point of consciousness, this idea. The imagination is what
is a cell, is correct – and the permits us to conceive of new
responsibility of knowingly being such dimensions and objectives in any
a cell is demanding. infinite world. Ritual, mandalas and
mantras are means of achieving the
Now back to dowsing, and the necessary states.
imagination. It also appears correct
that individuals may be trained or May dowsing or tele-radiesthesia must
illumined, or simply woken up to imply the ability of real to go
higher states of consciousness: various everywhere and is further evidence of
systems, mainly oriental in origin, exist the holistic nature. Indeed, Sir James
for the purpose although a clear Jeans’ notion that the universe seems
Western tradition has been exposed by more like a great idea than a great
Alice Bailey and Dion Fortune. One of machine may well be one of the most
these techniques used is visualisation valid aphorisms of all time, and if
in altered states induced by meditation consciousness is an objective field, and
or other disciplines. It is also true, in as Einstein intimated, on various
my experience, that the crown chakra occasions, there is such a thing as the
may be opened through visualisation unified field, and thus consciousness is
by those who desire so. part of it, then ultimate reality depends
on the imagination, or our ability to
The effect and intensity of ley lines conceive – visualisation is the bringing
may be changed by similar techniques, of the concept into reality, and is only
even created in the first instance. Thus effective in the higher states, because
behavioural patterns change, and the lower states are incapable of
spoons bend, healing is carried out,

holding an image in total sensitives as columns of light and have
consciousness. been photographed around a healer
when healing. Clairvoyants see the
The basis of what is called “New Age eight circles as having different
Thinking” may be held to be a belief colours, just as the lines, or the
that man is not a prisoner in a different chakras. This column of
mechanistic universe, a random energy may also be felt with the
accident in a meaningless continuum, hypersensitive hand in a palpable way.
but is the receptacle, at least on this Just how high they go, there is no
earth, of consciousness – not rational means of knowing that I am aware of.
thought – which is capable, in its
purest form, of transcending matter But it is also interesting to observe
and Newtonian physics and creating a than an open crown chakra on the
dynamic of its own which actually individual also has this eight circle
changes reality as currently perceived phenomenon, when it is being used
by conventional modes. constructively – it diffuses when it is
being used in a merely contemplative
When this is done in love, that is to say mystical state.
with total personal identification with
evolving consciousness on this earth, It recently occurred to someone to ask
setting aside ego based considerations, if it were a vertical or “cosmic”
and with a voluntary and deliberate connection, what happened to it when
return to group consciousness, then the person in question is lying down?
what in that state we may imagine to In an appropriate space, people with
be ideal will actually come into being, such chakras were invited to lie down
and that may be why the concept of ley and without exception it was possible
lines as pathways of consciousness and to dowse the crown chakra proceeding
the means of transformation of the for about fifteen feet in the horizontal
being Earth, is producing ever more – then it narrowed to a point – a gap –
clearly dowsable effects, and the more and then occurred the eight circle
our imaginations move in this vertical column, presumably of infinite
direction, the more they will be so, and height.
the stronger the new direction will be.
It is fundamental raison d’etre of the So whereas the pathways of
Fountain Groups. consciousness are rooted in the earth
through the dragon spirals, the eight
The most important observations of circle vertical “cosmic” connection or
all, however, is that just as these “uppers” as certain US dowsers have
pathways recede into the dragon called them also exist, implying, at
spirals of the earth, at certain points, least to me, not only that
altars, healers sanctuaries, or around consciousness is related to the planet
the beds of spiritually aware people, to earth but also to the cosmos as a
name but a few such places, appear whole.
eight concentric circles who dowsed
planographically. They appear And this prompts the question, that if
through higher consciousness, we can

