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1. What happened?

(Background, brief description of events, specific leadership actions)

What were the results? (Real or potential. Try to include both positive and negative
possibilities. Even if the event seemed clearly good or bad, consider unintended

I was making my professional service in a startup company; at first everything seemed good and
the project was going well. The topics gave us training in the fields that we were missing, and that
was good for us. The goals and objectives seemed to be very clear first. When we started to
make deliveries is when problems happened our leader rejected everything and disliked most of
our work but didn’t gave us real feedback. He didn’t take the time to have real meetings with us
and with time we saw that he didn’t took the project seriously he only want us to do all the work
while he was enjoying his time. Finally, we were so upset that we where going nowhere and we
decided to drop the project.

2. Why did this happen? (Consider all possible factors, including the people and the situation)

The leader didn’t have clear goals of what he wanted to achieve and wasn’t able to communicate
the mindset to the rest of the team. He only told things to do but didn’t took the time to review
them and create real feedback.

Motivation reached cero when we saw that he wasn’t even working, and he only wanted us to do
the full job for free.

With the training the leader gained a lot of power of persuasion we really felt at first that we were
learning and that he really cares about the project.

3. What class concepts are relevant to this situation? (Mention at least one concept from
class and how they can be used to interpret the situation.)

Motivation: being a leader includes working harder and leading by example not only giving orders
of what to do to everyone. A leader that it’s only coercive and doesn’t give empowerment to the
employees have a lot of frictions. On the other hand, when your motivation to be a leader is just
to order other people to do your work doesn’t work. Everyone will notice your intentions and stop
caring about the project.

4. What did you learn from this? (Broader lessons that might apply to other situations or
I learned to evaluate better the people who I will work with, learn to disclose someone real
intentions. On the other hand, I learned about the type of leader that I want to become and why
it’s important to create empowerment and good relationships with coworkers.