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Denver District Court announces new courtroom assignments and numbers
Courtroom numbers change Jan. 1, assignments Jan. 11, 2011 DENVER -- Denver District Court today announced new numbers and courtroom assignments for courtrooms located only in the Denver City & County Building (1437 Bannock). The courtroom numbers will change Jan. 1 and the courtroom assignments Jan. 11, 2011. The criminal courtroom numbers and assignments in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (520 W. Colfax) will not change. With the July 2010 move of the Denver District Court criminal and juvenile divisions to the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, two courtrooms have been added to the domestic and civil divisions in the Denver City & County Building. Courtroom 303 will be the new domestic courtroom and Courtroom 414 will be the new civil courtroom. The courtrooms of Denver District Court will be renumbered and assigned as follows: Current Courtroom 1 Courtroom 2 Courtroom 3 Courtroom 4 Courtroom 5 Courtroom 6 Courtroom 7 Courtroom 8 Courtroom 9 Courtroom 15A Courtroom 15B Courtroom 17 Courtroom 18 New Courtroom 259 Courtroom 269 Courtroom 280 Courtroom 309 Courtroom 203 Courtroom 209 Courtroom 215 Courtroom 376 Courtroom 424 Courtroom 316 Courtroom 320 Courtroom 414 Courtroom 368 Judicial Officer Judge Michael A. Martinez Judge Ann B. Frick Judge Morris B. Hoffman Judge John W. Madden IV Judge Brian Whitney Chief Judge Robert S. Hyatt Judge William W. Hood Judge Catherine A. Lemon Judge Sheila A. Rappaport Magistrate Diane Dupree Magistrate Elizabeth D. Leith New Civil – Judge TBD Judge Norman D. Haglund

Courtroom 19 Courtroom 21 Courtroom 22 New Courtroom

Courtroom 275 Courtroom 331 Courtroom 311 Courtroom 303

Judge R. Michael Mullins Judge Michael J. Vallejos Judge Herbert L. Stern III New Domestic – Judge TBD

The judicial officers listed above will take the bench in the corresponding courtrooms on Jan. 11, 2011. For more information, please contact Denver District Court Administration at 720-865-8301.

This information is provided as an e-mail service of the Colorado State Judicial Branch, Office of State Court Administrator, 101 W. Colfax, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80202. To discontinue this service or update your e-mail address, please respond to this message with your name, contact information and any comments.

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