get our planet right, wither super Platonic rather than Aristotlean world,
conscious man in the universe? and if ideas are objectives, in that
context, we would appear to have a
Lest I get carries away in some sci-fi duty to ensure those ideas are right,
cosmic fantasy before its time, and lest that is to say, based on the
we fall into the trap of assuming that comprehension that love, in its strictly
spiritual elitism is valid, until man has unsentimental sense, is the only rule
enabled his fellows, through the which should permit us to do anything,
application of true love, via whether to heal an individual, a place,
visualisation, imagination and will or to “improve the planet”, or build an
through higher consciousness, to atomic bomb. And love implies
achieve personal fulfilment in all the submission, thus Terry Ross is right,
best senses on this planet, man’s but the scientific method, based on the
cosmic destiny inevitably remains a five senses, must give way to super –
deferred objective. That does have sensible awareness, and the notion
socio-political consequences but they that ultimate reality is what our
are not to be found in any materialistic imaginations, in love, can finally
dialectic. conceive, and that may change
No change will occur until individuals positivist reality. Thus belief is
change and learn to love in the true significant.
sense of the word, and begin the group Strange that both Newton and
consciousness as volunteers. It’s the Descartes have their names taken in
group consciousness that achieves. vain as scientific positivists, when both
But when they do, as many are doing, were men of highly spiritual
it ain’t ‘alf dowsable, Mum! understanding.
If we can see esoteric dowsing as a Visualisation changes reality. But you
form of prosthetic clairvoyance, or the cannot visualise without belief. You
use of supersensible faculties as can only visualise responsibly in love.
Steiner describes them, rather than a
physiological reaction to external In conclusion, may I cite Barry
fields, then it may take place as an McWaters’ book, “Conscious
invaluable discipline on the road to Evolution,” in which he expresses the
HSP and ESP which lift man further theory that we need not be passive
out of the slough of materialism and spectators of evolution, but in higher
rational thought, into the better worlds consciousness, active participants in
that enlightened imagination makes the evolutionary process, using our
possible. imaginations.

I do not wish this to be interpreted as Whither ultimate reality?

some facile intellectual argument in
favour of self-indulgent flights of Colin Bloy – Andorra
fancy, but to suggest that dowsing is January 1986
one of the routes open to man by
which he may determine that it is a

in June 1987, whilst wandering up a
mountain valley in Guadarrama,
Spain, I thought I’d have a look for
curved lines.

Thus visualising I came upon one. It

was running parallel to the straight
energy line, it was eight bars and in the
form of a semi-wave, but it was not
Some further static. It was writhing like a serpent:
that is to say within the bounds of a
observations on distance of two metres, the curves were
moving from side to side. I timed the
Ley-line analysis movement and it was 10 per minute.
Moving to the other side of the energy
and recent line, I found a similar serpent line
changes in the thrashing about but this time at six per
system before and
after Harmonic
Convergence. Many years ago, we had determined
that the straight line energy oscillated
They say it is good for the soul to have at four per minute.
to recant, therefore I am now going to
enjoy myself. In the past I have Later in Madrid, on the main energy
implied that energy lines are always line of the city, down the Paseo de la
straight, although I do recall that the Castellana, the same phenomenon was
pathway from the market square to the in evidence, and subsequently in
Bishops Palace at Wells, about 30 Britain. This I am tempted to believe
degrees of a circle, has an energy line that it is a universal feature of the ley
which follows the curve but when system. These may be the yin and
Hamish Miller, dowser extraordinary yang energies of the Chinese that
to Fountain in Cornwall, started to accompany the pathways of
report curved lines across the consciousness.
countryside, I thought I’d better have But it still wasn’t what Hamish was
another look. referring to. I conclude from all of this
Of course, we have always said in that we still have a lot of work to do on
general terms that you only use this phenomenon and I would
dowsing to find what you can conceive certainly for one welcome comments
of, and apart from the spiral dragon from anybody who would have a look
forms in woods and valleys, I had only at it.
looked for straight lines. Thus one day

So far as recent changes are concerned pathways of consciousness. If we
a number of factors are bearing on the thought a 49 was a big deal, now after
situation, which are making Glastonbury 87, a major line in various
substantial changes in the system. But countries appears as 1000 X 64. So
it would perhaps be useful to make a does a line on a healer. Something has
brief review of the last 10 or 12 years. happened!

