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The Dream Ticket Lives! 'Broken' - New

By Tommy Christopher (Political
house is going to blunt the force of that
In case you missed the hundred or so
McCain Ad
Submitted at 8/5/2008 3:25:00 AM
articles I've written making the case for
By Greg McNeilly (Political Machine)
Filed under: Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Hillary as VP, here's the start of a pretty Submitted at 8/5/2008 4:18:00 AM
Barack Obama, Featured Stories, 2008 good summation I did awhile back. The Filed under: Republicans, Ads, John
President, Veepstakes All of the recent short version: It's the smart thing to do, and McCain, 2008 President John McCain's
buzz on Barack Obama's search for a VP Barack and Hillary are very smart. campaign is out with another positive
has centered around Tim Kaine, with a Do Bears Campaign in the Woods? campaign spot, a :30 second ad titled
short-shortlist rounded out by Evan Bayh Should Barack Obama pick Hillary "Broken." It's focused on what's wrong
and Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton's candidacy Clinton to be his vice-president? Never has with Washington, D.C.
has been all but left for dead. such an obvious answer been so hotly This is a smart move for McCain.
A fair amount of that dismissal of the debated. The answer really only depends He has been the proven change that
"Dream Ticket" is the result of an email on one factor: How much does Barack America needs. We know McCain's
sent by the proprietors of VoteBoth.com, because I've been making it for months. selection of Hillary as VP. This only Obama want to win by in November? character because he's proven it while
in which they announced they were Not only do I think Hillary could attack makes sense, as a big concern among There is very compelling evidence to battling big oil, farm subsidies, wasteful
shutting down the site: Because it seems McCain in ways that Barack Obama can't, Obama supporters has been that a Vice suggest that Barack Obama would wipe the spending, drug companies, political
that Senator Obama has made his decision I also see her as filling a similar role in President Clinton would usurp or undercut floor with John McCain if he named my corruption and unlike Barack Obama,
to offer the slot on the ticket to another Obama's administration, an enforcer to President Obama, and make him seem like dog his VP. Even at this early stage in the McCain has never authored "earmarks" or
candidate, we believe that continuing to Barack's "good cop." a weaker candidate from an electoral just-begun general election, Obama leads special wasteful spending.
ask him to pick Hillary is no longer helpful In late June and early July, I spoke with standpoint. McCain nationally by a significant margin, The visuals are a tad awkward, in my
to our party's chances of winning in very well-placed sources with both the That brings me back to the VoteBoth and outpolls McCain on most key issues. opinion, but the overall theme enforces the
November. I say, "Not so fast!" A lot of Clinton and Obama campaigns, and both guys. The Clinton campaign might very Once the polls reflect Obama's shift to message McCain is the proven leader you
people assume that these guys, who indicated that Hillary was a very strong well have reached out to suggest that they campaigning against McCain, I expect can trust and by implication he's not the
worked for Clinton for years, are acting on candidate, in a category by herself, and pack it in, but only as a way to quietly Obama's leads to increase. Additionally, a other risky choice - Obama.
some kind of inside information, that both indicated similar conditions that relieve another bit of pressure from the new poll shows only 17% of Clinton The ad's script reads:
Hillary has come to them and said, "Stick a would be needed to make the pick more Dream Ticket pick. With their petition supporters threatening to jump, down from ANNCR: Washington's broken. John
fork in me, guys. I'm done." likely. ended, with PUMA increasingly a 45% high McCain knows it. We're worse off than we
I think they might have inside The key component there was a "cooling marginalized, and with everyone Even so, these are Democrats, so with were four years ago.
information, but it isn't what you think. off" period from the contentious primary. convinced that the pairing is a dead issue, the stakes so high, nothing should be left to Only McCain has taken on big tobacco,
More on that later. Coupled with the Clinton campaign's the path is now clear for Obama to make chance. An Obama/Clinton ticket has drug companies, fought corruption in both
On ABC's This Week, David Gergen and refrain that the VP pick is 100% up to the pick. much to recommend it, most of all a parties. He'll reform Wall Street, battle Big
Donna Brazile had an exchange that Obama, and the fact that strong lobbying What makes this even more brilliant is guaranteed victory in November. Oil, make America prosper again.
closely mirrored my conversations with for the job by Clinton insiders has stopped, that no-one will see it coming (except me, Click Here to read the rest. He's the original maverick.
well-placed insiders in both campaigns the message is that Barack Obama cannot and now, you). The press and the bounce Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| One is ready to lead -- McCain.
some weeks ago. Here's the video: be seen as having his hand forced in the for this will be huge. No visit to a sausage Comments JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I
If Gergen's argument sounds familiar, it's approved this message.
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Thailand Overreacts; Bans Grand Theft Auto Due To Stupid Kid Comments
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) that Thailand has banned the sale of Grand the game. In other words: "Not my fault! have been something else. Banning GTA
Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:44:00 AM
Theft Auto IV after an idiot kid killed a The game made me do it!" And, of course, IV isn't going to stop such violence, but it
cab driver when he tried to carjack the the government believed this killer, rather will give anyone caught for murder a nice
What is it with people wanting to blame taxicab. The kid claimed that he was than recognizing that it wasn't the game, excuse about why it's not their fault.
technology for crimes rather than the idiots copying a scene from the game, and but this kid's own demented brain that was Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
who perpetrate the crimes? The latest is wanted to see if it was as easy to do as in responsible. If it wasn't GTA IV, it would
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McCain Camp Defends Obama on Drilling Daily Show Plays

By Tommy Christopher (Political The Palm Beach Post. the Mockery Card
Machine) "If, in order to get that passed, we have to By Caleb Howe (Political Machine)
Submitted at 8/5/2008 3:09:00 AM
compromise in terms of a careful, well
thought-out drilling strategy that was Submitted at 8/5/2008 4:55:00 AM
Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama, carefully circumscribed to avoid Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama,
2008 President, Energy Update: The significant environmental damage _ I don't Gaffes, Humor
McCain campaign just released a memo, want to be so rigid that we can't get The following Daily Show clip almost
entitled "Statement In Defense Of Barack something done." Saying that Obama speaks for itself. However, since I'm a
Obama," via email: U.S. Senator John supports drilling is like saying that the wordy blogger, I'll add my two cents (not
McCain's presidential campaign issued the manufacturers of peanut butter support to belabor the money analogies.)
following statement from McCain 2008 insect parts and animal hair. Jon Stewart is a driving force in young
Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker I happen to disagree with Obama for liberal circles, as everyone well knows.
in defense of Barack Obama's energy agreeing to this compromise. I think the He's an icon, a hero, to the Kos wing of the
positions: rationale against drilling is rock solid. But Democrats, not to mention a primary
"Senator Obama's stance on offshore oil with Senate Democrats undercutting him, source of news for that crowd. So it is with
drilling has been mischaracterized. He has what choice does he have? Today, a new no small pleasure I post this clip of Jon
not changed his position. He has group of senators calling itself the Gang of Stewart blasting the same ridiculous
continually campaigned against additional Ten, announced that it had arrived at a racism charge I have been attacking, and
drilling, calling the policy a 'gimmick' compromise energy proposal meant to calling out Senator Obama on his dollar
saying it was a 'scheme' and ridiculing break the partisan logjam that exists on the bills comment. Like most voters in the
those who support it. With his steadfast The right wing, and to a lesser extent, the distinction between domestic and foreign issue. So, Obama is making lemonade.
mainstream media, are abuzz about Barack oil (all of which is sold together on the Rasmussen poll, Stewart wasn't taken in by
opposition to John McCain's 'all of the This is why I still believe he's going to the Bob Herberts and Keith Olbermanns of
above' approach to our energy crisis, Obama's "latest flip-flop," this time on the global market). need a VP like Hillary Clinton, to go down
issue of offshore drilling. So does Obama favor drilling now? You the world.
Americans should know that Barack to the Senate and take a switch to these Here's where I play the "I told you so"
Obama remains opposed to additional His former position was that he opposed tell me, is this a flip-flop, or that vaunted weak-kneed Democrats who keep
lifting the congressional ban on offshore post-partisan act of "reaching across the card.
domestic oil drilling. Speaker Pelosi, "compromising" when they don't have to, Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
MoveOn.org and the Sierra Club can take oil drilling. The Republicans have been aisle?" :"My interest is in making sure and leaving us with bad policy.
pressuring Democrats by falsely claiming we've got the kind of comprehensive Comments
comfort from the fact that Barack Obama Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
still opposes additional domestic oil that new drilling will have an immediate energy policy that can bring down gas Comments
drilling." effect on gas prices, and by drawing a false prices," Obama said in an interview with WikiTaxi Takes Wikipedia
Offline [Featured
'National Priority' - New Obama Ad Windows Download]
By Tamar Weinberg (Lifehacker)
By Greg McNeilly (Political Machine) hard. McCain is now ahead - for a first - in was the guy who stood up during political now I sound like an Obama attack ad...
Submitted at 8/5/2008 2:43:00 AM
Gallup's daily tracking. The single biggest campaigns and told a state he would not The ad's script reads: Submitted at 8/4/2008 8:00:02 AM
change in the narrative, this past week, was support their tax-funded subsidy because John McCain. He's been in Washington
Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama, Obama campaigned solely on American our spending is out of control. McCain was for 26 years. And as gas prices soared and Windows only: Snag a full-fledged
Ads, 2008 President The negative attack soil and he did so dirty. right to do so and shows America more dependence on oil exploded, McCain was version of Wikipedia for offline research
campaign ads are coming fast and furious It's interesting to see the Obama kool-aid courage - even if you disagree with him - voting against alternative energy, against with freeware application WikiTaxi.
from the Barack Obama campaign. The crowd defend their candidate's old school, than Obama, who votes 97% of the time higher mileage standards. WikiTaxi requires a few components: the
second in as many days indicates they're anti-change politics of attack, attack, attack straight-Party ever has. Barack Obama. He'll make energy standalone application, an importer, and a
not exactly sure which attack to make but and distort. They scream they have a And speaking of those alternative fuel independence an urgent national priority, database to import (the simple English
they're going to be relentlessly dirty in candidate who is fighting back. These are subsidies. It's the law of big-government raise mileage standards, fast-track database is 25MB, but the full-fledged
their campaigning. Even Time magazine's the same disciples who note that when unintended consequences. Those that technology for alternative fuels. A English encyclopedia is a whopping
blog notes the negativity in their headline. Obama changes his position on key issues backed biofuel funding have in affect thousand dollar tax cut to help families as 3.5GB). Use the import tool to suck in the
Obama - all negative, all the time. hourly, he's simply evolving. They have a deforested the rain forest and made all corn we break the grip of foreign oil. A real file and specify its file name. If properly
Nevertheless, the :30 ad airing in talking-point for every contingency, -based products - like half of the things in plan, and new energy. imported, WikiTaxi will display a random
battleground states is titled "National regardless of consistency. your local grocery store - sky rocket in Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| page when you reopen the application and
Priority." What is ironic about this latest Obama cost. I guess when looking it at this way, Comments you can then browse to any page of your
The more negative Obama has become, attack ad, is the portion that states McCain one understands why Obama has a craven choosing. WikiTaxi supports wildcard
the worse he does in the polls. The bloom voted against renewable energy. Here desire to recast the vote's branding and searches, AND and OR searches, and
is off the rose, as they say. He's lost his they're talking about Iowan farm subsidies. hope people ignore his hand in higher more, and is ideal for browsing on a large
luster by lusting after political power too They're attacking McCain because he prices and global deforestation. Oh wait, USB drive. WikiTaxi is a free download
for Windows only.
WikiTaxi[via gHacks]
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Fewer U.S. Treasury
dealers means likely higher
U.S. Government
borrowing costs
By Joseph Lazzaro
Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:39:00 AM

Filed under: Bad news, JPMorgan Chase

(JPM), Bank of America (BAC) At first
glance, word that the number of so-called
primary government securities dealers
decreased to 19 from 20 last month, may
seem like a fairly esoteric concern that's
removed from the typical investor and
But, in practice, it isn't that removed
because fewer dealers means fewer firms
bidding for U.S. bonds - - a circumstance
likely to increase government (read:
taxpayer) borrowing costs, Mark
MacQueen, money manager of Sage
Advisory Services told Bloomberg News
The number of authorized bond traders
who make markets in U.S. Government
debt decreased to 19 when the Bank of
America(NYSE: BAC) acquired
Countrywide Financial Corp., Bloomberg
News reported. It will drop again, to 18,
after J. P. Morgan Chase(NYSE: JPM)
completes its takeover of Bear Stearns.
Economist David H. Wang agreed
Monday that the bidder math is not
running in the U.S. Government's favor at

At First Glance this juncture. "We know from basic

economics that, historically, if the number
of market makers declines, auctions will
By Justin Paulette (Political Race is still an issue in the election, with not to be left out of a national debate on That's just a snapshot of the political not be as efficient, and this will lead to
Machine) both candidates fervently contending they the issue that every respectable candidate landscape from a newcomer's perspective. higher financing costs for the U.S.
Submitted at 8/5/2008 4:45:00 AM
are not the one talking about race. The is desperately trying to avoid). I would warn those who attempt to extend Government," Wang said.
issue remains so contentious that even the The New York Times hates John the present trends until November to Another factor likely to drive up U.S.
Filed under: Barack Obama, John most absurd and tortured notions of racism McCain. I think we can just leave it at that. forecast at their own risk. True, the Times Government borrowing costs: the size of
McCain, Debates, 2008 President are readily brandied about in hopes of Some things never change. will still hate McCain in November and the U.S. Government's budget deficit,
So, after a month of total information alighting a conflagration. I should expect Obama is reeling and retracting in light Bill Clinton will still be groping for a Wang said. The Congressional Budget
black-out in an eastern-European that anyone capable of being swayed by of the recent surge in the polls enjoyed by spotlight. However, the exact temperament Office projects that the Fiscal 2009 deficit
hideaway, I've returned to the multi-media such obvious parodies of indignation McCain. A month ago, Obama was peering of the American voter is as yet a shifting will total $500 billion, up from $470
buffet offered by cable TV, talk radio, and would have long ago cast in his lot with for the light at the end of the tunnel (he and volatile variable. The fluid nature of billion in Fiscal 2008, the current fiscal
the internet. (Nobody actually still reads the appropriately skin toned candidate. even had a presidential seal). Now the recent polls illuminate one truth above all year, which ends September 30, 2008. (
print media, do they?) I'm still overseas in Hence, the accusations seem ineffectual junior senator is trailing by a point in others: pdf)
a foreign country, but I'm back in the loop, panderings of a sort which deserve a national polls and feeling the discomfort of The election is still up for grabs! Continue reading Fewer U.S. Treasury
and my lengthy privation of U.S. news backlash of sober disgust from the playing defense. Obama is changing gears Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| dealers means likely higher U.S.
offers a unique perspective on the political electorate. on off-shore drilling, fumbling on an Comments Government borrowing costs Permalink|
posture of American politics. In a flash, Clinton has all but disappeared. Hillary, overall energy policy and scampering to Email this| Comments
here's the situation in America at first that is. Bill is still, well, being avoid a series of town-hall meeting debates
glance: Bill(bringing up race all on his own, so as with McCain.
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Bush Arrives for Last Asia A Tardy Salute to Closing Bell:

Bears win, but
Visit Solzhenitsyn cubs eat baby bulls
By Mark Impomeni (Political By Justin Paulette (Political By Jon Ogg (BloggingStocks)
Machine) Machine) Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:05:00 AM
Submitted at 8/5/2008 12:30:00 AM Submitted at 8/5/2008 2:33:00 AM
Filed under: Commodities, Oil The day
Filed under: President Bush, Bush Filed under: Obits may have closed down in negative territory
Administration, Foreign Policy President The pages of Political Machine have for stocks, but even watching it all day
Bush touched down in Seoul, South Korea, been remiss in their lack of attention to the didn't give one any major feel for the
for the first stop on his trip to Asia, his last death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Though a market's direction into the close. Today's
visit to the region as president. The writer by trade, the critic of Soviet tyranny PCE Inflation index came in at +4.1%,
president will be talking trade and troops whipped the political world to attention although traders have discounted this data
with his South Korean counterpart, Lee with his stark descriptions of Russian as energy prices and even some food prices
Myung-bak. South Korea is awaiting brutality. Solzhenitsyn's death earlier this have started coming down from the May to
action by the U.S. on a free trade deal week gives the world pause to consider the June highs. Oil put in a serious drop to
between the two nations, but the agreement state of political affairs at the global level. briefly under $120 and now traders are
is not likely to come up for a vote in to show us," the president told South I've not yet undertaken Solzhenitsyn's
Korean television in advance of the trip. calling for lower levels rather than higher.
Congress before the November elections. landmark novel, "The Gulag Archipelago," You could throw up literally 5 issues
The president praised and thanked South From South Korea, President Bush will for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize
head to Thailand for a brief stay before affecting oil prices, but you might as well
Korea for its commitment of troops to Iraq, and also exile from his native country. I call it "air out of the bubble" rather than
more than 900 troops served in the Multi- making his controversial visit to Beijing, have, however, made my way through
China, for the Olympic Games opening anything.
National Force in that country, and is "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich." Here are today's unofficial closing bell
seeking a similar commitment from Seoul ceremonies. Bush said that security at the Both novels depict the realities of life in
games could be a problem for the Chinese levels:
in Afghanistan. "Obviously we'd like to see the Soviet gulags - horrifying, slave-labor DJIA 11,283.74 (-42.58)
a greater role for South Koreans in if they overreact to potential threats to the concentration camps. I remember that
games. "[M]y hope is, of course, that as S&P500 1,249.01 (-11.30)
Afghanistan, if the South Korean people reading the book, imagining the Siberian NASDAQ 2,285.17 (-25.79)
are willing to move in that direction," a they have their security in place...if there is miseries of the freezing worker-prisoners,
a provocation, they handle it in a 10YR T-NOTE 3.9720% (+0.024%)
National Security Spokesman traveling made me involuntarily shudder with chill. 52-WEEK LOWS
with the president said. responsible way without violence." Some Such was the power of Solzhenitsyn to
in the U.S. called for the president to Russia after 20 years of exile, "he was first TOP ANALYST UPGRADES
Also on the agenda is the status of convey realities via the mere arrangement welcomed, then forgotten." TOP ANALYST DOWNGRADES
nuclear disarmament in North Korea. The boycott the games in protest of China's of words.
record on human rights. But the White Solzhenitsyn contributed to the dawn of Humana Inc.(NYSE: HUM) sent most
South has played a vital role in the Six- Solzhenitsyn was a complex individual, a new day in Russia. Yet, in many ways, health insurers higher after it posted $1.24
Party Talks on North Korea's illicit nuclear House said it was never questioned the particularly admired by Western
propriety of the president's visit, citing the he also reflects many of the aspects which EPS versus a prior guidance of $1.15 to
weapons programs, and the president conservatives. His contempt of Sovietism were not carried into the revolution. His $1.20 EPS and above $1.18 estimates.
hopes to continue the momentum towards president's close relationship with Chinese did not slacken his criticism of Western
premier Hu Jintao, and the president's life, as well as his writings, display the Shares were up over 5% to $47.00 in
dismantling all of the North's nuclear secularism, and his experiences with course of events which molded (and failed today's final minutes.
capabilities. North Korea dismantled its ability to make U.S. concerns about human socialist tyranny only strengthened his
rights conditions known in personal to mold) the present age of Russia and the Continue reading Closing Bell: Bears
Yongbyon nuclear reactor late last year as recourse to Russian patriotism and modern world. His life and works are win, but cubs eat baby bulls Permalink|
part of its agreement in the talks. Now the diplomacy between the two leaders. Orthodox devotion. WaPo's Masha Lipman
Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| worthy of modern consideration. Email this| Comments
U.S. is pushing for verification of the compares Solzhenitsyn's "courage and Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
North's activities. "It's one thing to say it, Comments selfless devotion ... to that of early Comments
but I think it's going to be very important Christians," though Anne Applebaum
for them to understand that we expect them reminds that, upon the pilgrim's return to

Dispelling a few home buying / selling myths

By Joseph Lazzaro In the current sluggish (or perhaps reluctant to lend until the credit crisis Point 1: Those states hardest hit by the "Job creation in an area will determine
(BloggingStocks) worse) U.S. economy, it's becoming wanes, CNBC reported Monday. housing sector, California, Florida, which way house prices are going in a
Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:50:00 AM
known as 'morbid Monday' -- due to the To be sure, the housing sector is a Nevada, will be the first to recover. region in the years ahead, much more than
spate of unpleasant predictions publicized jumbled, uncertain morass, so in order to Dawson: Not true. Wang: Most un-true. how bad the local housing market is now."
Filed under: Housing, Recession During on the day. provide some clarity on the sector (and to "You may find a $300,000 or $350,000 Continue reading Dispelling a few home
the roaring 1990s, it was called 'merger Oppenheimer analyst Meredith Whitney either confirm / refute several conventional bargain in California or Florida, but buying / selling myths Permalink| Email
Monday' -- due to the plethora of corporate filled the August 4 installment of the latter wisdom points), BloggingStocks Monday understand that five years down the road this| Comments
mergers announced on the day, driven by by predicting that housing prices will fall corralled economists Peter Dawson and that home may be roughly the same price
the robust U.S. economy. more than 30% and banks will remain David H. Wang. in real terms, after inflation," Wang said.
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WH Won't Call Special

