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London Sport Sportivate Key Information 2016/ 2017

1. What is Sportivate?
1.1 Snapshot
1.2 Sports
1.3 Target Groups

2. Sportivate in London
2.1 London Sport, Sport England and Funding Rounds
2.2 London Sport Funding and Targets
2.3 Funding Criteria
2.4 The London Sport Sportivate Model
2.5 How projects are measured
2.6 Performance Related Payments
2.7 Sportivate Review Panel
2.8 Sportivate Team
2.9 Application process
2.10 Sportivate Grant Agreement
2.11 Sportivate Portal

3. Glossary

1. What is Sportivate?
1.1 Snapshot
Sportivate captures the excitement of sport and London 2012 to provide attractive and
sustainable sporting opportunities for participants in the sport of their choice within their
community. Specifically, Sportivate provides opportunities for teenagers and young
adults (aged 14-25) to receive no less than 6 weeks (and a maximum of 8 weeks) of
coaching in the sport of their choice and guides them into regular participation within
their community. As part of the wider ‘People, Places, Play’ initiative Sport England and
their partners also consulted disabled people and those who support them on how we
can focus some additional investment (at least £8 million) on the barriers they face when
they want to play sport, as well as making sure that every element of the programme
works for disabled sportsmen and women too.

Nationally, £56 million of National Lottery Funding (revenue) will be invested in

Sportivate with further Partnership funding (cash and in-kind) being invested by local
partners. Sportivate commenced in April 2011 is running for 6 years until March 2017.

Sportivate is reflective of the Coalition Government’s BIG Society because it is delivered

against a simple national framework, but with local flexibility to produce the following
 Providing a supply chain of sporting activities that will match as well as generate
 Getting more 14-25s regularly participating in sports activities in the community
by responding to their needs and working closely with a range of relevant
providers to provide a framework of activities;
 Increasing take-up in leisure centres and other facility stock; and
 Generating close links with clubs to drive more participants to take part and
volunteer in National Governing Body (NGB) community sports clubs.

Sportivate also contributes to wider agenda outcomes including impacting upon under-
represented groups, breaking down social and cultural barriers, attracting a range of
additional funding/advocacy partners, tackling obesity and providing settings for skills
development in education and community life (both through participating and

1.2 Sports
A broad definition of sport is used for Sportivate, although, Sportivate should be seen as
a sports programme. Projects need to demonstrate that there is a demand from
participants around the venue area for that sport and that there are suitable exit routes.

NGB clubs play an important role in Sportivate by providing a range of projects for a
wider cohort of 14-25s than is currently the case. They provide structured and managed
pathways by supporting the delivery of the weekly coaching sessions and offering a
suitable exit route.

1.3 Target Group

Sportivate targets participants aged 14-25 who, when registering for Sportivate, state
that they aren’t yet participating once a week in sport. Sport England call these

participants inactive.

By transitioning participants to settings in which regular sporting opportunities are

available (within the structure of their newly-found independence) Sportivate plays a part
in promoting long-term behaviour change by opening up new and exciting opportunities
for them.

Sport England have set key priorities for CSPs to work towards:
 Inactive Young People;
 Women and Girls;
 Young people aged 19-25 years; and
 Disabled young people.

2. Sportivate in London
2.1 London Sport, Sport England and Funding Rounds
London Sport leads the strategic delivery of the Sportivate Programme in London. We
deliver themed and open funding rounds, enabling potential deliverers to apply for
funding. Deliverers need to sign a partnership agreement in order to access Sportivate
funding. Consortiums of deliverers are encouraged but there must be a lead organisation
who will take charge of the responsibilities contained within the partnership, including
acting as key contact and submitting all evaluation data. Deliverers are advised that they
are able to buy-in services of other organizations (i.e. facility hire, etc) but they are always
accountable for the project and liability always sits with the lead organization.

