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The Advantages Of Contact Lenses Over Glasses

Lenses are optical medical devices, just like spectacles are, and quite often provide cosmetic and optical
advantages over them. The greater than 35 million individuals the usa who have opted for contact
lenses on the use of glasses did so due to their convenience, and cosmetic value. A lot of people initially
feel discomfort when beginning to use lenses, however the benefits of using them far outweigh these
minor discomforts.

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Contact Lenses vs. Glasses

Contact lenses offer functional advantages over glasses in areas, such as sports, work - in humid
environment, and in occupations where spectacles are inconvenient and not compatible with the
equipment used, such as special headgears. Let's check some of the advantages that contact lenses offer
over glasses:

Natural Vision - As they are worn right on the cornea of the eye, contact lenses provide vision that is
more natural. The objects come in the correct size and position, without any distortion. The distance
between the eye and the glasses can differ, causing the objects to look larger or smaller than they
actually are.

Stable Vision - Contact lenses aren't affected by quick body movements, like in sports and other alike
activities, and remain in place, providing clear and stable vision. Eyeglasses are unstable on your face.
Peripheral Vision - Contacts offer you a wider and better peripheral vision that glasses. Lenses move
together with your eyes and you are always looking through the clearest area of the lens - the optic
zone. On the other hand, the frames of the glasses block your peripheral vision, and when you move the
eyes to the side, you are no longer looking through the optical center, causing blurred and distorted

Unaffected By Weather - Lenses do not fog up when you come in from the cold, nor do they get
splattered by rain. In addition, they do not steam up from body heat or perspiration.

Comfortable - Lenses are quite comfortable to wear as they do not pinch your nose, or rub or press
upon your ears and temple, unlike glasses, which, in addition, slide down your nose when you perspire.

Contact lenses happen to be a boon for children in one particular sense. They don't get picked on at
school by their friends. This relieves them from the psychological and physical traumas related to
wearing glasses.

With improvements in technology, numerous lenses are available, for both ophthalmic, as well as
cosmetic uses. People who normally wear glasses can easily and safely shift to wearing contact lenses.
People had many misgivings about using contact lenses, and opted for glasses, but these are no longer
hold true.

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At one time when lenses used to pop out, and this was during the time when lenses were hard lenses.
Today, there isn't any 'popping' out with the introduction of soft contact lenses. These soft contact
lenses conform to the shape of the eye, and do not move or pop out.

Another myth of contact lenses being expensive is not correct. They are less expensive than many of the
designer frames that are available today.