The first lines encountered were based I really do not know how to evaluate
on a 7 factor and ranged from 1, (about this. If the lines are representative of
12 inches wide,) 3, 6, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, the health of the planet, then by God, it
42, and 49. A major line like a was on its last legs, now all is well?
cathedral line or the main artery of the What next?
city would be a 49 bar line and a parish
church a 1, 3 or 7, generally speaking. As Gurdjieff said, “I have not come to
teach you. I have come to wake you
From the day of Good Friday, up.” I believe that to be right. Left
21/03/1978, the seven factor became brained knowledge limits the spine. It
eight. What happened that day was a is the right hemisphere which holds
form of deliberate input, to do with the the key to its plenitude when full
Grail knowledge, and the change consciousness exists.
occurred across most of those
countries that may be considered to be So what of the serpentine lines? More
within the Western ethos. It was a work needs to be done, (at least for me
basic shift, I believe, in the collective they exist.) We are still neophytes, (or
consciousness necessary to at least I am,) in this great adventure.
accommodate the advent of the How are the lines of the Gulf States
Aquarian Age. now? Did the work of the Fountain
Groups on either side of the Berlin
17th June 1979, saw a further extension Wall two years ago achieve anything?
of the eight. Based on input at Rennes The re-connection of the Jerusalem
le Chateau, in the Eastern Pyrenees, a Pyramid line appeared successful. Are
four bar line became an eight and so we doing enough? I doubt it.
on up the scale and a 64 bar line
became a triple 64. Fountain and allied groups must unite
evolved people in all the nations across
But of course, since all that so much the earth. It’s beginning, I don’t
more has happened. Fountain Groups believe if you were No 144,001 it
exist in so many places in so many matters. It’s a mystical number, bit if
countries, that their input has Alphaega is to get off the ground in the
stimulated the system enormously, still final healing of the planet, such people
within the eight factor. must come forward. It will happen.
Simultaneously, if one may presume, it But how will the lines be then? We will
seems to me that the general have the luxury of hindsight analysis,
quickening of consciousness is taking but while Hamish goes on discovering
place, all of which has contributed to a new aspects of the system, we can only
transformation of the ley lines – the stand back and keep going until our

left brain understanding catches up of Chinese civilization as being
with him. superior to the foreigners, may all be
the consequence of a 3,000 year old
Somewhere in the line system the new tradition of seeking to accommodate
feminine principle will be reflected. I the dragon, rather than integrate with
look forward to that discovery. In it, of seeking to adapt to it, rather than
general, I do feel that things are doing a St George or St Michael on it.
advancing rapidly but how far down
the track to healing the planet we are,
no one can know. It may be a lot or a
little. At least we know it has begun.

Colin Bloy

15th September 1987

It has always seemed to me that the

Beyond the Five western symbology of the dragon has
specifically to do with overcoming it,
Senses with bending it to the will, albeit the
superconscious will, and this is of
Debating further with various groups
course, more dangerous and, in the
of friends over the Chinese business,
end, for the purpose of this
and what the 5 factor as opposed to the
monograph, possibly more productive.
8 factor meant, the idea of a difference
in collective consciousness in a In a sense, the experience in Hong
structured sense became more Kong, which seemed to demonstrate
striking. the fundamental difference, is crucial
in this argument. In the house where
The more one studies the whole Feng
there was cha, identifiable by the split
Shui business, the clearer it becomes
dowsable line, and where the attempts
that the Chinese attitude is passive.
of the local Feng Shui man to divert it
The object of the exercise is to divert,
has failed, in spite of moving stoves in
avoid, and isolate ones’ self from bad
the kitchen and furniture and so on, it
cha. And in a sense, it may be here
was recognised by those present that
that the real difference is most
the operation to transmute the
negative cha into positive chi was
It may of course, be a facile western successful, to their surprise. All of
presumption on my part, but the which seemed better than trying to
traditional idea of Chinese patience divert negativity away to one’s
even unto the n’th generation and neighbour, which has given rise at least
Chinese passivity before events, always in Hong Kong, to the famous mirror
prepared to wait until later, the notion wars, summoning police, and

