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December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve
Bishop Pilla Delivers
Homily at UCUMC
chalk In the October 28 issue of the Sun News a letter to

talk Three Opportunities to

Prepare Your Hearts and Minds
the editor written by Jim Nagle of Lyndhurst said
in part the following:
“As Bishop PIlla began to speak, we were priv-
ileged to hear the heart of God. He suggested we
BY DR. KENNETH W. CHALKER for the Birth of the Christ Child come together as a community – as ambassadors
There is no question that the way Americans of hope – and build a new city, whose hallmarks
celebrate Christmas is a very big deal. Some say it 4 PM: A family-centered service with bells, drums, dancers and Christmas carols, all designed to would be peace and justice. Said Pilla: ‘No one is
is overblown and that we have become too captivate children of every age. Candles will be lit during the singing of Silent Night in preparation too poor not to contribute. No one is too rich not
secularized and commercial. Well, perhaps so. of the birth of Jesus. to benefit.’
But there are other ways to look at the way in “In the 33 years I have known Bishop Pilla, I
8 PM: Our traditional Christmas Eve service, with a mix of tempos and spiritual experiences, can not remember him giving a more powerful
which we celebrate the season. features the reading of the Biblical Christmas story, music performed by the Chancel and Gospel
Say what one may and will, many of the homily, it was inspirational, invitational and in-
Choirs, dancers and the singing of Silent Night by candlelight. deed most challenging.
preparations for Christmas in our country, in our
local churches, and in our families have been able 11 PM: A contemplative, candlelit service offering readings from the Christmas story (Luke: 2) “When he finished, we gave thanks for Bishop
to develop into traditions because our society is interspersed with music performed by soloists and small groups. Pilla’s legacy of leadership, light and love. He
free and protected. Over-commercialized or not, made us all proud to be followers of the living
we have a busy, demanding Christmas holiday, for God.”

Special Witness
instance, because of an overarching freedom of
faith expression which has been protected and University Circle UMC
preserved, often at high cost. Our freedom to
experience and observe Christmas as citizens Keepsake Ornaments
and guests of this country can often be taken for
granted. It should not be. In this context then, it is Commemorate our first year as University Circle
not blind nationalism to thank God for The United Methodist Church with a glass ornament
United States of America. We ought to be grateful displaying the church’s steeple and the year
for the ringing of cash registers. There could be “2010.” Perfect for decorating your home, these
the ringing of the ears because of exploding clear “etched” glass ornaments, complete with a
terrorist bombs. Thank God for the freedom to be ribbon for hanging and a fabric gift bag, are
commercialized!!! available for purchase in the church office at $12
There are other thoughts on the season as each. Please contact the church office by calling
well. 216-421-1200 or sending an email to
Whatever challenges might be ours at hhoward@churchinthecircle.com. The ornaments
Christmas, or whatever demands may be added can be mailed for an additional charge of $2. You
in our lives to be “ready” for Christmas, perhaps will enjoy seeing the church steeple represented
our perspective might be more global. Consider in this tasteful and beautiful ornament.
for instance this portion of an article in a recent
issue of the Plain Dealer: ABOVE: Jen Toohey with fiancé Nate
Lyons; RIGHT: Julie Gielow and sons
Are You Looking for a
“A new wave of Iraqi Christians have fled to
northern Iraq or abroad amid a campaign of Thomas and Dillon; BELOW RIGHT: Church to Call Home?
violence against them and growing fear that the Lauren Green
University Circle United Methodist Church will
country’s security forces are unable or, more

ominously, unwilling to protect them. The flight—
uring the 2011 Financial be welcoming new members in January 2011. If
Campaign, three members you - or someone you know—have been attend-
involving thousands of residents from Baghdad ing our worship service and other congregational
and Mosul, in particular—followed an October inspired the congregation by activities and are looking for a church to call
31 siege at a church in Baghdad that killed 51 witnessing to their deep commitment home, why not make it one of your New Year’s
worshippers and two priests and a subsequent
series of bombings and assassinations singling
to University Circle United Methodist resolutions to join with our vibrant, growing
Church and its meaning for them. Our family of faith, “where all are welcome all the
out Christians.” time.” To receive more information about becom-
When one reads of this reality of life for so thanks to Jen Toohey, Julie Gielow and ing an “official” member of UCUMC, please
many of our fellow followers of Jesus in the Lauren Green for sharing their contact Judy Sockman, Coordinator of
world, preparing our hearts, homes, and churches
in the United States for the celebration of the
personal feelings about this unique Membership and Volunteers, at 216-421-1200
church “where all are welcome all the or jsockman@churchinthecircle.com.
birth of Christ takes on more of the nature of a
Continued on back page time.
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Bishop Craig
On December 12 Bishop Judy Craig was sur-
prised at her “home” church, Broad Street Church
in Columbus, to see Ken Schoon and Gail Sharp
(grandson and daughter of Norine Sharp) play-
ing in the ensemble which accompanied the
“Messiah.” Ken and Gail also lit the Advent Can-
dle during the service. Bishop Craig had baptized
both Ken and Gail as infants at Epworth-Euclid.
In an e-mail Judy said, “It was lovely indeed and I
was filled with wonderful memories. The little
ensemble was VERY fine!”