Session of Congress
By Mark Impomeni (Political
Submitted at 8/4/2008 3:30:00 PM

Filed under: Bush Administration, House,

Republicans, Energy The White House
announced today that the president will not
exercise his Article II Section 3 power to
reconvene the House for a special session
to debate oil drilling. Rep. Mike Pence (R-
IN) and several of his GOP House
colleagues sent a letter to the president last
week asking him to call the House back if
it adjourned without a vote on offshore oil
production. Republican House members
have been holding protest sessions on the
House floor since majority Democrats
recessed for the five-week August break
last Friday.
In declining to call a special session, the
White House stressed that the president
could not compel House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi (D-CA) to hold a vote on drilling, it
could only force her to gavel open one
session. "We don't have plans to call
Congress into session -- it won't make a
difference if Democratic leaders are effort to increase American oil production.
unwilling to bring up a bill for an up-down Seventeen of them voted with every
vote," White House spokesman Tony Republican in opposing the leadership's
Fratto said.
While the White House is correct that it motion to adjourn for the August recess.
cannot force the Democrats' hand, the
announcement has to come as a blow to
Republican members, many of whom have
Those Democrats may have prevailed upon
the leadership to call a vote if the House
was forced back into session. Nevertheless,
White House Forged Letter to Start Iraq
returned to Washington to participate in
the protest sessions. They would have
appreciated an assist from the president in
Republican members will continue their
speeches to a recessed House chamber all
through this week.
forcing Democrats to open a session of the
Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| By David Knowles (Political The problem is, according to Suskind, start a war. In fact, as Seymour Hersh
House without bringing up drilling for a Comments Machine) the letter was a fake, and no such training recently uncovered, the Bush
vote. Furthermore, there are Democrats Submitted at 8/5/2008 2:24:00 AM
took place. The White House adamantly Administration was planning similar
who are siding with Republicans in the denies the charges made in " The Way of smoke-and-mirrors options for Iran.
Filed under: Bush Administration, the World," which was released today. And what if what Suskind claims is true?
iPhone 2.0 Software Update Out [Iphone 2.0] Featured Stories, Dick Cheney, Scandal,
Media In an explosive new claim, Pulitzer
Other revelations from the book?
The author also claims that the Bush
The author claims that such an operation,
part of "false pretenses" for war, would
By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) (hopefully these bugs). Hit Update in Prize winning reporter Ron Suskind details administration had information from a top constitute illegal White House use of the
Submitted at 8/4/2008 10:54:05 AM
iTunes to get it. Installing this update how the White House directed the CIA to Iraqi intelligence official "that there were CIA to influence a domestic audience, an
WILL de- jailbreak your phone until the forge and leak a letter to help buttress its no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq-- arguably impeachable offense.
Apple releases the first update to the jailbreak software updates. case for invading Iraq. The letter, which intelligence they received in plenty of time Given the duration remaining on the
iPhone 2.0 software for the iPhone and found its way into the hands of a reporter to stop an invasion." Bush's Last Day clock, that option seems
iPod touch, which promises bug fixes from London's Sunday Telegraph, seemed While accusations of this magnitude unlikely.
to show proof that the 9/11 hijackers, should always be met with skepticism, one Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
including Mohammad Atta, had received only needs to look back to the Gulf of Comments
training from Saddam Hussein's Tonkin Incident to realize that such tactics
government. of deception have been employed before to
6 Business* Tech* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
Sony Exec Tells
Top 5 ways to keep your Earnings preview: Procter Frustrated PSP Users To
Get Games Via BitTorrent
financial advisor, stock broker & Gamble should be fine By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)

or money manager honest By Steven Mallas (BloggingStocks)

Submitted at 8/4/2008 8:17:00 AM
Submitted at 8/4/2008 2:48:00 AM

Sony, as a company, has had something

By Mitch Tuchman (BloggingStocks) of a split personality on issues having to do
Filed under: Earnings reports, Procter and with unauthorized file sharing. The content
Submitted at 8/4/2008 8:48:00 AM Gamble (PG) side of the business is obviously very
Filed under: Mutual funds, Money and The company that brings you Ivory Soap, much against it. But the consumer
Finance Today, Personal finance I believe Procter & Gamble(NYSE: PG), is set to electronics side of the house recognizes
that everyone, no matter how much divulge its Q4 numbers on Tuesday. So, how it can be quite beneficial towards
what should shareholders expect from this should expand at least 8%. Volume data
investment experience they have, should will also be important to look at so raising the value of consumer electronics.
learn how to take control of their investing, consumer-products behemoth? Even so, it's still a bit of a surprise to hear
Well, I don't think it's going to be much investors can get a handle on how
buy a well diversified portfolio of index successfully the company is cultivating an exec basically tell fans to just download
funds, periodically rebalance their of a surprise. Data at Earnings.com suggest unauthorized content. Reader Yakko
that analysts believe P&G will do $0.78 price increases. P&G has a significant
portfolio, and allow their money to advantage over competitors since its line of Warner points us to the news that Sony
compound without fees. So do Warren per share in terms of the bottom line. Computer Entertainment Europe CEO
Management actually expects around that products is so well-known and trusted. I
Buffett (read what he wrote about fees), mean, when it comes to things like Ivory David Reeves was telling frustrated PSP
John Bogle, David Swensen, and other number, as well. A recent piece I wrote users in Australia and New Zealand that
about P&G reiterating its guidance shows Soap, many consumers will refuse to alter
investment industry luminaries. This is their brand loyalties even if they have to they're going to have to keep waiting for
because the fees charged by the financial that between $0.76 and $.78 per share is games to show up there... or they can just
the range being looked at. So, I think we'll pay more at the pump. Yes, sales of
industry, over time, decimate investment generic products obviously do have a download them off BitTorrent:"You can
returns. see the top end of the range reported wait for it and you can have it in good
tomorrow. P&G has a solid recent history challenging impact, but as I found with
But many people just want investment Kraft's (NYSE: KFT) recent earnings quality, you know you can get the stuff
advice. Most people will spend more time of slightly beating expectations. Perhaps from Bittorrent if you want to and
there will be a beat, but it most likely won't report, brand equity is a selective
shopping for a car on the weekend to save advantage in the Darwinian landscape of download PSP games, it's up to you." One
$1000, than to understand the true cost of be by more than a penny. would imagine that the legal team at Sony
This will represent pretty decent supermarket shelves. It's also useful for
the investment advice they are receiving on protecting margins. isn't exactly thrilled about the "it's up to
the nest egg that they're spending their performance in a market wracked by you" line at the end there.
horrible inflationary pressures. Going back Continue reading Earnings preview:
entire working lives building. If you must, advisors"debit" your account either in Procter & Gamble should be fine Read| Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
here are some tips that I think will help advance of the quarter or month. Ask them to Earnings.com, the previous year's
bottom-line number was $0.67 per share, Permalink| Email this| Comments
you minimize the damage and give you a to send you an invoice and write them a
shot at having a successful relationship check. That way you'll stay aware of the so P&G will be looking at good double-
with your stock broker, financial adviser or cost for these services. digit growth. The top line, by the way,
investment manager. 3. Show Me The Commissions. Ask your
1. Show Me The Fees. If your financial
adviser is charging a fee to oversee your
investments, he is probably investing your
adviser to disclose the exact amount of
commissions, credits or any form of Christie Hefner blogs for Portfolio: Doesn't
compensation he or she is paid as an
money in mutual funds that also have fees.
Ask for a comprehensive list of all the fees
you are paying each year including each
incentive for having you invest in a certain
financial product like a mutual fund,
she have Playboy to run?
annuity, or life insurance product. Also ask By Zac Bissonnette helm would be enough time to demonstrate sampling of her laser focus on the
fund, its fees, and his fees. Try to get these for the cost of an index fund alternative so (BloggingStocks) whether you can create value, but then business, here are some snippets: I am
aggregate fees below 2% per year. My that you can understand exactly what it is again, you're not the boss' daughter. admittedly of the generation that still
friend has a $6 million account with one of Submitted at 8/4/2008 7:26:00 AM
costing you to be "sold" a particular However, given the sorry state of this enjoys the experience of reading a paper
the largest four brokers and to make my product and so that you can justify its price Filed under: Management Since October, storied company, you'd think Ms. Hefner on paper. Daily I read the Wall Street
point, I calculated his mutual fund fees, in the future. shares of Playboy Enterprises(NYSE: would be working hard to turn the Journal, the New York Times, the Trib and
loads, and fees to his advisor. Last year he Continue reading Top 5 ways to keep PLA) have fallen from $12 per share to company around, or better yet, sell it the Chicago Sun-Times. . . also go to news
paid about $138,000! He is considering your financial advisor, stock broker or Friday's closing price of $4.72 per share. before she destroys any more value. sites for information throughout the day. . .
switching to index funds and where he money manager honest Permalink| Email Since founder and patriarch Hugh Hefner's But again, you're not the boss's daughter. Continue reading Christie Hefner blogs
would pay $18,000 per year. this| Comments daughter Christie Hefner became CEO in No, instead, Ms. Hefner is serving as a for Portfolio: Doesn't she have Playboy to
2. Get Invoiced. Most financial 1988, the stock has actually declined. guest blogger for Portfolio.com. Read her run? Permalink| Email this| Comments
You might think that 20 years at the posts here and here. To give you a quick
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Whole Foods Market tries Chasing Value: Apple -- two

to prove it's economical rights and one wrong
By Sheldon Liber (BloggingStocks)
By Jonathan Berr (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 8/4/2008 7:52:00 AM
Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:30:00 AM
Filed under: Products and services, Rants
Filed under: Products and services, and raves, Apple Inc (AAPL), Market
Whole Foods Market (WFMI), matters, iPhone, Chasing Value
Commodities"Shawn Hebb may have one Well, things played out as I thought and
of America's toughest jobs: convincing Apple, Inc(NASDAQ: AAPL) closed on
people that Whole Foods Market Friday August 1, 2008 at a price of$156.66
Inc.(NASDAQ: WFMI) can be an
economical place to shop," according to
and opened pennies down today. I will be Playboy Enterprises:
the first one to admit that a few of my calls
The New York Times. I would beg to
disagree. His job is the toughest, even
have been terrible, but this one was right An arbitrage
on target.
harder than John McCain's campaign
manager or Michael Vick's PR consultant.
Quoting from one of last years opportunity
posts,"However, I thought Apple might be
Hebb is the guy who gives tours of worth up to $150 and a month later was By Zac Bissonnette
America's most uptight grocery chain to willing to consider $160 and that is where I (BloggingStocks)
convince shoppers that they do not stood." So I'm on record pegging the stock Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:57:00 AM
necessarily need to spend $10 for an apple. between $150 and $160. Having made the and as the current price evidences I was
How bad are things at Whole Foods that call on the money I will now tell the world correct also. But what's wrong with this Filed under: Management Shares of
the company needs to teach people how to that a lot of this game is luck, but that is all picture? When I wrote, I tried to figure Playboy Enterprises, Inc.(NYSE: PLA)
shop? I thought it was worth. what I thought the stock was worth as did have tanked this year, hitting a 15-year low
Whole Foods, down 48% this year, also Why two rights? One of our brighter Greg. today. Some bargain hunters are intrigued
may be a victim of its own success. Even commentors, Beltway Greg had pegged Continue reading Chasing Value: Apple - and, if you're a fan of Playboy's offering --
my humble neighborhood grocery store real organic pickle. "...a big question for or a fan of selling stuff on eBay -- there
Whole Foods is whether even its core Apple around $200 a year out and it made - two rights and one wrong Permalink|
offers a pretty good selection of organic the number in December 2007 long before Email this| Comments just might be an arbitrage opportunity here
goods such as Earth's Best baby food and customers will continue to pay prices like for you:
$6.99 a pound for all-natural, air-chilled even he thought it might and I gave him
Kashi cereal. I even bought some wild credit at the time. I was looking farther out In his 2007 book A Weekend with
Alaskan salmon on sale a few weeks ago. chicken breast or $12 for a bag of Warren Buffett: And Other Shareholder
cherries," the Times says.
Why on earth would I need to make a
special trip to Whole Foods or any other Many customers are probably saying Filter Spam Based on Meeting Adventures, Randy Cepuch writes
about the fabulous freebies offered to
goodbye to Whole Foods and hello to Wal-
upscale grocery chain given high gas
prices. Mart Stores Inc.(NYSE: WMT). Read| Language Keywords? shareholders who show up for the
company's annual meeting in May: a jazz
Permalink| Email this| Comments
Even more troubling, according to The
Times, is that interest in organic food is
[Call For Help] CD, a set of coasters and the latest issue of
leveling off. This leaves Whole Foods in a By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) A quick bit of research:
Submitted at 8/4/2008 4:00:00 AM
• Playboy Magazine cover price: $5.99
Forecasts are higher for a strong Qualcomm Besieged by spam, reader Nick writes in:
You know how so many spam messages
• Hef's Favorites CD:$11.98 on Amazon.
• Playboy Coasters: Roughly $3 on eBay
Continue reading Playboy Enterprises:
By Guest blogger (BloggingStocks) continues to trade close to a 52-week high. company continues to offer a ROE of 20%, have Chinese or Russian writing in them? An arbitrage opportunity Permalink| Email
Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:19:00 AM
Wall Street forecasts are also higher now. squashing the industry average of 2%. Its Well, what if one sets up a filter in Gmail this| Comments
Current earnings estimates of $1.95 per yield of 1.2% stands out as the company to remove all messages containing
Filed under: QUALCOMM Inc (QCOM) share for the year ending September 2008 operates in an industry that virtually pays common Chinese or Russian words? I'm
By Alex Kolb, analyst, Zacks Investment are last month's $1.91. no dividend. QCOM's earnings per share trying to do that now, except I don't know
Research The company posted a strong fiscal third are expected to grow by 19% over the next Mandarin for "the" — I'm just finding
Shares of QUALCOMM Inc.(NASDAQ: quarter, noting that it delivered record 3 - 5 years, versus the industry average of short words. An undocumented Gmail
QCOM) are trading about 15% higher than revenues that were up by 19 % year-over- 17%. Read our Jul 10, 2008 analysis. advanced search operator lets you narrow
earlier this month, when the company was year. QCOM's third-quarter (GAAP) net Permalink| Email this| Comments down messages by language—using
previously featured. Also, as was the case income also increased year-over-year. lang:Chinese for example—but several
when previously featured, QCOM The Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) readers report the results are inconsistent
and often imperfect. Do you filter email
based on language? How do you do it?
Help Nick out in the comments.
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Philip Rosedale Doesn’t
Wanna Buy the Brooklyn Bridge? See Browser-Based Virtual
Worlds As A Threat to
(Portfolio.com: News and Markets) general, there is a strong relationship support. from former Governor Eliot Spitzer, who
Submitted at 7/31/2008 9:00:00 PM
between governments being under
immense fiscal stress and their interest in
So, how much could New York reap if it
privatized its 651 miles of toll roads, which
wanted to explore privatizing the state
lottery to fund a $4 billion public college
Second Life. Is He In
If Governor David Paterson has his way, privatization." is among the options—along with bus endowment. (He didn't get far.) Denial?
New Yorkers might one day be buying New Jersey, which faces a $3 billion services and the state lottery—being Otherwise, Neysa Pranger, a By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch)
their lottery tickets from the Carlyle Group deficit this fiscal year, is considering discussed? spokeswoman for the Regional Plan
private equity firm and paying their privatizing its lottery and raising tolls. Indiana sold a 75-year lease on toll roads Association, a private New York Submitted at 7/31/2008 3:38:03 PM
highway tolls to the Calpers pension fund California Governor Arnold with about $95 million in annual revenue organization that tracks such issues, says Recently, there’s been a growing wave of
or the Australian investment company Schwarzenegger, who is staring down a for $3.85 billion, or about 40 times the toll privatization has not really been on the startups and products appearing that are
Macquarie Group. $14 billion deficit, recently promised revenue. With the New York Thruway state agenda. bringing 3-D virtual worlds to the browser.
While some commuters may not be enabling legislation to ease the ability of taking in about $600 million in revenue, And unlike about two dozen other states, These include Vivaty, Google’s Lively
comfortable with handing over the daily the state to partner with private firms to that multiple suggests New York could get New York has twice failed to pass project, and the Electric Sheep Co.’s
operation of the aging Tappan Zee Bridge build and run its infrastructure. $24 billion for the system, certainly legislation that would define how such WebFlock. And I’ve seen a few stealth
to Wall Street's wizards—or with the The recent lesson of Pennsylvania has enough to plug deficit holes for some time public-private partnerships would work or companies working the same vein.
steady toll hikes that would follow—no not been lost on other states. Faced with a to come. give the state's administration the right to None of these are as fully featured or
one can blame Paterson for trying to think $1 billion deficit, that state has tentatively Who knows? Maybe the state could set negotiate them. immersive as Second Life, which requires
outside the box. agreed to give a private consortium a 75- an example for New York City, which is That means that even if Paterson wanted a separate desktop client download. But it
When it comes to tax revenue, New York year lease to run its 537-mile turnpike. The dogged by its own budget woes. Over the to turn the New York State Thruway over may not matter because a good-enough
is hurting like a broke mule. America's deal, if approved by the legislature, would last few years it has floated a variety of to private operators, he'd first have to pilot experience available via standard browsers
housing crisis and Wall Street's leave the state flush with a $12.8 billion ideas to deal with traffic congestion, a bill through the sclerotic state legislature. may eventually qwn Second Life. Linden
collateralized wealth destruction have lump-sum payment. including placing tolls on the remaining New York would also have to untangle Lab, which operates Second Life, is
helped to leave the state with what is New York's problems are particularly free bridges connecting Manhattan to the finances of its infrastructure assets, working with IBM and others to make
expected to be about a $26.2 billion deficit urgent. A main engine for economic Brooklyn and Queens. which often end up supporting a diverse virtual worlds interoperable with each
over the next three years. growth in the state—Wall Street, which The most famous of them, the Brooklyn array of unrelated and unprofitable side other. Still, for the most part, they don’t
As the governor put it in his televised accounts for about one-fifth of all tax Bridge, would certainly fetch a few billion businesses. Since 1990, for instance, the play nicely with the Web.
chat with constituents Tuesday: "It is time revenue—continues to drown in its own if the city were to slap a toll on it, as the New York State Thruway Authority has Last week I caught Linden Lab founder
for New York and other governments to red ink; layoffs are expected to reach more bridge had for about three decades after it spent about $1 billion of its toll revenue on Philip Rosedale on video at Fortune’s
cut up our credit cards. The era of buy than 35,000. Paterson said that taxes on opened in 1883. There would certainly be building canals, working on harbors, and Brainstorm conference in Half Moon Bay,
now, pay later and later is over." bank profits, which were around $173 some amount of fame—or infamy—for the dealing with other mandated economic- and asked him if Second Life is threatened
Whether or not that era is truly on the million in 2007, are down 97 percent. first mayor to actually make good on the development projects that would still need by browser-based virtual worlds. In the
wane, New York stands among a growing Even some skeptics of privatization think old gag scam to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. to be funded. video above, he argues that the browser is
number of states and municipalities Paterson's suggestion may be appropriate. But privatizing a few roads won't resolve "Right now everything is on the table, not yet ready to deliver the type of
looking to sell now, collect sooner and Stephen Abrecht, director of the capital New York's current fiscal woes any more and it's going to take some planning to experience that you can get in Second Life.
later. Ballooning debt burdens and stewardship program at the powerful than opening up offshore exploration decide what steps will happen next," He does acknowledge that virtual worlds
plummeting tax revenues have revived Service Employees International Union, might cut current oil prices. Leasing assets admits Erin Duggan, a spokeswoman for need to be opened up and standardized.
governments' interest in wringing money called it "an interesting opportunity," is neither a complete fix, nor a quick one. Governor Paterson. That is probably the But he doesn’t see the browser as a viable
from their infrastructure assets. adding that it could be "very well suited to And New York is well behind the curve. understatement of the year.Related Links alternative to client-based virtual worlds
Robert Poole, director of transportation our large public pension funds." He added: New Jersey commissioned UBS to How Risky is Venezuela's Bank any time soon.
studies at the conservative Reason "We just want it done the right way." catalog and assess its infrastructure assets Nationalization? Is he right, or is he in denial?
Foundation, said the renewed interest is From the union's standpoint, that means in 2006, with the idea of leasebacks or Vultures of Profit Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because
natural: "As someone in Britain once said, keeping away the Carlyles and Blackstones sales to private firms. New York still Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is Brilliant it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0
a big fiscal crunch, like a hanging, tends to of the world, fearing that such private doesn't know what assets it has, or have
concentrate the mind." equity firms may be interested in higher any real idea what they might fetch among
"We've been studying privatization for returns or shorter commitments than private bidders.
close to 30 years," Poole added, "and, in infrastructure assets can reasonably The only study underway was inherited

Yahoo Turns Yelp, Yahoo Local and LinkedIn SearchMonkey Apps On In Search
By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) automatically, eliminating the need for Facebook applications can be installed. key/value pairs.
Submitted at 7/31/2008 9:31:23 PM
users to go into the search gallery and add Each application modifies results for a Users can also add additional widgets via
them manually. certain URL specification (for example, all the Yahoo Search Gallery.
Yahoo is making a number of changes to SearchMonkey is a key part of Yahoo’s reference pages on Wikipedia or product Here’s the Yelp search result example
its default search experience tonight to add attempts to embrace the semantic web and pages on Amazon). Modifications include we used in our first post about
more structured data to results. Yelp, open standards in general. both changes to the basic elements of a SearchMonkey:
Yahoo Local and LinkedIn SearchMonkey With SearchMonkey, site owners create search result (the title and description) and Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because
widgets are being added to search results “applications” for Yahoo search that can be installed by users in the same sense that additions such as an image, deep links, and it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0
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Kindle. Or Kindling? Reality Check