threatening law suits, the stuff of or handed down version – in a sense,
comic operas. the awakening of Western
Now, if what we have recently learned
about these matters in the West was a However, the rules of such an
revelation to practitioners in the East, investigation were what later came to
from whom we had learned much in be known as positivism – that is to say,
the first place, does it indicate that as that any advance in understanding had
an 8 based community, is in a different to conform to repeated and repetitive
state of collective consciousness to a 5 experiments within the confines of
based community, and that this may sensory experience – all of which set
have a lot to do with the perception of man further away from God – because
ego consciousness. experience of god, by definition later in
this offering, cannot come through the
It has often seemed to me that after the five senses.
Renaissance, Western man went on an
ego trip with a vengeance. Now this The Church, by this time, had long
may have been inevitable, rather than since sold its birth-right to temporal
presumptuous, although the considerations. Constantine had
consequences are the same. Romanised the Christian Church,
instead of, as popular belief has it,
In very general terms, pre Renaissance Christianising the Roman Empire.
man may be held to have been
submissive before the cosmos, living in
a God-ordained world, and with no
particular desire to change it. In a
sense the feudal system was a
reflection of this, and there are those,
perhaps rightly, who will say, that the
feudal system was not all bad, at least
everyone knew their place, and the
uncompetitive nature of such a society,
except as between noble families had
aspects of a Rosseau – esque type
tranquillity. Be all that as it may. The Christian church became a tool of
state politics, and indeed, at certain
The Renaissance was the introduction periods, became the only institution
or re-introduction of the humanistic which continued the notion of the
ethic into Western society, the Roman Empire. It saved itself as an
transition from a God-centred to a institution by assuming unto itself the
man-centred community. Thus the power to make and unmake Kings and
Aristotelian version of man began to Emperors, and through various murky
predominate – the man of the five deals and concordants, survives to this
senses, who had the right and the day as a state, with ambassadors, civil
means to investigate reality on his own
account, rather than accept a revealed

service, treasury and all the trappings problem remained agnostic, and thus
of a secular organisation. liberal democracy emerged.

Small wonder, when, on the way, it Only the charismatic Churches had
denied the world was round, that the anything to say to stem the tide from
sun was not the centre of the solar the religious point of view. The
system, and that the practise of any established Churches were left behind
sort of authentic spiritual love was in their self-made morass of
heretical without its imprimatur, the compromise, self-seeking, and
emergence of individual rational abandonment of original truths in
thought after the renaissance resulted favour of survival as institutions.
in conclusions that set thinkers apart
from the Church, created reformations,
atheism, new social and political
systems, the material sciences, and the
affirmation that whatever the true
nature of reality, man could create
Utopia by binding to his technologous
will the world, as his new materialist
ethics saw it. Suddenly, man assured
responsibility for himself, based on a
five sense world. Indeed, they had discouraged rational
investigation of reality, out of fear,
Voltaire, Giderot, Rousseau, Comte, when if they had more honestly said,
Darwin, Freud and many others “Let us together investigate how God
participated in a process which had works,” all would have been well.
one inevitable conclusion, the
dialectical materialism of Karl Marx, The five senses approach to reality was
the inevitable reaction to the
established churches hostility to any
honest enquiry into ultimate truth and,
has produced the many problems that
Western man is trying to cope with

For a start, a man-centred universe is

terrifying. Once the process was
started of separating man out from
the vision of a man as being alone in God, the responsibilities are
the universe, self-sufficient, and, as frightening, once the self-
there was no such thing as a soul, congratulatory, self-confident,
survival, the etheric body, which do scientific method starts to creak.
not belong in a five sense, socially-
Newton, Descartes, Darwin, Freud,
engineerable Pavlonian, conditional
and Pavlov have been shown only to
reflex world. Some attitudes to the
have described a certain aspect of

