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Volume 15 Issue 11 DECEMBER 23, 2010


oon it will once again be Christmas. How the time flies! The days run toward this night of all
nights when heaven came down to earth in Bethlehem, so many centuries ago. We will gather
once again as families, remembering the year past with all its joys and sorrows and we will look
forward to the clean slate of a new year with all its possibilities and promises.
We pause in our celebrating, in the dark of the night and we come to hear once again the old, old
story of the birth. We kneel, in our minds, at least in Bethlehem and see this thing which has come to
pass; the good news to all the world in the face of a child. Why do we come to church on this night of
nights? Is it a habit or a need to be in a place of sacred memory and present experience? Whatever the
reason, we feel the pull of the God who reaches out to us wherever we are on life’s journey and
welcomes us home.
A long time ago, I was in a Christmas play that our church youth group presented. I don’t remember
much of it, but I do remember the opening line since I was the one who said it: Home for Christmas,
all of us! Our good and gracious God, who came to us in Jesus on that first Christmas, welcomes us all
home to worship and adore him and to hear once more the Christmas story.
Once again we will gather twice on Christmas Eve, 5:00 PM for a family service and 11:00 PM for
our Festival Eucharist. There will be candlelight at both services and the choir will sing at the late
service. The day after Christmas, December 26 is a Sunday and we will come together as we always do
on Sunday at 9:30 AM. We will share some wonderful carols along with some other stories and poems
for the season. Remember it is still Christmas and will be until Epiphany.
I wish for you and your family the blessings and the joys which come not only at Christmas but all the
yearlong from our good and gracious God.

“Into this silent night

as we make our weary way
we know not where,
just when the night becomes the darkest
and we cannot see our path,
just then
is when the angels rush in,
their hands full of stars.”
-Ann Weems, Kneeling in Bethlehem
WORSHIP SCHEDULE January 2: Second Sunday of Christmas
The Sacrament of Holy Communion
Celebrating God’s gift of a new year
“Come As You Are” Saturday
Worship Service Planned For January 9: Baptism of our Lord
January Celebrating Epiphany and the Baptism of
Interested in worshipping God in new ways? Renewing our baptismal vows
Ever feel like sleeping in on Sunday
morning? Try our new “Come As You Are” January 16: Second Sunday after Epiphany
Saturday evening worship service! Guest Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Rita Root,
Interim Conference Minister, New York
Beginning on Saturday, January 22 at 5 p.m.,
Conference, United Church of Christ
this casual, come-as-you-are service will
Dr. Root will also have a conversation with
warm your heart and help you connect with
God in new ways as we focus on God’s us during our adult education time.
never-ending grace. Our plan is to offer a
monthly Saturday evening service, each January 22: Church for Busy People
featuring a variety of music and worship 5:00 PM: A different type of worship
traditions. We hope you join us! experience; music, and message; informal
for the whole family

WORSHIP FOR CHRISTMAS AND January 23: Third Sunday after Epiphany
EPIPHANY Ecumenical Sunday
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, our unity
December 26: First Sunday of Christmas in the gospel
A service both
joyous and quiet January 30: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
as we meditate The Beatitudes: Easier said than done
on the gift of
-Story and Poem
Morning Circle will meet on Tuesday,
December 31: New Year’s Eve January 11 at 10 AM in Fellowship Hall.
5:00 PM: A brief service of quiet as we Jean Whitney will speak to us about the work
prepare to receive God’s gift of a new year of the Perinton Historic Preservation
Come for reflection and meditation Commission.
EVENING CIRCLE within 24 hours during the weekdays between 9
Evening Circle will meet on Monday, am and 5 pm. After the verification process is
January 10th, for our annual 'Soup and Salad' completed and basic family information gathered,
a deliverer is contacted and a week’s worth of
meeting. In addition, Holly Wolf will be our food is delivered – usually within 24 to 48 hours.
guest, reviewing the book "THE HELP" by In October 2010, 47 families and 133 people
Kathryn Stockett. Please join us! Any were receivers of the Perinton Food Shelf’s
questions, contact Norma Harrington or donations.
Carol Moran.
Because of the increased need for emergency
food, the Food Shelf always appreciates your
volunteer services. Please consider volunteering
for the Perinton Food Shelf, bringing donations
of non-perishable food to church, or sponsoring
walkers for the CROP Walk (the Food Shelf
receives a percentage of the contributions). For
more information visit the website at:

Each month the Board of Missions and Outreach Now that the holidays are here, Missions is in full
focuses on an organization the Board supports. swing. Ongoing are several activities that the
This month Nan Notar, our liaison to the Perinton Board of Missions sponsors: The Hillside
Food Shelf, reports on their activities. We are Christmas Giving, The Perinton Food Shelf,
reporting this month because it is during the Determined Divas of Rochester a resupply of
holidays that the Food Shelf needs the most their “Closet” and Christmas Baskets for needy
support. Perinton residents. Your generous donations for
all of the above activities have been pouring in.
The Perinton Food Shelf is an emergency food and on behalf of the Board, I would like to thank
relief organization. Organized in 1980 by the you for your generosity and wish you a very
Perinton Lay Clergy Council, this organization Merry Christmas.
serves the communities of Fairport and Perinton Ted Avgerinos
(the 14450 zip code). The Food Shelf is a non- Chairperson
profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers.
Our own church has over 25 people that
volunteer their time and services: packers, THANKS FOR THE HILLSIDE
deliverers, verifiers, maintaining the facility, GIFTS!!
gathering of items, sorting, organizing…….and
Thanks to all who provided gifts for our
serving as Chairman of the Board.
Hillside Christmas Tree Project. There is a
How is the Food Shelf supplied? Food supplies child or family that has a very Special Santa
are donated by collections from churches, come into their lives,
schools, civic organizations and individuals. and that is you. This
Monetary donations are received which are used project underlines our
to purchase fresh meat, milk, eggs and margarine belief in the goodness
for the families in need. Area businesses provide and greatness of
baked goods, bread and make dairy products children and the
available for pickup. importance of families.
Randy and Maureen Clark
How do people get the help they need? Residents
Board of Missions
can call 425-7410 and a volunteer calls back


The Perinton Food Shelf has continued to 8:45 am -1 pm
serve the hungry in
the community as a Mountain Rise United Church of Christ
result of your 2 Mountain Rise, Fairport
contributions during Speakers will:
the year! Your *Survey 200 years of immigration in this
thoughtful donations country.
of the items requested
provide a hearty * Examine the economic impact of
week's worth of immigration on the US economy today
groceries for families and its’ potential for the future.
in need. Working
together -- *Inform about current law and Border
especially in these difficult economic times--
Patrol enforcement in the local area.
we are able to help others who are less
--The Perinton Food Shelf Volunteer Board *Share the League of Women Voters’
position paper on immigration reform.

Featured Speakers –
SALEM SOUP KITCHEN Dr. Randall Stone, Professor of
Volunteers are needed to help prepare a Economics, U of R
lunch for those in need. On January 25th our Lynn Gordon, Associate Professor of
church’s volunteers will meet at 9:15 AM History U of R
and carpool down to Salem and return to the
Sally Chamberlin- Activist, League of
church parking lot, mid-afternoon. Please
Women Voters
join us.

NEW CHOIR MEMBERS Lunch is included at no charge.

New choir members are always needed and Registration is required. Call the church
welcomed. High School students are office 223-2433 by January 10.
encouraged to join, we can work with you to
accommodate your busy schedules. For Come/Learn/Reflect/Respond
more details contact our choir director,
Heather Watras at 703-5143 or

FAMILY NEWS JYF & SYF Movie Night Set for January
There will be both a JYF movie and an SYF
movie on Friday, Jan. 21 from 7 – 9:30 p.m.
Preschool & Elementary School JYFers will meet in our second floor
Happenings classroom. SYFers will meet in our
basement classroom. Sign up in Fellowship
Rotation Classes Learn About The Reason
Behind the Season
During the season of Advent, our students
Senior High Update
will revisit the timeless story of our savior’s Keep checking your emails and Facebook. I
birth -- told in a variety of ways in our
will keep you posted on the date and time of
storytelling, art, and movie rotations. our annual presentation of the “Muppets
Christmas Carol”. It will be sometime
NOTE: There are no Christian during the week after Christmas.
education classes on Dec. 26 or Jan. 2.
Classes resume on Jan. 9.

Elementary Happenings
Family Movie Night Set for January
Families are invited to enjoy a fun movie and
delicious snacks on Jan. 14 from 7 – 9 p.m.
in Upper Fellowship Hall. Kids are welcome
to come in PJs and bring sleeping bags to
stretch out on. Sign up in Fellowship Hall. Reach Mission Trip
Junior & Senior High Happenings Our youth will be going to Cairo, NY on July
16 for the
Undecorating Party January 8th! annual mission
All Junior and Senior high students are trip. If you are
invited to an “undecorating party” in the attending you
sanctuary on Sat., Jan.8th from 10 – noon. must submit
Help us get the sanctuary ready for the new your $50
year! This activity will count toward mission deposit as
trip requirements. soon as
possible. The
camp is filling
up fast so if
you have not registered please call Mrs.
Hamill at 746-9275.


Dorothy Wallace and When putting tables back in the closet in
her family on the death Fellowship Hall, please make sure the tables
of her husband, Lew are not touching, or leaning against the
Wallace on November
organ’s generator. As Bea says: “That is a
30, 2010.
No-No!” Otherwise, if something is against
the generator the organ’s sound is altered.
Thank you for your help with this!


Barbara Eaton, Perinton Park Manor

Charlotte Jackson, Fairport Baptist Home

Shirley Sumner, Perinton Park Manor

Les Warren, Fairport Baptist Home


If you want your pledge and donations

credited to your 2010 statements, the check
must be dated by December 31, 2010 and we
must receive it in the church office by EPISTLE DEADLINE-
January 3, 2011.
JANUARY 20, 2011

For those of you that requested pledge

envelopes, they are now available. They are
in a box in the library area, ready to be
picked up.