“Waiting…” On Sunday, October 24, District

Superintendent Orlando Chaffee gave
Lalene Kay, David Kay (bass), Christopher Scott, Johnny Cochran, Tim Keehn, Chad
the sermon in the morning worship.
“Waiting ...” was written in 1994 by Norine Komocki (seated)
Following a potluck luncheon in the
Sharp at the request of then-Pastor Maurice
Great Hall he chaired the first charge On Sunday, October 31, the jazz service was led by David Kay’s Jazz Combo. The Benediction was
King. He asked for something to set the mood
conference of University Circle United “When the Saints Come Marching In” sung by the Chancel and Gospel Choirs accompanied by the Jazz
for his series of sermons for the season, high-
Methodist Church. Combo that closed the service with a musical postlude of the same number.
lighting Anticipation. Interestingly, the title of
his first sermon turned out to be “Waiting.” The
composition has been sung by the Chancel
Choir in succeeding years as the Introit for Ad-
vent Sunday services. This year it was sung as
the call to prayer in the December 19 service.
The ellipsis is part of the title, intimating that
more is to come. The tempo marking is “Rest-
lessly.” The music begins in a minor key, indicat-
ing darkness; the modulation to major foretells
the brightness to come. The melody shifts to the
male voices in the middle section, then returns
to the soprano. The Introit finishes with just the
female voices, which join in a quiet unison to
fade off unresolved on the fifth of the scale. A
final measure of silence is written into the score, On Sunday, November 28, Sunday School students were treated to the movie “A
leaving a feeling of incompleteness. Several On November 13, seventeen ladies of
Charlie Brown Christmas” with popcorn.
other churches and choruses have asked permis- the church gathered under the direction
sion to use it. Norine is happy to share her work of Amy Wheatley to roll, cut, bake and
with anyone kind enough to be interested. package 600 pieces of gingerbread in
preparation for first Annual University
The text is as follows: Circle Gingerbread House Day. Pictured
Hushed, O Father, we are waiting for the are Cathy Day, Amy Wheatley and
promised mystery; Marilou Abele. Many kudos to Amy for
Seeking truth and peace and freedom, we are planning and executing this unique, fun
waiting hopefully. filled event.
Savior, both divine and human, come to show
the shining way;
Lift these awestruck, wondering children out
of darkness into day.
We are waiting, we are waiting, waiting,
waiting ...


published bi-monthly as an edition of
for University Circle United Methodist Church
1919 E. 107th St., Cleveland, OH 44106 216/421-1200
Senior Pastor: Dr. Kenneth W. Chalker Jennifer Bier, Chairman, and Karl
Director of Administration: Kay Hogg Dr. and Mrs. Chalker and Bishop Hopkins
Wheatley preparing the Neighborhood
Church Office Coordinator: Heather Howard
Financial Secretary: Marina Grant
Lunch on October 31 with helpers David On Thursday, October 28, the congregation enjoyed a lovely catered dinner provided by an anony-
Property Manager: Chuck Huene Blue, David Craver, David Wheatley and mous donor. This was the kick-off for the 2011 financial campaign. The honored guest was Bishop John
Director of Marketing & Tech Operations: Doug Craver Ryan Burge. All members of the Hopkins who spoke about the uniqueness of our merger and praised UCUMC for their fortitude in the
Coordinator of Pastoral Care: Rev. Ralph Fotia Conformation Class helped prepare and process. Renee Evans then gave a brief talk about the need for each member to actively support the
Coordinator of Membership and Volunteers: Judy Sockman serve that Neighborhood Lunch. newly formed church with our prayers, presence and financial gifts.
Director of Education: Dr. Amy Wheatley
Director of Music and Arts: Nathaniel Motta
Assistant Director of Music and Organist: Joanna Li The rose on the altar on Sunday, November 14, heralded the birth of In the Premiere Issue of DD214 Chronicle (November/December 2010), Dr.
Editor of Outlook: Marilou Abele Megan Corinne Cicerchi on November 8. Congratulations to Laura, Jeff and Chalker wrote the article for the Faith section. It is an enlightening discourse
Photographers: Jeff Day and David Hughes
Editorial Staff: K. Shamp, E. Prince, C. Day
sister Allison. on the difference between religion and faith entitled “Making God Weep.”
Contributors: University Circle Staff and Members


their contributions to a beautiful artistic offering.