reality. Billiard ball physics, which got view of the world, but it has not
space ships to the moon are now no triumphed.
longer able to claim they describe all
reality. Some particles behave in non- The Romantic movement was the first
Newtonian ways. Man is not a totally reaction to modern materialism, a
sensually motivated being, not all vague dream-like exploration of
fossils support Darwin, Pavlov’s subtler feelings and emotions, an
conditional reflex has not been able to attempt to restore a more platonic
organise a harmonious social system. vision. Ossianic self-indulgent
Reason is not all. There is the X factor. mysticism gave way to a much more
vigorous and directed attempt to
Einstein struggled to provide analyse reality in a new esoteric, rather
equations for his unified field theory, than exoteric way. It was an attempt
his intuitive understanding of the to penetrate the material world, cut up
oneness of all things. He even into sections and compartments by the
published equations that did not work, material science, all neatly checked
so others would not go up the same and filed away, and create a new
blind alley, generous. Eugene Wigner, background unity of subtle
one of his associates became convinced correspondences and spiritual
of the spiritual nature of ultimate essences. Such was the Symbologist
reality and that within the unified field, movement, giving rise to Cubism and
consciousness had to be taken into Surrealism in art, which sought to
account as an objective field. show that reality could be looked at in
many different ways and re-arranged if
There lies in the ruins the false hopes necessary.
of the Renaissance and its great, great,
grandchild, dialectical materialism, As a background to all of this, many
and a man-centred universe, so far as plunged into esotericism, finding new
the scientific method is concerned. explanations in spiritualism, the
Not that this is a plea for a flight into Theosophical Society, new religions
fantasy. The honest empirical method and so on – for anyone not totally
remains: but the five sense prison it immersed in a man-centred world and
has been forced to work in is too its application, was beginning to
constraining, and the empirical experience all the desperate horrors of
method is what is being applied to the new independence, and self-
honest enquiry into parapsychology, awareness. The pseudo-science of
an ugly, clumsy word, but there it is. psychology and psychiatry grew up,
whose basic objectives are to placate
While the humanists were applying man’s fear of loneliness in the universe
their new criteria to the investigation – the inevitable conclusion of positivist
of reality, the poets and artists were thought.
finding increasing difficulty is seeing
the world in such terms. Granted, The Symbologists, dissatisfied with all
Marxists art demanded a materialist of this, set out to find the absolute, that
state of being and knowledge which

would abate thinking man’s terror and is reason to cast doubt on the veracity
bring him back into the God-centred of some of his celebrated cases, but
cosmos. They had seen enough to Jung came forward with much subtler
know that within the man centred concepts about the nature of
world, self-awareness was leading to consciousness, and pose the concept of
what they called the Abyss – that state the collective consciousness as
of consciousness, which is no longer something beyond the individual. Now
satisfied with the material view of the if that were objective, in what
world – but does not know of any way continuum could it have an objective
of finding a better, and can lead to reality.
insanity, by falling into the abyss of
desperation. Certain advanced and liberated
scientists were already at this problem,
Of course, the answers all lie in the Sir Oliver Lodge, for one, who posed
message of the Gospels, but they had the question of the existence of the all,
fallen into disrepute because of the pervading fluid or field – the ether,
cynical use to which they had been put, which Einstein referred to as the
and, for political reasons, man had unified field. The famous but
been separated from direct contact inconclusive Michelson-Morey
with God, by the outer position of the experiment was directed at this
priestly class, and basically told to problem, in respect of the nature of
mind his own business. light.

What was emerging from the attempts No scientific proof of such a field was
to find an alternative to materialism established. Indeed, one is entitled to
was the first glimmerings of an say, that by definition, it must be
awareness of consciousness as an incapable of resolution into
objective phenomenon. Man mathematical equations or repetitive
separated from God by the Church, experiment because of its essentially
was beginning to use his reason to find ephemeral and permanently transient
non-material reality on his own nature.

Paul Valery, perhaps the last and most

perceptive of the Symbolists, in his
search for the absolute, or what we
would now call Nirvana, used the
expression “Je me voyais me voir,” I
saw myself looking at myself, thus
identifying different states of being,
and stating that each state of being was
capable of perceiving reality
If it exists, it cannot conform to
positivist analysis because it is non-
Freud had diagnosed consciousness in positivist.
the crudest of terms, and indeed, there

Thinking folk in the Western world, understanding, which may help all
and setting superstition aside, as well humanity, North, South, East and
as charlatanism, and self-delusion, West.
particularly those not entrapped in the
institutions dedicated to materialistic The exploration of the inner worlds of
attitudes in science, and recognising consciousness through meditation and
that physics is at a dead-end until it a deliberate and organised attempt to
stops inventing even newer and more view reality from different states of
esoteric particles to save it equations consciousness is revealing.
from falling apart, started to explore Colin Bloy 20/05/1986
the true nature of consciousness –
wherein lies the abyss if you don’t find
the bridge to the absolute.