(Portfolio.com: News and Markets) seems like a reasonable cut-off for figuring having an installed base of Kindle users is (Portfolio.com: News and Markets) designer who seems to work exclusively in
Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:00:00 PM
out who would spend $359 (down from that profit margins on ebooks are very Submitted at 7/31/2008 4:00:00 PM
black leather, and another who constantly
$399) during a recession on a highly high, and given the ease of downloading refers to himself in the third person),
Since the Kindle was launched last discretionary device, even given a love for content to the device from Amazon, they Three episodes into its fifth and final unimaginative challenges (the season
November it has been the subject of reading. have a virtual lock on Kindle users' book season on Bravo, Project Runway may be premiere featured a supermarket challenge
careful dissection, review, and speculation Of the 12 million Americans with the purchases. teetering on its stilleto heels. recycled from an earlier season), an earlier
by countless blogs and news outlets, means and the motive to purchase a Then there's the potential business from Early ratings numbers from Nielsen timeslot (the show has aired at 10 p.m. for
sparking one of techland's all too frequent Kindle, a whole host of other factors come the academic market. Textbooks are so indicate the show—Bravo’s crown jewel, the bulk of its tenure on Bravo, and now
debates: is Amazon's new e-reader a game- into play. clunky, expensive, and universally the inspiration for the its slew of creative it’s airing at 9 p.m.), or plain old Runway-
changer? Count out the technophobes and loathsome to free-spending college competition programming, and the subject fatigue, which wouldn’t be surprising after
More pressing than whether the answer Luddites, a demographic for which e- students, one could imagine that of an ongoing lawsuit between NBC four episodes of the show strutting its stuff
is 'yes' or 'no' is why we're even talking readers like the Kindle tragically self- demographic paying a pretty penny for a Universal and Runway’s producer, The and trademark bitchiness.
about it in the first place. The game in select. The 2007 AP-Ipsos survey showed slender e-reader replacement. Weinstein Company—isn't pulling in the All of this bodes poorly for Lifetime,
question is reading, after all –not exactly a that the heaviest readers are female and What other options does Amazon have viewers it traditionally has. which paid The Weinstein Company a
growth industry, as Simon & Schuster and over 50, while conversely, tech users skew for expanding the Kindle's market? The first three episodes have brought in reported$20 million deposit for the rights
Random House will tell you. young and male. One factor that could really change the just 2.9, 2.6, and 3.3 million viewers, to the show earlier this year.
While Amazon has yet to provide official Even those who play well with game is if the Kindle dropped dramatically respectively. That averages out to 2.9 After spending that kind of money, the
sales figures, TechCrunch has a source microchips have plenty of reasons for in price; companies currently write off million, significantly lower than the overall network is understandably expecting a hit
saying that the online retailer has sold wanting to make reading a semiconductor- their low margins on devices such as average number of viewers for seasons of the caliber that Runway has so far been.
240,000 of the e-readers in their first eight free experience. It can be difficult to gaming consoles, iPods, and printers as three and four, which both approached four Executives there might be wise to re-think
months on sale, for a total of almost $100 unwind while interacting with a gadget, marketing costs in return for selling in the million. the formula before attempting to transplant
million in revenue. and many people enjoy the physical high margin content. Of course, complete season totals include the show wholesale. A Lifetime
It’s not difficult to imagine that thanks to artifact of a book, relishing the feeling of But for this to be true with a Kindle the highly-rated finales, so the comparison representative contacted for this story
its aggressive Kindle marketing push (such accomplishment when pushing through you'd have to believe that users actually isn’t entirely fair. And a Bravo declined to comment on any aspect of the
as prime advertising space in the middle of something paper. read more than they otherwise would spokesperson pointed out, rather testily, move, even the show’s projected air date,
Amazon's homepage), those 240,000 units So the Kindle's target buyer would be a because they have a kindle. The data that compared to last year, season five’s which has been reported elsewhere as
represent a good portion of the total market person who reads so much that they have doesn't exist for this yet, but again, it second and third episodes were up a November.
for the device out there. ceased instilling books and periodicals seems unlikely. respective 20 percent and 18 percent While the change of network certainly
Consider that the literate population of with nostalgic value…yet not SO much Book sales have been steady over the among total viewers. could inject the show’s fans with fresh
the United States is about 270 million, and that they are rarely far enough from a past several years; the Kindle also offers Still, the fifth season premiere—the all- fervor, the recent ratings indicate the
that according to a 2007 AP-Ipsos survey, computer to really need a separate device. newspapers and magazines in digital important interest gauge for the upcoming distinct possibility that Runway may have
one in four people didn't read a single book To top it off, one can imagine a single format, but newspaper circulation has season—was the first since Runway’s to find another way to, as Tim Gunn
in the past year. Of those who did read device (and Amazon account) being used continued to decline over the past 20 years, second season in 2005 not to gain on the himself might say, make it work.
books, the average consumption was seven by an entire household. And we're talking and the magazine titles currently stocked previous season’s opener. Season three Related Links
per year – too few by a long shot to only about those that choose a Kindle, of by the Kindle store – such as Newsweek, debuted to 2.4 million viewers, season four Legal Fight Erupts Over 'Project
warrant buying a pricey e-reader device. course, rather than a competing device Time, US News & World Report, Readers debuted to 2.9 million, and season five’s Runway' Move
The Kindle is not going to make a reader such as Sony's portable reader. Digest, and the Nation – are some of the opening…matched that, losing momentum. Must Sue TV?
out of a non-reader. Few will say, "Gee, So, all things considered how many worst-faring out there. Possible explanations for the lack of What's Project Runway Worth?
reading books and magazines was Kindles does that work out to? Two The bottom line? Designing the game viewer enthusiasm include a spate of
prohibitively difficult until now, but now million? One million? Five hundred changing e-reader, it seems, is more like ponderous contestants (including one
that there's a $359 electronic reader thousand? designing the game-changing harpsichord
available, I'm going to start!" Jeff Bezos surely did a market-sizing than the iPod.
A 2005 Gallop survey reported that 25 exercise or two of his own before flying Related Links
percent of people say they read at least part off the handle in excitement over e- A Solar-Powered iPod? Puh-lease!
of 10 to 49 books per year, which would readers, and he must have seen something What to Expect From Apple at WWDC
mean around 68 million qualify as having more than a few hundred million in How Apple Got Everything Right By
a motive, at least, to use an e-reader. revenue (a mere rounding error to the Doing Everything Wrong
Then there's the question of financial company's $14.8 billion annual take) worth
means. Only the top 18 percent of getting carried away over.
households make $100,000 or more, which Two sure-fire benefits for Amazon to

Five Mushrooms Searches Several Recipe Sites at Once [Cooking]

By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) certain ingredients or by a particular chef, Food, Cooking.com and Epicurious among beef. You can even use advanced operators dinner? Let us know in the comments.
Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:54:02 AM
hit up Five Mushrooms, a multi-recipe site others. Search by ingredients—like carrot like the minus sign to exclude results (i.e., Five Mushrooms
search engine which includes results from celery onion—or specific quantities, like 1 cookies -"chocolate chip"). Where do you
When you're looking for a recipe with Allrecipes.com, the Food Network, Yahoo! egg, or by chef and ingredient, like emeril turn when you need a good recipe for
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Horrible, or Just Grim? F.C.C.: Feds Censure

(Portfolio.com: News and Markets) part-time," Salmon writes. "The number of much as the trend: The overall
Submitted at 8/1/2008 8:30:00 AM

Okay, news on the job market is out and

people now who are either unemployed or
underemployed is surely larger than it has
been for many, many years."
unemployment rate jumped 0.2 percent in
a month; for men, it's risen 0.4 percent in
two months.
(Portfolio.com: News and Markets) are considering all our legal options."
everyone agrees it's not good. But how bad Even Larry Kudlow on CNBC, a That compounds worries about $4-a- Comcast has argued that the F.C.C. lacks
Submitted at 8/1/2008 11:00:00 AM
is it? notorious economic Pollyanna, says the gallon gasoline, an economy in the the authority to enforce its 2005 Internet
In its press release on the latest numbers, country is in a "mild recession." "There's doldrums, sclerotic credit markets, In a ruling that could have far-reaching Policy Statement, which established four
the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that no way around it," he said. plummeting housing values, and well- implications for how broadband providers principles intended to guarantee consumers
"over the past 12 months, the number of Maybe, maybe not, says John publicized bank failures. manage their networks, federal regulators open access to all legal internet content.
unemployed persons has increased by 1.6 Challenger, chief executive of the Even Challenger concedes that, to a large ordered Comcast to change the way it Advocates of "network neutrality"—the
million, and the unemployment rate has recruitment firm Challenger Gray. "It degree, all economics—like all manages internet traffic and be more principle that all Web traffic should be
risen by 1 percentage point." probably feels like a recession for many politics—ultimately are local. transparent about its practices. treated equally—hailed the ruling as
Lest you think the problem might be Americans, particularly those looking for a "This is not to say that people, regardless The Federal Communications "landmark decision." Last year, a coalition
limited to new workers entering the market job," he said, but he encourages people to of age, are not struggling to keep and find Commission ordered the change on a 3-2 of consumer-rights groups led by Free
faster than the economy can create jobs for keep today's number in "perspective." jobs," he said. "The payroll survey vote today. Press filed a complaint with the F.C.C.
them, the B.L.S. has a little factoid to He notes that the biggest reason for the confirms that employers are shedding more See Portfolio.com's timeline of the after Comcast was discovered to be
disabuse you: "The number of unemployed jobless-rate spike is teenagers. More than workers than they are adding. Comcast investigation. interfering with peer-to-peer Web traffic.
persons who had lost their last job...has 20 percent of them are without work, the "Of course, for the individual who is out "Subscribers should be able to go where Digital-rights advocates and
risen by 778,000 over the year." B.L.S. says; Challenger attributes this to of work," he added, "the unemployment they want, when they want, and generally telecommunications companies both
Felix Salmon of the Market Movers blog the unavailability of summer jobs. rate is not 20.3 percent, 5.7 percent, or 4.4 use the Internet in any legal means," watched the case closely, seeing it as a
elsewhere on Portfolio.com sums up the Challenger adds that the unemployment percent. It is 100 percent."Related Links F.C.C. Chairman Kevin Martin said in a bellwether for how the F.C.C. would
jobs situation in one word: "ugly." rate for people at least 25 years old is 4.4 Unemployment Spikes statement. regulate the companies whose networks
"Remember too that the official percent, "hardly a level indicative of The Pain Spreads The commission did not vote to levy a carry the Web.
unemployment rate understates the severity widespread joblessness." Slouching Toward a Recession fine against the company. It did say that "The F.C.C.'s bipartisan decision to
of the downturn, as it doesn't count Fair enough. But it's not so much the Comcast must disclose details of how it punish Comcast is a major victory," said
formerly full-time employees now working absolute number that worries people as slowed or blocked websites, explain how it Josh Silver, executive director of Free
will stop those practices by the end of the Press, which filed the original complaint

The Pain Spreads year, and tell customers explicitly about

any similar practices it adopts in the future.
In response, Comcast said: "We are
against the cable giant. "Defying every
ounce of conventional wisdom in
Washington, everyday people have taken
(Portfolio.com: News and Markets) Employment Trends Index isn't signaling erased 100,775 through July—50 percent disappointed in the Commission's divided on a major corporation and won an historic
Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:00:00 AM
any such improvement around the corner," more than at the same time last year. With conclusion because we believe that our precedent for an open Internet."
said Gad Levanon, senior economist at the five months remaining, financial firms are network management choices were Related Links
Is the unemployment rate headed north of board. only 52,330 job losses away from last reasonable." Comcast's Compromise
6 percent? The official unemployment rate ticked up year's record, said Challenger. He said the "We also believe that the Commission's Piling On
The Conference Board thinks so, and two-tenths of a percentage point on Friday, industry could top its 2007 total of 153,105 order raises significant due process The Comcast Mystery Deepens
others supported that view by saying they clocking in at a four-year high of 5.7 by the end of October. concerns and a variety of substantive legal
found mounting anecdotal evidence that percent. In all, the survey found that employers questions," the company said, adding, "We
big job cuts are spreading beyond the The Challenger Gray survey showed the said last month that they plan to eliminate
banks and builders already clobbered by
the housing meltdown.
transportation industry racking up the
greatest jobs losses last month: 17,051.
103,312 jobs, a 26 percent rise from the
81,755 announced in June. May job cuts, at EveryBlock Provides Localized News
July marked the second time in three "Transportation cuts in 2008 have been 103,522, edged out the July losses.
months that companies announced job cuts
of at least 100,000, the outplacement firm
dominated by airlines, which are reeling
from higher fuel prices and cutting flights,
Of the 25 industries tracked by
Challenger, 17 have seen job losses
Challenger Gray & Christmas said, as amenities, and workers to offset their increase from a year ago. By Tamar Weinberg (Lifehacker) requests (broken down by neighborhood)
airlines, retailers, automakers and parts costs," said John Challenger, the The biggest reasons cited for the job Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:00:00 AM
as well as liquor licenses for institutions
suppliers, entertainment companies, and company's C.E.O. losses were market conditions, company throughout the city. Delve deeper to a
health-care providers all announced deep The still-ailing financial sector chalked closings, bankruptcy, restructuring, cost- Webapp EveryBlock delivers localized specific street name or number and get real
cuts. up the next-biggest toll, with 15,517 jobs cutting, and downturn in demand. Related news from five major U.S. cities—New estate listings, Flickr photos, reviews,
The Conference Board's Employment eliminated. Retail was third, with 12,160 Links York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San crime reports, restaurant inspections, and
Trends Index also fell 0.9 percent in July losses, followed by automakers with Unemployment Spikes Francisco, and Charlotte . EveryBlock more. If you're living in one of the five
from June, and was down more than 7.5 11,631 cuts. Entertainment and leisure A Trickle-Down Theory of Subprime aggregates data from a variety of sources, major supported cities, EveryBlock has
percent from July 2007. rounded out the top five, announcing plans Pain including previously mentioned Yelp, just about everything you need to be well-
"Unless the labor market turns around to cut 10,893 jobs. High Anxiety Craigslist, numerous blog posts and news informed about your neighborhood.
soon, unemployment could pass 6 percent For the year so far, financial institutions outlets, and government databases. In New Thanks, Wil!
in early 2009—and the Conference Board's retain the lead in job destruction, having York, for example, one can look up EveryBlock
information about graffiti clean-up
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Biz Buzz Tech* 11

Oil is Falling. Blame the Totaled Resist

Shorts! (Portfolio.com: News and Markets)
Submitted at 8/1/2008 4:30:00 AM
ending all leasing deals in the U.S.,
according to the Wall Street Journal.
The cruel numbers also include G.M.
(Portfolio.com: News and Markets)
Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:00:00 PM
Investors are also more bearish on oil
since the threat of a prolonged economic
Is there any hope left for the auto giants?
G.M.'s $15.5 billion second-quarter
loss—a stunning $27.33 per share—was
burning through $5 billion in cash during
the quarter, something that's sure to spark
worry on Wall Street. Wagoner told CNBC
Oil speculators. Legislators love to blame recession could weaken demand. Last expected, but reports from Europe that that the results were "fully contemplated" (Portfolio.com: News and Markets)
them for the spike in oil prices, but it's week, the government reported evidence BMW was further scaling back its sales in the company's credit plan and that its Submitted at 7/31/2008 8:30:00 AM
unlikely they will speak out to commend that gasoline consumption is down slightly expectations for the U.S. market is chilling position is covered through 2009,
as well. Friday afternoon's dismal auto- including taking into account the weakness Oh, the conundrum, Carl! You have been
them for its reversal. from this time last year. agitating for a sale of ImClone for so long
Hedge fund managers and other traders And of course, there is evidence that sales numbers only mocked the afflicted. in the U.S. market.
reaped huge windfalls as the price of a G.M.'s C.E.O Rick Wagoner told CNBC: In Europe, BMW, the biggest maker of now, it must have been thrilling to receive
even some of the savviest investors might the$60-per-share offer from Bristol-Myers
barrel of oil more than doubled over the not have properly timed oil's reversal. The "Challenging market conditions aren't luxury cars, said rising costs for not only
past year to a high of $147 last month. going to go away tomorrow." He'd better oil but steel and plastics combined with a Squibb this morning.
Wall Street Journal reports that several Victory at last.
While the cost of a gallon of gas surpassed funds, including Jana Partners and hope, for the sake of investors and his own weak U.S. market sent its profit forecasts
$4, legislators wanted some accountability, hide, that they do go away the day after. into a ditch. And a 30 percent premium is no small
London's RAB Capital, took a hit in July bounty, especially considering you made
and they looked squarely at the investors due to declining energy prices. The New And even though there are enough one- Bloomberg reported C.E.O. Norbert
who profited most from it. time charges in the mix that make G.M.'s Reithofer plans to cut production by more your investment in the drug company when
York Post reports that Phil Falcone's the stock was in the $20s and $30s two
But now oil is falling, and hedge funds Harbinger Capital, which made winning operating loss closer to $6.3 billion, the than 20,000 vehicles, raise prices, and ship
company's North American auto sales fell cars produced for the U.S. to other markets years ago.
are again poised to benefit. Oil dipped bets on the subprime crisis, hasn't fared so But now investors are hoping you'll hold
below $120 per barrel on Monday for the well since oil started its dive in recent to roughly $19 billion from $29 billion in after sales "deteriorated sharply over the
first time since May. And the data from the the same period last year. past weeks." His prediction of "another out for more, which ought to be awfully
weeks. tempting to a guy like you. ImClone shares
Commodity Futures Trading Commission So it's most probable that some The world knew that G.M. was in dire difficult year" in 2009 comes seven days
shows that short positions on oil straits. It said yesterday that Indian after Daimler AG lowered its forecast. climbed as high as $65 after the news of
combination of the short bets and the the offer, which is the market's not-so-
outnumbered long positions in July for the market forces are fueling the decline in oil automaker Mahindra & Mahindra was one Related Links
first time since the start of 2007. of several potential buyers for its gas- Showing New Colors subtle way of telling you it thinks the
prices. Hedge funds are often made the company is worth more.
This begs the question, then. Are hedge scapegoats for the capital market's woes, guzzling Hummer brand, and that it, along Dollar Daze
funds the arbiters of the reversal or merely with Ford, was scaling back its leasing Who Will Survive? Don't listen. If you push for more, some
but they almost never get recognition for people might start comparing you to Jerry
the lucky beneficiaries of it? helping to cure them. business. Chrysler had already said it was
It's hard to ignore the other market forces Related Links Copyright Expert William Yes, the Yahoo chief was unable to resist
at work here, since there's always an Just How Rich Are the Richest Hedge the temptation to demand more from
explanation for the movement of oil prices. Fund Managers? Patry Shuts Down Blog, Microsoft, and look what it got him: a seat
Today's fall of more than $4 per barrel, for Credit Market Quote of the Day
instance, can be attributed to the When a Curve Steepener Loses $800 As It's 'Too Depressing' right next to you at future Yahoo board
weakening threat from tropical storm Million
Edouard on operations in the Gulf of By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) In your words, it's " the beginning of a
Submitted at 8/4/2008 1:14:00 AM
beautiful friendship." In Yang's
hypothetical words, it's "hell."
One Year Later, Holding On It was really disappointing, if entirely
understandable, earlier this year when the
until-then-anonymous "Patent Troll
So don't skip a beat on this offer, Carl.
Say yes to Bristol-Myers immediately.
Retire your chairman seat with the sale of
(Portfolio.com: News and Markets) ownership of Household International, well," Pierre Chedeville, banking analyst Tracker" had to shut down his blog. Prior ImClone just as you begin to warm up
Submitted at 8/4/2008 5:30:00 AM
which is the largest subprime lender in the with CM-CIC Securities, told Bloomberg. to that, it had been one of the only sources another at Yahoo.
U.S. HSBC bought the lender in 2003. "They spent all of last summer calling (and in some cases the only source) to Related Links
As the credit crisis turns one year old this The bank's profit rose in Europe, Latin clients to reassure them." report on some important cases and trends Yahoo: UPPER-CASE Icahn v. lower-
week, some European banks appear to be America, and most of Asia. But the BNP Paribas' move to halt withdrawals in the patent world. Unfortunately, it case yang
weathering the storm better than others. HSBC's chairman said he expects the sparked a massive wave of fear across the appears the same thing is now happening Bloody Jerry
HSBC, Europe's largest bank, reported a momentum of growth in Asia and other global banking system and was considered in the copyright world. William Patry, Suite Revenge
significant decline in profit for the first emerging markets to slow. to be the official start of the credit crisis. recognized around the world as an expert
half of this year, but it still outperformed Meanwhile, the bank that started the Other European banks, such as Royal on copyright, has shut down his blog.
expectations. Net income fell to $7.7 credit crisis on August 9, 2007, by halting Bank of Scotland and UBS, have endured Tragically, he didn't just stop writing it,
billion from $10.9 billion last year. withdrawals from certain subprime funds, deeper losses. he's deleted the entire archive-- so even
Analysts expected it to post $7.3 billion in BNP Paribas, is expected to post a decline Related Links posts of his that we pointed to just last
profit. in profits later this week. But analysts HSBC Bails Out Its S.I.V.s week no longer are live. This is really
But HSBC's pain appears to be expect BNP's results to exceed those from Unsecured Personal Debt: The Next unfortunate -- and there seems to be no
concentrated in its North American its French competitors such as Société Shoe to Drop?
operations, due in large part to its exposure Générale. HSBC Takes a Hit But Sees Profit
to the mortgage market through its "It's surprising, they've resisted very COPYRIGHT page 12
12 Tech* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
continued from page 11
reason he couldn't have allowed the centrist and making him depressed for the most important stories are too often
Microsoft Researchers Suggest
archives to live on.
As for the reasons for shutting it down,
his first is that he was sick of people taking
having to write so negatively about things
happening in the copyright world.
Copyright law has abandoned its reason for
ones that involve initiatives that are, in my
opinion, seriously harmful to the public
interest. I cannot continue to be so
Six Degrees Of Separation
the word on his personal blog as the
position of Google, since he works there.
being: to encourage learning and the
creation of new works. Instead, its
negative, so often. Being so negative,
while deserved on the merits, gives a
May Actually Be Accurate
When he started the blog, he did not work principal functions now are to preserve distorted perspective of my centrist views, By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) Messaging software, and discovered that
there, and since he joined the company he existing failed business models, to and is emotionally a downer. This should the average chain length to connect any
Submitted at 8/4/2008 11:19:00 AM
was quite explicit about that fact and never suppress new business models and be a huge downer for everyone else as two users on the software was 6.6, and that
commented on cases or stories that technologies, and to obtain, if possible, well. While Patry and I disagreed about the The concept of "Six Degrees of 78% of all random pairs could be
involved Google or even other cases enormous windfall profits from activity extent of reform needed in copyright, he is Separation" was originally based on an connected in fewer than 7 hops. Of course,
involving companies involved in lawsuits that not only causes no harm, but which is one of the sharpest minds on any issue experiment by Stanley Milgram where he what isn't accounted for is whether or not
against Google. However, too many people beneficial to copyright owners. Like having to do with copyright, and having asked people to try to send a letter to this has changed in the 40 years since
would take what he said as the "word of Humpty-Dumpty, the copyright law we him silence himself means that the forces someone totally unconnected to them by Milgram's experiment, during which
Google," unfortunately. used to know can never be put back he was sick of fighting -- those who are passing it from person to person among technology may have made connectivity
Much more importantly, however, he together again: multilateral and trade constantly stretching and abusing people they knew. The idea was that, on much easier. Also, thanks to things like
notes that writing about the state of agreements have ensured that, and quite copyright -- have just won yet another average, any two random people could be instant messaging, people who I might
copyright these days has become "too deliberately. battle. That makes it that much harder for connected within six connections. have otherwise completely lost touch with
depressing." This should really open some It is profoundly depressing, after 26 the rest of us to stop certain industries from However, more recently, Milgram's study are now "permanently" listed as my
eyes. Patry has always been a supporter of years full-time in a field I love, to be a continuing to stretch, twist and abuse had been somewhat discredited. Yet, a new friends. That's a bit different than the
the copyright system. But he's become constant voice of dissent. I have tried copyright, not for good reasons, but merely study, coming from Microsoft researchers world in 1967.
depressed with how the system has been various ways to leaven this state of affairs to prop up their own obsolete business suggests that six degrees may be fairly Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
changing, such that he finds himself with positive postings, much like television models. One hopes that others in the field accurate. The researchers looked at data on
constantly writing about changes or abuses news shows that experiment with "happy will step up and help prove to Patry and how people use Microsoft's MSN Instant
of the system. Even (as he puts it) being a features." I have blogged about great others that this isn't too depressing -- and
"centrist" on copyright issues, he's seen articles others have written, or highlighted that this is a battle that can be won -- but Domainers Lose Big
how far in one direction certain interests scholars who have not gotten the attention no one will be able to fully replace his
are trying to pull copyright, and it means they deserve; I tried to find cases, even regular insightful opinions on the subject. Time In Verizon
he's constantly pulling hard in the other inconsequential ones, that I can fawn over. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
direction, making him seem less like a But after awhile, this wore thin, because Cybersquatting Lawsuit
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)