Gingerbread Here are some thoughts, announcements, and

observations on the Music and Arts program at
University Circle United Methodist Church:
Thanks also to our wonderful soloists and, of
course, the Chancel Choir!
On Christmas Eve there will be THREE wor-
ship experiences at UCUMC. Each one with a dif-

Fun What a busy fall it’s been! It seems as if there

have been special music and dance offerings in
worship almost every week. There have been
themes, various worship expressions, and guest
artists that have shared in our worship experi-
ferent flavor, but hopefully all worship
expressions that help keep our faith community
focused on “the reason for the season”!
On behalf of all the Music and Arts staff at
UCUMC, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and
GATHER: 91 United Methodists and friends in a great hall ence. may God continue to bless this family of faith!
ADD: 546 pieces of gingerbread, 72 tubes of icing and 60 tubs of frosting UCUMC’s first advent season has been a real MEN! You’re invited on Jan 2nd to be a part of
STIR IN: 68 pounds of gumdrops, jelly wreaths, runts©, cinnamon red hots, pretzels, Good n joy to be a part of. It’s an honor and a pleasure for a Men’s Ensemble that will present music for our
Plenty©, M&M’s©, caramels, fruit stripe gum, Life Savers©, peppermints, all the Music and Arts staff and ensembles to Epiphany service. No previous experience or re-
marshmallows, wafer cookies, Froot Loops©, licorice, gumballs, Sweetarts©, reindeer lead services during this particular time of year. hearsal required! Just show up at 9:30AM on Jan-
corn, candy canes, jujubes, jelly snowmen, jelly beans, kooky bananas, Teddy We were so happy and moved by the response to uary 2 to practice in the sanctuary! (Don’t worry,
Grahams© and Hershey chocolate kisses© the cantata “The Nativity According to St. Luke” ladies, your time is coming too!)
COMBINE WITH: Heaping amounts of creativity, laughter, generosity and friendship by Randall Thompson. Special thanks to Joanna Please stay tuned for some beautiful, moving,
MIX TOGETHER: for a couple of hours Li (organ), Juliette Regnier (liturgist), as well as and exciting new artistic expressions in worship
YIELD: Dozens of fantastic, festive, unique gingerbread houses Edna Duffy and the Liturgical Dancers for all coming in January 2011.
A smile on every face
$1,000 raised to benefit Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity!
SERVE WITH: Thanks and Appreciation to everyone who made our first annual Gingerbread
House Benefit a tremendous success!

Children enjoying their special

Gingerbread Houses

Diambu Smith, Maxeen Ramlo, Edna Duffy, Katherine Wheatley, Elizabeth Okwudi,
Bonnie Thompson, Hope Williams, Pat Nelson and Lydia Ramlo

Christmas Potluck and Carol Sing

Following worship on December 12, the congregation gathered for an advent celebration in the Great
Hall. For the invocation the Liturgical Dancers beautifully performed to “Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming”
and “The First Noel.” After feasting on the usual delicious potluck fare, Sevilla Morse led the group in a
fun carol sing-a-long.

chalk talk
Continued from front page surface as we prepare for and then celebrate,
wonderful joy and privilege than it does a sense Christmas. To be sure, if we are missing a loved
of pressure to complete the details for a very busy one this season, if we are facing great challenges
season. as a result of the loss of health or the loss of a job,
I think it may help any one of us thinking Christmas preparations bring on unique
about “home for the holidays” and the aspects demands and difficulties. If we are working to
associated with getting there for instance, to pray create opportunities for worship, if we are
for those who are fleeing their homes as a result working out the details of how we will get to
of their belief in the life story of Jesus. For any of worship, the challenges are no less demanding in
us who lament the extra hassle of putting up and light of such realities of persons in other places
January and February Events taking down outdoor Christmas lights, it might
help to remember that there are thousands of
who are being persecuted for their faith.
But what is essential is the perspective.
folks who don’t have the luxury of decorations Perhaps in light of the terror other Christ-
Sunday, January 16, University Circle United Methodist Church welcomes to our pulpit Dr. Julian
and instead are fleeing their homes with only the followers are experiencing, we can add to our
M. Earls, former Deputy Director of NASA’s John H. Glenn Research Center. His unique interaction
precious possessions which they can carry or spirits a deepening sense of gratitude. And, we
approach will be a part of not only the 11AM worship service but Dr. Chalker’s 9:30AM open-dis-
load in a car; a car not going over the river and can put the lives of persecuted thousands of
cussion class as well. As part of the 11am service, we will celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther
through the woods to grandma’s but for the others—all unnamed to us—in our prayers. In
King, Jr., experience the music of an African drum circle and hear the moving spiritual, “Precious
purpose of getting out of the country before addition to lifting them up in prayer, the effect of
Lord, Take My Hand.”
fanatics with guns arrive. our prayers for them will be to lift our spirits and
On January 30 new members will be received during worship.
In no way do I intend these comments to deepen our faith in the hope which arrives and is
Throughout the month of February, Sunday morning music will be inspired by African- American
minimize the pressures we may feel or the present in that babe in a manger.
spirituals in our recognition of Black History Month.
emotions, some difficult, which come to the Merry Christmas…because it is.