Awareness of the abyss usually is the

cause of the reversion into the sense Some thoughts on
world, alcohol, sex, drugs, violence,
excitement, hedonism, anything that European Ley-
detracts our attention from this new
and frightening awareness – insanity is Lines and
another way out of this terror – but for
those who press on – a whole new Oriental Dragon
awareness is now becoming available.
The triumph of Western man in the
material sciences, the rise of the Chinese Geomancy or Feng Shui is a
individual ego, that awful isolation of complex affair and for all , of Western
self-awareness, has resulted in the interpreters like Stephen Skinner, or
agony of Western man. Stephen Feuchtwang: An
Anthropological Analysis of Chinese
Geomancy – Ventiane, Loas, I am not
sure if we have really penetrated it in a
way which would permit a Westerner
to perform as a “dragon man” – for
earth energy is the dragon for them.
What is certain, however, is that the
majority of Chinese landscape and
urbanisation has been developed
But it may be that, in his desperation, according to a complex system of
it was the Oriental world that supplied criteria relating to earth sky energies
the answers that gave emergency first publicly unrecognised in the West.
aid, and in the rational expectation of Vocabulary and imagery are divisive.
consciousness as an objective field and Fritjof Capra showed how the dance of
it’s consequences, all that agony was the shiva may be seen as the motion of
the necessary price for a new the electrons of an atom around its
nucleus. Yet it has been a Western
scientific convention for hundreds of
years that if a concept is not expressed
in Greek or Latin neologisms it cannot
be valid. That is not a plea for a
Gadarene flight into the subtle imagery
of Eastern philosophical and religious
systems but simply to point out that
Western modes of expression have no
particular monopoly of truth.

In pre-Marxist China, for several The perfect site, or dragon’s lair, is,
thousand years past, to construct says Skinner, like the description of a
anything without consulting the Feng- blind spring. (He does not mention
Shui master was the height of folly. In Guy Underwood or his seminal work,
Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore “The Pattern of the Past,” – but it was
they have always been accepted and Underwood who spoke at length about
consulted; and in post-Mao China, the dowsing of the blind springs at
they have surfaced again. sacred sites – 7 looped spiral.)
Skinner, “It is logical to postulate that
Whereas the Feng-Shui master
here the dragon is, of course, in his
operates with the compass with a
lair, because it is from here that the
complex scale around it, which tells
water (ie the dragon,) emanates before
him many things on an astrological,
crossing the land as a stream, or being
geographical and meteorological basis,
evaporated, to form dragon clouds.
and he describes the energies he is
Water courses are the most obvious
looking for or seeking to avoid in terms
flow lines of “chi” and a curved and
familiar to the ley line fraternity in
tortuous course is the best existence of
Europe, he does not apparently dowse
existence of “chi” concentrations.”
for these energies but works out where
they are by topographical observation T.Edkins writing in 1872 said that the
and basic common sense. Indeed, dragon may be traced to its source. It
where the dragon a particular hill is observable in the flow of the
formation, lies down with the tiger, mountain stream or in the contour of
another, the Feng Shui is good – the earth. The hollow river bed, and
combined with meandering rivers and the variety of hill and valley are caused
undulating hills. “Secret Arrows,” like by the dragon. Trace the water of a
straight avenues, railway lines, valley to its source. That is the point
highways, straight escarpments, or a from which commences the influence
line of projecting hills or even that controls human destiny… Since
buildings are to be avoided, as these the dragon gives prosperity… it is
drain away the good “chi” too quickly. important to consider the position of
the water…”

