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Always Tracking and Facing the Sun Marco Bellotti, Christian Bücker,
Willi Fries, Paul Knodel,
Wolfram Köber, Peter Kruse
Pico Breweries... 18-19 Ernesto Mitruccio, Anita Putkinen,
Brewing Beer Yourself Dr. Monika Schumacher,
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SmartWire-DT™ in Practice
With its official presentation of SmartWire-DT at the Hannover
Fair 2009 Eaton set the most important milestone in the
market launch of the product. The Solutions editor spoke
to Karl-Heinz Arndt, head of SmartWire-DT development
at Eaton, and Dr. Martin U. Schefter, Business Unit Manager
for Industrial Automation and General Manager of Eaton
Industries Holding GmbH, about customers’ experiences
with SmartWire-DT and further development steps in the
Dr. Martin U. Schefter Karl-Heinz Arndt

SmartWire-DT has been available on the market for well over Dr. M.U. Schefter: We are currently in discussions with several
a year. What conclusions can you now draw and what has partners. We are offering a SmartWire-DT development kit in
been the response of the market to the new technology? 2011, enabling 3rd party users to integrate SmartWire-DT into
their products.
K.H. Arndt: The sales figures are surprisingly positive. In the first
nine months alone, customers have implemented around 25,000 SmartWire-DT eliminates the need for the I/O level on the
connections. This does not include the North American market central controller so this benefit was already announced to
since we will not approach this market until the SmartWire-DT users. Does this visionary goal still stand and when do you
system has UL/CSA approval. We are planning the market launch think it will become reality.
in North America for the beginning of 2011.
K.H. Arndt: SmartWire-DT was designed in this way from
At the start of the launch you offered both the switching and the start, and this benefit is a key element of our technology.
protective devices as well as the pilot devices all equipped All applications already implemented to date have shown
with the communication system. What does the time scale emphatically that the I/O level is no longer needed. In order to
look like for future product groups? further advance this vision, we will be expanding the 2011 product
range by providing the control relays (easy), CoDeSys-based PLCs
K.H. Arndt: We are making rapid progress. This year we have and HMIs with integrated SmartWire-DT. This is interesting for
fitted part of the circuit-breaker series and the PKE electronic small to medium-sized applications as the user no longer needs a
motor protection from 12A to 32A with SmartWire-DT. The PKE gateway.
range up to 65A will be completed in the coming year. We will
also include the DS7 soft starter in the SmartWire-DT system in When will your frequency inverters have the interface?
Dr. M.U. Schefter: We will also be fitting our M-Max and H-Max
In order to get a better picture and perspective, what frequency inverters with a SmartWire-DT interface within the
percentage of switching devices, protective devices and pilot next 18 months. It is not our aim to replace established fieldbus
devices sold today are networked via SmartWire-DT? systems with SmartWire-DT. We will continue to offer switchgear
with fieldbus interfaces such as Profibus-DP, CANopen … Our
Dr. M.U. Schefter: Our expectations are realistic. The percentage priorities are the reduction in wiring and design engineering on
is currently in single figures but this is increasing strongly. the one hand and cost-effective diagnostics on the other. This
particularly applies to the control circuit devices and the motor
In order to make SmartWire-DT broadly available on the starters that do not have any fieldbus interface and require a lot
market, you announced last year the wish to form strategic of wiring.
partnerships with well-known companies. How far have these
talks developed?

SolutionS 22 3

Four Awards for SmartWire-DT™ From

Eaton’s Moeller Business
The innovative SmartWire-DT connection
and communication system for switching
devices has already been awarded four
times in one year by the European trade
press. It has received the Automation Award,
the TR Award, the Industry Prize 2010
and the ITVA Award 2010.

Automation Award TR Award

The Automation Award is the most important prize in the At this year’s Hannover Fair, Orhan Erenberk, general manager
automation sector. At the 2009 SPS/IPC/Drives fair in Nuremburg, of Thomas Industrial Media GmbH, Hattingen, presented the TR
the technical publication “elektro Automation” of the Konradin Award (www.technische-revue.eu) for a “particularly innovative
media group held the Automation Award competition for particularly product” to Dr. Martin U. Schefter, Business Unit Manager
innovative products. All exhibitors at the fair were able to compete Industrial Automation and managing director of Eaton Industries
with their innovative new products. A jury made up of the VDMA, Holding GmbH and Karl-Heinz Arndt, SmartWire-DT development
ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) manager at Eaton Automation.
and the editor team of elektro Automation nominated the “Top10
products” for the Automation Award 2009 from the 78 products
submitted. The nominated products were then exhibited at the
stand of the Konradin media group over the course of the SPS/
IPC/Drives fair. Visitors were then able to vote for their personal
favorites from these “Top10 products”. After the participation of
around 2200 visitors at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair, the result of the
Automation Award 2009 was as follows: The winner was Eaton
Moeller with SmartWire-DT and 21.5 percent of the votes.

Presentation of the TR Award 2010 to Eaton Industries for SmartWire-DT.

TR editor Jürgen Wirtz, Karl-Heinz Arndt, SmartWire-DT development
manager at the Industrial Automation Business Unit of Eaton, Dr. Martin
U. Schefter, Business Unit Manager Industrial Automation and general
manager of Eaton Industries Holding GmbH, and Orhan Erenberk, general
manager of Thomas Industrial Media. (from left to right)

4 SolutionS 22 News

Industry Prize 2010

SmartWire-DT was also awarded the INDUSTRY PRIZE 2010 at

this year’s Hannover Fair. For the past five years, the Karlsruhe-
based publishers Huber Verlag für Neue Medien has awarded
the INDUSTRY PRIZE for the best solutions developed by
German industry. Highly innovative product developments and
new products are selected from companies in the industrial,
supplier or service sectors. From over 400 entries in 2010, an
expert jury consisting of professors, scientists, trade journalists,
sector and industry experts, assessed all the products entered
according to specific criteria: Innovation, effect on increasing
efficiency, as well as suitability for small and medium-sized
enterprises. What was particularly outstanding was the fact that
Eaton Moeller was awarded both the overall winner title as well
as the category winner for the electrical engineering sector.
“The idea of SmartWire-DT has been around since the nineties.
However, the technological requirements for the implementation
in a compact space and at acceptable costs were not available
until recent years. Today, the use of SmartWire-DT by customers
couldn’t be easier. My team and I are naturally very pleased that Karl-Heinz Arndt and Dr. Martin U. Schefter (both from Eaton Industries)
we have once more gained a high reputation with SmartWire-DT,” receive the Industry Prize 2010.
Karl-Heinz Arndt explained.

Bronze at 18th ITVA Award for ‘SmartWire-DT™ – That’s Life’

The film ‘SmartWire-DT – That’s Life’ was chosen for this year’s
ITVA Award for exemplary audio-visual communication solutions
in the sales promotion/marketing category and was awarded
the Bronze Pyramid. The presentation ceremony took place on
September 24 2010 during a gala event at the Photokina trade fair
in Cologne. The jury praised the clear comparison of the old, very
work intensive switch panel technology and the new SmartWire-
DT technology, as well as the attractive and new interpretation of
the evolutionary concept. The film takes up a quotation of Charles
Darwin which states that it is not the strongest that survives,
but the one who is flexible and can adapt to change – both in
professional and in private life. This year over 100 companies
competed for the much sought after Pyramid awards. The ITVA
Award is presented each year by the largest association of audio
visual communication, the ITVA, and is one of the most important
media prizes in Germany. The 3:25 minute long film was produced
for Eaton Industries by LAKRITZ.Film GmbH in Leonberg, and
filming was carried out in Cologne and at Eaton in Bonn.

ITVA – Integrated TV & Video Association e.V., Frankfurt/Main,


At the Photokina 2010 the jury presented

the IVTA Award for the film “SmartWire-
DT – That´s Life”. Bernd Cürten and
Wolfgang Bison from Eaton Industries,
Nathalie and Lambert Straub from Lakritz
Film and festival manager Dr. Gerhard Quicklink ID: ES2200
Dotzler (from left to right.)

SolutionS 22 News 5

Highspeed PLC
XC202 with Variable IP Addresses

Eatons XC-CPU202- cards or USB sticks can be used as the memory medium for data.
EC4M-XV rounds off The required operating system update (Windows CE 6.0) can be
the high end of its XC carried out via the Ethernet interface as well as via these memory
controller series. The media.
XC202 is designed as
a high performance Besides the Ethernet and combined CAN/easyNet interface,
PLC: A high-speed RSC the XC202 also features a serial interface. This is designed for
processor (532 MHz) programming but also as a transparent interface for connecting
and a larger memory (4 MB) provide considerably greater barcode readers, printers or other devices. The interface can be
resources for communication tasks. Compared to an XC-CPU201, programmed easily by means of a browser command for the
the XC-CPU202 thus offers around a six to eight times faster required mode.
processing speed.
The controller also comes with a web server which enables
The high performance controller is now available and features it to be accessed via the Internet. Users can easily call up all
an integrated Ethernet interface for programming access and visualization pages created with the CoDeSys programming
data exchange in the network. The special feature of the new software using of a web browser. This type of web visualization is
controller is the fact that users can access it via different also ideal for remote maintenance tasks.
IP addresses. For example, one can be configured as a
programming port whilst another is provided solely as a data As well as the Ethernet interface (with a display of the Link/
interface. A special function allows both the IP address and the communication status) and the CANopen/easyNet interface (with
subnet address of the controller to be defined individually. This a switchable bus terminating resistor), a 29-bit CAN identifier and
enables the controller to be integrated simply in an existing a USB interface (2.0 Host), the high performance PLC comes with
corporate network. eight digital inputs and six digital outputs on board.

The XC202 fits seamlessly into Eatons existing XC range. Users

can thus utilize all the input/output modules, communication
modules and accessories available. Either MMC/SD memory Quicklink ID: ES2201

multi-function display
Low-cost visualization with twice the performance
and an enhanced range of functions

Open and closed-loop control, display and operation in a compact

format: Eaton has added two new CPU modules with a 24 V DC
power supply to its MFD-Titan range. They can be fitted directly
on the MFD-80 (IP65) display units in the usual manner and
fastened via two standard 22.5 mm drill holes – plug & and work
at its simplest. Like the tried and tested MFD-CP8.., the new CPU
modules are available as a version with easyNet (MFD-CP10-NT)
or as a “stand alone” version (MFD-CP10-ME). Compared to their
predecessors, which are still available, the new MFD devices have
twice the program and graphical screen memory and twice the
processing speed. As well as a faster performance, Eaton offers
the user a host of options for more powerful programming and
program expansion, as well as a larger number of function blocks
and screen elements in a program. All MFD components can be
combined flexibly with each other, thus always offering the ideal The MFD-Titan multi-function display with CPU and power
solution for the tasks at hand. supply unit can be expanded by users with inputs and outputs
in order to produce a compact HMI device. It therefore offers
The following functions expand the range for the new members the performance range of an easy800 together with powerful
of the MFD-Titan series: A multiplexer function block from the visualization features. The MFD-Titan can be connected to standard
easy800 series, simple scanning of the currently displayed screen, bus systems via easyNet. The customized labeling of the display
simple language selection during operation (such as German / using the Label-Editor software enables the unit to be given a
English) and double the number of retentive markers. customized appearance, for example with laser inscribed logotypes
or affixed logos.
The associated EASY-M-512K memory card is designed for
the external storing of a program, such as for transporting it or
transferring to other CPU modules. Quicklink ID: ES2202

6 SolutionS 22 News
+++ NEWS

New High-End XV150 Touch Display Series
from Eaton with an Aluminum Front

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems

for electrical engineering and automation, Eatons has added 5.7",
8.4" and 10.4" devices to its HMI and HMI/PLC series: The new
XV150 devices with resistive touch technology and color TFT
display offer an optimum solution especially for the price sensitive
sector and stand out for their high quality aluminum fronts with
protection to IP65, robust metal housings and an especially flat

Even basic version devices come with an Ethernet and RS232

interface as well as two USB interfaces for a wide range of
automation tasks. The 400 MHz RISC processor can optimally
handle even demanding PLC applications in addition to HMI tasks.
The 128 MB onboard memory can be expanded if required with
an SD memory card. Depending on the version, an RS485 and a
CAN/MPI or Profibus DP interface are provided in addition to the applications. From 3.5", 5.7" and 7" devices in a light and robust
standard interfaces. plastic housing up to the high-end XV150 in a metal housing
(5.7", 8.4" and 10.4") with elegant aluminum front. Furthermore,
Like all visualization devices of the xSystem product groups, the the standard, long-standing and well-tried hardware platform
XV150 can be programmed as a PLC to IEC61131-3 with the offers maximum reliability and long-term available. All XV150
Galileo visualization software or CoDeSys visualization software devices are compatible with the XV400 devices of the next higher
and with the CoDeSys-based xSoft-Codesys-2 programming performance class. The standard project design and programming
system. Thanks to its small mounting depth, the panels can also tool for the XV series also supports the requirements for a
be installed where users find space restricted. All display fronts modular machine design.
can be inscribed with customer labels. The Eaton XV100 and
XV150 touch displays and touch display/PLCs provide the user
with a broadly based product range for price sensitive industrial Quicklink ID: ES2203

Developed for the North American Market

Circuit-Breakers for Rated Currents up to 32 A

Unlike PKZM4 motor- protective devices (BCPD) in feeder and branch circuits. The
protective circuit-breakers, switches can also be used for protecting non-motor loads. In order
the PKZM4-..-CB circuit- to use the PKZM4-CB, contactors and frequency inverters must be
breakers are provided with approved for protection by circuit-breakers. Motors will continue
large creepage and clearance to be switched and protected by the Type E and Type F motor
distances at the incoming starters based on UL 508.
and outgoing main current
terminals. The new device Three types are on offer: Firstly PKZM4-16-CB (adjustable
height is therefore 165 mm. 10 - 16 A), secondly PKZM4-25-CB (adjustable 18 - 25 A) and thirdly
These changes and extensive PKZM4-32-CB (adjustable 24 - 32 A).
testing have made it possible
for the switches to be approved The SCCR (short-circuit current rating) of the circuit-breakers is
as fully-fledged circuit-breakers 65 kA for 480Y/277 V and 22 kA for 600Y/347 V, and they have a
to UL 489 / CSA C22.2-5.09. device width of only 55 mm. They are consequently turning into
On the PKZM4-..-CB, the genuine problem solvers thanks to the high SCCR and suitability
current flow direction can be for 600Y/347 V.
set as required – as is the case
with the entire Eaton range of

The circuit-breakers can

be used as branch circuit Quicklink ID: ES2204

SolutionS 22 News 7

New Contactors for 90 kW, 110 kW

and 160 kW
Smaller, lighter, cheaper and more energy efficient

New materials and technological processes allow the development

of new and attractive solutions. This fact is also the case at
Eaton: The contactors for 90 kW, 110 kW and 160 kW represent
the start of the new designs – making them smaller, lighter and
cheaper. Eaton is offering DILM185A, DILM225A and DILM300A
type contactors with an inexpensive electronic coil actuation and
compact dimensions. The contactors can be used in applications
such as the switching of motors to utilization categories AC-3 and
AC-4 and for switching resistive and capacitive loads.

The DILM185A and DILM225A contactors have the same base

area and the same hole pattern as their predecessors. This makes
it possible for all users to replace them easily. The depth, which The design, shape and color of the new DILM185A, DILM225A
has been considerably reduced by 28 millimeters, results in a and DILM300A contactors fit seamlessly into Eaton’s entire
significant weight reduction of over 70 percent. The new coil contactor range. The accessories required, such as cable terminal
electronics reduces the power consumption in sealing 30 percent. block, covers and motor protective relays have been adapted by
Eaton to match the new designs. Naturally, the associated Z5
The DILM300A contactor has a considerably smaller width, height overload relays for direct mounting or for separate mounting are
and depth, thus saving space in the control panel and simplifying still available for these contactors. Matching covers ensure that
mounting. In addition to a smaller base area and mounting depth finger and back of hand protection is provided.
than before, as well as a reduced weight, the reduced power
consumption is also a financial benefit. The contactors can
naturally control operating voltages up to 1000 V. Quicklink ID: ES2205

SOL30-SAFETY PV Fireman’s Switch

Safety has top priority
The “SOL30-Safety” is a DC switch-disconnector (32 A) in an
IP65 enclosure. This is installed in direct proximity to the PV
modules and inserted in the DC cable to the power inverter. The
“PV fireman’s switch” has two switch positions. In the POWER
position the current is fed through from the PV modules to the
power inverter. In the SAFETY switch position, both DC cables
are interrupted – the switch is also lockable, as is necessary
for maintenance work in large solar installations. The integrated
undervoltage release also enables the switch to be actuated
remotely using a “PV emergency-stop pushbutton actuator”. If in
the event of a fire, the fire brigade isolates the entire house from
the grid, this automatically causes the tripping of the “PV fireman’s
switch” and thus also the isolation of the PV cables. Any danger
to rescue personnel from live DC cables in the event of a fire is
thus totally removed. Eaton designed its fireman’s switch both
for solar power systems in private homes, as well as for large PV
installations on the roofs of public buildings or in agriculture.

The SOL30-Safety “PV fireman’s switch” with a 230 V, 50 Hz

undervoltage release is available from Eaton in three versions,
depending on the connection type required: MC3, MC4 and
metric screw coupling. The switch is tested in accordance with
IEC/EN 60947-3 and is suitable for ambient temperatures up to
60° C. The maximum operating voltage Ue is 1000 V DC, the
maximum operating current Ie is 32 A.

Quicklink ID: ES2206

8 SolutionS 22 News

Güstrow Vocational College Uses
SmartWire-DT™ Model Installation
In order ensure the long-term
competitiveness of Germany as a
place to do business, it is important
to work at the base, i.e. ensure that
a high standard of education is in
place. What, however, makes up a
the feedback function of the
good education? Mechatronics trainees at the Güstrow contactors to activate control
vocational college HIS (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) signal lamps via SmartWire-
define good education as follows: “A good education is DT. This training step is used
to demonstrate the scanning
based in practice, combining theoretical knowledge with of contactor states and allows
practical application and giving trainees a wide range of comparisons of the actual and
skills and abilities.” target configuration.

In further training steps, the

trainees learn how to activate a
In the automation department, trainees were recently able to put pneumatic cylinder. A contactor
a SmartWire-DT (SW-DT) model installation into operation. For switches the solenoid of the
this, Eaton Industries in Bonn provided the HIS Güstrow vocational valve which moves the cylinder
college with all the components required. In the course section in and out. The end position
“Networking automation systems” the SW-DT system had to be sensors can be connected to
used as an example of a passive Profibus slave with a gateway the IO module and thus used
function. in the program. For safety
reasons, electric motors cannot
Together with a few trainees, Peter Kruse, specialist trainer for be switched via the contactor,
automation, completed the installation: “The simple demonstration since there is no three-phase
of a new technology only brings a few benefits. Product videos supply available in the college’s
only provide trainees with information but do not give them any laboratory.
lasting specialist expertise. After receiving my inquiry, Dipl. Ing.
Heribert Einwag, the engineer responsible for SmartWire-DT at The last task, the integration
the Electrical Sector EMEA of Eaton Industries, was immediately of an emergency-stop
willing to provide a model installation free of charge. I then control system, is implemented so that the NC contacts of the
developed an experimenter board with which our trainees could emergency-stop switch open the enable inputs of the contactors.
create a training installation simply and clearly.” The switching information can also be passed on to the program
via the bus. In this way, the trainees can work out the benefits of
The experimenter board is designed so that the overview circuit wiring the emergency-stop circuit quickly. At the same time, they
with all bus stations is shown on the front. All the devices are can trip the necessary switching operations in the program without
clearly fitted on the back. A complete covering of the rear was not any further cabling required. The “Safe Stop” operating mode can
regarded as practical since it is required that the trainees are able be indicated via the lights of the experimenter board and a signal
to fit on the Profibus connection cable and also actuate the rear tower.
configuration button.
Peter Kruse is impressed: “The tasks can be increased or reduced
Thanks to the prepared experimenter board, the trainees can be according to the capabilities of the trainee. This allows virtually all
trusted to carry out different experiments. The commissioning trainees to achieve success. SmartWire-DT makes this possible
of the bus system is the first task. For this the trainees receive a with simple handling.” Course lecturer Kruse adds: “Working
worksheet with a system overview. Peter Kruse used the view with the experimenter board has proved worthwhile. The trainees
of the SW-DT-Assistant software which is ideally suited for this have to become acquainted with a new system and commission
purpose. The necessary steps in the Simatic Step 7 hardware the installation on their own. SmartWire-DT is particularly suitable
configuration program are also guided. By working carefully, for this since only a few steps are needed to set up the bus
trainees can thus create a functional installation rapidly. According connection. The extensive preinstallation on the experimenter
to Peter Kruse, trainees often unfortunately make mistakes in board allows the users to come to successful results quickly.
selecting the bus stations. The troubleshooting process should In this way, the practical training promotes the gathering of
then allow trainees to rectify the incorrect component selection as experience and the development of specialist expertise – training
independently as possible. at its best. Thanks to the kind support of Eaton Industries we have
been able to integrate a valuable module in our training syllabus.”
Only when the bus connection is fully set up can the trainees start
to configure simple switch operations, such as implementing the
switching of lights and contactors. In later training steps they use Quicklink ID: ES2207

SolutionS 22 9

Solar Power Stations

Prototype of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector
Uses Air as Heat Transfer Medium

Today’s parabolic trough power plants use either steam, an area of 600 x 600 km would be enough to cover the total
thermal oil or liquid salt as a circulating heat transfer world’s energy requirement. Large desert regions in northern and
southern Africa, in Mexico, the Arabian Peninsula, as well as some
medium. However, these types of media have the
regions of India and Australia would be suitable for locating large
disadvantage that they circulate in the solar field at high power stations.
pressure. In the event of a leak therefore both persons
and the environment are at risk. For example, around Airlight Energy chose air as the absorber medium and can thus
make use of two particular benefits: Air enables temperatures
one million liters of thermal oil are used for a 50 MW of over 600° C to be reached, and also the use of air as the
power station. heat transfer medium provides the option of storing the energy
recovered in a store filled with pebbles. At night the flow direction
The Swiss company Airlight Energy Manufacturing SA based in is thus simply reversed and the stored heat is taken from the
Biasca designed quite a revolutionary concept for how electrical pebbles. In this way, solar energy can be generated as needed.
energy can be generated from the sun in future using parabolic
trough power plants – in an environmentally safe way and with With this development, Airlight Energy is working to achieve
a high level of personal safety. Based on current calculations, technological simplicity, reduced costs and to increase the overall

10 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.airlightenergy.com Airlight Energy Holding SA and pursues the aim of finally being
its subsidiary Airlight Energy able to create an environmentally
Manufacturing SA, based in friendly and economical system
Products: PLSM miniature circuit-breaker Biasca/Switzerland was founded of producing electricity from solar
PFIM residual current circuit-breaker in January 2007 by five Swiss energy. The project is supported
private investors who financed the by the Swiss Federal Office of
initial development phase. Another Energy.
Quicklink ID: ES2208 [www.moeller.net] investor joined the company
in May 2007. Airlight Energy

efficiency of the parabolic trough power plants. Andrea Pedretti, High innovation partnered by specialists
head of technological development at Airlight Energy, explained
that the basic idea arose in a phone call from a student in As an additional step, Airlight Energy developed its own supporting
Australia, who asked how it might be possible to use membranes structure: The use of light precast concrete elements on site
for solar collectors. significantly eliminated the maintenance work required. This allows
the supporting structures to be rotated on the foundation with
very little energy required. The mirror can track the position of the
Virtually perfect parabola sun precisely at any time thus ensuring optimum use of the sun’s
radiation. Data from NASA as well as from meteorological stations
The suggestion proposed in the form of a question gave the is used and evaluated in the main computers in order to calculate
initial spark: A parabolic reflector could be built from a coated, the optimum inclination of the collector. At wind speeds over
expandable membrane made from Mylar film. This enables 25 m/s, the collector is moved into the safe horizontal position.
solar energy to be produced reliably and cost-effectively in
power stations. The basic concept included the simple idea The R & D work is partnered by specialists from the SUPSI
of using air pressure to shape a foil fixed at both ends into a technical university in Tessin, the Swiss Federal Institute of
“perfect” curvature. However, the air pressure applied to the Technology Zurich (ETHZ), as well as the Paul Scherrer Institute.
reflector foil required an enclosed space, i.e. a cover foil that The project is also supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.
spanned over the collector. The pressure chamber thus formed
is pressurized to a few millibars using a variable speed fan. A test programme is currently being completed at the installation
The cover foil is made from a transparent, low refractive ETFE site of the 3rd prototype in Biasca, where the relevant data is
(ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) material offering high light and UV also being collected and the mathematical models validated. All
permeability as well as a low tare weight. A silicon fiber glass essential indicators such as temperatures in the collector and
fabric is tensioned onto the base structure to thus produce a in the storage bed are recorded, documented and visualized on
2-volume-pillow system. Thanks to further innovations from screens in the control room.
Airlight Energy it was possible to achieve an almost perfect
parabolic curve that ensures a high radiation concentration onto
the receiver. Reliable miniature circuit-breakers and
residual current devices

Eatons Moeller business supplied miniature circuit-breakers and

RCD devices (PLSM and PFIM), as well as EMR4 measuring and
monitoring relays and an NZM2 circuit-breaker which is used as
a main switch. The main task of the products was to monitor
the cables and systems for overcurrents or short-circuits. Airlight
Energy awarded the contract to Eaton due to the impressive
features of the overall package: the high standard of finishing and
material quality of all products; the fast mounting of the miniature
circuit-breakers and residual current devices in the control panel –
thanks to the busbar system for Xpole devices; their versatile
range of application options; their comprehensive range of
approvals and in no small part the global service provided by Eaton.

PLSM miniature circuit-breaker PfIM residual current circuit-breaker

Features: Contact position indication, red - green, Features: Complete type range of compact residual current circuit-breakers
terminal aid, protective cover, three-position latching slide, for residual current and additional protection, large number of rated
rated currents up to 63 A currents available, real contact position indication

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Pack It
SmartWire-DT™ Controls Packaging Machines
Gillenkirch Packaging Systems is a family business based in Dinslaken that develops and produces sorting and
packaging plants and systems for the fruit and vegetable market worldwide, such as for the processing or freezing of
potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, apples or citrus fruits. Gillenkirch machines and systems are offered as bespoke
customer solutions and meet rigorous requirements in terms of capacity and hygiene. Specially developed processes
ensure that products are handled quickly and gently and thus secure product quality during the entire
packaging process.

Optimally efficient
switchboard design:
All motor starters were snap fitted
to the vertically installed busbar
system using busbar adapters. The
control system was implemented
with SmartWire-DT. The otherwise
standard terminal strip was not
required since all motors were
connected directly to the motor

SolutionS 22
The Company: www.gillenkirch.com Gillenkirch Packaging Systems is taking up the challenge
GmbH is a family business of offering top products for
based in Dinslaken (North Rhine- worldwide use with customized
Products: SmartWire-DT, PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker Westphalia). Since the seventies products and systems.
MSC motor starter, XC200 modular PLC complete sorting and packaging
M-Max frequency inverter systems have been developed
and manufactured for the fruit
and vegetable industry, with
Quicklink ID: ES2209 [www.moeller.net] applications worldwide. Gillenkirch

The latest example is an installation designed as a complete the connection between motor starters and SmartWire-DT – thus
solution for a Swiss customer. The potatoes supplied locally by eliminating the need to use a screwdriver 3240 times, as required
the growers are first tipped into a silo, from where conveyor for 270 drives using the conventional method.
belts take them to a washer and move them finally to a polishing
and drying system. Before the potatoes are stored in the silo, The combined assembly of the control cables with the power
they are put through a quality control. The potatoes are taken supply in the SmartWire-DT system also results in an increased
from the different silos for particular varieties and fed to a scales Performance Level as the energy for the individual drive is isolated
and packaging machine. The entire process is controlled and twice as it were in the event of an emergency-stop: A 65 A
monitored by a process control system. contactor disconnects the supply conductor to the 400 V AC main
distribution busbar and the motor contactor is also switched off
The core of the control system is made up of an 8 meter wide by disconnecting the power supply from the 24 V DC network of
switchboard containing the following Eaton components: circuit- SmartWire-DT.
breakers and motor-protective circuit-breakers, contactors,
compact PLCs, the SmartWire-DT connection and communication Thanks to the high short-circuit rating of the PKE motor-protective
system as well as frequency inverters and soft starters. circuit-breakers, an additional back-up fuse was unnecessary. The
consistent use of the bus systems down to the field level and
The open-loop and closed-loop control of system sections is the extensive modular design result in a significant reduction in
implemented with the XC200 modular PLC which is connected costs – equally in terms of design, mounting and quotations as
to the system via its integrated Ethernet and CANopen interface. well as in terms of shorter delivery times.
The data is exchanged with the touch displays and the higher-
level control system via Ethernet. The fieldbus level is addressed
via CANopen. As a special feature, all 270 contactor-controlled
drives use PKE/SmartWire-DT to provide current measuring for
preventative maintenance. In order to shorten installation times on
PKE motor-protective circuit-
site, all motor feeders are fitted with plugs which can be plugged
onto the contactor directly without any intermediate terminal strip.
breakers with SmartWire-DT™
Gillenkirch developed a metal support especially designed for
fastening the motor cables in the switchboard so that 60 motor Motor starter combinations with PKE together with SmartWire-
starters can be assembled compactly DT allow integration into the automation world: The modular
in each section. The modular approach PKE-SWD-32 COM interface is used to implement different
not only reduces mounting times in the signalling functions such as diagnostics, status or overload signals,
workshop, but also simplifies the writing of as well as the actual current flow of the PKE. The data can be
future quotations. transferred directly to the controller and is made available to the
entire installation. The data transparency thus created increases
In order to work with as many identical the efficiency and operational reliability of the drives in the area
parts as possible when assembling the of the motor-protective circuit-breaker. PKEs – integrated in the
switchboards, Eaton’s value added logistics SmartWire-DT system – increase system availability by transferring
fitted the motor starters with a standard process data, reduce the wiring in the control circuit and save
contactor size on the busbar. time-consuming troubleshooting during commissioning and
The exchangeable bimetal block of the
PKE could be fitted at a later time after the
motor list is approved by the end customer.
This enables the drives to be pre-installed –
even without a knowledge of the exact CONCLUSION
current values – so that the system could
be shipped quickly to the Swiss customer. Oscar Manteca, partner at Gillenkirch had this to say: “We
set high standards in quality, reliability and service for all
All controlled drives are implemented system sections. Innovations such as SmartWire-DT help us
via frequency inverters of the M-MAX to continuously further develop our product range and keep
series, which are also connected to the it in line with the latest state-of-the-art. As we were able
modular PLC via CANopen. These have to impressively reduce the installation times, it was even
the task of optimally adapting the conveyor possible to supply the system described here before the
speeds and water volumes to the relevant agreed date. The integrated current measuring of all loads
production process. enables the direct signalling of different load states on the
process control system. The system operator carries out any
The PKE enhanced with SmartWire-DT optimization online and thus avoids production downtimes.
enables all switching states of the We are very satisfied with the new SmartWire-DT solution.”
contactors and motor-protective circuit-
breakers to be signalled and shown in the
higher-level production control system
without the need for complex wiring. Pre-
assembled cables/connectors are used for

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Mediterranean Lifestyle
Eaton SmartWire-DT™ automates a grape pressing system
for Italian wine production
It’s a well-known fact that wine, bread and olive oil are some of the essential foods in southern countries like Italy –
things that help to make up the Mediterranean lifestyle. Italy is one of the major wine producing countries in Europe,
with more than 60 million hectoliters of wine being produced in an area of over 908,000 hectares (as at 2000). The
Italian company Pimmel Automazioni uses Eaton automation technology to ensure the high level of quality in
wine production.

Pimmel S.r.l., an Italian company based in Gaiarine Treviso, started highly specialized electrical systems and automation solutions
in 1986 with heating control concepts for wine production and for for industrial and building applications. Nowadays, Pimmel meets
the production of sparkling wine in autoclaves. Control systems every customer need, from the traditional electrical system up to
were also developed for other phases of the wine making process the management of electrical systems and machines equipped
such as feeding, grape pressing, the filtering and stabilizing of with high-tech automation controllers and personal computers.
production processes. The company now primarily develops

14 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.pimmel.it Pimmel S.r.l., an Italian company in the production process. The
based in Gaiarine Treviso, was company guarantees top product
founded in 1987 and primarily quality standards through heavy
Products: SmartWire-DT, operates in the field of highly investments in new production
HMI/PLC XV-102, specialized electrical systems technologies. It also offers
SLX and M-Max frequency inverters and automation solutions. The excellent pre-sales and post-sales
company covers here both the services. Moreover, Pimmel
industrial and the building sector. fosters an optimum working
Quicklink ID: ES2210 [www.moeller.net] With its extensive know-how environment for its keen and
Pimmel offers fully developed conscientious employees as well
solutions on the market that as the further development of a
meet virtually every requirement quality culture.

Highly efficient processing

The automation of a new grape press had to be implemented in

a winery plant. This required the control of the grape washing
plant, the grape feeding system and the control of the valves for
distributing pressed wine. In addition to this, the end customers
placed considerable importance on the ability to monitor the
entire system, to document all operating phases automatically, to
manage alarm messages and to archive process data. A further
requirement was the integration of the automation solution in the
customer’s own IT infrastructure, in order to ensure a seamless price evaluations verify SmartWire-DT as a significant means
data flow from the process level right up to management level. of reducing the otherwise usual assembly and wiring costs –
by more than 60 percent. This also reduces the high project
engineering requirements for the PLC I/O modules. SmartWire-DT
Outstanding automation solution also enables a more compact panel design.

The automation system consists of three units – an operator

panel, a main panel and three secondary panels. The core of this
automation solution is made up of PLCs, touch panels with a
graphical user interface, as well as Windows-compatible software.
Thanks to the special software solutions developed by Pimmel,
the customer can monitor the entire installation, track all operating
phases precisely, manage alarm messages and archive data
processes. The operator panel consists of a field of pushbutton
actuators, an IPC with a 17" screen for monitoring the system and
a 3.5" XV-102 touch panel.

The main control panel manages the entire power section for
the stemmer-crusher machines and those for stalk and vinasse
extraction. The three secondary panels house remote I/O
stations which control the electropneumatic valves of the product
sorting section and the mashing and sanitization section. The
communication between the main panel and the three peripheral
panels is implemented via CANopen.
Users are impressed by the very simple SmartWire-DT
Pimmel has already been relying on the automation devices of technology: Without any additional and special automation know-
Moeller and Micro Innovation for several years. Both companies how, every slave on the SmartWire-DT line can be automatically
now belong to Eaton, a leading global power management assigned an address on the gateway at the push of a button, in
company worldwide. Pimmel uses the remote I/Os of the XI/ the order of the slaves connected. The individual slaves, such as
ON series, HMI/PLCs of the XV series, as well as low-voltage contactors or indicator lights are not activated until the address
switchgear such as circuit-breakers and motor starters. is called. The maximum length of the SmartWire-DT bus is 600
meters inside or outside of the switching cabinet, connecting
Inside the main panel, a XION remote I/O station is used for the up to 99 slaves. Pimmel was also able to considerably simplify
acquisition and management of all the signals coming from the all wiring and testing processes for the automation of its grape
process. The higher rated motors above 7.5 kW are fed from SLX press plant – thanks to the flexible and easy-to-use SmartWire-
frequency inverters, while M-MAX frequency inverters and DS4 DT communication system. This includes clear status LEDs that
soft starters are used for all the other smaller motors. are integrated in all connected SmartWire-DT slaves. Pimmel
customers, whether from Italy, Europe or overseas, gave an
Pimmel also chose Eaton’s SmartWire-DT intelligent extremely positive response to the use of SmartWire-DT.
communication system for switchgear and control circuit devices.
All motors and the pushbutton actuator field on the operator
panel are controlled via SmartWire-DT, since the key benefit
of SmartWire-DT results from the elimination of control circuit
wiring and simpler commissioning and engineering. Several

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Photovoltaic Roofs
Always Tracking and Facing the Sun
Farmbau Fertigsysteme is a company that has now developed the Vario Sun House,
a house with an adjustable photovoltaic roof, having already developed the rotatable
photovoltaic Sun House that fully follows the position of the sun. The Vario Sun
House follows the course of the sun on two axes – the inclination and the cardinal
direction. Unlike the rotatable Sun House, the building stays in the same position
and only the roof changes its angle. The Vario Sun House is either supplied as
a bungalow with a flat roof and roof garden or with a second penthouse floor
and roof garden area that is easier to integrate. For all its control components and
corresponding automation software Farmbau relies on top quality and cost-efficient
technologies from Eaton.

The Company: www.farmbau.eu Farmbau Fertigsysteme GmbH adapted for office buildings, halls
is based in Langenburg and was and private homes. Today the
founded in 1997 by Wolfgang Sun House and the Vario Sun
Products: Touch display PLC Maier. Success started with round House now represent milestones.
easy800 control relay reinforced concrete tanks, for Farmbau places importance on its
XV100 visualization, Galileo which an infinitely variable round own know-how, ranging from the
shell was developed. Farm shed pre-assembly plant in Insingen,
buildings made from thermally the planning office, the statics
Quicklink ID: ES2211 [www.moeller.net] insulated concrete sandwich panel department, right through to the
structures represent another competent team, that offers the
source of business. These were state-of-the-art building.
gradually optimized and also

Photovoltaic systems use virtually every ray of the sun to turn Users value the tried and trusted easy800 I/O modules due
its energy to electricity and thus to financial benefit. Buildings to their simple networking capability: This allows up to seven
with a monopitch roof construction produce a large usable area modules to be connected on the XV panel via the easyNet, thus
for installing modules. The autotracking of the photovoltaic creating up to 280 I/Os. Their small standard front dimensions
area will then obviously produce a higher yield. With Farmhaus enable them to be mounted in subdistribution systems. They are
prefabricated systems, owners themselves decide whether the available in AC and DC versions that can also be used together.
roof is to be fitted with standard, high performance or partially The maximum expansion in the easyNet is up to 1000 meters.
transparent glass modules, thus determining the possible financial
yield. Farmhaus offers the Vario Sun House in a range of sizes and
with different features. Visualization with Galileo

The entire roof area of the Vario roof is moved hydraulically using Galileo is an easy-to-learn, and nevertheless powerful and
four cylinders. A lattice girder system transfers the static forces comprehensive project design environment, ideally suited for
into the four fulcrums. Two cylinders are moved in on each all machine and process-oriented applications in system and
fulcrum and stabilize the system. The other two cylinders tilt the machine building. With its non-sector specific design, Galileo
roof according to the position of the sun, following the cardinal offers seamless project design for all graphical operator units
direction in three stages, east, south and west. from the Eaton HMI product range as well as for PC single-user
solutions. Galileo always provides the project designer with
The building envelope is state-of-the-art: effective thermal the full functionality without any graduated restrictions on tags
insulation, modern heating systems, unrestricted scope for design (variables) or screens, according to the performance specifications
and a square ground plan for optimum room utilization with small of the panel used.
exterior wall areas. The photovoltaic roof above the building also
protects the roof garden and creates additional usable space. Galileo can be connected simply and safely to both the control
level or the office world. With this full range of functions it is
possible to fulfill virtually any wish: Drag & drop positioning
(wysiwyg) of the objects, simple object parameterization,
enhanced password handling with complex password and aging
function, comprehensive recipe handling, alarm handling (with
time stamp, history and diagnostics support with picture display),
convenient series assignment of texts and pictures to variables,
many graphical objects (such as bar graph, slide adjuster, graph
plotter, curve chart, camera etc.), dynamic switching of units of
measure, direct printing on the panel (reports, forms), import of
15 different picture formats, simple import of PLC tags, online
language change, Unicode support (also Asian character sets), text
import/export in XML format (e.g. Excel).


High performance – designed cost-effectively Christian Vetter is the owner of Vetter-Steuerungstechnik, a

new company based in Pfinztal-Söllingen that has established
The precise control of the entire roof area according to the course itself on the market in the field of controllers, visualization,
of the sun is implemented with a compactly designed HMI-PLC – PLC programming and consulting for special machine
the XV100 (XV-102-D6-57TVR-10-PLC) Micro Panel. The high- building. He had the following to say: “We have handled
performance PLC integrated in the XV100 touch panel handles the and programmed the project. The XV100 touch panel and
necessary complex calculations of the sun’s position, and guides likewise the products of the easy series are ideal for the
the Vario roof from east to west – following the sun. The proven Vario Sun House from Farmbau. The automation offers high
easy800 modules are used as cost-effective I/O. performance and is exactly dimensioned. With easySoft for
relays and easySoft-CoDeSys as a runtime environment,
With the XV100 (5.7 inch widescreen TFT color display with we have two powerful programming interfaces with many
resistive touch technology) deployed here, Farmhaus is using ready-to-use function blocks. They simplify our programming
the Compact class – offering maximum performance in a small requirement and thus reduce development costs.”
format. With its robust design, the XV100 not only offers a fully www.vetter-steuerungstechnik.de
developed operating unit but also a high performance: a powerful
400MHz RISC processor, onboard memory of 128MB, expandable
as required with an SD card, a small mounting depth, Ethernet
interface onboard, also CAN, Profibus, RS232 or RS485 as an
option and also a USB Host interface (from 5.7" display size).

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Pico Breweries
Brewing Beer Yourself
Beer is a drink enjoyed all over the world. It has a tradition that goes back centuries. In Germany, the use of pure
ingredients for top quality brewing was ensured very early on with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, which stipulated
that only water, hops and the malt produced from barley could be used in the process. Whilst beer is currently
enjoying an increase in demand, it is nevertheless produced as a bulk product. However, many beer lovers appreciate
a more individual taste. This is why Pico brewing systems allow you to brew virtually any beer yourself using the same
methods as the small craft breweries. Highly reliable Eaton components are used for the visualization, operation and
control of the Pico brewing systems.

The ProDesign consultant engineers based in Tuttlingen specialize

in the design and development of machines, special machines
and complete production systems, as well as in the development
of compact brewing systems for the catering sector. Two home
brewing systems are currently available – the Pico 50 and Pico
150.The two sizes differ primarily in the yield per brewing process:
The Pico 50 EP offers customers 50 liters of yield per brew, whilst
the Pico 150 EP offers 150 liters.

Stylish high-end compact brewing system

The Pico compact brewing system is a dual component brewing

system in a stainless steel frame, consisting of two partially
integrated stainless steel containers which serve as a brew kettle
and straining vat. The visible area of both containers is lined in
copper. Their removable lids are designed as wrought copper
covers, one of which is provided with a small double-door opening.

All horizontal surfaces are made from 20 mm granite blocks. The

front of the system is made from 1.0 mm copper plate (partially
reinforced), whilst the sides of the system are made from 1.5 mm
stainless steel. The frame is fitted on four heavy duty castors
(two fitted with a brake). The system is provided with outgoing
connections, one for the electric current and one for filling the
water tank. The internal piping is made from stainless steel
and food-safe flexible steel tubing. Both Pico systems come
with an integrated automatic mash and boiler unit which can be
programmed with a touch panel.

High performance HMI-PLC

Pico brewing systems rely completely on the products of Eaton for

open-loop and closed-loop control. A high performance HMI-PLC
XV100 is used, either with a 5.7 or 7 inch widescreen TFT color
display with resistive touch technology (front protection to IP65).
An XV400 with a stainless steel front (IP69k) could also be used if

This HMI-PLC of the XV series forms the core of each Pico

brewing system. The controller integrated in the panel (400 MHz
RISC processor) runs on the easySoft-CoDeSys programming
system. CoDeSys Target Visu is used for the visualization.
easySoft-CoDeSys combines open-loop/closed-loop control and
visualization in one software system. The Eaton XV panels used
in Pico brewing systems support CoDeSys Target Visu and Galileo
(optional CoDeSys Web-Visu) visualizations.

18 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.picobier.de The Tuttlingen-based engineering its employees. The construction of
office ProDesign GmbH was compact brewing systems for the
founded in 2007 and designs catering sector was an additional,
Products: Touch display PLC XV100 and develops (special) machines and yet important and constantly
xSoft CoDeSys as well as complete production growing area of the company.
systems, particularly in the food
and medical technology sectors.
Quicklink ID: ES2212 [www.moeller.net] Its development, design and
production know-how are based on
the many years of experience of

Visualization – combinable as required easy800 for the I/O level

Galileo: Eaton’s interactive visualization tool is an easy-to-learn An easy800 can be connected simply and conveniently to the
and nevertheless powerful and comprehensive project design panels of the XV series via easyNet. The CAN-based protocol
environment. With its non-sector specific design, Galileo offers is event-triggered and also offers a very high transfer speed
seamless project design for all graphical operator units from the even with low baud rates. On the face of it, the idea of using
Eaton HMI product range as well as for PC single-user solutions. an easy800 for the I/O level of the Pico brewing systems
Galileo always provides the project designer with the full seems somewhat unconventional, since the easy800 itself is
functionality without any graduated restrictions on tags (variables) an intelligent control relay. However, the easy800 offers some
or screens, according to the performance specifications of the impressive benefits: An excellent price/performance ratio, 12
panel used. inputs (of which four can be used as analog inputs), 8 outputs
(of which one can be used as an optional analog output), high-
CoDeSys Target visualization: For the visualization objects of speed inputs up to 5 KHz (high-speed counters, frequency
a project the CoDeSys programming system creates ST code measuring, incremental encoders) and last but not least intelligent
(structured text) which can be loaded onto the controller together preprocessing.
with other program blocks. If the functions are supported
correctly, the visualization can be started directly on the controller.

CoDeSys web visualization: This enables the visualization objects

of a project to be processed so that they can be loaded onto the
controller in XML format. An integrated web server processes the
controller data likewise in XML format and continuously refreshes
the visualization displayed. Any other computer with an Internet
connection can then access the visualization via a web browser
regardless of the platform, for example for remote maintenance


The general manager of the ProDesign GmbH engineering

consultants in Tuttlingen, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Salvermoser
sums up: “We wanted a controller for our Pico brewing
systems that offered simple and clear operation, visualization
and control in equal measure. After all, our customers are
beer enthusiasts and not control engineers. Furthermore,
we wanted highly reliable components to ensure long-
term satisfaction for our customers. All Eaton components,
whether they are XV panels with easySoft-CoDeSys or
easy800, meet these requirements – at attractive prices.
Eaton employees gave us expert support with our projects,
including the first test systems. Eaton products have now
been successfully used in series production with flying

SolutionS 22 19

State of the Art

Motor and Pump Test Bench with SmartWire-DT™

The company Dipl.-Ing. Kögel & Ernst & Co. GmbH Kögel & Ernst operates in the field of repair and maintenance of
based in Sinzheim is fitting Eaton’s SmartWire-DT in its electric motors, generators, servo drives, lifting equipment, pumps
(drives) as well as in the construction of transformer stations
own motor and pump test benches which it uses for and industrial controls (energy / automation technology). The
in-house requirements. The SmartWire-DT connection motor and pump test bench designed as a showcase installation
and communication system is used for controlling the successfully handled a wide range of test tasks. Different rotary
converter sets and a rotary transformer are switched alternatively
test bench. In addition to the basic functions, the test to a test outlet. The voltage, current and frequency are measured
bench is said to also serve as a showcase installation of at the test outlet itself. Flow and pressure are additionally
the in-house panel building department. The test bench measured on the pump test bench at six different measuring
sections. The pump test bench is designed for machines up to
can thus also be presented to potential customers as an
1200 kW.
example of “state of the art” efficient panel building. At
present SmartWire-DT is already being used to evaluate The showcase installation has a decentralized structure. The
analog values (currents and load) in the PLC from NZM2 control panel with the SmartWire-DT components is thus located
directly at the converter sets on the upper floor, thus allowing
circuit-breakers and PKE electronic motor-protective short power connections between these and the control panel.
circuit-breakers. The control is implemented via SmartWire-DT with a Profibus
interface to the central PLC, and a touch panel is connected
via Ethernet. The test stations are located in a hall on the
ground floor, the pump test bench is located in the covered
courtyard area.

20 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.koegel-ernst.de Lukas Kögel and Wolfgang The company has developed to
Ernst founded the company become a competence center
“Elektromaschinenbau Dipl.-Ing. in the central Baden area for
Products: SmartWire-DT, Kögel & Ernst” in Baden-Oos in customer-oriented solutions for
HMI/PLC XV-102, 1955. At the beginning of 1994, drive engineering with motors,
SLX and M-Max frequency inverter the founders handed over all pumps, system building, frequency
company shares to Hannes Kögel, inverters, transformer stations and
who assumes sole corporate panel building, control engineering
Quicklink ID: ES2213 [www.moeller.net] management. Kögel & Ernst, and automation.
based in Sinzheim, has been
authorized for a long time to
repair explosion proof machines.

The test bay is controlled by means of a mobile touch panel with

functions for: selecting the test station, switching on the required
rotary converter set, increasing the voltage as required, displaying
the required measured values, writing the required measured
values (e.g. voltage/current over time or pressure over flow rate)
and documenting the test results in a database.

SmartWire-DT™ – simple and cost-effective

Kögel & Ernst chooses its main suppliers carefully and negotiates
trusted and long-standing collaborations as well as a continuous
transfer of know-how regarding technical developments. The
fitting of SmartWire-DT in its motor and pump test bench was
therefore a logical step for Kögel & Ernst. For this various
DILM contactors, NZM circuit-breakers and PKE electronic
motor-protective circuit-breakers were used. These all have a
SmartWire-DT connection.

As the example for connecting a motor starter combination

with the PKE electronic wide-range overload protection shows,
Eaton implements standards that were specially tailored for
Smart-Wire-DT: The PKE-SWD-32 function element enables users
to integrate MSC-DEA motor starter combinations up to 32 A /
15 kW in the SmartWire-DT system. As well as activating the
motor starter combination via SmartWire-DT, the function element
transfers all relevant information about the motor branch circuit,
such as motor current, thermal motor load, switching states, trip
indications (e.g. overload, short-circuit, phase loss) and much

The PKE-SWD-32 function element therefore replaces the control

wiring with the integrated control of the motor starter combination
and detects the switching states of contactor and motor-
protective circuit-breaker alike. In this way, additional auxiliary
contacts are not required. The PKE-SWD-32 also eliminates the
need for external current transformers. Process failures can also
be detected early thanks to the motor load data transferred. In
all users are provided with an optimum overview of the motor
branch circuit since all parameters set are transferred, such as Ir
value, tripping class (CLASS) or type of PKE trip block.

The integrated manual/auto switch enables either the manual

or automatic control of the motor starter. The selectable ZMR
overload relay function (automated off and on switching of
the contactor in the event of an overload) is used for the fast CONCLUSION
restarting of the motor after overloads.
Hannes Kögel, general manager of Dipl.-Ing. Kögel & Ernst &
SmartWire-DT can also communicate directly with compact Co. GmbH summarizes: “Our company has already won
circuit-breakers as well as control circuit devices and motor several distinctions. Customer-oriented behavior, transparent
starters. For this the NZM XSWD-704 module is used. Control working procedures, and motivated, qualified personnel
circuit devices with 1-bit data can be controlled in exactly the form the foundation of our success. We chose SmartWire-DT
same way as circuit-breakers with 32-byte data. All NZM 2/3/4 because we see ourselves as a competence center and rely
circuit-breakers with an electronic release can be connected on innovative technology. The evaluation of the currents
directly to SmartWire-DT via the NZM module. Power distribution and the thermal load from NZM2 and PKE is an extremely
currents up to 1600 A are thus within the access range of interesting feature for the control of our motor and pump test
SmartWire-DT. bench. The data can be evaluated in the PLC very easily and
economically with SmartWire-DT.”

SolutionS 22 21

Münsterland Brewery
xEnergy Ensures Optimum Availability
The Rolinck brewery based in Steinfurt can look back on a long tradition: The clarinetist
Alexander Rolinck (1782-1849) was appointed to court musician and cup bearer of
Prince Ludwig of Bentheim-Steinfurt in 1800. From 1820 onwards, he dedicated his
life to his new passion – the brewing of beer. In order to meet the requirements of the
continuously growing production process, a new and highly reliable energy distribution
system was critical. xEnergy was chosen with its high level of availability.

Since the founding of the brewery there have naturally been production plant. Whilst the BBC
several changes and new products, in addition to the main brand power distribution system in place
of smooth bitter Rolinck Pilsener, which is still on offer. Today the at the Rolinck plant in Burgsteinfurt
traditional brewery’s range now includes alcohol-free pilsner, Alex since 1974 still supplied power
Rolinck fine lager beer, a beer cola mix (Bastard) and the calorie for the production machines, it
reduced Rolinck Radler shandy beer. With these brands, the was increasingly more difficult
brewery is able to meet the changing demands of its customers to connect new consumers, let
in terms of quality and taste. Rolinck has been part of the alone ensure the long-term 24h availability of the plant. Additional
Krombacher brewery since 2007 and not only brews its regional production machines ultimately made it necessary to install a new
Westphalian regional beer. All Krombacher bottles destined for power distribution system. The old installation was designed as
export are bottled at Rolinck, and this includes the share of malt a TN-C system. Today many consumers in the production area
beer which Krombacher sells in collaboration with other breweries have a 5-pole connection. “On the other hand, old machines
under the brand name Vitamalz. (power outgoers) are still designed as four-pole systems with a
conventional PEN conductor,” Markus Wietkamp, head of electrical
installations at Rolinck, explained. For this reason, the new xEnergy
System installation with no delays system is designed as a TN-C-S system with a PEN and a PE rail.
The aim is to achieve a gradual changeover to an EMC compliant
An extended product portfolio as well the increased production installation in the TN-S system. For this purpose, the PEN bridge
volume called for new concepts in the energy supply of the was removed and the PEN labeled as a neutral rail.

Key features of the xEnergy main distribution system

• 5
-pole with PEN and PE rail, • O
utgoing section with
1000 A main busbar system 20 x Sz. 00, 1 x Sz. 2 low-
voltage h.b.c. fuse switch-
• I ncomer section with 4 size
2 low-voltage h.b.c. fuse
switch-disconnectors • O
utgoing section with 5 x
Sz. 00, 4 x Sz. 1, 1 x Sz.
• 1
000 A incomer section
2 low-voltage h.b.c. fuse
with IZM drawout air circuit-
• Reserve spaces
• O
utgoing section with
15 x Sz. 00, 1 x Sz. 2 low- • Power factor compensation
voltage h.b.c. fuse switch-

22 SolutionS 22
The Companies: www.rolinck.de Rolinck has been brewing pilsner in Anton Uhlenbrock GmbH based
www.uhlenbrock.org Steinfurt/Munsterland since 1875, in Steinfurt is a company serving
and this is still the main brand of the industrial sector for industrial
Products: xEnergy low-voltage power distribution system the brewery today. In January 2007, installations and machine
P switch-disconnector the A. Rolinck private brewery building. Uhlenbrock handles all
was sold to Krombacher, one of project phases such as planning,
the largest private breweries in commissioning, maintenance and
Quicklink ID: ES2214 [www.moeller.net] Germany. modernization.

In order to ensure as seamless a production flow as CONCLUSION

possible, the conversion phase was completed quickly
and sufficient pre-production was carried out before the “We are able to connect additional consumers without
interruption. Anton Uhlenbrock GmbH, a company with a having to isolate the system – an outstanding benefit of the
long-standing partnership with the Rolinck brewery, was xEnergy system for us,” Markus Wietkamp, head of electrical
awarded the contract to install the system. The close installations at Rolinck, explained. “With our old system,
collaboration was focused on the refurbishment of electric we would have had to disconnect the entire panel and then
motors. This also however involved the electrical installation, reconnect – which meant in effect that we would have had
the compressed air conditioning and the energy distribution. the trouble of restarting the entire production process. This
“Thanks to xEnergy’s modular and flexible design, we is why the xEnergy system was for us the only option,”
were able to install and commission the xEnergy system Wietkamp added.
at Rolinck in a very short time,” Rolf Hundeler electrical
installation foreman at Uhlenbrock explained.

xEnergy – safe energy distribution up to 4000 A

xEnergy provides panel builders with a freely combinable

product range for power distribution systems up to 4000 A.
The system is a modular design and allows for a host of
intelligent combinations. Switching and protective devices,
as well as the associated mounting system and enclosure
components are perfectly matched and form a technical and
economical unit.

The system platform allows individual project design,

maximum flexibility and fast assembly in the workshop.
Expanding the modular system in order to meet growing
requirements is easy and quick, thus making it future-proof.
The modular system integrates exactly tailored function
modules that are type tested to IEC/ EN 60439, with Form
1 to Form 4b internal partitioning, and complies with the
requirements of European and local installation standards
(DIN, VDE, CEI, NF, UNE). Panel builders are provided with
efficient tools for all stages from planning, to quotations right
up to ordering. The documents and the switchboard front
view are printed out with the order. If required, Eaton can
supply the entire range packed in functional flat pack units
or as a pre-assembled switching cabinet. Documents for the
installation also come with detailed assembly instructions.

SolutionS 22 23

Ground Freezing Plant

Eaton After Sales Service Operation in Russia

The Moscow-based Russian minerals and chemicals

company MCC EuroChem OJSC (EuroChem) gave Thyssen
Schachtbau GmbH the contract to sink the approx. 1,1180
deep production shaft of the “Gremjatschinskij potash
deposit”. The potash mine at the “Gremjatschinskij
deposit” is located in the Kotelnikovo district of Russia’s
Volgograd region, about 170 km south-west of Volgograd
and some 20 km to the north-east of the town of
The Russian mines are required in future to produce 2.3 million
tons of potassium chloride a year. Potash is a relatively strategic
raw material for Russia since potassium salts are primarily used
for fertilizers in agriculture, and demand for it will continue to
increase in future.

The geological and hydrological findings obtained from the

exploration drilling programme indicated that the freeze method The compressors for the freeze plant are housed in the containers
would be required for sinking the 1,180 m deep shaft. Much of
the overburden in the target area was described as ‘weak’ to
‘moderately stable’ and rated as ‘water bearing’. Once on site, it soon became clear to Bernhard Teepe from the
Eaton After Sales Service that connection faults in the compressor
When the ground freezes, the groundwater is kept below zero by motors were the main cause of the systems malfunction. The
the cooling medium and is therefore frozen. With unstable rock labelling at the start and the end of the motor cable end had been
layers or subsoils this creates a stable watertight area around the incorrectly reversed. Furthermore, a soft starter was not optimally
shaft. The groundwater level and the groundwater are thus usually set, since Eaton’s DM4-340-315K Eaton soft starters can be
unaffected by this so that the process is environmentally friendly. configured for the more economical output level of 315 kW using
The freeze pipe sunk in this case is around 520 meters. the IN-DELTA circuit even though the motor has a 450 kW rating.
With the IN-DELTA connection, the soft starter is installed in
The freeze plant uses ten 450 kW compressors which are one of the delta windings of the motor and sized at a 58 percent
controlled by Eaton DM4-340-315K soft starters. When the (=1/√3) smaller current rating. Bernhard Teepe then set all motor-
system was started, the circuit-breakers tripped for an unknown protective circuit-breakers and timing relays and corrected the
reason. A fairly typical case for the Eaton After Sales Service. As circuit diagrams accordingly. After three days on site, the ground
the hotline support could not come up with a solution, an on site freezing plant worked perfectly so that the schedule for sinking
service operation was necessary. the shaft could still be kept.


Erhard Berger, Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH project manager

for the ground freezing plant summed up as follows:
“Bernhard Teepe gave us fast and expert help. Thanks to
him the connection faults of the compressor supplier were
identified and rectified so that the ground freezing plant could
be put into operation on schedule.”

Erecting the drilling rigs for creating the freeze bore holes

24 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.thyssen-schachtbau.de Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH,
Kh. Pimeno-Cherny Kotelnikovsky
municipal district, RUS Volgograd
Services/Products: After Sales Service, Region
DM4 frequency inverter

Quicklink ID: ES2215 [www.moeller.net]

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Oasis of the Seas

Sets sail with Eaton UPSs on board
What’s 361 metres long, 66 metres wide and attracts thousands of visitors every year? No, it’s not the Eiffel
Tower with a 40-metre extension placed horizontally – it’s the world’s largest cruise vessel, Oasis of the Seas. This
giant cruise ship features 16 passenger decks, encompasses 225,000 gross registered tons, accommodates 6,360
passengers and 2,100 crew members, and towers 72 metres above sea level at its highest point. Oasis of the Seas
set sail on its maiden voyage on 5 December 2009, and as well as its massive physical size, the vessel has giant-
sized demands in terms of power consumption: its total requirement for uninterruptible power can be as high as
2,000 kVA. The need for power protection devices is equally massive.

“We supplied the cruise ship with more than 20 double-conversion “Eaton’s answer is double-conversion online topology. All our
online UPSs, ranging from 1 kVA to 350 kVA. The UPS delivery is marine UPSs incorporate this; it can protect critical marine
without doubt the largest in our 40-year history of providing the equipment from all types of power interruptions that may occur in
marine industry with uninterruptible power systems,” says Rauli the ship’s supply network. To guarantee continuous, high quality
Lehtonen, Sales Manager at Eaton Power Quality. power to the most critical loads, the UPSs can be configured to
provide parallel redundancy,” Lehtonen says.
“The unparalleled size of the vessel and the variety of high-tech
applications on board posed remarkable challenges in terms of “Every Eaton marine UPS also has a hardened mechanical design,
power supply. One-hundred-percent reliable, continuous and shock absorbers and a drip-proof cover. What’s more, they also
clean power has to be guaranteed for the ship’s safety and employ the same global technical platform and the same core
cruising-related applications as well as commercial applications components as our standard UPSs. This enables the use of
that affect customer satisfaction the most. Our customer cannot common spare parts and accessories and leads to effortless
risk losing power in applications such as navigation equipment system upgrading, maintenance and service.”
and emergency power and lighting. A loss of load would result in
highly dangerous situations at sea,” explains Lehtonen. On board Oasis of the Seas, Eaton’s UPS systems protect critical
applications including emergency lighting, navigation equipment,
ship automation and HVAC applications as well as casinos,
Reliable power leads to an enjoyable experience theatres and other entertainment venues against disruptive power
interruptions. The delivery consisted of a set of Eaton 9395, 9390,
Conditions on board a ship differ significantly from those on 9355 and 9155 marine UPSs.
shore: the power distribution network is ungrounded, and the
electricity generated by the ship’s engines is not of uniform “The project was a new milestone for us, as it saw the installation
quality. That is why power needs to be double-converted for all of the largest marine UPS we have ever delivered – the 350 kVA
critical applications. Ship vibration, shocks, inclination, temperature Eaton 9395 Marine UPS. The two 9395s on board Oasis of the
variation and very limited space present further challenges for the Seas protect the most business-critical applications, including
setup. In addition, every device securing safety and cruise-related computer systems and energy-intensive cash registers,” Lehtonen
systems needs to meet the stringent requirements set by various explains.
classification organisations.

26 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.eaton.com/powerquality/marine Total power protection for the will also rely on Eaton’s expertise
world’s largest cruise ship. Eaton to secure power distribution
supplied more than 20 double- network on board.
Products: USV 9395, 9390, 9355, 9155 conversion online UPSs for this
giant of the seas. The Oasis’s
sister ship, Allure of the Seas, due
Quicklink ID: ES2216 [www.moeller.net] to be delivered by the end of 2010,

Eaton also supplied UPS batteries and transformers as well as

PowerVision management software for system performance

Assembling a colossal puzzle

Oasis of the Seas is constructed of 181 grand blocks, each

weighing approximately 600 metric tons. Each block was first
finished as far as possible, including the installation of electrical
devices, and then the blocks were brought together. This colossal
construction puzzle took almost four years from contract to

“One characteristic of marine projects is that the UPS systems

cannot be installed as a whole in one go. Batteries have to be
delivered later, a few months before the ship delivery, otherwise
they would suffer during the long construction period in the
shipyard, with all the dust and dirt. They would also be worn
unnecessarily and their service life could not be guaranteed. In the
case of Oasis of the Seas, we supplied the UPSs in early 2008
and the batteries in autumn 2009,” explains Lehtonen.

Eaton has a long and trusted partnership with both the owner
and builder of Oasis of the Seas. “We have worked with Eaton
for over 10 years in all of our most demanding cruise ship Giant of the seas in a nutshell
construction projects,” says System Coordinator Ville Talsi of
shipbuilding group STX Europe, Turku, Finland. “Their high quality • Ordered in February 2006, maiden voyage 5 December 2009
products and field services around the world have guaranteed • Length 361 m, width 66 m, height 72 m above sea level
an enjoyable cruise experience for passengers and uninterrupted (at highest point), gross tonnage 225,000
working for the sophisticated technology on board our ships.”
• Capacity up to 6,360 guests and 2,100 crew members
Eaton’s power protection solutions are employed in five of the • 16 passenger decks, 2,704 staterooms
Royal Caribbean International cruise line’s Voyager-class ships • Total power output 97,000 kW, power protection capacity
(completed in 1999–2002), three of its Freedom-class ships 2,000 kVA
(completed in 2006–2008) and in both of its Oasis-class ships.
• First ship to feature the cruise line’s neighbourhood concept of
Oasis of the Seas’ sister ship, Allure of the Seas, is due to be
seven distinct themed areas
completed in late 2010.
• Cruises the Caribbean from its home port in Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, US
• Sister ship Allure of the Seas due to be launched at
the end of 2010
• Founded in 1968, Royal Caribbean International is a global
cruise brand with 21 ships currently in service and one under
construction. The line also offers land-based cruise tour
packages in Alaska, Canada, Dubai, Europe, and Australia and
New Zealand.

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Eaton Hybrid System Controls

Hybrid Drive Unit

Auto Motor/ Brakes

Engine Transmission (ABS)
Clutch Generator

Control Module

Patented Hybrid System Software

E-Mobility –
Eaton’s “Green Solutions”
Over 50 Million Kilometers with Eaton Hybrid Drives
Since April 2008, Moeller has been a part of the Eaton achieved by vehicles that have to stop and start frequently, such
Electrical Sector of the Eaton Corporation. With Moeller, as city buses, refuse trucks, medium-sized delivery and off-road
vehicles, as well as other large vehicles. In order to develop an
Eaton has considerably expanded its product portfolio so
optimum hybrid solution for these utility vehicles, development
that almost half of the entire turnover was achieved in engineers at Eaton created exact motion profiles of customer
the Electrical Sector with 5.9 billion US dollars in 2009. vehicles. Using this data it was possible for Eaton to develop
51 percent of total turnover is generated in the Industrial several different hybrid drive concepts: a hybrid electric, a plug-in
hybrid electric, and a hybrid hydraulic drive.
Sector with the Aerospace, Hydraulics and Vehicle
businesses. What might not be common knowledge
in Europe: Eaton is the only manufacturer in the world Hybrid electric system
to offer a complete range of hybrid systems for utility Hybrid electric drive systems have shown themselves to
vehicles and for buses. be ideal for vehicles with superstructures such as a crane,
which is normally driven by the idling combustion engine via a
Eaton started with the development of hybrid drive systems hydraulic system. Switching off the engine when the vehicle
twenty years ago, long before the hybrid drive system was a is at a standstill is one of the best ways to reduce both fuel
commonly established term. Today, the hybrid drive, as a generic consumption and system emissions equally. As soon as the
term for drive concepts with two different energy sources, is a auxiliary power is almost used up, the engine is automatically
leading technology for reducing the consumption and emission restarted to recharge the system accumulators in less than five
values of automotive vehicles. The greatest saving potential is minutes.

28 SolutionS 22
The Company: www.eaton.com/hybrid

Products: Eaton hybrid electric drive

Quicklink ID: ES2217 [www.moeller.net]

Plug-in hybrid electric system

Whilst the system accumulators of hybrid electric systems can Eaton’s parallel hybrid system reduces fuel consumption by up to
only be charged using brake operations or via the diesel engine, 35 percent, as well as emissions and noise. It has already been
the vehicles with a charging device – the so-called plug-in hybrid tested worldwide on more than 32 million kilometers. Eaton hybrid
electric system – make it possible to charge the vehicle batteries drive systems also increase the lifespan of the brakes and shorten
at a charging station (EV Quick Charger). the idle times of the combustion engine by up to 87 percent.

Different cities in Europe and Asia have already been using Eaton
Hybrid hydraulic system hybrid systems in their city bus fleets. This includes the buses
of BCI, Foton, Heng Tong, JNP, King Long, Shen Long, Solaris,
Eaton has developed hybrid hydraulic applications specially for Yutong and Zhongtong in the bus sector. Companies such as DHL,
frequent starting and stopping in order to meet the requirements FedEx, UPS, Coca-Cola Enterprises, PepsiCo and Wal-Mart are
of the different truck sectors. The system monitors and stores using delivery vehicles with Eaton hybrid systems. In addition to
brake energy of the vehicle and then use it for acceleration. this, the transporters of many service and telecommunications
companies in North America rely on Eaton hybrid drive systems.
Eaton calls its hybrid hydraulic technology Hydraulic Launch Some of Eaton’s customers in the utility vehicle sector include
Assist™ or HLA®, which consists of a “parallel” hybrid system as Daimler, Iveco/ Fiat, DAF/ Leyland, Freightliner, Ford, International,
it supplements the conventional powertrain in order to reduce fuel Kenworth and Peterbilt.
consumption. On a refuse truck, that stops and then continues
travelling every 25 or 30 meters, the HLA system basically In collaboration with all these customers and over a period of
recycles a major part of the brake energy and thus reduces the ten years, Eaton has documented the drive performance of over
fuel consumption of the engine. In addition to this, the lifespan 2400 delivery vehicles, buses and other utility vehicles that are
of the brakes has more than doubled thanks to the regeneration fitted worldwide with Eaton hybrid systems. In all, over 50 million
of the brake power, and the vehicle can make up to 50 additional kilometers have been driven with Eaton hybrid systems and
stops in one shift. All this increases the viability for the vehicle around 4.5. million liters of fuel and 12,000 tons of CO² have been
fleet owner. saved.

Eaton hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) for Solaris city buses

Eaton presented its hybrid electric system for the “Urbino 12

city” bus from Solaris for the first time at this year’s Busworld
trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. Solaris Bus & Coach is one of
Europe’s leading bus manufacturers, producing a wide range
of city, intercity and trolley buses as well as buses for special
applications. Energy saving and the reduction of CO² emissions
are the constant focus of the company. In collaboration with
Solaris, Eaton developed a hybrid drive system for buses up to 12
meters in length, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Eaton’s hybrid drive system combines a 6.7-litre Cummins diesel

engine (rated at 162 kilowatt / 220 HP) with an electric motor that
has a peak power output of 44 kW (60 HP). The system is
matched to an automated six-speed Eaton transmission
and stores energy in four lithium-ion batteries that are
mounted under the seats. The Solaris Urbino 12 hybrid
bus is also fitted with a stop-start technology.

SolutionS 22 29

Match Schedule VfL Gummersbach

toyota Handball Bundesliga
Su, 14.11.10 | MT Melsungen - VfL Gummersbach | Rothenbach-Halle, Kassel
We, 17.11.10 | VfL Gummersbach - SG Flensburg H. | LANXESS arena, Cologne
Tu, 23.11.10 | TV Grosswallstadt - VfL Gummersbach | f.a.n. frankenstolz arena, Aschaffenburg
We, 01.12.10 | VfL Gummersbach - HSV Hamburg | Eugen-Haas-Sporthalle, Gummersbach
Su, 12.12.10 | Rhein Neckar Löwen - VfL Gummersbach | SAP ARENA, Mannheim
Su, 19.12.10 | THW Kiel - VfL Gummersbach | Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel, Kiel
We, 22.12.10 | VfL Gummersbach - TSG Lu.-Friesenheim | Eugen-Haas-Sporthalle, Gummersbach
(subject to change!) Quicklink ID: VfL

Eaton Live:
Circuit-Breakers for
Non-Motor Loads Germany
23.11. - 25.11.2010 | SPS/IPC/Drives, Nuremberg
23.03. - 25.03.2011 | Eltefa, Stuttgart
PKZM4 up to 32 A for the North American Market
04.04. - 08.04.2011 | Hannover Fair, Hannover
The export of electrical equipment for machines and plants 12.05. - 18.05.2011 | Intersolar, Munich
often proves to be a very difficult undertaking for European 08.06. - 10.06.2011 | Interpack, Düsseldorf
manufacturers, particularly with exports to North America. This
is due to the many legal and safety-related requirements such
as those of the NEC or CEC. For example, UL508 forbids the Europe
use in North America of motor-protective circuit-breakers for the
protection of cables and conductors, or for the short-circuit protection of frequency inverters. 09.11. - 11.11.2010 | ELEKTROTECHNIKA,
The brochure provides comprehensive background information on these issues and shows the
benefits of using the new PKZM4-…-CB circuit-breaker as the solution. 17.11. - 19.11.2010 | Elektrotechniek, Brussels
07.12. - 09.12.2010 | Elektro Vakbeurs
Hardenberg, Hardenberg
Quicklink ID: ES2218
March 2011 | Magyarregula, Budapest
12.04. - 15.04.2011 | Electron, Prague

Seminars offered at bfe-Oldenburg 2010 International

In order to become acquainted with the Eaton automation world, the Federal 12.04. - 15.04.2011 | elcom Ukraine, Kiev
Technology Center for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, bfe- 09.05. - 13.05.2011 | Elfack, Göteborg
Oldenburg, offers a host of different training courses: Programming with CoDeSys
06.06. - 09.06.2011 | Elektro Moscow, Moscow
for XC100/200, easy 500/700/800 control relays, MFD multi-function display.

Quicklink ID: TRAINING Quicklink ID: MESSEN

Eaton OCC-Chopper
Eaton supplied several low-voltage use of capital, enhanced safety,
power distribution systems for the and risk mitigation, are added to
new headquarters of Orange County the paint on the gas tank and on
Choppers (OCC), a company based the fenders.
in Newburgh, New York. As a result OCC has developed an outstanding
of this project, Jason Pohl (senior reputation amongst motorcycle
designer at OCC) developed the manufacturers within a few years
concept for an Eaton PowerChain and has become a worldwide
Management Solutions® Chopper in collaboration with the Eaton project brand name thanks to the documentary TV series “American Chopper“.
team. The wheels with lightning bolt spokes are 3.5 inches wide at the Virtually all OCC models are handmade unique products, for which special
front and 300 mm wide at the rear. The air cleaner features an engraved importance for optimum quality and a unique design. The magazine
Eaton logo, and the coil cover is designed as a circuit breaker, heralding American Iron selected OCC as one of the twelve best motorcycle
Eaton’s lineage as one of the premier circuit breaker manufacturers in the manufacturers in the world.
industry. PowerChain Management Solutions icons, representing the five
key elements of greater reliability, operating cost efficiencies, effective Quicklink ID: ES2218

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