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2010 Subject Index


“Energy Conservation as a “Campus Safety: Assessing and February 2010

Budget Multiplier,” Alan Managing Threats,” Mario

John, October, p. 7. Scalora, Andre Simons, and
“Futures Orientation in Shawn VanSlyke, February,
Workplace and Campus Safety
Police Decision-Making p. 1.
Practices: The Promise “Those Terrible First Few
of a Modified Canadian Minutes: Revisiting Ac-
Model,” Michael Buerger tive-Shooter Protocols for
and John Jarvis, April, Schools,” Michael E. Buerg-
p. 14. er and Geoffrey E. Buerger,
“Recruiting with Emotion and September, p. 1.
Market Positioning,” Chris “Threat Assessment Teams:
Skinner, July, p. 20. Workplace and School
“Should Sector Policing Be Violence Prevention,” Steve
in Your Organization’s Fu- Albrecht, February, p. 15.
ture?” W. Michael Phibbs, Psychological Traps,” Brian
ETHICS Fitch, June, p. 1.
April, p. 1.
“Maintaining Ethical Behav- “Police Investigations of the
“The Strategic Communication
ior,” George Cartwright, Use of Deadly Force Can
Plan,” Cris Hoover, August,
August, p. 10. Influence Perceptions and
p. 16.
“The Significance of Personal Outcomes,” Shannon Bohrer
Character,” Richard D. and Robert Chaney, January,
Thomas, July, p. 16. p. 1.
January 2010
“Interviewing Compliant Ado- “Increasing Organizational
lescent Victims,” Catherine Leadership Through the Po-
S. Connell and Martha J. lice Promotional Process,”
Finnegan, May, p. 16. Patrick J. Hughes, October,
“Proactive Human Source p. 10.
Development,” Robin K. “Leading the Modern Police
Dreeke and Kara D. Sidener, Force: A Veteran Officer’s
November, p. 1. View,” Joseph Pangaro,
June, p. 10.
Use of Deadly Force
Investigations “Good Decisions: Tips and “Confessions and the Con-
Strategies for Avoiding stitution: The Remedy for

December 2010 / 25
Violating Constitutional Miranda Right to Silence,” Over the Past Decade,” Sa-
Safeguards,” Carl A. Jonathan L. Rudd, Septem- brina Garcia and Margaret
Benoit, April, p. 23. ber, p. 25. Henderson, May, p. 1.
“Confronting Science: Me- PERSONNEL
lendez-Diaz and the Con-
frontation Clause of the “Media as Teammate: Op- “The Badge of Trust,” John L.
Sixth Amendment,” Craig eration Spring Cleaning,” Gray, March, p. 20.
C. King, August, p. 24. Shawn Schwertfeger, “Honoring the Fallen,” Eric H.
January, p. 12. Holder, Jr., January, p. 8.
“Family and Medical Leave
Act Amendments: New “Improved Memory Leads
Military Leave Entitle- to More Accurate Use-of-
ments,” Richard G. Schott, Force Reports,” Todd Cole-
June, p. 26. March 2010 man, September, p. 11.
“Investigating and Prosecut- “The Most Important Profes-
ing Hidden-Compartment sion,” Bob Prout, April,
Cases,” Todd F. Prough p. 19.
and Robert Veiga, October, “The Need to Promote Career-
p. 26. Long Vitality and Wellness
“Miranda Update: Fifth in the Police Profession,”
Amendment Protection Daniel Mattos, October,
and Break in Custody,” p. 18.
Kenneth A. Myers, May, “Police Suicide: Are You at
p. 26. Risk?” Orlando Ramos,
“A New Law Counters the May, p. 21.
Child Fatality Review Boards
Semisubmersible Smug- “The Practice of Spirituality
gling Threat,” Douglas and Emotional Wellness in
A. Kash and Eli White, Law Enforcement,” Dan S.
March, p. 26. Willis, December, p. 19.
“The Public Information Of-
“Retaliation in Discrimina- ficer and Today’s Digital “The Price of Freedom,”
tion Cases: Eliminating News Environment,” Pat- Samuel L. Feemster,
Fear of Reprisal,” Lisa A. rick Davis, July, p. 1. December, p. 7.
Baker, February, p. 25. “The Returning Military Vet-
“Supreme Court Cases: OPERATIONS eran: Is Your Organization
2009-2010 Term,” Lisa A. “Intelligence-Led Policing in a Ready?” Jeff Hink, August,
Baker, November, p. 21. Fusion Center,” David Lam- p.1.
“You Have to Speak Up to bert, December, p. 1. “The Tragic Toll of Police
Remain Silent: The Su- “Options for Reporting Sexual Work: It’s Time for a Com-
preme Court Revisits the Violence: Developments passionate Approach,”