Elsewhere Skinner says, “In some ways If you follow Guy Underwood’s work,
the organic lines are as typical of as a dowser, there is an important
Chinese civilization as rectangular thing to remember, Guy Underwood
Descartian lines are the hallmark of was only looking for underground
Western civilization. Basic to the water – the fact that he did not find
nature of dragon lines and Chinese over-ground energy lines may be
civilization generally is the curve as explained by the fact that he was
opposed to the straight line which simply no aware of them and dowsers
expresses itself not only in Western do not generally find what they are not
architecture, but also in the ley lines looking for.
which have been often suggested are
the European equivalent of dragon However, if you do dowse a Guy
lines. They are in fact, diametrically Underwood type site you will find the
opposed. Straight lines, as we have meandering, sinuous underground
seen, are anathema in Feng Shui for water course, but if you “think” ley
they generate “cha” and secret lines, you will find that overlaying the
arrows…” dragon is the straight line, through its
median as in the stream from the head
As said above, Chinese geomancers do of a valley, viz.
not apparently dowse, and this may be
the reason for the apparently
erroneous conclusion suggested by

I have followed the rod the “chi” of the

dragon up water courses to the head of
the valley in the Pyrenees on many
occasions. Whereas the water course
in sinuous, the energy is effectively
straight, dodging in dog-legs from rock
to rock, on either side of the stream
and have found the dragon – he looks In an earlier issue of the journal of the
like this. British Society of Dowsers, I suggested
that underground water may not have
been determining in the choice of
sacred sites but the result of choosing
them, viz, Lourdes and Guadalupe in
Mexico – the springs burst forth after
the apparitions, Moses summoned the

What appears inseparable, is the

relationship between flowing water,
both underground, and certain states
of human consciousness. “Stalking the
wild pendulum,” by Istvak Bentov
suggests how the focus of human interpreted by Western
consciousness on a particular site commentators?
makes it sacred and phenomena thus
result of “religious” nature.

Curious that the dragon is a common I would advance the hypothesis that it
is all to do with the evolution of
feature of Western and Eastern
geomantic lore and no dragon bones consciousness. Now, much play has
have yet to be found. Thus it may be, been made with the concept of
in a Jungian sense an important Western individual ego-consciousness,
archetype to humility generally, and I as opposed to Oriental patience and
always feel that the idea represented submission. Indeed, the philosophical
by St Michael or St George killing the crisis in Western evolution may be
dragon, and God knows how many seen in what was called in France, at
such dragon deaths are preserved in the end of the 19th century “Le mal de
European legend, is not so much some fin de siècle,” – “End of the century
form of medieval elimination of disease,” and many authors and poets
predators, but the organising of the spoke in depressing terms of plunging
“chi” or ley energy out of its primal into the abyss in their search for the
spirals down the valley and into absolute, their word for nirvana.
constructive co-operation with (Baudelaire, Gerard de Nerval,
evolving mankind, by using the spear Mallarme, Valery et al.)
or the lance of higher consciousness. As far as I am concerned, it is a basic
The alternative image of the dragon, tenet of life that humanity is a unity.
being base chakra consciousness We are all going the same way, in the
taking up the spine as the Kundalini to same boat, at the same time – but that
bring nirvana or total awareness is also doesn’t mean to say we are all the same
relevant; it appears in alchemical in terms of consciousness. Nor does it
symbology for similar reasons – the necessarily pre-suppose that one
transmutation of the spirit. particular state is better than another.
What does, however, seem apparent is
It may be observed, and one of the that Western man has evolved further
raison d’etres of the fast multiplying
from tribal consciousness into ego –
Fountain Groups around the world,
that hyper-states of consciousness consciousness than Oriental man. This
applied through meditative techniques, is not a moral comment, The fact that
Japanese only travel in groups, and
visualisation and projection have a
discernible effect on the ley lines, and that you never meet or do business
that if the mixture is right, the effect is with one Japanese alone, is not
necessarily without relevance. The
beneficial for the community. Thus
the dragon is killed with the spear. whole organisation of Japan is
collective, in consciousness terms,
Why is it then, that straight lines are without being drastically materialist in
anathema to Chinese geomancy, as philosophical terms. Thus it is in
China. Patience and submission to

events, in favour of longer term issues lines – but not grid lines – radiating
transcending individual lives. lines and low rise buildings.

Western ego-consciousness and Adolf Hitler, see Nigel Pennick, “The

subsequent disillusion gave rise to the Secret Sciences of Adolf Hitler” –
age of reason, and the materialist ethic, Neville Spearman understood how
plus the idea you’ve got to make it in energy and town planning worked.
this life time. In science, medicine, Albert Speer records it well in his
philosophy, the arts, many individual memoirs, with extraordinary
names from the West, as original photographs of the models for the new
thinkers, are enshrined in various halls Berlin. What matters is how you use it
of fame. Not so with the Orientals, yet and what’s at the centre.
their collective application to
technology is awesome – we are just What I am, in fact trying to suggest, is
seeing the beginning of the Chinese that Chinese Geomancy is, perhaps
application – give China another 30 sentimentally, rooted in the past, and
years. it is certainly a deliberate attempt to
maintain a form of collective
Frederick Bligh Bond the excavator of consciousness in being, which prevents
Glastonbury speaks cogently in his ego developments in a Rosseau-like
book, “The Company of Avalon,” of, way. That may be good, bad or
“the great return,” that is to say the neutral. I make no attempt to judge it
voluntary and aware submission of – but the maintenance of traditional
Western egocentricity to the collective forms in complete harmony with
consciousness as a virtually religious naturally occurring earth energies
act and “The New Age,” awareness is should certainly achieve that. That
part of the process. may to some be a form of responsible
guardianship. One cannot quarrel
What has this to do with straight and with it. And the fear of the straight
sinuous energy lines? line may be to do with the break out of
It is sadly very true that the worst the ego. I would nonetheless venture
excesses of Western town planning to suggest that as well as conducting
exist in the USA where a grid based good “chi” out, a well-constructed
town is simply socked into the avenue, and they certainly existed at
landscape. Most UK new towns are Imperial level in China, can equally
very like that. Great psychological conduct good “chi” in.
disorientation is a result. The emergence of the straight line
Strangely enough, one of the most occurs when man starts to separate
beautiful man-made cities, (not San himself from nature, when his
Francisco, that is a city born of its hills, consciousness is no longer totally
where man has submitted,) is in the related to the water veins of the earth
USA, namely Washington, designed but the emerging ley lines. They do
by, for, and with comprehending seem inseparable from emerging
Masons. Yet it is based on straight consciousness. It will be interesting to

dowse China shortly “in situ,” but I through a conscious understanding of
suspect the fear of the straight line is how ego may be transmuted
the fear of ego-consciousness, and all alchemically into conscious love, and
the agonies and glories that has made the basis for a future
wrought for the Western world. It is millennium. The intermediate phase is
perhaps arguable that for ego – fraught with danger, as the legend of
consciousness to emerge, pass through Atlantis instructs us, but the eventual
its spiritual transmutation and go outcome, if we make it, is a
forward to its voluntary re-submission consummation devoutly to be wished.
in an act of pure conscious love, is a
process we are involved in, willy-nilly. P.S I have just dowsed a railway line
for the first time, frankly it never
Some may say the Oriental has already occurred before and railway lines are
been through it. I am not sure about not things to which one has easy
that, but I am sure that Western man is access. It exhibited negative energy.
now going through it, and has got to go Some more work must be done!
through it and make the “Great
Return,” if this planet is to survive, and Colin Bloy 09/07/1984
I do offer the thought that Chinese
geomancers’ abhorrence of the straight
energy line is more to do with the
repugnance of individual ego
consciousness rather than its intrinsic
“badness.” The fact remains that over-
ground subtle energy lines are straight
and the question is as to whether a
civilisation harmonises itself with
underground subconscious sinuosity
or over-ground straight line ego

The continuing focus of consciousness

on sites important to man, be they
religious or secular, sacred or profane,
creates the straight energy line, thus a
TV transmitter can exhibit the same
energy lines as a standing stone – but
it is evidence of a moving away from
that harmony with the earth that is the
quintessence of natural man. I am
quite sure we must return to it, when
we have surmounted our straight line
phase and get both working together –
not for reasons of sentimental
nostalgia for a lost millennium but