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Some do not approve of sex education given to children for fear of more and make
children want to know and to do it but there are circles who agreed to be given sex
education from an early age precisely to avoid things that do not occur in children they

Provision of sex education can open the opportunity for free sex

sex education in schools was not necessary because the sex instinct must exist in every
human being directly, so it does not need to be taught.

if sex education taught in school, children will wonder and want to try

sex should be taught in porposional.

Religion has taught more kumplit and safer world for the last world let alone sex

sex education for students can lead to free sex among young people.

most of the current sex education materials are often used for socializing among teens is
not well targeted. "Should such an educational content more appropriate for married
couples or couples who want to get married,"

dampak dari pendidikan seks remaja yang keliru menyebabkan kaum remaja di banyak
negara yang belum menikah malah menjadi kelompok yang lebih aktif melakukan
kegiatan seks di luar nikah dengan menggunakan alat kontrasepsi.

The phenomenon of promiscuity among teens of course will bring social and other moral
issues. As in case of an unwanted pregnancy, then chances are there will be "murder" of
the souls of innocents through abortion.

Given sexuality education to children, a boy is expected to grow and develop into a man
whole, as well as girls, are expected to grow and develop into a woman completely. So
nobody else feels uncomfortable with the gender roles they have.

Discussing sexual issues in children is not easy. However, teaching sex education to
children should be provided for children not one step in his life.

sex for the child's parents must be given as early as possible. "Sex education must be
given to the child's parents as early as possible. Precisely begins when children enter play
group (ages 3-4 years), because at this age children are able to understand about their
to avoid miscommunication teens to promiscuity, the dangers and risks that will be
experienced if you do that, and they should be given proper sex education and clear.

the wrong perspective on adolescent sexuality, will give a negative impact on the younger
generation, especially the order of social life later on that caused the mistaken
understanding that.

In fact, with the occurrence of the error, adolescent girls more vulnerable to various risks
that will suffer from sexual behavior freely without religious ties.