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All E&P Software Solutions

Petrel 2014.3 latest version + full plugins
Petrel Guru 2014.2 In-context learning for the Petrel platform (More than 400 video
guides, training courses, practical exercises, ready-made guided
Studio 2014.3 Studio E&P Knowledge Environment
Ocean 2014 Ocean Framework (SDK) for Petrel & Studio
Techlog 2014.1
ECLIPSE 2014.2 Full modules
INTERSECT 2014.1 Next Generation Reservoir Simulator
PIPESIM 2014.1
OFM 2014.1 Oil Field Manager
PetroMod 2014.1
GeoFrame 2012_SP_6 latest Service Pack 6 - Linux
Avocet IAM 2014.1 Avocet Integrated Asset Modeler
Avocet WSM 2010.1 Well & Surface Modeler – latest version
Drilling Office X 2.8 Replacement for Drilling Office
Merak 2013.2 Petroleum Economics Software
Omega 2013.1 Patch Omega Geophysical Data Processing Software (Linux) + Omega
65 SeisView (Windows)
VISAGE 2014.1 Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics + VISAGE Finite Element
OMNI 3D 2014.001 OMNI 3D is the industry standard for seismic survey design and
VISTA 2014.004 VISTA 2D/3D seismic data processing software is a leading
software package for the full range of processing tasks
Malcom 2014.2.1 Fluid Characterization Software
FORGAS 10.6.1
PIPEFLO / WELLFLO 9.5.5 / 8.3.2
TDAS 8.0 Tubular design and analysis system
WellBuilder 4.1 Completion system design
DesignPro 7.1 Artificial lift design and analysis system
PDPlot 7.1
Virtual Hydraulics 3.2 VH 3.2 + VH Navigator 1.2 / integrated suite of programs to
evaluate and design critical-well drilling hydraulics under
simulated downhole conditions
DART 2.1
SPAN Rock 9.1.5
ArchiTest 2.0 Well testing design & simulation
CADE Office FracCADE 7.4, StimCADE 4.0, SandCADE 7.1, CemCADE 4.73,
CoilCAT 8.3
Schlumberger’s SPT-Group
OLGA 2014.2 The industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow
MEPO 4.2.1 Multiple realization optimizer. Supports: Eclipse, CMG, VIP,
Drillbench 6.2 Dynamic Drilling Simulation Software for pressure control, well
control, blow out control, managed and under-balanced
Landmark Software
Drilling & Completion Solutions: OpenWells, WELLCAT,
Landmark EDT 5000.1.13
WELLPLAN, StressCheck, CasingSeat, COMPASS, etc
Nexus-VIP 5000.4.9 Nexus Reservoir Simulation Suite
DecisionSpace Suite 5000.8.4 Earth Modeling, GIS, Geology, Geophysics, Geomechanics,
Petrophysics, Stimulation, Well Planning
SeisSpace ProMAX 5000.8.2
DrillWorks 5000.8.1
OpenWorks 5000.8.1
NETool 5000.0.1
DTSPlus, DynaLift, MatBal, PanMesh, PanSystem, PVTflex, RMS,
Field Office 2014
ReO, ReO Forecast, Verge, WellFlo
PanSystem 2014
Sendra 2013.1 SCAL simulator
Paradigm Suite 15 (2015) windows + linux
GOCAD/SKUA 2014.1 latest release
Geolog 7.2 (2014) latest release
10 SP1
Sysdrill latest release
Ecrin 4.30.05 Saphir, Topaze, Rubis, Amethyste
Emeraude 2.60.12
Harmony 2015 v1 DeclinePlus, RTA, CBM, Virtuwell
fast welltest 2015 v1
fast evolution 2015 v1
fast piper 2015 v1
fast fieldnotes 2015 v1
SMT Kingdom 2015 latest release
QUE$TOR 2015 Q1
Petra 4.0.10
SubPUMP 9.90.11
Geovation 2013 CGG's market-leading software for seismic data processing and
Jason 8.4 Windows+Linux
Powerlog 3.4
HRS 9 R2.2
Geocluster 5000
Baker Hughes
AutographPC 9.0.1 Artificial lift desgin & simulation (ESP, Gas lift)
JewelSuite 2014
Meyer 2012 MFrac, MShale, MiniFrac, etc