26 / FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Joseph Pangaro, February, Recession,” Zach Friend U.S. Department of Justice

p. 12. and Rick Martinez, Novem- Federal Bureau of Investigation

Maayy 20
a 2010

ber, p. 10.
“The Anatomy of a Police “Evidence-Based Decisions on
Pipe Band,” James Van- Police Pursuits: The Of-
Brederode, January, p. 18. ficer’s Perspective,” David
“Child Fatality Review P. Schultz, Ed Hudak, and
Boards,” Gerald Kelley, Geoffrey P. Alpert, March,
March, p. 14. p. 1.
“Community Policing: Imple- “Leave No One Behind:
menting Programs to Keep Downed-Officer Rescue and
Risk Perception,” Matthew Reporting
Citizens Safe,” Douglas A. Sexual Violence
Bryant, June, p. 23. D. Sztajnkrycer, Bill Lewin-
ski, and Scott Buhrmaster,
“Policing Liquor Establish- May, p. 9.
ments: A Holistic Ap-
proach,” John L. Gray, “The Minnesota Police Educa-
November, p. 14. tion Requirement: A Recent Northern Ireland,” Justin
Analysis,” Susan M. Hilal Schoeman, April, p. 8.
“Preserving Community- and Timothy E. Erickson,
Oriented Policing in a June, p. 17. TRAINING
“Attitudes and Performance:
TECHNOLOGY The Impact of Self-Fulfilling
“Cell Phones as Prison Con- Prophecies,” Brian Fitch,
April 2010 traband,” Tod W. Burke and December, p. 11.
Stephen S. Owen, July, “Effective Firearms Training:
p. 10. One Agency’s Approach,”
“Sexting: Risky Actions and Keith Cain, September,
Overreactions,” Art Bowker p. 15.
and Michael Sullivan, July, “The FBI’s National Law En-
p. 27. forcement Safety Initiative,”
Charles E. Miller III, Henry
TERRORISM F. Hanburger, Michael Sum-
“Prisoner Radicalization,” eracki, and Marcus Young,
Dennis A. Ballas, October, January, p. 22.
p. 1. “Risk Management and Police
Sector Policing “Universal Policing: Coun- Training,” Thomas Con-
terterrorism Lessons from nelly, March, p. 8.

December 2010 / 27
2010 Author Index
A Ballas, Dennis A., Lieutenant, Buerger, Michael, Associate
Albrecht, Steve, Consultant, Los Angeles, California, Professor, Bowling Green
San Diego, California, Police Department, “Prisoner State University, Ohio, “Fu-
“Threat Assessment Teams: Radicalization,” October, tures Orientation in Police
Workplace and School Vio- p. 1. Decision-Making Practices:
lence Prevention,” February, Benoit, Carl A., Special Agent, The Promise of a Modified
p. 15. Legal Instruction Unit, FBI Canadian Model,” April,
Academy, “Confessions and p. 14; “Those Terrible First
Alpert, Geoffrey P., Professor, Few Minutes: Revisiting
University of South Caro- the Constitution: The Rem-
edy for Violating Constitu- Active-Shooter Protocols
lina, Columbia,“Evidence- for Schools,” September,
Based Decisions on Police tional Safeguards,” April,
p. 23. p. 1.
Pursuits: The Officer’s
Perspective,” March, p. 1. Bohrer, Shannon, Range Master, Buhrmaster, Scott, Vice Presi-
Maryland Police and Correc- dent of Operations, Force
B tional Training Commissions, Science Institute, Mankato,
Baker, Lisa A., Chief, Legal Sykesville, “Police Investiga- Minnesota, “Leave No One
Instruction Unit, FBI Acade- tions of the Use of Force Can Behind: Downed-Officer
my, “Retaliation in Discrim- Influence Perceptions and Rescue and Risk Percep-
ination Cases: Eliminating Outcomes,” January, p. 1. tion,” May, p. 9.
Fear of Reprisal,” Febru- Bowker, Art, Cybercrime Spe- Burke, Tod W., Professor,
ary, p. 25, “Supreme Court cialist, U.S. Pretrial Services Radford University, Rad-
Cases: 2009-2010 Term,” and Probation Office, North- ford, Virginia, “Cell Phones
November, p. 21. ern District of Ohio, Cleve- as Prison Contraband,” July,
land, “Sexting: Risky Actions p. 10.
and Overreactions,” July,
p. 27. C
Bryant, Douglas A., Sheriff, Cain, Keith, Sheriff, Daviess
June 2010