Alongside key partners including Local Authorities, London Sport will make decisions on
successful projects. These projects will form part of the London Sport Sportivate Delivery
Plan. We will inform all deliverers of decisions. London Sport will give successful projects
the option of accepting a Sportivate grant. Sportivate grants are subject to funding
agreement terms and conditions.

London Sport submit the Sportivate Delivery Plan to Sport England for approval. As Sport
England are the licensed National Lottery funding distributor, they give final funding
approval on all projects. Lottery funding cannot be secondary distributed. Until Sport
England confirm the Sportivate Delivery Plan, projects do not receive final approval.
Projects must not start their delivery or commit expenditure from their grant until you
receive this approval.

2.2 London Sport Funding and Targets

There are 2 routes for projects wishing to apply for Sportivate funding in London; Open
and Themed funding rounds and commissioning of projects, both of which are covered
in detail in section 2.4.

Deliverers should be aware that all projects are asked to provide information on
partnership funding to match against their Sportivate project. This partnership funding
can be in kind or cash. In addition, the partnership funding declared by projects may
include any income to be gained by charging participants to attend sessions. This income
may also be used to fund the project exit routes. Although it is advised that participants
are charged for sessions, this should be at an affordable rate in line with the project.

Two principles should be remembered; that monetary contributions will increase the
value placed upon a product; and that deliverers are free to be creative in offering
pricing incentives that might make it more likely for participants to be retained i.e.
sessions paid for up front, attend all sessions and get 50% refunded, etc.

2.3 Funding Criteria

Deliverers need to be aware of the following points for funding eligibility. It must be
justified within the application that you have met these points. London Sport will assess
whether deliverers have met these points through the submitted Sportivate Application
Form and through follow-up questions where necessary. If the application form is
unclear, London Sport will contact the deliverer.

To be eligible for Sportivate funding, projects must:

 Demonstrate a partnership approach between the deliverer and an identified exit
route i.e. community sports club to ensure participants are engaged and retained
in sport;
 Provide partnership funding to support the project of at least 10% (cash or in-
kind), which may include income to be gained from charging participants;
 Be accessible (be at a time and venue appropriate to the target group);
 Demonstrate value for money (cost per retained participant) and be based on real
cost recovery;
 Have been developed to meet the demand and of the participants it intends to
engage. Deliverers must evidence this demand through research, consultation,
surveys or other relevant evidence;
 Identify a lead organisation who must sign a partnership agreement with London
 Be innovative where possible or add clear value to current projects to develop
new opportunities for participation. The extending project must offer additionality
in at least one, or a combination of the following areas; a new group of people; a
new time; or a new format. There must be a ‘need’ for this project to be extended,
to give others a chance to participate which wouldn’t be possible without
Sportivate and the Lottery Sports Fund;
 Meet specific criteria set out for each funding round;
 Demonstrate how you will market the Sportivate sessions to the target group;
 Adhere to NGB guidelines around delivery aspects e.g. appropriate age banding;
 Register all participants of Sportivate sessions using the registration forms
provided and upload all participant data to the Sportivate portal –
 Be a traditional sport recognised by Sport England, including NGB innovation
projects (details on www.sportengland.org); and
 Operate within robust safeguarding standards appropriate to the age of

National Lottery regulations on the use of revenue funding govern the Sportivate
Programme. This means certain requests will not be eligible for funding. London Sport will
assess whether deliverers have submitted projects with eligible costs through the
submitted Sportivate Application Form and through follow-up questions where necessary
or where the submitted application form is unclear.

What Sportivate will Fund:

 Staffing (inclusive of coaching and administration costs of £15 per hour per person);
 Volunteers to help run projects, up to £15 per volunteer per hour;
 DBS Checks;
 Resources and materials;
 Hire of facilities;
 Transport of participants or coaches;
 Marketing and publicity;
 Training/Coach Education Courses (to run or sustain the project) up to one per
block and in line with NGB coaching bursary scheme guidelines;
 Equipment;
 Up to 3 applications per deliverer per round; and
 Funding towards the exit route up to £20 per completed participant.