GMI Suite PressCheck, WellCheck, SFIB, ModelBuilder, MohrFracs, etc
RMS 2013 Full modules - latest
Tempest 7.1 All modules (ENABLE, MORE, PVTx, VENTURE, VIEW)
Dynel2D/3D 1.7.1 / 2.2.0
Poly3D 2.1.8
OpenFlow (Biecip- 2015.1 FracaFlow, TemisFlow, DionisosFlow, PVTFlow, PumaFlow,
Franlab) CobraFlow, CougarFlow
OpenSpirit (TIBCO) 4.0.3 OpenSpirit is your solution for multi-vendor application and data
IPM (Petroleum 8.1 / 9.0.172 Integrated Production Modelling (GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP,
Experts) REVEAL, RESOLVE, OpenServer) - 32bit & 64bit versions
CMG (Computer 2014.101 2014 General Release - latest version
Modeling Group)
IP (Senergy) 4.3 Interactive Petrophysics, latest version+updates
Fracpro (Pinnacle) 2013.10.7.20 The world’s leading fracture stimulation software
Stimpro (Pinnacle) 2012.10.6.13 design, simulation and analysis of acidizing treatments
StudioSL (Streamsim) 7.0 3DSL Streamline simulation environment
OpendTect (dGB) 5.0.2 Commercial version+all Plugins
Crystal (Sigma3) 2014
PEOffice (OPT) 6.0 PEOffice is a systematic, comprehensive, analytical tool for
evaluating oil and gas production by integrating engineering
processes in a single suite of tools.
BasinMod (Platte 2012
p:IGI (IGI) 3.5.1 Geochemical Databasing and Interpretation Software, deveolped
by: Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (IGI Ltd)
Move (Midland 2015.1 powerful structural modelling environment
GOHFER 8.2.6 Grid Oriented Hydraulic Fracture Extension Replicator
GeoTeric (ffA 2014.2 The Geological Expression Approach to Seismic Interpretation
StimPlan (NSI) 7.0 StimPlan is a complete, and integrated, software solution for
hydraulic fracture design, analysis and optimization
RokDoc (IKON) 6.1.4 RockDoc 1D2D, RockDoc 3D, ChronoSeis, WellTie, GeoPressure,
GeoMechanics, Petrel Plugins, etc
Neuralog (Neuralog) 2014 Neuralog, NeuraMap, NeuraView, NeuraSection
tNavigator (RFD) 4.1.3 Fully Interactive Parallel Reservoir Simulator
PVTSim (Calsep) 22 PVTSim Nova 1.2
LedaFlow 1.7 new dynamic multiphase flow simulator
Kraken (ESSS) 2.1.17 Powerful post-processor / Supports: ECLIPSE 100/300, CMG's
Tecplot RS (Tecplot) 2014 R1 Visualize, manage and analyze reservoir simulation data
SENSOR (Coats Eng.) 2013 The World's Fastest And Most Robust Full-Physics Reservoir
WellView (peloton) 9.0.20130912 WellView® is a complete well information management system
for well planning, drilling, completion, testing, and workovers
Crystall Ball (Oracle)
Pipe-It 1.4.2 Pipe-It is a unique software application that allows you to
(Petrostreamz) graphically and computationally integrate models and optimize
petroleum assets.
PC-PUMP (C-FER) 3.4.1 Interactive design & evaluation software for downhole PCP
Cerberus (CTES) 11.5.12 Coil Tubing, Wireline, Well Intervention, Drilling, Jointed-Pipe, etc
SelectEOR (Alberta 1.0 EOR Screening
EORgui (Petroleum 1.0 EOR Screening

.‫ الیسنس آسمایطی ارائه میضىد‬،‫بزای تست نزم افشار قبل اس خزید‬

‫ارائه الیسنس معتبز به صىرت تک ‪-‬سیستمی )‪ (node-locked‬یا ضبکهای )‪ (network license‬صىرت میگیزد و‬
‫خدمات و پطتیبانی تضمینی پس اس فزوش نیش تىسظ تیم پطتیبانی مهندسی نفت ارائه می ضىد‪.‬‬
‫ضزکت ها و افزاد جهت کسب اطالعات بیص تز و سفارش نزم افشار مىرد نظز‪ ،‬درخىاست خىد را به ایمیل سیز ارسال‬

‫در ضمن‪ ،‬سفارش تهیه نزمافشارهای درخىاستی ضما پذیزفته می ضىد‪.‬‬