Richmond County, Virginia, County, Kentucky, “Ef-

Sheriff’s Office, “Commu- fective Firearms Training:
nity Policing: Implementing One Agency’s Approach,”
Programs to Keep Citizens September, p. 15.
Safe,” June, p. 23. Cartwright, George, Officer
Buerger, Geoffrey E., Principal, and Training Coordinator,
Princess Alexandra School, Clovis, California, Police
Hay River, Northwest Ter- Department, “Maintaining
Ethical Behavior,” August,
Decision Making

ritories, Canada, “Those

Terrible First Few Minutes: p. 10.
Revisiting Active-Shooter Chaney, Robert, Deputy Direc-
Protocols for Schools,” Sep- tor, Office of Intergovern-
tember, p. 1. mental and Public Liaison,

28 / FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

D and Woodbury universities,
July 2010 Davis, Patrick, Public Informa- “Good Decisions: Tips
tion Officer, Second Judicial and Strategies for Avoid-
District Attorney’s Office, ing Psychological Traps,”
Albuquerque, New Mexico, June, p. 1; “Attitudes and
“The Public Information Performance: The Impact of
Officer and Today’s Digital Self-Fulfilling Prophecies,”
News Environment,” July, December, p. 11.
p. 1. Friend, Zack, Crime Analyst
Dreeke, Robin K., Special and Public Information Of-
Agent, Counterintelligence ficer, Santa Cruz, California,
Division, FBI, “Proactive Police Department, “Pre-
Human Source Develop- serving Community-Orient-
ment,” November, p. 1. ed Policing in a Recession,”
Digital Communication November, p. 10.
Erickson, Timothy E., Assis-
U.S. Department of Justice, tant Professor, Metropolitan Garcia, Sabrina, Domestic
“Police Investigations of the State University, St. Paul, Violence/Sexual Assault
Use of Force Can Influence Minnesota, “The Minnesota Specialist, Chapel Hill,
Perceptions and Outcomes,” Police Education Require- North Carolina, Police
January, p. 1. ment: A Recent Analysis,” Department, “Options for
Coleman Todd, Officer, Vir- June, p. 17. Reporting Sexual Violence:
ginia Beach, Virginia, Police Developments Over the Past
Department, “Improved F Decade,” May, p. 1.
Memory Leads to More Feemster, Samuel L., Special
Accurate Use-of-Force Re- Agent, Behavioral Science
ports,” September, p. 11. Unit, FBI Academy, “The August 2010

Connell, Catherine S., Child/ Price of Freedom,” Decem-

Adolescent Forensic Inter- ber, p. 7.
view Specialist, FBI, Ma- Finnegan, Martha J., Child/Ad- Returning
comb County, Michigan, olescent Forensic Interview Veterans
“Interviewing Compliant Specialist, FBI Headquar-
Adolescent Victims,” May, ters, “Interviewing Compli-
p. 16. ant Adolescent Victims,”
Connelly, Thomas, Captain, May, p. 16.
Los Altos, California, Police Fitch, Brian, Lieutenant, Los
Department, “Risk Manage- Angeles, California, Sher-
ment and Police Training,” iff’s Department, and Facul-
March, p. 8. ty Member, California State

