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Knowledge Development Implementation

Received Resource Grid

(E−TM 1.1 1.4MHz through EVA 70Hz channel)

Finding your way in DSP

The 16-QAM Ladybird


3G Evolution Lab - LTE Toolbox

Discover a new level of confidence in LTE PHY design
The LTE Toolbox for MATLAB provides a comprehensive set of Key Features
tools for LTE physical layer verification, algorithm development Comprehensive set of functions modelling the LTE physical
and conformance testing. It offers a full set of functions for the layer transmit and receive processing
latest Release 8 LTE standard including uplink, downlink and
Supports FDD and TDD duplexing
propagation channels. Driven by the power and flexibility of
Standard compliant propagation channel models (EPA, EVA,
the MATLAB language, the toolbox creates an environment
ETU, Moving, HST)
to ensure your algorithm and design implementations are
compliant and performant with the LTE standard. GUI based tools for RMC and test model generation
Channel estimation, synchronisation and MIMO receivers
The LTE Toolbox also includes GUI based tools for the creation (ZF,MMSE,SFBC)
of Reference Measurement Channels and Test Model data Extensible MATLAB language features
sources to drive your conformance tests at the click of a
Full DCI message creation, coding and decoding
button. The set of command-line functions span a range of
Product roadmap includes Release 9 through to LTE-Advanced
granularity from complete channel processing in a single
function call to individual commands for the various coding Extensive help, background documentation and demo set
stages to allow for pin-point design verification. A range of including HARQ BER, MIMO channel estimation and reception,
receiver algorithms are provided including synchronisation, and conformance test example.
MIMO channel estimation, ZF and MMSE equalization. Supports HARQ process modelling
3G Evolution Lab - LTE Blockset
Discover the power of model-based LTE PHY design
The LTE Blockset for MATLAB offers a complete set of models Key Features
for LTE physical layer design, simulation and verification. In Comprehensive set of blocks modelling the LTE physical
conjunction with Simulink, the Blockset provides an interactive layer transmit and receive processing
graphical platform to accelerate your LTE PHY design and test.
Integration with 3G Evolution Lab LTE Toolbox
The model-based paradigm allows for the management of
complex designs and the block GUIs present the complexity Efficient subframe by subframe operation and support for
of the LTE physical layer configuration in a controlled and variable block sizes with Simulink R2009b onwards.
accessible fashion. The Blockset works in conjunction with Extensive help, background documentation and demo set
the LTE Toolbox for MATLAB to provide full flexibility over
Full MIMO support for up to 4x4
simulation control and parameterisation, especially important
for complex conformance test senarios. Capable of conformance test simulation

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