GumGum Rethinks Its Approach. Drops Flash Submitted at 8/4/2008 3:35:01 PM

Eric Goldman has the details on a lawsuit

By Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch) Unfortunately, every one of GumGum’s rely on licensed images. that should make various typosquatting
Submitted at 7/31/2008 2:13:16 PM
images was served as an embeddable Flash GumGum isn’t going to be able to stop "domainers" (those who register tons of
widget, which made them both clunky and image piracy - there’s simply no way to get domain names on typos or other variations
Music and movies may grab the most annoying for publishers, as the images around the “Print Screen” function without of a brand name) a bit nervous. The court
headlines when it comes to piracy, but couldn’t be resized or modified. The use of including an annoying watermark. But came down hard on domaining in general,
many content providers on the web are Flash allowed GumGum to include their on image impressions, or they can include businesses who can’t afford to be caught and domain "tasting" more specifically.
also having trouble managing their images, ads with the images, and also made it ads on top of their images. GumGum’s up with illegal content may well appreciate The domainer in question tried to get
which are easy to crop, resize, and copy. harder for people to rip them off (though new platform can detect licensed images GumGum’s new more flexible system, around the law by claiming that by just
Some services, like Attributor, try to you could always just take a screenshot). and overlays the ad on top of it, so there’s provided the company can make good on "tasting" the domain (i.e., holding onto it
monitor and track offending images, but PicApp, a similar image search and no need to use a special widget. its arrangements with content providers. for the 5 day grace period before you have
the ultimate solution may well lie in licensing platform, uses Flash as well and Another key shift in GumGum’s new The service has already landed some big to pay for it), they weren't running afoul of
removing the temptation in the first place suffers from the same issues. approach is its decision to stop acting as an customers, including MTV Europe. laws concerning registering someone else's
by offering cheap and easy to find legal Today GumGum has announced a new image hub - you’ll no longer be able to In conjunction with the launch of the trademarked names.
images. approach to their licensing platform, and search through content catalogs to find an new platform, GumGum has annouced a What's odd, though, and Goldman
Earlier this year, GumGum launched an this time, there won’t be any Flash image. Instead, GumGum says that it will Series A funding round of a reported$1.2 doesn't seem to understand it either, is that
image licensing platform that was designed involved. To use the system, users need connect you directly with the content million. it wasn't just the domainer who got
to help publishers quickly locate and only include a single line of JavaScript on providers, who typically offer their own Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because slammed, but the registrar through which
license images. The site served as a content their page. From there, they can include databases. By taking this approach, it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0 the domainer registered the domains. That
hub, offering a searchable database of any image they want using a standard GumGum is turning away from the typical seems questionable, as the registrar should
images that could be licensed on a CPM HTML tag. The pricing models will be the consumer and is becoming more of a B2B just be a third party service provider, and
basis or for free alongside an ad. same: publishers can either pay a fee based solution for blogs and sites that frequently protected from any liability from the
actions of the user.
Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Tech* 13

Amazon To Acquire AbeBooks, And Cablevision Remote DVR

With It A Stake In Library Thing Doesn't Infringe; Decision Shows
By Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) 12 years. This is not the first time
AbeBooks has changed hands since being
How New Tech Twists Copyright
Submitted at 8/1/2008 8:49:00 AM
launched in 1996. Hubert Burda Media, a By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) coming to market.
The good news, today, however, is that
Amazon has acquired twelve year old German media company, took a majority Submitted at 8/4/2008 5:37:04 AM
an appeals court has reversed the decision
Canadian company Abebooks(formerly the shareholding in 2003. As TiVo and other DVRs became and sent it back to the lower court --
Advanced Book Exchange), the companies The bookselling community has been a increasingly popular, various cable effectively pointing out that if using a
just announced. AbeBooks is an online vital component in our success, and we are companies realized it probably made sense DVR at home is legal, it's difficult to see
marketplace for books focusing on used, grateful for your continuing support. We to offer similar features themselves. While how using a DVR that is based at your
rare and out of print titles for sale by will be happy to answer questions about some started selling home DVRs, a few cable provider is any less legal. However,
independent booksellers - it currently has our new ownership and what the future realized that perhaps they could short- if you read the full ruling, you'll get a
110 million books for sale from 13,500 holds. A bookseller Roundtable will be circuit around this by offering a remote, sense of just how ridiculous copyright law
sellers. held on Thursday August 7th at 2:30pm centrally-managed DVR instead. Time has become today, and how it is not at all
The company has been around since PDT/9:30pm GMT/7:30am AU where I Warner was one of the first to announce equipped to handle modern technology: As
1996 and fills a niche for Amazon in hard- and the Director of Sales & Account such a project -- but almost immediately, you read through that decision, you'll
to-find or out-of-print books. Rather than AbeBooks. Management, Shaun Jamieson, will answer the other half of Time Warner (the content certainly see the points that Rasmus
hold its own inventory, it acts as a digital AbeBooks will continue to operate as a any questions you might have. In addition, guys) freaked out, and Time Warner's Fleischer highlighted earlier this year,
marketplace for established booksellers. stand-alone business with all aspects of the ‘Ask AbeBooks a question’ folder will eventual offering was neutered of any when he pointed out how silly it was to
AbeBooks also owns 40 percent of AbeBooks’ bookseller and customer continue to be available for ongoing really useful feature. distinguish between where something is
LibraryThing(a social app for keeping experience remaining intact. AbeBooks’ questions from the seller community. Basically, the various broadcasters are stored, and whether it's accessed locally or
track of your books and finding other like- headquarters will remain in Victoria, BC, We realize this is important news for our still freaked out about the idea of time remotely. However, copyright law is
minded book lovers). Whereas Amazon is Canada, and our European offices will community, and we are confident that this shifting and commercial skipping -- even simply not set up at all to handle this
an investor in Shelfari. Now Amazon will remain in Dusseldorf, Germany. We will acquisition will greatly benefit AbeBooks’ though both are perfectly legal. However, simple fact, and tries to make silly
own a piece of both of those competing continue to support both our international sellers and provide us with many that won't stop them from doing whatever distinctions between where copies are
startups. marketplaces and our domestic opportunities for future growth. possible to stop such innovations from made, how stuff is transmitted and what
AbeBooks CEO Dr. Hannes Blum sent marketplace here in Canada. I will For more details please see the official coming to market. So, two years ago, when counts as a performance and what doesn't.
an email out to its booksellers today continue to lead AbeBooks. release posted today. Cablevision also decided to create its own That leads to all sorts of twisted logic,
talking about the acquisition, saying the We expect this change to allow Regards, remote DVR solution, various TV which resulted in the initial ruling -- and
company would continue to operate as a AbeBooks to expand its offerings and Dr. Hannes Blum networks sued to stop it. Even though the the order overturning it and sending it back
stand-alone business. The email is below; introduce new features and services to President and CEO actual offering was almost entirely to the lower court (while the right
the press release is here. enhance the book buying and selling AbeBooks identical to a perfectly legal TiVo, a decision) is equally twisted in spots.
Dear Booksellers, experience. Amazon is committed to Crunch Network: MobileCrunch Mobile district court ruled that Cablevision's Basically, if there's anything to get out of
AbeBooks has reached an agreement to further developing the AbeBooks brand Gadgets and Applications, Delivered remote DVR system infringed copyrights. this ruling, it's that copyright law is simply
be acquired by Amazon.com, Inc. This is a and building upon the success of the past Daily. This, by the way, highlighted how the not equipped to handle the internet.
major landmark in the 12-year history of entertainment industry lied when it insisted Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
it would never use copyright law to stop a
new consumer electronics offering from

Internet Used To Keep House Of Reps. Broadcasting After Closure

By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) brush it off when their own party does. adjourn and shut down the House for Rep. John Culberson, who has been stop automatically blaming the other for
Submitted at 8/4/2008 4:05:00 AM
Belonging to neither party, and not liking summer "vacation" (which is usually more fighting hard to make such tools acceptable shutting off debate (when they would do
either party, I have no horse in this race, like "go back to my district and campaign in the House (though, all too often in a the exact same thing if roles were
If you watch the way Congress acts some but do find what happened on Friday in the to be re-elected" time). Some members of highly partisan manner). reversed), we might actually get
of the time, you could easily mistake them House interesting. For the sake of keeping the other party, though, chose to stick Either way, no matter which party you somewhere. Unfortunately, I know of no
for kindergartners at times, with the way this from being a partisan post, I'll leave around, even though the lights and support (or if you support neither), it is such technology that's likely to do that any
they have petty grievances and blow out the party names, though I'm sure in the microphones were turned off and the C- cool to see Representatives learning to time soon.
attacks on each other totally out of comments partisans of either side will be SPAN broadcast was turned off. Not only make use of these tools to better connect Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
proportion. Both parties engage in these sure to make it clear how evil the other one that, but they continued making speeches with constituents and (sometimes) to route
silly petty spats from time to time, so this is. about the energy bill and"broadcasting" around some of the petty rules used to shut
is hardly a partisan thing -- though, fans of Anyway, one party wanted to discuss what was going on using social media down debate. Now, if we could just figure
each party tend to highlight it when the some new energy legislation and the other tools like Twitter and Qik. Much of this out a way to get each side to stop playing
other party acts this way, and ignore it or did not. The party that did not, decided to campaign was led by noted early adopter silly games, while then getting each side to
14 Tech* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Skyfire Brings Full Browser Should The Next President Yet Another Star
Experience To Nokia S60 Phones Singer Doesn't
(200 Private Beta Invites)
Use A Computer? Mind File Sharing
By Kevin Donovan (Techdirt) who is boss."
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) Submitted at 8/4/2008 8:10:00 AM
It is slightly shocking that the WSJ
would have you believe that computers are Submitted at 8/4/2008 1:17:03 PM
Submitted at 8/1/2008 7:39:02 AM Much has been made of John McCain's only good for keeping up-to-date on the While there are still some popular
Throw out that WAP browser on your status as a self-proclaimed "computer latest cute cat videos (as long as you don't musicians who argue against file sharing,
cell phone. We are quickly approaching a illiterate." Juxtaposed with his rival, the get bogged down in pop-ups -- which we're seeing more and more realize that it's
point where a full browser experience is Blackberry-wielding, iPod-listening Gomes warns is how most computer users hardly the enemy that the industry has
available on our mobile devices. And it is Barack Obama, McCain's inexperience waste away their time). Of course the made it out to be. The latest is the singer
not just the iPhone. A startup called with all things digital have raised concerns President should delegate menial tasks to Duffy, who apparently has quite the hit
Skyfire is in some respect even further that he is out of touch with normal staffers, but Gomes and others who think album out, selling over a million copies.
along than Apple in bringing the entire Americans. Although McCain is reportedly that technology is peripheral to the role of However, in a recent interview, she noted
Web to your phone. Its mobile browser lets attempting to use computers more often, a the Commander-in-Chief miss the point. that unauthorized file sharing is "amazing"
you slide Web pages around and zoom in bigger question remains unsolved: should Computer literacy isn't about "being in and that she doesn't mind it at all if others
like with the mobile version of Safari. But the President of the United States use a touch" with the "common folk," it is about are file sharing her songs. She points out
it also supports Flash and Ajax sites. (It computer? understanding the foundation of the that when she was growing up, it was often
does this by offloading most of the heavy Lee Gomes at the Wall Street Journal knowledge economy. The next hard to get new music, and file sharing
lifting to its servers rather than the mobile seems to think the best policy is to " avoid administration will need to correctly changes the equation: "I think it's got more
client). That means you can watch computers." Among such significant address important policies with technology positives because it basically gives people
Youtube videos and go to Google Maps insights as any computer should remain at their root, and if the leader doesn't access, what's the harm in that? It's just
right in the mobile browser instead of outside the Oval Office "since it wouldn't understand the fundamental potential and making music a part of everyone's lives."
having to download separate apps. In match the furniture," is a recommendation differences of digital technology, the This sort of thing is becoming more and
contrast, the iPhone’s Safari browser still that the President be limited to 20 minutes results will be much more catastrophic more common -- so why is it that the
does not support Flash and so to watch a a of computer time "to keep up with the than wasting time deleting spam. recording industry (and the politicians it
video you have to launch the separate common folk" by reading blogs, playing Kevin Donovan is an expert at the preaches to) insist that file sharing is
Youtube app. Solitaire or watching YouTube. But, don't Techdirt Insight Community. To get destroying the recording industry, and it
As it becomes possible to do more and get carried away! "The severe time insight and analysis from Kevin Donovan has to be stopped to protect the very artists
more inside the mobile browser itself, it rationing is necessary because a computer, and other experts on challenges your who don't seem to have a problem with it?
raises the question of whether that indeed far from making you more productive, company faces, click here. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
is the killer app for mobile Web phones. instead loads you down with things to do, Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
For the most part, you still get a richer and it's important for the machine to know
experience by downloading a separate
single-purpose app to your phone. But
efforts like Skyfire’s point to a future
and videos take so long to load that they
are basically unwatchable at this point).
The Reports of Usenet’s Death are Greatly
where that may no longer be necessary for
all but the most sophisticated apps and
And I still prefer the speed of the Safari
browser overall in terms of responsiveness.
But for other mobile platforms, Skyfire is
Skyfire launched on Windows Mobile, going to give mobile browsers like Opera’s By John Biggs (TechCrunch) get their angst-filled, nit-picking, obsessive
but as of today it is also available in a a run for their money. And if Apple ever Submitted at 8/1/2008 8:18:09 AM
private beta for Nokia phones running actually allows another browser on the In a way inconceivable in today’s Web-
Symbian’s S60 operating system. The first Sascha at PCMag writes a charming little fragmented marketplace, Usenet was
iPhone, it could add some much needed piece on the death of Usenet as a method
200 TechCrunch readers to sign up for the competition there as well. where you went to talk. Conceived back in
beta here will get invites (enter invite code: The company recently raised $13 million of discourse and its eventual rebirth as a the idealistic, non-profit days of the
Tcrunch). in a series B round from Lightspeed, repository for porn, spam, and pirated Internet, it was—well, it is, but it mostly
I just tried it on a Nokia N95, and Matrix, and Trinity. Below is a video demo warez. He recalls the days of “serious was—a series of bulletin boards called
watching video in the browser looks great conversations” on 8-bit Atari architecture “newsgroups” shared by thousands of
of Skyfire on Windows Mobile: and the rise and fall of net.manners as
as long as you are connected via WiFi. As Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because computers, which traded new messages
3G networks become a reality, that should it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0 more and more n00bs came on to mess up several times a day.
change (although I am supposedly on in-depth threads on symbolism in Bob mouse, the original text-only social Read more…
AT&T’s 3G network in New York City, Dylan’s Street Legal. network will live on. Sure, ISPs will shut Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over
Is Usenet dead, as Sascha posits? I don’t down access out of mislaid kiddie porn the sexiest new gadgets and hardware.
think so. As long as there are folks who fears but the real pros know where to go to
thing a command line is better than a
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Tap Tap Revenge Tethering Briefly Comes

Approaches 1 Million Users, To The iPhone, Tempers
Music Industry Takes Notice Flare
By Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch)
By Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 7/31/2008 5:50:09 PM
Submitted at 7/31/2008 8:13:24 PM
Tapulous, the company behind Tap Tap
Revenge, has announced that the popular Macrumors reports that Apple’s App MobileMe gets new
iPhone app will hit 1 million installs some Store was selling a tethering app leadership, Jobs admits
time this weekend. The app is the second compatible with the iPhone (both 3G and
we’ve heard from to hit the milestone EDGE) for a brief period earlier this Apple made a big mistake
(Facebook reached it last week), and is evening. The $10 application, called
NetShare, was developed by Nullriver By Ryan Block (Engadget)
another testament to the extremely rapid
growth some applications have seen on software, and would be a godsend for Submitted at 8/4/2008 4:51:00 PM
Apple’s newly launched App Store. many iPhone owners. After going up
around 8PM EST to the elation of a lucky Filed under: Misc. Gadgets Not that
Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem says that the anyone could really dance around the facts
application has been downloaded about few, the application was pulled down
around 20 minutes later. of the matter at this point, but in an email
900 thousand times since its launch, and to Apple employees sent today, apparently
expects to hit the 1 million user milestone Phone tethering allows users to access
the internet from their laptop computers Steve said, "It was a mistake to launch
over the weekend. Tapulous’s iPhone offering free downloads of new songs MobileMe at the same time as iPhone 3G,
Twitter client Twinkle is significantly less wherever they get service on their
directly through the app, but these songs cellphone carrier’s data network. The iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store. We
popular, with around 80,000 installs, but it have all been submitted to the company by all had more than enough to do, and
was released after Tap Tap Revenge. feature is common on many phones with
indie artists (impressively, 2.5 million high speed (namely 3G) data access, and MobileMe could have been delayed
Decrem notes that there is a total install songs have been downloaded so far). happened? The app may have snuck past without consequence." Apple exec Eddie
base of about 5-6 million iPhones and iPod has been noticeably absent from iPhones.
As it turns out, a number of record labels While 3G is typically slower than most Wi Apple’s approval process - but with Cue appears to taking the much maligned
Touches running the 2.0 firmware (which have taken notice of Tap Tap Revenge’s reported wait times of weeks (or months) it service under his wing (as well as the App
is compatible with the App Store). With -Fi access points, having internet
quickly growing install base, and are eager connectivity on the go is a huge plus for seems unlikely that anything appears there Store, adding to his original gig as VP of
about 1 million downloads, this puts to use it as a means of exposing users to accidentally. Then again, Apple has been iTunes), hopefully making good on the
Tapulous applications on around 20% of many people - enough so that many
new music. Decrem says that the company carriers charge on the order of $30 a month dealing with a massive influx of new other bit in El Jobso's email where he
all devices - a very impressive feat. is in talks with both indie and more well applications - they may simply be resets Apple's call to action on .Mac's
One of best features in the original to enable it.
known artists to create a premium package Users with jailbroken (hacked) iPhones overwhelmed and are getting sloppy. replacement: "The MobileMe launch
version of the game (which was only of songs, which will likely be released in It is also possible that the app was clearly demonstrates that we have more to
available on hacked iPhones) was that have been able to enable tethering to their
the App Store as a separate game for a phones through a complicated process for supposed to be limited to a few select learn about Internet services. And learn we
users could create tab sheets and play the small fee. Subsequent packages will also countries, and was accidentally posted on will. The vision of MobileMe is both
game with any song in their iPhone’s some time, but such tethering is prohibited
likely be released as their own independent by AT&T’s terms of service. The release the US store. Finally, AT&T may have exciting and ambitious, and we will press
library. Unfortunately, Apple prohibits any games, as Apple does not currently offer a really changed its mind, but it seems on to make it a service we are all proud of
developer from accessing the iPhone’s of NetShare seemed to indicate (albeit
way for developers to sell new content briefly) that AT&T had changed its mind unlikely that they’d pass up the chance to by the end of this year." We'll see about
library with a native application, so from within an application. tack one more fee on our data plans. that! Read| Permalink| Email this|
Tapulous has been forced to come up with on the matter.
Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because Now, users who try to download the Crunch Network: CrunchBoard because Comments
a different way to introduce new content to it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0 it’s time for you to find a new Job2.0
the game. For the time being they’re application are told that it is no longer
available in their country. So what