December 2010 / 29
Gray, John L., Chief, Altoona, Hoover, Cris, Special Agent, Practices: The Promise of a
Iowa, Police Department, DEA, Sacramento, Califor- Modified Canadian Model,”
“The Badge of Trust,” nia, “The Strategic Com- April, p. 14.
March, p. 20. munication Plan,” August, John, Alan, Sergeant, Jackson,
Gray, John L., Consultant, p. 16. Wyoming, Police Depart-
Marysville, Washington, Hudak, Ed, Major, Coral ment, “Energy Conservation
“Policing Liquor Estab- Gables, Florida, Police De- as a Budget Multiplier,”
lishments: A Holistic Ap- partment, “Evidence-Based October, p. 7.
proach,” November, p. 14. Decisions on Police Pur-
suits: The Officer’s Perspec- K
H tive,” March, p. 1. Kash, Douglas A., Senior At-
Hanburger, Henry F., Instruc- torney, Domestic Criminal
tor, Criminal Justice Infor- Law Section, DEA, “A New
U.S. Department of Justice
mation Services Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Law Counters the Semi-
September 2010
FBI, “The FBI’s National submersible Smuggling
Law Enforcement Safety Threat,” March, p. 26.
Initiative,” January, p. 22. Kelley, Gerald, Lieutenant,
Henderson, Margaret, Associ- Akron, Ohio, Police De-
ate Director, Public Inter- partment, “Child Fatality
section Project, School of Review Boards,” March,
Government, University p. 14.
of North Carolina, Chapel King, Craig C., Assistant
Hill, “Options for Reporting General Counsel, Legal
Sexual Violence: Develop- Instruction Unit, FBI Acad-
ments Over the Past De- emy, “Confronting Science:
cade,” May, p. 1. Melendez-Diaz and the
Effective Firearms Training
Hilal, Susan M., Assistant Pro- Confrontation Clause of the
fessor, Metropolitan State Sixth Amendment,” August,
University, St. Paul, Minne- p. 24.
sota, “The Minnesota Police
Hughes, Patrick J., Professor, L
Education Requirement: A
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,
Recent Analysis,” June, Lambert, David, Sergeant,
Central Pennsylvania Col-
p. 17. Maynard, Massachusetts,
lege, “Increasing Organiza-
Hink, Jeff, Captain, Redondo tional Leadership Through State Police, “Intelligence-
Beach, California, Police the Police Promotional Led Policing in a Fusion
Department, “The Return- Process,” October, p. 10. Center,” December, p. 1.
ing Military Veteran: Is Lewinski, Bill, Executive Di-
Your Organization Ready?” J rector, Force Science Insti-
August, p. 1. Jarvis, John, Behavioral Sci- tute, Mankato, Minnesota,
Holder, Eric H., Jr., U.S. Attor- ence Unit, FBI Academy, “Leave No One Behind:
ney General, “Honoring the “Futures Orientation in Downed-Officer Rescue and
Fallen,” January, p. 8. Police Decision-Making Risk Perception,” May, p. 9.

30 / FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Amendment Protection and R
October 2010
Break in Custody,” May, Ramos, Orlando, Trooper, New
p. 26. Jersey State Police, “Police
Suicide: Are You at Risk?”
O May, p. 21.
Owen, Stephen S., Associate Rudd, Jonathan L., Special
Professor, Radford Univer- Agent, Legal Instruction
sity, Radford, Virginia, “Cell Unit, FBI Academy, “You
Phones as Prison Contra- Have to Speak Up to Re-
band,” July, p. 10. main Silent: The Supreme
P Court Revisits the Miranda
Prisoner Right to Silence,” Septem-
Radicalization Pangaro, Joseph, Lieutenant, ber, p. 25.
Monmouth County, New
Jersey, Police Department, S
“The Tragic Toll of Police Scalora, Mario, Associate
Work: It’s Time for a Com- Professor, University of
M passionate Approach,” Feb- Nebraska, Lincoln, “Cam-
Martinez, Rick, Lieutenant, ruary, p. 12; and “Leading pus Safety: Assessing and
Santa Cruz, California, Po- the Modern Police Force: Managing Threats,” Febru-
lice Department, “Preserv- A Veteran Officer’s View,” ary, p. 1.
ing Community-Oriented June, p. 10.
Policing in a Recession,” Schoeman, Justin, Special
Phibbs, W. Michael, Sergeant, Agent, Leadership Develop-
November, p. 10. Richmond, Virginia, Police ment Unit, DEA Academy,
Mattos, Daniel, Major, Koote- Department, “Should Sector “Universal Policing:
nai County, Idaho, Sheriff’s Policing Be in Your Organi-
Department, “The Need zation’s Future?” April,
to Promote Career-Long p. 1.
Vitality and Wellness in the Prough, Todd F., Special
November 2010

