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5,6, 2010
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At the End.
Gen. 41: 1 – 44: 17.

I. Although this portion deals with the introduction of Joseph to Pharaoh

and the ultimate re-union with his brothers, the very words that title the
parsha reveal to us what is on the horizon for this generation – At the End!

There are two powerful prophetic names embedded in the storyline that are in
stark contrast to Joseph, thus we must pick apart carefully, each one to see
what is hidden. Let’s begin with Joseph: However, before starting, even the
numbers of this parsha reveal clues for those who will look. Gen. 41:1, 41 is
written, Mem-aleph, #3964, ma, an interrogative meaning what, whatever,
asking “what is to be done”. 41 is the gematria of #352, ayil, the word for a
ram for sacrifice! 41 is followed by 1. One is written Aleph, #502, to learn, to
teach, #503, a thousand, to bring forth thousands, #505, a thousand or Clan,

These numbers literally say: “ What about, what of the Ram who will be
offered, whose teaching will bring forth thousands of His People?” Joseph
becomes a symbol of this “offered ram”.

• Joseph, #3130, ‫ יוסף‬Yowceph, to add, to increase, to do again. Literally,

increaser or doubler coming from the verb #3254, yasaph, which means to
increase, do again, but also indicates to do something after a period of
inactivity. Joseph – Israel will revive and take root after being decimated! Ezek.

The root of Joseph, # 5592, Sap, (Samech – Pey) indicates a threshold,

doorway or opening. It is cognate with #5596, sapah, a verb meaning to join,
to be gathered together, and to cleave. It can also refer to putting a priest into
office. At the End – Mikets, the revealing of Joseph will become a threshold or
opening for the gathering together of the House of Israel and the return of the
Priesthood to the Land!
• Pharaoh, #6547, ‫ פרעה‬Par`oh, great house, it is related to #6544, para, a
verb meaning to let go, to let loose and is used to refer to a woman accused of
Adultery having her hair unbound. The root, #6499, par, indicates a young
bull, and figuratively stands for the expression, ‘fruit of our lips’ – as in a
sacrifice from our lips. Finally, another related word, #6500, para, means to
be fruitful, to flourish and it is also
the root of #6510, parah, the Red Heifer, the sacrifice related to the
penalty for the Adulterous Bride!

• Pey, mouth (hidden bet within), speech, breath.

• Resh, back of the head, chief, first, what comes behind, latter.
• Ayin, Eye, well, gate, womb.
• Hey, to behold, revelation.

The Mouth of the Chief One who comes at the last is the gate of revelation.
The Latter Day Pharaoh will open the doorway to things not seen since
Noah’s day. (Matt. 24:37).

The Hebrew letter Pey, represents the mouth, the resh – ayin, spells ‘rah’, the
word for evil, and the letter hey, indicates the feminine ending i.e. the capacity
to produce. Thus, an evil, boastful, and blasphemous mouth gives birth! To
what? The Seed that has been planted in the womb of the mind/heart. Lk. 6:
45, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. This scenario is
literally acted out in this story. The seven years of plenty where one stores up
for the seven years of famine! Those who didn’t store, sold themselves into

• *Note: the seven cows/seven years of plenty are always connected to an

aleph-tav, the ET – Messiah. Gen. 41: 2 describes the cows as ‘fatfleshed’,
#1277, bariy, fattened, indicating prosperous. This is from the root of #1254,
bara, to create, and only YHVH is the subject of this verb. Incidentally, bariy
is cognate with #1285, beriyt, a noun meaning covenant, agreement. Only
those who are in Covenant agreement with YHVH will experience prosperity
in the midst of the coming Famine, by storing up Torah against it! The other
cows were leanfleshed, guant, #1851, daq, meaning to be beaten or pulverized
into small bits!
• The root of bariy, bar, could also mean son, the yod suffix, ‘my son’.
Both types of cattle have their flesh described, either fat or lean. The word for
flesh? #1320 basar, flesh, but also, the word for gospel, or news. Thus, it is the
Gospel of MY SON, which will prosper you or pulverize you depending on
your Covenant relationship!

What seems to be happening here is a comparison of TWO HOUSES – one

the house of Joseph (House of YHVH) and the other, the house of the
Adulteress (Great House of Pharaoh) both become equally fruitful and
flourish and stand at the end [mikets] today!

There is another paradox, a contradiction of the role of Pharaoh versus that

of Joseph who typifies the Messiah ben Yosef, Messiah the Suffering Servant.
One bull – Para - in serving the people dies for them; the other bull has the
people serving him and dying. Ironically, the symbol of the House of Joseph is
the Bull! This house becomes the House of Liberty and fruitfulness. The other,
the house of bondage and famine.
• Egypt, #4714, ‫ מצרים‬Mitsraim, double straits, to constrict or place into
bondage. Abarim has it ‘Temple of Ptah’. This pagan deity was know as the
creator god who brought all things into being by thinking them and saying
their names with his tongue!

The root of Mitsraim comes from the word #2526, ‫ חם‬Cham, hot, inflamed, as
in, inflamed with carnal passion. Cham was the son of Noah who indulged in
sexual perversion (incest) with his own mother while Noah lay in a drunken
stupor! Egypt became symbolic of the stronghold of bondage – in particular,
sexual perversion and historically, has continued to try to “uncover the
nakedness” of the House of Israel! It was Pharaoh who took Sarah and
attempted to destroy the lineage of Messiah (through Abraham) and Pharaoh

who tried to eradicate the lineage again during Moshe’s day by killing the
Male children and there will be a latter day Pharaoh called the Anti-Messiah
who will attempt to take captive Sarah – the Queen/Bride – of Messiah!

What we see is a trap being set drawing Israel into the clutches of Egypt to
fulfill their 430 years of bondage and their introduction to spiritual idolatry
and adultery with pagan gods. 430 is written: Tav – Lamed (400 – 30) this
spells the word #8510, tell, a mound, heap, ruins, the place where cities are
built, destroyed, and built upon again. This pictures the alluring power of this
sexual, carnal bondage that has the Scattered of Israel in bondage today! In
particular, the Church, which is wholly given to worship (albeit in ignorance
at times) directed to the same pagan deity of Egypt – The Sun!

Incidentally, it took great calamity for Pharaoh to release Sarah (Gen. 12: 17)
And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues
because of Sarai Abram's wife. The words ‘because of’ (Sarah) are from
#1697, DABAR! It takes the Torah to release one from such bondage! The
same occurred in Moshe’s day where both Israel and Egypt were plagued, and
will occur in our day as well.

Power to Stand in Pharaoh’s House!

II. There is a unique connection in this Parsha to Joseph, Moshe & this last
“Joseph Generation”. In order to deliver all Israel, each one was given power
to stand in the House of Pharaoh and not compromise, by YHVH!

Let’s examine the first verse of this Parsha!

Gen. 41: 1.

And it came to pass at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed: and,
behold, he stood by the river.

‫שָנַתִים ָיִמים ּוַפְרֹעה ֹחֵלם ְוִהֵּנה ֹעֵמד עַל־‬

ְׁ ‫ַוְיִהי ִמֵּקץ‬
Vayehi mikets shnatayim yamim uFar'oh cholem vehineh omed al-haYe'or

The Hebraism hidden in the wording here (two years of days) gives us a clue
about the “when” of these future events. Ps. 90:4, 2Pet. 3:8 …a day is as a
1000 years…It has been two days – two thousand years – since Messiah Ben
Joseph went down into Egypt on the 4th day, 4000th year of creation. The
words ‘at the end’ – Mikets, needs to be examined as well.
• Mikets, compound word, Mi = from, out of, source of origin; kets, #7093, at
the end of time, border, from #7112, ka tsats’, to cut off, hew in pieces. Again,
this can also be prophetic of the end of the two days (sixth day).

• Dreamed, #2492, chalom, to dream, but also, to be restored to health, to

cause to recover, to become strong. Another shadow picture of the future
Pharaoh / Anti-Messiah, who will again gain prominence over a Land of
Bondage. Rev. 13: 3 “the head wound”.

• River, #2975, ye’or, translated Nile. Stream, canal, shaft. River of Light!

How ironic that this Pharaoh and the Last Days Pharaoh are seen “at the end
of time, becoming strong - caused to recover by the River of Light! Note the
figures in the dream:

#1. Cows = Hathor/Isis, goddess of the dead (NEPHILLIM) love (perverted

lusts). She stands behind the great god of the underworld, Osiris. She is the
“mother of messiah”. She is represented as the Virgin Mary and as such, will
be the beast upon which the coming Anti-Messiah will ride!

#2. Nile = Anuket, Hapi, (Apis, Hapis) gods of the Nile, the river that
transports the dead? The Nile flowed through the underworld. The Nile was
the supreme source of Life to all the other gods. Thus, the dead – Nephillim –
Fallen Ones, will be instrumental in giving life to the plans of this Pharaoh. It
is not coincidental in Ex. 8 and Rev. 16: 13, 14 that we see frogs issue forth
upon the land. Rev. describes them as unclean spirits that issue forth out of
the mouth – Heb. PEH – of the dragon, beast, & false prophet. Remember our
definition of Pharaoh - The mouth of the Chief One, who comes last, is
the gate of revelation! It is out of this mouth that the frogs will come.

• Remember Matt. 16:18 And I say also unto thee, that thou
art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and
the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Yahshua is
standing in the upper Galil north of the Sea of Galilee at a
place called Banyans – the gate where Apollyon and
Abaddon are released!

#3. East wind = Amon Re, King of gods over wind and “hidden things”.
#4. Magicans/wisemen = Thoth, god of wisdom, sacred writings.

These gods are seen being unleashed in combinations during the great plagues
of the book of Revelation, from the seas and rivers turning to blood, to great
plagues upon man, horrors of darkness, scorching sun, and massive
earthquakes – canals/channels opening in the earth (unleashing

The confluence of Religions:

A.K.A. One world religion.

III. This Pharaoh is seen consulting the Virgin Mother who consorts with the
“DEAD ONES” (Saints?), while standing by the river.

• Stood, #5975, amad, to stand, to present oneself, to be

appointed by, be a servant of, ordained by, ‘to come on the
scene’, to minister to, to be set over. Egyptian mythology
states that Hapis, Ptah, and the other gods were called, in
Egyptian, Ntr - 'Guardian, Watcher'. Thus, explaining the
Hebrew word for River, ye’or, a canal, shaft, [gate, iyr] of

What happened here to Joseph and his brothers is a mirror of what happened
in Eden, once ensnared by the Serpent through his sexual devices, Adam &
Eve are in bondage 4030 years (Note the number 430 inside) the number
representing Torah, the Law and the Testimony, and the completion of Divine
order. It is this same law that the Enemy uses to accuse us) until the Deliverer
Moshe/Messiah – one from whom the water is drawn – arrives! This sexual
bondage opened the Gates to the Serpent Seed and will do so again!