NBC Launches On-Demand Olympic Coverage In HD

By Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch) watching before the download finishes) kick off until August 8, NBC has already integrated into Media Center’s main panel.
Submitted at 7/31/2008 4:39:14 PM
and will be in “up to HD” quality. posted footage of Olympic trials. Once the Users can also visit this TVTonic page,
Unfortunately, the video downloads will games begin, NBC expects to have the and the content will be available directly
NBC has launched its online video hub only be available on Windows machines footage available around 12 hours after from NBCOlympics.com beginning next
for the 2008 Olympics, which features free running Windows Media Center - once each competition (which shouldn’t be too week. You can read more about the service
on-demand video for over 20 sports. In again Mac users are left in the cold, likely annoying given the time difference). at the TVTonic blog post here.
order to maximize quality, the videos are because of DRM issues (and the fact that Microsoft is participating in the Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over
available as downloads (you can start Lenovo and Microsoft are sponsors). While the Olympic ceremonies don’t partnership, so access to the videos will be the sexiest new gadgets and hardware.
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New Recommendation Judge In Jammie Thomas

System = 40 Percent More Trial Seems Likely To
Diggs Declare A Mistrial
By Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) it would have written the law to make it
Submitted at 7/31/2008 1:28:27 PM Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:35:05 AM
clear that "making available" was
infringement. Since it did not, it seemed
One month after launching its new In the ongoing saga of the Jammie likely that Congress did not intend for the
recommendation system, Digg is already Thomas trial, where the RIAA tried to get law to be read as the RIAA wants it to be Stewart Copeland
reporting positive results. Digg its first serious victory in court against an read (have no fear, of course, because as
recommends stories based on other alleged file sharer, things may be looking a we speak you can rest assured that composes BlackBerry Bold
members with similar voting patterns and bit grim for the RIAA's argument. While it RIAA/MPAA lobbyists are working to get soundtrack with negative
interests. Chief scientist Anton Kast writes initially gloated after winning the case, the the law changed on this point).
on the Digg Blog: judge later admitted that he may have Of course, whoever loses this ruling will effects
- Digging activity is up significantly: the made a"manifest error of law" in saying appeal, this case is far from over. It will go
total number of Diggs increased 40% after that the RIAA did not need to prove actual through a series of appeals to determine By Joshua Topolsky (Engadget)
launch. infringement -- but that showing Thomas whether or not the whole "making Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:50:00 PM
- The Recommendation Engine is running had "made available" content was good available" aspect is distribution, and then
strong: at any given point in time, the Digg started out as a haven for hardcore enough. While both the MPAA and the even after that's settled there are numerous Filed under: Cellphones
system is generating over 54 Million techies, but has branched out. RIAA tried to explain why actual proof of other points that Thomas is likely to appeal You know how Stewart Copeland plays
Recommendations, with the average The recommendation system is designed infringement shouldn't be necessary (assuming the case is still going). What I that insanely slick triplet hi-hat part in
Digger having nearly 200 to, in effect, help Diggers carve out their because it's just too difficult (the gist of don't understand is why Thomas and her "Message in a Bottle," and every time you
Recommendations from an average of 34 own niche communities again. If you their arguments), it appears that the judge lawyer haven't also appealed over the fact hear it you wonder how it's possible for
“Diggers like you”. happen to like tech industry news, you will is not at all persuaded by their arguments that the RIAA later admitted that a key him to stay so perfectly in time? And you
- Friend activity/friends added is up 24%. see stories from other like-minded Diggers. and seems quite likely to declare a mistrial. witness lied on the stand concerning a key know how his drums fit so perfectly in the
- Commenting is up 11% since launch. If you prefer politics or sports, you’ll get In the hearing today, the RIAA's lawyer point over the legality of making personal pocket with Sting and Andy Summers on
Digg’s recommendation engine takes a those stories. And if you like a basically argued the same point: that copies of music you bought. That would pretty much anything The Police ever
Last.fm approach to finding people’s combination, the system will grab because it's too difficult to obtain evidence, seem to also be an important point. touched despite the fact they all hated each
whose tastes overlap with yours and then recommendations from each appropriate evidence shouldn't be necessary. The judge Permalink| Comments| Email This Story other? Well, Copeland's "soundtrack" for
suggesting stories they’ve Dugg up but that bucket. responded by pointing out that if Congress the BlackBerry Bold-- commissioned by
you’ve missed. It is collaborative filtering At least, that is how it is supposed to really intended for that to be the case, then RIM -- should rid you of all of those
for news. work in theory. The recommendations amazing memories real fast. The drummer
As Digg becomes more mainstream, it seem decent. But I personally haven’t provided six ringtones, an alarm sound,
needs technologies such as this to bring it noticed anything that really strikes home. and a Bold "theme" for the company's new
back to its glory days when everybody was Over time, it should get better. device, yet not one of them is remotely
interested in the same niche categories. Crunch Network: MobileCrunch Mobile pleasant to listen to. In a word or two?
Social recommendations work best when Gadgets and Applications, Delivered They stink.
they are extracted from niche communities Daily. [Via CrackBerry; Photo courtesy of
who are obsessive about one or two topics. spisharam] Read| Permalink| Email this|

AV8OR Multi-Function Display works well on highways, friendly skies

By Darren Murph (Engadget) out there looking for the best of both display ought to be large enough for most.
Submitted at 8/4/2008 11:48:00 AM
worlds, take notice. Bendix/King's 'Course, the $749 price tag will likely keep
AV8OR is a self-proclaimed handheld most non-pilots at bay, but those thinking
Filed under: GPS Multi-Function Display, which gives pilots of picking up an ultralight aircraft probably
Okay, so the vast majority of you won't "enhanced situational awareness" by won't flinch at such a comparatively
be needing a navigation unit that also providing "real-time satellite weather minute figure. Read| Permalink| Email this|
provides pertinent information while information, topographic terrain and Comments
cruising several thousand feet above your aeronautical navigation information." capabilities suitable for ground
nearest freeway, but for the amateur pilots You'll also find more traditional GPS transportation routes, and the 4.3-inch
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BlackBerry Bold
now available -- in
More details leak on AMD's Fusion Chile
By Chris Ziegler (Engadget)
Micron announces insanely quick platform, Fusion now officially the Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:54:00 PM

RealSSD C200 SSDs Palm OS II of CPUs Filed under: Cellphones, Handhelds

Movistar's Chilean outpost has now
become -- somewhat surprisingly, may we
By Thomas Ricker (Engadget) write speeds -- yes, that's fast, damn fast By Joshua Topolsky (Engadget) an ATI RV800 GPU, and a footprint of
add -- the very first carrier in the world to
when you consider the 70MBps write and Submitted at 8/4/2008 3:53:00 PM
just 40nm. Another chip, codenamed launch the BlackBerry Bold and put it into
Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:40:00 PM
90MBps read speeds of Samsung's latest "Falcon," will debut in 2010 at a 32nm subscribers' hands. The carrier's making
Filed under: Storage Filed under: Desktops, Laptops size, based around a platform known as
consumer oriented SSDs. They even best In yet more news about the perpetually sure everyone knows what a coup they've
Intel's partner in solid state crime, the listed read speeds of Samsung's top- "Bulldozer," and will be launched to managed to pull off, too, proudly
Micron, just announced an update to its ender. Unfortunately, no prices were given forthcoming Fusion CPU / GPU combos combat Intel's 32nm offering. Of course,
from AMD, new details have been leaked we've been hearing about these chips since proclaiming "FIRST ONES IN THE
RealSSD lineup of SSDs. Based on the (though it's said to be "balanced price to WORLD" with a red banner draped across
typically slower (and cheaper) MLC performance"), but we should expect 'em regarding the chips' sizes, configurations, 2006, so we're not exactly on the edge of
and other bits of insufferably tedious the Bold's image on Movistar's site. Pricing
NAND process technology, the new 2.5- to hit the market in Q4 under the Lexar our seats hearing new details of what seems a little high at 299,990 Chilean
inch (up to 256GB) laptop and 1.8-inch brand, and maybe even Seagate and Intel details that only Professor Frink could essentially amounts to vaporware. Read|
truly love. According to this latest report, Permalink| Email this| Comments pesos (about $588) on a two-year contract,
(32GB to 128GB) ultra-portable storage for all we know. Read| Permalink| Email but hey, you've gotta pay to play; just how
slabs offer a 3Gbps SATA interface and this| Comments the "first" Fusion processor will be called
"Shrike," sport a dual-core Phenom CPU, badly do you want to be one of the first
ridiculous 250MBps read and 100MBps people on the face of the planet ( John
Mayer notably excepted) to put this thing
Obscura Digital projects multi-touch "hologram," blows all sorts of minds to use?
[Via Engadget Spanish] Read| Permalink|
By Joshua Topolsky (Engadget) demo which combines their proprietary and see the work in all its mind-bending Email this| Comments
Submitted at 8/4/2008 5:25:00 PM
multi-touch software with Musion's glory.
Eyeliner 3D holographic projection Continue reading Obscura Digital
Filed under: Misc. Gadgets system. Like that BMW installation we projects multi-touch "hologram," blows all
The creative cats and kittens at Obscura saw recently, this is one of those odd sorts of minds Read| Permalink| Email this|
Digital have put together a stunning piece combinations of technology and art which -- so check out the video after the break Comments
of performance art / data manipulation is best seen in action rather than described
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So, That’s Why Google

Bought Russian Ad
Company Begun
By Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/25/2008 5:50:42 AM

The 140 million dollars that Google

dished out for Russian contextual ad
company Begun now seems rather cheap,
Fujitsu's Lifebook U2010 headed to the given their fantastic financial results for
the first half of 2008.
US as the U820 As reported by Profy, Begun has had
25% higher profits in the first two quarters
By Joshua Topolsky (Engadget) shores as the U820. The device actually of 2008 than in the entire 2007. Add to that
gets a bump in the screen department, the 173.000 publishers (an increase of
Submitted at 8/4/2008 2:24:00 PM 30.000 over last year) in Begun’s roster
Filed under: Laptops
featuring a 1280 x 800 display as opposed
to the previous specs we had detailing a iPhone 2.0.1 now available through and it’s obvious that this company is on
track to completely corner the huge
If you've been squirming around like 1024 x 600 touchscreen. Hit the read link
you've got ants in your pants wondering if to learn pretty much everything you could iTunes Russian contextual advertising market.
In other words, Begun was ripe for
Fujitsu's tiny Lifebook U2010 was going ever hope to know about the laptop... and
to make its way Stateside -- feel free to then some. By Nilay Patel (Engadget) now, we'll let you know how things turn acquisition; it probably needed funds to be
relax. Word on the street -- and from the [Thanks, Will O.] Read| Permalink| Email Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:20:00 PM
out -- won't you do the same? able to sustain its quick growth, and on the
FCC -- is that the diminutive and this| Comments Update: Well, it took its sweet time to other hand it showed huge potential. The
convertible laptop will come to our fair Filed under: Cellphones install, but things seem a little tighter and question is, how do Microsoft, AOL and
Well, finally. iPhone firmware 2.0.1 has snappier all around. We'll give it a day or others always manage to miss chances like
just been released by Apple, and we're so of actual usage before we pronounce this one, while Google always seems to
hoping it solves the myriad problems things A-OK, though -- how's it going for snag them at the exactly right time?
introduced by 2.0: crashing apps, you? Check out the press release (in Russian)
interminable keyboard delays, choppy [Thanks to everyone who sent this in] here.
scrolling -- you know what we're talking Permalink| Email this| Comments ---
about. We're pulling down the 250MB file Related Articles at Mashable! - The
Social Networking Blog:
Sonos ZonePlayer ZP120 and ZP90 leak out Google Buys Russian Contextual Ad
Service Begun
By Nilay Patel (Engadget) which feature MIMO antennas for Mozilla Financial Report Shows its
Submitted at 8/4/2008 2:50:00 PM
extended range. Just as in the current Increasing Importance to Google
lineup, the £249 ZP90 is a receiver only, Google Adds Picasa Images to Search
Filed under: Home Entertainment There's while the £349 ZP120 features a built-in YouPorn Blocked by Google.de
no official word on the wires, but we don't amp in a package 43 percent smaller than Google Announces Financial Results;
think Stuff.tv has a particularly good the ZP100. Should be available soon, Revenue Up 57 Percent
reason to fake press shots of new Sonos Brits say Sonos is set to unveil two new separately or in the £699 BU150 bundle. The Daily Poll: What’s Wrong at
gear, so we'll give 'em the benefit of the ZonePlayers, the ZP120 and ZP90, both of Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments Google?
doubt until we hear otherwise -- the cheeky Ien Cheng Switches FT With Google
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Old Media Deathrace 5000

By Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins no new technology to hasten its death.
(Mashable!) But the fact remains that new
Submitted at 7/25/2008 1:36:37 AM
technologies like smartphones and other
pocket devices coupled with the impending
I know there’s a good portion of you that ubiquity of wireless Internet access makes
are going to instantly groan at the headline, things look pretty bleak.
either because it’s a territory that’s been I say that, and I can almost hear Steven
hashed out a number of times from a Hodson’s voice cracking as he crankily
number of different angles or because reminds me that impending ubiquity of
you’re one of those folks who simply access is anything but certain (most likely
doesn’t believe there are such thing as because he reminds me once a week on
“killer” technology (I’ve had that Elite Tech News). He makes a compelling
conversation with a few folks recently). case for it, but recent news like the coming
But Duncan Riley put out an interesting, embedded “Internet Chips” from Intel as
if not provocative, editorial this evening VentureBeat reported on the other day
entitled “Television will be the first makes me think otherwise.
traditional media medium to fall.” Here’s the thing that really makes radio’s
Personally, I have always felt that radio future look particularly bad compared to
would be the first to falter, though in a incapable of killing old technology (you argument. Quality journalism can and the past here in my editorials on the the rest - the record labels. Talk radio is
neck-and-neck race with newsprint, but certainly don’t see a lot of eight-tracks for does take place outside of newsprint, and subject: the “ veg-factor.” very ably making the transition to
Duncan Riley puts some new stats to work sale these days, and photograph developing for a much greater profit. Some traditional To illustrate the veg-factor, think about podcasting and other forms of online audio
in support the prediction today: is quickly becoming a thing of the past). text journalism outfits may realize this and the type of media consumption you do in entertainment media types, but the record
The television switch off is real. In the But we’re seeing a lot more rapid make the transition. Most won’t. the morning, while you’re getting the kids labels have very famously dug in their
United States, 2.5 million viewers detioration taking place in the music and Disclosure: I may be particularly ready for school, or fixing breakfast in the heels and made it next to impossible for
switched off in the spring on 2008 radio business than we’re seeing even in negative towards newspaper futures due to morning while you’re getting ready for broadcasters to adapt their business models
compared to the same time in 2006. newspaper and television. It’s an the fact that in a previous life I consulted work. Morning show format news-ish for the online environment using popular
Statistically this is only a small percentage interesting deathrace between the for several newspapers in their New Media programs are designed for this low- music.
of the overall viewing audience, but among industries, and it’s difficult to call a efforts. In my experience they’re generally engagement, veg-factor consumption. Given that, it isn’t surprising to see radio
those still watching television, the amount ‘winner’ to the finish line. not a very forward thinking bunch. They’re, in large part, designed to be clinging the hardest to their dying business
of television they watch each day is Newspaper death watch. TV death and destruction. background noise that delivers some models. I predicted back in December that
declining. For instance, newspaper decline is As I said, Duncan makes a compelling entertainment and utility to your morning. we’d see an end to at least one major
The decline in television viewing is largely financial in nature. Certainly, point for the impending doom of Likewise, in the evening, you come record label this year, and I stick by that
stronger among younger statistical groups. when you’re talking about business, that’s television, and I’d go even further than he home from work, you switch on the TV assessment. Given that the mainstream
In Europe, a 2005 study from the European the most important factor to measure a in my prognostications of doom for the and catch the local news or a Seinfeld re- record labels are so integral to traditional
Interactive Advertising Association found media type’s life span. Is that what we’re media type. Again, like I said regarding the run, and leave the TV on through Wheel of radio’s survival (and their demise is key to
almost half of 15- to 24-year-olds are really talking about here, though? The newspaper business, when you’re talking Fortune or whatever reality program du online radio’s ascendence), I think it’s now
watching less TV in favor of browsing the death of the media type or the changing of about the death of a media, you’re jour is on this season. Most people won’t more than ever we should be looking to
web. A study reported in The Guardian in the guard in terms of the dominant potentially talking about two things: either even touch the remote until prime-time traditional radio as the first to die off.
2007 headlined with “Young networkers companies behind them. In either event, the media type itself or the industries starts. That’s the veg-factor in action. ---
turn off TV and log on to the web.” The newsprint and text delivery of news is behind that media production. Very simply, no one is doing this for the Related Articles at Mashable! - The
television switch off in the United States increasingly being dominated by online In this situation I think it’s silly to say set-top box experience. Until there is a one Social Networking Blog:
among younger people has seen the blogs and news portals. Circulation may be we’ll stop watching video in our -to-one equivalent for this, you won’t see a 5000 Phone Calls in 48 Hours
average age of a TV viewer increase to 50. technically up, but revenues for the livingrooms on television sets. Where the complete replacement for television. Mark Cuban Joins the 5000 Club
The stats are compelling, and certainly companies that resist the transition to video that plays on those sets comes from Radio apocalypse. Inc Magazine’s LinkedIn for Corporate
point to an uncertain future for Old Media online delivery are most decidedly down. is very likely to change very soon. Just The radio business has been even more Elite
television, particularly in the face of the Wise newspaper publications are yesterday I talked about a very clear path dominated in recent years by mega- Collective Media Acquires Personifi
ever increasing volume of studies showing managing some sort of a transition to an for Netflix and Roku to make a play for the conglomorates and mergers. With this has Be a Digg Rockstar with Social Media
that pretty soon we’ll be watching video online revenue, but most companies that livingroom very soon, but they’re come the ‘Clearchannel approach,’ that has Firefox Extension
online more than we’ll be sleeping. have their base in serialized news in the obviously not the only ones competing for driven almost all radio towards a formula Specific Media Acquires AdViva
Duncan goes on to say that while printed form still have problems adjusting eyeballs. TiVo, Apple, and a cadre of for profit. Anecdotally, this was hashed out HubLove Contest: Your Clue Inside
newsprint and radio have some harrowing to the new formats that we in the blogging other set-top device manufacturers are recently in the comments of an editorial I
times ahead of them, they’ll survive. At business take for granted. working on taking real-estate in your recently wrote about the impending doom
least, for now. Duncan is very positive that newspapers entertainment center. for radio at the hands of the iPhone’s on
I’m not sure that I agree that TV is the will always go the distance because of the Traditional television has something that demand music applications. Sean and I
first to go, though. Certainly Duncan need for quality journalism. Unfortunately no set-top box solution has tackled or talked about this the other day, and the
makes a compelling case, and I’m not one (at least for the newspaper industry) I don’t mastered yet (aside from coverage of live argument is compelling that radio is doing
of those folks who thinks new technology see this as a particularly convincing sporting events), and I’ve talked about it in a decent job of killing itself, and requires
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Why I Love Corporate Blogs (And You Firefox Plugin socialbrowse

Should Too) Expands Commenting
By Don Reisinger (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/25/2008 8:50:56 AM
I don’t love corporate blogs because they
spread propaganda – that’s a guarantee that
you should be aware of before you head to
Features (400 Invites)
It seems that everywhere I look, there’s the site – or because they tend to gloss By Kristen Nicole (Mashable!)
someone telling us why corporate blogs are over some of the less glowing facts. I love Submitted at 7/25/2008 8:01:37 AM
not only a waste of time if you’re looking corporate blogs because at the very least,
for something to read, but they offer no they provide a human element to socialbrowse, the Firefox plugin that lets hover over them, so you can get an at-a-
value and should be taken down as soon as something that is devoid of emotion, you surf the Web in a link-sharing social glance view of the details behind each
possible. understanding, and personality. manner, has just re-released its service icon; who submitted the link, and what
The detractors claim corporate blogs lack On top of that, I love corporate blogs with a couple of major new features. The friends have contributed to the comments
transparency, fail to adapt to the changing because they’re the easiest way to file a Y Combinator-backed startup as been in thread. Similar to the concept now being
times, and generally play the PR game entertaining companies in the corporate complaint and tell more than a recording or private beta for some time, and will remain employed by JS-Kit, the act of turning
without ever admitting issues or entering blogging space. a customer service agent that something is in private beta for a little while longer, but comments into a more visual and social
into a discussion with the reader. These blogs, much like countless others wrong. In a matter of seconds, you can file those users testing the service will be able component of Web surfing is a budding
I think that’s pure rubbish. from companies across vastly different a complaint in the comments and if people to access and utilize its new features (get function that can be leveraged for all sorts
Sure, most of these corporate blogs play industries, may not offer something agree, they’ll jump on the bandwagon and your invite below). of things.
the PR game and would rather tell you how compelling with each post and sometimes in one fell swoop, your singular issue The new features revolve around the While socialbrowse uses these comments
wonderful they are than how awful they’ve they’re nothing more than an extension of becomes a major problem and someone social sharing capabilities that on a more internal basis and JS-Kit acts as
performed over time, but who cares? Do the PR team, but even the most self- will be forced to listen. socialbrowse has already laid out. The first a centralizing factor for comments you
you really go to a corporate blog looking adulating blogs tend to offer some I understand that most people look at new feature supports in-page commenting, leave across the Web, they both result in a
for the company to bash itself? I seriously entertaining and extremely informative corporate blogs as nothing more than which allows you to leave comments on a useful capacity for direct and indirect
doubt the shareholders would be too happy posts that not only act as the backbone for another propaganda machine, but I don’t. link you’re visiting without having to leave marketing and recommendations. JS-Kit
with that. news stories, but for shareholder Sure, they’re inundated with useless crap the page. Submitting a comment, just as has already begun to expound upon its
Instead, corporate blogs provide me with consumption as well. from time to time, but I see them as more with a shared link, will broadcast your features for the use of third-party sites like
some insider knowledge into what’s really Who can forget Palm CEO Ed Colligan’s than a place for a company to write things content across the Web in real time. evite, and Socialbrowse being the existing
going on behind the scenes at some of response to Engadget’s open letter? Who about itself. Corporate blogs give you Comment icons will also appear on pages community that it is can begin to leverage
these companies. And while some make else finds value in Garmin’s answers to clues about the organization’s culture, its you visit so you and your friends will its capabilities in different ways, which
the complaint that transparency is an issue reader questions? How about Zillow’s people, and why (right or wrong) most of immediately be able to see the connection will be interesting to observe as
and corporate blogs keep things guarded, celebrity listings that show you how much its employees believe in what they’re between your own activity and that of your Socialbrowse continues beta testing and
most corporate blog posts are actually some of your favorite celebrities’ homes doing. friends. moves into a more public space.
quite transparent if you read between the are worth? And if you ask me, there’s nothing An interesting visual tool accompanies socialbrowse is offering Mashable
lines. See, it’s not that I love corporate blogs wrong with that. the socialbrowse sidebar, offering a very readers 400 invites. Click here to get
Is the company trying to hide something because they only talk about a company, [Image credit: Wyetha Lipford( direct and internally circular view of the yours.
when it uses some clever language and but I love corporate blogs because they attribution)] Web as well as your own browsing ---
side steps some major issues? Is the give a company some personality and they --- behavior. This of course can be turned into Related Articles at Mashable! - The
company saying something different than offer you some insight (no matter how Related Articles at Mashable! - The immediate recommendations as well as Social Networking Blog:
it’s writing by including some innuendos? guarded) into the people behind an Social Networking Blog: useful information regarding a particular Web 2.0 Invites for July 1st, 2008
These are the questions you need to ask organization that seems so cold and LinkedIn Launches Corporate Blog site that may be more difficult or time- Web 2.0 Invites for July 4th, 2008
when you read a corporate blog and calculating. What Would You Ask Robert Scoble? consuming to find otherwise via New RealPlayer Now Available for
generally, the answer is yes. Lest we forget, tech companies are A Peek Behind The Curtain Of The standalone bookmarking sites. This Download
That said, not all corporate blogs are moneymaking machines. Sure, some may Purchase Of MySQL capability also ties in closely with 20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites
created equal. Zillow has a great blog and not turn the kind of profit Microsoft does Microsoft Exec Fired for Company socialbrowse’s second major new upgrade, Firefox 3 Beta 3, Now Available for
Garmin has done a fantastic job of adding and others don’t seem to have their finger Violations the embedded icon expansion option. Download
some personality to an otherwise vanilla on the pulse of consumers like Apple, but YouTube and CBS Censoring Comments Icons that display on pages as you surf Apple’s iPhone to Hit Stores June 29th?
landscape. Twitter has a nicely informative each is managed by individuals with Blogging’s 10th Birthday: Your 10 the Web, indicating comments and shared Wordpress 2.3 Released
blog now that it’s trying to have a dialogue unique identities and something interesting Favorite Blogs? links, can now be expanded when you
with its users and explain its issues and to say – if we’ll listen. CoComment is The Best Web 2.0
Google is easily one of the most Service Launched This Year
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Web 2.0 21

Thanks to This Week’s Sponsors Streamfile Simplifies On-

By Tamar Weinberg (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/25/2008 3:06:35 AM

Thanks to this week’s advertisers and

Demand File Sharing (The
partners for helping us grow to be the #1
social news blog in the world. Advertise
with us and get noticed.
Startup Review)
Help us to help you. Mashable is seeking By Paul Glazowski (Mashable!)
out site sponsors for our large diverse Submitted at 7/25/2008 10:10:48 AM
audience — social media users, venture Editor’s Note: This post is part of an
capitalists, PR people, developers, ongoing series at Mashable - The Startup
bloggers, and many more. You’ll receive whom the package is from), and begin
Review, Sponsored by Sun Microsystems “streaming.”
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STARTUP DETAILS: modern transmission options of today,
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This week, our valued sponsors are emerging startup with revolutionary
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and Userplane. CEO’s Pitch: Streamfile.com allows
On September 7 through 9th, 2008, be the use of proprietary software at either
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IDrive is a leading Consumer and Small
22 Web 2.0 TV* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Twitter’s Communication And This is Why China is

Classification (video) Every Internet Company’s
By Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins
Submitted at 7/24/2008 7:42:19 PM
Wet Dream
By Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
Last Friday, our resident cranky fart
Steven Hodson posited that Twitter wasn’t, Submitted at 7/25/2008 1:38:14 AM

in fact, a status micro-blogging utility but According to the latest government data,
in fact a communictations tool most China now has 253 million Internet users,
closely resembling instant messaging. due to recent sharp growth - 56 percent
Certainly when I’m attempting to explain from last year. The inevitable has
Twitter to newbies, that is the easiest way happened: China now has more Internet
to explain it, but quite a few of you users than the USA, which is at 223.1 Four More SummerMashes,
Mashable readers took exception to the
characterization. As of the time of this as a lifestreaming tool).
million with 71% online penetration. The
fact that the Chinese government is
Eight More Chances to Win
writing, the debate still rages on with the Also on today’s program is another exercising very strict control and Tickets to SXSWi in 2009!
comment count in the triple digit range. exciting episode from the SummerMash censorship over internet use has
From Steven’s editorial: tour, this from the San Francisco tour stop immensely slowed down the growth of
By Tamar Weinberg (Mashable!)
It amazes me how anyone in all with a conversation with the FiltrBox Internet use in this country, but when Submitted at 7/25/2008 7:25:08 AM
seriousness can even consider the inane folks(who we had on Mashable you’ve got a population of over 1.3 billion, Internet, financially the Chinese market
twaddle that permeates the Internet from Mashable is headed on its second leg of
Conversations recently ourselves). even a relatively small fraction of it is will not catch up as fast as it could, but the Summer Tour, beginning with Austin,
services like Twitter as even coming close You can check it all out by downloading enough to become a global leader. with a little (inevitable) westernization and
to blogging or micro-blogging. Has anyone followed by Miami, Boston, and ending at
the MP4, subscribing to our feed, or Yes, the really amazing thing is the fact a little globalization it’ll get there, and New York City. During each of these
really paid attention to what is being said watching the embed below. that the online penetration is China is mere every online firm will want a slice of the
on Twitter these days – that is if you can SummerMashes, attendees have a chance
Never Miss an Episode! 19.1 percent, way, way lower than the pie. This one growing market might be to score some sweet tickets to Austin’s
make it through the growing amount of Get the Mashable Conversations podcast USA and most European countries. more important than most other world’s
spam that is occurring. Sure micro- hottest interactive festival. That’s right, the
here(video feed). Financial facts are even more revealing: markets put together. nice folks behind South by Southwest are
blogging is a valid term when used to Get the Mashable Conversations podcast total revenues for all of China’s internet ---
describe things like tumblr or posterous but giving away two tickets per city to SXSWi
here(audio feed). companies was $5.9 billion in 2007 while Related Articles at Mashable! - The 2009, which will be held from March 13-
not when used to describe Twitter. --- in the U.S. online advertising revenues Social Networking Blog:
On Mashable Conversations today, Sean 17 next year.
Related Articles at Mashable! - The alone in that same year were $21.2 billion. Google Gaining on Baidu in China Be sure to sign up for the events now if
and I try to make sense of the debate and Social Networking Blog: For companies such as Google, Microsoft, Microsoft & Yahoo Sign Pact Pushing
put together what our take is on it. Sean you haven’t, because prices will go up (and
Twitter: The Evolution of Cat Blogging Yahoo and other giants, this means two Blog Censorship in China not down) for each individual
came into the discussion pretty squarely on Thingfo Adds Twitter Support to Get words: untapped potential. Skype Falling Prey to Chinese
Steven’s side, but I was a bit unconvinced. SummerMash. You could win tickets to
Mobile Integration Research firm BDA China Ltd. estimates Censorship? one of the best tech events of the year!
I’m one of those guys that views the act Twitter Takes Funding from Del.icio.us that China’s online population will keep Google China Adding 200 To Workforce
of blogging, for almost all purposes, as a ---
Investor growing by 18 percent annually - a modest China Blocks RSS Feeds Related Articles at Mashable! - The
form of conversation (even if it is Twitter Ads on the Way? estimation, considering that this growth China Becomes Largest Web Surfing
occasionally a conversation with yourself). Social Networking Blog:
Twitter is Not a Micro-Blogging Tool was 56% this year - and reach 490 million Country In The World FlashMashMeet @ Austin Airport
Thus conversation being a form of Twitter Commerce - New Trend? by 2012. The US online market suddenly Yahoo China Launches a MySpace
communication, it isn’t a leap to classify Concludes SXSWi
Fake Spanish Twitter Gets Hopes Up seems small in comparison. Due to strict Clone Chance to Win 1 of 4 tickets to Future of
Twitter in the realm of conversational tool Chinese government regulation of the
(though I’ve always tended to view it more Web Apps Miami
StubHub Ordered to Give User Info to
New England Patriots
The Next Food Network Star runner up gets a show, too Future of Web Apps Miami - Vote for 4
People to Win Tickets
By Allison Waldman (TV Squad) can spot talent when it crosses their path. I that didn't win, Adam Gertler. Now Food Future of Web Apps Miami Mini-
Submitted at 8/4/2008 1:04:00 PM
watched the finale of The Next Food Network is giving Gertler his own show. Contest Winners
Network Star and saw Aaron McCargo Jr. The program is called Will Work for Food MySites Offers Free Tickets to
Filed under: Other Reality Shows, win the title and then caught his new show and it's going to be premiering on SummerMash Events
Food/Home/DIY, Casting Even though Big Daddy's House. He was excellent and September 30 on Food Network. NFL and Ticketmaster to Take On
Food Network has had a few hiccups lately far more relaxed and appealing than he Continue reading The Next Food StubHub Next Season
especially on The Next Food Network was on the competition show. impressed with one of the two contestants Network Star runner up gets a show, too
Star, I'm happy to see that the execs still In fact, in the finale episode, I was more Permalink| Email this| | Comments
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Web 2.0 TV* 23

Mashable Rocks: Get Your Mac OS X Even American Idol's executive

Dashboard Widget producer is bored with
By Tamar Weinberg (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/24/2008 6:35:31 PM

You know you want Mashable on your

American Idol
desktop’s Dashboard — that way you can By Kona Gallagher (TV Squad)
ensure you never miss a post and see Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:00:00 PM
articles real time as we post them!
Interested? Check out Mashable’s brand Filed under: Industry, American Idol,
new Mac OS X Dashboard widget made News and Gossip, So You Think You Can
by one of our dedicated readers, Joel Then. Dance It's been several years since I've
Enjoy reading Mashable whenever you cared about the outcome of American Idol.
pull up your Dashboard, and thank you to The contestants are all starting to look the
Joel for the awesome unexpected same to me and half the time I get them
Mashable treat! ReverbNation Widget Available in confused with people on Top Model.
--- Freewebs Apparently, I'm not alone. While it's still a
Related Articles at Mashable! - The Poptopus Pays When Your Song Gets ridiculously high-rated show, Last season's
Idol did experience a ratings dip. Now,
Social Networking Blog:
WidSets Officially Launches Completely
Revamped Site
Placely’s Public Beta Launches with
New Features
even its executive producer is jumping
New TV on DVD
Kuler Could Be Adobe’s First Apollo
MuseStorm Launches Widget Tracking Nigel Lythgoe has produced Idol for
seven seasons, but according to sources,
show, it attracts a good audience and a lot
releases this week
Universal Widget API Debuts he's grown tired of the singing competition By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
and has said privately that he's "not of buzz. Plus its stars are adorably crazy,
passionate about it anymore." Instead, as opposed to Paula Abdul crazy. Which Submitted at 8/4/2008 11:01:00 AM

Lythgoe is going to spend more time with show is your favorite? Are you still
devoted to Idol, or does Dance take the Filed under: TV on DVD, Reality-Free
his other successful Fox competition show, Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores
So You Think You Can Dance. This comes formula and do it better?
Permalink| Email this| | Comments tomorrow.
on the heels of news that Fox has picked • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations-
up Dance for a 5th season. Collection 3
Even though SYTYCD is a summer • BeastMaster- The Complete Collection
• Ben 10- Season 4
The Mole: Episode 10 • Charlie and Lola- Vol. 8
• Code Monkeys- Season 1
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) Anderson Cooper), but did they have a • Doctor Who- The Time Meddler, Black
reunion finale too? If I remember Orchid, and the Five Doctors 25th
Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:22:00 PM Anniversary Collection
correctly, the game didn't end on a test and
Filed under: Other Reality Shows, OpEd, we found out who did best and who won • Family Ties- Season 4
Episode Reviews(S05E10) "You go down the money, it was actually another • Foyle's War- Set 5
the street and take a left at Jesus." - street challenge that revealed the winner and the • Get Smart- Season 1
directions to find the solution to a Mole (I think one finale challenge had • He-Man and the Masters of the
challenge them opening various doors to see who Universe- Vol. 3
At first I thought this was the season was behind it, or something like that?). • Laredo- Best of Season 2, Part 1
finale of The Mole. Then I found out that Anyway, let's get to what happened in • Lonesome Dove- Collector's Edition
it's actually next week where we found out this episode. • Masters of Science Fiction- Complete
who the Mole is and who wins the money. show laid out for us. The latter sounds Continue reading The Mole: Episode 10 Series
According to the preview for next week, great, but a reunion? I can't remember what Permalink| Email this| | Comments • Robin Hood- Season 1 (Blue-Ray) and
we'll also have a reunion of the executed the finales for the first two seasons of The Season 2
players and we'll find out how the Mole Mole were like (the ones hosted by • Star Trek- Season 2 (Remastered)
sabotaged the game and what clues the • Sunset Tan- Season 1
Also: The Smothers Brothers- Best of
Season 3 (Time-Life) was released last
Permalink| Email this| | Comments
24 TV* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

More from Keith Olbermann: Talk Talk: Ben Stiller, Dennis

Special comments, and reuniting Hopper, Harry Shearer
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
with Dan Patrick Submitted at 8/4/2008 10:03:00 AM

Filed under: Late Night, TV Royalty,

By Joel Keller (TV Squad) Programming, Celebrities, Talk Show,
Submitted at 8/4/2008 11:23:00 AM Reality-Free Here's who's on the late night
Filed under: News, Interviews, TCA shows tonight.
Press Tour, Reality-Free When I spoke to • Charlie Rose: Don Keough
Keith Olbermann at the press tour a few
weeks back, I mainly wanted to get his
• The Daily Show: Dennis Hopper
• The Colbert Report: Lucas Conley and Damages
Apples in Stereo
thoughts about the comments that Fox
News' Chris Wallace made earlier in the • The Late Show with David Letterman:
Seth Rogen and Fleet Foxes
tour. Essentially, Wallace said that
MSNBC isn't objective in its election
coverage because they have commentators
• Jay Leno: Ben Stiller and The Jonas
Brothers Ferguson: Cheryl Hines, Harry Shearer,
announced on FX
like Olbermann -- who are perceived to be • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Will Ferrell, John and Jamie Lidell By Debra McDuffee (TV Squad)
"in the tank" for Barack Obama -- serve as C. Reilly, Mel B., and Does It Offend You • Last Call with Carson Daly: Lonny Ross Submitted at 8/4/2008 8:06:00 AM
anchors. Olbermann's remarks in response Yeah? (repeat) and Flobots (yes yes yes, repeat repeat
were pointed, to say the least. • Tavis Smiley: Benjamin Bratt repeat) Filed under: Programming, Damages,
But while I had Keith poised in front of • Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Permalink| Email this| | Comments Reality-Free I've been feeling pretty
remainder of the interview is after the America Ferrera, Judd Apatow, and
my voice recorder, I wanted to ask him jump; we pick up with Olbermann talking
some questions about the origin of his Dwayne Perkins
about Wallace's "In the tank" line. • The Late, Late Show with Craig
Special Comments, how he thinks people Continue reading More from Keith
determine their perception of each of the Olbermann: Special comments, and
news networks, and what it will be like to
sit down and do highlights with his old
reuniting with Dan Patrick
Permalink| Email this| | Comments
Grant Show and the porno
SportsCenter partner Dan Patrick on
NBC's Football Night in America. The moustache
By Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
What's On Tonight: Teen Choice Awards, American Submitted at 8/4/2008 8:23:00 AM

Gladiators, The Closer Filed under: Other Drama Shows,

Celebrities, Reality-Free I can't believe it's
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) 9, followed by a new Saving Grace. gone. I've been watching for weeks now
• VH-1 has the series premiere of I Want and the damn thing has grown on me, not
Submitted at 8/4/2008 9:04:00 AM
To Work For Diddy. to mention the polyester pants and paisley
Filed under: Programming, What To • Also at 9: GSN has a new World Poker shirts. Are you lost? I'm talking about
Watch Tonight, Reality-Free Tour. Swingtown. There are but two episodes
• At 8, FOX has the Teen Choice Awards. • At 10, ABC has a new Middleman. left of the series and unless there's a
• ABC has a new High School Musical: • Food Network has a new Diners, Drive- dramatic spurt in the ratings, I don't think
Get in the Picture at 8, then a new episodes Ins, and Dives at 10. CBS is going to re-up the show. Add to
of Wanna Bet? and The Mole. • Travel Channel has a new Anthony that the fact that Grant Show has shaved
• NBC has the season finales of American Bourdain: No Reservations at 10. his moustache. That could be a signal that like, 'What the hell are you doing?' I was at
Gladiators and Nashville Star. • There's a new Monday Night RAW on • Showtime has a new Weeds at 10. Swingtown is not coming back. a restaurant the other day, and a woman
• At 9, Lifetime has the new movie The USA at 9. Check your local TV listings for more. Grant actually named the Fu-Manchu asked me if I was a porn star."
Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal. • TNT has a new episode of The Closer at Permalink| Email this| | Comments moustache, Sebastian. "[It'd] gotten out of Continue reading Grant Show and the
control. The moment they called wrap on porno moustache
the last episode, I shaved it off," he told the Permalink| Email this| | Comments
New York Times. "I feel like myself again.
People who didn't know me looked at me
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper TV* Tech Tips* 25
DAMAGES Facesaerch Engine
continued from page 24
frustrated lately that there isn't much on If you missed Damages the first time, or
Task2Gather Organizes and Finds (Mostly Famous)
TV. Burn Notice and Psych are don't-miss
shows in my house, and Middle Man is
if you just want to relive the awesomeness
that was season one, FX announced that
Stores Your Tasks Online [Task Faces [Search Engines]
watchable, but beyond that, I am not too
excited about summer shows.
What gets me excited? Damages does,
they will be airing a Damages marathon
starting Saturday, August 9 at 7:00 a.m.
Continue reading Damages marathon
Manager] By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:00:00 AM

that's for sure. The first season of Damages announced on FX By Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) you have to click on the properties box in Search engine Facesaerch displays photos
was completely amazing, and I think I Read| Permalink| Email this| | Comments Submitted at 8/4/2008 5:00:00 AM
the middle of the interface to apply the of people's faces related to your search
bemoan the fact, nearly daily, that no new name to it. Here's a screenshot: term in a Cover Flow-like interface. Built
episodes will air until 2009. Web-based project manager Task2Gather While Remember the Milk remains our
organizes your to-do list online. using Google's image search—and using
favorite personal to-do webapp, its little-known imgtype=face search
Task2Gather's interface is spartan and Task2Gather looks better suited for project
Big Brother 10: Live feeds report - August uncluttered, and accomodates projects with management among a team of co-workers.
parameter—Facesaerch is better at finding
celebrity photos than your regular Joe or
sub-tasks. You can share projects and Although Task2Gather does not currently
4 notes with other users to collaborate, as
well as assign deadlines, color code, and
have syncing with Windows Mobile or
iPhones, there is a version for both in the
Jane. However, an image search for a
gender-ambiguous name you've never
By Jackie Schnoop (TV Squad) mark off progress. Although the interface heard before—like Priti—is great way to
works. Task2Gather is a free online task figure out if it's more commonly used for
Submitted at 8/4/2008 12:23:00 PM is easy on the eyes and not hard to use manager and plans to roll out a paid men or women, and Facesaerch is the
once you create your first few projects, version with advanced features in the perfect application for that. Also, the first
Filed under: OpEd, Big Brother (US) initial use may be a little awkward. When future. Task2Gather[via Download Squad]
What the Big Brother 10 house needs is a you create a new project or task, in order to two face results for a search on
coach. Oh, wait. They have Dan! You saw rename it from New Project or New Task "Lifehacker" are spot on:
his coaching on last night's show The image associated with this post is
best viewed using a browser.
encouraging the girls in the Head of
Household competition. Whatever could
he be coaching today? Has he completed
Lessons in Concentration from 1930 Awesome.
facesaerch[via gHacks]
his latest America's Player task?
If you want to know who won the Power
Continue reading Big Brother 10: Live
Still Apply [Mind Hacks]
of Veto, whether it was used or not, if feeds report - August 4 By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) best. Great things are worked out in
Dan's latest hugging assignment has been Permalink| Email this| | Comments Submitted at 8/4/2008 7:00:00 AM
silence. Then come the flashes of
completed and more ... read on past the inspiration—the new visions. Emerson
jump. Beware -- extreme show spoilers Web site The Antiques Digest offers a tells us that "Solitude is to genius the stern
guide on concentration originally friend—the cold, obscure shelter, where
Track Your Time with LEGO published in 1930 and full of delightful old
-time language detailing a message that's
mould the wings which will bear it farther
than suns or stars." Try telling that to the
more important than ever today. The guide boss when you're negotiating your way out
Bricks [Time Tracker] suggests several aids for concentration,
like periodical relaxation (go nappers!), a
of a shared cubicle for an office with a
door. Photo by quatro.sinko. How To
By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) easily see how much work you did for any definite schedule, the right environment, Concentrate[via Tim O'Reilly]
Submitted at 8/4/2008 1:27:05 AM
given project as you recognize the colored and solitude: Solitude calls forth the mood
areas rather than time ranges (8:45-11:15). of receptivity. Only then do we get the
Software developer Michael Hunger Having the relative time shares as part of
wanted a better way to track the time he this setup helps as well. He says that the
spends on various projects throughout the fun of using his LEGO time tracker is a big
day, so he's opted to use LEGO bricks advantage—we do use systems we enjoy
(pictured) instead of software or time using—but that co-workers coming to your
sheets. Each one-line LEGO track place and disassembling your workweek is
represents one day of the workweek, and the one disadvantage.
different colored bricks correspond to On LEGO Powered Time-Tracking; My
different projects. He stacks up a wall for Daily Column[Better Software
each day to log where his time went or pre- Development]
plan the day. Hunger writes: You can
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How Dr. Horrible's Felicia Day Gets Things Done

[Exclusive Lifehacker Interview]
By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) myself. And the fan interaction, which is of geek-girl archetypes out there in Things to Do" notepads are the best way to
Submitted at 8/4/2008 2:00:00 AM
only ever one click away, is really mainstream media, other than Tina Fey. I get a handle on everyday tasks. And
fulfilling as well. tried to tailor the role to feature my best ruthless tagging of emails and bookmarks
Whether she's appearing on a prime time Lifehacker: You've got a strong presence qualities as a performer, and show the through del.icio.us saves me a lot of time
TV show, gracing the silver screen, or on several social networking sites, like world that a lead woman character doesn't and hassle.
writing, producing, and starring in her own Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and you have to be perfectly put together to be able Check out more info about The Guild
hit web series, there's no shortage of things participate in them as an authentic to carry a show. I spent years in below. Hit the Videos link to access all the
to keep actress and gamer Felicia Day user—versus someone just around to do Hollywood trying to be something I wasn't. episodes in Season 1. Day told me that
busy. Most recently she stars in Joss PR. It makes you incredibly accessible to When I finally embraced who I truly was Lifehacker inspired Vork's "widget"
Whedon's fantastic direct-to-web fans, but I imagine it leads to some serious and created a role for it, that was when I breakdown in episode 5. (Awesome.)
supervillain musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing- information overload. How do you keep up finally started feeling fulfillment. Day's in the process of writing Season 2 of
Along Blog, as Dr. Horrible's crush, with the constant onslaught of messages? Lifehacker: Your Wikipedia page says the The Guild, which will hit the web in
Penny. Since its release last month, Dr. Does one-on-one interaction with fans that even though you were accepted into late September or early October.
Horrible has legions of geeks singing in online scale? Do you have any power tips the Julliard School of Music in New York, As for the three-act, 42-minute Dr.
the shower and (re)discovering her award- or tricks for keeping up with all your social you chose to major in math at UT Austin. I Horrible, you can watch it for free right
winning web series about a group of online networks (and actually getting other work have to ask—why math over Julliard? now courtesy of Hulu or purchase it in the
gamers, The Guild. I'm thrilled Day, a self- done)? Do you think social networking is a Felicia Day: I also majored in Music at iTunes Store for $3.99. I'm embarrassed to
described "Lifehacker addict" (SQUEE), productivity killer, booster, or do you UT, so I didn't abandon it. In fact, I had a admit just how many times I've re-watched
took some time to talk with us about how
she manages her projects in Hollywood
and on the web—and finds time to play a
break even in the end?
Felicia Day: I have to prioritize because I
could whittle the whole day away
full scholarship because of the violin (one
of the reasons I chose to go there in the
first place.) Math was always something I
the Doctor. But hey! What's one more?
Finally, a pre-interview back story. I got
the chance to spend some time backstage
Trying to trim
little WoW, too.
Even if you don't recognize Felicia Day's
name, most likely you've seen her on
answering Facebook messages. I ruthlessly
schedule my time with social networks,
allotting an hour in the morning and an
loved doing but it was never an ultimate
career goal for me. I guess it was a
"fallback" degree that I happened to be
and in the green room with Day at Comic-
Com two weeks ago here in San
Diego—not as a blogger or a groupie, but
screen—check out her acting reel on
Facebook for a few clips she's appeared in.
Joss Whedon fans will recognize her from
hour in the evening to deal with all of it in
bulk. Important messages I forward to my
Gmail account, tag them and deal with
good at. In retrospect I'm very happy that
my educational background is so diverse
because as a writer and performer I have a
as Comic-Con staff. Since I was working
for the Con it was against the rules for me
to interview Day (or even hand her my
down to size
the final season of Buffy the Vampire them on weekends. I try to read every unique perspective that influences my business card or tell her about Lifehacker By tmatt
Slayer, others will know her as the gal message, but can only respond to about writing and my acting. at all), so I had to bite my tongue and Submitted at 8/4/2008 6:15:33 PM
from the cell phone commercials, but 20% of them, so any time I can answer Lifehacker: What's your favorite piece of observe her with the rest of the Dr.
savvy gamers will know her from her something publicly is a great opportunity software that you use every day and can't Horrible cast and writers quietly. I might Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn did not live the
award-winning web series, The Guild. (For to head off duplications. That's why I love live without? How about your least as well have been invisible with most of kind of life that fits easily into a 700-word
your convenience, Season 1 in its entirety Twitter. It's an amazing tool to inform a favorite? the stars I worked with that weekend, but wire service story.
is included below, right after the large number of people simultaneously. I Felicia Day: Only one favorite? Bah! :) I Day was one of the few who made eye So we should all pause and contemplate
interview.) can see why people think they are a time- couldn't live without Gmail and Google contact and chatted with me, not knowing I the challenge faced by the professionals
Here's what Day had to say when we got sink, but social networks have definitely Reader for obvious reasons, and Digsby might write about her later. who had to report, write, edit and lay out
to ask her a few of our burning questions. made my show what it is because it's easy for social network centralization. Most I was backstage with Day and the rest of those Associated Press obituaries that ran
Lifehacker: You've appeared in movies for us to deliver our content to fans and hated would be the laggy HP software that the cast before the Dr. Horrible panel at in tiny Monday newspaper editions all
and television shows as well as direct-to- communicate en-masse on a semi-personal came with my printer and Photoshop, Comic-Con. When the lights went down across America. What a thankless job.
web productions like Dr. Horrible and The level. because every time I try to do anything and Whedon got on stage to start the panel, The basic AP story by Douglas Birch
Guild. In a recent Comic-Con interview, Lifehacker: You've acted in several big with it, I ache for the time to really learn the room, which was packed with does end with this reflection on the role of
you said that you get more satisfaction out name television shows and movies, but how to use it properly! thousands of fans, erupted in ear-splitting faith in the great writer’s life:
of being on the YouTube front page than you wrote, produced, and starred in your Lifehacker: How do you stay organized screams. Day's open-mouthed, dumbstruck During the 1990s, his stalwart nationalist
on the big screen. What makes the web a web series, The Guild. What do you and keep on top of all your various expression when she heard the cheers was views, his devout Orthodoxy, his disdain
more fulfilling medium for you? prefer—writing or acting? Would you say projects? priceless. She's not used to being treated for capitalism and disgust with the tycoons
Felicia Day: Out of necessity a web your character in The Guild most closely Felicia Day: I have been a Lifehacker like a rock star, but it looks like she'd who bought Russian industries and
producer is forced to wear many different represents who you are as a person versus addict for years, in fact, some of Vork's better get used to it, fast. resources for kopeks on the ruble
hats on a day to day basis; whether it's other roles you've played because you (from the Guild) anal-retentive attitude is Follow feliciaday on Twitter to keep up following the Soviet collapse, were
navigating a new social network, installing wrote it? inspired by the site :) I have tried every with her. unfashionable. He faded from public view.
WordPress, learning about video cameras Felicia Day: I would say the end result of method imaginable to organize myself, to Are you a fan of The Guild or Dr. But during Putin’s presidency,
or doing a cast member's makeup. We're writing makes me very proud, but the varying degrees of success, and I find that Horrible? Feel free to burst into song in the Solzhenitsyn’s vision of Russia as a
inventing it as we go along. Personally, I process of acting is my joy. I created the Remember the Milk and good old- comments. bastion of Orthodox Christianity, as a
love the opportunity to constantly educate role of "Codex" because there are not a lot fashioned daily post-it notes or my "
TRYING page 27
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper 27
continued from page 26
place with a unique culture and destiny, chain for him, but with more beads. In his simply out of place — an accurate flawed Mother Russia that he loved so
gained renewed prominence. hands, each bead came to represent a statement when read in the context of later deeply?
As you would expect, the New York passage that he would repeat to himself material. Perhaps this was a copy-editing Like I said, there is just too much life
Times had a giant story ready to run about until he could say it without hesitation. mistake, while combining copy that was on here to put into a conventional news
the life of this elderly giant. And, as you Only then would he move on to the next file with new material on deadline. After account.
would expect, it is the story of a man who bead. He later wrote that by the end of his all, the background paragraphs a few lines Nevertheless, Smith provides the single
was admired by Western elites until it prison term, he had committed to memory later tell us: best image that I have seen to capture the
became apparent that he was — deep down 12,000 lines in this way. Alexander Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn was triumphs and tragedies of this sprawling
— a man driven by a deep distrust of Of course, Russian Orthodox believers born in Kislovodsk, a mountain resort in life. In fact, Smith uses the image twice, in
modernity. On one level, Solzhenitsyn’s carry rosaries as well, called “Chotki,” that the north Caucasus, on Dec. 11, 1918. His a crucial transition paragraph early on and
reputation in America and Western Europe are usually used while reciting the “ Jesus father, Isaaki, was an artillery officer in the then in a pitch-perfect ending:
never recovered from his famous 1978 Prayer” (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Imperial Russian Army in World War I. Like Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor
address at Harvard University, entitled “ A have mercy on me, a sinner). They can be He survived the war but was killed in a Dostoyevsky, the 19th century masters of
World Split Apart.” made from twine, yarn or thread and it’s hunting accident six months before his son Russian letters, his subject was considered
You see, all of that moral outrage had to safe to assume that these simple rituals was born. His mother, Taissia Scherbak, to be the struggle between good and evil in
have had an ultimate source and the Times may have already been part of his life — the daughter of a wealthy landowner, a the Russian soul. The line separating the
just couldn’t nail that down. from his childhood. In general, this kind of member of a despised class, struggled to two, he said, ran through every heart.
The story unfolds, act by act, like a faith imagery and language is woven provide for herself and her son. And at the very end:
magazine feature, about a modern-day Old throughout the piece, but never tied In 1944, she died of tuberculosis. In the opening scene of “August, 1914,”
Testament prophet — that’s an image from together. This simple paragraph says a lot Growing up, Sanya, as he was called, had a character based on his father goes to join
reporter Michael T. Kaufman — who in very few words: learned the prayers and observances of the the Army, although he might have avoided
always felt out of place in this world. He was religious. When he was a child, Russian Orthodox Church from his mother service. He gives this explanation: “I feel
The background summary of his work is older boys once ripped a cross from his and an aunt. A family friend encouraged sorry for Russia.”
stunning and must be read, especially the neck. Nonetheless, at 12, though the him in science. At 9, the boy decided on a And, through his own experiences, the
parts about how he managed to work while Communists repudiated religion, he joined career as a writer, and at 10 he read “War author said, “gradually it was disclosed to
in the deadly work camps that he exposed the Young Pioneers and later became a and Peace.” me that the line separating good and evil
to the world. Try to forget this telling member of Komsomol, the Communist Later, readers learn that Solzhenitsyn passes not through states, nor between
detail: youth organization. actually regained his Orthodox faith in the classes, nor between political parties either
. . . Mr. Solzhenitsyn was banished to a In the Washington Post obit by J.Y. crucible of pain — the labor camp. Of — but right through every human heart.”
desolate penal camp in Kazakhstan called Smith, that reference to childhood faith is course, the writer also struggled with his Of course, Solzhenitsyn knew that
Ekibastuz. It would become the inspiration missing, strangely enough. Instead, we get own sins and faults, perhaps best because he knew his own heart. Did he
for “A Day in the Life of Ivan this: symbolized by the affair that ended his learn that in Confession? Falling on his
Denisovich.” A member of the first generation to be first marriage, which he justified as a face in a Forgiveness Vespers? After three
At Ekibastuz, any writing would be raised entirely under communism, consequence of his fierce pursuit of his art. or four hours of a Divine Liturgy at
seized as contraband. So he devised a Solzhenitsyn had experienced in his life This leads to a question that none of the Pascha? Ultimately, these stories do not
method that enabled him to retain even much of what he related in his books. As a obituaries answer (at least none of the tell us how his own heart was or was not
long sections of prose. After seeing young man he was a communist in heart stories that I have seen): What was his healed.
Lithuanian Catholic prisoners fashion and soul, although he never joined the relationship to Orthodox Christianity in his Second photo: An Eastern Orthodox
rosaries out of beads made from chewed party. adult years? While he lived in the United “Chotki,” or prayer rope.
bread, he asked them to make a similar As it turns out, that paragraph was States? Upon his return to the deeply Bookmark to:
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Almost getting Humane Vitae

By Mark Stricherz revolution in general and artificial birth
Submitted at 8/2/2008 5:59:40 PM
control specifically. Its essence was
theological, not sociological:
I am remiss in not writing about coverage The central point of “Humanae Vitae”
of the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, was that each and every act of sexual
the papal encyclical that upheld the Roman intercourse had to be free of any deliberate
Catholic Church’s prohibition against effort to prevent conception.
artificial birth control and contraception. It was here that Pope Paul VI rejected the
Here’s my excuse: When I was old recommendation of his own papal
enough to read stories about this topic, commission. After extended study and
coverage of the church’s position relied debate, the commission, though heavily
heavily on ad-hominem attacks and priests weighted with conservative churchmen,
rarely explained this unpopular church concluded that the inseparability of the
teaching. I knew I would have to go back bonding and procreating aspects of human
and re-read Humanae Vitae as well as the sexuality had to be respected over the
U.S. Catholic Bishops’ 2006 document course of a marriage but not necessarily in
against artificial birth control and every instance of sexual intimacy.
contraception. (Bear with me. This Steinfels got that first part right at least.
preamble will be important later in the And while like John Allen, Jr., he strives to
post.) explain the theological basis of the
I am glad to report that coverage has encylical and church teaching, going so far
improved. Gone is the implied criticism as to quote from an interview with
that because the Pope and Vatican officials
are all single males, they have no right to
tell married couples what to do in the
Cardinal Ratzinger a decade ago, his
summary too is incomplete.
Humanae Vitae forbids Catholic couples
intimacy of their bedrooms. In fact, several
stories are serious and thoughtful. Yet I
think that none truly get religion.
from using artificial birth control for one
main reason: those who use artificial birth
control attempt to assert mastery over their
church” in
For Religion News Service, reporter
Daniel Burke wrote about Humane Vitae
and its legacy. His lede struck a fair and
own fate rather than being open to God’s
will. It casts the issue as one of control —
Man’s vs. God’s. As the encyclical states,
accurate note: [T]o experience the gift of married love By dpulliam
Some say Pope Paul VI predicted the while respecting the laws of conception is Submitted at 8/5/2008 12:46:58 AM
dangers of loosening sexual morals: to acknowledge that one is not the master
widespread divorce, disease and of the sources of life but rather the minister One of my favorite religion reporters is
promiscuity. Others say he cracked open a of the design established by the Creator. Robert King from The Indianapolis Star. A
culture of dissent that has seeped into Just as man does not have unlimited certain amount of my enjoyment reading
every corner of the church. trying not to procreate,why does Instead, Paul VI dug in. He defended dominion over his body in general, so also, his pieces comes from the fact that he
Either way, 40 years after Paul VI everything rest on the natural structure of tradition and encouraged Catholics to and with more particular reason, he has no writes about my local Hoosier Heartland
released “Humanae Vitae” on July 25, the act?” savor “the sweetness of the yoke.” Sex such dominion over his specifically sexual community, but I think I can say
1968, the papal encylical banning most In addition, Burke also gave readers the exists for the connected purposes of faculties, for these are concerned by their objectively that King generally gets
forms of birth control continues to be a historical and theological context in which unifying married couples and creating new very nature with the generation of life, of religion in his work as a journalist, and
flashpoint in the Catholic Church. Pope Paul VI wrote the encyclical. While life, Paul reasoned. Contraceptives break which God is the source I’ve heard others around the community
Throughout his story, Burke treated the Burke could have dismissed the pope’s that connection and frustrate God’s It is probably too much to expect Burke reflect similar thinking. He also knows the
encyclical seriously, as a document that perspective and rationale, he sought to designs, he said. Abstinence during a to described this theological justification Indianapolis community.
Catholics struggle with. For example, he explain it: woman’s fertile days to avoid pregnancy accurately. With its elliptical sentences and On the cover of Sunday’s Metro section,
presented what I regard as the best In July of 1968, expectations ran high for — known as “the calendar method” — is length, Humanae Vitae is no easy read. King wrote about a struggling downtown
argument against Humanae Vitae: Paul VI to at least partially allow artificial acceptable. But other forms of birth control (The Bishops’ 2006 statement is clearer United Methodist congregation that meets
Lisa Cahill said young Catholics in her contraception. The Second Vatican are “repugnant” and wrong in all and better written.) But I do think that in one of the cities many aging, beautiful
ethics classes at Boston College don’t Council had just called for lay Catholics to circumstances, Paul said. Allen and Steinfels, two prominent and historic church buildings. The church
understand why the church allows married play a larger role in the church. The now What Burke did not do, however, was Catholic thinkers, should have described is a combination of two “dying” downtown
couples to avoid pregnancy through what widely available birth-control pill offered a present the encyclical’s main argument this admittedly thorny church teaching and churches with a history in the community
the church calls “natural family planning” discreet means to avoid pregnancy. A against artificial birth control and encyclical more accurately. that spans more than 125 years, as King
but not by other means. leaked press report hinted that a Vatican conctraception. As Peter Steinfels notes, Bookmark to: notes later in the article. (Also see
“The arguments don’t really fit together committee studying the ban favored ending Humanae Vitae was not at its heart a accompanying photo gallery of one of the
coherently,” she said. “As soon as you it. warning against the evils of the sexual
concede that it is moral to have sex while
“EMERGING page 31
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 29

Journalists ignore life’s beginnings

By Mark Stricherz
Submitted at 8/1/2008 3:52:21 PM

Two major newspapers published front-

page stories yesterday about a proposed
Bush Administration rule that would seek
to protect health-care workers to not
provide abortions, or contraceptive devices
they regard as tantamount to abortion. The
proposal would deny federal funding to
any hospital, clinic, health plan, or other
entity that does not give employees a right
to refuse to participate on conscience
In The Wall Street Journal, reporter
Stephanie Simon focused on the
potentially far-reaching effects of the rule.
A Cardinal
Her lede began this way:
Set aside the fraught question of when
human life begins. The new debate: When
does pregnancy begin?
in full —
The Bush Administration has ignited a
furor with a proposed definition of
pregnancy that has the effect of classifying
well, almost
some of the most widely used methods of By Mark Stricherz
contraception as abortion. Submitted at 8/4/2008 3:45:09 PM
A draft regulation, still being revised and As I wrote a few months ago, I appreciate
debated, treats most birth-control pills and any serious newspaper profile of the local
intrauterine devices as abortion because Catholic bishop or cardinal. Not to bash
they can work by preventing fertilized eggs my hometown press unnecessarily, but I
from implanting in the uterus. The In South Dakota, abortion doctors must care, critics say. Or consider the definition in Columbia
tell patients — whatever their stage of Simon and Stein could not ignore writing Encyclopedia: don’t remember the Bay Area media in the
regulation considers that destroying “the 1980s or ’90s ever doing so. And this in a
life of a human being.” pregnancy — that they will be about the rule’s political and legal Among humans, the developing young is
“terminating the life of a whole, separate, implications. But their exclusive focus on known as an embryo until eight weeks region where not too long ago, the San
Later, Simon elaborated about the Francisco bishop could name the city’s
politics of the proposed rule as well as that unique, living human being” with whom them gave readers an incomplete and following conception, after which time it is
they have an “existing relationship.” In misleading picture. They glossed over the described, until birth, as a fetus. police chief or captain of the fire
of other similar state measures: department.
With its expansive definitions, the draft Colorado, voters this fall will weigh a state biological aspects of the rule. And Simon Not all authorities agree with this precise
constitutional amendment that would used scare quotes to describe human definition. For example, the American So I read with interest The Boston
bolsters a key goal of the religious right: to Globe’s profile of Boston Cardinal Sean
give single-cell fertilized eggs full rights confer full personhood on fertilized eggs, biology— “the life of the human being” Heritage Dictionary and Oxford University
as well as embryos and fetuses. And and “unborn child.” define an embryo as that which begins at O’Malley. Reporter Michael Paulson gave
by defining them as legal people — or, as readers a many-sided portrait of O’Malley.
some activists put it, “the tiniest boys and embryonic stem-cell research is restricted As I wrote last December, embryologists implantation. Yet this definition relies on
through a variety of state and federal and biologists have reached a rough an exception to the rule: the case of twins Whether his portrait was full, let alone
girls.” complete, is another question.
As long as Roe v. Wade remains in effect policies. consensus about when human life begins. or triplets, etc. In those cases, the first
In The Washington Post, reporter Rob In the vast majority of cases, an individual human life begins at fertilization, and the One virtue of the story was its
and abortion remains legal, that goal can’t presentation of reality from O’Malley’s
be fully realized. But in recent years, Stein also focused on the political and human life begins at the end of fertilization second when the embryo splits or divides.
legal effects of the rule: or conception. Yet the life is undoubtedly human. point of view. Paulson sat down with the
abortion opponents have scored notable Cardinal for an interview, and this allowed
successes. For instance: Several states now Because of its wide scope and because it Take the definition in Brittanica Concise It’s fine for reporters to write about the
would — apparently for the first time — Encyclopedia: law and politics. But when it comes to bio- him to portray O’Malley intimately and on
define a fertilized egg as a legal person — his own terms, which are religious and
an “unborn child” — for purposes of fetal define abortion in a federal regulation as In humans, the organism is called an ethical issues, they also need to write about
anything that affects a fertilized egg, the embryo for the first seven or eight weeks the biology. Avoiding the topic is simply a spiritual. ( Check out his blog.) His lede is
homicide laws, which allow criminal a good example:
prosecution when a woman miscarries as a regulation could raise questions about a after conception, after which it is called a journalistic sin of omission.
broad spectrum of scientific research and fetus. Bookmark to: Some bishops would have attended an
result of an assault. anniversary celebration. Others would
have held a public Mass. Cardinal Sean P.
O’Malley skipped town, checked into a
monastery, and prayed.