What Sportivate will not fund:

 Overheads and Statutory Items;
 Purchase of vehicles;
 Contingency costs;
 Buildings and Refurbishments;
 Projects with poor value for money;
 Projects already using Sport England / Lottery money;
 Repeat funding of existing sport projects – must be new projects;
 Projects retrospectively funded or items committed to before funding is approved;
 Projects with no clear exit route;
 Projects insufficiently targeted;
 The design of leaflets or posters;
 Projects for gifted and talented participants; and
 Curriculum time activities.

Please note these lists are not exhaustive – please contact London Sport if you are unsure.

2.4 How projects are measured

London Sport measures the success of a project on the following criteria:

Completed Participants This is those young people who successfully complete

their coaching sessions by attending all of the six-to-eight
weekly coaching sessions (missing no more than one

Inactive Participants This is those young people who, when registering for
Reached Sportivate, state that they aren’t yet doing once a week
participation in sport.

Participants Sustained This is those young people who continue to take part in
sport three – and now six and twelve months – after their
Sportivate coaching sessions have ended.

2.5 The London Sport Sportivate Model

There are two routes allowing you to access the London Sport Sportivate programme;
you can apply for funding through Open and Themed Funding Rounds, and London
Sport will directly commission projects. These routes both lend themselves to differences
in scope of the project, and are intended to increase opportunity for all types of projects
and deliverers, whilst also factoring in the greatest funding ratio for deliverers with the
least capacity, and allowing deliverers with greater capacity or those delivering large-
scale projects to do so using appropriate economies of scale.

Figure 1 shows these two funding routes and their key features. We must encourage
deliverers to think very hard about how funding could be used to support the retention of
participants on projects and on how the funding could support marketing related activity;
both areas critical to achieving the retain target.


GENERAL There will be a minimum of 3 funding GENERAL London Sport will work with key
rounds delivered each year. These will partners, such as NGBs and Local
be a mixture of Open rounds and Authorities, to develop a
specific themed rounds such as a Sportivate project that will deliver
Female Only Funding Round. on an identified need.

OPEN London Sport will deliver a minimum CRITERIA All commissioned projects will
FUNDING of 1 Open Funding Round each year. have to abide by the Sportivate
ROUNDS Organisations will be able to apply for funding criteria as set out in
funding targeting any participant section 2.3.
demographic within the Sportivate
Programme criteria.

THEMED There will be a minimum of 1 Themed ELIGIBLE All organisations are eligible.
FUNDING Funding Round delivered each year. ORGANIS
ROUNDS London Sport will provide specific ATIONS
criteria round detailing the
demographic of participants that
projects will have to target and set
parameters for maximum amount of
funding per project and per retained

KEY The funding round deadlines will be: KEY London Sport can identify, develop
DATES Round 1 – 21/12/2015 DATES and fund commissioned projects
Round 2 – 22/04/2016 throughout the year.
Round 3 – 29/07/2016 London Sport can fund
commissioned projects up to 31st
December 2015.
Figure 1

2.6 Performance-Related Payments

Before submitting an application be aware that all successful projects will receive funding
based on a partial performance-linked scheme. Generally the following rules for payment
will apply:
 All projects receive 50% of their funding award up front at the beginning of the
project once all required documentation has been received;
o You can be negotiate this if start-up costs are high for a project.
 When a project has finished, project deliverers need to submit evaluation data on
the online Sportivate Portal. This enables London Sport to pay the remaining 50%
of funding. The data entered on the online Portal must be in line with the achieved
completed target (*see below);
 Deliverers with multiple projects should note that retain targets and funding are
for each project in isolation. Overachievement in one project does not
compensate for underachievement in another;
 Payment can only made if the funded organisation have confirmed acceptance of
the grant terms and conditions, and completed the bank account form.
 Payment is only made if full, correct and timely evaluation data has been
submitted through the online Sportivate Portal (as above).

*Performance Related Funding: If the completed number of participants is under 50% of your
target, London Sport will calculate your funding on a cost-per-retained participant basis. All
projects that achieve at least 50% of their target will receive their full funding award.

