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What is a Note File?

* Oral proposal will be made by the Commissioner, for a specific work to be

done at a particular place, or for regular maintenance of periodical works
for public purpose.

* Basing on that proposal, on the instructions and under the supervision of

the DEE, the AEE will prepare necessary estimate, and put-up the note-file,
in writing, seeking Administrative Sanction for the proposed expenditure,
from the Commissioner.

* After such administrative sanction, the DEE will give technical sanction to
the above estimate.

* Note-file will be put-up before the Commissioner, by the DEE, seeking

permission to call for tenders for execution of the work.

* On such permission, necessary tender schedules will be prepared by the

staff members, as per the instructions of the DEE, and by placing the same
before the Commissioner, approval will be obtained thereon.

* Thereupon, tenders will be called for accordingly, as per the procedure

prescribed, by fixing dates of receipt and opening.

* On receiving tenders, the same will be opened at the given time, on the
given date, by the Commissioner, and the same will be forwarded to the
DEE, for finalization.

* After consolidating the tenders received, a comparative statement will be

prepared by the DEE, and will be placed before the Commissioner, with
necessary recommendations.

* After finalization of the bidder for execution of the work, by the

Commissioner, as per the recommendations of the Municipal Council, the
DEE will issue Work Order, with the approval of the Commissioner,
requesting the selected bidder to enter into agreement, as per the
procedure prescribed.

* After the bidder enters into agreement accordingly, and after the approval
of Commissioner on the agreement, the file will be entrusted to the AE, by
the DEE, for getting the work executed through the bidder.

* The AE will get the work executed accordingly through the bidder, under
the supervision of the DEE, and prepare M-Book, and obtains the signatures
the bidder thereon, periodically.

* The M-Book will be, then, check-measured by the DEE.

* After check-measurement by the DEE, and after completion of execution,

either in part or in full, Bill will be prepared by the AE, for the work done,
and will be placed before the DEE.

* After verifying the bill so prepared, the DEE will place the same before the
Commissioner, for approval and payment.

* Accordingly, cheque will be issued to the bidder.


* The important documentation like Estimates, Technical Sanction, Tender-

schedules, Tender Notification, Comparative Statement, Approval of
Municipal Council, Work Orders and all its connected enclosures, Agreement
entered into for the work, will be maintained separately, as current file.