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2004 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 325/7

Notice of invitation to tender for the reduction in the import duty on sorghum originating in
third countries

(2004/C 325/04)

I. SUBJECT Fondo Español de Garantía Agraria (FEGA)

C/Beneficencia 8
1. A tendering procedure is opened for the reduction in the E-28004 Madrid
import duty on sorghum falling within CN code 1007 00 90 telex 234 27 FEGA E
originating in third countries. Fax (34) 91 521 98 32, (34) 91 522 43 87
2. The quantity for which the import duty may be reduced Tenders not submitted by telex, fax or telegram must be
is 200 000 tonnes. enclosed in two sealed envelopes, one being inserted inside the
3. The tendering procedure will be conducted in accordance other. The inner envelope must be marked ‘Tender under invi-
with Commission Regulation (EC) No 2275/2004 (1). tation to tender for the reduction in the import duty on
sorghum — Regulation (EC) No 2275/2004’.
Once submitted, no tender may be withdrawn before the
Member State concerned has informed the tenderer of the
1. The period during which tenders may be submitted in result of the tender.
response to the first weekly invitation will begin on 7 January 2. The tender, as well as the proof and statement referred to
and expire on 13 January 2005 at 10 a.m. in Article 6(3) of Commission Regulation (EEC) No
1839/95 (2), must be worded in the official language or one of
2. For the subsequent weekly invitations to tender the the official languages of the Member State whose competent
period for the submission of tenders will start on Friday each authority receives the tender.
week and end on the following Thursday at 10 a.m.
This notice is published for the purposes of the present invita- IV. TENDERING SECURITY
tion to tender only. Until such time as it is amended or The tendering security must be made out in favour of the
replaced, its terms will apply to each weekly award held during competent authority concerned.
the period of validity of this invitation.
However, the submission of tenders will be suspended for weeks in V. AWARD OF CONTRACTS
which there is no meeting of the Management Committee for Cereals. Award of the contract will establish:
(a) the right to the issue in the Member State in which the
tender is submitted of an import licence specifying the
1. Tenders must be submitted in writing and delivered no reduction in the import duty referred to in the tender and
later than the dates and times indicated in Title II, either by awarded for the quantity concerned;
personal delivery against a receipt, by registered mail, by telex, (b) the obligation to apply in the Member State referred to in
by fax or by telegram, to the following address: point (a) for an import licence for that quantity.

(1) OJ L 396, 31.12.2004. (2) OJ L 177, 28.7.1995, p. 4.