2.7 Sportivate Review Panel

London Sport facilitates management of the London Sportivate programme.

The Sportivate Review Panel is a sub-group comprised of a minimum of 2 representatives

from London Sport and invited key partners where relevant. The Review Panel considers
all applications to the London Sport Sportivate programme and takes decisions on
funding distribution by scoring each application according to a scoring matrix. This also
include instances where there is a need to redistribute funding which may have been
amassed through underspend on other projects. This sub-group meets for every funding

The Sportivate Review Panel request feedback from Local Authorities on all applications
relevant to their borough and use this information to take decisions on funding

The panel will compile a list of projects which it shall recommend for funding. London
Sport’s Director of Operations will review this list before signing the projects off. Once

the projects have been signed off, deliverers will be notified if they were successful or

2.8 London Sport Sportivate Team

Chris Anderson – Youth Participation Manager (chris.anderson@londonsport.org – 07595
271 916)
Lawrence Roots – Youth Participation Officer (Lawrence.roots@londonsport.org - 07920
870 842)

2.9 Application process

There are 3 funding rounds and 4 quarter delivery blocks for Sportivate.
The Sportivate year starts in April:
Q1 April-June
Q2 July-September
Q3 October-December
Q4 January –March

Sportivate is open to applications at the following times:

- Funding Round 1: Open 1 Round – 2nd November 2015
- Funding Round 2: Themed Round – Female participants – 8th March 2016
- Funding Round 3: Open 2 Round – 6th June 2016

To officially submit your application email sportivate@londonsport.org.

2.10 Sportivate Grant Agreement

London Sport must receive a completed bank account form and acceptance of the grant
terms and conditions before we can release any funding to successful applications. Once
you are successful for funding, we will provide you with the bank account form to
complete and the terms and conditions. Only an authorised individual from the club or
organisation funded can accept the terms and conditions.

2.11 Sportivate Portal

All monitoring information must be uploaded via a national online Portal, as required by
Sport England.

London Sport will set up an account on the Portal for deliverers to complete their
monitoring information.

You will need to ensure that the information you upload on the Portal has different
participant names, and that all participants have a different email address so each project
confirms to the Good Practice Checklist Sport England set out.

Information can be uploaded either by the Web Portal or the iOS Sportivate App. The
Sportivate App is available to download for free through the IOS store. The App will not
allow you to complete all the monitoring tasks. The differences between the Web Portal
and the App are shown below in Figure 2.

Web Portal App
View session list 
View participant list 
Keep attendance register 
Add new participants 
Complete projects 
Edit participant X

Edit session dates 
Record Sporting X

Figure 2

Deliverers have until the following deadlines for each quarter (11th July, 30th September,
16th January, and 31st March) to upload information. London Sport will send reminder
emails and phone calls if a deliverer fails to upload information.

3. Glossary

Completed Participant A participant who successfully completes their coaching

sessions by attending all of the six-to-eight weekly coaching
sessions (missing no more than one session

Funding Agreement A document London Sport will provide which contains

specific criteria a deliverer must agree to. No successful
Sportivate project can run until London Sport receives a
signed funding agreement from the deliverer of the project.

Inactive Participant Young people who, when registering for Sportivate, state
that they aren’t yet doing once a week participation in sport.

National Governing The organisation which governs a specific sport. Examples

Body (NGB) are British Cycling, Exercise Movement and Dance. British
Badminton, and England Athletics.

Portal A webpage where you upload participant registers at the

end of a Sportivate project. London Sport will set you up on
the Portal. Failure to upload participant registers can result
in London Sport claiming back any funding you have

Reached Participant Any participant who attends one or more Sportivate

Sportivate A £56 million Lottery funded London 2012 legacy project

that gives more 11-25 year olds the chance to discover a
sport that they love through six-to-eight weeks of delivery of
a sport.

Sustained Participant A participant who continues to take part in sport three – and
now six and twelve months – after their Sportivate coaching
sessions have ended.