Police Profession,” October, Agent, DEA, Boston, Mas-

p. 18. sachusetts, “Investigating
Miller, Charles E., III, Pro- and Prosecuting Hidden-
gram Coordinator, Criminal Compartment Cases,”
Justice Information Services October, p. 26.
Division, FBI, “The FBI’s Prout, Bob, Department Chair
National Law Enforcement and Director, Criminal
Safety Initiative,” January, Justice Graduate Program,
p. 22. St. Cloud State University,
Myers, Kenneth A., Legal Minnesota, “The Most Im-
Instruction Unit, FBI Acade- portant Profession,” April, Human Source Development
my, “Miranda Update: Fifth p. 19.
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December 2010 / 31
Counterterrorism Lessons District of Ohio, Cleveland, V
from Northern Ireland,” “Sexting: Risky Actions and VanBrederode, James, Lieu-
April, p. 8. Overreactions,” July, p. 27. tenant, Gates, New York,
Schott, Richard G., Special Sumeracki, Michael, Instructor, Police Department, “The
Agent, Legal Instruction Criminal Justice Informa- Anatomy of a Police Pipe
Unit, FBI Academy, “Fam- tion Services Division, FBI, Band,” January, p. 18.
ily and Medical Leave Act “The FBI’s National Law VanSlyke, Shawn, Chief,
Amendments: New Military Enforcement Safety Initia- Behavioral Analysis Unit-1,
Leave Entitlements,” June, tive,” January, p. 22. Critical Incident Response
p. 26. Group, FBI, “Campus Safe-
Schultz, David P., Researcher, ty: Assessing and Managing
Minnesota Highway Safety December 2010 Threats,” February, p. 1.
and Research Center, St.
Veiga, Robert, Assistant U.S.
Cloud, “Evidence-Based
Attorney, Concord, New
Decisions on Police Pur-
Hampshire, “Investigating
suits: The Officer’s Perspec-
and Prosecuting Hidden-
tive,” March, p. 1.
Compartment Cases,”
Schwertfeger, Shawn, Lieu- October, p. 26.
tenant, Albemarle County,
Virginia, Police Depart- W
ment, “Media as Teammate:
Intelligence-Led White, Eli, Third-Year Stu-
Operation Spring Cleaning,” Policing in a
dent, University of Illinois
Fusion Center
January, p. 12.
College of Law, and DEA
Sidener, Kara D., Special Legal Intern, “A New Law
Agent, FBI, Washington, Counters the Semisubmers-
D.C., “Proactive Human December2010.indd 3 10/18/2010 2:07:36 PM

ible Smuggling Threat,”

Source Development,” No- March, p. 26.
vember, p. 1. Sztajnkrycer, Matthew D.,
Medical Director, Roch- Willis, Dan S., Lieutentant,
Simons, Andre, Special Agent, ester, Minnesota, Police La Mesa, California, Police
Behavioral Analysis Unit-1, Department, and Associate Department, “The Practice
Critical Incident Response Professor, Emergency Medi- of Spirituality and Emo-
Group, FBI, “Campus Safe- cine, Mayo Clinic, “Leave tional Wellness in Law
ty: Assessing and Managing No One Behind: Downed- Enforcement,” December,
Threats,” February, p. 1. Officer Rescue and Risk p. 19.
Skinner, Chris, Deputy Chief, Perception,” May, p. 9.
Hillsboro, Oregon, Police Y
Department, “Recruiting T Young, Marcus, Instructor,
with Emotion and Market Thomas, Richard D., Chief, Criminal Justice Informa-
Positioning,” July, p. 20. North Ridgeville, Ohio, tion Services Division, FBI,
Sullivan, Michael, Assistant Police Department, “The “The FBI’s National Law
U.S. Attorney, Office of the Significance of Personal Enforcement Safety Initia-
U.S. Attorney, Northern Character,” July, p. 16. tive,” January, p. 22.

32 / FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin