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The high price of fuel is a major area of concern for improvement is achieved after first-time use of P.i.

people and businesses. As prices continue to rise and a vehicle with accumulated deposits, the P.i. money-
set record highs, fuel economy has become increas- back guarantee is limited to vehicles with a minimum
ingly important for customers everywhere, and people of 25,000 miles that have not previously been treated
are doing everything they can to stretch their fuel with P.i. and have not undergone any fuel system or
dollars. Auto dealerships have targeted fuel efficiency fuel injector cleaning procedure. P.i. must be used with
as a significant selling point. Many are having difficulty a full tank of gas, and the P.i.-treated gas must be run
keeping fuel efficient hybrid models in stock, while fuel until the tank is near-empty before filling up again. Fuel
inefficient truck and SUV sales have slumped. economy measurement will then be taken on the tank-
Unfortunately, as fuel prices have soared, so has ful of gas following the P.i.-treated tank of gas.
the proliferation of questionable products that tout Because potential customers have nothing to lose,
improved fuel economy benefits but cannot live up to the P.i. money-back guarantee is an excellent oppor-
their marketing hype. Government agencies such as tunity for Dealers to increase their sales of P.i. and
the Federal Trade Commission have been busy seek- other AMSOIL products. P.i. is an ideal door-opener.
ing out and punishing some of the worst offenders. Once customers experience the benefits, they may be
AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver, on the other interested in the benefits of other products in the
hand, offers proven performance. It increases fuel AMSOIL line.
economy, reduces emissions and restores vehicle Process
power and performance by dissolving and removing Customers are eligible for the refund if they do not see
combustion chamber, intake valve and fuel injector a fuel economy improvement following use of the
deposits. In fact, field testing shows AMSOIL P.i. subsequent tank of gas after P.i. treatment. If a cus-
provides an average fuel economy improvement of 2.3 tomer has not received a fuel economy benefit and
percent and up to 5.7 percent (see graph). wishes to take advantage of the money-back guar-
Because of this substantiation, as well as the com- antee, he or she may simply download and print the
pany’s confidence in the performance benefits of rebate form from the AMSOIL Corporate Website at
P.i., AMSOIL is offering a money-back guarantee on www.amsoil.com. The form contains complete qual-
the product’s fuel economy benefits. If a customer ification details and must be
does not see fuel economy improvement in his or her completely filled out and mailed
vehicle after first-time use of P.i., AMSOIL will refund with the P.i. purchase receipt to
the purchase price of the product. the following address:
The P.i. money-back guarantee offer is good
through December 31, 2008 and is open to everyone, AMSOIL INC.
including Dealers, Preferred Customers, retail cus- P.i. Money-Back Guarantee
tomers, catalog customers, commercial and retail 925 Tower Avenue
accounts. Because the most dramatic fuel economy Superior, WI 54880-1527

Test Method: Motored Dyno D5500 Type Road Simulation Cycle MONEY-BACK
5.7% 0.7% 1.2% 3.7% 2.1% 1.6% 1.1%
US06 Fuel Economy (mpg)

Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase

30 Pre Cleanup
25.8 Post Cleanup
25 24.1 23.9 24.4
22.8 22.6 22.9

20 18.1 18.3
16.7 16.8 16.6 16.7


ol a

am ota

ill c
er 0L
cc da

ss ile
or yot

ev illa
ro 0L

or 4.
L A Hon

L C Toy

tla ob

he 4.

L C To

pl d

L D ad

Cu m
Ex For
d C eep

1.8 99

2.2 99
2.2 97

4.6 02 C
1L ds


an 7 J

3. Ol

Gr 99




AMSOIL P.i. provided an average fuel efficiency increase of

2.3%, and up to 5.7%.

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