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A REAL Teacher

By: Niño Melgar BSN-3A

“EYE’s Drop”

Teachers are very essential in an educational institution. They purvey all facts and
information to students. They also guide, empower, and even nurture students as part of
their job and also as part of their philosophies in life.

But how can we say that the person holding a chalk, and standing over a platform
in front of us, students is a real teacher?

Ideally, a teacher should possess the basic professional qualities of a Thomasite.

Mastery of the lesson, understanding the learner, proper approaches and teaching skills,
understanding other branches of knowledge, and love of teaching profession are the five
major qualities of a professional teacher. A teacher should possess all of these indeed
since they are essentially important. However, what if a certain teacher doesn’t even have
a single of these qualities? Does he or she have any right to be called a real teacher?

A real teacher is using time saving methods and strategies inside the classroom. I
bet letting the students read the lesson out loud could aid on the retention of the lesson
but please don’t allow us to read and read all the time. Teachers, please manage to
explain all that we’ve read. Do not be so selfish of your knowledge. Learn how to share
and prove to us that you have something to share. Impart to us all that you know for we,
students will surely use them as our stepping stones to success.

A real teacher is always prepared in using a positive approach where they plan
lessons for student’s success. It is also the responsibility of the students to be prepared to
respond on every question thrown by a teacher. But sometimes students aren’t able to
respond but I could suggest that it is a normal thing in a classroom situation. But the thing
that is inexcusable is that when the teacher doesn’t have anything to discuss and worse, if
the teacher cannot even answer the questions of the students because of hi/her unprepared
ness. Please, always be prepared.

A real teacher develop clear rules fro their classes and often have their students
help create them. Teachers having class rules and constructively letting the students
create them are very admirable. At least if there are classroom policies in a college class
room, there will be an understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts during classes between the
students and the teacher.

A real teacher is caring and demanding. So we students should not complain. We

must learn to understand that all requirements and projects are indeed part of training.

A real teacher considers factors such as students’ interests and needs and should
also focus on activities that students are likely to carry over into adulthood. Thus,
teachers must understand the learners. Teachers should treat college students
appropriately as college students. Do not treat us as high school or even as elementary
students. Do not give us rewards such as “plus five” in quizzes and in recitation just to
ensure our active participation. But rather learn to be effective wherein you can arouse
our interest and we shall be voluntarily participating in the learning process.

A real teacher communicates clearly. Real teachers make their voices loud and
clear in order for the students to hear and understand them. Students appreciate teachers
who give an effort to stand deliver their message while teaching. Teachers who keep on
sitting down on their chair are very inappropriate for us for it could mean a sign of
Above all, a real teacher memorizes, understands, and masters his/her lesson as
possible. It is a big minus point for a teacher looking at his/her book at the middle of the
class. It could mean unprepared ness and unfamiliarity of that teacher to the subject. It
could also mean that he/she is incompetent of teaching that subject.

Teachers should give their best in teaching and they should continue educating
themselves. Again, how can you give something that you do not even have?

Our teachers must be idealistic on their profession as they must possess the five
professional characteristics and other personal distinctiveness to be called as one.
Teachers, we need you to guide us for our future in the outside world, for our chosen path
in life. Please teach us well for you are all part of what we will become.#