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Lesson Plan Model

Date: November 23rd Level: Third grade, secondary

Skill: Reading and writing
Expected Outcomes: Students are able to connect the meaning in Spanish of phrasal verbs learnt
in the previous class. Students work as a team to complete given task.
Resources: Scarf to cover students eyes, signs, whiteboard and marker
Time Comments

Introduction 5 min Greetings

Students are introduced the aim of the class

Core of the class

Pre-stage 7 min Students are remembered the phrasal verbs learnt
in the previous class
Instructions on the activity to be done are going to
be given.

While-stage 15 min Students will be divided into 3 groups.

One member of the group will have to cover his
eyes and will have to hold a sign in her/her hands
with a phrasal verb written in it.
The rest of the team will have to give them clues
in Spanish so he or she can guess the right phrasal
The group that can guess more phrasal verbs will

Post-Stage 13 min Students work on the exercises given the previous

class which they didn’t finish.

Closing 5 min Students are remembered the meaning of the

phrasal verbs