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Task 1: The School and Learning Environment

Name of student: Carolina Bravo G.

Name of School: Colegio Altazor Concon

Number of students: 29

Date: September 2010 Class: III Medio

Briefly describe the following aspects:

1. The school:

Describe the general background of the school including the physical

location, organisation, student population, philosophy and educational
and behavioural policies.
Colegio Altazor con con was built 5 years ago in Concon tu supply with
all the educational needs of students living in Concon primarily. It is
located in Calle cinco # 650.
The main people in the administrative staff is the following:
Sra. Constanza Arellano Parker : Directora Académica
Sra. Sandra
Sr. Patricio Espinoza: Coordinador Académico
Sr. Jorge Traslaviña:
Sr. Oscar Bruna: Gerente de Finanzas
Sra. Cristina Morales: Contadora

2. The classroom

Describe the atmosphere of the room and the levels of engagement in

the room. Make notes on seating, sight lines, space, air, light,
whiteboard, equipment, etc

Students are most of the time engaged with the whole class and the
activities although sometimes they are concentrated on the following
subject in their schedule: Maths. So they tend to waste time solving
problems related to the subject mentioned above. The teacher has to
ask them to close their notebooks and continue with the English class.
They seat in rows and they are allowed to change seats as long as they
behave properly.
The light , space and air are appropriate. The whiteboard is big enough
to make notes.
There is equipment available to use, for example, a laptop to use in
every class.

3. The activities & resources

a) Make notes on the kind of activities used, the nature of student

involvement, balance of student doing things and teacher doing
They use their student´s book :Solutions and they performed different
activities to cover the four skills required in the english language.
Most of the time, students are paying attentions to the instructions
and exercises, though some of them are not concentrated on the
activities. The teacher has to go their seats and she asks for silence
and concentration.

b) Describe the resources used and the materials available within the
school. How are the resources used in the classroom?
The school provides a laptop and the use of Data in the class. The
school also provides the markers, the copies of all the materials
needed. The resources are used in every class.

Task 2: Student´s learning

In this second observation task, you should focus on the things that help
to create conditions for effective learning and on the aspects that play
a part in preventing learning.

1. The learners
How motivated are the learners? Why? To what extent are they
taking part in their own learning? To what extent are they
expecting the teacher to do the work for them?
They are motivated most of the time. I can notice this because
they play an active role inside the class, of course, this may vary
according to their mood in each class.
They never expect the teacher to do the work for them. They are
concious about the fact that they have to be active learners.
2. Behaviour during classroom activities
Describe the ways students are encouraged to participate in
activities. Are there any particular strategies for managing issues
and motivating students? Are there any students with special
They are encouraged to use their english language skills, for
example if the teacher asks a simple question to warm up or to
open the class, they answer right away. If they are asked to create
a dialogue or to express their opinions they do it all the time.

3. Discuss the learning styles and levels of English in the


They are active learners and may be this happens because they
are students with a good level of English. They have different
learning styles but I think that the teacher tries to cover all the
needs students may have in the classroom.

Note: If you want to clarify what it is requested in this task, read “Steps to
Writing an Observation Paper” by Nick Pell.