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Programa de Recuperação Paralela

1ª Etapa – 2012

Disciplina: Língua Inglesa Professor (a): Eliane

Ano: 2012 Turma:9º ANO

 Caro aluno, você está recebendo o conteúdo de recuperação.

 Faça a lista de exercícios com atenção, ela norteará os seus estudos.
 Utilize o livro didático adotado pela escola como fonte de estudo.
 Se necessário, procure outras fontes como apoio (livros didáticos, exercícios além dos
propostos, etc.).
 Considere a recuperação como uma nova oportunidade de aprendizado.
 Leve o seu trabalho a sério e com disciplina. Dessa forma, com certeza obterá sucesso.
 Qualquer dúvida procure o professor responsável pela disciplina.

Conteúdo Recursos para Estudo / Atividades

Comparativo (superioridade e igualdade) Unidade Welcome

Superlativo Workbook (final do livro) – Págs. 2 a 6

Adjetivo / Advérbio Anotações do caderno

Too / Enough

Have to / don’t have to

Should / Shouldn’t

Simple Past

Past Continuous
Rede de Educação Missionárias Servas do Espírito Santo
Colégio Nossa Senhora da Piedade
Av. Amaro Cavalcanti, 2591 – Encantado – Rio de Janeiro / RJ
CEP: 20735042 Tel: 2594-5043 – Fax: 2269-3409
E-mail: cnsp@terra.com.br Home Page: www.cnsp.com.br


Área de Conhecimento: Códigos e Linguagem Disciplina: Língua Inglesa

Data : ____________/____________/2012 Etapa: 1ª Professora: Eliane

Nome do (a) aluno (a): Ano: 9 º Turma: 9.1 e 9.2 Nº


1) COMPLETE the sentences using the comparative of equality (as...as).

a) Motorcycles are _________________________ cars. ( fast )

b) Cinema is _______________________ TV. ( good )
c) English is _________________________ Portuguese. ( good )
d) Basketball is ________________________ soccer. ( exciting )
e) Climbing is __________________________ skating. ( dangerous )

2) COMPLETE these sentences below by supplying the Comparative Form of the adjectives in parentheses.

a) He is _____________________ (young) than I am.

b) São Paulo is _______________ (big) than Rio de Janeiro.
c) Minas Gerais________________ (large) than São Paulo.
d) This exercise is _____________(easy) than the last one.
e) Anne is _______________________ (beautiful) than Mary.
f) Felipe Massa is ________________ (good) than Rubens Barrichello.

3) COMPLETE these sentences below by supplying the Superlative Form of the adjectives in

a) Janet is ___________________ (old) girl in the classroom.

b) January is _________________ (hot) month of the year.
c) The Pacific is _________________ (large) ocean in the world.
d) Carol is ___________________ (pretty) girl of the school.
e) This is __________________________ (important) exercise of this page.
f) The Beatles was__________________(good) band of the world.
4) FILL IN THE BLANKS with the Simple Past form of the verbs in parentheses.

a) Last vacation, my friends _________________ ( climb ) Machu Picchu.

b) Toni _______________ ( travel ) to China.
c) Adam ____________ ( go ) snowclimbing in Pantagonia.
d) My sister _____________ ( get ) blisters on a walking vacation.
e) Giselle _______________ ( sprain ) her ankle on a skiing vacation.
f) I _______________ ( not go ) anywhere. I ____________ ( stay ) at home.
g) How _________ you __________ your vacation? ( spend )

5) COMPLETE with the correct adverb of the adjectives in parentheses.

a) My brother plays soccer _____________________ . (bad)
b) My sister dresses herself ______________________. (beautiful)
c) He speaks too __________________. (fast)
d) My son is studying _________________. (hard)
e) My mom cooks really ________________. (good)

6) COMPLETE the sentences with too or not enough and the adjective in parentheses.

a) You can’t go on the beach here. It’s too dangerous. ( dangerous )

b) I’m only 1.50m tall. I’m _________________. ( short )

c) I can’t see the movie. I’m only 12 years old. I’m __________________. ( old )

d) I can’t carry this suitcase. It’s 24 Kilos! It’s _________________. ( heavy )

e) Your computer is very slow. It’s ______________________. ( fast )

f) It’s only 10 degrees. It’s really cold. It‘s ______________________. ( warm )

g) I’ll never win a race. I’m ___________________. ( slow )

7) FILL IN THE BLANKS with have to, has to, don’t have to, or doesn’t have to.

a) Soccer players ____________________ to train hard.

b) My parents ____________________ do homework.
c) My little brother ____________________ go to bed early.
d) My grandad ____________________ work. He’s 95.
e) Opera singers ____________________ fix cars.
8) READ the dialogue and MARK the correct word.

I) A: I’m hungry.
B: You ( should / shouldn’t ) have a sandwich.

II) A: I’m tired.

B: You ( should / shouldn’t ) watch late night movies.

III) A: I’m very thin.

B: You ( should / shouldn’t ) go on a diet.

IV) A: I’m hot.

B: You ( should / shouldn’t ) take a shower.

V) A: I can’t do my homework.
B: You ( should / shouldn’t ) ask your teacher for help.

9) COMPLETE the dialogue with was / were, wasn’t / weren’t.

A: _____________________ you on vacation with your family last week?

B: Yes, I _______________________.
A: What _______________ the weather like?
B: It _________________ very nice. It was cold and windy.
A: ________________ there any tours of the city?
B: No, there _________________.

A: Where __________________ your friends last week?

B: They _________________ at school.

10) ) FILL IN THE BLANKS with the Past Continuous form of the verbs in parentheses.

Last week, there was the city carnival. I _______________ (walk) in the parade with my two sisters. We
_______________ (have) a fantastic time! There were a lot of bands. They ______________ (play) all
kinds of music. Lots of people ______________ (dance) and we ________________ (wear) beautiful
costumes. Some people _________________ (sing) and a lot of people _______________ (eat) . I
_____________ ( drink) a glass of coke and my sisters ____________ (drink) some juice. We
___________ (laugh). It was great!

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