CARDINAL page 32
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Church conversions to condos

By dpulliam any property sale lies with Cardinal Sean
Submitted at 8/2/2008 1:29:03 PM
P. O’Malley.
“In general, the cardinal likes to hear
To my great satisfaction, a journalist has about things that are here to help people,”
given serious coverage to the religious Peterson said.
angle in the ongoing story of old churches Even if that includes luxury condos,
being converted to new condos. Kathy some priced at over $1 million.
McCabe of The Boston Globe does an “It is providing someone with housing,”
excellent job of wading into the religious said Peterson.
and spiritual significance of sacred places Yes, the church is providing someone
of worship being converted into high-end with housing. The White House also
condo buildings. provides someone with housing.
I have fussed about this twice this year Okay, enough of my sarcasm. There is
(see Chicago Tribune here and Religion also a beautiful photo gallery that goes
News Service here): the religious and with the story, which appears in the
spiritual angle in these stories does not get newspaper’s real estate section. Overall, I
enough attention. The RNS was a great get the sense that McCabe understands that
improvement over the Tribune, but The faith is important and that these churches
Globe asks some questions that have gone as sacred places matter.
unanswered until now: The one angle that I am still hoping for
When developer Tony Pace had the journalists to cover here is the community
chance to turn the 100-year-old former perspective. Once a church and its
Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ipswich community has been replaced by
into a luxury condo, he sought the blessing condominiums, what institution is
of a parish priest. expected to serve the community’s
“I needed to be sure it was OK,” said spiritual needs? On the other hand, has the
Pace, 45, who was raised Catholic in community changed to a degree that local
Medford. “He told me that if I treated it “Seriously, I know how much this church this story. Check out the irony of former church life is no longer a priority? Are any
with respect, there was nothing wrong with meant to people.” churches becoming $1 million luxury of these new condo dwellers attending
it.” The article does a good job exploring the condominiums: church outside their immediate
Guilt about turning a house of worship churches’ decision-making process and When selling a church, the archdiocese communities? Perhaps the mega-church in
into a high-end home isn’t limited to crib procedures when they sell off their sacred issues a request for proposals. The goal is the suburbs?
Catholics. properties. One also gets the sense that if to select a buyer whose plan is consistent Photos, taken by the author of this post,
Karnig Ostayan asked his Armenian developers were not grabbing these with church teachings and social mission. are of former downtown Indianapolis
pastor to bless the former St. Theresa of properties, other churches would not be The archdiocese pulled out from a deal to churches which have been converted into
the Child Jesus Church in Watertown, finding a home in the buildings. In some turn a Quincy church into a clinic that high-end condo buildings.
before turning the church and rectory into ways, the condominium developers are would have provided counseling on Bookmark to:
11 upscale condos. stepping up to preserve at least some of the abortion. The former Blessed Sacrament
“I want to sleep at night,” joked Ostayan, beauty of these buildings. Church in Jamaica Plain is being turned
who attends St. James Armenian Apostolic One also gets the sense that there is a into a mix of upscale, market-rate, and
Church, across Mt. Auburn Street. certain amount of spiritual guilt present in affordable condominiums. The final call on
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 31
Mixed Karadzic messages, again continued from page 28
church’s events). week is giving itself, heart and soul, to an
By tmatt One church was founded in 1877, and experiment in worship in which everyone
Submitted at 8/4/2008 2:12:13 AM
started what is today one of the area’s participates in a communal service.
largest hospitals. Indiana’s senior Senator Today’s highlight will be a “piece” poem
As you would expect, I am still following and former Indianapolis Mayor Richard cobbled together from the words audience
the coverage of the Radovan Karadzic Lugar was once a member. Immigrants members scribble on cards.
case, still looking to see if anyone is going founded the other in 1880. Services at this The closest thing to preaching — a five-
to provide on-the-record information to church were held in German initially. minute “sermonette” — will challenge the
back up all of those charges that the With that background in mind, the article view that Jesus would not have approved
world’s most infamous war criminal had, left me pondering whether this story was of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima,
at some point, been hiding in Orthodox more about a growing social center and which occurred 63 years ago this week.
churches or monasteries. movement or place of entertainment than it King’s reporting reveals something
I wrote my Scripps Howard News was about a struggling church, as its unique about this congregation: while they
Service column about this issue last week, traditionally defined. In fact, that was the average about 30 worshippers on Sunday,
turning to the leader of the Serbian point of the article: about 2,400 people come through the
Orthodox Church in North and South As 24-year-old member Hilary Updike, church every month on days not
America for input on the situation. He was Jordan’s wife, says: “I think we are all traditionally known as the Sabbath. The
not, to say the least, amused by all of the kind of burnt out on the traditional church church has so much going on that King
anonymous charges against the Serbian model.” aptly describes the place as “perhaps the
hierarchy, especially that ABC News The consensus among members is that busiest church in danger of dying in
report that turned the bizarre news about Lockerbie Central now sits squarely in the Indianapolis.”
Karadzic’s career in alternative forms of emergent church movement — The one thing I kept looking for in the
medicine and therapy into this label — characterized by its emphasis on the arts, story was an explanation for the church’s
“Orthodox mystic.” social justice causes and a willingness to views on the direction of the United
“It’s like that old saying that you can’t question long-held traditions and Methodist denomination nationally or
fight city hall,” said Metropolitan conventions. some sort of determination of the church’s
Christopher, in frustration. Journalists and At Lockerbie Central, it also reflects theological baseline. Of course since the
outsiders “want to link all of this to the something of a backlash against the congregation lacks a pastor and by
Serbian Orthodox Church. And they want conservative, suburban megachurch that definition attempts to avoid religious and
to say that all Serbs, everywhere, are guilty has come to dominate much of the political labels, that basis is difficult to
of the actions of these violent men and religious and political landscape. establish, but there are certain basic things
that, most of all, the Serbs are the only Reporting on the “emergent church” that can be asked about.
people who have ever done these terrible movement is never easy. Sometimes the For example, there is the Apostles’ Creed
things to their neighbors.. . . point of the movement is to defy any and the Nicene Creed. Both are generally
“They forget that men like Karadzic and Mr. Karadzic, even before the outbreak which left more than 10,000 civilians dead,
of war in Bosnia, often declared publicly and the mass killings at Srebrenica, where traditional labels that reporters can slap on accepted by Methodists. Are these every
Slobodan Milosevic were enemies of the the congregation. Check out this section of used in the church’s worship? Why not ask
church and used violence against the that his mission was to “protect” Christian nearly 8,000 unarmed men and boys were
Serbs from Bosnian Muslims threatening executed in a weeklong massacre.. . . King’s story: the tmatt trio questions? I am sure others
Orthodox, too. Our bishops were jailed and Now, the room the German immigrants can think of many ways of giving readers a
beaten for opposing the regime behind this to create an Islamic state. He made virulent The massacre at Srebrenica and the siege
speeches, warning that if Bosnia broke of Sarajevo have been thoroughly and generations of churchgoers used as a sense for what this group of people
violence.” fellowship hall features a temporary believes.
I know that this is all rather complex and away from Yugoslavia, its Muslim documented in other trials. Mr. Karadzic
population could be decimated. himself has been filmed visiting the display of “fringe” artists. I also wondered whether there are other
byzantine. Prominent among them is a painting of churches in Indianapolis that would call
But it’s crucial to realize that it was Note those quote marks around the word Serbian gun positions that were pounding
“protect.” the civilians of Sarajevo. At Srebrenica, President Bush who, though a famous themselves “emerging.” Actually, I know
possible, during all of that fighting, to be in United Methodist himself, is featured here there are. Will they also be written about?
favor of the defense of Serbian villages The first half of that paragraph does not Mr. Karadzic can argue he did not order
mesh with the second. Defending Serbs in the massacre; prosecutors will have to with horns protruding from his head. The Photo by author of post taken in
and churches and even to oppose the caption above him carries the apocalyptic downtown Indianapolis.
creation of an independent Kosovo, yet to war-torn areas is one thing. The charges prove that even if he did not issue such an
that Karadzic faces at The Hague go way, order, he was kept informed and could message of many a street preacher: “The Bookmark to:
remain totally opposed to ethnic cleansing End is Near.”
and the kinds of hellish violence unleashed way, way past anything that military have stopped the killing.
leaders would consider “defense.” If he I know it’s confusing. I know it’s hard to And in lieu of a pastor, the church this
by the likes of Karadzic. There were
people who opposed the Milosevic regime had settled for a defensive role, he would keep all of this straight. But let’s focus on
and who backed cease fires, over and over. not be on trial. Yes, there were Serbian Karadzic’s crimes, which were offensive,
These brave leaders included Muslims, villages and churches that needed to be not defensive.
Jews, Catholics and, yes, Serbian Orthodox defended. Photo: A damaged icon in a war-ravaged
hierarchs. However, that isn’t what this is all about: Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo.
Yet lines keep getting blurred in print. The indictment is a 25-page document Bookmark to:
Notice this paragraph in a New York citing crimes in numerous locations, most
Times report late last week: crucially the three-year siege of Sarajevo,
32 Religion* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
Sold on the Spirit continued from page 29
Five years after he was installed as the replaced nearly every top manager in the
By Mollie Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston, archdiocese, reduced the size of the
Submitted at 8/3/2008 8:06:54 PM
O’Malley remains in many ways the most administrative staff by about one-quarter,
unusual of public figures. . . He arrived in spun off eight Catholic high schools, and
A couple of years ago, Eric Gorski — Boston on July 30, 2003, confronting, for tried unsuccessfully to sell the Catholic
then at the Denver Post— ran a a three-part the third time in his career as a bishop, a hospitals. He cut administrative spending
series on a local preacher of the Prosperity diocese thrown into crisis by clergy sexual from $51 million the year before he arrived
Gospel. What I loved about the piece, abuse. But if the situations confronting the to $35 million last year, and slashed the
which exposed the pastor’s financial Fall River and Palm Beach dioceses had annual deficit from $24 million the year he
success, was that it also explored been grim, the situation in Boston was arrived to $2 million last year.
prosperity teaching in detail. ruinous. So bad, in fact, that when Pope He moved from the traditional
Now with the Associated Press, Gorski John Paul II asked him to move to Boston, archbishops’ mansion in Brighton —
has been all over Sen. Chuck Grassley’s O’Malley unsuccessfully sent a plea to the which he then sold — to a shabby rectory
investigation of various televangelists. pope to reconsider. in the South End; he traded down the
Grassley’s Senate Finance Committee is “I dropped the phone . . . it was quite a archbishop’s car to a Toyota Avalon, and
investigating allegations of questionable shock,” O’Malley said in an interview he continues to wear the brown hooded
spending and lax financial accountability Tuesday. “I did ask him to reconsider, and robe and sandals that symbolize the vow of
at six organizations that preach “health and it came back immediately with, no, this is poverty he took as a Capuchin friar.
wealth theology,” as Gorski puts it. what he wants you to do.” What the story did not, however, was
For his latest, he produced a heavily- Another virtue of the story was its include many different voices. While it
researched expose of Kenneth Copeland summary of O’Malley’s accomplishments features quotes from two the presidents of
Ministries. Of the six, Copeland has fought and problems as Boston’s top prelate. Any two local Catholic colleges, the mayor, a
back the hardest, refusing to answer most reporter in Boston might have done the business leader and a national sex-abuse
questions and inviting the Internal same as Paulson, and if anything Paulson leader, it has none from independent
Revenue Service to conduct an audit, might have underplayed the Cardinal’s conservative, liberal or traditional
which would keep information private. successes, as O’Malley in his interview Catholics. This absence was evidence of
Gorski’s piece has run in one form or mentioned accomplishments not listed in the story’s Establishment mindset.
another in some 280+ papers: the story. I would have liked to have seen a quote
Here in the gentle hills of north Texas, Yet at least Paulson wrote about from, say, Philip Lawler, the former editor
televangelist Kenneth Copeland has built a O’Malley’s record and did so in a serious of the archdiocese’s newspaper and author
religious empire teaching that God wants and fair way. His descriptions conveyed a of a well-regarded book on Boston’s
his followers to prosper. key truth about Catholic prelates — their Catholics, or Ray Flynn, the city’s
Over the years, a circle of Copeland’s experts who reviewed information and share the wealth with others. job is primarily administrative, as this longtime former mayor and former
relatives and friends have done just that, obtained by the AP through interviews, Those are the beginning paragraphs and passage below illustrates: ambassador to the Vatican. What do they
The Associated Press has found. They church documents and public records have the remaining 2,000 words just dig deeper He sold the archdiocese’s leafy 64-acre think of the Cardinal’s administrative,
include the brother-in-law with a lucrative their doubts. The web of companies and and deeper into the finances. It’s terribly campus in Brighton to Boston College, and spiritual or political record?
deal to broker Copeland’s television time, non-profits tied to the televangelist calls difficult to investigate church finances used the proceeds to settle abuse cases. He Yet these criticisms are minor. At least
the son who acquired church-owned land the ministry’s integrity into question, they since religious non-profit reporting is closed one-fifth of the parishes, this story not only acknowledges that a
for his ranching business and saw it more say. protected in a way that other non-profits acknowledging that the archdiocese no Catholic Establishment exists, but also
than quadruple in value, and board “There are far too many relatives here,” aren’t. But Gorski does a good job of using longer had the worshipers, the priests, or seeks to understand its leader.
members who together have been paid said Frances Hill, a University of Miami the information at hand to paint a picture the funds to justify 357 churches, and he Bookmark to:
hundreds of thousands of dollars for law professor who specializes in nonprofit of the Kenneth Copeland empire as one of closed multiple parochial schools that he
speaking at church events. tax law. “There’s too much money great financial success and somewhat said had become too small to survive. He
Church officials say no one improperly sloshing around and too much of it questionable governance.
benefits through ties to Copeland’s vast sloshing around with people with I wish the article contained more
evangelical ministry, which claims more overlapping affiliations and allegiances by discussion of the prosperity gospel. The
than 600,000 subscribers in 134 countries either blood or friendship or just ties over sentence quoted above is about it for the
to its flagship “Believer’s Voice of the years. There are red flags all over these article. It was the main strength of Gorski’s
Victory” magazine. The board of directors relationships.” previous work on prosperity ministries.
signs off on important matters, they say. Copeland, 71, is a pioneer of the Still, this is a fantastically researched and
Yet church bylaws give Copeland veto prosperity gospel, which holds that well-composed piece.
power over board decisions. believers are destined to flourish Bookmark to:
While Copeland insists that his ministry spiritually, physically and financially —
complies with the law, independent tax
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 33

RNS hanging in there

By tmatt
Submitted at 8/1/2008 6:34:16 PM

Attention all journalists who care about

religion news coverage in the mainstream
press. I have some bad news and some
good news.
Perhaps you saw the following story on
the wires— sadly, this kind of downsizing
report is all too familiar — and started
Newhouse News Service, which has
provided Washington and national news to
newspapers for nearly half a century, will
close on Nov. 7, after the election.
The news service, founded in 1961, is
also the Washington bureau of Advance
Publications Inc. of New York, which
owns 26 daily newspapers, including The
Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J; The
Oregonian in Portland, Ore.; The Plain
Dealer in Cleveland and The Times-
Picayune in New Orleans.
The key lines in the report, for the
purpose of this weblog, are these:
The news service is also the parent
company of Religion News Service, which
will continue as an independent company,
she said. Conference of Christians and Jews.. . . In note for concerned religion-news readers:
Now if you know anything about the 1983, RNS was acquired by the Dallas- “We’re still alive,” says Kevin Eckstrom,
history of religion news in the American based United Methodist Reporter and editor of the Newhouse-owned Religion
Press, and the history of Religion News continued to operate as an independent News Service. “I just wanted to make sure
Service, you know that taking a news agency. In 1991, RNS editorial was you’re aware that we’re not going
mainstream, unbiased, interfaith,
ecumenical, nondenominational approach
to covering national and international
religion news has never been an easy task.
distributed to the secular press by New
York Times Syndicated Features, Inc. In
1994, RNS was purchased by Newhouse
News Service (NNS), and its name was
anywhere. Next year marks our 75th
anniversary, and we’re just getting started.
So, hopefully, it is time for another
chapter to open. Here’s hoping that RNS
And it’s a band, too
May have heard, but lots of news By Mollie when making staff cuts?
changed to Religion News Service. NNS is finds another partner or two that are It was nice to see the Knoxville News
executives of all stripes just don’t get a company of Advance Publications, a committed to a mainstream approach. Submitted at 8/1/2008 2:08:02 PM
Sentinel look at the importance of getting
religion and, thus, they have trouble major publisher of daily newspapers, as At the same time, I also — hint, hint — Writing about religion really is a religion right in today’s paper. Columnist
getting out their checkbooks and paying well the Conde Nast family of magazines, hope that there are some major religion landmine. Definitions are difficult to come Ina Hughs, a former staff writer for the
for quality coverage on the beat. and Parade. Universal Press Syndicate now content sites out there what can open up by, even for groups such as evangelicals. paper, uses the latest release of the
Over at the Religion News Service site, distributes the service to daily and weekly some pages for hard-news content (think Much of this blog is devoted to exploring Religion Newswriters Foundation’s
you can see some of the challenges written newspapers in the US. RNS reports) as well as for feelings-based the questions about how to identify groups “Guide to Religion Reporting in the
between the lines of the wire service’s And now there will be another chapter. faith opinion. Facts and events matter. and treat their claims respectfully. Secular Media” to explore the issue. Here
history: After the Newhouse story broke, our Bookmark to: Religion writers themselves tend to be she sums up some of the guide’s advice on
Louis Minsky founded RNS in 1934 friends at Poynter.org quickly put up this thoughtful with their writing, of course. how to handle hot-button terms:
under the auspices of the National But what of the many editors who are also In answering the question on when it is
part of the process. Do they pressure their and is not appropriate to use words like
religion reporters to write only about “fundamentalist” and “cult,” Don Lattin,
conflict instead of the daily life of the religion writer for The San Francisco
church? Do they change carefully-worded Chronicle, cautions that the dictionary is
phrases to save column inches? Do they not always the best barometer because
botch a perfectly good article with a dictionary definitions are value-neutral. He
loathsome headline? Do they relegate gives as an example the academic
religion news to the back of the paper? Do
they stupidly fire their religion reporters AND page 34
34 Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
continued from page 33
definition of “cult” as being “formal “Why should the secular media cover
religious veneration” - such as the cult of religion?” is the first question in the
Mary in the Roman Catholic Church, of handbook, and Gayle White of The Atlanta
which Pope John Paul II was a proud Journal-Constitution offers as part of her
member. answer the fact that people forced to make
But the dictionary also includes another hard decisions - whether to end a
meaning of the word: “a religion that is pregnancy, whether to remove life support,
regarded as unorthodox or spurious,” such whom to vote for, what laws to enact -
as the Branch Davidians and the People’s more often than not turn to their faith for
Temple of the Rev. Jim Jones. an answer. Which is perhaps one thing we
The two uses, though both proper in a can agree on in discussing religion.
scholarly sense, show how the word can These discussions about how to handle
cause conflicting emotional responses. religious news need to take place in the
Lattin offers the term “new religious broader journalism community. It’s nice to
movement” rather than “cult” or, perhaps, see one paper engage that discussion.
“sect.” Bookmark to:
Hughs argues that even if religion is
difficult to cover well, it’s important to try: