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Lesson Plan Model

Date: September 14th Level: Third grade, secondary

Skill: Listening

Expected Outcomes: Students are able to identify similar sounds in the listening
Resources: Barron’s the leader in Test Preparation (p. 79-81) TOEIC bridge test. CD 1,
computer, speakers.
Time Comments

Introduction 5 min Greetings

Aim of the class
Review previous contents

Core of the class

Pre-stage 10 min Introduction to new concepts that might be found
in the listening activity (Using images to depict
the new concepts)

While-stage 20 min Students are ask to listen the track 2 times

Students choose the right response to each

Post-Stage 5 min The answers are checked

Closing 5 min Students are remembered to that some words

might sound in a similar way but usually they
have totally different meanings.