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The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template

Note: Already filled information should not be changed

Name of the Project

Manage Group of Hotels

Objective/Vision Developing a central system that will help management of a

group of hotels from a central authority. This system will be
owned by a Hotel Group of national or international repute.
The system will incorporate all features of hotel management
and customer relationship management plus central
management of the group of hotels by the firm head. This
integrates customer services like online and ‘any place’
booking along with features like central assessment of
performance reports by the Managing Director. It provides a
complete concoction of solutions to all hotel management
problems like financing, accounting, inventory management so
on and so forth. It will usher an environment which will not only
provide unlimited services to the customers but also help the
Managers, Employees and other people related to the hotels
to function effectively and efficiently.
User of the System A. Managing Director (MD)(Admin) – Chain head
B. General Managers. (GM) – Hotel head
C. Employees.
D. Customers.
E. Agents.
F. Suppliers
Functional Requirements i. Registration & user profile management.
ii. Managing Director can view performance reports of every
hotel and compare each hotels performance visually in terms
of expenditure, profits etc.
iii. Finances and Accounts Management of the hotel is
supervised by the GM and they submit regular reports to the
iv. GM contacts suppliers for Quotations of various tenders
online. GM accepts tenders and quotations online from the
Suppliers and evaluates them and sends back replies.
v. Hotel can notify customers about various offers and
packages by means of e-mails and SMS.
vi. Online booking by customers at any branch of the hotel.
Customer can search for a branch and book online. Online
Order placement for home delivery of food from the nearest
hotels restaurant by customers.
vii. Employees / Customers can give online feedback or report
grievances online. Customers can directly contact the GM by
means of e-mails.
viii. Employees profile would be maintained and they would be
ranked according to their performance, employees can
regularly check their ranks.
ix. Suppliers can fill in tenders online and submit their
quotations online.
x. Agents like travel agents and reservation agents provide
conformation of services like local conveyance and air or rail
booking online to the GM.
xi. Facilitate communication among all Users via mail, chat,
forum, SMS etc.
xii. Online Library for customers will be available for getting
information about that particular place or area like tourist
spots, suggested visiting areas and their timings etc.
Non-Functional Requirements i. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). SSL can
be used.
ii. 24 X 7 availability
iii. Better component design to get better performance at peak
iv. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable
for future extension
Optional Features a. Java Client for MD, GM and hotel employees
b. Drag and Drop functionality.
c. Customizable color schemes and skins.
User Interface Priorities A. Professional look and feel
B. Use of AJAX (MUST with all registration forms)
C. Browser testing and support for IE, NN, Mozila, and Firefox.
D. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data to
E. Reports exportable in .XLS, .PDF or any other desirable
Reports A. Hotel Expenditure Reports.
B. Hotel Profit Reports.
C. Hotel Audit Reports.
D. Employee Performance Reports.
E. Inventory Status Reports.
Other Important issues A. Website must be highly customizable, interactive and user
B. Security should be kept a high priority issue.

Team Size 2–4

Technologies to be Used UML, J2EE, XML, e-Forms, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services,

Tools to be Used • ROSE/RSA / WebSphere Modeler

• Eclipse/ RAD / Lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory
• WebSphere Portal/ WAS/ WAS CE / WPS
• DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2 UDB
• Tivoli CDP/TSM / Tivoli Directory Server
• Linux will be the preferred OS.
Final Deliverable must Include A. Online or offline help to above said users, Application
deployment executive and developer
B. Application archive ( .war/.ear ) with source code
C. Database backup and DDL Script
D. Complete Source code